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tv   WRAL News 6PM  NBC  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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welcome to starbase 11, captain. the commodore's waiting to see you. he's curious why you suddenly changed course and came here. we received a subspace message asking us to divert here immediately.
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oh, jim, i just can't understand this. mr. spock received a transmission from this starbase, a message from a former commander of the enterprise, fleet captain pike, urgently requesting that we divert here. impossible. if my first officer states that he received a transmission-- jim, i'm not doubting anyone's word. i'm simply telling you it's impossible. why? you don't know? you actually don't know what's happened to captain pike? there's been subspace chatter about it for months. he's upstairs in the medical section. you ever met chris pike? we met when he was promoted to fleet captain. about your age. big, handsome man-- vital, active. i took over the enterprise from him. spock served with him for several years. 11 years, 4 months, 5 days.
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old class "j" starship. one of the baffle plates ruptured. the delta rays? he went in bringing out all those kids that were still alive. just wanted you gentlemen to be prepared. commodore: captain pike. captain, you remember these gentlemen.
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two flashes mean no. i thought you might make an exception for them. i'm sorry, gentlemen. chris, if there's anything i can do for you... captain pike, may i remain for a moment? you know why i've come, captain. it's only 6 days away at maximum warp,
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i have never disobeyed your orders before, captain, but this time i must. i know. i know it is treachery, and it's mutiny... but i must do this. i have no choice. space--the final frontier. these are the voyages of the starship enterprise. its 5-year mission-- to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations,
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once more, jose. spock stated he received a message for us to come here. he entered same in his log. that's all the proof i require. and what do those record tapes show? no message sent f from here. no message received by your vessel. then i suggest the record tapes hahave been deliberately changed. a computer expert can change record tapes, duplicate voices, say anything, say nothing. the fact remains that your first officer's former captain is hospitalized, horribly injured at this base,
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i would have granted it. well, that's true. of course. who would want to divert us here? there's no trouble in the space sector we're patrolling now. no alien problems. computer center. chief humboldt here, sir. have you rechecked all the record tapes a in question? yes, sir. is there any way at all the message could have been sent from here without us knowing it? negative, commodore. we've checked and double-checked everything possible. all right. start checking the impossible.
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is is captain kirk oh, have i introduced miss piper, jim? miss piper. a mutual friend described you, sir-- lieutenant helen johansson? helen. describe... she merely mentioned she knew you, sir. you have something to report, miss piper? oh, yes, sir. i'm afraid our investigation turned up very little, commodore. there is, of course, mr. spock's years of service with captain pike,
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than he can exist without breathing. that goes for his present commander as well as his past. we're forced to consider every possibility, sir. we can be certain captain pike could not have sent a message. in his condition, he's under observation every minute of every day. and totally unable to move, jim. his wheelchair is constructed to respond to his brain waves. oh, he can turn it, move it forwards, or backwards slightly. through the flashing light, he can say yes or no. but that's it, jim. that's as much as that poor devil can do his mind is as active as yours and mine, but it's trapped inside a useless, vegetating body. he's kept alive mechanically... a battery-driven heart. there's no way he could even have asked for that message to be sent?
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[normal] starbase operations. [fastest speed] starbase operations. [slower speed] starbase operations. [normal speed] starbase operations. starbase operations... starbase operations, enterprise... stand by to receive new orders, enterprise. starbase operation, mr. hansen. starbase operations to enterprise. stand by to receive new orders. they're to be fed directly into the ship's computers. this is top-secret and scrambled. enterprise standing by. request confirmation. enterprise to starbase.
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e? i have security clearance, chief. who gave you clearance? i haven't been notified. you're cross-circuiting the... whose tapes are these? repeat, enterprise to starbase. orders received. we need operating confirmation from the ship's captain. come in, starbase. come in, captain kirk. this is captain kirk. you have confirmation, miss uhura. our destination has been scramble-fed into ship's computers. how can i handle the helm if i don't know where we're going? mr. spock is with me here. he'll answer all questions. kirk out. this is mr. spock. the ship's computers will handle the helm on this voyage, mr. hansen.
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do you read? acknowledge, sir. stand by. we'll warp out of orbit in one hour. he keeps blinking no. o what? they've tried questioning him. he's almost agitated himself into a coma. how long will he live? as long as any of us. blast medicine, anyway. we've learned to tie into every human organ in the body except one-- the brain. the brain is what life is all about. now, that man can think any thought that we can, and love, hope, dream as much as we can,
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he keeps blinking no. no to what? they could question him for days, weeks, before they stumble on the right thing. bones... could this have anything to do with spock? i don't read you at all, jim. what i mean is... either a message was received... it was one of two things. either someone sent a message diverting us here, or someone onboard the ship lied about receiving it. could that someone be mr. spock? jim, forgetting how well we both know spock, the simple fact that he's a vulcan means he's incapable of telling a lie. he's also half human. and that half is completely submerged.
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would completely embarrass him. someone's interfering with my command and my ship. i don't know who it is, but i mean to find out. even you! if i thought you had the technical know-how, i'd suspect you. but you don't. spock does. he would not make a false entry! there's a false entry in the log right now which doesn't jibe with the established facts. how do you explain that? i can't. but to question spock, of all people! me, yes. i could run off half-cocked given a good reason. so could you, but not spock. that's impossible. dr. mccoy, report to transporter control. mccoy here. you're needed aboard the enterprise, doctor. medical emergency. well, what is it? sickness, injury... how bad is it? that's all we have on it, doctor. just needed aboard. [sigh] probably somebody discovered a hangnail.
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"for eyes of starfleet command only." oh, i'm certifying i ordered you to read it. know anything at all about this planet? what every ship captain knows--general order 7. no vessel under any ndition, emergency or otherwise, is to visit talos iv. and to do so is the only death penalty left on our books. only fleet command knows why. not even this file explains that. but it does name the only earth ship that ever visited the planet. the enterprise... commanded by captain christopher pike. with a half-vulcan science officer named spock. commodore! captain pike, he's gone!
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per starfleet orders this date, i have been placed in temporary command of the enterprise. while our destination is secret, our mission is relatively simple. starbase command has assigned captain kirk medical rest leave until our return. his instructions are that you will obey my orders as you would his. first officer out. what's going on around here? who said jim needed a medical rest leave? and this call about me being needed aboard the ship-- checked everywhere. and no one from the ship made such a call. that's right. doctor, i regret they elected to keep certain things from you. will you come with me, please? what is this, spock?
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doctor, one moment, please. kirk to dr. mccoy. i'm recording you this message, bones, so there will be no misunderstanding. i'm sorry to have to make it an order. you are not to disturb captain pike with any questions. simply take good care of him. follow spock's instructions to the letter. kirk out. sir, scanners report an object following us about the size of a starbase shuttlecraft. shall we reverse helm? take no action, mr. hansen.
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to reach us-- you have your orders, mr. hansen. we'll make no contact. starbase shuttlecraft 1 to enterprise. come in, please. enterprise... commodore mendez and captain kirk. if you read me, you are ordered to reply. repeating it on all emergency frequencies, jim. spock is headed for talos iv, all right. pulling ahead of us fast. fuel is down to 63.3.
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shuttlecraft to enterprise, come in. shuttlecraft to enterprise, come in. enterprise, come in! library computer. lock on to sensors. measure object now following the enterprise. computed. object is a class "f" shuttlecraft-- uranium metal shell, ion engine power-- stop. how long before shuttlecraft's fuel supply forces return to starbase? computed.
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we coast. blast you, anyway. to come along. r.h.i.p., captain-- rank hath its privileges. two hours of oxygen left. wonderful. part of me is hoping that the enterprise won't come back for us. we step on that deck, spock is finished-- court-martial, disgraced.
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why would he want to get pike there? the command report stated talos contained absolutely no practical benefits to mankind. spock would have some logical reason for going there. maybe. maybe he's just gone mad. i keep wondering who might be after us in a shuttlecraft. but i can't be right, can i, mr. spock? computer control. lock on to shuttlecraft following us. locked on. tractor beam ready. go to tape abel 7 baker. execute instructions. is it the captain, mr. spock?
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she's brought herself to a dead stop. this is the first officer speaking. security, send an armed team to the bridge. transporter room, stand by to beam captain kirk aboard. effective until then, lieutenant hansen is in operational command. sir? first officer out. doctor, as senior officer present, esent myself to you for arrest. you what? the charge... is mutiny, doctor. i never received orders to take command. security reporting, mr. spock. doctor. mr. spock is, uh...
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adequate, doctor. i'll make no trouble. well, confine him. yes, sir. store our shuttlecraft on the hangar deck, mr. scott. beam us directly aboard. all right, captain. locked on to you. transferring command to you, sir. accepting command. now, where's mr. spock? in his quarters, sir, under arrest. his quarters? after what he's done, lieutenant? the captain from bridge. the engines are coming on. reverse power. hold this position. tell whoever gave those orders-- sir, there's nobody up there giving orders. mr. spock has the computers running the ship.
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the helm does not respond. [muttering] computer control, come in. computer. disengage from helm. unable to comply. this is the captain. on voice command, you will override all contrary instructions. voice command... disengage from helm. unable to comply. any such attempt will cross-circuit vessel's life-supporting system.
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captain's log-- stardate 3012.4. despite our best efforts to disengage computers, the enterprise is still locked on a heading for the mysterious planet talos iv. meanwhile, as required by starfleet general orders, a preliminary hearing on lieutenant commander spock is being convened. and in all the years of my service, this is the most painful moment i've ever faced. this hearing is convened. mr. spock... you're aware of your right to counsel of your choice? sir, i waive counsel. further, i waive rights to this hearing and request immediate court-martial. request denied. may i inquire on what grounds, captain? a mutiny requires a trial board


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