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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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captain's log-- stardate 3012.4. despite our best efforts to disengage computers, the enterprise is still locked on a heading for the mysterious planet talos iv. meanwhile, as required by starfleet general orders, a preliminary hearing on lieutenant commander spock is being convened. and in all the years of my service, this is the most painful moment i've ever faced. this hearing is convened. mr. spock... you're aware of your right to counsel of your choice? sir, i waive counsel. further, i waive rights to this hearing and request immediate court-martial. request denied. may i inquire on what grounds, captain? a mutiny requires a trial board
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of that rank available-- sir, i must point out that there are 3 officers of command rank available-- yourself, commodore mendez, and captain christopher pike. denied. captain pike is a complete invalid. i believe you'll find he's still on the active duty list. we didn't have the heart to retire him, jim. he's got you. whatever he's up to, he's planned it well. captain's log-- stardate 3012.6. general court-martial convened. mr. spock has again waived counsel and has entered a plea of guilty. mr. spock, are you aware in pleading guilty that a further charge involving the death penalty must be held against you should this vessel enter the talos stargroup?
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why? what does it accomplish to go there or to take captain pike there? i want to know why. are your comments a part of the record, sir? yes, it's on the record. thank you. request monitor screen be engaged. for what purpose? to comply with the request you just made, sir-- that i explain the importance of going to talos iv. by asking why, you've opened the door to any evidence he may wish to present-- ly what he had in mind. present your evidence. screen on. this is 13 years ago. the enterprise.
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definitely something out there, captain, headed this way. screen off. chris, was that really you on the screen? that's impossible. mr. spock, no vessel makes record tapes in that detail, that perfect. what were we watching? i cannot tell you at this time, sir. captain pike, were any record tapes of this nature made during your voyage? the court is not obliged to view evidence without knowing its source.
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your evidence is out of order. i am forced to contest that, commodore. i want to see more. you have that right, captain. but just because the prisoner is your first officer and your personal friend-- that has nothing to do with it. very well. continue. screen on, mr. scott. no. it's something else. there's still something out there. spock: as i stated, gentlemen, this was 13 years ago. we were on routine patrol at first, we were not certain what it was. it's coming at the speed of light. collision course. the meteorite beam has not deflected it, captain. evasive maneuver, sir?
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it's a radio wave, sir. we're passing through an old-style distress signal. they were keyed to cause interference and attract attention this way. a ship in trouble making a forced landing, sir. that's it. no other message. i have a fix. it comes from the talos stargroup. we've no ships or earth colonies that far out. their call letters check with a survey expedition. s.s. columbia disappeared in that region approximately 18 years ago. it would take that long for a radio beam to travel from there to here. records show the talos group has never been explored. solar system similar to earth. 11 planets. number iv seems to be class "m"-- oxygen atmosphere. then they could still be alive, even after 18 years. if they survived the crash.
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we'll continue on to the vega colony, take care of our own sick and injured first. you have the helm. maintain present course.
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boyce here. drop by my cabin, doctor. [knock on door] what's that? i didn't say there's anything wrong with me.
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that's right. unless we get anything more positive on it, it seems to me the condition of our own crew takes precedence. i'd like to log the ship's doctor's opinion, too. oh, i concur with yours, definitely. good. i'm glad you do. 'cause we're going to stop first at the vega colony and replace anybody who needs hospitalization and also-- what the devil are you putting in there, ice? who wants a warm martini? what makes you think i need one? sometimes... a man will tell his bartender things he'll...never tell his doctor. what's been on your mind, chris, the fight on rigel 7? shouldn't it be? my only yeoman and two others dead, 7 injured. was there anything you personally could have done to prevent it? oh, i should have smelled trouble when i saw the swords and the armor.
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riors. chris, you set standards for yourself no one could meet. you treat everyone onboard like a human being except yourself. and now you're tired, and you-- you bet i'm tired. you bet. i'm tired of being responsible for 203 lives, and i'm tired of deciding which mission is too risky and which isn't and who's going on the landing party and who doesn't and who lives... and who dies. i've had it, phil. to the point of finally taking my advice-- a rest leave? to the point of considering resigning. and do what? well, for one thing, go home. nice little town with... 50 miles of park land around it. remember i told you i had two horses? we used to take some food and ride out all day.
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i said that's one place i might go. or i might go into business on regulus or in the orion colony. you, an orion trader, dealing in green animal, women slaves? the point is that this isn't the only life available. there's a whole galaxy of things to choose from. not for you. a man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on, and licks it, or he... turns his back on it and starts to wither away. now you're beginning to talk like a doctor, bartender. take your choice. we both get the same two kinds of customers-- the living... and the dying. [intercom whistles] mr. spock here. we're intercepting a follow-up message, sir.
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"11 survivors from crash. "gravity and oxygen within limits. "food and water obtainable, but unless..." the message faded at that point, sir. address inner craft. system open. this is the captain. our destination is the talos stargroup. our time warp, factor 7. course computed and on the screen. all decks have acknowledged, sir. engage. screen off. mr. spock, i'm truly amazed at your technical prowess in somehow manufacturing all this. i congratulate you on your imagination. but this is a court of space law,
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please tell the court this is not imagination, nor some clever photographic record. are we seeing the actual events of 13 years ago? yes, gentlemen, on that screen, as it happened, the incredible experience of captain christopher pike on talos iv. if, after witnessing this, the court wishes to turn this vessel back, i will release this ship to manual control. you're in no position to bargain. this is ridiculous. abducted captain pike. well, for me, this has gone far enough. we still haven't heard the full story. i vote to continue. and i vote we do not. deadlock-- not a deadlock. there's still one member of the trial board to be heard from. very well. captain pike, it's up to you. do we continue under these conditions?
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captain's log supplemental. mr. spock, on trial for mutiny, has forced the court to accept unusual evidence. on our monitor screen, the voyage of captain pike and the enterprise to the one forbidden world in all the galaxy. screen on. we've settled into orbit, sir. geological lab report complete, captain.
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spectography? our reading shows an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, sir, heavy with inert elements, but well within safety limits. gravity? 0.9 of earth. captain, reflections, sir, from the planet's surface. as i read it, they polarize out as rounded metal bits. could be parts of a spaceship hull. equip a landing party of 6. you feel up to it? yes, sir. yes, sir. sorry, number one. with little information on this planet, we'll have to leave the ship's most experienced officer here covering us. of course, sir. there's no indication of problems down there, but let's not take any chances. yes, sir. there's a canyon to the left. we can set you down there completely unobserved.
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sir. they're men. they're humans. ristopher pike, united space ship enterprise. dr. theodore haskins, american continent institute. is earth all right? same old earth, and you'll see it very soon. and you won't believe how fast you can get back. well, the time barrier's been broken. our new ships can... this is veena.
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you won't see these folks at the post office.
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enterprise. landing party, come in. we'll begin transporting the survivors and their effects up to you very shortly. quarters are being prepared, sir. have i permission to send out scouting and scientific parties now? yes. affirmative on the-- you appear to be healthy and intelligent, captain-- a prime specimen. i didn't get that last message, captain. uh... affirmative on request.
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she's lived her whole life with a collection of aging scientists. if they can, uh, spare you a moment, i'd like to make my medical report. i think it's time to show the captain our secret. their health is excellent, almost too good. there's a reason for our condition, but we've had some doubt if earth is ready to learn the secret. let the girl show you. we'll accept your judgment. you're tired.
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don't you see it? here and here. i... i don't understand. you will. you're a perfect choice.
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spock here. landing party, come in. there is no survivors' encampment, number one. this is all some sort of trap. we've lost the captain. do you read?
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mmodore mendez. fleet signal for you, sir. go ahead, uhura. commodore mendez, urgent. subspace monitors show enterprise receiving transmissions from planet talos iv in violation of starfleet general orders. receiving transmissions from talos iv. then the images we've been seeing are... are coming from talos iv, sir. captain kirk is hereby relieved. disable vessel if necessary to prevent further contact. message signed-- comsole, starfleet command. mr. spock, you're aware of the orders regarding any contact with talos iv. you have deliberately invited the death penalty. you've not only finished yourself, spock, but you've finished your captain as well. commodore must be aware that captain kirk knew nothing of this. and you're aware that a captain is responsible for everything that occurs on his ship. i order you to return this vessel
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sir... i respectfully decline. very well. you've earned the consequences. this court is in recess. do you know what you're doing? have you lost your mind? captain. jim, please... don't stop me. don't let him stop me. it's your career and captain pike's life.
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bill to just $9. wral news at 6:00 starts right now. this last westbound before election day chosess out with another case of dual dew eling campaigns in the state of north carolina. thank you for joining us. i'm he deborah morgan. >> up a crowd at fayetteville state university while mike pence held a rally in freinville. gilbert baez begins our team coverage way live recap of the presidential visit to fayetteville. >> reporter: president obama spoke to the crowd here for about 45 minutes. he high heighted some of the accomplish hbts of his administration and then he urged this mostly african- american crowd to get behind


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