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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  November 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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?? ? hello, hello and welcome to the show, from murphy to manteo, isn't that smart start kids ? ? so here we are, from and everyone's a star, smart start kids ?? >> willa: john dancy jones makes paper. beautiful paper and books. today we visit him at his studio in raleigh, and we'll make papers too.
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>> hi, i'm john dancy jones, and i make paper. i'm a teacher and i make books with my paper. but what we're going to do today is actually make some paper. we're going to sit down and do a little bitty story about paper, and twe so let's go have a seat. guys, i want you to tell me something you know about paper. >> i know that it's fun to draw on, and it's -- and it's really fun to make cards and to cut paper on. >> you can make notes and make invitations with them. >> you can put paper into copy
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that's one thing. >> it's white, and you can say happy birthday with your birthday. and you can make an invitation out of it. >> communicating and writing. that's what we can use paper for. 5,000 years ago, they drew. >> i didn't know that. >> well, now you know. good job. so people wrote on rocks. these are rocks people wrote on. they carved on to rocks. people wrote on cave walls. people wrote on clay. about two thousand years ago somebody invented paper. and the person that invented it has been writing on silk. that's something else people wrote on before paper is silk. the thing about paper is for thousands of years, people have used paper to print on and to put writing on, right. and that's what the history of paper is all about is about how people store their writing.
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the internet, right? but i still like making paper. okay. let's go make some. guys, this is, yucky as it may seem, something that might make beautiful paper. it worked long ago. >> it looks like worms. >> it looks like worms. it's plant fibers. i want you to look at what is happening to the plant fibers. they're getting more and more apart. and if you pull plant fibers apart long enough and beat them, you make a paper pulp. now what we're going to make is a big gooey pulp. and way want to pound the fibers. >> eww, gooey! >> gooey. do you know what? if you wanted to make pulp this way, you would have to pound a long, long time. pound a little more, and then i'll tell you how we're going
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>> whoa. >> the first person to ever make paper in china pounded these kind of fibers until he got a pulp. watch what pulp does when you pour it on a screen. >> eww! >> eww, it looks like oatmeal >> it looks like mud pie paper, doesn't it? >> can i feel it? >> it's a layer of pulp. now that's not really paper, is it? but that's the way the very first paper maker did it. >> yucky! >> this is pulp. >> eww! it's disgusting the way it smells and the way it looks. >> the way it smells and the way it looks. now we put this pulp in. we're going to stir that pulp around. you have to stir and stir it and stir it.
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and come up flat, straight down and come up flat. here i go. let me stir. here i go. down and up. >> eww. >> eww. >> and watch what happens. lift this off and look. there is our layer of pulp that is going to be a piece of paper. >> who soon it will look like paper. >> soon it wi push and across. there it is. the only thing we need to turn it into paper now is to press it. and then it really will be paper. under, hold it. that's good! now let's do it. >> me first! >> me second! >> me next. >> there it is.
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>> you did put your hands in there. >> there is your sheet of paper. you made paper! >> paper! >> very nice. you're going to scoot down and lift up. hold tight. you did it! lift up. >> that's a cool paper that >> that's a nice piece of paper you made, ryan. good job. >> all right, guys. we're going to put this in the press and squeeze it out. now let's just turn this wheel. you can grab it. you can grab it too. here is what happens next. this is a wet piece of paper.
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it. but it is a wet piece of paper. and now all we have to do is get it dry. >> you could make a book with it? >> make invitations for my >> we could write on it and um, we could write pictures, and if we missed him and they live far away and we live far away. >> i sure appreciate your all coming to make paper. interesting things to do with your hand made paper. and best of all, it's partly recycled, all right? hope you had fun. >> thank you! >> you're welcome! >> willa: you can be a star at the dinner table. tell your family your news, something that happened to you, something good, something funny. they'll be happy to listen because they know when you're sharing your thoughts outloud, you're getting ready to succeed at school.
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us your news, or be on "smart start kids," call 1-888-912-3450.
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?? >> willa: have you read a good book lately? have you seen any strange animals lately?
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maybe you've taken a trip. what you do is news to us, and we want the hear all about it. let's hear what these smart start kids have to say. tell me about your favorite food. i heard you like something really good. >> i like pumpkin pie with whipped cream. >> willa: what is that? >> pumpkin pie with whipped cream. >> willa: when do you eat that? >> on halloween. >> willa: who makes it? >> i eat it too. >> because it has pumpkin in it. the pumpkin field. >> willa: do you pick your own pumpkin? >> yep. >> willa: what size do you get? >> a big one or a little one. >> willa: ah. do you do something else while you're at the pumpkin field? what else is to see. >> i get a big one. >> willa: you get a big one too. >> i don't know anything else. >> willa: okay.
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big one. >> willa: that's fantastic. >> i saved money. so i can buy stuff. >> willa: really? now how do you make money? >> by doing chores and cleaning up the house. >> willa: how much do you get for washing dishes? >> 1. >> willa: $1? >> yeah. >> willa: what else do you do? to make money? >> i clean stuff and icl bathrooms, and i wash dishes, and i mop the floor. and clean the garage and clean my room. >> willa: that is so wonderful. and you saved your own money to buy your own. how did that make you feel to have your own money to buy it? >> happy. >> willa: yes, because you can do it yourself? >> uh-huh. >> willa: i hear you went to a birthday party. is that true? >> yeah. >> willa: tell me about the
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>> when i was 13, had a present. >> willa: a present? tell me about those presents. >> inside it was a dolphin toy. and i snake toy. >> willa: oh my goodness, all of those? >> yeah. >> willa: for your birthday? >> yeah. >> willa: who gave you all of those wonderful toys? >> daddy. >> willa: daddy. and tell me, was daddy happy? >> yeah. >> were you happy too? >> yeah. >> now let's hear from some smart start kids from around the state who called us with their interesting story. >> my name -- i live in north carolina. i have been to a party before, and my birthday is coming up. and i'll have a birthday party.
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-- i love my baby sister, and i have a baby brother, and i have another sister. but my other sister, she is bigger. she is 13 years old. her birthday is in november. >> okay, tell your story. >> isabel. >> what town do you live in? >> raleigh. i went to a birthday. >> and what else? >> i went to -- [ inaudible ] >> in what country? >> ecuador. >> and who did you visit in ecuador? >> my grandmother. >> and who else? >> my grandpa. >> i went to the football field. and i went to school. when i went to school, [ inaudible ] i got an award for in the
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the vegetable award. >> hey, emma, would you like to call willa and tell her your story? >> willa: kids, you can star on "smart start kids." get a grownup to help you call in and share your news. >> hi, on the way to school, i saw some deer. >> willa: then listen for your story on "smart start
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?? >> willa: do you like to read stories? do you like to tell stories? i hope so, because that's what we're going to be doing. i'm going to start the story. you are going to help me tell it. that's why we call it our story. jacob had the most wonderful hobby. he loved to watch things fly across the heavens. do you know some things that fly across the heavens? what do you know that fly across the heavens? >> birds. >> willa: birds. what else? >> planes. >> willa: planes, airplanes. what else? >> helicopters. >> willa: helicopters. >> butterflies. >> bees. >> willa: do you love the bees?
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but one day he went to visit a friend down the street, and he saw in his backyard something beautiful, something magnificent. it was flying around, bzzzz, faster than you can believe. the wings were going so fast, he couldn't stop. oh my goodness, what was it? >> a butterfly? >> it wasn't a butterfly, but that's a good guess. >> a bee. >> willa: it wasn't a bee, but that's a good guess. >> a fly? >> it wasn't a fly, but it had wings. >> a bird? >> willa: it was a bird. what kind of bird. it didn't know the words, so it had to do what? [ hum ] >> a hummingbird? >> willa: yes, a hummingbird! and so they decided to build? >> a bird house. >> willa: but he wanted many birds to stay in the bird house. so was he going to build a bird house with just one home?
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three holes? four holes? >> no. >> willa: how many? >> five! >> willa: he was going to build a bird house with five holes. so that would be five apartments in the bird house. and if he had five apartments, maybe he will have five different -- >> friends. >> willa: friends! the birds will come and visit. so he said dad, i need to build a bird house that has? >> five! >> willa: five holes. because i want five apartments. i'm sure we can do that. what is the first thing you need if you're going to build p> wood. >> willa: some wood. what else? >> paint. nails. >> a hammer. >> willa: they need wood, hammer, nails, and paint. before they can do anything, they have to draw out a? >> square? >> willa: a square and a? >> triangle.
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>> hat. >> willa: what does a house have? >> roof. >> willa: yes! for the roof. so they took papers and pencils, and they drew a pattern of the house. how many sides? >> five. >> willa: five sides? >> four. >> willa: front and back and two sides. how many holes? >> five! >> willa: because they wanted five different apartments for five different birds. and they decided on what color for the roof >> willa: that could be one color. >> green. >> willa: green. that could be another color. >> rainbow. >> willa: rainbow, why not. >> light blue. >> willa: light blue. >> polka dotted. >> willa: polka dotted. well, this is going to be some house. and so they decided they would have a brown roof. one side would be rainbow. one side would be polka dot, one side would be light blue
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so now they had their plan. the hammers and the nails, and all of the paint. they knew they were going to have five holes, and each hole was going to be an apartment for a different bird. so they took the hammers and the nail, and what did they do? >> hammer. >> willa: hammer hammer hammer, up and down, hammer hammer hammer, up and down. and the sides were together. it was time to put on the? >> roof. part of the roof and guess what? they had to hammer them together. hammer hammer hammer, up and down, hammer hammer hammer, up and down! the roof was a perfect fit. why do they need a roof on their house? >> so the rain won't drop on them. >> willa: wonderful! and with that, they placed the
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down. hammer hammer hammer. >> up and down. hammer hammer hammer. >> up and down. and now, this beautiful house that had all of those beautiful colors was ready to be hung from the tree. where in the tree would he hang this house? >> on a branch. >> willa: so was that going to be high up in the tree or >> high. >> willa: high. his dad had to get up in that tree. how did do you get up into a tree? >> a ladder. >> willa: and so they took the ladder and placed it next to the tree. and dad climbed up to one of the branches, and tied rope. that was very strong around the -- >> tree branch. >> willa: tree branch, and connected it to the bird
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the house had five apartments. and dad came down and they looked up at that work and said this is very, very? >> awesome! >> willa: awesome. very, very awesome. and the very next day, he was sitting in his room. he looked out of the window and what do you think he saw? what? >> birds. >> willa: he had birds to watch all summer long. and he said to his dad, great idea. and his dad said yeah, that was awesome. give yourselves a hand!
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?? >> willa: do you recycle? clifton may of rocky mount does. he uses scrap metals to create wonderful pieces of art. ??
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i can get them from. and i make things out of them. >> what is this stuff? >> the scraps that i get from junkyards, besides the streets and bring it over to the home so i can put it together and make art out of it. broke parts, all parts, even bicycles, old spoons out of the home. >> do you make animals? >> i sure do! this piece here is made from -- this is a garage door frame. this is a boat cover. a transmission clutches. of course i cut the wings out of scrap metal. and this part for the body is a freon tank. >> do you make people? >> sure. have you seen my big man i've got over here? >> yes. >> willa: he is wearing something. what is he wearing? >> glasses. >> willa: what kind of glasses are those? >> safety glasses. >> that's right.
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helmet does he have on? >> a safety helmet! >> it really -- >> it looked like a bug, it has a beak. it has what to walk with? >> legs! >> willa: and it has? >> wings. >> willa: now you said it is what? what do you think it is? >> he thought it was a bug bird. >> willa: well, what do you think it is? have you thought about it? what do you think it is? >> a bird. >> can i make something up that's not true? >> willa: of course. use your creative imagination and make something up. >> a flying horse with a beak! [ laughter ] >> willa: if you say so! it's your creative imagination. it could be anything. >> where do you get your ideas? >> my ideas come
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bunch of parts together, file them up and start visualizing what i want to make out of them. sometimes it's easy. sometimes it's hard. it's what imagination is. you have to keep thinking and keep thinking and bring things that you want to do with it. and then take the parts and start putting them together. and a lot of times your imagination will lead you when you start something. but you always come to where you started from and finish it. >> willa: ah-ha. ?? >> willa: oh my goodness!
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>> i want to thank you guys for coming to my home this morning and watching me make some stuff. and i've enjoyed having you. and always remember, your imaginations can lead you places you have never been before, whether it be in art or whether it be a careers, or whatever you do. okay? and i thank you for coming this morning. >> thank you! >> willa: i love my job,
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? it's time to go, but you might call, you know, and try the next show ? ? my star, my star, my star kids
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alex: coming next, saving animals caught in katrina. thousands of abandoned pets in dire straits. plus, helping scores of wild parrots. this is "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by
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thanks for joining us. i'm alex paen. be prepared to witness extraordinary efforts of dedicated individuals helping animals in trouble. let's begin our show with this amazing "animal rescue" true story. in late august 2005 hurricane katrina smashed into the city of new orleans and a wide section of the u.s. gulf coast, leaving in its wake a major disaster area. besides the human tragedy, there was a tremendous animal emergency, as thousands of critters were stranded, abandoned, and injured. fortunately, volunteers and many rescue organizations, including several s.p.c.a.s, the humane society of the united
9:32 am
international fund for animal welfare, worked day and night to save these animals... setting up makeshift shelters, providing medical treatment, and relocating many of the animals to safer environments. [meow] day after day, rescue teams in boats and on foot searched areas, houses, and other buildings...looking in closets and under sinks, attempting to find scared and lost animals. woman: just a minute. it's ok, baby. it's ok. come on. come on. you're ok. kim: everything's been really good so far. you know, especially in a flooded situation like this, when you come past places that are flooded out, and you know no animal could survive, and then
9:33 am
there all of a sudden, bang, there they are. and you're just, like, "yeah! all right! we get to get 'em out!" alex: whether it be birds, iguanas, dogs, cats, or other pets, rescuers saved thousands of animals, and it didn't matter how small or big the animal was. like this 300-pound pot-bellied pig named rudy. [rudy snorting] james: today, when i found out they were gonna force us out, at gunpoint if necessa something good has got to happen. what can happen good? something good is gonna happen, and you called, and i was like, yes, good has happened. [rudy grunting] man: keep it on her face so she doesn't try to walk forward. james: i thought we could
9:34 am
i couldn't deal with leaving the pig behind. today we knew it was the nth hour for rudy, and we had to figure out what to do with rudy, so this was just-- this was--you know, you guys are angels. i mean, we're happy now. we're happy. kim: i want 2 or 3 of you guys up above, just to hold on to the rope. now we're just gonna go slowly go down the steps. once we get down there to the end, then come down. we'll have a couple guys on the back, and the i'm gonna kind of be in the water. we're just gonna slide it up and into the boat, ok? that's the plan. all right, so you guys are ready just to lower it from out there, ok? and hold this rope down so it doesn't slide off. ok? it'll be easy once it starts down the steps. it won't be trouble. ok, let's come nice and easy now.
9:35 am
that's it. nice and easy. it's going great. it's going great. a little more, guys. 2 more steps. 2 more steps. ok, that's good, that's good. i've got a hold of it! you're all right. you're just gonna slide it right in the boat, ok? just nice and easy, now. nice and easy. turn it a little bit w yeah, she's a heavy pig, huh? good luck. james: you bet. kim: you know your pig's gonna be safe now, all right? ok. woman: we'll take good care of her, honey. james: we can deal with the water, we can deal with rebuilding the city, but...
9:36 am
alex: with rudy safely on dry land, the rescue effort continued, as many abandoned animals were still in desperate need of food and drinkable water. [dog barks] and most were lonely. kim: we have gone to some places where the food and water's gone, so, you know, i think we're at that point now to where they will start to go downhill from here on in. had more food and water in their house, some people didn't. all of them were told 3 or 4 days, and they'd be back home to take care of their pets, so i can't really blame them. of course, obviously, those people that didn't leave with their animals, they weren't allowed to come back and get 'em, so that's kind of the way it goes. alex: many rescued animals have been flown to shelters in several states where they will remain until their owners reclaim them or will be
9:37 am
it's been a gigantic task for rescuers, but one that's rewarding when a beloved pet is reunited with its owner. [barks] woman: yeah. yeah. i know, baby. i know. [barking] rose: my husband said, "well, let me make some coffee," and i heard 3 explosions. when my husband went to look in a bedroom, there was glass broken. then he started to walk back into the kitchen, and water started coming through, and, all of a sudden, it was that fast. the water burst in. and he told me, "get out! get out!" my side door broke, the window broke. the other 2 dogs, i got 'em out the back. i was pushing them through the thing. he was in the front, and we had a big old cabinet thing fell over and hit him in the head, and we thought he was gone. well, he was in the front with him, but he couldn't
9:38 am
water was already up to our roof, and he got out, and i said, "where's mouse? where's mouse?" and i kept screaming for mouse. he said, "get out of the house. get out of the house." i got out of the house. so we thought mouse was dead. and 8 hours later, we heard him. he says, "that's him." i said, "no, it's not. there's no possible way he's living." and he called him, and he barked. and my husband pulled the roof off, and he threw it out, and he opens a hole this big. he had to pull him through a hole, and he stayed up on the roof and we were on the roof over 8 hours before they picked us up. but all the way here as we were coming here, they were fighting, didn't want the animals to come. and we said, "what do you think we stayed home for?" everybody stayed behind for their dogs,
9:39 am
animals in it. but, uh, we made it, and
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alex: visit our website,, to learn more about other rescue groups. don't go away,
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alex: animal rescuers are special people, as you'll see in this next story. betty: 18 years ago, my husband brought in one parrot, and we had it in the house for about 2 years. i set it on the back porch and it--another parrot-- he called up another parrot. come down and got in the cage, the other one, and i went up and shut the door. and they were so noisy. they wake up bright and early every morning. i told him either the birds go or i go. so he turned them loose. they were gone a day and a half when he turned them loose. and they come back and built on the side of the house on the wires. there was a big nest over there on a telephone pole over there by a transformer. they like transformers, where it's warm. it's strange. yeah, they do. but
9:44 am
uh, went to the trees. the squirrels were on the trees. been there since. they all come from 2 birds, the 2 that he turned loose. that's unbelievable, but it's true. they have 5 eggs in the spring and 5 eggs in the fall. they lay 10 eggs in all a year. these birds been up there for 18 years, and they've just multiplied and multiplied and moved on to other areas. why, i never dreamed anything like this, or i wouldn't have said if i hadn't've fed 'em, they would have, uh, i'm sure they wouldn't have made it. 'cause i put water out there, their feed, and i protect 'em, too. 'cause people come out here with guns to shoot 'em. but they've drove up out there with guns and i-- you know, go out there and scream at 'em, and they take off. but the little birds have survived, anyway. my son says, "mom, we can't protect them 24
9:45 am
be mean to them like that? and if they see a hawk up there, they'll start screaming and i know something's out there-- a cat or a hawk or something. i'll go out there and clap my hands and the hawk will fly. it's strange--but then they get real quiet. but when they get loud out there, there's something out there. they can see me and they holler. they do. i feed 'em every morning and i feed 'em in the afternoon. years. and i mix wild bird sunflower seeds together, and i feed 'em apples. they're healthy little birds. they look healthy. [laughing] well, you have to feed 'em right. or they, you know, they will get sick and die, i imagine. so far i haven't found a dead one out here. we've had some that, uh, you know, as babies, and i'd hand-feed 'em, and they get real gentle. they'll talk to you. they repeat
9:46 am
always tell me, "mom, you could take a good vacation, you know, on what you feed these birds." which i could. i know they can survive on their own, because there's places around here now where i've seen them, but they still come back here to eat. [birds chirping] i've always wanted a parrot. well, i got lots of parrots now. and i can tell people about it and they don't believe me. well, come over and look at 'em. [chuckling] they neighbors have not complained. they like 'em. and everybody comes here wants one. they want to get 'em down, but i won't let 'em do it. you know, i tell 'em no. we turned 'em loose to go free and they're enjoying it. there's been people come from new york. i'd wished
9:47 am
mouth flies open, their eyes get big. but i never thought this would ever happen, you know, in this area. 'cause everybody goes on about, "do they leave--do they go to other places in the winter?" no, they don't go to other places. they stay--they go off, but they come back here and nest. they call me the bird lady. [laughing] everybody asks me, "what's gonna happen to the birds when you're gone?" well, my son maybe will do it. if he don't, somebody else will do it. i love the birds. i think they're pretty.
9:48 am
alex: we'll have more of "animal rescue" right after this brief
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alex: and now this "animal rescue" safety tip. man: ? keep your pets happy, healthy, and fit with this animal rescue safety tip ? alex: would you know how to help an animal in distress? first, restrain the frightened animal. the friendliest of pets can act unpredictably when hurt. wrap cats in a towel or jacket to protect yourself from their sharp claws. muzzle dogs with a scarf or a commercial muzzle, but don't use narrow pieces of string or shoelaces. remember, never muzzle an animal that is
9:51 am
seizures. contact the american red cross or your local veterinarian for more information. ? animal rescue safety tip ? alex: "animal rescue" returns
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alex: time now to honor this episodes animal rescue heroes. woman: because they care ? because they care woman: by reaching out and bringing comfort to our creatures everywhere chorus: because they care woman: because they care chorus: because they care
9:55 am
are living strong because they care, oh oh to one family we belong because they care because they care ? alex: time now to check our "animal rescue" mail bag. ? animal rescue mail bag ? alex: erma from stockton, andrea from atlanta, georgia,
9:56 am
susan and bernie from maywood, missouri, write... ? animal rescue mail bag ? alex: and that's this edition of "animal rescue." ks we showcase those caring individuals who help the various creatures in the animal kingdom. i'm alex paen. alex: on the next "animal rescue," amazing rescues and extraordinary efforts. watch compassionate individuals help animals in trouble. learn about different critters and the dedicated people who care for them. plus, animal safety tips, and information on how to better care
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and much, much more, next time on "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] [captioned by the national captioning institute
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