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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 7, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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double pass gone to samuels right side of the 5, touchdown wolfpack. a touch back in a sprint to the pylon, touchdown. take what you want. are you ready? everything you've got, everything you've got.
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>> d dave doeren chose presented by coca-cola, any down can be the one that changes the game so try to play where you go big on refreshment, coca-cola, taste the feeling i north carolina's electric cooperatives, powering and empowering, the people and communities that we serve, your carolina ford dealers and find a great deal on your perfe today on your carolina ford and by delta, official airline of an seat state athletics. >> 5 and succumb down to the last minute and saturday night was no exception, the wolfpack led most but the state rallied late and we are here with the trans -- dave doeren show and i am tony hayes, third estate one on the scoreboard but the
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pack dominated at most, nc state had 19 more offensive snaps and matt dayes out rushed alvin cook, is it somewhat like the clemson game in many respects you accomplish some of what you had to accomplish to when -- win? >> we did, it is just disappointing and frustrating and hurtful for our guys and staff. we are doing a lot of hi reason we are not making the one play at key moments to close the game out or put a giveaway. it is different people in different games. it is just going to have to continue and we have to stay the course another damn will break soon. >> the wolfpack's 4-5 heading to a world -- road game at syracuse and coming up you will meet the man with the plan, the plan was that blueprint for carter stanley stadium and on the pack profile, mark thomas will visit with george barlow,
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it was military appreciation night at carter finley stadium on saturday and as usual university did a splendid job of saluting the men and women in uniform and then the fans settled in and watched an exciting football game, florida state comes back to win 24-20 and this is the dave doeren show, fans also sought to the best running backs in matt dayes. >> one of the big stories in the game is the nc state defense and holding the great players to only 65 yards, how did you content alvin cook?
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great plan, the linebackers and everyone involved was running for the football in getting off blocks and tackling. he had one run where he made format guys miss and that is a good deal but other than that the first and second guy were getting them on the ground and on the line of scrimmage and that is where it starts, you have to win the battle. >> i know matt da state ran the football pretty well, was that a matter of tweaking in the run game or executing better? >> execution first of all. we did not change the place that we ran, we had different formations based on the coverage that we were running and we thought would help us but they ran hard and blocked and we were dedicated to it and stayed patient and all of those things play into it. >> after the game a lot of people were talking about the last couple of minutes and safety shawn boone had an
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in the end zone, no one feels worse than sean but something that we were talking about on the radio show wednesday night, along the way over format quarters there are many place that can influence the outcome of a football game. in this one state had 3 trips in the red zone without scoring a touchdown. when that happens are you thinking to yourself, that could come back to haunt us? >> yes, to me there is ov you do not know what the play will be. i told the team that all week in the play that you are in is the play that will matter the most if you treated that way. you go back to the notre dame game and we called the punt return and it change the game. you do not know what the play is or is not that will win the game. all of it matters and you remember the biggest at the end but there were a lot of others.>> florida state made the play in the game-winning touchdown that their
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hit them and it looks more like a pounds but travis rudolph the receiver was able to get out of there and score a touchdown and when things like that happen to you start feeling it? >> what i start saying is tough times never lasted tough people do. i know that we have made great progress and i know our players are so close to breaking through in our staff is doing everything they know how to do and if you continue to work you ar roots of their work and that will not be the staff or the team. >> is a franchise game of 330 yards and it's typical florida state, they have not one, not two, but 3 or 4 really talented wide receivers, does that allow them to pick out matchups that they like? >> i don't know if they felt they had a matchup, they had a lot of guys that make incredible catches with people on them. there were two macro 3 completely extended catches that they made on top with them
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to stay in that game and that to me is what happens when you break the dm and your kids are used to winning. there's a bunch of guys out there that know that they can make that play and that is where we have to get to. >> speaking of receivers, 19 clients had the best game of his career, 11 catches and 124 yards, he has had 17 receptions in the last two games and take us to the oc him more involved in the passing game? >> we been playing a lot of man- to-man teams and he is a matchup issue and ryan has been able to locate the team heinz at different times throughout games and take advantage and he has done a good job of winning the one-on-one and obviously it starts with the protection and the ability to give it to them in the coaches done a good job emulating some things to get him matchups that he can win. >> florida state comes back to week the pack at carter stadium and they are now 4 and 5 on the
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that you want to stop the run first and that is the whole model, he is a great back and if he had the ball we were trying to get to him. >> you had your first hundred yard receiving game and 11 catches, what was working for you today?>> ryan sized him up and i was the open man and all of that is nice but we did not come out with the win and that is all i care about.>>reporter: you still have a winning season? >> absolutely, you cannot come in each week lose the game so we have all of the confidence to go off of this. >> this season nc state is celebrating the 50th anniversary of carter finley stadium and it is one of the most spectacular additions to the steady minute open in 2005 when richard von towers was unveiled replacing the double wide in the sky and the towers contain 1000 club seats, 51
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press area to accommodate media, television and radio. the cost of the towers project was $39 million. the dave doeren show will continue after
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>> this is the dave doeren show and i am tony hayes and later on in the program coach dave doeren will return to preview next week's game against syracuse but once again on saturday night the atmosphere at carter finley stadium was absolutely electric. it has been that way for the last 50 years and during fisher praised the environment at carter finley. it starts with you, the fans. nc state would like to say thank you to you for your vocal support. carter finley stadium is constructed in such a way that that noise just cascades down to the grandstand and right onto the playing field. it was the master plan of an architect. a designer by the name of charles khan who came up with a
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we are with the quarterback coach we're talking with george barlow, george barlow, with
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grew up in chicago. >> yes, born and raised in chicago on the west side. everything that you could possibly go through i went through there and it is a great place, there is nothing like the city of chicago and to this day i go back as much as i can in the whole family lives there. i just love especially downtown chicago and all of the places that i have lived in bed there is no place like downtown chicago -- been, there is no place like downtown chicago. >> are you a cubs fan? how does that work. >> actually i was not a cubs fan, i was a white sox fan all day. i had a chance to go to the white sox game quite a bit and when i was growing up the cubs game were all at the end of the day so i was not able to go in the white sox games were closer and i could get there in the polls and the socks i probably
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walter payton for sure. >> back then before 85 the bears were not good so i would cry a lot on sunday because they would either come close or they would get killed by greenbay or minnesota. i was definitely a bears fan, bears, bowls and socks -- chicago bulls in the socks. >> then you ended up going to marshall. you know that you are a recordholder. most interceptions in a game at marshall >> that is still holding up? >> 2 other guys have tied, what you remember, he played east tennessee state e. tennessee state st. >> actually what i remember is it should've been 4 and it was one of those days where everything has fallen into place and this is what it's like when we talk about jordan and being in this game in the bucket so big and it was the same thing football wise, they just kept throwing it.
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>> yes. >> you did not take any to the house? >> no, i did not come i got drilled on a couple of them. >> while you are at marshall you played in these great games, i don't remember if you played nc state that then you coached there and there was a historic game here. you will have to refresh my memory, there was a hail mary in the last second here, tell us about this? >> we were actually ring to we came in a one aa team and we played well, we one and they got another play and charles davenport got it and they still remember just like those guys that i play with the still remember and talk about it so every time one of them talks about it brings up bad memories for us and the coach. >> we love having you here but that guys see you are one of
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comes to fashion, best dressed in the acc, is this true? you match everything? >> yes, i try to, just like i coach my players to pay attention to the details to try and do that. that is part of playing a good position, if you play corner you have to look good, feel good. >> i even did this because i actually did the socks. can you rate how i am doing here? >> i would say seven or eight. >> it is a start. >> it's a start. >> . >> no doubt, you have to tie the socks into the whole outfit, it doesn't always have to match but it has to have some pop to it. >> is that swag, so we are talking about? >> swag. courts barlow is quarterback nc state. >> the school has turned out several elite wide receivers and he stands alone and between
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and career receiving yards and
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felt now we look ahead on the dave doeren show and it's time for the coca-cola calendar, nc state goes back on the road in a face-off the carrier dome, the kickoff time has it -- has been set for 12:30 pm and that means our airtime will be 10:30 am. don't forget the dave doeren radio show will be on the air wednesday night from 7 pm to 8 pm , as always it originates from the backyard bistro in raleigh and all fans are invited to join the audience. the scatter report for the
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road up to syracuse, new york to take on these guys and i know what that is like, i played there personally my senior year. we will focus obviously on the offense and the defense but more importantly who is the main guy and it starts with their quarterback eric ranji, the sophomore has had a good year and runs the football second on the team in almost 500 yards rushing, throwing the football he averages over 340 y lookout was a spreadout formation and the reason we will look at this play is not because it's perfectly executed but it kind of speaks to my eric tunji is so good in this offense is from the way that it is. they are a fast-paced no huddle offense and it will get to the line quickly will try and stop the ball and try and catch you off guard. a lot of three, four, and five
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of the backfield and going in motion. we will go to the end zone cut for this for you to see this and look at the end zone copy of the splits with the offense of -- offensive line. they are white splits in the reason they are doing this as they are creating running lanes for garlic eric tunji who can make you pay. >> we bring this back in motion and we have a platonic middle and eric tunji evades the pocket, he basically has this amazing barry sanders rushed attempt and we have a basic standard china roe top and then all the sudden we throw over the top to the wide- open receiver because he is an ability to scramble to move around with his feet and that is why he is as good as he has right now not because his guys are running great routes but because he can make things
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look at are the facts that their linebackers, terrence bennett and the weak side backer make a lot of their place. in this play we potentially have a player against virginia tech. you have the linebackers trying to quick snap as well and we were actually going to go back side with this and we have a balance set here and we have a tight ends here and we will have a pulling motion counter. i want you to watch number 30, linebacker makes a plate and pierce bennett, almost watch him read that. and we don't line up lucky and almost jumping over to make that. >> they read very well and they will try and stop the run, they will give up almost 200 yards
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great linebackers and they can make some place for you. >> there it is, the 10th game of the season and it should be a fun road trip ? thanks a lot more can we remember what happened the last time nc state visited the carry dome and they had a pic 6 ended at the right time and that ultimately was the difference in the football game as the wolf pack beat the orange. let's flash forward nowadays to right now. is this where you are? begin the right play at the right time? >> you have to make big plays back to that there will be opportunities to throw the ball all over the place and there will be a lot of balls over there and pass rush opportunities and defensively i know that the offense has to do a good job of creating scores for us and giving us a chance to play for the lead. >> syracuse won back-to-back games before using to clemson and early in the game the quarterback eric tunji went out and we don't know about his
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staff as well, are they totally different that may have been in the past? >> yes, they are a triple option team in the coach does a good job running baylor's office and it is spread white open -- wide open and fast pace and a lot of balls coming out quick and they do have a >> okay dave, have a great week. >> you have a great week as well. >> we will recapped this game again right here on the dave doeren show. >> this has been presented by coca-cola, any down changes the game so try and play where you go big on refreshments, coca- cola, taste the feeling. and by north carolina electric clock -- cooperatives, powering and empowering the people and communities that we serve. >> find a great deal on your perfect forward and make a connection today in your
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official dealer for nc athletics .
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-careful. this pork is priceless. -[laugh]. pearls before swine. where are you, my little beauty?


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