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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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mornin'. hi, bobby. you got me through. i'm glad you showed up.
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you'll get yourself some help. yeah. no one deserved waiting how you had to, bobby. no one deserves a lot that happens. when mary was sick, i couldn't h hp her.
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andy, i need to talk with you. you'll get over it. please. i know about something bad. and i've heard all i'm listening to about body juices and rubber corsets. a death. a d dd man. what do you know about that? he's a friend, and i stopped by his apartmtmt this morning, and he was hanging. hanging?
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to stop by? andy, we got a homicide over at a construction site. hey, geri. d.o.a. off a fight at a construction site, james. - couple of coalitions involved. - okay. hey, boss. geri just told me, uh, a friend of hers is dead atatis apartment. she found him hanging. i don't know if you want her to ride over there with somebody. give 'em what t formation you have so they can take a look at it. i'd rather give it to detective sipowicz. no. kirkendall and russell's how we're gonna do it. all right. construction coalition, huh? mm-hmm. there's a solid bunch of citizens.
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um, can you talk to her about it? sure. don't put me through this like a suspect, all right, lieutenant? no one is treating you like a suspect, geri. antatanize me like you have before, and i won't cooperate. i understand. geri, is your friend there now? his name is tom konigsberg, and that's all i know about it. if you give us tom's address, diane and i can get over there. [ chuckles ] you're gonna have a real good time with me, aren't you? why don't you just write the address for us, geri? come on.
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freeze a furry tit, i'm out with one glove on. theo likes to sleep on it. he thinks it's like some teddy bear. he was on it this morning, huh? yeah. look, andy. i'm sorry i didn't spend more time on the p pne with you last night. i was relieved you called. diane, she was all stirred up. i didn't want to be away from her too long. i'm just hoping she'll feel better now. she looks better this morning. yeah, i'm optimistic. what happened?d? two coalitions went at it. one d.o.a., four at the hospital, the rest are cuffed. you see any of it? black coalition shows up. name's none forgotten. start twisting arms for jobs. few minutes later, here comes bronx united. which is puerto rican. right.
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there's six or seven set-tos all around the yard. anybody see this guy get hit? too busy swinging hammers, tossing bricks. got a wallet. emilio lopez, shape director, bronx united. bulletproof vest. looks like emilio figured that he'e'have a pretty bad day in front of him. we got six guns. yeah, assorted pipes, hammers, bats. donnybrook's like a daily thing g th these guys. bunch of phony hustlers. how's it make it phonies, is knocking people around with ball bats, and their preferred job position-- they don't actually have to show up to do no work. not one honest guy in the bunch, right, andy? maybe i'm wrong, martinez. maybe one of these good folks is gonna leap up and d y he saw a murder committed. listen, we're gonna need transpo to get all these guys back to the house. - they need to be interviewed. - sure. all right.
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that, and he don't like most people. morning. how's it going? well, 911 took an anonymous call, s sd someone hung theirselves. m.e.'s on the way. landlady's downstairs. can you get her? yeah, surere thanks. planned on going to work today. that's why this towel's around the rope.
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i'm diane russell. this is deteteive kirkendall. millie holden. millie, can you i.d. this man? tom konigsberg. he's lived here a year and a half. what can you tell us about him? well, i had no inkling of this carrying-on. he worked steady. he was a punctual rent-payer. believe me, i never saw him in dresses or any inkling of this contraption. did anyone else have a key to his apartment? a girlfriend, i think. she stayed here one or two times a week. uh, her name was geri. uh, she's, uh, chunky build, um, low to middle 30 years of age. - uh, geri turner. - good. she had brownishshed hair, and she was 5'8" to 5'10". uh-huh. do you think she did this to him?
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are of that.t. if it was my son, i'd want someone should lie to me how they found him. thank you. [ sighs ] maybe we ought to check at the sex store, see if they remember this guy with anybody but geri. so you're really not looking forward d going back to the house to interview geri, huh? you got that right. [ chattering ] you guys, sit right there. d.o.a. took one in the head. name's emilio lopez. he's the number two guy for bronx united. comes to work with a bulletproof vest.
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half these guys got sheets, plus they're in factions against each other. who gets the most snouts in the trough for no-show jobs. that's the contractor over there. we're gonna start with him. you notify the d.o.a.'s family? she was taking the kids to school. we left a message with the neighbors. - yeah. - yo, can i get out of here? keep me posted. what's your name? - ray harvey. - where were you standing when the shootin' happened, ray? i don't know. that's why i want to get out. you don't know where you were standing? uh-uh. where is it you gotta be? gotta take my sister to the doctor. -what if you had a job to go to? -she wouldn't get to go. - can you be back here at 4:00? - yeah, i can be back here by then. all right. write your name, address and home phones. got any picture i.d., mr. harvey? some coffee, mr. deluca? i'm nervous enough as it is. - decaf? - no.
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they show up, no tools, no skills worth a crap. i don't hire them, the e te goes up for grabs. i put up with the b.s., the brawls. but a killing? you know emilio lopez? no. i talked to him for, like, two seconds this morning. then bluestone got in his face. bluestone being from this other coalition, none forgotten? the black group, right. did bluestone have a weapon that you saw i don't know. i went to my office. you went to your office. look, all i wanted was to put up this senior center without the sky falling in. i put up with everything, and still something worse still happens. all right, i'm gonna say something here. and probably it's gonna get my head beat or something else.
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see something in conjunction with your investigation to show who did what. and if that happens, all i'm asking is not to be quoted the source of that tape. but i'm going this far because this is murder. and enough's enough. [ woman ] oh, my god! oh, no! [ crying ] stick right here. oh, my god! no, emilio! [ speaking spanish ] oh, my god! shh. take it easy, all right? who did it? who killed emilio? we're looking into hohoit happened. he was an honest man. he believed what he was doing. he was good. sir, you can't go in there. dina! dina! dina. [ spanish ] no! no. no. who killed emilio? f bronx united.
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hermanos. [ spanish ] my husband was an honest man, and he's dead for trying to do good. - that's right, dina. - he was honest. he was trying to get real jobs. - you let it out, mijita. you let it out. - hey, hey. hey. over here. absolutely. - you u ke good care of her, you hear? - talk a walk. - and we had three little kids. - try and take it easy. what am i gonna do? my god!
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- ladies. - detectives. 15th squad. oh. we're investigating an incident involving one of your customers. he recently bought a pair of leather cuffs here at your shop. we sell an array of r rtraints. you'll have to be more specific. black leather wrist and ankle restraints. silver spiked collar connected by chains. those could bebeur beast-master cuffs. right. those are the ones. do you recognize him? do i legally have to say? what's your name? lori gittman. we're investigating a felony, lori.
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okay. so i recognize him. what about people he'd frfruent the shop with? got any pictures? no. there's this heavy woman, um, with dark red d ir. usually came in with him. bought a lot of dominatrix stuff. and some pretty ballsy lingerie for a woman of her proportion. - did she die? - no. he's not with us anymore. uh-oh. when he was with someone else, it was always with her. okay. thanks a lot. okay. i think her name was geri. great.
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this here's a $1,200 suit. you want me to sit in someone's coffee cake crumbs? maid's day off. hold my men, keep us all from a day's pay. look at it like a mourning period for emilio lopez. emilio was solid with the coalition. would've wanted us we kepepkeeping on. both coalition officers, you and him must've been tight? - sure. - or not. don't speak bad of the dead. - suppose he was still around? - then probably be running hihimouth, preaching. that's the political side, what lopez did. i did the business part-- getting people work, food on the table. you tell me what's better. how about the no-show jobs and shakedownsns how'd lopez feel about those? don't take your meaning. site bosses tighten you up to keep trouble out. emilio want a piece of that money, joe? i wasn't even at the site, all right? is that a yes on wanting some of your action, joe?
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i hehed some of that talk. then from there he was gonna stand up for the community, then city politics. then next, herman badillo. nothing worse than a guy with dreams, huh, joe? didn't like him, anani didn't kill him. wasn't at the site. [ sighs ] maybe you two got a hard-on for me... 'cause i make six figures and don't even have a high school diploma. that it? bye, fernandez. let's go. there. uh, the shooting was at 7:20, right? yeah. you need some batteries in here, lieu. uh-huh. that's the tube steak's head of the none forgotten.
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te direction. isn't that that ray y rvey guy that greg and james were talking to here in the squad? ready to make e rests? maybe behind bluestone showing no piece, you rule him out as a suspect. look to him for a push who he thinks did it. sister sun ray-- says she's got something for you on this. yeah. what kind of trouble is she in? took a policy collar. yeah, let's chat with her first. boss. what'd you get? geri's way into this bleecker street hanging. - she took the guy out? - guy croaked behind some kind of autoerotic asphyxia, but she was definitely involved. he's, uh-- he's hanging from a hook, cross-dressed in women's underwear, bound at the ankles and wrist.
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she stays there a couple times a week. salesgirl at the sex store this guys scores his toys at puts him shopping with geri three or four times. oh, brother. she give anything up after we left? she went upstairs to work. all right, i'll call her to come down.
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young man going past a speed limit, 'legedly holding some slips. and he said they belonged to you? there's a numbers runner - with an enormous future. - how about he's my grandnephew. drop him from the will. so, our boss says you may be able to help us on this construction site homicide.
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then lost his patience and judgment, wound up shooting this spanish lopez to death. what kind of investments we talking about here? ray loaned money to joe fernandez. joe about to get his ass kicked out of bossing that workingman's coalition or this spanish lopez was gonna split it up. so, ray got worried he wasn't gonna get his money back. which you come to know all about, how? ray made a score off me. he hit $18 on the brooklyn number. 'cause the sister, she don't just book policy, she's an investment adviser too. come for guidance. "who's worth credit, sister?" "what juice they gonna stand?" and you gave him joe fernandez to loan money to? no. i give him sam bluestone, which is creditworthy, steady play and pay. but sam give ray joe, which behind all that trouble joe had,
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- now you on it, baby. - no. we're not so sure we're on it yet. last night, sam bluestone come to hear that spanish lopez is coming down to a none forgotten site. sam bluestone heard that bronx united was coming to a none forgotten site, - and he told this to ray harvey. - at my house. and bluestone, he heard this from joe fernandez, that bronx united was coming? i guess you'd be right. so even though their bossin' from rival coalitions, behind sam vouching for joe's credit, onliest way i'd take a stand on that. which your stand would be they are tight. so, ray is at your place when bluestone tells him that bronx united is coming on a bus and emilio lopez is the one that's in charge? ray comes up in arms, talking about, "don't pay his debt, now he gonna take jobs away too?" but w-w-wait. it's joe fernandez that owes ray money.
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he gonna take him down. .38. i guess he told the truth. you see ray afterwards? he tell you what happened? no. i see sam in the hall though just now. he took me aside, said ray did what he said. sam bluestone says that ray killed emilio lopez? said he saw him do it. this beef my grandnephew put me in, who's gonna make that go away? you stood a policy collar before, haven't you, sister? i did when i had to. 'cause giving up ray harvey, that's a lot of cooperation to beat a misdemeanor.


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