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tv   WRAL News 6PM  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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anything from the landing party? they should be sending up a report momentarily, captai ohh. something wrong? a kink in my back. t. a little higher, please. push. push hard. thank you, yeoman. that's sufficient. you need sleep, captain. if it's not out of line-- i have enough of that from dr. mccoy, yeoman. thank you. dr. mccoy is correct, captain. after what this ship has been through in the last 3 months, there's not a crewman aboard who's not in need of a rest.
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have dr. mccoy's report channeled to my quarters, lieutenant. aye, aye, captain. beautiful, beautiful. no animals. no people. no worries. just what the doctor ordered, right, doctor? i couldn't have prescribed better. we are one weary ship. you think the captain will authorize a shore leave here? well, depending upon my report and that of the other scouting parties. you know, you have to see this place to believe it. it's like something out of alice in wonderland. the captain has to come down. he'd like it.
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plus his, plus 430 other people. where are you going? to get some cell-structure records. a blade of grass, a bush, a tree, a flower petal. with these, we can tell the whole planet biology. oh, my ps and iskers! i'll be late. excuse me, sir. have you seen a rather large white rabbit with a yellow waistcoat and white gloves hereabout?
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what is it? what's the matter? did you see them? see what? i don't see anything. what is it, doc? space-- the final frontier. these are the voyages of the starship enterprise. its 5-year mission-- to explore strange new worlds... to seek out new life and new civilizations...
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kirk: captain's log.
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we are orbiting an uninhabited planet in the omicron-delta region, a planet remarkably like earth or how we remember earth to be-- parklike, beautiful, green, flowers, trees, green lawn, quiet and restful, almost too good to be true. sir, i don't see your name in any of the shore parties. well, i may be tired, yeoman, dismissed. aye, aye, sir. man: shore-leave party one, stand by your section. you will be called in alphabetical order. mr. spock, we're beaming down the starboard section first. which section would you like to go with? not necessary in my case, captain. on my planet, "to rest" is to rest, to cease using energy. to me, it is quite illogical to run up and down on green grass using energy
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kirk here. uhura: dr. mccoy calling from the planet, captain. yes. open a channel, uhura. aye, aye, sir. captain, are you beaming down? i hadn't planned to, bones. why? well, either our scouting probes and detectors are malfunctioning and all us scouts careless and beauty-intoxicated, or i must report myself unfit for duty. explain. on this supposedly uninhabited planet, i just saw a large rabbit pull a gold watch from his vest and claim that he was late. that's pretty good bones. all right, i got one for you. the rabbit was followed by a little blond girl, right? as a matter of fact, yes, and they disappeared through a hole in a hedge. all right, doctor, i'll take your report under consideration.
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with a little mystery sugarcoating. he wants to get me down there. afraid i won't swallow it. very well, captain. something i did come to discuss. yes, mr. spock, what is it? i picked this up from dr. mccoy's log. we have a crew member aboard who's showing signs of stress and fatigue-- reaction time down 9-12%, associational reading norm minus 3. that's much too low a rating. he's becoming irritable and quarrelsome, yet he refuses to take rest and rehabilitat he has that right, but we've found-- a crewman's right ends where the safety of the ship begins. now, that man will go ashore on my orders. what's his name? "james kirk." enjoy yourself, captain. it's an interesting planet. i believe you'll find it quite pleasant, very much like your earth. scouts have detected no animals, artifacts, or force fields of any kind,
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you'll have no problems. always have to be work with you? so much loveliness. you won't find all this so lovely if our report for the captain isn't ready when he asks for it. ohh. which shouldn't be long. rodriguez, teller, everything all right? yes, sir. we've completed the specimen survey. good. that should be sufficient. beam it up to mr. spock when you're ready, and start enjoying yourselves. thank you, sir. and sir,
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thank you. restful. after what we've been through, it's hard to believe a place this beautiful exists. it is beautiful. so lovely, and restful. i mean, affirmative, captain. mccoy! [echos] mccoy! over here. [echos] over here. bones, know any good rabbit jokes lately? as a matter of fact, i do, but this is not one of them. look at this. i saw what i saw, or maybe i hallucinated it. but i want you to take a look at it and tell me what you think about it.
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could be a rabbit. it would have to be an unusual creature to make this size tracks. what about mr. sulu? will he confirm what you saw? negative. he was examining the flora at the time. [beeps] bridge, this is the captain. where is mr. sulu? collecting specimens. uhura: bridge. has the first shore party beamed down yet? negative, captain. they're just about to start. re parties-- stand by. no one is to leave the ship. aye, aye, sir. you mean you're canceling the shore leave on account of this, jim? you're the doctor, doctor. can you explain this? well, no, but... neither can i. i admit it looks harmless. probably is harmless, but before i bring my people down here, i want proof it's harmless.
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[gunshot] [gunshot] what do you think you're doing? target shooting, captain. isn't it a beauty? i haven't got anything like this in my collection. where did you get it, mr. sulu? i found it. i know it's a crazy coincidenc ays wanted one like this. found it lying right over there-- an old-time police special, and in beautiful condition. hasn't been one like this made in, oh, a couple centuries. mr. sulu. it fires lead pellets propelled by expanding gases from a chemical explosion. i'll hang on to it.
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dr. mccoy's rabbit, sir, he must have gone through here. are you sure our instruments didn't show any animal life on this planet? absolutely. no birds, no mammals, no insects--nothing. i'm certain our readings weren't off. i'd like to believe this is an elaborate gag, but... yeoman barrows, you accompany mr. sulu. find out where those tracks came from. doctor, you come with me back to the glade.
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this is turning out to be one very unusual shore leave. well, it could have been worse. how? you could have seen the rabbit. what's the matter, bones? you getting a persecution complex? well, yeah, i'm beginning to feel a little bit picked on, if that's what you mean. i had it at the academy. an upperclassman there-- one practical joke after another and always on me-- my own personal devil, a guy by the name of finnegan. and you being the very serious young-- serious? i'll make a confession, bones. i was absolutely grim, which delighted finnegan no end. he's the kind of guy to put a bowl of cold soup in your bed or a bucket of water propped on a half-open door. you never knew where he'd strike next.
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looks like your rabbit came from over there. a girl's footprints. the young blond girl i saw chasing him. yes. you follow the rabbit. i'll backtrack the girl. i'll meet you around the other side of the hill. good. i got a personal grudge against that rabbit, jim. jim. finnegan? i can't believe it. you never know when i'm going to strike, huh, jim? ha ha ha ha! how's this?
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ha ha ha ha! whoo-ha ha ha ha! go ahead, lay one on me. because that's what you always wanted, isn't it? [laughs] come on. come on. [laughing] come on. come on. all right, let's try that one again. come on. barrows: aah! aah! go! any excuse, jim, baby. run away! run away! aah! run away! [screams] what? what? yeoman barrows. [barrows whimpers and cries] what happened?
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i was following the tracks, and there he was who was? him. [sobs] barrows, give me your report. he-- he had a cloak, sir, and--and a dagger with jewels on it. are you sure you're not imagining all this? captain, i know it sounds incredible, but i did not imagine it any more than i imagined he did this. sounds like don juan. yes. yes. it was-- it was so... sort of storybook walking around here, and i was thinking, "all a girl needs is... don juan." just daydreaming the way you would
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he ran after him. stay with her, doctor. mr. sulu! sulu! mr. sulu? sulu!
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ruth? jim, darling, it is me.
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captain's log. stardate 3025.8. investigation of this increasingly unusual planet continues, and we are seeing things that cannot possibly exist, yet they are undeniably r [beeps] mccoy, do you read me?
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, how can it be you? how could you... possibly be here? you haven't aged. it's been 15 years. it doesn't matter. none of that matters. [beeps] kirk here. what? did you find mr. sulu? no, but i'm sure he's all right. sir? are you all right? yes, i'm fine. [beeps] rodriguez to captain kirk. yes, mr. rodriguez. well, birds, a whole flock of them. don't you like birds, mr. rodriguez?
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owed-- then, offhand, i'saouinstruments are defective. there are indeed life forms on this planet. sir, uh... our surveys couldn't have been that wrong. mr. rodriguez, have the search parties rendezvous at the glade. i'd like some answers to all this. aye aye, sir. you have to go? i don't want to. you'll see me again if you want to. you haven't told me... you haven't told me... do what you have to do...
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[beeps] kirk here. spock: captain. yes, mr. spock. getting strange readings from the planet's surface, captain. some sort of power field down there. specify. highly sophisticated type of energy draining our power and increasing. beginning to affect our communications. can you pinpoint the source? patterns would indicate some sort of industrial activity. keep me posted, mr. spock. we'll continue our investigation down here.
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dr. mccoy: feeling better? barrows: a little, but i wouldn't want to be alone here. why not? this is a beautiful place. a little strange, i'll admit. that's just it. it's almost too beautiful. i was thinking, even before my tunic was torn, that in a place like this, a girl should be... oh, let's see now, a girl should be dressed like a fairy-tale princess with lots of floaty stuff and a tall hat with a veil. you'd have whole armies of don juans to fight off... and me, too.
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look at me, doctor-- a lady to be protected and fought for. a princess of the blood royale. you are all of those things... and many more. they'll look even lovelier with you wearing them. doctor... i'm afraid. now, look, i don't know how or why, but the dress is here. i'd like to see you in it. why don't you put it on? all right...
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my dear girl, i am a doctor. when i peek, it's in the line of duty. [beeps] rodriguez: calling dr. mccoy. mccoy here. i, uh... i can't read you very well. is this rodriguez? this is all the volume i can get on this thing. i can't read you well, either. captain's orders. rendezvous at that glade where he first found you. right. what the devil's wrong with... communications? esteban.
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