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tv   Today  NBC  November 10, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EST

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tommy, she's getting married and this could be your last chance to ask her out on a date. he's right. i can't! i got a court date. i gotta work. penhall: he is right, you know. russell hasn't changed a bit. he's still living day to day. in high school, did you have an onion-head haircut? did you wear crew neck t-shirtr? i didn't have a pocket protector. two out of three. did you ever get sent to detention? did you ever get caught shoplifting? or get an "f" for blowing off your homework? that's what i thought. soso was a responsible kid. what's wrong with that?
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penhall: whoo! whoo! a responsible guy like you has got to have three, four days of overtime. she's getting married. going there won't change that. didn't you ever see the graduate? and they never get any smarter. what's the big deal? did you ever drag race? did you ever borrow somebody's car and go for a aide? or get into a brawl after a football game? did you ever punch somebody out? i'm going to punch you out. now you're talking. you missed something, my friend. you missed being a teenager. maybe.
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smoke was filling up the car. the guy's so far back... those smog checks are a drag. i'm talking here. hey, tommy lockhart. i heard you come in. that your mustang? uh-huh.
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i don't know. you don't look so fast to me. let's blow. he spotted you as a tough guy right away. hey! he's more dangerous than he looks. did daddy buy him that car? i tell you what... you're the one walking away. trying too hard. you got to earn the right to race me. first you race charlie, then little e ke then spector. then, maybe we'll talk. and we're not going to race for nothing. i don't ever race for nothing. 500 bucks against your pink slip. let's go. right noww if you think you're so fast or get the hell out of here.
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somebody ought to. you okay? i can beat this guy. what are you talking about? you're not supposed to race him. i got to get him to the line. make sure you make the call. i'll make the call. good, because he l lks like he could blow your doors off. 396, maybe 454. you're out of your league, friend. but i'll put up the pink slip. done. okay, listen up. when the chevelle is on the starting line hanson will radio us. now, remember, we want the red chevelle.
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the starter's in place. where's hanson? he's coming up to the starting line. all right. stand by.
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how is he? not good. you had an undercover officer racing at 100 miles an hour in the middle of the night. the officer and i are terribly sorry
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breaking the law without anybody twisting his arm. it wasn't the first time. he will face charges for what he's done. only if he lives, captain. you guys are going back to the academy. what? are you kidding? do i look like i'm kidding, penhall? no. who commit a grievous error. you'll be interviewed by i.a.d. then recycled through the academy tomorrow at 0600 hours. when did i become my partner's keeper? when you were sworn in. i was 50 yards away. should i have thrown myself in front of the car? i didn't know he would take off. you acquiesced, penhall. you'll get a 181 on your record.
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he didn't do anything. that's why the departmenen calls it acquiescing. partners are responsible for each other and you know that it works both ways. your screw-up last night could cost him his job, toooo think about it. that's all. acquiescing? hanson, get a unit to take you home. your car has been impounded as evidence. you picked a great time to become irresponsible. all: good morning, sir. let me give you all four words of advice. don'n'.. make... me... angry. okay, listen up. futrell. here, sir. abrams. here, sir. wilson. here, sir. pryor... here, sir. penhall...
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it's good to be back, sir. for those of you who don't knowowfficer penhall he's an example of what you don't want to become. he's being recycled-- couldn't make it on the outstse. but he's being given one more chance. so let's all try andndeep him from screwing it up... hanson. hanson? hanson! ( russell laughing ) have you lost your mind? are you sure about this?
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st want to remind you that you're the guy who folds his socks before you put them in your drawer. well, maybe i'm tired of folding my socks. okay, welcome aboard. but you better wear your helmet. will debbie be surprised to see you. doesn't it scare you the way you're living-- no job, no security? hey, i got security. i got security knowing i don't owe nobody for anything and i can go wherever i want whenever i want. do you like what you're doing? what are they going to do to you for not showing up? fire me. shrewd move, hanson. just drive, man. yeah. hey, russell... yo! it's good to see you, man. same here, baby.
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hanson didn't show. well, where is he? that's why i called you in here. find himim yes, sir. what about the prelim on the lafko case? what aboututt? hanson and i got subpoenaed last week. the hearing's tomorrow.
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how did d get stuck with you, penhall? your name begins with "p," you idiot. penhall... pryor... pinhead. penhall, do you have something to say? no, sir.
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fficer, sir. no. you are here because you're a screw-up. you were a s sew-up the first time and all you've done since you left isiscrew up. consistency has always been the strongest part of my game. you know why you're a screw-up, penhallll because you've forgotten how to be a team member. when a police officer works undercover he gets to dress like a lowlife after a while, if he's not careful he forgets what he is and he starts acting like a lowlife. sir, permission to be assigned another partner due to a personal conflict. denied. during your 20 years of service, you'll be assigned to many lousy partners. get used to it.
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now, officer penhall you stay here and act like an individual while the rest of the team goes out for coffee. class... dismissed. hey! pull that head up, recruit. thank god. you've come to pull me out, right? oh, great. he screws up, and i pay for it. you know where he is? no. don't you? we checked his house, phoned his mom and nobody's seen him. ioki: he better show up. i.a.d. is climbing all over fuller. he's supposed to testify tomorrow. get canned for this. hanson? canned? he's n ner done anything wrong. he doesn't even know anybody who has done anything wrong.
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russell buckins. hanson, the problem is we all have this inflated view of our own importance. but the reality is we're all just synthetic f fer on some space mutant's shoe. you got any proof to back that up? if you had been more selfish we wouldn't be watching debbie's wedding from the cheap seats. i always wondered what debbie would be like. e kind of fantasy for me. abso-freaking-lutely. but the thing is, i always wondered if the real thing could ever be as good as the fantasy. it was better. what? what was better? it'll be better. it will be better.
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re. tell me the truth or i'll rip your throat out. hey, it was a long time e o in college. come on. we were friends. we were at school together. these things happen. my friend? it was one timim you know. if it makes you feel any better...
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ing you, you can do it, man. you do it. i would, but i got a bad back. since when? since just now. it's 500 bucks. all you got to do is stay in the ring for 60 sececds with sheila. no. come on. one minute, 60 seconds. you can buy debbie a great wedding gift. nono i'll take your picture. come on, man...
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uff legends are made of. ( sounds of punching ) sheila, sheila, sheila!
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you and your partner receive a radio call. ththe's a 211 suspect, armed and dangerous hiding out somewhere in this building. when you get here the building has alalady been evacuated. the guy in the bathroom? that's okay. they got the guy in the bathroom. how about the basement? the building has been evacuated. and the guy in the bathroom's gun? he was unarmed. that was taped to the back of the toilet. anything else? just a thought. didn't want anybody to get hurt. good. okay, penhall and pryor, first up.
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the back room. you take the front. the book says we stick together. "two man perimeter search"? the book don't work on the street. you just said so yourself. come on, man. we can cover more ground this way. andle it.
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g ) you're dead. shields: congratulations, penhall. you're dead. i'll call my parents, sir. why weren't you with your partner? i hadn't realized that my partnene had started the preliminary search without me... sir. thanks for covering me. i'm sorry, man. it just came out. forget about it. it won't happen again... partner. i'm not your partner.
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you want me to tell shields? i will, okay? taking off on your own wasn't the mistake. the mistake was i shouldn't have let yoyodo it. hansonon. tom hanson. he's a guest at the eaton wedding. no, i don't know what the groom's name is. no, he's not in the wedding. he... no... much. nothing? i still got 20 hotels left if my ears hold out that long. i hope ioki's having better luck. judge: why isn't tom hansns present? some sort of an emergency, i'm sure. this case will be continued until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. officer ioki... tell mr. hanson that if he does not have a valid excuse
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nd in contempt and he'll be fined or imprisoned. thank you very much. ahh! good you're up. i'll be honest, hanson. i've never seen anybody degenerate this fast before. what did i sleep on? you blow off your job, you wrestle a bear you get a tattoo... what can i say? i thought i was dreaming. you were, kind of. a lot of guys wouldndn let somebody brand new work on their arm. it took a lot of guts. guys die from these things! you can get blood poisoning. you had too much alcocol in you. how could you let me get a tattoo? forget about the tattoo. you can't forget about a tattoo. that's the point. you got one?
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hey, i'm just looking for the right obobct. i mean, an indian's perfect for you. me, i got to look around. so look, here's the plan: we blow into town, clean up hit a few bars, whatever. the rehearsal dinner is set for seven. that's when we make our entrance. we're crashing debbie's rehearsal dinner? we'll eat someplace else. once she sees you she'll blow off the wedding. relax, man. she told me she never forgets a face. all right, all right, new plan: you stand in the back of the chapel pound on the window and yell: "elaine, elaine!" hey, what's the matter, man? you going to puke or something? i must be nutsts what am i doing? you called the hospital.
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between us anymore. you're wrong. it's in my h hd. i'm telling you, she screamed your name. i'm not going to make a fool of myself. don't t ss out on me now. we're only a half a tank... ( both screaming ) ( honking) ( honking ) ( tires screeching ) ( crashing ) sheriff: yes, sir, i will tell him that. well, let's see... $500 fine, plus $150 for towing the jeep. by the way, it's impounded and undriveable. give me a breaea huh? i mean, "vehicular cowicide"? is that really on the books? that was a $5,500 cow. you don't have insurance. hey, neither did the cow. this is a no-fault state
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a great town, sheriff. can we go? we're going to this wedding. we'll get a limo. your captain says you're late for court. if you don't show tomorrow your case is blown. were you just planning on not showing up, son? i forgot about the subpoena. there's no way i could make it now. rent a car. you drive straight through you'll make it. come on, hanson. you're not serious. where in hell did you pick up this felon? i appreciate that. we got a wedding to stop. you haven't much choice. of course he's got a choice. i mean, this is america, isn't it? i can't go to this wedding. i'm a cop. i knew it. i knew you'd wuss out. isn't this perfect? you're one yararaway from the goal line and you call time out.
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go for the... ( imitating crowd cheering ) touchdown! ( cheering ) touchdown! i can't! one time. goal to go. huh?
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you look great, deb, extremely great. what do you say we ditch this guy? we can be in vegas in seven hours. i remember the last time we did vegas.
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you'll never guess who almost made it here with me. who? nope. you got to guess. i'll give you a hint. somebody you would never expect. uh... tommy? the invitation said bring a date... how is he? gained about 30 or 40 pounds. you can still make out his face. i'm kidding. he looks great. he remembered me? are you kidding? you didn't say anything about... you mean that night before finals in your dorm room... whenenou screamed his name? no, come on. what kind of guy do you think i am? ohohgreat. thanks, russell.
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he took it like a man. his exact words were: "you guys were in college together "you were friends and these things happen." coming here and all... how close did he get? the one yard line. man: and isn't it true you knew the defendant before his arrest? yes, it is. isn't it also true you argued with the defendant i had arguments with the defendant but i didn't dislike him. would you consider him a friend? no. it's odd that, out of everyone on that cacaus you singled out the defendant to detain and search. what was your probable cause? at that particular time he was the only person sprinting across the quad screaming at the top of his lungs wearing a blood soaked t-shirt.
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you leave, i let her go. if you don't, i'm going to waste her. can't we talk this out? no! she don't have that kind of time left. shut up! there's a tree in the back yard. i can get to the second floor. you think nobody's watching out the back window? listen to me and don't screw up. red's s ur color. that's it. you cops just blew it. penhall: come on, man. it's not worth it. let's talk. no talk! she's dead!
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( knocking ) is this part of the field problem? ( pounding at door ) somebody call the fire department. we got a fire here. hostste safe and sound, sir. -- taking care of my y m after my father was killed. but these e st couple of days... seeing buckins, wrestling a bear getting a tattoo, even going to jail... it wasn't bad. you're a little ripe for your teenage rebellion stage, hanson.
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it gets to everybody. but you were w w out of line. you blew off my orders and i.a.d. and you nearly let lafko walk on an attempted murder charge. i'm sorry. sorry isn't good enough. you want my badge? is that what you feel like you want to do? you want to know what i feel? for complete strangers. if they want to do drugs, fine! if they want to crack up at 100 miles an hour, fine! let them kill each other. maybe someday i want to get married, have a kid.
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you did something wrong, hanson. fortunately nobody died. i can make a few calls... straighten things out with i.a.d. get you some time off. i don't think it will matter. i've typed up my letter of resignation at least a half a dozen times. and hanson? you're not russell buckins. i know. you going home? i don't think so. ( knocking )
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tommy. you remembered. i never forgotot certainly. can you come in? only for a year or two. bucky said you were coming and then you weren't coming.
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you look b butiful, deb. i feel like i should be standing on a cake. okay, look, here's the deal. we find a house, we buy some clothes we b b some food, and we get this thing right. you've got great timing, tommy. i'm a late bloomer, sorry. look, i better go. tommy? don't go yet. debbie, i know this is going to sound crazy, but, um... maybe you should postpone the wedding. you can't be serious; it's four hours away. i know, but i am.
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i can't. i'm going to hawaii tonight on my honeymoon. burt's picking up the tickets. i know. i paid the bellboy to call him. you did what? i had to see you alone. i can't believe i'm even considering this. i can't believe i'm asking you. what about burt? he'll get over it. we didn't. atter in a hundred years? tommy, i can't hurt burt like that. i'm getting married tonight. you love this guy? yeah. i do.
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don't be. mind if i don't stick around for the wedding? deb, i'm real sorry about winter break.
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don't ask me again. i know you didn't. you didn't do it. i know you didn't.
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no way. no way. not a single way. did you? if you did, and you didn't tell me you're a dead man. dead. i would welcome incarceration for your murder if you did and you didn't tell me. dead... man. i know you didn't do it. did you?
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writing. i didn't know you were into that. i'm not, really. but i make my own hours and there's no dress code. what about you, man? et? no, not yet. dead man. i'm not kidding. what do you write? get your ideas? you know... lifefe you ought to have plenty of material from this trip. come on, man. you're kidding, right? tommy!
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us. he did. he did, that son of a... [captioning sponsored by fx networks
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