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tv   WRAL News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 12, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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to something like this. okay, what's the gimmick? no gimmick. i'll make you a bet i can control superman for 30 minutes. so just what do you mean by "control"? make him do my bidding, keep him in my power. for 30 minutes? that's right. okay. you've got a bet. how much? one hundred thousand dollars. aren't you, uh, going a little steep? you want me to do the impossible, don't you? all right. you're on. one hundred thousand dollars you can't control superman for 30 minutes.
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what i have to say i will say only to miss lane privately. he says he has to see you privately. yes, ma'am. it's the third door on the left. third door on the left. [knock at door] come in. how do you do, miss lane? my name is bomb. no, not b-a-u-m, b-o-m-b. bomb. that's a rather odd name. yes. and my first name is human. i am a human bomb. i'm sorry, i have other things to do now, so if you'll please excuse me-- just a moment, please.
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[gasps] why, you're crazy! go ahead. you may call anyone you wish. hello? send mr. kent in here quickly. he's out? well, send someone in here. anyone. if this is your idea of a joke, i don't think much of your sense of humor. believe me, it's no joke. hey, what's going on here? what's the idea? he says he's a human bomb, jim. you mean he's gonna explode? whether i do or not depends entirely on miss lane. or i'll poke you one! be careful, young man. if i press this, all of us will be blown to kingdom come. oh, who are you trying to kid? that stuff isn't dynamite. examine it. hmm. it looks real. all right, let's assume it is real. what do you want? money, i suppose. no, not money. at least, not from you. all i want is superman.
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you? and if i could, what do you want with him? just a small favor. jim, get mr. kent. no, wait. no, wait. get...get the chief. okay. and should i phone the police? by all means, jim. and shut the door as you go out, please. you'll go to jail for this, you know that. probably. but it should be worth it. do you mind if i sit down? you'd better not. as a matter of fact, this office may become a little crowded as soon as your young friend has given the alarm. and i don't like to be crowded. we're quite high, aren't we? we wouldn't be crowded out on that ledge, would we? well, it-- it might be a little windy. let's try it and find out. no! please, i can't stand heights. i get sick and dizzy. be careful, miss lane. the detonator.
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no answer at kent's apartment. he must be on his way over. gosh, i hope so. somebody's gotta do something! what do you mean, "somebody's gotta do something"? are you inferring that kent can do anything i can't do? golly no, mr. white. it's only that miss lane's in there with that nut and sometimes mr. kent can get in touch with superman. are you inferring that superman can do something i can't do? well, i guess maybe you're gonna fire me, chief, but let's face it, the answer is yes. guess you're right. let's go! are you trying to kid me? honest, chief, they were here. but they're not here now, are they? sam, where did lois go? man: didn't see her come out, boss. wow! lois, come in from there this minute!
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quick, get me police headquarters. deputy inspector hill. let's go inside where we can talk this thing over calmly. no. in fact, i think we'll move a few steps further on. we're just a trifle too close to that window. [screams] it's your high heels. man: watch out! he's got her up there on the ledge. superman there yet? nope. that's a real stick of dynamite if i ever saw one, mr. kent. did you ever see a real stick of dynamite, jim? well, no, but it sure looks real.
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doesn't mean a thing. clark, will you please do something? get superman. an excellent idea, mr. kent. by all means, get superman. you think i can turn superman on and off like a faucet? this has gone far enough. come in here, you two. not until superman arrives, mr. kent. chief... i never thought the daily planet would be guilty of a thing like this. what do you mean? the cheapest kind of publicity stunt. manufacturing headlines. but mr. kent, this is for real for sure. and risking the life not only of some stunt man, but that of lois too. well, if she's crazy enough to let you talk her into it-- kent, you're crazy if you think-- sure, i'm crazy if i let myself become a party to this kind of sensational journalism. but look, mr. kent! i don't want any part of it. i'm leaving! we could be here days waiting for superman to show up. i hardly think so. superman always seems to show up whenever you're in trouble.
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cigarette, miss lane? no, thanks. and i'd just as soon you didn't smoke either with all that dynamite. [???] superman! don't come any closer. how did you find out about this? it's hardly any secret. now, what is it you want? just your company for 30 minutes. he's crazy! this is some cheap publicity stunt. hardly. both the danger and the dynamite are real. if you have any doubts, you'll find a stick of it on miss lane's desk. chief, superman's here!
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that the dynamite? yes, this human bomb character gave it to jimmy to prove he wasn't faking. he isn't. it looks like dynamite, feels like dynamite and smells like dynamite. couldn't you take it to the police lab, inspector hill, and have it analyzed or something? look here, olsen. i guess if i say-- we'll soon find out. it's rigged with a detonating cap. jim, hand me the flash gun from that camera, will you, please? great caesar's ghost! you're not going to-- not in here, mr. white. thank you. golly! [boom] it is dynamite! he's all right. he's coming down. all right. what do you want? you're convinced my dynamite is real? just what is it you want? your company and your cooperation. you'll have to be more explicit. i want your cooperation for 30 minutes while i win a bet. a bet? yes. i've wagered $100,000
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which you, superman, are aware of and that you will do nothing to prevent. that guy is nuts! do you mean to tell me that you're actually risking not only your own life but that of miss lane as well just to win a bet? obviously you don't know me. i enjoy living dangerously. stay where you are! the robbery i spoke of will take place within 30 minutes at the metropolis museum. nothing of great value will be stolen. in any event, it will be returned. you will remain here and you will do nothing to prevent the robbery. is that clear? it may be clear to him, but it's not to me. please, inspec t him handle it. well, do we have a deal or don't we? what happens at the end of 30 minutes? i release miss lane. all right. all right what? you can go ahead with your robbery. where are you going? inside. it makes me nervous to see miss lane out here. it makes you nervous? i warn you, superman. don't leave. you'll see me. superman went into kent's office. come on.
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what are you gonna do with that thing? make a one-line recording. okay. now, the next time i speak to that character on the ledge, get it on the tape. butler: superman! superman? i want your assurance that you're staying there. no comment until the time limit is up. you mean you're just going to sit there and leave me out here? no comment until the time limit is up.
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play it back. would you mind telling us just what you're up to? mr. white, will you step in front of that window, please, and block their view for a minute? inspector, take off your coat, please. sit down. are you there, superman? no comment until the time limit is up. mr. white-- you sit there and don't move. where are you going? i'll be back in a few minutes. you're still there, i see. no comment until the time limit is up. better let me handle that thing. you're a cinch to botch it.
6:50 am
i turned the wrong switch. i wiped it off the tape! it's lucky he said it twice. it's on the tape again further back. i said it won't be much longer, huh, superman? no comment until the time limit is up. white: what are you doing? shh! it isn't there. the guy's a fake! what isn't there?
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hello, miriam? yeah, it's me, jim. look, miriam, i may not be able to keep that date tonight. no, maybe not tomorrow night either. maybe never. but, miriam, i wanted you to know that i, well-- golly, miriam-- you know what i mean! you do? well, goodbye, miriam. [???]
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over. [engine revs] come on, let's go. get going! something's wrong. well, put her in gear. i got her in gear! well, we ain't moving! the wheels are spinning, can't you hear them? l-l-look! superman! all right, boys. there's a police station right around the corner. the sarge will be very happy to give you both free room and board. just a few more minutes, superman. no comment until the time limit is up. how does it feel to be hogtied for once?
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keep right on sitting there, superman. i haven't taken my eyes off that window for a second. shh! get back! jim, for heaven's sake! i'm not gonna get back, and unless that phony gets himself and you inside the office pronto, i'm gonna whack him over the head with this niblick or whatever it is. i've warned you. go on, press the button. you know nothing's gonna happen. superman, you better get this young fool off my neck. no comment until the time limit is up. yeah, if i'm a young fool, you're an old one, because superman isn't even in there! we've got his voice on a tape recorder! jim, please! you're lying! mr. white, inspector hill, if superman's in there, tell him to come to the window. don't listen to that kid! olsen, get in here instantly or you're fired! i'm sorry, mr. white, but i can't let anybody push miss lane around. he double-crossed me. superman double-crossed me. please, you don't understand. i understand perfectly. now, take that handcuff off miss lane.
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go first. neither of you goes in until i've left. come on, miss lane. please. now i go, and don't anyone try to stop me. you're not going anywhere! i've warned you. go on, press that dopey button! you know nothing's gonna happen because that's phony dynamite. olsen, stay away from him! keep back! go on, why don't you try to blow me up? you-- you meddling fool! stupid fake! jim! [people gasping] somebody do something. he'll be killed! no! no, you might hit jim. ow!
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oh, thank heavens!
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golly, superman, any time i can ever do anything for you, just-- everything under control, inspector? fine, if you like this sort of work. jim, why did you go out there? gosh, i was only trying to save miss lane. and besides, i knew the dynamite that guy had strapped to him was phony. you knew it was phony? how, jim?
6:58 am
on it it was made by the apex powder company. but when i looked for the apex powder company in the phone book, it wasn't even listed. but the first stick did explode, remember? and the fact that a company isn't in the metropolis phone book doesn't mean that it isn't in some other city. ohh... hey, do you know who this crazy loon is? he's "bet-a-million" butler. he'll bet on anything. now it's my turn to blow up. [grunts] and we don't have to pamper him on the way. no matter what happened, jim, i want you to know i appreciate the risk you took for me. and i wouldn't be surprised if the paper could spare a little raise for you, providing you don't pull any more fool stunts. golly, thanks, chief, and thanks, miss lane. oh, it's you. i'm glad to see you've finally come to your senses and cut out that crazy publicity gag. yeah, some gag!
6:59 am
caught a big one too.
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? batman ? it is midnight and gotham city sleeps. but not everyone... for there is evil afoot in the gotham city art museum. [ cat meows ] what's that? who's there? meow!!!
7:01 am
i know it was valuable, but why would ey take only that and leave all those other magnificent treasures? i'm as puzzled as you are, commissioner. uh, oh, bonnie, come in, come in. the oddest-looking man left this for you, sir. he said it was important. odd-looking? in what way, bonnie? i'm just not sure, commissioner. he was as jumpy as a cat. thank you. thank you, bonnie. [ meows ] a kitten! ha! look, there's a bit of paper under his collar. yes, looks like a newspaper clipping. what do you make of it, o'hara? why, that's mark andrews, the multimillionaire -- owner of the stolen golden cat. and look, one of them has been crossed out. and those two cats are only a small part of his priceless collection. yes, one was on loan to the museum and the other is at the gotham city exposition.
7:02 am
you mean -- exactly -- the catwoman. i'm afraid this calls for more drastic methods. [ meowing ] it's actually quite rudimentary, dick. you just have to think 14 moves ahead, that's all. holy reshevsky! gosh, bruce, i think i'll just stick to latin crossword puzzles. [ clears throat ] yes, alfred? the phone, sir. i didn't hear the phone. oh, i, uh, i was just making a call, madam, and there was someone on the line for mr. wayne. oh, yes. that's happened to me, too. we'll finish our snack later, aunt harriet. [ chuckles ] yes, commissioner?
7:03 am
to the batpoles. [ up-tempo music plays ] ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na ?
7:04 am
[ tires screech ]
7:05 am
good thinking, commissioner. obviously, the catwoman would not be satisfied with only this. this is merely the first stitch in a large tapestry of crime. and the clipping? there's a great deal of hidden significance in the fact that just one of the cats is scratched out. gosh, i wish mark andrews was here. i'll bet he could give us some more info. man: and indeed i can. gordon: batman and robin, this is mark andrews. we called him to come down to headquarters. how do you do, mr. andrews? what a thrill this is, batman. nice meeting you, too, robin. this clipping indicates that there are two golden cats. yes, the second one is at the gotham city exposition. i wouldn't lend any one institution both cats at one time. insurance, you know. how long will it be on display at the exposition? until this evening. if catwoman is going to steal that one, she'll do it tonight. correct, robin. there's no time to lose. will you be wantin' any extra police protection? no, thank you, chief o'hara. i certainly don't mean to cast any aspersions
7:06 am
i think robin and i better go it alone. any large contingent of police officers might create unnecessary confusion. whatever you say, batman. i know it'll be safe with you on the job. let's go, robin. it just doesn't sound right. too easy, is it, robin? first the cat at the museum, then the cat at the exposition -- then -- then -- the rest of mark andrews' collection. holy trickery, you're right! but i don't understand why catwoman would tell us what she's planning. [ buzz ] robin, you haven't fastened your safety bat-belt. we're only going a couple of blocks. it won't be long until you're old enough to get a driver's license, robin. then you'll be able to drive the batmobile and other vehicles. remember -- motorist safety. gosh, batman, when you put it that way... man: meanwhile, in a quiet alley
7:07 am
an innocent place of business... or is it? what a beauty. i'll bet it's worth a small fortune. fat lot of good that does us. she stole it, but she won't sell it. yeah, i wonder why. we should get our cut. [ whip cracks ] yours is not to reason why. yours is to do as i tell you to, or you'll keep tasting my cat-o'-nine-tails. leo, did you get the books? yes, catwoman. i had to go all the way down to the main library, but i got every one of them. felix, what about the delivery? smooth as cream. made it without a hitch. good. i know that batman and robin will swallow the bait, and when they do, i'll be rid of that dynamic duo once and for all. others have tried, but failed. the catwoman is not like the others!
7:08 am
i will prevail! oh, joy, success, and revenge all wrapped up into one sweet package. sorry, catwoman. we didn't mean to step on your paws. hmm. don't do it again. now, where are the books? i'll get them for you, catwoman. each of you know what you have to do. so do it, and remember this -- once we get that other cat, the key to untold riches will be ours. yes, catwoman. [ chuckling ] [ laughs ] [ resumes chuckling ]
7:09 am
screech ] good afternoon, sir. trouble? the catwoman has unsheathed her claws again. will she never learn? while the atomic reactor is recharging the batmobile, please help robin with the auxiliary power channel. time is of the essence. all set on the auxiliary power channel. good. the solution is ready. increase the power to 17-triple-0 kw. power to 17,000 kw. that's it. all power off. robin: all power off.
7:10 am
ttach that high-pressure can to the outlet valve. there. that will neutralize the dangerous radioactivity and give us just the proper amount of emission for our purposes. may one inquire, sir, exactly what are your purposes? of course, alfred. it's a defense mechanism in case the catwoman eludes us tonight and decides to make off with her prize. you see, we spray this radioactive mist on an object, and then we can trace it on the batometer within a radius of 50 miles. remarkable. when dealing with powerful criminal elements, one can never be too well-prepared.
7:11 am
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batman, robin, this way, please. thank you, citizens. no need for you to wait in line. you're on official business, aren't you? i'd rather not say. there's no charge for you. go right in. no, i'd rather pay just like any other ordinary citizen. [ meows ] yes. leo: they're here. excellent. this place closes at 6:00. one of the guards told me that batman and robin will be in the great hall of culture from then on...alone. splendid. is everything okay? perrrfect. well, i for one just don't like it, that's all. i mean, dealing with batman and robin --
7:16 am
everything makes you nervous! well, i'd feel a lot better if i knew who he really was. the whole idea of a bat bothers me. that's exactly what i'd expect from you. [ meowing ] 5:30. just enough time for a catnap. felix, scram, and have the car parked catty-corner at exactly 11:00 sharp. right. there. now we'll be able to trace the radioactivity within a 50-mile radius. hmm. almost midnight. time to check the exits again. i'll do it. no, robin. you'd better let me do it this time. if you see or hear anything, let me know via the bat-communicator. i'll be back in 3 minutes and 20 seconds.
7:17 am
[ cat meows ] holy cats! a cat! [ screeches ] [ groaning ] help, batman. help. what is it, robin? answer me. awwww. poor little robin. did the itty-bitty kitty ruffle your feathers? [ humming "three blind mice" ] you feline devil! what have you done with robin?!
7:18 am
how are you?" [ hisses ] meow. teach him some manners, fellas! robin! old chum! come on, cats. let's get out of here. what happened? the cat -- easy now, robin.
7:19 am
designed to attack the central nervous system. the universal drug antidote pills will fix you up posthaste. did she get the cat? yes, robin. it's just as i planned it. now the catwoman herself will lead us to her lair and the recovery of both cats. [ rapidly beeping ] batman, the batometer is functioning perfectly. all we do is follow the blip, and we're on the trail. catwoman: of course i know they're on our trail. they wouldn't be batman and robin if they weren't. are we set to greet our two pigeons? oh, they're going to get a hello they'll never forget. good. just make sure nothing goes wrong. i wouldn't want to miss this opportunity. felix: we're ready whenever you are, catwoman. felix... yes, catwoman? you can brush my pussy willows before you leave. and don't go against the fur.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
this is it, robin. she's in that building. how could you be sure, batman? look up, robin. the sign over the door. gato and chat fur company. gato means cat in spanish. and chat means cat in french.
7:23 am
i'm you're up on your foreign languages, robin. they come in handy when fighting crime. si, si, batman, but what do we do now? there are no entrances and only one door. we'll use the bat-beam in the batmobile. why don't we just walk right in? because the door maybe booby-trapped. we won't take any chances if we use the bat-beam. stand by for bat-beam. [ whirring noise ] , we might have been killed. or worse. now, let's go. the door! seems it will be more difficult getting out of here than it was getting in. catwoman: good evening, batman and robin.
7:24 am
good evening, catwoman. it seems as if you were expecting us. i have a wonderful night planned for you, and it starts right now. where are we? you are deep in the inner cat-acombs of this building. this is the last room you will ever occupy. i've heard that song before, catwoman. st few bars are always the same -- the criminal is always behind them. this is my night to howl, batman, because tonight, you are the mice and i am the cat. the old cat-and-mouse game, is it? you have a wonderful way with words, batman. i couldn't have put it any better. how does it feel to be the quarry for a change? hmm? what's the matter? cat got your tongue?
7:25 am
all right, you've had your laugh, catwoman. now what do you intend to do with us? do? well... first i'm gonna give you two a few pointers. holy ice picks! what are we gonna do, batman? ticklish situation, isn't it, batman? hit the deck, robin. i'll get us out of this. ] these pointers are made of painted rubber, robin! [ laughs ] the old cat-and-mouse game. exactly.
7:26 am
meow! your sense of humor leaves me cold, catwoman. [ laughter ] felix. perhaps my next idea will warm you up, batman. it's quite interesting -- almost cat-aclysmic. evil is as evil does. [ screeches ] now, you have to admit that was funny, batman. your childish antics lead me to believe you're a kitten, not a cat. [ laughing ]
7:27 am
i'm bored with you, batman. the time has come to separate damon from pythias. the cat-alog is closed. say goodbye to each other. [ click ] wave bye-bye to robin. your little bird has flown. what have you done with him?! that's for me to know and you to find out. you feline devil! why don't you just admit i'm smarter than you are and let it go at that? there is more than one way to skin a cat, woman. you a betting man? i never gamble. well, this time you'll have to, because i now have a wager you must accept. the stakes are your life. you leave me no choice. ah, but i do, and that is the sum and substance of the bet. in front of you are two doors.
7:28 am
and the other? ahh, there's the rub. behind the other door is a ferocious, batman-eating tiger. so the odds are even. correct. if you pick the right door, i'm yours, batman. if you pick the wrong door, you're mine. so which is it, batman? the lady...or the tiger? the lady or the tiger? [ buzz ] [ roars ] will batman ever see robin alive again?
7:29 am
[ roars ] will our daring duo escape the claws of the wily catwoman? captions paid for by the u.s. department of education ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na ?
7:30 am
? batman ? man: so far we have seen -- a cat burglar strike. commissioner gordon get a gift. "x" mark the cat. catwoman bear her claws. batman and robin on guard. robin get it in the neck. saved by batman. open sesame. is this trip necessary? sharp tactics!
7:31 am
robin cat-apulted. the lady or the tiger? cat-astrophe! and now, after a moment's cat's paws, [pause] we'll continue. [ up-tempo music plays ] ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ?
7:32 am
7:33 am
you can't stay there forever, batman. your hands will lose their strength. not while i have a breath left! it's been a long time between bites for tinkerbell. you should take better care of him, catwoman. after all, pets are a responsibility. batman, it's been fun, but all good things must come to an end, and the goodest ending i can think of is yours.
7:34 am
it's a pity i can't stay and watch. but you know how i hate the sight of blood. t-t-f-n. and what's that supposed to mean? ta-ta for now. i'm off to pluck robin's feathers. [ click ] [ roaring continues ] calling on his fantastic storehouse of audio-engineering knowledge, batman nimbly reverses the polarity on his communicator then increases the audio modulation to about 20,000 decibels. knowing full well it will split the tiger's skull.
7:35 am
[ buzzing stops ] don't bother, robin. you wouldn't know how to get out of here even if you did get loose. just you wait, catwoman. batman will be here in a minute and you'll be sorry! he'll have to come a long way. we know what you're up to.
7:36 am
nt to steal mark andrews collection. well, it just won't work. the place is surrounded by police. thanks for that information, but that doesn't change my plans one bit. you're racing up the wrong alley. felix, leo, take robin down and clip his wings. [ tigers roaring ] did you weigh him? 132 pounds, 10 ounces. is that sand ready? all ready, catwoman.
7:37 am
perrrfect. to the pit with him. the sand. 132 pounds, 10 ounces exactly. catwoman! you are not a nice a person! [ laughs ] you must be curious, boy wonder, why this strange feeding method. i'm always interested in the workings of the criminal mind! my pets are orderly beasts and must be fed on time. so when enough sand runs out, dinner is served.
7:38 am
precious moments lost. there's only one possible way out. well... i have a pressing engagement elsewhere. my untrustworthy aids will take care of the details. felix, leo, i'll meet you two later. leo: right, catwoman. farewell, my lovely. give my best to batman when you see him at that great scratching post in the sky. meow! [ roaring continues ]
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
ve o'hara's men come pick them up. robin: batman, he's trying to escape! maybe we can still catch him. better still, let's investigate this lair.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
[ beeping ] yes. okay, charlie. okay. yes? oh, boy wonder. i just returned from a late session at the mayor's office. he wants action, fast. is there anything i can tell him? yes, commissioner.
7:46 am
chief o'hara can pick him up at the gato and chat warehouse at 2809 west 20th street. wonderful. tell me, is there any word on catwoman? she and her right-hand man leo made a clean getaway, but we found the cats in her office. does batman have any inkling of catwoman's whereabouts? no, sir. any word from the stakeout at the andrews' house? i'm in constant contact with them, but there's no sign of catwoman. nothing at the andrews' house. well, then the next move is up to us. tell the commissioner we'll be in touch. touch. over and out... and good luck. to all of us. [ sighs ] i don't understand why catmwoman would leave these behind, especially after going to such great lengths to steal them. perhaps she had another use for them. we'll find out when we examine them. besides, she really didn't leave them behind.
7:47 am
they've got to be the answer. we've tried everything-- the metal analyzer, the spectroscope-- both negative. no hidden compartments. i just don't understand it. look at the back of this cat, robin, what do you see? just some funny markings. why? look at the other one. well, some different markings. these cats are supposed to be identical. wait a moment... there's an obscure legend. these cats once belonged to the notorious pirate captain manx. isn't he the pirate who willed his treasure to the underprivileged children as a repayment for all the havoc he wreaked on the city's ships when it was first founded? mm. the unique thing about the legend is that they never recovered one gold doubloon.
7:48 am
we'll know as soon as i find the information here in the second volume of the "history of gotham city." what happened? where's felix? it's a long story. well, i don't have time for long stories. where are the cats? you did save the cats, didn't you? batman got them?! well, that does it. that's another fine mess you got us into, leo. all right, let's set up the batman reception now that batman's got the cats, he's bound to figure out their secret. put alternate-plan "b" into effect. great scott, i found it! and it's just as i remembered it! look here, robin. this is the shape of gotham city in those days. since then, a lot more land has been added.
7:49 am
holy geography, of course! that's the same markings we found when you put the two cats together. holy geography indeed, robin. without each other, these two cats are useless, but when put together, they form a map that will lead us right to the hidden treasure chest of pirate captain manx himself. gosh, batman. now, the question is, where is catwoman? hmm, well, if catwoman still had these cats in her possession, we'd have no trouble finding her. yes, you're absolutely correct. don't hold that cat so close to your face. some of the radioactive spray may rub off on you. right. i should've thought of that myself. batman? yes, robin. if someone were to hold these cats close enough and long enough, do you suppose some of the radioactivity might show up on the person? yes, quite possibly. well, catwoman was holding the cats, and...
7:50 am
[ rapidly beeping ] batman, the batometer's going crazy! of course. the cats are disturbing the calibrations. better put them in the lead-shielded compartment. there! there, batman. she's out in mcgilroy... there's only one road leading into that area. and if the catwoman knows we're coming, she'll be ready for us. better use the bat armor. let's go. [ jet engine turns over ] [ tires screech ]
7:51 am
good. i've got the spot in the cave marked. get the tools. at last -- the plunder of a dozen galleons -- diamonds, rubies, emeralds. never again to face deprivation. from now on -- pussy willows galore. i'm rich! and they thought we were after the mark andrews' collection. ha ha! they thought they were dealing with an ordinary cat burglar. here. fill this up. that chest is too clumsy. now there are just two of us left to share it. yeah...
7:52 am
just as i thought! she's mined the road with explosives! no wonder you had me put on that bat armor. gosh, you really think of everything, batman. [ hissing ] what's that? [ sighs ] although the bat armor protected our car, those land mines blew our tires. robin, turn on the automatic tire repair device. [ hissing ] [ batometer beeping ]
7:53 am
look at those footprints. [ sighs ] only one man has feet that big. there must be an opening somewhere near here. boy, i wonder what my end's gonna be. this. there's never enough for two.
7:54 am
don't! don't do it, catwoman! you'll never make that jump with what you're carrying! just watch me, batman. batman, help me! hang on, catwoman. when i throw the batrope, reach out and catch it. let go of the bag, catwoman. then you'll be able to catch the rope with your free hand. i can't let go of it. drop it, catwoman! otherwise you'll fall into that bottomless pit! nothing's worth that! i...can't...let...go! i...can't!
7:55 am
can you hear me?! catwoman! it's no use, robin. she probably went straight to the bottom. [ meowing ] why didn't she let go of the bag? didn't she know what would happen? greed is an overpowering emotion, robin. it sometimes dims all the senses, even that of self-preservation. that's what trips up all criminals. you think she might still be alive? a cat is supposed to have nine lives.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
bishop to queen six -- third level. this will take a m mute, bruce. i didn't figure on that move a aall. begging your pardon, master dick, but, um, a knight-takes-bishop's play might seem in order here. thank you, alfred. well, in that case, queen takes knight and... checkmate. i said shoo, you devil! oh, honestly! my goodness! bruce: what's wrong? it's this infernal cat! the little heathen stole the lobster i was preparing for your dinner! this cat is a thief! well, we're doing our best to rehabilitate it.
7:59 am
the cat comes from a broken home. [ sighs ] [ laughs ] [ meows ] master dick. captions paid for by the u.s. department of education ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman n ? batman ? ? batman ? atman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na ?
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