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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

6:30 pm at a time-- hand me those belts. and the bag. it's been too long. jim should have at least signaled by now. open communicator channel. [beep beep] what was that? what was what? that noise. i didn't hear anything. that noise. it's coming from one of these things. [beep beep] [beep beep] [whirring]
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stay right where you are. one emergency signal, sir. beam up immediately. only one signal. what happened? we'll know in a moment, doctor. [intercom whistles] kirk to enterprise.
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all right, but as you can see,
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spock: captain's log, stardate 3113.9. first officer spock recording. due to an unfortunate accident,
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your surprise package is an air police sergeant from the base. i want you to keep him in the transporter room. no use in letting him see more of the ship than is necessary. i don't believe there'll be trouble in that respect, captain. our guest seems quite satisfied to remain where he is. kirk out. what was the chronometer reading when we first sighted christopher's jet? 5:30 in that time zone-- maybe a little after. put it at the end of these tapes, will you?
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photo lab. let's see. that's it. that's all of them. signal mr. spock that we're almost ready to beam up. i'll make a check of the files just in case.
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all right. where's the other one? what other one? your partner. i saw you looking that way, and i saw somebody move in there. no, no, no. just me. besides, could anyone get out of here without your seeing them?
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your decision to beam up was quite correct, mr. sulu. [intercom whistles] scott: engine room to mr. spock. spock here. we've completed reenergizing the warp engines, sir. we can refire them anytime. do so now, engineer. we'll need all power to test our theory. aye, sir. engine room out. poor photography. blast your theories and observations, mr. spock. what about jim? he's down there alone, probably under arrest. he doesn't have a communicator, and we can't locate him or beam him back aboard without one. i am aware of that, doctor. this is the first officer.
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unicating. i want to know how you got in here. now, that's a simple question. give me a simple answer. nobody saw you. you got all the way inside here without tripping any alarm. how did you do it? believe me, colonel. you wouldn't believe me. don't try to be funny. how did you get in? i popped in out of thin air. you seem to think this is some kind of a game. no, colonel. i know it's no game. all right. what did you say your name was? for the fourth time, my name is james t. kirk. and how did you get inside a top security installation, james t. kirk?
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uh...colonel, would you mind being careful with that? that worries you a little, huh? what is that, a radio, transmitter of some kind? of some kind. you can be more specific than that, kirk. i don't like mysteries. if you don't stop being careless with that, then you'll have one-- a big one. i'll have it disassembled and examined. we are not dummies, mister. we know how to find out things we want to know. what is that? is that a uniform of some kind? this little thing? just something i slipped on. kirk, maybe you don't realize how serious this is. sabotage of a government installation-- did i sabotage something? no. we stopped you in time. but what would you have done if we hadn't found you?
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is that what you're here for, nothing at all? that's what would have happened if you hadn't interfered. all right, kirk. maybe this will make you laugh-- sabotage, espionage, unauthorized entry, burglary! how are those for starters? and i can think up lots more if you don't start talking. all right, colonel. the truth is, i'm a little green man from alpha centauri, a beautiful place. you ought to see it. i am going to lock you up for 200 years. that ought to be just about right. he's probably being held in security section. even if they've notified the authorities, it'll take a little time for someone to get there. quite logical, captain. can you give us the coordinates to beam down a landing party near those interrogation rooms? yes. but you're not going to get them
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i can't do that, captain. if something went wrong-- something's already gone wrong. of course, you could beam down anywhere inside that base, but it would take time to find him. mr. sulu, you and captain christopher will beam down with me. the captain will provide the coordinates for the transporter chief. shall i issue phasers? one for you, one for me. set them on heavy stun force. yes, sir. you don't trust me, spock. in fact, i do...
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energize. do they do that all the time? are you hungry? uh-huh. what would you like? chicken soup.
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just a minute, sir. hold it. [knock on door] see what that is, airman. don't you find that painful, captain? yes, i do. what's he doing here? he knew the exact beam down coordinates for this section of the base. it was necessary to bring him along. i see. well, no harm done. kirk: mr. sulu, did you have a chance to check out those tapes? mr. spock ran them through our computers.
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all they have is a mystery and no answers. mr. sulu, signal the transporter chief. four to beam up.
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don't be a fool. you know what's at stake. you bet i do-- my family. a son that isn't born yet. you don't have to return me now, captain. spock, come out of there. you can't explain your presence on the base. i told you, it's my duty to report everything i've seen. that's explanation enough. spock! you'll go home, christopher... but you'll do it our way. over my dead body. i suspected he might not wish to return with us. four to beam up, mr. sulu. yes, sir. captain's log, stardate 3114.1. we must make an attempt to break free of this time, or we and our reluctant passengers
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and a few facts. mr. scott and i both agree that the only possible solution is the slingshot effect, like the one that put us here. my computations indicate that if we fly toward the sun, seek out its magnetic attraction, then pull away at full power, the whiplash will propel us into another time warp. slingshot effects are fine for you people. how do you propose to return the sergeant and me? logically, as we move faster and faster toward the sun, we'll begin to move backward in time. we'll actually go back beyond yesterday, beyond the point when we first appeared in the sky. then, breaking free will shoot us forward in time, and we'll transport you back at a point before any of this happened. you won't have anything to remember because it never would have happened. what if you can't pull free of the sun? oh, we'll do that all right, captain. we'll not be getting so close
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we may not have much control when we're thrown forward again. helm control? braking control, sir. if i can't stop us soon enough, we may overshoot our time, and if i stop the engines suddenly, the strain may tear us apart. any way we do it, it means a mighty rough ride. well, gentlemen, we all have to take a chance-- especially if one is all you have. your stations. man on radio: affirmative. second man on radio: engineering to bridge. environmental control negative... engineering control, negative... ahead warp factor 3, mr. sulu.
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i never thought i'd make it into space. i was in line to be chosen for the space program, but i didn't qualify. take a good look around, captain. you made it here ahead of all of them. sir, our speed is increasing. we're traveling at more than warp 8. mr. spock. since we've passed mercury, the sun's pull on us has increased greatly. from here, we'll move even faster. and, captain, notice the chronometers. they've started backward. minute by minute, the speed of time passage will now increase. get your gear. report to the transporter room. and, captain christopher,
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approaching breakaway point. on the countdown. 10... 9...8... 7...6... 5...4... 3...2... now, mr. sulu. more power, mr. sulu.
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man on radio: ...point 5 here. can we confirm? gravity is down to point 8. we've broken free and heading back. gaining speed now, captain. we're now at warp 4. warp 7. 8. off the dial, sir. chronometer is moving forward again, captain. you have the chronometer reading and the coordinates to return captain christopher and the guard? computed. bridge to transporter room. captain christopher. this is christopher. we're coming up on earth fast, captain. are you ready? everything a-ok. uh, captain... thanks for the look ahead.
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20 minutes, sir. it'll be close. bridge to transporter room. prepare to energize. 10 minutes. 9... 8... 7... 6... 5...4... 3...2... energize. blackjack: you should be close enough bluejay 4. can you see it? what is it?
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blackjack, this is bluejay 4. i could have sworn there was some kind of ship, but... nothing could have moved that fast. we don't track mirages. mark it down as another ufo. bluejay 4 returning to base. out. approaching second beaming, captain. bridge to transporter room, prepare to energize. now. energize.
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approaching our century, captain. braking should begin... now. bridge to engineering. begin full braking power. pulling away from the sun weakened them, sir. they may blow apart if i reverse. no choice, mr. scott. aye, sir. 50 years to go. engines cutting back, sir. no decrease in speed. 40... never mind, mr. spock. the engines! engine room to bridge.
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ey're buckling! bridge! mr. scott is still with us. captain. starfleet control calling "enterprise." come in, "enterprise." open a channel, uhura. frequency open, sir. starfleet control, this is the "enterprise." computer: record ship arrival, dear. "enterprise," this is starfleet control. come in, please. starfleet control, repeating message. the "enterprise" is home.
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her son and a teacher. wral found out that the teacher is still teaching. should a teacher ever text a student about relationships, love. what about at all hours of the day and night? an upset mother of a middle school student contacted wral disgusted about a case she says crossed the line and slipped through the system. thank you for joining us. i'm deborah morgan. >> reporter: i'm david crabtree. monica laliberte got answers and action. >> reporter: the text messages number in the hundreds sent over roughly three months. they include talk of love, relationships.


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