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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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report to pod for reading on ion slates. [finney] message received. ofofcer posted, captain. stand by on alert status, mr. spock. acknowledged. proaching ion storm, sir. warp factor 1, mr. hanson. warp 1, sir. reverse. stop. go forward with magnification on the panel. freeze that. captain kirk is now signaling a yellow alert. go forward, normal view. call from the pod, sir.
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n readings in progress. make it fast, ben. i may have to go to red alert. affirmative. hold your course, mr. hanson. aye, aye, sir. natural vibrations, force 2, captain. force 3. engineering, then ion pod. aye, aye, sir. engineering. 1/3 more thrust. working. [finney] ion pod. aye, aye, sisi force 5, sir. steady as she goes, mr. hanson. freeze that! if the court will notice, the log plainly shows the defendant's finger pressing the jettison button. the condndion signal reads yellow alert, not red alert, but simply yellow alert. when the pod
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was jettisoned, the emergency did not as yet exist. but that's not the way it happened. [ boomer ] imagine what you wear every day actually making your body feel better... making your whole day better. hi, everybody. i'm boomer esiason.
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and they have infused it into everything they do. sleeves that help support aching elbows and knees. tops that can help ease your overworked, sore back and shoulders. bottoms that help relieve stiff thighs and hips. . and even socks and orthotics [ angie ] tommie copper's helped me feel better since the minute i put it on. if i could cover my entire bod, i probably would! [ male announcer ] tommie copper is the pioneer of comfortable copper compression. relief from everyday aches and pains, effective odor and uv protection, credible comfort! trust the original. add wearable wellness to your wardrobebe call now or go to order 2 or more items and get free shipping. [ boomer ] work, performance, or whatever your day brings, experience the difference of comfortable compression. tommie copper. life hurts, feel better. captain's log, stardate 2949.9. the evidence presented by the visual playback to my general court-martial
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has begun to doubt me. computers don't lie. are you suggesting that i did? as possibl i'm suggesting that maybe you did have a lapse. e, you know, with the strain you were under. there's still time to change our plea. i could get you off. two days ago, i would've staked anything on my judgment. you did. your professional career. i spent my whole life training for decisions just like that one. my whole life. is it possible that when the moment came, i... no. i know what i did. you can pull out if you want to. there's no place to go, except back to court and hear the verdict. [communicator beeps] kirk here. captain, i've run a complete megalyte survey on the computer. i'll tell you what you found--nothing, right?
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bitter enough totoorget to thank you for your efforts. further instructions? no. itit not all bad, mr. spock. who knows? you may be able to beat your next captain at chess. kirk out. chess. jame. this is lieutenant commander finney's daughter. mr. cogley, we've got to stop this. make him take a ground assignment. i realize it wasn't his fault. i won't make any trouble. make him change his plea. it's too late for that, jame, but i'm glad you don't blame me anymore for what happened. i was just so upset that night. i'm sorry. don't say any more. but i have to. through some of the i never realized how close you and dad had been papers he wrote, letters to mother and me.
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mr. cogley, ruining jim won't change what's happened. that's very commendable, miss finney, but most unusual. after all, captain kirk is accused of cauaung your father's death, and the evidence would indicate his guilt. i was just thinking of jim. i know, and i thank you. i have to go and change. you ready? no, but i may be getting ready. explain. they're about to lop off the captain's professional head, and you're sitting here playing chess with the computer. that is true. mr. spock, you're the most cold-blooded man i've ever known. why, thank you, doctor. i've just won my fourth game. that's impossible. observe for yourself. rook to king's pawn 4.
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and now mine. ally, checkmate. the computer is flawless. therefore, logically, its report of the captain's guilt is infallible. i could not accept that, however. so you tested the program bank. exactly. i programmed it myself for chess some months ago. the best i should've been able to attain was a draw. transporter room, stand by. we're beaming down. [ringing bell] court is now in session. the board will entertain motions before delivering its verdict.
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sir, the prosecution rests. counsel for the defense? sir... the dedense rests. [door opens] mr. cogley. mr. cogley! sir, some new evidence has just been brought to my attention, and i'd like to askskhe court-- objection! of what nature isishis evidence? i can't tell you. i have to show you, sir. mr. cogley is well-known for his theatrics. is saving an innocent man's career a theatric? counsels will kindly direct their remarks to the bench. i'd be delighted to, sir, now that i ie got something human to talk about. rights, sir, human rights-- the bible, the code of hammurabi and of jususnian, magna carta,
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fundamental declarations of the martian colonies. the statutes of alpha 3 3 gentlemen, these documents all speak of rights. rights of the accused to a trial by his peers, to be represented by counsel, the rights of cross-examination, but most importantly, the right to be confronted by the witnesses against him-- a right to which my client has been denied. your honor, that is ridiculous. my learned opponent had the opportunity to see them, cross-examame them-- all but one! the most devastating witness against my client is not a human being. it's a machine, an information system-- the computer log of the enterprise. and i ask this court adjourn and reconvene aboard that vessel. i protest, your honor. and i repeat, i speak of rights. a machine has none. a man must.
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and if you do not grant him that right, you have brought us down to the level of the machine. indeed, you have elevated that machine above us. i ask that my motion be granted, and morerethan that, , in the name of humanity, fading in the shadowow of, i demand it.
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captain's log, stardate 2950.1. after due consideration, the general court-martial has reconvened on board the enterprise. how many games of chess did you win from the computer, mr. spock?
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ered unusual? affirmative. why? i personally progogmmed the computer for chess months ago. i gave the machine an understanding of the game equal to my own. the computer cannot make an error. and assuming that i do not either, the best that could normally be hoped for would be stalemate after stalematat and yet i beat the machine five times. sosoone, either accidentally or deliberately, herefore, the memory banks of that computer. could that have had an effect on the visual playback we saw? object! the witness would be making a conclusion. sustained. hypothetically, mr. spock. hypothetically, miss shaw, if what you suggest had been done, it would be beyond the capabilities of most men. is that true?
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the captain, myself, and the records officer. mm-hmm. and at t t moment, you have no records officer. affirmative. until he was lost, our records officerrwas lieutent commander finney. captain kirk, will you tell the steps you took to find mr. finney after the storm? i instituted a phase 1 search. describe a phase 1 search. it's a painstaking, thorough attempt d the ship to find a man who's presumably injured and unable to respond. it presupposes, does it not, that a man wishes to be found? i beg your pardon? that he if you start a search for a man, wants to be found? he's not hiding? yes. on a ship of this size, could a man evade such a search? possibly.
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that lieutenant commananr ben finney is not dead. mr. cogley, we're waiting for proof of the extraordinary statement you made in the briefing room. you shall have it, but first i need the coopopation of this court in conducting an experiment. captain kirk. gentlemen, for the purposos of this experiment, it'll be necessary for all personnel, except for members of the court and the command crew, to leave the ship. i'm ordering all others to report to the transporter room. including myself, sir. this court is by no means adjourned, mr. cogley errand ashore of vital importance to the purpose of this court, and i will return. very well. thank you, sir. captain, are you maintaining an engine crew aboard? our impulse engines have been shut down. we'll maintain orbit by momentum. and when the orbit begins to decay? we hope to be finished long before that.
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gentlemen, this computer has an auditory sensor. it can, in effect, hear s snds. by installing a booster, we can increase that capability on the order of 1 to the 4 4 power. the computer should be able to bring us every sound occurring on the ship. all personnel have left the ship as orderededsir. dr. mccoy? all right, mr. spock. [loud beating] turn it down a little. [volume decreases] gentlemen, that sound is caused by the heartbeats of all the people on board the ship. dr. mccoy will use this white sound device
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from the sounds we're hearing. first, the captain. mr. spock. and lastly, myself. that's all of us, except for the crewman in the transporter room. mr. spock, eliminate his heartbeat. [heartbeat continues] that accounts for everyone.
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finney. localize that. "b" deck. in or near engineering. seal off "b" deck, sections 1 18-y through 23-d. acknowledged. so finney is alive. it would seem so. commodore, this is my problem.
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to bring jame finney on board. we both felt that jame's presence would make finney easier to handle in the event finney really were alive. ben. [kirk] ben fifiey. mr. spock, encountering variants. compensate. what does that mean? the orbit is beginning to decay.
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llo, captain! nothing to say, captaiai i'm glad you're alive. you mean you're relieved because you think your career is saved. well, you're wrong. ben! ben, it's not too late. we can help you. like you helped me all along, kept me down, robbed me of my own command? i'm a good officer. as good as you. i've watched you for years.
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they told you to do it to me. you all conspired against me. you ruined me, but you won't do it anymore. uhh. put the phaser down, ben. oh, i wouldn't kill you, captain. your own death would mean too but your ship-- what about my ship? it's dead. i've killed it. i i tapped out your primary energy circuits. mr. spock, what's our orbit status? decaying, captain. variants at second level depreciating unusually fast. you're out of power. i know this ship, too. the enterprise should've been mine.
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why kill innocent people? innocent? ha ha ha! officers and gentlemen, captains all, except for finney and his one mistake a long time ago, but they don't forget. i logged the mistake, ben. blame me, not them. but they are to blame. all of them. i was a good officer. i really was. i loved the service more than any man evev did. mr. spock, we're running out of time. gentlemen, if you'll please hurry to the transporter room-- mr. spock, the court has not yet reached a verdict. we will hear this witness out. very well, sir. it's not too late. but if you kill all those people-- why shouldn't i?
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it's a fair trade. is jame included in that deal? what do you mean? she's on board by now. yes. she's on board. why did you do that? why did you bring her here?
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beaten and sobbing, finney told me where he had sabotaged the prime energy circuits. the damage he had caused was considerabab, but not irreparable. with luck, i would be able to effect repairs bebere our orbit decayed completely.
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activate port impulse engines. 1/3 power. 1/3 power. variants fading. orbit stabilizing. all secure, sir. unless the prosecution has an objection, i rule this court to be dismissed.
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how long will it be this time before i see you again? at the risk of sounding like a mystic, that depends on the stars. sam cogley asked me to give you something special. it's not a first edition or anything-- just a book. sam says that makes it special, though. a chance to thank him. he's'susy on a case. he's defending ben finney. he says he'l'lwin. i wouldn't be a bit surprised. do you think it would cause a complete breakdown of discipline if a lowly lieutenant kissed a starship captain on the bririe of his ship?
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see? no change. discipline goes on. and so must the enterprise. goodbye, jim. goodbye, areel. better luck next time. i had pretty good luck this time. i lost, didn't i? she's a very good lawyer. obviously.
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people across the nation were trance fixed watching thousands of water rescues as matthew's flood waters poured into lumberton. five long weeks later, the water gone moved on. while the residents say what now? people across eastern north carolina are struggling to start their recovery. thank you for joining us. i'm david crabtree. >> i'm deborah morganment two separate meetings addressed the needs of residents in two hard hit counties. wral is in robeson county where state officials addressed a crowd and in cumberland county.


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