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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 16, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EST

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every scan reveals something new but as yet, little of relevance. seven... your family-- your h han family-- do you ever think about them? infrequently. i was only six years old when i was assimilated. not much older than naomi is now. do you miss your parents? i barely remember them. chakotay: rescue team alpha to seven of nine. we need that data. i will meet you at the transporter site. i adapted. ththchild naomi will adapt as well. borg wisdom.
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coffee, anyone? captain? no, thanks. i've had enough. one momo cup and i'll jump to warp. any news? i'm afraid not. no debris, no l le signs? we've got three teams beneath the surface and so far, nothing. well, so much for that happy ending. we'll turn that planetoid inside out if we have to but i think we have to be prepared for the worst. maybe it's time you u ld naomi. no, not yet. she's an astute girl. she must be aware that something's wrong by now. shshs been asking a lot of tough questions. "why hasn't her mother filed a status report?" "what if she's in trouble?" but i've got a big day planned for her tomorrow. plenty for distractions. she won't have time to be worried. your mission was to keep her occupied, not to lie to her. i want you to explain the situation. i don't think that's such a good idea. why not? like i told you, she's sensitive.
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with all due respect, captain, i'm her godfather. i know what's best for her. neelix... ( door opens ) ( door closes ) i realize you care about naomi and you are only trying to protect her but you've got to tell her the truth. "good morning, naomi. "would you like some papalla juicicwith your cereal? "and, oh, by the way your mother is buried under 30 kilotons of rock." neelix... when we know something for sure... when we find her mother, alive or dead... ( stammering ): i'll tell her then. not before. if you can't do it, i will. you don't have the right! you don't understand what's at stake here! when you were her age you were safe and sound on earth
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you take it from me---you would. i know. you must identify with naomi's situation. when my family was killed, i lost everything. i still have nightmares. it hasn't been easy. i don't want naomi to go through what i did. i ununrstand different. how so? naomi has you. neelix, she has to be told but i know she'll be better off having you hereeto help her thr. first thing in the morning. we've got a few hours until then.
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paris: ready, tuvok? ready. cross your fingers. ( sighing ) the magnetic relays have overloaded. we better find another way to polarize this hull or their sensors won't be able to pick us up. we're never getting out of here. ot give up hope. the probability of our being rescued is low but not statistically impossible. comforting. who's going to look a aer naomi? you should not concern yourself with that now. how can you say that? my youngest child has been without a father for four years yet i am certain of her well-being that i conveyed my values to her before leaving and i have confidence in the integrity
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you have been an exemplary mother to naomi and she is in the hands of people you trust. she will survive and prosper, no matter what becomes of us. thanks, tuvok. mom! neelix? computer, locate neelix. neelix is on the bridge.
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torres: strickler, we need three more phaser drills. you two, pattern enhancers and med kits. crewman: aye, sir. we're going to have to recalibrate thesesericorders. put us with the alpha team. crewman: setting coordinates. torreses energize. deck one, bridge. chakotay to voyager. we found what looks like a piece of the starboard nacelle. any sign of the shuttle itself? not yet. seven: captain, the cavern has collapsed ahahd of us.
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janeway: the yer? seven: i need to take a closer reading. janeway: do it. i want alpha and beta teams to search for survivors. tell sick bay to stand by for heavy casualties. naomi?
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naomi? computer, locate naomi wildman.
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clever. sume program "flotter, trevis and the ogre of fire." program ready. commander, i'm reading duranium alloys. i believe it i i the shuttle. approximately 80 meters beneath this rubble. life signs? none. o we cannot t am the crew out. maybe we can transport the entire ship to the shuttle bay. through 50 kilotons of benomite? chakotay to voyager. janeway here. we think we've found the shuttle but we need to dig it out. have all teams rendezvous at my coordinates. acknowledged. phaser drills here and here. but, hey, b'elanna, look on the bright side.
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and you'll never have to watch another chapter of captain proton again. warning: life support at critical levels. don't mind the computer. she's just jealous that i'm spending my last few minunus talking to you. so long. ( beepinin ) it's your turn. i... i h hen't thought what to say yet. tuvok, why don't you go next?
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computer, begin recording. encode message for delivery to naomi wildman. acknowledged. hihihoney. i know you're feeling sad right now but i want you to listen to me very carefully, okay? first of all, i love you. second, i want you to know that i'm proud of you how smart you are, how funny how kind you are to other people. and i know that you are going to grow up to do extraordinary things. last-- and i know this is a hard one-- try not to be scared. warning: oxygen depletion in ten minutes. listen to neelix.
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bye, honey. naomi? go away! where is she? she doesn't want to talk to you. you lied. i thought you vaporized. naomi re-liquefied me. now leave. computer, delete characters. unable to comply. holodeck controls have been encoded. delete us? i wonder if this liar can swim? we could always hang him from one of my branches. naomi. please let me talklko you. it's okay. you be nice.
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hey, there. is my mother dead? we don't know. what happened? the away team was trying to avoid an ion storm. they had to land on a planet. i saw that crater. something was burning. plasma fires, pieces of debris... but not the hull. until we know fofo sure what's happened no one's giving up on the rescue attempt. you really think they might find her? yes. how do i know
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i... i never told you this before... but when i was much younger i lost my mom in a terrible war... my father and my sisters, too. it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. always wondering how did they die? were they worried about me? i thought if i could just keep youourom wondering... you wouldn't have to feel what i did. you were pretending that nothing was wrong... that nothing bad happened. do you ever pretend that nothing bad happened to your family? sometimes. does it help? not really.
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janeway: all hands to emergency stations. we've got a level eight ion storm approaching. ion storm? what's that? the ogre of fire. he's attacking us again. we'd better get back to your quarters. flotter: nanai. don't leave us. i'll be back. i promise. voyager to chakotay. we've got another ion storm approaching. when it hits the planetoid your entire cavern is going to destabilize. just a few more meter and we'll be close enough to beam out the shuttle. how long before ththstorm hits? six minutes.
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the storm is moving in. shields down to 86%.
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we'll give them till the last second. helm, lay in a course out of here. stand by to engage at warp two. ( strumming fingers ) crewman: aye, sir. warning: oxygen depletion in two minutes. i never thought it would come down to this-- suffocating beneath kilotons of rock on some nameless planetoid. did you envision a more heroic death? i didn't envision dying at all. in accepting the inevitable one finds peace. if that's another vulcan saying, tuvok i'll stick with "live long and prosper." ( faint drilling sounds ) we're here. we're here! chakotay to voyager. yes, commander. pattern enhancers are in place. we're ready to transport the flyer.
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helm, engage. thank you. captain's log, supplemental. from her injurie s and the delta flyer, though battered, is intact. flotter: and how are you today, mr. trevis? trevis: feeling a little stiff, my slippery friend. and you? flotter: now that you mention it, i'm feeling a little washed out. well, it's about time you showed up. the tea is gettiti cold. samantha?
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you're all grown up. i'm an ensign now. i missed you. likewise. now that everyone's reacquainted i bet you're all eager for a new adventure. now that you mention it there is a castle that i've been meaning to explore. castle? i hear a giant beetle lives there. come on, neelix. you go ahead. see you later. janeway: here's to happy endings. captain! just checking on my future captain's assistant. oh, sounds like a dangerous mission. she can handle it. she's a courageous girl. oh... did i ever tell you about the time i flooded this entire forest? i was six years old. flotter claimed we were in for a dry spell so i came up with the obvious solution. why not just divert the river? this entire forest was a swamp by the time we were done.
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janeway: the biggest mosquito you have ever seen. it was so big. ( neelix laughing ) [captioning sponsored by paramount television and upn
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boy: where no man has gone before. dr. cochrane would be proud of you. i know the whole speech by heart. when's it going to be ready to fly? let the paint dry first. no, i meanyourship. not for awhile. it's not even built yet. you know that. how big will it be? pretty big. bibier than ambassador pointy's ship? his name is soval and he's been very helpful and i told you not to call him thatatjonathan. well, billy cook said we'd be flying at warp five by now if the vulcans hadn't kept things from us. well, they have their reasons.
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drop your weapon. i mean it! roqnuh, pagh qoh! mang juh! i don't understand a word you're saying but i guarantee you i know how to use this. hich ghah! qagh doq! ? it's been a long road
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ong time ? but my time is finally near ? and i will see my dream come alive at last ? ? i will touch the sky ? and they're not gonna hold me down no more ? ? no, they're not gonna change my mindnd? ? 'cause i've got faith of the heart ? ? i'm going where my heart will take me ? ? i've got faith to believe ? i can do anything ? i've got strength of the soul ? ? no one's gonna bend or b bak me ? ? i can reach any star ? i've got faith ?i've got, i've got?
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? faith of the heart. captioning sponsored by paramount telelesion
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the ventral plating team says they'll be done in about three days. be sure they match the color to the nacelle housings. planning to o t on the hull and pose for some postcards? maybe. god, she's beautiful. and fast.. warp 4.5 next thursday. e and back in six minutes. let's take a look at the lateral sensor array. give me a sec. slow down. there. those are the ports that buckled during the last test. they need to be reinforced.
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sorry. (communications beep) orbital six. man: captain archer, sir. go ahead. admiral forrest needs you at starfleet medical right away. who was chasing him? we don't know. they were incinerated in the methane explosion and the farmer's description was vague at best. how did they get here? what kind of ship? y. we're still analyzing our sensor logs. i'd like to see those logs. the klingons madadit very clear they wantus to expedite this. it happened on our soil. that's irrelevant. ambassador, with all due respect we have a right to know what's going on here. you will be apprised of all pertinent information. and just who gets to decide what's pertinent information? admiral.
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i think you know everyone. not everyone. it's a klingot. a klingon. where'd he come from? oklahoma. . a corn farmer named moore says it was self-defense. fortunately, soval and i have maintained close cocoact with kronos since the incident occurred. kronos? it's the klingons' homemerld. a courier. evidently, he was carrying crucial informatatn back to his people. when he was nearly killed by your farmer. ambassador soval thinks it would be best if we push off your launch until we've cleared this up. well, isn't that a surprise. you'd think they would have come up with something a little more imaginative this time. sarcasm aside, captain, the last thing your people need is to make an enemy of the klingon empire.
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ely be facing a squadron of warbirds by the end of the week. corpse? is he dead? excuse me. is this man dead? his auaunomic system was disrupted by the blast but his redundant neural function... is he going to die? not necessarily. let me get this straight. you're going to disconnect this man from life-support live. now, where's the logic in that? klangs culture finds honor in death, if they saw him like this h hd be disgraced. they're a warrior race, they dream of dying in battle if you understood the complexities of interstellar diplomacy so thats your diplomatic solution? to do what they tell you pull the p pg? your metaphor is crude... but accurate. we may be crude, but we're not murdrders. you're not going to let them do this, are you?
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mmediately. admiral? we m m need to defer to their judgment. we've been deferring to their judgment for a hundred years. john... how much longer? until you've proven you're ready. ready to what? to look beyond your provincial attitudes and your volatile nature. volatile? you have no idea how much i'm restraining myself from knocking you on your ass. these klingons, they're anxious to get their man back. ship ready to go in three days. we'll take him back home... alive. this is no time to be imposing your ethical beliefs. dan? what about your crew? your com officer's in brazil. you haven't selected a medical officer yet. three days-- that's all i need. admiral?
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ambasador this seems as good a time as any to get started listen to me you're making a mistake! when your logic doesn't work you raise your voice? you've been on earth too long i had a feeling their r proach wouldn't sit too well with you
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i heard this platform's been approved for bio-trtrsport. i presume you mean fruits and vegetables. i mean armory officece and helmsmen. i don't think i'm quite ready to have my molecules comprprsed into a data stream. they claim it's sasa. do they, indeed? well, i certainly hope the captain doesn't plan don't worry. from what i'm told he won't even put his dog g rough this thing. (sighs) this is ridiculous. i ask for plasma coils and they send me a case of valve sealant. there's no chance i can have these weapons on-line in three days. we're just taking a sick man back to his homeworld. why do we need weapons? didn't you read the profile report on these klingons? apparently
1:16 am
tucker will reassure me that my equipment will be here tomorrow.w. (with southern accent): "keep your shirt on, lieutenant." is it me, or does the artificial gravity sese a bit heavy? feels all right. earth sea level. my father always kept it at point eight g. thought it put a little spring in his step. after being raraed on cargo ships it must have felt like you had lead in your boots when you got to earth. beautiful. lock it off right there. i believe you missed a spot. commander tucker, ensign travis mayweather.. he just arrived. our "space boomer." how fast have you gotten her? warp four.
1:17 am
think you can handle it? 4.5? pardon me but if i don't realign the deflector the first grain of space dust we come across will blow a hole through this ship the size of your fist. keep your shirt on, lieutenant. your equipment will here in the morning. ghlungit !tak nekleet. students: ghlungit !tak nekleet. ghlungit !tak nekleet. ghlungit !tak nekleet. carlos... ltrunghi !krqltt! ltrunghi !krqltt! (trills "r", clicks tongue): !krqltt! !krqltt! tighten the back of your tongue. !krqltt! !krqltt! !krqltt! keep trying; you've almost got it. i'll be right back.
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it's impossible for me to leave now. you've got to have someone who can cover for you. if there was anyone else who can do what i do you wouldn't be so eager to have me on your spaceship. hoshi. i'm sorry, captain, i owe it to these kids. i could order you. i'm on leave from starfleet, remember? you would have to forcibly recall me which would require a reprimand which would disqualify me from serving on an active vessel. i need s seone with your ear. and you'll have her... in three weeks. poq volcha vay du bogh q'apla! wh-what's that? klingon. ambassador soval gave us a sampling of their linguistic database. i thought you said the vulcans were opposed to this. they are but we agreed to make a few compromises. so'wi chu'lu'ta sonchly yem surgh... what do you know about these klingons? not much.
1:19 am
constructed on an adaptive syntax. turn it up. ...blmohqu k'ntah... think of it. you'd be the first human to talk to these people. do you really want someone else to do it? since when do we have vulcan science officers? since we needed their starcharts so we get a few maps and they get to put a spy on our ship? admiral forrest says we should think of her more as a chaperere. i thought the whole point of this was to get away from the vulcans. four days there and four days back... then she's gone. in the meantime we're to extend her every courtesy. i don't know... i'd be more comfortable with porthos on the bridge. (door chimes) here we go.
1:20 am
sferred to your command at 0800 hours. reporting for duty. (sniffing) is there a problem? no, sir. oh, i forgot. vulcan females have a heightened sense of smell. i hope porthos isn't too offensive to you. i've been trained to tolerate offensive situations. i took a shower this morning. how about you, captain? i'm sorry. this is commander charles tucker iii. sub-commander t'pol. trip. i'm called trip. i'll try to remember that. while you may not share our enthusiasm about this mission i expect you to fofoow our rules. what's said in this room and out on that bridge is privileged information. i don't want every word i say
1:21 am
my reason for r ing here is not espionage. my superiors simply asked me to assist you. your superiors don't think we can flush a toilet without one of you to assist us. i didn't request this assignment, captain and you can be certain that when this mission's over i'll be as pleased to leave this ship as you'll be to have me go. (whimpering) if there's nothing else... that'll be all. when zefram cochrane made his legendary warp flight 90 years ago and drew the attention of our new friends the vulcans, we realized that we weren't alone in the galaxy. today, we are about to cross a new threshold. for nearly a century we've waded ankle deep in the ocean of space.
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(applause) the warp five engine wouldn't be a reality without men like dr. cochrane and henry archer who worked so hard to develop it. so it's only fitting that henry's son, jonathan archer will command the first starship powered by that engine. (applause) rather than quoting dr. cochrane i think we should listen to his own words from the dedication ceremony for the warp five complex 32 years ago. on this site, a powerful engine will be built an engine that will someday help us to travel a hundredd .
1:23 am
at our fingertips and we'll be able to explore those strarae new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations. this engine will let us go boldly where no man has gone before. take her out, mr. mayweather.
1:24 am
archer: hohowe doing, trip? ready when you are. prepare for warp. course laid d , sir. request permission to get underway. the coordinates are off by .2 degrees. thank you. let's go. (pre-echoing): where's klaang? (pre-echoing): the humans have him. did you lose anyone else? two of my soldiers were killed. one of them was a friend. can you u event it?
1:25 am
recover the evidence. i will, i promise you. when will we speak again?
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love what you've done with the place. those are immunocytic gel worms. try not to shake them. what'd you think of earth? intriguing. i especially liked the chinese food. have you ever tried it? i lived in san francisco all my life. ah. anatomically, you humans are somewhat simplistic but what you lack biologically you make up for with your charming optimism.
1:30 am
be very careful with that. (animal chittering) what's in there? an altarian marsupial. (chittering) their droppings contain the greatest concentration of regenerative enzymes fofod anywhere. their droppings? if you're going to try to embrace new worlds you must try to embrace new ideas. that's why the vulcans initiated the interspecies medical exchange. there's a lot to be learned. i'm sorry to take you away from your program please, no apologies. what better time to study human beings than when they're under pressure? it's a rare opportunity, and your klingon friend-- i've never had the chance to examine a living one before. ensign mayweather tells me that we'll be to kronos in about 80 hours. any chance he'll be conscious by then? there's a chance he'll be conscious within the next ten minutes... just not a very good one.
1:31 am
he doesn't stand much of a chance. i'll do the best i c c. optimism, captain! you're upside down, ensign. yes, sir. care to explain why? every ship's got one. sweet spot? it's usually about halfway between the grav-generator of the hatch. and the bow plate. no, no, no, on either side. now push off. push off. wow.
1:32 am
it takes practice. you ever slept in zero g? slept? it's just like being back in the womb. the captain tells me you've been to trillius prime. it took fourth, fifth, and sixth grades to get there. i've also been to draylax and both the teneebian moons. nothing there but dust-dwelling ticks. i've heard the women on draylax have... three. yeah, it's true. you know that firsthand? firsthand, secondhand, thirdhand. i guess growing up a boomer has its advantages. (chuckling) grand canyon? no.
1:33 am
one of my assignments. hmm... all work and no play... everybody should get out for a little fun now and then. all our recreational needs are provided at the compound. (door chimes) come in. you should have started without me. sit down. t'pol tells me she's been living at the vulcan compound in sausalito. no kidding. i lived a few blocks from there when i first joined starfleet. great parties at the vulcan compound. (chuckling) it might be a little easier using your fingers. vulcans don't touch food with their hands. can't wait to see you tackle the spareribib don't worry. we know you're a vegetarian. looks delicious.
1:34 am
of course, sirir you humans claim to be enlightened yet you still consume the flesh of animals. grandma taught me never judge a species by their eating habits. enlightened might be too strong a word but if you'd been on earth 50 years ago i think you'd be impressed bybyhat we've gotten done. you have yet to embrace either patience or logic. you remama impulsive carnivores. yeah. what about war, disease, hunger? pretty much wiped thememut in less than two generations. it remains to be seen whether humanity will revert to its baser instincts. well, we used to havavcannibals on earth. who knows how far we'll revert? lucky this isn't a long mission. human instinct is pretty strong. you can't expect us to change overnight. with proper discipline...
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warp 4.3, sir. not much of a change. i don't know-- does anybody else feel that? feel what? those vibrations like little tremors? you're imagining it. bring us to 4-4, ensign. there, what do you call that? the deflector's sequencing. it's perfectly normal.


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