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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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?? >> here's adventure. here's romance. here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west--
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>> how about it, m m wharton? we let them foreign spies get in range and then blast their dirty heads off? >> no, panamint. important to risk a fight. you know that. we've got to lose them and get word to washington. >> well, i guess you're right. but it sure tankers my hide not to let old betsy giviv'em
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here's where we split up, mr. wharton. >> what for? >> welel i'll tell you. i've been expecting trouble and i thought of an old trick to throw them varmints off our trail. >> well, good luck, panamint.
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>> take this message to-- art, leave us. well, mission accomplished? >> sorry, sir, but we lost them. >> you stupid fools! >> we d action, not excuses. when did you lose them? >> a aut three hours ago, sir. >> then there's still time. at all costs, wharton must not be allowed to report his discovery. otherwise, it'll seriously jeopardize the plans of our people. he no doubt is returning to fargo. you take the other men and go there. meanwhile, i'll make certain that he can't send word out. thenen'll join you. >> yes, sir.
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send this to our agents in wagon wheel and junction city: imperative... that fargo be cut off from a a communication. >> telegraph line still out, eh, diane? >> it's worse than that, mr. wharton. every line within a hundred miles. i'm sure those spies are responsible. except for the stage, fargo is cut off from the rest of the country. >> and i can't risk sending word of my discover by mail. evevy stage leaving here is certain to be held up. >> what are you going to do? >> there's only one thing left to do. try and contact the authorities myself. >> you can't do that. they're probably watching the street. they'll kill you.
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let me go instead. i know how important this is to our government. i'll get through. you know i will. >> you're a very courageous girl, my dear. >> then you'll let me go? >> and lose the best secretary i've ever had? no, diane, it's out of the question. i might be sending you to your death. >> oh, fiddle. i'm not afraid. besides, they wouldn't shoot at a woman. >> oh, wouldn't t ey? you don't know the enemy like i do, diane. they're ruthless. no, this is my job. pack my saddleleags, will you, please? (whistling) pretty pancho, pretty pancho. (speaking gibberish)
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(groaning) (laughing) hijo, la tiene doblada! i'm stuck like a mouse in a rat trap! cisco, cisco! >> wait a minute. let me take it off. hold still. this will teach you to keep your fingers out of cracker barrel. >> this is no laughing matter. what you think i am, mousie? >> yes. >> then why don't you put some crackers with the cheese? >> next time i will. a whole pound of ce. and also a bigger trap. >> takes all kind of people to make the world. sometimes i'm glad i'm not one of t tm. >> cisco, look out! >> that must be the one--
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let me go, you let me go! >> stop struggling, miss. i'm not going to hurt you. what's the meaning of this? >> hey, cisco, why this man try to kill us? >> that's a lie. you tried to kill him. >> hear what she say, cisco? you wouldn't have any selfless stories. >> diane. it's my fault.t. aimed rifle out of window. they're not foreign agents. >> try not to talk anymore, mister. >> miss, get me some clean bandages and some water. pancho, give me a hand with him. ?? >omehow they learned i discovered this vast deposit of tungsten and they're trying to prevent my getting word of it to washington. >> they tried to kill him, too. and they cut every telegraph line for miles around. >> sound of this tungsten, it must be vervaluable, no? >> it is, pancho.
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we've been importing it, mainly, but with this deposit of tungsten i've discovered, our country will soon be independent of any outside sources of supply. that's why i've got to contact the authorities. >> but you're in no condition to travel. pancho and i will get word through for you. >> but it may mean your death. >> we can't live forever. besides, this is our country, too. if it's good enough to live in, it's good enough to fight for, right, pancho? >> s?. you know, one thing my papa always told me when i was a little boy-- "keep two things in "your heart, pancho. your god and your country." >> and to which i say amen. >> i'm going along with them, mr. wharton. >> but, diane-- >> don't give me any arguments. if i don't go, who's going to decode the message? i coded it in music. >> is this the only way? >> i'm afraid it is. >> then she'll have to come along. better let me adjust this sling a little higher, mr. wharton. you're going to need youarm. ?? >> well? >> there's a window at the top of the stairs that opens up
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from there. >> go ahead, jerry. we'll cover you from here. you know what to do. >> okay, dan. ?? >> does that feel better? >> yes, thank you. >> let me raise it just a little higher. ?? >> t c >> pancho, you keep your eyes on mr. wharton. >> pancho is the best shooter in the whole world and always i must play nursery maid
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>> you catch them, cisco? >> no, they all got away, pancho. >> next time, cisco, you play nurse maid and let pancho ca'e >> how is your arm? >> not too bad. >> well, we can't leave you here. it isn't safe. >> i can still use my left hand, cicio. >> just the same, we're taking you to doc holliday and you're staying there until we get back. let's s ve the date on the deposit. >> it's here in my boot. >> to whom do we deliver this? >> george arnold, federal agent in austin. he'll see that it gets
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>> well, did you get him? >> sorry, sir, but two strangers interfered and we-- >> and you didn't get t m. blunderhead! who were the strangers? >> i don't know, sir, but i saw them and whartonon secretary taking the austin road. >> the austin road, huh? where's dan? >> i don't know, sir. >> what do you know? town, but i'm not sure. >> well, get back to town and make sure. >> yes, sir. >> send this to our agent in austin: believe wharton's secretary and two friends proceeding to austin. intercept them and hold in cabin on timber line and then advise me.
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>> cisco, it looks like the wagon is loose from the wheel. >> that man and woman probably need help. let's give them a hand, pancho. i see you're having some trouble. cawe give you a hand? >> you sure can,se?ors. me and my wife. get your hands up quick! ?? >> well, i'll be a gee whiz. that lady ain't no woman. >> get theiriruns. >> what is the meaning of this? >> wharton's secretary, huh? how do you do? >> oh, so that's it, huh? >> exactly. >> why did you take off the dress? you look better in it. >> hold it!
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go on, get up there. what are you waiting for? get in. >> i will if you help me. my pants are a little tight. >> why, you low-down goggle-eyed-- >> please,se?or, it was an accident. pancho can't help if one of his feet is bigger than his other feet.t. >> use one of the horses and get word to the chief while we take them to the cabin. all right, let's get going. >> you're comfortable, i hope. >> ah, yes, comfortable. just like a rat in a trap.
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i'm smoking? >> i don't know, but it smells like rope. >> you won't feel so chipper when the chief gets here and that won't be long now. >> see, it's all your fault, stupid. now we'll never get the chance to spend that money mr. wharton paid us. >> all my fault. cisco, if i don't got no more brains than you, i'd shoot myself. >> you should have done that a long time ago. >> cisco, you talk too much with a big mouth. you better look out. >> shut up. where's that money you just mentioned? >> why should i tell you? >> because, my friend, if you don't, i might decide to kiou >> all right, pancho. if you say so. it's hidden in the lining of my right boot. now, if you'll untie me-- >> i know your tricks. i'll untie your legs and i'll take the boot off. just as you like. ??
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>> diane, turn around. let me cut the rope off of your wrists. here. take the knife and cut mine. good. >> help, fellas, help! >> don't make a move. diane, get their guns while i untie pancho. >> what you gonna do, ciscsc wait for the big chief and catch him? >> no, pancho. there is no telling how many men he will have with him. besides, it's more important we get to austin. >> how are we going to get there without horses, cisco? >e'll take their wagon. diane, get that sheet of music from the table.
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?? >> hey, cisco, quick. >> help her up. >> hey,le (shouting) >> get me out of here. >> you blockheads. let them get away, huh? >> they tricked us, but they won't get very far.
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come on, fellas. >> andalyou horses! (shouting indistinctly)wh you want them to catch me and kill cisco and the girl? why do you say i put some chili con carnein your oats? hi-yah,andale! (shouting indistinctly) (gunshot firing)
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>> take cover, pancho! (gunshots firing) >> cisco, they are coming closer and i don't got too many bullets left. how can we get mixed up in a thing like this? >> the same as we always do,
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>> i think we better change rocks. this one is getting all full of holes. >> i've got a better idea. diane, you just keep on shooting. pancho, come with me. >> cisco, what are you gonna do? >> turn the wagon around d
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>> get up, mister! this is the end of the tungsten trail for you.
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>> well, hlo. >> mr. wharton! >> i didn't expect you back so soon. >> what are you doing here? i thought i told you to stay at doc holliday's
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me to stay cooped up there all this time, did you? after all-- >> after all, you might have been killed by those spies. >> but i wasn't. so suppose you quit scolding and tell me what happened. >> all is well, mr. wharton. the most important thingngas to deliver the information to mr. arnold and that was done. >> cisco and pancho delivered to mr. arnrnd the foreign spy who tried to kill you. >> no! >> s?! we trick them, they trick us, we trick them again and pancho is full of tricks. didn't i never told yoyohow we "catched" them from the w, didn't i? well, no, well, then i will. look, we turned the wagon around like this, see, and then the wagon, it rolls down the hill faster and faster, see? and pancho gets ready to jump and faster and faster he goes and my heart is beating, my feet is pounding, and thth pancho jump like this. (laughing) who-- who pushed over the wagon over? >> oh, pancho.
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(laughing) ?? >> goodbye, amigos! >> see you soon! ha! ??
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woah. mind if i make a short stop? is somebody sick? no, ms. hawkins had a baby two, three weeks ago. oh yeah? b b or girl. dunno! wasn't asked to be present at the birth. just want to seeeeow she is. yeah, i've got plenty of time. (mumbles) materially speaking, hoby none of these people can a aord me, but fortunately i can afford them. (knocking)
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hoby, you a pretty good hand with a shovel? well, i haven't had too much practice recently. well, you got a chance to get some now. three people in there need burying. now take it easy. relax. it's not in your department. who's department is it? it'd be kind of hard to say, what i m mn is... nobody killed them. i need your help but you don't have to give it. t inside that house you've got a real good chance of dying to. what killed 'em? typhoid fever.
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starring robert culp well, i'm not very good at it but i'll do the best i can. earth to earth, ashes to ashes dust to dust, in sure and sudden hope of the resurrection into eternal life.
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dr. calhoun? why, good evening annabelle. it's about mrs. turner, doctor. what about it? she's been ailing lately- rheumatism. i made it a point to stop in and see what i could do for her and the children well, that's mighty nice of you annabelle i can't cucu rheumatism she's real sick now and the children too. they, uh, been running a high temperature? i don't know, mrs. turner met me at the door. mr. turner wasn't home so she asked me to see if i could get in touch with you. well, uh, thanks annabelle. you go on home now and i'll take care of it. well i... i just thought you oughta know. -good night, doctor. -good night.
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what do you think, doc? wait a minute, wait a minute, just a turn... let's wait until we see mrs. turner. elly? adam? well, hoby, what are you doing here? elly is sick, so are the kids. the doc's with them now. why, hello adam. what's wrong with them, doc? well, how sick are they? adam, uh, listen to me. your wife is r rl sick. she has typhoid fever. so do the children. wait a minute adam, you can't go up there. -let go of me! -adam! adam! adam, i don't want to hurt you but the doc is going to have his say.
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i haveven extra bunk at my place if you'd like to stay there. well, somebody will have to stay here and take care of them. i'll arrange for that. -i can stay. -no, hoby. there's something else i'd like you to do, i iyou will. i'd like you to round up all the people in porter who've ever had typhoid. they'll be immune. don't say that we've got it here. just sayayhat i got word of an outbreak east of here and been asked to round up some volunteer nurses. they'll find me here. goes for you too, adam. r now. you can't keep it t secret, doc. you see smoke you expect fire. it's a little better than waking up in a burning house. where would it come from, doc? where would elly and the kids get it? did your wife ever k kw a family named hawkins? live out here a few miles. not that i know of, why? hoby and i just buried them.
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hoby made a canvas of the town asking for help. these people were friends or acquaintances of long standing and yet they became mute and angry and closed their doors on him when he stated his errand. hoby had known fear and seen fear in others many times but this was his first experience with the beginnings of panic. there were a few exceptions. yes, mr. gilman, i've had typhoid. when i was a little girl. well, i know it's asking an awful lot, ma'am help he can get badly. he'd like to talk to you over at the school house. of course.
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but i'll be right over. "death lies at the bottom of a cup and everyone who lives must drink it up" are you talking to me, doc? no, no, not necessarily, hoby. how do you feel, boy? tired. how many volunteers showed up? an even dozen. that'll be enough. at the moment. tomorrow or the next day, who knows? well, uh...
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oh, he's down at the buckhorn, taking on a little cargo. under the circumstances, i guess he's entitled to it. you know, i'm kind of out of the habit of digging graves. think i'll just turn in if you haha- you beat me to the draw, doc, by about that much. hmm. i have some blisters myself. well, good night. excuse me. we like the business, adam, but uh... don't you think you should go home? home? can't go home. sure you can go home. i'll even go along with you. you think i'm getting liquored up? you've been working pretty hard at it. that ain't the reason why i can't go home. well, what's the reason then?
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if they're sick you should be right there taking care of them. promised i wouldn't tell. we're all friends of yours, you can tell us. sure, yeah. you're all my friends. take my advice and get out of town before you catch it too. we'll catch what? what are you talking about? what elly and my kids have got.
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in spite of everything, the fever spread.
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in spite of emergency rules against public gatherings, men congregated on the streets forming comittees. talking endlessly of ways to stop the plague. hoby hadn't seen a bed for seven days. he stalked the streets, a gaunt figure on a thankless journey, constantly searching for the source of the infection that was threatening to kill a town. you can't come in, tom. can't come in my own house? no, tom. we're quarantined. the children are sick, but they're all right they're all right. i couldn't stand it if you got sick too. we need some groceries.
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not. who says i'm not? dr. calhoun and mr. gilman. well, we've had about enouou of them and their rules. and nothing done about the sickness. tom! that water is as pure as an angel's undershirt. and we're late, doc. i've brought you samples from every source of water i could find. and milk from every cow. you say there's no bugs and it can't be carried on the wind. we're up against it. how do you feel, hoby? oh, i'm all right. i've got a little headache and i'm tired, but otherwise i'm all right. well that's fine. those ararthe first symptoms.
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open up. you know, there's a critical percentage in every epidemic. once you exceed that point, there's no way of stopping it. we're awful close to that point now. that's why we have no time. you leave that in there, put that back. you know, it's a frightening though town might die because of one person what are you trying to say, doc? hoby, there's a typhoid carrier in porter. now wait a minute! maybe most of you never saw a plague before but i have. and i'm m rning you, if something isn't done
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of us. now, we know who started it and we know whose spreading it. citizens of this town i am calling on you to do the only thing you can do to protect your live and the lives ofofour loved ones. all right, now. i'm putting it to the vote. are you withthe or are you against me? (crowd cheering) someone's called a meeting. i did. you didn't read about judge henry passing a rulelebout no public gatherings? i read it. i'm gonna have to take you in that law won't standup in court. that may be but it's not going to keep you out of jail.
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i've known you for a long time, tom. so, i'll forget it. now maybe you'd like to tell me what's the matter? yoyore the reason my kids are sick. i am? i am? we know where it started. the hawkins. and you buried them. that's what you do with dead people, isn't it? we took a vote... you're guilty. of what? spreading the fever. u one hour to get out of town. well, what about doc calhoun? he was with me. he'll still be with you. he's leaving too. i'll go if yououant me to 'cause i'm not much good to you now anyway but if you get rid of the doc you'll be signing your own death warrant. that's for us to say. we already said.
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mr. gilman. as a matter of record, i iant you to know i'm not on that committee. well, i thought you might be at the head of it. maybe some other time. thank you. don't mention it. depends on the doc. if you leave, this town will blow sky high. looks like it's going to blow anyway no matter what i pick. doc? doc, c'mon, wake up.
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proceed. the good citizens of porter have decided that you and me are responsible fofothis whole mess and we've got an hour to get out of town. the fools. idiots. how do you suppose they came to that conclusion? well, the hawkins' died of typhoid and we buried the hahains' it's just as simple as that. thanks. i don't suppose it occurred to anybody to ask how the hawkins family got it? well, are you leaving hoby? not unless you are. what would you do if you were in my shoes? well, i don't know doc. i... might... run out. that's what theyeyeserve. i admit the temptation. but at the risk of becoming a martyr to medical science i,i,h... i think i'll stay.
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where you going? break up a meeting. oh, no! the more they talk, the more panicky they become. you think that's good for our side? it better be. hoby, there's some coffee in the back. put some on the stove, makeeyou. i've got some more looking to do. hey, folks! almost time. just five more minutes. how we doing, dodo we're about out of time. let 'em come, hoby. we're ready now.
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(crowd yelling) well, the company's arrived. all right, comomon out! we know you're in there! quiet! dr. calhoun's got something he wants to say. t to hear any speech. we've given you time to get out. now we're tired of waiting. i'm tired too. you're already long overdue for jail. you wouldn't shoot me down in cold blood, gilman. no, i wouldn't shootota. mr. gilman. step to one side, mr. gilman. this scatter gun carries quite a bit of territory
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community i've had the pleasure of knowing dr. calhoun. he's treated most of you some time or another and he's brought many of your children into the world. and i'll lay odds that most of you owe him some money. and now you wantnto throw him out of town. you make me sick to my stomach. go ahead, doc. say what you want to say. (crowd angrily murmuring g to lynyn me, i don't suppose there's any way i can prevent it. but beforereou do, i want to say one thing. you've got a typhoid carrier among you. you don't know who it is. you may not even know until you're sick or maybe even dead. but i know. who is it? tell us who it is, doc. you want me to tell so you can kill again? no.
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you're bluffing. no, i'm not bluffing. i can prove what i say. take a look around you. look at your neighbor. now, if you still want to lynch me, go right ahead. but remember- i am the only one who knows how the fever got to porter. kill me and you will never know. now, if you've changed your minds, you can go on home.
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me to go home. i thought they would. don't you think it's about time you told me who it is? i suppose so. i had to be sure. well are you? now? i happened to remember a case of a typhoid carrrrr. it happened in the east several years ago i didn't pay any particular attention to it at the time. then when we couldn't find the cause of the fever here so i started checking the medical journals. and what'd you find? i think that's your answer now. come in, annabelle. i've been expecting you. i want to talk to you, doctor. that's all right, he all ready knows.
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your real name is winten. annabebee winten, isn't it? yeah. quite a record. 17 deaths directly attributed to you in boston. 21 in baltimore. those are lies. all lies. i never killed those people. yes. yes you did. just as surely as if you shot them with a gun. you were twice arrested and released that would enable you to pass on to others the typhoid germs you carry constantly. violated those conditions countless times. one occasion being when you delievered the hawkins baby. hoby, let her know theheegal technicalities, but i suggest you return this woman to the east.
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it's time to go nono hoby gilman carried out the doctor's w whes. annabelle winten was returned to boston where she was cocoined for the rest of her natural life
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