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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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can i help you? diane russell, i need to speak to you. angela, this is not diane's cup of tea. we want these male cops involved. i'm gonna try not to take that too personally, peaches. know our feelings towards you. but look at that face. angela's gonna be a dead ho unless we get a strong male presence involved. i guess strong would leave you out? - so, who hit you, angela? - god, you are such a doll.
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morning, boss. diane. i hope you got those lemon-fillll. don't touch me. i'll s sve, you explain, and do not go easy on that person. all right. i've been thinking about having theheperation, and i decided that i would. and then i decided that i didn't want to 'cause i knew this girl. last year she went and had it, but they didn't properly complete the steps. she got infected and complicated, and she almost died. so, angela, this guy who hit you, or maybe is looking to do worse, he wants you to have this operation? that is a detective. [ clears throat ] broke bad when you changed your mind? to do it right, you gotta go to europe, but he don't want to know. [ peaches ] now he's saying he's gonna cut her throat. [ angela ] i don't think he means it. i saw that man look k you with murder in his eyes. i got an idea. how 'bout you put a name to this guy, you sign a complaint, and we'll go out and we'll arrest him?
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i never said arrest. - [ peaches ] arrest is too strong. you guys gotta go out there and shake him up. can you smack him? - i don't want him smacked. - girl, look what he did to you! give up the name or take a walk, angela. you gotta put him in jail? you give up a name and d s usual places, and then we decide what we do. do you realize what this morning is gonna be like? [ softly ] i know. you can come with us on this. i think it needs a strong male presence. [ sighs, coughs ] - [ sobs ] - - t her head on the notebook. here, lift your head there, angela. - jimmy cortez. - puerto rican muscleman. won't accept a person for herself or his own nature neither. you should have your own talk show, peaches. your case would require a long conversation.
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what happened to the pastry array? ah, some complainants don't like to leave with empty pockets. [ sighs ] like a swarm of locusts went through. if you all have a second, i'd like to show you something lillian asked me to show you. what do you got, boss? um, a variety of products, um, um, vitamins, hair care--
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well, it-it's not amway, but it's a similar principle. i could, uh, definitely use a vitamin supplement, and that's a reasonable price. yeah. yeah. she said the products are excellent and the prices are very reasonable. nice hairbrush. now, there is absolutely no obligation to buy anything, thing is not to your satisfaction, - you get a full refund. - i use this shampoo. absolutelylyo obligation. we need to talk to someone about a robbery. greg. james? detectives medavoy and martinez will help you. those are samples, i'm gonna put those away. - is that jill kirkendall? - can i help you, folks? would you be more comfortable talking with detective kirkendall? - would that be possible? - um, jill? - diane? they know jill, so-- - hey! - she and diane can work the complaint. - [ medavoy ] sure.
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oh, marshall, you remember jill. - you're a detective nowow - yeah. excuse me. diane, could i work this interview alone? i'm gettin' thrown off cases left and right. [ chuckles ] this way. this does not belong here. [ paper bag rustling ] come on in, folks. lucy always liked jill. fine. please. you didn't answer when i asked how lucy was doing.
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it was after her divorce that things started going bad. that's when the stealing started. she was an addict before that, and that's why her marriage ended. as far as the stealing goes, it was mostly little things. going into my purse. more embarrassing than anything. so, lucinda was living with you after the divorce? oh, she still comes over, of course-- she comes over after we threw her out, and last night she stole from us again-- and this is ththend of it. which was a law school graduation present from my father. in terms of the criminin aspects, their value to us is largely sentimental. - lucy still using drugs? - oh, she's been in programs-- she's using drugs, yes. my daughter is a thief and a drug addict. that sums it up. and you're here to press charges.
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is that something that would satisfy you? and maybe if lucy went back in a program? not another damned country club! if you'd list the items and, uh, where i can find lucy. [ pen scratching paper ] - [ woman on intercom ] wrong apartment. - [ door buzzing ] jimmy cortez? jimmy? [ sighs ] ah-- moron broad don't write the apartment down? i like that you call her a woman. i take 'em as i find 'em. try not to look between their legs.
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- see that right there? tell me your name. - jimmy cortez. jimmy cortez. all right, jimmy, let's go talk in the hallway, here, huh? what, so you can kick my ass, no witnesses? you want to talk to me, let's talk right here. all right, your call. you datin' a person named angela? what, that bitch made a complaint on me? huh? - she came complaining on me? - tends to happen when you smack 'em in the face. look, i didn't know that was a man. okay, you see her? how you supposed to know? hehe jimmy. no one is jammin' you up for confusing her sex, okay? smacking her in the head's what aroused the concern. what's going on? now everybody's got to know about this. you're worried about the wrong thing here, jimmy. nobody wants to do a lot of paperwork on you, but you lay hands on this angela again, and you're gonna get collared and brought in. - what'd she do for you? - oh, yeah, yeah. yeah, that's right, jimmy. yeah.
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t a xxx. you got that? all right. ifife agree you're not a xxx, are you gonna stay away from angela? she's deep inside me, man. what the hell are we doing? come on, you're coming inside. nah, nah. i'll stay away, man. square business on this. you don't want to be hurtin' her. even if somebody else hurts her, we're coming after you. - i got ya. i'll stay away. - hmm?
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- how much? - lucy? [ baby crying ] oh, my god! jill kirkendall! what are you doing here? i-i'm such a jerk, i-i thought you were chinese food. uh, i'm such a slob. [ laughs ] my god, you look-- you look fantastic! thanks. how're you doing, lucy? geez, i haven't seen you since high school. you know, i-i think it was. [ gasps ] so, what's happened in the last 20 years? oh, uh, marriage, uh, two kids-- divorce-- men. that entire gender is defective.
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uh-oh. [ chuckles ] well, i hope this is just a social call. i'm really glad to see you again, but your parents filed a complaint about some things that were taken from their apartment. well, that's a new line of attack. usually they send shrinks, ex-nuns-- did you take those things, lucy? you know, i'd ask for a lawyer, but my parents would have to hire him. you using? it must be the super's. [ laughing ] look, um, truth is, thisisuy i hang with, he's cute but trouble. what can i say? you know those models that look like junkies? guess what. they are! hey, who's this?
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left me about two weeks before she was born. she's up in darien. my parents decided that i was unfit, and gave her to my cousin frank. did you fight it? please, you try fighting my father. t to see her some, when i can hold on to train fare for more than a day. so, this stuff you stole, you ststl have it? what, my dad give you an earful about the mont blanc? you know, he's got parkinson's disease. he feels like the world let him down. it allllands on me. how many times i had to listen n how my gramps just made it out of the vineyard for dad's graduating yale law, - giving him thahastupid pen. - they want that stuff back, - or you could get locked up, lucy. - [ sighs ] god. - i sold that stuff last night. - on the street? pawnbroker. should we go talk to him, see if we can work this ouou
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- typhoid mary. - i'd like to see your police book. - in reference to what? - juju show me the book. how many ways you gonna jam someone up? well, i didn't see her landing by parachute. i don't see entries for jewelry and a mont blanc pen sold by miss hastings. well, i-i got behind in my paperwork. - have you still got those things, mr. babxxxx? - yeah, i got them. - and nonspecific urethritis. - all right, you know what? i'm gonna wait outside. - lucy! - yeah, maybe while we're gettin' this done, she could turn a half-and-half in the alley. just show me the jewelry and the pen, and keep your mouth shut. "we don't need no party hats.
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- is that the stuff? - yeah, that's the stuff. if you'll release this property, the owners will come back to compensate you by the end of the business day. . plus, she don't come in here no more. yeah, i'm dying to spend some more time in here. oh, this ain't the worst place you're gonna spend time in, you lousy junkie whore. shut up! another r tisfied customer. hi, gina. hey. what's that, hand lotion? yeah. i'm getting hand lotion, vitamins, kitchenwares, and maybe these mints. easy, you're gonna go through your whole paycheck. - this is what i've selelted, lieutenant. - sure you need all that, gina? - aren't these good products? - well, my wife says they definitely are. i'm really just buying nececsities, lieutenant.
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d that go with, uh, angela's boyfriend? - tremendously productive. - there's nothing more we could do about it. there's, uh, half a chance it still could come up wrong. [ sighs ] the d.a.'d never move on a complaint. - yeah. - hmm. so, how's engagement life? [ chuckles ] you're gonna laugh, but it does feel different. it is different. feels great. wish i could tell people. puputhe boss in a bad position. [ sighs ] i keep thinking we could, um, tell andy. - oh, yeah, with a megaphone. - uh-- one by one he'd tell people, and in complete confididce.
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- nothing. - nothing, andy. this really sucks. you know, you really got to put me through this, jill? i mean, i saw scared straight, i saw all of the public service ads-- let's talk in here. all right. have a seat. it's just, i really gotta take off, jill. sit. - so what, are you gonna throw me in jail? - might come to that. [ sniffs ] i mean, i just really gotta go meet some people. - meaning you've gotta get high. - oh, i gotta go, so that means i'm gonna score drugs, right? you need to get into a program, lucy. that's the condition
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i want to take you over there. just look! look! sisidown! jill, it's ju-- you made your point. here's my address and phone number. i'm not passing you off. either i take you to that program, or you're a collar. boy, i'm really, really glad we got back in touchchjill. diane, pross d.o.a., 4th and "d."
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he/she pross, hacked up pretty good. oh, son of a bitch. [ gasps ] there was another hooker here screaming, but she ran away. - someone tacked it to a pole. - yeah, wewel run that. what the hell's the point? it's gonna be the boyfriend. let's go pick the stupid bastard up.
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detective medavoy's called in sick? said he had a bad upset stomach. let me call him up. come in like storm troopers to a man's place of work? up all night, plus we're storm troopers? looked to me like you came in pretty voluntarily there, mr. drury. to avoid humiliation. next time when you get a polite request on the phone, you'll think twice about not hanging up.
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oh, morning. yeah, we got this guy in. someone put his license plate number up where the prostitutu got murdered. so, you're looking at him as a witness or the perp? well, maybe a trick. he could've sese something. we still gotta like the boyfriend for doing her. yeah, and he's in the wind. we sat on his place all night. we're also looking for the black pross who used to hang around with the d.o.a. - morning, lieu. - yeah. um, did you happen to speak with greg? yeah, he's got some kind of stomach difficulty. lieu, i'm gonna talk to this guy. problem? mm-hmm. he didn't say, one way or another. yeah, okay. hey, gina. hey, jameses hmm. not one damn bit of concern for damage to a person's s putation? - we're still on this interesting subject. - [ simone ] what is that? is that an uneasy conscience there, mr. drury, reading so much into your coworker's reactions? how 'bout if your wife knew we were talkiki to you?
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before going home from work yesterday? an alley off of 4th and "d." - you people are scum. - no one is looking to embarrass you here, all right? we are investigating a murder, and we're trying to get you to cooperate. i have nothing to do with that. a murder.r. we figure that's absolutely possible, so why don't you stop your xxxxing and moaning how everyone's infringing your good name, tell us what you know, so my partner and me can do a little freshening up. this can be kept from my employer and my family? [ sighs ] okay. we got into the car-- wait. wait. back up. what? you picked her up on the street? just in that immediate vicinity. and she asked if i wanted to go to a h hel, and i didn't have time, so we went into the alley. she was just starting to undo my trousers-- you'd paid her? forty dollars. and before anything else could happen,


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