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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captain's log, stardate 50049.3. we're conducting a mineral survey on torga four an uninhabited planet in the gamma quadrant believed to contain vast deposits of cormaline. our mission is to determine the fefeibility of establishing a mining operation on the planet's surface. hey,y,uniz. at do you think of this? it's class-five pyroclastic debris and ash. same morphology we've seen all the way upupsir. how many times do i have to tell you to stop calling me sir? i'm not an officer. you know more than they do. i wouldn't go that far. but i do know more than you so listen to me while i try and teach you somethining. this morphology is not exactly the same. these deposits are more highly eroded. so?
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i just thought i'd point that out to you. i thought maybe you just stopped to catch your breath. me, out of breath? i was climbing mountains in ireland before you were born. you mean "hills," don't you? they have gently sloping hills in ireland. no mountains. but what do i know? after all, you're the mountain man... an old mountain man. you're due for a transfer. how does waste extraction sound? how's it going, chief? fine, sir. we finished the survey of the south slope. what do you think, old man? is this place worth mining? absolutely. the cormaline is only a few hundred meters below the surface and if my readings are correct it's one of the richest veins i've ever seen. mr. worf?
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makes it difficult to maintain adequate supply lines, but not impossible. hoya to captain sisko. go ahead. sir, our sensors have detected a ship dropping out of warp. what kind of ship? i'm not sure, sir. i can't get a good reading. plasmamaeaks from its warp nacelles are disrupting our sensors but whatever it is, it's fallen into the gravitational p pl of the planet. it should enter the atmosphere near your position. sir, the ship withstood the impact. ors? i can't determine that. we're having trouble penetrating the hull with our sensors. beam us directly to the crash site. a warship.
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no hull breach. the only damage i could find was a crushed guidance thruster if that's what it is. captain, i think we have an access point. i'll be right t ere. so, my young friend what do you think we're looking at? ( chuckling ) an airlock? a maintenance hatch? maybe, but this is a warship and on a warship you want a big access point
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for you yet, muniz. can you open it, chief? i think so. mr. worf, take the point.
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these men didndn die in the crash. they've been dead for hours. what killed them? massive osteonecrosis. sounds like inertial damper failure. the ship accelerated and people were thrown into the bulkheads. nobody was alive when this ship hit the planet but it survived the impact. whoever designed this baby knew what they were doing. no viewscreen, no chairs... no e.p.s. conduits. no microfusion initiators. no power converters--
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won't be easy. i can't even determine if it has a warp driri. i wonder if this is what all jem'hadar ships are like? the bigger question is: what's a jem'hadar ship doing way out here? we're at least three weeks away from the nearest dominion outpost. captain, there are 29 other bodies. no survivors. can we use the runabout's tractor beam to haul this thing into orbit? this is the greatest intelligence find in ten years. we can't leave it here to rust. h a runabout. then we need something with a little more mususe. we'll let the major be the judge of that. what i'm saying is if you're going to prosecute me i demand that you prosecute my co-conspirator. i'm not a conspirator. what would you call yourself, doctor? an idiot-- ( mumbling ): i'll buy that. for asking your help in the first place. what's going on here?
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without an import permit. he asked for them! the spiders were for you, major. i can synthesize a drug from their venom which should improve your circulation. but i didn't know i needed a permit. so what's the problem? fill out the paperwork. it's not that simple. it seems that quark took the opportunity to import illegal regalian liquid crystals along with the fleaspiders. the crystals are a highly intoxicating and sometimes dangerous aphrodisiac. i don't have time for this. i just spoke with captain sisko. they found a crashed jem'hadar ship. they need the defiant right away. i'll be back in about a week. when do we leave? i'm leaving right away. i'd say you have some legal problems to work out. gentlemen...
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if i can shake it loose by firing theheain thrusters hauling it out will be a lot easier. there's a problem.m... to fire the main thrusters i need to calibrate the plasma injectors. so far, i can't get a grip on ththion regulator. want to try a hyper-spanner above the matrix? it might open it up a bit. oh... maybe we won't send you captain... we buried the bodies on the other side of that ridge. the dna readings-- 42 jem'hadar. one vorta. hoya to captain sisko. go ahead. a jem'hadar warship just dropped out of warp. break orbit and get out. they've locked phasers. hard to port!
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liberty stands with you?. liberty mutual insurance. ( screams ) inside! we don't stand a chance in the open. we may not be safe in here.
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why do they not come? give them time. watch our backs, commander. we're moving to the command center. can you walk? faster than you can. let me take a look at this. i'm all right, captain. i've had worse transporter burns. where's the medkit? t'lor had it. i don't need it, sir. i'll be all right. we have to stop the bleeding. i'll take care of that. ( groans ) transpororr burn. "i'm all right, captain." always kissing up to the officers
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you're my hero. ( cloth rips ) hey! i have to get to the wound. but this is my best uniform. it's the only one that fits right. don't worry. when we get back we'll have garak make you a new one. how long till the defiant gets here? two and a half days. don't worry, jefe. i'll get you through this. i feel better already. we've onlylyot one portable generator. the rest are at base camp. looks like you need a new bandage, enrique. ah. thanks, chief. i'll take it from here, commamaer.
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stop bleeding before i run out of clothes. i'll do the best i can. what do you make of this, old man? my guess, it's some kind of virtual sensory display. the jem'hadar equivalent of our viewscreen? there are only two headsets. one for the vorta and one for the jem'hadar first. guess they're the e ly ones who get to see what's going on outside. i'm the vorta in charge of the jem'hadar troops surrounding you. if you touch the triangular green panel on any of the control consoles you'll be able to speak to me. they know your name. they always seem to be one step ahead of us. this is captain sisko.
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i heard there were some casualties among your crew and i feared you may have been one of them. thank you for your concern. what do you want? to talk. i think it would be in everyone's best interest if you and i met face-to-face and discussed the situation like reasonable people. i can be reasonable. so i've heard. i'll meet you on the hull. one escort each. agreed? agreed. your photograph doesn't do you justice. you're quite striking in person. look, i'm a little busy so let's skip the flattery. weyoun's report on you was right. you are direct. i like that. so, let me cut to the chase.
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was your ship. now it's mine. oh. captain, i'm... i'm a little disappointed. that's the attitude of a thief not a starfleet captain with a reputation for integrity. this is clearly our property. what gives you any claim to it? an old legal tradition-- salvage rights. we found a wrecked ship and a dead crew and we found it first. a very interesting position. but i'm afafid the dominion doesn't recognize that... tradition. what may be even more to the point we have you completely surrounded and outnumbered. would you like something to eat, captain?
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these are q'lavas-- a a rsonal favorite. they're not poisonous, if that's what you're thinking. nonoto you, anyway. teaching jake to be this suspicious, benjamin. or do you prefer ben? "captain" will be fine. i'm sure it's my fault that we seem unable to establish an understanding between us, captain. i'm sorry i'm not more experienced in these matters. this is my first mission outside the dominion and my very first dealing with anyone from the federation. i know you have no reason to trust me but i hope you'll at least try
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i'm listening. if you'll leave our ship i'll take you and your crew back to your space station-- unharmed. our accommodations may not be lavish but i promise you'll all be well cared for especially your wounded. if you think i'm going to deliver my people into your hands without a fight then this really must be your first mission. ptain's doing. any chance you can get this thing working? not right away. i'm still trying to get the main power grid on-line. ( indistinct sound )
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that wasn't there before. you sure? positive. it's some kind of sensor device. whatever it is, it doesn't look friendly. captain. they're in the ship. i knew it. you've been goldbricking all along. like i said, you taught me everything i know. whatever this sensor was supposed to do it did it and then shut down. probably a surveillance device. to find out how many of us there are...
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n't think so. they seem to knonoall that already. it doesn't make sense. if he had a rifle, o'brien and i would be dead but all he had was a knife. and why send only one jem'hadar? ( sighs ): there's something about this ship, something so important that they won't risk destroying it in a full-on assault. if that is true then we must find out what it is. is make a structural scan of the ship. make our own blueprints. get started. ( groaning ) i'm leaking like a ruptured plasma conduit aren't i, sir? it's not that bad. you'rereying. what makes you say that? i called you "sir" and you didn't even flinch. i must be dying. now you listen to me, quique. you're not dying unless i say you're dying
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how are you doing, muniz? we seem to have a difference of opinion on that one, sir but i would like to file a complaint. the nurses around here are all thumbs you watch it or i'll tighten thth bandage like a tourniquet. and as for bedside manner certainly prettier ones. you keep moving around, you won't need any nurse. listen to the chief, muniz. i'm worried about him, captain. i can't stop the bleeding.
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they must leave some kind of anticoagulant. he's not going to make it. none of us will make it if we don't get this ship opererional. i need to get the power grid functioning and the aft turret weapon on-line. you're the only one who can do that. i'll take care of muniz. captain... you have your orders. chief... structurally, a lot about this ship'p'design matches the other jem'hadar warships we've seen. but there are significant differences. there are many systems that we are completely unfamiliar with. i can start to restore power to the systems one at a time. that'll give us a chance to test them and establish their functions but it's going to take awhile.
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i wish i knew. you can dodot, chief. i don't think a ship's been invented that you can't figure out. muniz is strong. he'll make it. no. he will not. he will not see tomorrow. you keep that to yourself. i don't want him to heararhat kind of talk. it does no good to shield him from the truth. let him prepare for death. the hell i will. his only hope is to keep fighting. if he gives up, it's over. it was over the moment he was shot by the jem'hadar. now, you listen to me. that boy's life is in our hands and i won't let anybody give up on him. worf, what do you say we go look at that ion exchange matrix we found? and on the way maybe we can discuss some of the finer points of diplomacy.
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captain, you're annoyed with me. i understand. you feel betrayed, and with good reason but i really think we should talk. if it will make you feel any better i'll come unarmed and without an escort but i won't hold you to the same restrictions. if you have something to say, say it. sending the jem'hadar into the ship was a mistake i trust no one was hurt but what choice did i have? just like you have to protect the lives of your men i have to protect our... property. but i do hope we can put that behind us and move on. move on to what? i'm sure it's obvious by now there's something in the ship we want.
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you can keep the ship. how about this? you tell me what it is you want and i'll bring it out to you. i'm afraid i can't do that. don't you trust me? i'd like to, captain but i can't. not under these circumstances. there's simply... too much at stake for us. we've got a lot at stake too. i won't risk the lives of my crew. well, it seems we're approaching an impasse. we've already arrived. how unfortunate. the negotiations have ended. ( high-pitched whine )
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