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( quark yelling ) ( grunting ) ( groaning ) ( screaming ) dax: quark. ( yelling ) movas ah-kee rustak! worf: kosh tomah. kosh tomoh. i mean, totoh ehpaq lukara kaveir. ish-tovee chuch thling nuq? besh... besh-opar gree urch... ( yells ) besh... opar gee urchun omah te... te...
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you say the words but there is no feeling behind them. no passion. having to learn all this klingonese isn'n'helping my performance. do not think of it as a performance. believe in where you are. put yourself in this place, in this time-- a thousand years ago, the dawn of the empire. 500 warriors stormed the great hall at qam-chee. the city garrison fled before them. only the emperor kahless and the lady lukara stood their ground. it was here that they began the greatest romance in klingon history. this is ridiculous. ah! i'm surrounded by corpses. my shoes are dripping in blood and you want me to feel romantic? why am i putting myself through this? because later that night kahless and lulura jumped on each other
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( growling ) yeah? one more time. this is the fourth theft of equipment fromompper pylon three this month. i don't know how they keep doing it. we've changed the security protocols three times now. it's not the security arrangements that are at fault here. it's our friend, the chief of operations. miles? what did he do? it's what t 's not doing. he still hasn't finished upgrading the structural integrity field the bulkheads are torn open a child could find a way into those cargo bays. miles is very busy. he can't be everywhere at once. sometimes it seems as though he's not anywhere at all. he is doing a superb job under very difficult circumstances. ah... growing fond of the chief, are we? what are you talking about? i've always liked miles. you've always lilid the chief
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look, i... i am living with him. i am carrying his baby. don't you think that might change things a bit? how so? we're closer. it-it's like i'm part of his family. which papa? what? which part of his family are you? sister? daughter? cousin? could we concentrate on the criminal activities report? of course. and i'll refrain from makingngas about the chief. i mean, miles.
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is outrageous! you forget yourself, thopok. you are the commander of the lady's guard nothing more. do not presume to judge her. ( laughing ) ( shrieks ) tumek, maparian ale for two. mistress. you are an interesting man. i always thought so. not much of a fighter, of course. rriors. well, it's the thought that counts. yes, it is. and what are your thoughts, quark? why play out one of the most romantic scenes in klingon literature for me? why learn to speak klingon and observe our customs? why do you pursue me?
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now you sound like a ferengi again. i am a ferengi. that means i have a talent for appreciating objects of great value. and i believe you may be worth more than all the latinum in the quadrant. my kahless. screaming ) mev'yap, thopok! forgive me, mistress but i cannot watch this any longer. i will not protect a house where you are welcome, ferengi. you are a coward and a liar and you have no honor.
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home two hours early? better watch it. i'll get used to this. yep. they don't need me anymore. home at 1700 every evening. ( laughing ): you're such a bad liar. ( door opens ) hi! hi. keiko: sit down. you look exhausted. bad day? miles, i think this wowon needs one of your famous neck massages. m-my hands are pretet cold.
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thanks, really. oh! i'm going to bajor tomorrow. just for a few days. bajor? yes. i thought i'd take the time and relax. a friend of mine has a house in the musilla province. it's quiet, remote-- no distractions. perfect! when do you leave? uh, first thing in the morning. wait a minute... you can't go alone. what if you go into o bor? julian doesn't think that's going to happen for another month. r sure. miles... maybe you should go with her. what? i can't go. i have a botanical pathology seminar tomorrow but you said things are slow in ops. i don't think that's a good idea. me neither. miles edward o'brien, are you going to let the woman carrying your unborn child go on a trip all by herself? are you two fighting again?
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at all. good. then it's settled. miles, let's pack your bag. what if i do what i did the last time a klingon wanted to kill me? i... throw my sword away, kneel down in front of him and dare him to execute me. yeah. and slink away like a scalded targ. the only reason that worked was because gowron s spped in and restrained your opponent before he was able to kill you. no one will stop thohok. dax and i aren't even able to attend. so my choices are to not show up and be branded a coward and lose grilka or die? yes. oh, come on now! there must be another way out of this! you people have rituals for everything except waste extractioion.
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or something i can do? i have an idea. ( grunting ) congratulatitis. how do you feel? like a puppet... and i have some complaints for the puppeteer. you nearly wrenched my arm out of its socket. it would not hurt if you were in better condition. exercise makes me sweat. ( chuckling ): you need to get some sleep. if your body's tired tomorrow worf won't even be able to save you. bedtime.
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i cannot believe the lengths i'm going to for that fefengi. i'm practically giving him grilka. what is it you see in her, anyway? i mean, she's attractive, but other than that? it is everything about her... the way she carries herself confident and strong. she commmmds those around her the proud tilt of her head... the way her face betrays none of her true feelings... the power of her voice. and her eyes-- as hard as separ gemstones and twice as sharp. it sounds like you're describing a statue. what would you do withth woman like that-- put her up on a pedestal and clean her every week? you do not understand. if i were in your shoes i would be looking for someone a little more entertaining a little more fun
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you are not in my shoes. too bad. you'd be amazed at what i can do in a pair of size 18 boots. quark, son of keldar, why are you here? to... to ans... to answer the challenge of thopok to prove my honor... and to win the favor
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the challenge has been given and accepted. let no one interfere! mok! ( yelling ) where did you learn to fight with a bat'leth?
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he has shown respect to our traditions. we will do the same. what do you need to do? i must... make a speech. about what? about you. get on with it! i do not know how, but he is still alive. you must work faster. i'm going as fast as i can. uh... to this end... my blade soars... through the... aquarium of my soul seeking the kelp of discontent which must be caught so that the rocky bottom of love lie in waiting with... fertile sand for the coming seed
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no. it is like a giant cave of emptiness waiting for the bats of love to hang by... well, i guess that's enough talking. now, back to the fighting. no s swing off this time, worf. just get it over with. i was not showing off. ( grunting ) ( grunts ) ( grunts ) end it! if you insist. ( grunts ) maybe not. maybe...
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give it to you... i guess. thopok, your honor is satisfied. i return your weapon and didiharge you from my house. my lady. ( exhales heavily ) -mach ah chee ghos eh-pagh?
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( yells ) ( both groan softly ) congratulations. you did it. what does she see in that parasite? who knows? but they're on the same wavelength and at least quark can see an opportunity when it's standing in front of him. he would have to be blind not to see it. movas ah-kee rustak. computer, bat'leth. movas ah-kee rustak. kosh tomah... ehpaq lukara kaveir. ish-tovee chuch thling nuq? ( grunts ) meklo boh ka mech.
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so i guess we're going. looks like it. tell me about this... this house we're going to. it's a gorgeous 200-year-old cottage. it's filled with antiques two balconie sitting in the middle of a deep, dark forest. s. i see. it's 20 kilometers from the nearest neighbor
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( laughs ): why am i not surprised? it gets worse. there's a view. of what? of the holana river. you can see it from every room in the house and at night, when the stars a a out and you can only hear rushing water it may be one of the most romantic spots in all of bajor. that's it. i'm not going. you go. i'll wait an hour and then i'll, i'll tell her that you left without me. that there was a miscommunication about the departure time. you think she'll buy it? she'll accuse us of behaving like children but i can handle t tt. the important thing is that we don't go anywhere near that place together. yoyoare absolutely right. in fact, i'm going to go to the capital and see shakaar. that's the best idea you've had all week. have a good trip.
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it would've been nice. in another life. let's not even think about it. all right. let's not. miles..? yes, nerys? get out. right. ( sighs ) two frfrtured ribs, torn ligaments strained tendons, numerous contusions bruises and scratches. what have you been doing? you mean, what have we been doing? ( both laugh ) never mind. i don't need that particular image running around in my head. i'll just treat you. ( worf clears throat )
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we, um... well, um, if you must know... no! no, uh... i don't need that image either. in fact, i'm going to stop asking that question altogether. people can come in, i will treat them and that's all. please... have a seat. i'll be with you in a minute. oh! ( groans ) you do realize that according to klingon tradition... according to tradition, we have to get married. but as you keep insisting you are not a traditional woman. the truth is, worf
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you might be right. how do you wish to proceed? i don't know. you must have some idea. you were the... aggressor? yes. and now there are questions that must be answered. ( sighs ): i don't feel like answering questions. why don't we just take it one day at a time and see what happens? of that arrangement. one thing's for certain... you've stopped thinking about grilka.
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( loud laughter ) [captioning sponsored by the u.s. department of education and paramount television
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( voices yelling and screaming ) ( yelling and screaming get louder ) ( yelling and screaming stop ) ( sniffs ) ( sniffs ) computer: regeneration cycle incomplete.


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