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tv   Today  NBC  November 18, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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flint: seth adams doesn't o make p, but the train was way behind schedule, and we both knew there would be trouble in the mountains if we didn't make a beeline west. the ramseys were heade for the iron river valley-- that's about three days' ride of the trail. you had to feel sorry for the folks from the deep south-- in those years right after, there wasn't much left for them back homouble. but ahhem was a town named bitter springs. i'd been there before, and i couldn't help wishing the ramseys didn't know it,
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ng a sorry old mule named mr. christopher-- trouble in a small boy. and i was dreading the moment that we ride into bitter springs.
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whoa! whoa. mr. ramsey, if we hurry we can make the iron riv before sundodo. well, we're mighty anxious, mr. mccullough. we'll hurry, don't worry none. well, they kee yeah. gettin' so you can't shoot a cannon down th without hittin' new settlers.
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to life. you folks been traveling some? we beeeedoing just that, sir. georgia, sir.. we all from georgia. hello, courtney. you ought knowowettet. these folks got their rights same as anybody else. this isn't georgia. boy: come on, mr. christopher. you fixin' to gully up all t t water in the world? what's the matter with him? what's the matter, sonny? mule givin' you a hard time? ristopher, he give everybody a hard time. but he's a mighty good mule. those folks you're traveling with-- e you take care of the mule, huh? everybody's got a job, sir--
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mister? this here is thomas pope. they're pl to settle down in the iron river valley. this boy here-- what is he to you? why, he's with us. myi take care of him. i know all about that, ramsey. you're not the first rebel tried to get away with it. just what y'all driving at, mister? mr. lincoln freed the slaves... before you rebs murdered him. given him a home. the boy's a war orphan. mr ramsay are getting themselves some free labor, isn't that what you meme? you may be the shee, weyo, you're gonna listen till i get done talkin'. maybe yohe same about the other boy. the ramseys are taking care of him, , o. no, this boy is one thing... that one's another. i've had enough of this. come on, tom, we're moving. ramsey-- you're not leaving with that boy. by whose authority, sheriff?
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can't believe you rereesent many people. i don't care what you believe. you're free to get water and supplies and rest your animals. then you're moving on way on. and don't try leleing with that boy. now, look here-- ea. that's not the way. the war's over. over. don't he realize it? some people's wars are never over. but you're my responsisility, and i'm staying with you until you're settled. you stay here. i'll take care oey. ll me about southerners-- bringing that boy out her. i didn't see any chains. then you didn't look very hard! now, do what i tell you, marty. flint: courtney. i think maybe we better try and talk.
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settlers the right to homestead on public lands anywhere. and that includes iron river. federal law has quite a bit to say out t e emancipation of slaves, too. the war is over, sheriff. you think so? , it isn't over in bitter springs. s i'm concerned, it isn't going to be over till the last slaver is dead, last rebel is plowed under. if it's the boyre worried about, they're bringing them both up together in the same way, they know their rights, l fight to keep 'em. there's nothing that would please me more. go back-- come in, nora. mr. mccullough, what's that sheriff man mad about?
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partly, i guess. because you haven't donewrong. e an, mr. mccullough? no... he's just mad at a lot of things. i didn't expect you'd get anyplace. he's a stubborn man, john. i talked to tom pope. flint, we aren't fixin' to run. if we have to fight s, we'll do it. mr. mccullough, riff, he talked abouot be, didn't he? don't he know i'm free just like mike or mr. john orona or anybody? even him? no, i don't think he does. free means doing what you want to do, doesn't it? that's right. there isn't anything i'd rather do than what i'm ' going fishing! exceptin' sliding down hay lofts!
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eat it while it's hot, ben. i'm not hungry. they're southernrns, aren't they? what about t tt boy, ben? word gets around fast, doesn't it? one day you gotta stop it, ben, you can't keep going like this forever. i can't? i look at them cong out here, all wide-eyed and innocent,ke, like they never did anything wrong. what do they expect me to do, welcome them with open arms? oh, ben. but he would have grown up clean and free. did you see the white boy?
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you're coloring it, ben. you're making it sound like it's something evil. it is evil. everything those ramseys and for is evil. well, i can't do anything about the white boy, but i can save the oth ben... do you really want to help the boy? if you had this arm... if you had the pain with you every minute, every second, if you knew how it feels... there are all kinds of pain, ben. nora.
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what did you do to hme? mind your own business. i've seen you shoot horses to put 'em oeir misery-- why don't you shoot her? what? remember when you first got married. she was looking forward to so much. she knew what i was. are you sure s i had an idea maybe she thought you were like other men, only maybe just bit better. she didn't know you were just onb of hate! you're gettiti way ou why don't you shoot me, ben? it's just one step from the ramseys to mccullough to me or any other man that crosses you. you just don't understand, do you? i sure don't. you here, pastor? that's right, mayor storey.
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reverend butler. yes, i know you didn't, ben-- that's why i came. we've got thatatroblem again. we fought in the same armid, ben. our feelven't t anged none. why don't theyeytay where they belong? where is that? did you invite the reverend here? right. you're starting to work the wrong side of the fence, aren't you? he wrong side of the fence, ben? do i have to tell you? i guess i already know. pastor, this is a town in a northern state. and there ain't no place ls. those people out there have a colored boy with 'em. that adds up to only one thing. ben you think-- he's t t young to know what's good for him. too young to know his rights.
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chains to know they're there. there are chains of bondage and chains of love, ben. don't talk to me about love, reverend. the first thing we have to do is set that boy free. he's got to be free! all right, ben. but who with him after we take him? nora and i will find someplace for him to stay. you cannot do this in the name of bitter there are too many of who stand against this mania of yours, ben. all right. and justice-- maybe in abe lincoln's name. does that suit you? do you think it would suit him? you better call a couning. i'll need orders.
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i'm sorry, ben. i won't do it. it's an order, marty. how long, ben? your own hatre, but how long are you gonna force decent people to bup? i want the boy called daniel. flint: so do the ramseys. you're not taking the boy. you've got no legal ri well, i don't think much of the law in bitter springs. if you hand the boy over and le there won't be any trouble.
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you people said the same thing before you fired on fort sumter, and you got more trouble than you could h come on, boy. i want you to come with me. no! i don't want to go! he's coming with us. he belongs. what's, son? l. and i stay with the ramseys just like daniel does. michael what? leavy alone, courtney. well, one day you'll under both of you, that i'm doing this for your own good. now come on, daniel. you're free now. that's enough, courtney. leave the boy alone. maybe you think this bad arm makes s less of a man with a gun. i hope you'll try me, mccullough. i have no quarrel with you until you draw the gun. use whichever hand you want.
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mr. mccullough? i'm staying with the sherifor. you know, sheriff, a law man that hates tooisn't t.
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i want to talk to you, mccullough. courtney send you ? that's n what do you want? i want to tell you about ben. i know a ben courtney i need to know. i doubt it. you see, i was all through the war with him. he wofficer, good to his men. would do us all some good. he did his b keep 'em alive. ight. i'm sorry. you see, ben was a regular army man. a little girl from chattanooga. ir honeymoon when fort sumter was fired on. so ben had to leave his wife and high-tail for th so? well, hem her now and then. first she wrote and told him she was pregnant. then he got word he was a father-- a fine boy.
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so he could get back to his wife and son. but never made it. why not? they were both killed during tf atlanta. that near killed him. about a week after that he took a mini-ball in the arm, paralyzed it for life. he can't use that arm,m,it hurt. everybody suffered in the war. the town council's meeting right now. they're gonna give ben the authority he needs and the men he wants ur people out of the valley. well, you tell the town council thaharams. and neither am i. i figured you'd i'm sorry, mccullough. so am i. one thing-- you watch ben. when he says he's fastt left ha, he meansnst.
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john: it's mighty fine, flint. good, you got other things to worry about besides planting crops. take these wagons and move 'em over there against that hill. y'all think they'll come? it doesn't look good. i was wrong.
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they're not gonna takekeaniel. i don't think you'll have any trouble tonight. where you going? back into town, give it another try. it won't do any good. you know, i was born in the south myself, but i think i kn more about nortrtrners than you do. they're not made up of people like ben courtney, p of people just like you are. so don't make the mistake en courtney has made. if you start hating everything like he does, well, there's no hope for any of us--not ever. john: i'm sorry, leona. leona: i know.
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that wght any less than i do, but we're gonna fight. we have a right la this land. and we can't let 'em take daniel. d our sons have to die, john? what's all this fighting for? billy and big daniel are gone, leona. gone. l the tears in the world won't bring 'em back. but there' and little daniel... i think they're worth fightingngor. golly, did you hear that? that sheriff gonna try to kill mr. ramsey. yeah, and mr. ramsey didn't do nothing to him.
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no, it ain't. mr. mccullough said it isn't any of our fault. bubuwhat's gonna happen if that ol comes out here to take me away? i don't know. i guess there'd be. no, there won't. i won't let there be. well, what are you gonna do? i ain't sayin', but there ain't gonna be no fight. ben? good evening, ma'am. you're mccullough, aren't you? that'sma'am. my husband isn't at home.
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i can't help you. if you can't, who on earth can? lene. please. a man'd be out of his mind not to want them for neighbors. are yoting that ben is out of his mind? yes, i would. mr. mccullough, my husband has been through a gre it's hard to believe that you can understand what amo.. just out-and-out persecution. there are many things th husband hate. the loss of his first wife, his father, his brother-- the terrible pain in his arm. but more than anything else he hates because the war took hy.
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when his heart was inside e m. but he's h hlow now. do you understand that? mrs. courtney, you're woman. ld have another child. ( sobbing ) don't to mr. mccullough, not you too. ght, mccullough. you're wearing a gun, no o! get out of they way, nora. well? i won't draw you. you'll draw, or i'll put a a llet through you where you stand. i'llllave to gamble leavavher alone! i'm sorry. mccullough, i said draw!
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draw! i'll keep it in mind. i hope you're those rebs whenen get out there.
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tastes mighty good, mrs. ramsey. flint, what happened? i wish i knew what went on inside e man-- i mean, what makes him tick. you're talking about courtney? i sure am. nothin' goes on inside of him-- except hate. you're wrong, mr. pope. courtney never did nothin' to make us believehing el.
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john... a yankee woman, isn't she? now, that' you've got to be careful. you talk like that, you're no betterrtney is. you're right had hate in me but that courtney makes me want to hate. i agree with you. but there's something the matter with courtney. outhern woman? mrs. ramsey, you lost two boys during the war, didn't you? billy and big daniel. courtney lost his wife and a baby boy at the siege of he never even goto see the boy. poor man. i think you boys better clean up for supper. why don't you let them stay?
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might as well know what's going on. the stew will be ready in a minute. flint, whatappen? i don't know. it's in the lap of the gods. will they come? council meeting over? 's right. well, let's get on with it. you a councilman now, reverend? never mind that, ben. why? what's wrong? well, the fact of the matter is, ben, we can't hardly stop them folks from settling out there at iron river if they're of a mind to. it's federal law. federal law?
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to do the usual home chores? careful, reverend. your walking on thin ice. we save that boy, or the unini lost the war. if those rebels keep him, every man in this room fought for nothing! i suppose you're rabout the boy. rdly seem right they should have him. you tell me federal law keeps us from running those rebels out. i wish i did. self-preservation. this is a union town. nearly e in it wore the same blue uniform you did. we fought for the union, we support it. now, i want to aen one question. where do we get our water? iron river. then the men who controy control bitter springs.
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ey could cut off our water. w you're beginning to think. if you're worried about the water, go and talk to them, make an agreement. did they keep their other agreement? the one their states signed when they joined the union? when do you want us to ride, ben? at dawn. the expecting us then. we'll be here... at dawn. i'll pray for you, ben courtney. pray for reverend. i'm sorry, reverend.
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but the war r over. i reckon the most important thing the country has to do is grow. t you do think ben's wrong? oh, i think he's plumb wrong. then come with me tonight. where to? the iron river valley. i can't do it, reverend. it's the right thing to do, marty. maybe. but i've ridden ourtney a long time. i've got him oble a few times, and he'se same for me. he's gonna need tomorrow..
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are you ready? you don't have to go, michael. 's me that's the cause of it all. you're gonna break miss leort if you come along.
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where's mr. mccullough? he's down the draw. then we go up the draw. michael, i don't think you should come along. hey--what's that? it's just a note. let me see it. you got a pencil?
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they come. all right, courtney, that's far e eugh! send the boy out, mccullough! . butler! in the name of god, men- no shooting!
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i won't move from here. shot a preacher in my life, but if you side hose traitors... leona. yes. get the boys and get down the gulley. we'll take care of the guns. all right. i'll count to three, preacher. ben-- if you'r out of the way by then... if you shoot him i'll kill you. leona: they're gone! the boys are gone! ! they took the mule. they're gone. ( crying ) ss leona and mr. ramsay, "i'm sorry forle i cause you. "i'm going away now, "and maybe i won't cause you any more trouble. "i love you.
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"me too. michael ramsey." ben: a dirty rebel triri. i tell ya it's a trick! 're hiding them somewhere so we can't find them! let it go, johwe've gotta. we better find 'em-- they'll die out there. understand how you feel, mister. how do you know how he feels? yohad a runaway slave. ( gun fires ) lling now? no, mccullough.. there'll be no killing. you got just what you deserve, ben. all right, courtney. we'll help you find the boys, if you wish. johnhn i don't know if i want your help. we won't take 'em m you. how do you feel about that, courtney?
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all right, then. ur gun. that means they've gone up into higher country. that's rough country up there. it sure is. you split your men into t the first one ofat finds 'em fire three shots. right. we're expecting you to go along with us on this, understand? i toto you i took my o from the town. if that's you want, hat i'll do. all right, then. anything else, mccullough? th let's mount up. marty... you ride with ben.
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better stop, m what's the matter? better give old christopher a rest. should have brought alalg some water. i thought we'd find some by now. if i wasn't so thirsty, i'd be hungrgr boy, are we dumb. we didn't bring . misssseona had to throw out some stew last night 'cause nobody wanted any more. remember?
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i guess so. it's no use. you can't pick up a trai it's baked solid, like rock. evevything that passes leaves some kind of a trail.
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daniel, i don' i can go back. i'm so thirsty. maybe we better rest here for a while. maybe it'll rain. what's this for? ( third shot ringsben, they f!
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you two little fools! wait'll your ma gets her hands on you-- she'll tan your od! at's enough, dan. not too much all at once. okay. are they all right? yeah, they're fine. a little too much sun, that's all. thank god. amen to that. are they all right? they'they're all ght.r ? i'llllake th are they all right? try it and you're dead.? are you crazy? i told you to forget about it. we're not taking the boy! who are you to say when we obey the law and when we don'n'
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him and you're through in brings. now tell me about bitter springs. stand back from the boy. daniel stays. you fools! do you think i won't kill you? i'm sure you w wld. but while you're doingmr. mcculy or marty craig here could shoot you.. i'm counti. one... two... don't shoot him! please! i'll go with you. you're a smart boy,el. but i've got to say something, so everybody underststds. mr. sheriff, you ain't free. you think i'm just like my daddy m been. but it isn't true.
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maybe she ain't my mother, and mr. ramsey ain't my father, but i never knew any other folks, d i sure wouldn't want any. n't understand. the ramseys are southerners. they kept your people in bondage, like animals. i--i don't understand she. i'm from georgia. don't that make me a southerner, too? mr. and mrs. ramsey, they fed me, they taught me to read and they treat me and michael just the same. i don't think they hate me. you're... yoyore too young, son. you'll understand when i get you away fromple. ben, in god's name! t interfere any more, preacher. i know whahai have to do. yes, mic what is it?
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i'm awful sorry. i think maybe i know how it feels to lose somebody y your little boy. mr. courtney, i guess i love miss leona and mr. ramsey
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courtney, there's something that i think you ought leave me be, mccullough. weth lived long enough to know well, that life can be pretty rough. we both know your boy died in atlanta-- a lot of people did. know. and after all this time,ing's g. i don't want you toself... but t n courtney, for what it's worthy, listen to me. john and leona ramsey found michael hurt and c in the ruins of a house, alone. and ths in atlanta during the siege. what are you trying to say?
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as one of them. but the boy the ramseys call michael, whoever he is, he didn't die. they--they never found his body. there wasnroof. now, remember what i said-- whatever you're thinking, you can never really be sure. yeah, i know. but maybe. maybe. mr. ramsey-- the war was a horrible thing for all of us. i'm ad it'over. you've got a fine boy there, mr. ramsey. yes, sir, i think so t t.
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mccullough... i heard what you just told him. i thought you knew about michael. what about him? ididt find michael in atlanta, he was the only one left alivef his whole family. doesn't sese to make much difference, does it? of course it does! of course it does! but if courtks that michael comes from atlanta, he's gonna think that michael is really his... you're a good man, mccullough. john, you've got two boys, two fine boys. surely you can loan one to courtney now and then. and allow me to say a few words on behalf of sheriff courtney,
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? roll along ? ? wagon train ? ? rollin' o or prairiwhere ? ? pullin' over mountains where there ain't no pass ? ? sittin' on a board, eyein' the weather ? ? prayin' to the lord we stay toge by side on the wagon train ?
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? roll along ? ? picpassenger in every town ? ? wonderin' if he's ever gonna shoot you dodo ? ? lookin' for a pal, ain't it a pity ? ? lookin' for a galal needn't be? e'll ride on the wagon train ? ? wagon ho! ? ? gottataeep 'em on the run ? ? to ? and follow the sun ? ? roll along ? ?in ? ever had a cabin near the general store ? ? only had a wagon and a .44 ? ? sittin' on a board, eyein'n'he weather ? ? prayin' to the lord y together ? ? side by side ?
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