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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 19, 2016 1:08am-2:08am EST

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it came with a pair of warp nacelles. boomers... ( communicator beeps ) archer. t'pol: is there a problem, captain? no, no problem. why? we were scheduled to rendezvous 15 minutes ago. sorry. we lost track of time. ( chuckling ): we'll be right there. we've identified several nocturnal marsupials. i'd like to keep crewmen cutler and novakovich with me overnight to study them. i'm glad to see you're getting in the spirit of things. pick you up in the morning. captain, if it's all right with you travis and i would like to stay as well. we would? when was the last time you slept under the stars? there's plenty of camping gear in the pod. this isn't shore leave. this is a research mission. why can't it be a little bit of both?
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pitch your tent, commander. thanks, captain. don't worry-- we'll keep out of your hair. mayweather: keep in mind: those cargo vessels weren't equipped for rescue operations. so the captain wasn't sure what to do when he picked up the distress call. but it wasn't a ship that sent the signal. it was a life pod from one of the old y-500 class freighters. those were retired decades ago. mayweather: exactly. the pod had been drifting in space for 63 years. bio-scans showed one life sign inside the pod. human. the assistant engineer george webb, a friend of my uncle's was assigned to open it. it took him over an hour to cut through the hull.
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cold to the touch. of course it was cold. it was floating in space for 60 years. mayweather: he could hear a tapping noise coming from inside but when he finally got it open, the pod was empty. no body, nothing. a few days later webb started acting strange. getting into fights with the crew muttering to himself in some sort of alien language. and overloaded the impulse reactors. he almost destroyed the ship. then he sealed himself in a life pod and ejected it. well, i assume the captain went after him. the reactors were too badly damaged. some people say it was an alien life-form that got into him. others think it was the ghost of a dead crewman.
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but webb's still out there, drifting. when the subspace noise is real low some com officers say they can still hear the echo of his distress call. beep... beep... beep... ooh... ( laughter ) it's highly doubtful that a distress beacon ( chuckling ) let me guess... no ghost stories on vulcan? that's it. to the left of that trinary cluster. tucker: what? cutler: our sun. mayweather: are you sure? yeah, i'm positive. just another speck of light... no different than any other.
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we'd spend half the night looking up at the stars wondering what our own sun would look like from this far away. now you know. are you okay? headache. if it's all right with you i'd like to lie down for a while before we get back to work? certainly. has anyone heard the one about the haunted comet? wait a minute-- you notice something? the fireflies are gone. nice going, travis. you scared off the bugs. ( loud wind blowing ) maybe it's the ghost of george webb. looks like we might have ourselves a little weather!
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it must be gusting at 80 kph. that's nothing compared to a hurricane coming up through the florida keys. trying flying through an ion storm at warp two. did you hear that? what? someone's out there. it's the wind! son of a bitch! what is it? there's something in my bag! give me your boot! what for? so i can squash it! are we allowed to squash alien life-forms? if they're inside your sleeping bag! but it's not inside the sleeping bag anymore! there it is! wait a minute. where'd you put the phase pistols? you want to shoot a bug? i'm just going to stun it. t'pol to tucker. go ahead. is there a problem, commander?
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do you require assistance? i think we've got it under control. no, not there, it's over there! t'pol... you said you found a cave this afternoon? less than half a kilometer from here.
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( door chimes ) come in. nice catch. you'd make a good two-meter man. too bad we don't have a pool onboard. a shame. a windstorm's moving across the northern continent. looks like a nasty one. survey team? they've taken shelter, but i'd recommend pulling them out. i've got a shuttlepod on standby. archer to t'pol. yes, captain.
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mr. reed thinks we should come down and get you. a landing under these conditions might be difficult. we'll be protected until the winds diminish. we'll keep an eye on the storm. let us know if you need anything. understood. keep the pod on standby, just in case. aye, sir. who's got the food packs? nope. travis? not me, sir. i'll go.
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trip?! hello?! was anybody outside just now? there's someone else out there. what? near the campsite. i think we've had enough ghost stories for one night. it's no story. t'pol: we scanned the planet. it's uninhabited. i'm telling you-- i saw three people. three? what did they look like? it was too dark. sub-commander? other than ourselves there are no humanoid life-forms here. there could be something
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perhaps you imagined seeing them. they looked pretty real to me. ( voices whispering in alien language ) ethan? there's someone back there. i heard voices. are you going to tell me i'm imagining things, too? it's not safe here. tucker: we don't know that. they could be friendly. then why are they hiding? why don't they come out and say hello? we should leave! where do you propose we go? back out into the storm? it's better than being trapped in here. slow down, crewman. that's an order. ethan! stay here. travis. i'll be back shortly. where are you going? if there's someone back there...
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ethan! travis! i saw one! it came right out of that rock like it was a part of it. that could explain why
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( voices whispering in alien language ) it's too dangerous. we should go back.
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who were they? excuse me? who were you talking to? talking to? there's no one here. tucker: we've lost novakovich and we're apparently not alone. there's some kind of life-form down here. we're heading there now, sir. the captain's on his way. we're getting out of here. not a moment too soon. from what i saw, these things live inside the rock. i performed a geological analysis. the rocks are composed of limestone and cormalite. nothing more. she's lying, commander. i saw her talking to them. crewman? in there. there were two of them.
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why won't you tell us what's going on? what do they want? i've got a fix. 20 kilometers northeast. archer to novakovich. ethan. respond. who's there?! who is that? this is captain archer. we're attempting to land. i want you to get back to the cavern. go to hell! neither does she. you keep claiming these creatures don't exist but the rest of us have all seen them. that's a little strange, don't you think? i can't explain what you've seen but i assure you i didn't speak to anyone. i'd like to believe you but you vulcans don't exactly have a spotless track record when it comes to being honest with us. your point? you've held things back before. you might be doing it again. ( beeps )
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there's a clearing a hundred meters from the cave entrance. get to it. i'm reading them. two kilometers due west. i'm taking us down. there's a lot of wind shear near the surface. altitude... 70 meters. 40 meters. i'll have to try a different vector. starboard!
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thruster four's down. we're leaking plasma coolant. almost there. sir, we can't safely land in this wind with a thruster out. archer to tucker. captain, aren't you forgetting something? we're going to have to wait till the wind dies down. try to manage till then. we'll do our best, sir. if you run across see what you can find out about them.
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you okay? never better. trip: you heard the captain. he wants to know about your friends. what are you going to tell him? ( louder ): what are you going to tell him? this is pointless. is it? we're stuck down here for god knows how long with a bunch of rock people who, for all we know are staring at us from these walls right now. who probably won't last the night. now if we're going to get through this i need to know what the hell's going on. you beginning to see my point? i share your concern for crewman novakovich but as i told you... you couldn't care less about him or any of the rest of us! that'd require some of those useless human emotions. your emotions are beginning to affect your judgment. you're becoming irrational. you've never seen me irrational. sir, i hate to add to our problems
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great. we'll have to conserve what's left. that won't be necessary. i detected water about 60 meters in that direction. how do we know you're not going in there to talk to your friends? join me if you'd like. it could be a trap, commander. i can survive without water for several days. can you? sit down. you heard me. how's he doing? not good. his bio-signs are very erratic. try him again. enterprise to novakovich. ( screams )
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( screaming ) no! mr. reed, can you get a lock on him? i believe so, sir. looks like our only choice. stand by. there's a problem, sir. there are contaminants in the matter stream. the phase discriminator can't seem to isolate the debris. reed to sick bay. medical emergency! what are you doing? working. on what? scans i took this afternoon. find anything you want to tell me about? there's nothing of scientific interest on this planet. our mission here was a waste of time. that's what you'd like us to think. let me see that thing. the readings are in vulcan.
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shi would. this could be evidence. of what? your little conspiracy. i was wrong. there is something of interest here. i've learned a great deal about human behavior. oh? under stress you become volatile. you're a far more dangerous species than i previously believed. your people have been telling us that kind of crap for 100 years! looks like you finally found a way to put us back in our cage. sir? "enterprise crew found dead. "six weeks into their historic voyage "the bodies of all 82 crew members "were located on an uninhabited world. "a vulcan ship made the unfortunate discovery. the cause of death remains a mystery." but what vulcans won't say is they know exactly who attacked us! in fact, they arranged the whole thing! they lured us down here so they could sabotage our mission!
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i didn't ask you or mr. tucker to join us. we know you're here! why don't you show yourselves? you're not afraid of us, are you? there's no one there, commander. maybe you're waiting for the others to come down so you can kill us all at once! did you see that?! all i see is a delusional engineer! sounds like you're getting a little volatile yourself, sub-commander. i thought you had your emotions all locked up? a little problem, are you? commander, there! you think we're going to wait around here for you to slaughter us? i'll blow this whole cave apart if i have to!
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dr. phlox: human skin is a resilient organ. these wounds should heal nicely. can i talk to him? yes, but i doubt he'll make much sense. have you ever heard of tropolisine? no. it's a psychotropic compound known for its hallucinogenic effects. this crewman's bloodstream is filled with it. if it was down on the planet why didn't our sensors pick it up? normally it's found in certain flowering plants. perhaps it wasn't there until that damn wind started. how long will the effects last? now that he's back on enterprise he should be all right in three or four hours. will this tro... tropolisine. will it effect t'pol as well? there's no way to know. it might affect her to a lesser degree or a greater degree. archer to t'pol.
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and i have a phase-pistol pointed at my head. what? my suspicions were right on the nose, captain. our little vulcan here is not what she appears to be-- never was. what are you talking about? there's some kind of creatures down here. they hide inside solid rock. travis and i have both seen them. cutler saw two of them talking to t'pol. they're up to something, but of course, she denies it. listen to me. you've all been exposed to a psychotropic compound. are you telling me those creatures aren't real? the compound comes from the pollen of a flower. we think it was blown down from the mountains when the winds started. the doctor has run tests on novakovich. he thinks he's going to be okay in a few hours. so if you can get as deep as you can into the caves your symptoms should dissipate around the same time. we didn't imagine this, captain. you dealt with simulations very close to this in starfleet training.
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you're not here, captain. you don't understand what's going on. put your weapon down, trip. that's an order. t'pol? he's lowered his phase-pistol, sir. have you been affected? yes, but only slightly. try to hold on. archer out. get to the bridge. i want a weather report. travis. you still with me? i need you on your feet. those things could come back at any time. listen to me. i'm giving you an order. what's wrong?
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what'd you do to him? i can see why you get along so well with them sneaking around in the shadows. that's second nature to you vulcans, isn't it? par shinsarat. i have no idea what you just said but it didn't sound very nice. you're making a mistake working with her. she'll stab you in the back first chance she gets. tell you what. come out and we'll settle this peacefully. whatever she told you about humans-- it's not true. you can see for yourself. say something!
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yes, sir. i know, i know but they're not giving me much choice. i've got to protect my crew. i understand, mr. velik but i can't do that. they're trying to kill us. nice try. mura fisahr. the center of the storm has already passed over them e able to land a shuttlepod before dawn. when's that? nine hours. phlox to captain archer. go ahead. please report to sick bay immediately. it's urgent. i thought you said he was going to be fine? i did. but each tropolisine atom contains a stray neutron. when it started to break down in his bloodstream
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valine, but i... think it may be too late. if i'd run a submolecular scan i might have anticipated a complication but there was no reason to. at least, there didn't seem to be. i can't tell you how sorry i am, captain. what about the others? they spent less time exposed to the pollen... i've got four people down on the surface, doctor! y're going to be dead
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stay awake, travis. can't afford to have you going out on me! i'm... trying, sir. cutler, you okay? if you're waiting for me to pass out you're wasting your time. you might as well have your friends come out now and do whatever they're going to do. ( communications beep ) t'pol. archer: how are you doing? who's that? it's the captain, trip, are you all right? he's irrational, sir. mayweather and cutler are nearly unconscious.
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novakovich may be dying. turns out the pollen contains some kind of toxin our sensors hadn't detected. he's responding to medication but his odds of recovery would be a hell of a lot better if we'd treated him sooner. the doctor and malcolm are synthesizing ampoules of inaprovaline. we're going to have to use the transporter to get it to you but it's imperative that you inoculate yourselves as soon as possible. do you understand what i'm saying? taking an injection isn't going to change a damn thing! don't you see that? they're planning something. first us, then all of you! pralaya moyeht. lisahla canandun da. t'pol: tahrolaya mirat. what's going on, hoshi? she says trip is going to kill her and i don't think she's imagining it. say one more word of that gibberish and i'm going to split you in two! archer: trip, listen to me. the pollen's affecting her, too. think about it.
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who revert to their native language. she can't help it. the only thing that's affecting her are those rock people. if i can stop her now i can save enterprise. trip, how long have we known each other? what's that got to do with anything? remember when your ev pack froze up on titan during the omega training mission? you got nitrogen narcosis. you started to try to take off your helmet. you remember what i'm talking about? what's your point?! i ordered you to keep your helmet on. but you obeyed that order because you trusted me. i'm asking you to trust me now. take the injection. then we'll deal with these rock people. too late, captain! i'm not going to die with a hypospray in my hand. archer: trip...
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all right, forget the medicine. i think it's time i explain what's really going on. but just stand by for a minute. i need malcolm to target your position. then i'll give you your orders. archer to phlox: the sooner the better. understood. how close can you get it? i think i can safely place it good. captain! hello? i'm waiting for that order but i can't wait much longer! all right, trip. this is a major breach of security but i'm going to have to trust you. go ahead. starfleet sent us here
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t'pol was the only person granted clearance to speak with them. it seems they've met vulcans before. why couldn't you tell me that? when a mission's classified top secret, i don't ask why. if it was so top secret then why'd you let us all come down to the surface let us spend the night? the winds. we never thought the storm would drive you into the caves. that's where these rock people live. they didn't want anybody in there except for t'pol so they're not too happy right now. i'm sure you can understand that. theyey'veven threatened to destroy enterprise. now, t'pol needs to explain to them why you're all there, but she's not going to have much credidility with you pointing a phase-pistol at her. if they agree to listen to her you'll need to lower your weapon. if they don't...
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saificing four more crewmen is a small price to pay to save enterprise. i understand. now, i'm going to ask hoshi to tell t'pol everythingngi jus. you got a a oblem with that? go ahead. ensisi. sahsuran ahmot ludah-sloya. moraya toonan fohva toriinas. t'pol: sakahs fahs noora... locanan soorahs. turah loniina foran. mahs turatah. she says playacting isn't exactly a vulcan tradition but she'll do her best. mireena luras! ponfo borothas plomees yoran! akasa gorah foras mi!
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t'pol arakis poran dutut... hope she knows the difference between stun and kill. they've agreed to talk to her, trip. so lower your weapon
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you didn't shoot me last night, did you? i'm afraid i did. i was hoping it was all just a bad dream. are they gone? they were never here. what? there were no rock peoplpl you were all hallucinating. the pollen? t'pol: yes. tucker: then what about that speech you gave to the wall? the captain felt that if i played along to lower your weapon. you'd grown increasingly illogical and violent. something about "splitting me in two." a pretty good performance. , i know i kind of shot my mouth off last night... you wererender the influence of the pollen. we all were.
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commander? that's something mr. velik used to say. tenth grade biology class. he was a vulcan scientist who came to teach us about life on other worlds. i'd never seen a vulcan before. not up close. he scared the hell out of me. perhaps it's not too late to follow his advice. ow.... i must've twisted up my neck. how's novakovich? do we know? the captain says he's going to be fine. ( shuttlepod approaching in distance ) [captioning sponsored by paramount television and united paramount networks
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man: the powers vested in me by this state i now pronounce you husband and wife. you may kiss the bride. wait a minute. the music. i forgot it in the car. nute. all right. but hurry. this your car?
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congratulations. so, where's your husband? just a minute, miss. i want to ask you a few questions. about what? about the murder of your father. no! let go of me! t go. oh! all right, kiddo. easy.
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all units suspect fleeing south on 121. requesting backup. [captioning sponsored by fx networks] ? we never thought of finding ? ? the place where we belong ? ? don't have tototand alone ?
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sion ? ? to decide what you believe ? ? whoo! ? ? i said jump! ? ?own on jump street ? ? i said jump! ? ? i said jump! ? ? down on jump street ? ? your friends will be there ? ?when your back is ? to the wall ? ? you'll find you need us ? ?'cause there's no one else to call ? s what you need ? ? you better be ready to ? ? be ready to jump! ? @pou were right.
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what else do you want? you want it in gold? dorothy, i know i'm not the only one with a job. fuller: penhall. hoffs. i can't talk now. don't put me on hold. don't... damn! basically, we're good for each other. fuller: hoffs! i'm .ming. here, hanson. clear your schedules up. you two are on special detail. you know about the stafford murder with the two kids from canyon high? no. wanted to marry.
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different idea. dean shows up at the house and won't leave without cory. they fight. dean shoots his would-be father-in-law. told you y y'd love it. the illinois state police caught the girl yesterdayyi. but they didn't catch dean? he got away. they don't know where he is. you two will bring cory back. i won't remind you that she's a minor. sponsibility. thanks for not reminding us. the tickets, your itinerary and perdium are in that enevelope. - perdium? - expenses, penhall. i now what p pdium is. i just want to know how much. yes! you guys leave immedeatily. captain, does it need to be me? why not hanson or ioki? you got a problem, penhall? trouble on the home front.
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dorothy: where did you learn to pack? you got no toothpaste, no razors. i'm inin ? next time you abandon me, give me notice. we've got a cab waiting. and how come five days? it only takes three hours to fly there. we've got to go over this again? she does not like to fly. you can't force a prisoner to fly if sheheefuses. why not hanson or ioki with no family? what family? it's just me and you. sorry. i didn't mean that. except for the two years you dumped me for todd. i don't like sleeping alone. i sleep... i sleep on the couch. we've got to wait until we're sure. both: that's where we made our last mistake. ahem. i got to go. fine. call me. finei'll call you. every two hours?
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( slap ) i don't think she'll give you any trouble. she was up all night writing to her boyfriend. her husband. yeah, right. got anything on him? heading south on the interstate. he's probably headed to florida. cory, officers hoffs and penhall. cory: hi. nice to meet you. a car will take you to the bus terminal. i'll sign her r er to you right now.
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thanks for the sweater. no problem. doug, why did you pack so much? i didn't. thanks. cycle world? closest thing thanks. they had to vogue. that or farmer's almanac. you just bought that? with my per diem. what will you eat with? my hands. i'm a big boy. i can handle my money. i've never seen this part of the country before. want some gum? how much money do you have left? relax. i'm fine. excuse me, but isn't that our bus pulling g t?


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