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tv   WRAL News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 19, 2016 9:30am-10:00am EST

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? who did it? i don't know, jai. but i intend to find out. tarzan, i thought you... i mean, what is the meaning of t ts? no, no, what were you going to say there, mr. harrington? that you thought i was dead, huh? well as a matter of fact, someone did try to kill me last night with that spear. who was it?
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no, no, of course not. but everything's beginning to fit into place for me now. someone trying to killlle, mrs.ilson coming to rica, you showing up with that deportation notice. how much did she pay you? how dare you! come, now, mr. h hrington. we both know that deportation notice is not legal, nonodon't we? i wonder what the district commissioner would have to say about it. if he does anything, shoot. i'm not going to have my authority defied, tarzan. you're finally going to learn a lesson at last. you're under arrest. take him away. and if he runs, shoot to kill.
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good morning, jai. where are you going? to the umbgambi village. alone? that's a long way and dangerous, too. i know the trail very well, i've walked it many times. younger? but mrs. wilson, in those days you were-- well, can i go with you? you think you can protect me, jai? i can try. well, if you wanna walk along, suppose i can't stop you. to that extent, i guess this is a free country. this way, mrs. wilson. are you all right, mrs. wilson?
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st a minute, i'll be right back. where are you going? i'll be right back. ? here we are, mrs. wilson. my special jungle taxi. ? mrs. wilson. yes, kanzuma. -it has been many-- -i want to see my son! certainly, mrs. wilson, he's at the clinic. shall i take you to him? no, i know the way.
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s mother is hehe. the doctor is very busy. the doctor here is always busus -i beg your pardon? -nothing. may i get something for you while you're waiting? -anything you-- -no, thank you. that'll be all.
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your husband wasas very great man, mrs. wilson. was he? why do you say that, jai? tarzan says he was a great man. because he had love for everybody.
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the umbgambi people come here everyday, to show their respect. they had no right to him. ? mother! richard! why didn't you let me know you were coming? so you've decided to become a jungle doctor? well, yes. as i wrote you, i-- richard, don't be a fool. mother, you don't understand. i don't understand? oh, richard, that's, that's almost funny. we'll talk about it later.
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of the government. i have been authorized to carry the official deportation order. here's a legal document to prove my authority. tarzan said the deportation order is not legal. tarzan is in jail. you must obey the order or suffer the consequences. that is the law. that is not the law. tarzan said there must be-- don't speak to me of tarzan, old man. the young doctor must leave. no. you defy me? you defy the law? of the umbgambi people. but you, zwengi, i defy. we no longer accept you as chief. we, for whom do you speak? men who will fight. i do have followers, kanzuma. we do not accept you unless the doctor leaves, or we will make war against you.
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? -i will stay. -no, richard. he will stay. then we are at war. you will see all your old wawaiors fall without tarzan to help you.
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this was as the great doctor who has been taken from us woululhave it. but he would also have us live as men. our good friend tarzan has been locked away from us. we must fight without him. zwengi will attack as an evil spirit in the dark of night. we must fight. ? richard, do you realize that those drums mean war? yes, i do. people are going to be killed.
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to stop it. perhaps, mother, but awarding fight is not always the right thing to do. richard, this is insane. you're throwing away your life. you'll accomplish nothing by burying y yrself here. i don't think father would've agreed with that. can't you see that he was wrong? these people are savages. they're people. and you want to serve them. i also think they need something more. things that t ery human being needs. don't you think i need love and understanding? i was denied them from your father. don't you deny them to me too, richard. not for a senseless, suicidal thing like this. mother, i know what i'm doing, and i know i'm right.
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yes. it will soon be dark, then there will be fighting. perhaps i shall not be able to speak to you again. perhaps i shall die. but i would like you to know, you are a fine man. want, richard? to die with kanzuma? away from the windows.
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n of kanzuma. do not worry if the young doctor dies. for i act as the law. and after tonight, i shall be chief of the umbgambi. ? tataan. jai, over here, jai. what are you doing here? tarzan, zwengi is preparing to attack the umbgambi village tonight. jai, get that piece of rope over there.
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that a boy, now, jai, take one end of that and throw it around rocky's neck. tie it. bring the other enento me. that's good, now tie it good and tight. that a boy. throw it to memejai, that a boy. now, listen, jai, i want you to go to that corner there and stand guard. you wait here until i come for you, understand? now, go.o. okay, rocky, pull. pull, pull! pull, rocky, pull. pull, rock. that's it. harder, rocky!
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maybe it's not too late. why don't you send a message to zwengi? tell him you'll leave. how much more guilt do you want to bring on yourself, richard? guilt, now, there's a word you should know something about. isn't it about time you faced up t tyour own guilt? my guilt, for what? her. why do you have to go on acting after all these years as though he wronged you? you condemnenehim to loneliness. i could've given him love and devotion. he didn't have t tstay here. yes, mother, he did. he had to stay because his work was here. and that work was his life. and what was i to do? stay, you should've stayed and given him the love you say he denied you. your guilt, mother, is in what you did to your husband.
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? there's a wounded man out there. no, richard, you'll be killed.
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plasma, quick. he's my husband! he's going to die, he's going to die. he's not going to die. he's my husband. plasma! my husband. he'll be all right.
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men of umbgambi, pack your things. you men of zwengi, look around you. you're defeated. now, lay down your arms, now, right here. stop! don't listen to tarzan. ? kanzuma, tell your men to drop their weapons or i'll kill the doctor. zwengi, don't be a fool. now look at your leg, you're bleeding to death.
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if you wish to sacrifice your own life, do you also wish to sacrifice the lives of your brothers who lie around you dying? release the doctor. let him go about his work. ? take him to his hut. i'll be there shortly. richard. i'm all right, mother. kanzuma, as soon as the doctor treats zwengi, take him to the new district commissioner for a hearing. and you? oh, yes, after tomorrow our mr. harrington won't be with us anymore.
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i'm all right. thank you, mrs. wilson, for saving my life. thank you. kanzuma, i need your help. come on over here. ? and how are you, mrs. wilson? finally, i know where he stands.
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? good morning, mrs. wilson. to take you back to town. well, if you don't mind, jai, i think i'd rather walk. no taxi? ? good-bye, richard. bye, mother. i don't know if i'll ever see you again. that's not an easy thing for a mother to face. or a son. you still think i was wrong, don't you, richard? yes, mother.
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doctor, doctor, sick, sick. i don't understand. i examined this child yesterday. he was in perfect health. oh, for goodness sake. you oughta be ashamed of yourself. what? a fine doctor you are, you don't even know a little case of colic when you see it. oh, i can see you'll never be able to run this place without me. mother. now, that's hardly a scientific diagnosis. well, a little common sense doesn't hurt. jai? i thought you were taking mrs. wilson back. i guess she's not going back.
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for you. what? school. ?
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? look at what's happened to me ? ? i can't believe it myself ? ? suddenly i'm up on top of the world ?


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