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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 21, 2016 2:58am-3:58am EST

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>> we need a pilot. inside, over. >> we can get out of here now, sir. >> my pleasure. for those of you that haven't known me long that's my 25th mission and when i say head home.
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>> yowsa. >> a piece of lonely sky. i thought you gentlemen ought to see. this first the pictures were hard to obtain and then the capable of destroying. rocket powered german flighter. more acceleration than any other aircraft in the air. >> just incredible. >> i've sent you over there in groups and sent the whole wing over and yet those sparing factories still stand.
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we going to let them sweep us out of the sky? >> hit by the worst falack i've ever seen. the first thing is terrain. we have to fly straight down this valley for five minutes to get an aiming point. this not a daytime decision target. >> night time saturation rate is bad. >> what about night >> we're not prepared to do bombing at night. >> suppose we sent in a path finder to light up the target area. >> where's the genius to fly that? he would have to go 100 feet below the deck to get those in good luck. >> it would take a special man. he hasn't been with me long but 't been with me long but i have such a man.
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? ain't gonna fly no more ? ? ain't gonna fly, ain't gonna fly, no more ? ? >> 12 o'clock high. q m production. starring paul burke. also frank overton with guest stars:
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>> ever saw him again? >> transferred up near scotland some place and the family. hey boys? i'll buy the first round. >> dig where i'm going? nice training base. low and low. >> [laughing] yeah. hey, tom? look who's boy? >> how are you? >> would you look at all the kwon so's purses collected by you. what is it celebrion? >> dog gone right. they're going to pin me on another air medal and send me home. i a will have you know i just completed number 25. >> say you really feeling okay, boy? >> well you wouldn't come and ask me when i was in the
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they have been running me half to death. >> may o me came to see me three or four times. >> what's going on between you and my girl old buddy. >> gather you're taking her home with you. >> why? she say that. >> that's what she believes. >> that's a few things that have to be worked out. >> like what? >> you don't just see a military civilian off, work things out. you join us okay. i've ordered a bottle. you come along. >> bruce? good to have you back. >> good to be back. >> major? the colonel would like toto see you. i suppose he didn't tell you. >> uh-oh.
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tell naome i'll be there's a soon as i'm finished with the colonel. can't go into full-time roekt planes or they'll take control. we have only to try a night time precision aid. >> hmm... you talk about sending a path you. you realize what you're asking. >> have t t blow it up 100 feet below it. >> runs into a shadow full of rocks. >> he'll have to frame the target in light and that means he'll have to pulp and reverse andd come back between two fire. won't be easy. >> who's idea was that? >> mine, why?
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17 down. pilot. should be quick on the trigger. >> you could be a sitting duck with 17. >> you are anyway. >> with any luck you might be able to - wait a minute. >> you have extensive training in low level and you're top rated and i don't have to have the time to go looking. >> i just finished my 25th >> direct ti says rotation and then rotation. >> directive, regulation. >> don't try to make me feel guilty. armies are run by regulation and the reason it says 25 is that's about all a normal man can stand. >> alright. take me a couple of days to cut the rotation orders. trainer pilot.
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somebody you don't mind losing because a path finder will never get out of that. >> that's all, major. >> yes, sir. >> bobbie? i want you to pull a number five file. minimum night flying time and anyone that's flown attack bombers. >> how long? >> i came overseas as co-pilot and flew with him.
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of me? >> because he's late for a date? >> we made some lovely romantic, and they all werer to begin whe his tour ended. he didn't even tell me of this 25th mission coming up. >> you know he forgets things. >> that's too convenient. he's had other girlfriendnd i'm sure. >> with a othersrsouldn't count much anymore. that's the truth. >> that's why, i'm thinking of cutting losses when one doesn't count anymore. >> how much difference does it really make to you whether you're really making plans or was it just romantic talk. if counting is important.
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>> can't come into town tonight. >> i'd ask - well he'd ask if you would see her home. >> thank you, sir. >> well, there's my answer. i'm just another in a line of silly girls. what do say bruce? something gallant? >> hey bruce come here and take a look at this. here. what's the matter old buddy? >> tom i want straight talk.
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>> knock off the corn and home me the grits. i seen you walk away from things when your needed and she nieced you. if you're walking awayy - >> what do you want me to do? sing with violins. i don't believe in the big farewell. too big heavy scenes. what's so different huh? >> because this is naome and she's a nice, sweet, simple girl. you owe her. >> tell you what i'll do, o old buddy. i can fix so it you can take
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>> if you weren't frfresh out o the hospital son i would beat your brains out. >> no you won't. i'm about the only friend you got lele. couple things more and i'll be long gone and you can have whatever is left over. >> come in. reporting to the office. >> right.t. >> captain collier and you trained together. i understand your friends? >> sure, we are. >> he has the qualification i desire and i have just two days getting this thing together. he's going to fly the path finder in. >> bruce >> he knows the odds are against
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surviving and that's in your hands.
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>> 918th. major stoefl. >> let me speak to joe. >> he's over base engineering on that path finder thing. >> i have major tom parsons with rotation orders. thought he was about to fly the other mission. >> that's all. he's done his 25th. kelley will fly it.
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me here is a soon as he lands. >> ease it down a little lower. how you perimeter and i watch the ground. how did you get picked old buddy? >> colonel w looking for somebody. >> you volunteered? >> whyhynot. >> you're too low now, pull up.
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>> you're trying to get us both killed? are you? >> colonel gallagher? >> world's worse landing when you came down. >> depth perception gets out of whack. you get used to it in the time you have? couple of days you'll be fine. you're good. >> you're better. you would do a better job >> he's the best available. >> only because you can't be persuaded to do the job yourself. >> that's right. 25. >> you look like a soldier and suppose you train like a soldier but i'm propertied to wonder major if there isn't something rank and rotten under the uniform. >> permission to ask you a question. >> at ease.
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you're record as a combat pilot. 25 missions you say. have a look. you were alerted for shrine and you reported sick. maintenance records reveal about the engine, nothing. now let's look at some of the you recite them? the marshal yards at dijon. an airfield here and there and then back of the plane again. mill runs, major. career pilot. more experienced and more of a chance of survival for any of these kids giving their lives and you you've avoid every high risk mission you've possibly
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>> i could give you benefits of a very great doubt and see that you're know. a major. one thing, your record does improve. close scrutiny. operations says you didn't fly far enough or long enough on any mission to be getting credit. you're one short. you've only flown 24. >> you can't count. you made it. i'll sign that dismix when your mission is complete. you're
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>> gentlemen? draw a wing effort tomorrow. >> i told colonel gallaghehe ths does not relief the 918th but because of it he'll fly thee mik you two gripes will hit the military target. let's see what the general has to say. >> i'm going to lead parsons home tomorrow. >> for what reason? >> i'm wanting to be a good man. >> saving him for sparing him? >> yes, sir. >> well i think major parsons ought to fly his last milk run and go home. i think there's a strong
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coward flying that path finder and you will find what a general thinks can usually be interpreted as an order. >> yes, sir. >> officers guide. base edition. chapter 21. >> orders from mission you wonder. >> everything maximum. >> only the geniuses never say just maximum load of the they spes guy. details. never rounds of ammunition. we could need that ammo tomorrow morning. >> we'll see tomorrrr. >> maybe you are okay. we fly with parsons. >> what's wrong with parson's? >> the guy has so much luck and
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little of it. he's used all his dogically. >> what do you mean, logically. he's juiced all his just being in 25. he thought he had 25. but he only had 24. so did we. one more tomorrow. it's like double jeopardy. >> for philosophy, you're very bright. >> where you going can man che. >> they have a briefing at 0530 i'd like some sack time. >> i'll take you back to the base. you think there will be trouble tomorrow. >> you watch it. fighters all over the sky. >> maybe i should take extra ammunition. >> and a parachute. also some arrows in case your
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>> what's the matter. it flies likea square beige truck. >> i don't want this today. >> 97:5. what is your position? over? >> blue leader this is still climbing. >> i'm right behind you ovv. >> blue leader. >> pardon. you guys have had it rough today. >> ramrod to fox-trot. your formation on the next three minutes. do a 180 and go home.
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>> take knowledge. >> roger ramrod. >> give me emergency power. this is for six minutes. >> why won't she climb? >> just a littleletired. >> she's carried a max load before. give me 54 inches. >> too high. >> bring them on now! on! on! >> there they are.
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>> kill somebody for this! i could kill somebody! >> ramrod to 918 fox-trot? what's your trouble over? >> 918 somebody double crossed me. i just fll an engine and am
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>> call yourself a crew chief? you think you're a mechanic. what did you do to my engine. somebody was out to sabotage me.
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>> stop! >> never see a guy want a mission curt so bad. >> he you. bad day? listen i don't even know why it happened. >> stay out of it. just stay out of it. >> it wouldn't be hard to say that he caused that engine to blow but it was a milk run. he would be on his way home.
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crossed? >> has he been? >> come in. >> sorry, sir. >> permission, sir? >> yes. >> alright. >> we flew a diversion course and carried an additional load. you additional pounds and you get what happened major >> why was he overloaded. >> seems like us to an extra mix for the major and we thought it might turn-out to be a bad day. my gunners all brought extra ammunition. >> now where you going? >> please. why can't you forgive me? i mean if i hurt your feelings
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>> please? naomei kind of wish you would pretend a little? i happen to nee you. >> pete, don't. tom, i thought - i got your message the other night. there's nothing more to say. >> i got myself in some kind of trouble. the funny thing but i got no place else i can know. what is it you want, promises. why can't we be like we were without the promises. >> you put us on this. here it is and it can't be changed. >> honey, i never made no hard fast promise you know that. >> i'm sure that is. i don't remembebe it but i'm sue you do and i'm sure you were quite prepared to say just that. i never made any hard or fast promises.
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and meant it? even to yourself? [buzzing] >> naome - i'm sorry, i was looking for him. tom, you better get back to the base. >> well just - i lost my head. they can see that can't they? >> i'm sure they will. >> yeah, well girl.
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>> listen. in the morning but he's just as sick if he were really sick. >> you mean there's nothing really wrong? >> psychosemantic trauma. >> what's that? >> shell shock. black fever.
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>> like flying a dangerous mission? or facing arrest in court marshal? >> that would do it. colonel. don't misunderstand me. he's under sedation but the pain is physically unbearable. >> okay. thanks. thanks. >> major, how many times has this happened you? >> what's the difference? >> according to what the doctor tells me there is a difference between this and cowardess. >> thank a lot. >> you know why your plane didn't climb? >> yeah. they smuggled some more things aboard.
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thank you and goodnight, sir. >> you're restricting to the base due to filing charges. >> come on. why pick on me. i got hit for a minute, that's all. they'll kick me out. >> you don't have the easy way out now. rotation. >> i can apologize to those guys and you can put a reprimand in my record. i'll fly it. >> if i struck a bargain with you if i thought you would try, it wouldn't do any good. your old belly ache could come back. you're going to have pain for the rest of your life until you won't even be able to tie your own shoes without breaking down.
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marshal. this time you're going to see it through. i hope you face it. >> hey old buddy. i've been watching them load the bombs in the bombay. i guess it's on tonight? >> it's on. >> taking off kind of early? >> it'll be dark.
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for rendezvous and warm up. >> seems i have the whole force mad at me right now so i think we need to talk of naome. >> this isn't the time. >> sorry i hittyou that night. >> that is a sore point with me. i'm about to get kicked out of the s svice for blowing a petty mission. wasn't much better than the one you had. some >> she may not be here you saw how easy she went from me to you. >> knock it off. >> in case you don't get to see me again. you got my airplananand you got my gal. they ain't worth a dimeme both
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together. >> that's the stuff in the bombay. >> okay. gentlemen. you remember, you can do this up here. what about kelly? >> talking to the chief. he's coming. >> major? where's captain? >> well, he overhauled the tactical appraisal and all got down and formulatetea changed plan. >> major? how come you're wearing a
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>> ramp up formation. minutes and flying lose. path finder i'll give you running base. you have to leave us. radio silence now until i break it. read robin out. >> radio to pilot. over. >> come in. >> sir? we just pulled in a code for base. i'd say it's a mission to recall, sir.
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path finder, colonel. major parson's is flying it. >> path finder to pilot. come in, over? >> major he knows or he wouldn't be calling. >> standby to path finder to pilot. do you read me, over? >> alright. ramrod this is your we both better get off the air, huh? >> how long the target area? >> navigatoror 20 minutes behind me over. >> he starts descending in five minutes then. >> ramrod to path finder co-pilot. you need to report the coonditin of your pilot, over.
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ramrod, skipper. look i ain't got no belly ache if that's what you want to know. >> break for a turn here. we're heading back skipper. get them one at a time. >> collision up here will cost 20 lives. get there and light up the target area. let's return this and just go home. r >> path finder right mind you ramrod. >> this s ramrod. good luck, tom. >> path finder out. >> okay.
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> pilot. swing at you, pal? >> okay. tom. >> man i've really seen it. >> major? >> alright. >> looks like they're coming up on the right, sir. >> now! >> major?
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major! [explosions] >> how much longer? >> five seconds. two degrees right? [explosions] that's it. hold >> bombs away. >> you have a target, over. >> roger, sir, roger.
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>> no kidding? >> stay on your feet. >> get your hands up! i'll take you in myself. >> alright. you guys now. you can't do this alone. >> point it in the right direction. huh? >> i can get the hang from up here. give up. >> by the time we get here it'll be too late. >> i'm holding this post until you bail-out and that's an order! there's no time. >> alright. you will get killed and it's not my fault!
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>> there she blows. >> i got it skipper.. >> guide me in. we have about 40 seconds. bomb's away.
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bail-out! tom!
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>> here you are captain. sit right here. >> general? as you were? >> captain kelly? >> got the reckon report. not producing rocket fighters.
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better open that. >> hey, that's mine. major parson took it. >> the rumor is they all bailed out. two captured fwi germans and the others found on the chnel by the british. >> where is he? >> major? >> this is the reason you ordered report. >> thought we would surprise you. the captain told me you would bring thth major along. >> yes.. >> what did you do land on your head? >> well - um... colonel? i thank you. >> you thought what to do about the charges filed against him?
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throw the book at him. well, he is a hero. why not let the court consider that? >> look general, he faced up to a pretty rough one two days ago. i think it's right for him to face his own problems the very same way. i'm sure he would want to now. >> why don't you ask him, sir? >> i did. he does. >> well on that - i think i owe you a dnk
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