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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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morning, james. we're around the corner. whwh do we got? uh, hijacked bus. perp's in the wind.
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any word on the, uh, abby situation? yeah, still watchful waitin'. all's i can tell you, james, if she's not pregnant, explanation's elsewhere. i gave a good supply of spepe. what in the e rld happened here? - this one tells it best. - this one? - mrs. prowse, this is detective medavoy. - how do you do? - i think this may have been my fault. - really? d after he got off the bus, i said to the man beside me that when i'm late, my cat does his business on the carpet. and he asked me where i live and i told him, and he just went to the front of the bus and gogoin the driver's seat and away we went. uh, did he have liquor on his breath, seemed like he might have been on drugs? well, he did have liquor on his breath. when we were sitting next to each other, he was singing to himself. italian serenades. but he was very quiet and polite.
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and like he could lose 30 pounds. all right, thanks for your help, mrsrsprowse. he was driving fine until he tried to take a shortcut to my street. one of the passengers said he'd sese the guy that stole the bus - drinking a few days ago at the, uh, alibi lounge. - [ medavoy ] oh, yeah? mother of god! look what he did to my bus! sir, please. the driver. sector car picked him up. - what's you name, sir? - john o'neil. what in the hell could have been in his mind? yourself, john, uh, then we could take your statement, what occurred. can't even take a xxxx in this city. i'm with you there. many's the occasion that i've regretted my small bladder capacity. uh, i gotta call my dispatcher. yeahahfine, go ahead. then we'll get your account. be fair to yourself, greg. thisisuy gets back to you,
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so the bus driver gave a description? all right. all right. don't come in. go back to that bar the witneses talked about seeing him at. see if they can put a name to the guy. all right. - hey. - good morning..
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or, uh, send 'em to these f.b.i. guys or what? f.b.i. doesn't want that. he'll walk you through it. you're gonna explain to i.a.b.? - morning. - agents kriegel and kazmaier. i remember. what's going on? your internal affairs bureau is going to talk to you about the plate you ran for joe salvo. my boss says you don't want to tell i.a.b. it was your request,t, w. except who is gonna tell 'em? we don't want you to cooperate with i.a.b. tends to xxxx 'em off. they think salvo has a hook in i.a.b. we'll give you one pieie of bad information for each of your i.a.b. interviews, and we'll l d. the bought agent off which piece salvo winds up getting. meanwhile, where am i for running the plate? that will all be made right. you string out i.a.b., i'm off the street. i told you, your position will be made totally right.
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yeah, which is a lot of double-talk for bite the pillow and takekeour screwing. gotta talk to my boss. absolutely. absolutely. w-was this thing with salvo ever real? they say on their bugs he k kps saying "our guy": "our guy this, our guy says." how does that put the guy in with i.a.b.? kriegel wouldn't quote why, but he said they're sure about that. so i get sat down? not if they come up with salvo's man off your first interview. if you can't trust your career with these guys, who can you trust?
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if they make her for knonong, she'll be jammed just to get her out of the way. i'm telling russell or i'm gonna tell theheruth up and down and let 'em suspend me for impeding their investigation. well, i wouldn't tell anyone else. [ phone rings ] i'm sorry about this. boss, i wish you would have stood d for me better. what could i have done? yeah. that's what i can't figure out. [ sighs ] why'd the boss beep you? the rat squad's gonna land on me for doing salvo that solid. but you can tell i.a.b. the f.b.i. asked you to do that. - no? - diane, you start going off here,
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. - how's it going? - how's it going? how's it going, andy? assault-rape, first avenue and eighth. - good morning. - how's it going? diane, you want to meet greg and james at the alibi lounge? sure. ready. do me a a vor. don't turn my station off and then not say nothing on the ride. what are you talking about? last while, i put on music, you turn it off, then the whole ride, you're looking out the window.
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[ engine starts ] put on the radio. or instead of keeping me in the dark for what's getting to be an insulting period of time, you could tell me what the hell is going on. - i can't, andy. - is it domestic problems? you'll be shocked, but i'm acquainted with those. andy, please, you got to let me up here. sure. consider yourself up.
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oing on, fellas? we're looking for someone who frequents this bar. yeah. white hair, over six feet tall, uh, somewhat heavyset. yo, vince. some guys from your squad. - oh, boy. - what's going on, gentlemen? - hey, vince. - how's it going, vince? i picked up my vegetables, and now i'm having a little libation before i go home. well, i'd invite you to join me, which would have been me in the old days, but now you'd have to call yourself, you know what i mean, martinez? that's right, vince. but let's talk anyways. leon, uh, give the boys some nonalcoholic beverages of their choosing, huh? we're not having nothing. hey, vince, did you do a little joyridin' last night? in what sense? in the sense of, uh, stealing a bus and caving the sides in
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ying to jam me up. nobody's looking to jam you up, vince. no. no, uh, element of payback for borrowing those quarters from your coffee can? why don't you just tell us what happened, vince, and we'll see what we can do about it. what are you, an open-heart surgeon? - hi. - hey, diane. how you doing, vince? oh. you the, uh, final matador, russell? drive the final lance in the bull? just talking to vince about the bus incident. - my father drove buses 27 years. is that right? my uncle drove. my father drove 27 years, then keeled over dead of a heart attack. thank god not behind the wheel. we ought to go to the house, vince. you want to talk about last night? an unnamed person tried to give four passengers door-to-door service. - why don't we go in, vince? - no. - no. i'm gonna drink more. - no.
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vince. come on. come on. all right. i'm not under arrest. we're just gonna talk some stuff over. okay, vince. - what do we got? - rob-assault. victim's sonja hudson they took her to her bellevue. she was pretty well beat up. how do you know it's a robbery? - the place is all ransacked. - [ door opens ]
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come on, i saw you. open the door. - [ knocking ] - hey. - i didn't see anything. - no, huh? - no. - open the door. we'll chat about what you didn't see. i don't have to do that. you have to unless you want your door broken down. a violent crime was committed on your neighbor. you don't have to tell me. i don't have to tell you, huh? but you didn't see nothing. i've seen police coming and going, and i've seen sonja taken out on a gurney. i think you've seen a lot more than that. now open this damn door. - no. - where's your building super?
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- what's your name? - steven cameron. - steven, you're coming to the station house. - you can't make me. don't tell me i can't make you. now come with me to the station house. all right. just, um, be right there. - the guy saw a lot. - he said that? more or less. let's go. come on, steven. let's go. i'm coming on my own volition, and i-i can leave when i want.
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i-i know i am entitled to a counsel. why do you think you need one? because i-- i-i don't intend to-- to let you badger me into doing something against my better interests. why is that? because you committed a crime? huh? is that it? what do you like, steven or steve? that depends on on who i'm talking to.
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, if you prefer. steve, we'll be on a lot better footing you let me ask my own questions. sure, 'cause you're the tough cop, right? did you commit a crime? no. steve, if you're saying that you're a witness steve, you know it's your responsibility to come forward as a citizen, stevie boy, that's an interesting thing you do there, steve. you must be a real big hit at parties. you're not gonna make me help you with something could get me killed or badly injured or badly beaten, so... but you were a witness. yeah, but don't put-- don't-- don't put-- don't put words in my mouth 'cause-- we're not gonna put words in your mouth, steve, and we're not gonna put a fist in your mouth and knock you across the room and have you spittin' your teeth out like chiclets.
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just now, steve, my partner says to me, uh, "i think this super really wants to cooperate. he's just a little afraid." it's no crime in being afraid, steve. especially if you've seen something that shakes you up inside. but now-now i have two-- my two new friends, right? so, i don't-- i don't have to be afraid no more. 'cause the rapist, the one at large, no-- no chance he don't go to jail. right? wind up back out on the streets looking to hurt me. right? i mean, there's no chance, right, good buddies?
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the other building i'm the super at. - hey, gina. - hey. let's talk in the coffee room, vince. sure. make it as public as you can. i'll be in in just a second. yeah, while you run me down for fancy, right, medavoy? let's just get some coffee now, vince, all right? vince gotelli in a huge jackpot. he's who stole the bus? driver steps off to xxxx, vince has had a few, i guess upset with his health problems, decides he'll give the passengers door-to-door service. - who knows about it? - nobody, boss. did telli show his shield to get on? driver made no mention of that. [ medavoy ] we gotta bring i.a.b. in? let me have the driver's name.
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that, greg. excuse me. point taken. is he sober enough to give a statement? we'll walk him through that. all right, take it, but don't file it. i have a clean record. we put you through our computer, gary, so we know that's true. plus, if we didn't know it, that's the 17th time you told us. i'd like to know why someone knocked out with a migraine without even knowing why you want to talk to him. ever happen with you, gary right off meeting someone, you feel like he's a lying sack of crap? you see any radio cars outside your building this morning? you mean police cars? police cars, right. i heard sirens. i was lying in my bed with the shades drawn. knocked out by your migraine? there was a robbery across the street.
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- well, you're wrong. - if you did do it, gary, which your photo's been picked out by several different witnesses, you're in a better way than you deserve. woman's gonna recover. you plead to the robbery, probably do three years. i had a migraine, so i didn't do anything. now i want a lawyer. didn't have a migraine, you'd have done it? hope that didn't make your headache worse. - twitch super's in 3? - yeah. i'll put a photo array together. one thing i don't want, he throws up on my shoes off his nervousness. - hey. - hi. what's gotelli doing in?
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the rat squad's got it yet? greg says fancy's trying to head that off. maybe him and vince go further back. we gotta do something, bobby. i.a.b. will hang you out. if they see it's us doing something, they'll hang you out too. - i gotta do this photo array. - i'm gonna take a pee. you know, when you grabbed my wrist this morning, it hurt.
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