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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 21, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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of past the samuels into the end zone. touchdown wolfpack! a touchback a sprint to the pile up! are you ready to have some fun? everything you've got man, everything you got, you have to play with your heart! how about that wolfpack?
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show is presented by coca-cola any down to change the game so try to play where you go big on refreshment. coca-cola, taste the feeling by north carolina's electric cooperatives, and empowering the people and communities that we serve. your carolina for dealers and a great deal on your perfect board. make a connection today at the -- the official airline of the athletic. >> met days when over 1000 yards in the season. the victory over the miami hurricanes scored late to win 27-13. we welcome you to the show with the head coach of the wolf pack
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does this game once again demonstrate how small the march for error is not only for north carolina statement for other football teams? >> in college football right now there's a lot of equity and teams that are fighting. you see upsets each weekend five minutes left in the game and were down a score, with all that said we had 18 tackles. we had eyedrops which we usually don't have. we had critical errors in the end zone and we were there five minutes, it was frustrating. north carolina state five and six heading into the final regular-season game there that will be against north carolina nc state receiver is much improved a lot of credit goes to position coach george mcdonnell. we will talk about those comments here on the show.
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will honor our 14 seniors here as well. stay tuned.
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-- [ music ] turn on >> as easy as it started off as a picture postcard day for nc state in miami to hurricanes hang on to win 27-13.
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show. neither team could get the ball into the end zone. 323 at halftime to go into the locker room lamenting missed opportunities? >> i think any time as offense gets down there that close and we had a turnover and a block, we had a wide-open receiver, we missed a throw. where touchdown called back and went forth down in one. penalties and all of those plays were so important. there's really five things down there that us.heaven the wind from that standpoint, and all her. >> the coaches make adjustments but in the second half again changed a little. the offense moved the ball. what changed in the second half? >> four of the drops were on the first half. that's the difference between a
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second or third. that got our momentum off and second half we made some plays and the guys made really good catches the second half i thought we ran the football more effectively as we went. >> nc state rush defense they led the acc giving up less than 100 yards per game on the ground. i say that because of the first half miami had 17 first down plays, 14 were pas is that respect for defense and how big of a tendency break wasn't for them? >> they have been great tailbacks rotating three guys to keep them fresh. i think their quarterback is a good pro he came in late, they were running timing routes on the corner that were difficult to stop because you don't want to give up a fade, you have to
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and he struggled i thought as the game went on he made plans to make some stops. then they wore us down. >> a lot of quick passes as well. especially to the outstanding receiver another 100 yard game. when you scouted these guys did you figure it would be difficult to get on the ground? the run after the catch was prominent to the credibility. it streth last three games and in this game, tells us something they have done with the ongoing game. a lot that see the score. watch again, see the score but having a greater impact.>> they are big when they take points off the board or extend an opponents drive. they got a screen offense on that play.
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pass interference into an offense. >> we saw nc state get open receiver's afterplay action stakes and then a few times ryan finley ran that the ball. does that reflect how much the pension -- that tensions was given the defense.>> that has been fair and his read is a good play and the offenses coaches found a formation worry get him on we had to awesome place. >> he was in your first recruiting class, he's next to 1000 yard season and i know you're happy. what you think his legacy will be? >> he such a great person. he's a big heart, hard worker, never does anything that you would not want any other player to do. he's like a model player on the field he is every day checking
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i want to ask you a question, it's with wisconsin, it seems like they turn out 1000 yard rusher time after time when you do it with pat hayes does it help on the training trail? >> being balanced is part of who we are and sometimes you hear spread and think about getting the ball not a whole lot, we want to have that presidents at quarterback is not a good one guy. >> miami wins 27-13 in bentley stadium. >> what was it like talking to him again >> who doesn't want to win that
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gotten a stop at the end of the game but we didn't. we did finish on defense, we dwell in the first half and in the third quarter they came out nolan scored two touchdowns. you cannot do that, we knew they were third-quarter team. we preach that all weekend. in finals we had to stop and watch. we have a lot of competition. every person and coach on the team networks confident. this one is tough and we have to move on from it. we will work to get our sixth win and i have no doubt that we will do that. i am glad i have 1000 feet on the line as my coach. we did not come out with a win.>> this year nc state
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capacity is filled at 76,600 22,000 on the lower half 18,000 in the upper deck, and 13,000 in the end zone. expansion of the stadium has been dramatic over the decade because capacity was just over 40,000. of -- more of this after these
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i am back there with the coach on the orange show they keepr doran show. i know they are upset they didn't play home season last game. 20 or 30 years down the road when they look back at the for five years that nc state. will that be one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives x i think there are a lot of ups and downs and they persevered.
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to deal with whatever comes they are great people you love being around him. they are a positive influence on coaching staff and interact with families and kids. they are also guys. i think there are a lot of ups and downs and they have persevered.>> this program will be missed. we had a chance to honor them prior to the game on saturday.>> [ music ] [ video playing ] [ chee he was stopped after seven.
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wide receiver with the return! running back number 21! [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen please try your
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[ music ] [ video end ] profiles nc state wide receiver church -- george mcdowell i went through your profile. four-way tie indiana is that where you are from? i claim california where i was born and raised that i was actually born in for wayne. >> that still kind of soft.>> i
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>> how did you find illinois? >> i went as far away from home as i could.>> growing up in southern california, what team would you pull for wax >> reporter: i like the anaheim rams, jim everett and i like the chicago bears. >> reporter: do you like the rams went back home?>> is not anaheim so they are not back home. >> reporter: you like the rams and there's how do you like that ? >> when i was growing up that was their heyday with walter payton, they are always on tv and people talk about the cowboys i got attached to the bears. >> reporter: having spent time teaching players in the nfl, this is different, a completely different brand of coaching and
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thoroughbred. we have had a tradition here about people's. there's a tradition that seems like we get the parts of the pieces that look like a receiver. i go out and recruit does dell -- kevin hart vince and we try to upgrade the position. were not near the position but we take more pride in what we stance.>> one of the things you do, long touchdown passes, it's obviously a goal, but they just don't happen. you are talking about five 560+ yard touchdowns. >> a lot of it goes to coach then we, we talk about a touchdown whether we want to set up a score think the guys are buying into trying to
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>> i'm just telling you the southern california guys there have a compass in the room in your right now, >> we have talked about it from day one. when you have coaches like naove costa got curry, when they are not out doing it you are not the same. it's a culture where trying to build that permeates the with right receivers and met davis breaks a run and we don't want to take away from his season. thank you so -->> reporter: thank you so much for your job with the wide receivers the head coach. now it's time for a look at the record in 2011 david emerson set a school record that will likely hold for long time.
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including two in the dump all over lewis and. they are five clear of art rooney who posted eight
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now for the dave doran show it's time for the calendar and the 2016 regular season against north carolina at kenan stadium. get coverage on the sports network at 10 am. don't forget we will have the dave doran radio show with the time change. the show begins in our earlier at 6 pm and as always it originates from the backyard bistro in raleigh.
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carolina and scarbrough hill, let's look at north carolina's defense with the quarterback nick urbanski. he did a great job this year of making the offense, especially because they want to go no huddle and throw the ball, it makes his runs with the big running back elisha hood it's the guy who makes things go. top plays that they run this thing over and over again especially third downs. here on the left side you have a wide receiver, he will run a clear route. he will run to the front side with a two-man game. the two-man game day will run is a double take route. you have the inside slot receiver coming up at pressing up and then about an 10 yards he comes around outside receiver
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time again. a big rob comes around as he gets coverage, yoplait that because they want to do a double move and go outside. that is there go to play on third down. there is. the report for north carolina should be a good one. coming up on friday another chapter written in nc state north carolina football rivalry kickoff at 12 noon at kenan stadium. i know you like your routines and i know you like your players and routines but we have a friday game, how much does that change? >> it changes it and it's thanksgiving week so once we get to the later part of the week, is one day less on preparation one day less on the study and everything that goes to prepare the team.
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it definitely speeds up what you have to do. >> the nature the basin secretary you have good officers and now you live in north carolina. the quarterback has been terrific, they have a skill of people and offense can hold their own. >> yes and i think coach of eduardo does a great job as he always has. he's a very experienced coach and he has an experienced group. yes for juniors and some seniors on offense. he has and defense that we have. he is extremely accurate. >> have a great week on behalf of coach doran and the wolfpack football family thank you for your support and we wish you and your family the happiest of thanksgiving's. see you next week on the dave doran show.>> this has been presented by coca-cola. any down can change the game so play big where you go on
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