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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 22, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EST

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l have to find a way to avoid detection. ( sighing ): let's do it in the morning. we've done enough for tonight. are you saying good-bye? there'll be other spirals. they've just never looked quite so... beautiful before. could be the company i'm keeping. or the polarization axis of the windows. that must be it. ( laughs softly ) how often does this array emit a scanning pulse? every 40 seconds. range? ten light-years. the pulse is designed to track warp fields and impulse signatures. if we lower our power output to beneath its detection threshold... we could drift past undetected. it's worth a try. well, good night.
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join me? i've been looking forward to trying your replicator. i'm sure that i can come up with something to toast the evening. we've accomplished quite a bit today. i'm afraid that won't be possible. i had your replicator taken off-line. in case i decided to replicate a weapon. a safety precaution, you understand. better than anyone. sleep well. and you.
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15 seconds. our power output is below the detection threshold. ten seconds. five... four... three... two... we weren't detected. ten minutes and we'll be out of range. torres: engineering to bridge. we've got a problem. that pulse triggered a variance in the antimatter stream. it's not much, but it will light us up like a beacon when the next pulse hits. janeway: options? i can't correct it in time. so that leaves shutting down the core. do it. there's another pulse. time? 28 seconds. get down to the plasma injectors.
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20 seconds. b'elanna... almost there, captain. i have a problem with the injectors. 15 seconds. ten seconds. four... three... two... ( beeping ) we've been detected. the array's transmitting an alert. negative. b'elanna, fire up the core. we're getting out of here. warships will be on their way but we can still reach the wormhole. if we can find it. tom, how long to the tehara system? 11 hours at maximum warp. engines are back on-line. engage. using the model you developed we were able to narrow down the location of the wormhole's next appearance
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we can't determine its exact position until we reach the system but we know it will open in roughly six hours. it will remain open for two minutes at most. i've devised a new shield modulation which should protect us against their weapons. you're not planning to fight your way to the wormhole? if i have to. paris: bridge to captain janeway. go ahead. long-range sensors have picked up two devore warships heading right for us. time to intercept? six hours. i'll be in engineering. kashyk. modifications. then we'll see if we can adjust our phasers to penetrate the devore shields. if torpedoes don't work, i want an alternative. captain, we have to talk but not here. i'm going back to rejoin the warships. it's the only way i can guarantee your safety. kashyk... i'm still a ranking officer.
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vered. you said yourself they're suspicious. you'll risk being caught. i'll keep them off track long enough to get you through that wormhole. it's too dangerous. kathryn... you asked for safe passage and i agreed under the condition that you follow my orders. you may stand a chance against one of our warships but not against two. if i stay your best chance of escape will be lost. i could confine you to quarters. ( chuckles ) tay with us once we got through the wormhole. i wouldn't mind having someone around who appreciates a bit of tchaikovsky now and then. generous but something tells me i wouldn't fit in any better on voyager. well... you wouldn't be the first wayward soul we've folded into our ranks.
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our course will put us just outside the tehara system by the time the warships arrive. your inspection teams have to be off voyager before that wormhole opens. believe me, it will be the quickest inspection on record. i'll be on the bridge. your efforts have been greatly appreciated. my pleasure. live long and prosper. thank you. kashyk: begin pre-ignition sequence. i've made one adjustment to your plan. after the inspection, we're going to wait at the wormhole for as long as we can... until it begins to collapse. i may not be able to join you this time.
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they're assuming a tactical formation. shields? no. we follow protocol. bridge to transporter room. status? ready, captain. pattern cohesion stable. cargo bay one? clear. they're hailing. on screen. gaharay vessel, prepare to be... janeway: we've been through three inspections. please explain why another is necessary. crew members are instructed to step away from their stations. side arms and scanning equipment are to be set aside. deviation from this or any other inspection protocols will not be tolerated. all hands, this is the captain.
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give them your usual warm welcome. devore soldiers have materialized on decks 15, 12, eight, four... and... one. ( tchaikovsky symphony playing ) kashyk: captain janeway, report to your ready room. captain. good to see you again. likewise. tchaikovsky.
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mine, too. i'm afraid prax isn't impressed. he's solely concerned with his work, aren't you, prax? as you say, sir. yes, he's curious why you entered this sector. you're aware it's restricted. we were planning to study a super nova remnant not far from here. you strayed a full light-year from your course in order to observe an astronomical phenomenon? we're explorers. yes, i remember. i also remember warning you about going where you don't belong. exploring can sometimes be hard to resist, inspector. well, it's a romantic notion, captain but one i can't allow you to indulge. i'm afraid i'll have to ask you to leave our space immediately. prax, why don't you check on our teams while i reiterate our protocols for captain janeway. do they suspect anything? not yet but our warships
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and mine as well. i don't think we have much time. the brenari? they're in transporter suspension. and the wormhole? we found it. it's 20,000 kilometers off our port bow. we've determined that a photon torpedo properly calibrated will force open the threshold long enough for voyager to get through. congratulations, captain. for awhile, i wasn't sure if even you could find it. prax. go to cargo bay one. you'll find the transporter patterns for more than a dozen telepaths. rematerialize them. yes, sir. impressive. you gave a masterful performance. i'm the one who's impressed with your selflessness, your humanity. it made all this so much easier. oh, but what about your selflessness?
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was that a fabrication, too? oh, that incident was real. what i didn't tell you was that after wrestling with my ethics i realized that i'd done the right thing in order to protect my people from a very real threat. please. i insist.
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access their forward sensor array. you should find neutrino emissions at roughly 20,000 kilometers off the port bow. on screen. target two photon torpedoes. when the first one detonates the wormhole will open. use the second one to destabilize its subspace matrix. that will destroy it. prax, report. i've isolated the bio-patterns. fire. it should have detonated. those aren't neutrino emissions. they're antimatter residue signatures.
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you created false readings. that is the theme for this evening, isn't it? prax, do you have the telepaths? i have cargo containers... filled with vegetables. return to the bridge. computer, change music selection. mahler's symphony number one, second movement. maybe this will help you relax. two of their shuttlecraft are missing. they couldn't have gone far. why didn't they appear on our long-range scans? of course! adjust our scanners to compensate for refractive shielding. well, you gave us the specifications. seemed a shame to waste them. we've located the two shuttlecraft. range 20 million kilometers. order our ships to pursue.
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we're approaching the coordinates. i'm firing the torpedo. the shuttles have disappeared from sensors. we've scanned for a wormhole. if there was one, it's gone. i'll order janeway and her crew removed. we'll confiscate the vessel . you're dismissed. imperative 12, codicil six requires... to hell with protocol, prax! do you think either of us will benefit from having this failure on our records? as far as you're concerned this incident never occurred. make sure your teams share
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well played, captain. it seems i never did earn your trust. i had to take a few precautions. you understand. better than anyone. i never lied to you. my offer to take you with us was genuine and it would still stand if you'd kept your part of the bargain. for what it's worth... pting offer.
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this was their first view of it. sato: if you didn't look too close you'd think it was earth. breaking ground on the town hall. is that captain mitchell? no. i thinkthat'smitchell. are we there yet? three hours, 17 minutes to go, sir. travis has been digging through the archives. crew manifests... survey photos... weekly status reports. i was hoping to find something-- a clue to what happened. you'd be the first. i've been fascinated by terra nova since i was a kid, sir. i always thought lost colonies affected boomers more than anyone else. something about people who choose to live off-world.
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in about three hours and 17 minutes. ? it's been a long road ? getting from there to here ? it's been a long time ? but my time is finally near ? and i will see my dream come alive at last ? ? and they're not gonna hold me down no more ? ? no, they're not gonna change my mind ? ? 'cause i've got faith of the heart ? ? i'm going where my heart will take me ? ? i've got faith to believe ? i can do anything
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? no one's gonna bend or break me ? ? i can reach any star ? i've got faith ?i've got, i've got? ? i've got faith ? faith of the heart. [captioning sponsored by paramount television
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"terra nova"? i'm surprised you've never heard of it. i'm not familiar with the early years of human space exploration. really? every schoolkid on earth had to learn about the famous vulcan expeditions. name one. history was never my best subject. it was called the "great experiment." could humans colonize deep space? they'd already built new berlin on the moon utopia planetia on mars even a few asteroid colonies, but all within our solar system. when they found an earth-like planet less than 20 light-years away, it was hard to resist. took them, what, nine years to get there? nine years there nine years back, but they made it. my grandfather remembered seeing their first transmissions when he was a kid. (chuckles) what happened to them? people have been trying to answer that question for a long time.
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after the colony was built relations with earth became strained. the space agency figured nothing succeeds like success so they decided to send another vessel. archer: the colonists protested. they'd been there five years. this was their home. they didn't want another 200 people arriving. but the folks back on earth argued that there weren't any other habitable planets within reach but the colonists dug their heels in. there were a few angry messages sent back and forth and one day... why didn't you send a vessel to find out what happened? nine years there, nine years back-- it would have been a pretty long trip. a vulcan trip could have made the journey in far less time. why didn't you ask them? asking favors of the vulcans usually ends up carrying too high a price. my experience with humans is limited but i've come to learn that they're quite resourceful.
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200,000 kilometers. let's see it. i promised my dad i'd see this place someday. put us in orbit over the colony. terra nova colony this is captain jonathan archer of the starshipenterprise. we've come from earth. please respond. no answer, sir. any bio-signs? no, but the colony appears to be intact. i'm also detecting
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i can't tell. let's take a look. closer. looks like a ghost town. let's hope the ghosts can give us some answers. how bad is the radiation? less than 800 millirads. a few hours of exposure shouldn't pose a risk. trip, take the bridge.
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a housing unit. no sign of weapons fire... only rust. whatever happened, i got to believe they tried to let earth know about it. we've got the schematics for the communications tower. good. see if the data buffer's intact. we might be able to access their last transmission logs. see what else you can find. judging by the isotope decays the radiation levels 70 years ago would have been lethal. if that's what killed them, where are the bodies? maybe they left the planet before it could affect them. that would have been difficult. that's a bulkhead. they designed their ship to be disassembled. that's how they built the colony.
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hello? we're not alone, sir. there's someone in the forest. on our way. i believe he went in there. did you get a look at him?
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looking scales... this leads to a network of caverns that extend for several hundred meters. archer to mayweather. go ahead, sir. get back to the shuttle, and grab a pair of flashlights. make it quick.
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(scraping sounds)
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captain. my name is archer. we're looking for some people. i was hoping you could help us. we're not going to hurt you. we're just trying to find out what happened to them.
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(automatic rifle fire) which way? (gunfire) t'pol to captain archer. captain? we're under attack and i think we just took a wrong turn. we could use a little help navigating down here. just a moment. in approximately three meters a tunnel will branch off to your left. take it. i don't see a tunnel. correction: ten meters. (gunfire) (gunshot) (groans)
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malcolm? malcolm! (gunfire) where's malcolm? go. (gunfire) take us up! if those aliens killed the colonists they could kill malcolm, too. those weren't aliens.
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hi mom... just to see how you're doing. i'll be alright. but it was a shock. i never saw it coming. i know. i can't believe they would let you go, after 20 years. things are starting to sink in. i realize i've got decisions to make. like how to replace the life insurance i had through work. life insurance? i'd think you'd have other priorities. my priority is making sure you don't get stuck with a lot expenses if something happens to me. mom, there's no reason to think anything is going to happen. a couple of days ago, there was no reason to think i'd lose my job. no one likes to think about it, but you have to be ready for it. you're right. can i help? actually, i found a massmutual policy that's affordable let me show you... if you're age 50 to 75, there's an easy, affordable way to get life insurance. it's called guaranteed acceptance life insurance,
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i don't get it. if they're human, why were they shooting at us? archer to the bridge. what have you found? we've got a pretty good picture of those caverns and we've picked up 52 bio-signs so far-- all human. the only one i'm interested in right now is lieutenant reed. we've got to get him out of there. have you found him? yes, sir, he's about 90 meters below the surface. he's not responding to hails, captain, but he's alive. have dr. phlox join us in the situation room. tucker: aye, sir. if these are the descendants of the original colonists they've never seen other humans before. maybe we looked as strange to them as they did to us. tucker: twelve-point-six kilometers worth of tunnels. looks like they even dug a few wells. the geology's a little shaky. some of these passageways have collapsed.
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not yet. what do they do for food? many species feed on underground fauna and flora: tubers, fungi, insects. they also hunt some kind of burrowing animal. where's malcolm? right here, sir. there are two people with him. can we use the transporter? he's too deep. a section of this tunnel is collapsed-- it's empty. if we could get into it we could clear the obstruction with phase-pistols. we'd be less than 20 meters from lieutenant reed. what about these two? we have to assume they're armed. a stun grenade would solve that problem. i don't want to risk any more casualties. despite how they look, they're still human. we've got to find some way to talk to them. they didn't seem too eager to talk. if i can't make first contact with other hu... i don't have any business being out here. malcolm was shot. grab your medical kit and meet me at the launch bay. right away, sir. captain? try to find out
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rk on that data buffer. i want to know if they tried to send any messages to earth. phlox: do you think they know we've returned? hard not to hear a shuttlepod landing on your roof. (shouting): i'm unarmed. i just want to talk.
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fancy meeting you here. how's the leg? i've lost a bit of blood, sir but i don't think it's too serious. phlox: may i have my medical supplies, please? human? that's right. what's that? my name is phlox. i am a denobulan. i am captain archer's physician. you tracked from earth... on a sky ship. it's called enterprise. to what? gut the rest of us? no. we're here to find out what happened to the colony. we came to help you. novans have had enough "help" from you. we're not so easy to hunt as diggers. go back to the overside, or we'll seal your passage. i told you. we're not here to hurt anybody. take that one, and don't track back. all right
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on one leg. my doctor needs to treat him. what makes you think we're here to hurt you? humans hurt novans. they gutted us. our families. our before-families. i don't understand. the poison rain. i was no taller than a digger but i can still see back. we lived on the overside. then the humans dropped the poison, burned our skin gutted the grown ones. there was no place to go but here.
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to the... "underside." i think i know what you're talking about. the poison rain. it was some kind of radiation. i don't know what caused it, but i'm sure it wasn't humans. he can walk... more or less but i'll need to get him back to sick bay to remove the projectile. i know this will be hard for you to accept but you're the descendants of human beings. your ancestors colonized this planet over 70 years ago. they came from earth, just like i did. i don't know what happened but maybe we could work together and find out. he speaks inshale. if that's your way of calling me a liar
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find out what happened here. no. are you aware that your mother is sick? this is one of the tools the captain spoke of which can tell me all kinds of things about the inside of your body. she has an illness that we call "lung cancer" but it's easily cured. dr. phlox can make her well but she'd have to come back to our ship. this isshale. they want to trap us on the overside... to gut us. how long of a day would it take? not long. a few hours, at the most. hours? she'd be back before the sun rises on the overside. let us help you.
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this one stays. he needs to be treated, as well. he'll be fine, for a few hours. don't worry about me, sir. i was just getting used to the place.
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that'senterprise. it's a lot like the ship
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it was called theconestoga. maybe you were born on board. or were you born after your parents got here? my parents were novans. they came from the overside. nadet: no more! let me out! open the passage. just a few more seconds. jamin! open it! my apologies for any discomfort. is she healed? not quite. first, we have to determine how far her sickness has spread. that is you. the inside of you, anyway. this picture will tell me what kind of treatment you'll require.
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the malignancy has spread to her lymphatic system. she'll need a series of cytolytic injections. injections? medicine. he's just going to give her some medicine. i'll need a few minutes to synthesize it. i've got some other pictures you might like to see. one of my crewmen found these in our database. they might help you remember what it was like living on the overside before the poison rain. it's humanshale. they're confusing our path. you will lose your tracks in this. i'm just trying to help you see how you got here. all i see is digger filth. well, look again... because whether you want to believe it or not we're both human.
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keep me posted. captain's starlog, supplemental: sub-commander t'pol has discovered the remnants of an impact crater that could explain the radiation. how far away is it? about 500 kilometers north. how deep? it's been partially filled in by erosion over the years but i'm reading impact fractures down to nearly 2,000 meters. comet or an asteroid? a large one. the tectonic analysis puts the impact at approximately 70 years ago. the poison rain. the geology was comprised primarily of beresium ore. the thermo-shock would have created a radioactive cloud that probably covered the northern hemisphere for more than a year. they spent all those years getting here...
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that's an old mk-33, isn't it? or is it a 34? impressive body armor you're wearing. did you make it yourself? right. i don't suppose there's a lavatory on the premises, is there? i wouldn't mind freshening up a little. didn't think so. is your belly hollow? that all depends.
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digger meat. looks a little, uh... undercooked. humans are like damp moss. they rot on the underside. not bad. (low-pitched horn sounding)
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(music continues) (door chimes) come in. it's a transmission, sir. it's the last one anyone made as far as we can tell. it was still in the buffer. mayweather: it's captain mitchell. mitchell: no matter how angry logan's threats may have seemed there had to have been a way of dealing with this other than attacking us. nearly half the adults are dead, including dr. tracey and everyone else is getting sick except for the younger children. if they have any chance of surviving the least you could do is have the vulcans send a ship for them. but for all i know
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ed terra nova enough to do this? well, it's yours now but i doubt you'll be very pleased with what you find when you get here. mark logan was the head of the opposition-- the ones who were against a second wave of settlers. supposedly, he threatened to fire at any ship that came into orbit. the irony is that captain mitchell's message never reached earth. the debris in the atmosphere was too dense. so, for some reason the young kids survive and begin living underground. their last memories of their parents are hearing them blame humans for destroying the colony. the idea that humans are the enemy has been embedded in them for more than two generations. this isn't going to be easy. phlox: sick bay to archer. go ahead.
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is everything all right? nadet's cancer has been eliminated. nice work. but i found something quite troubling. both she and her son are showing signs of microcellular decay in their endocrine systems. their underground water supply has probably become contaminated. i don't have any medication to treat this and it's only going to get worse. would bringing them to the surface help? t'pol says the soil and foliage is going to remain irradiated for at least another decade. how's she doing? she's as disagreeable as she was before i treated her.
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