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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  November 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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it's very interesting. traces of chloracine and picric acid. the blood slides from this young lady match exactly those of mr. kuryakin. diphenyl sulfide. extraordinary. maybe, this, uh, card'll tell us something. [machine whirring]
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seem very much at home there. you remember him? ex-colonel adam pattner. yes. yes, i do. he was forced to resign his commission because of his political fanaticism. he had an idea, the world was really ruled by idiots. it's not the first time a man's been ruined by a half truth. you alright, now? yes. i'm still a little frightened. is that bad? it was a chemically induced fear. you have every right to be frightened. i was too. no after effect. [machine whirring] (man on intercom) 'diphenyl picrin cyanic chloracine' 'known to be a powerful depressant' 'which acts on the nervous system' 'and artificially creates the condition of extreme fear.' 'it was developed by professor enver karadian' 'during world war ii.' 'but work on it was abandoned, when the gas' 'was found to be too unstable for efficient control.' 'professor karadian continued his research'
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'he was expected to visit the united states' 'in april of 1959, to demonstrate' 'the results of his research.' 'but disappeared. there's been no trace of him since.' april, 1969. wasn't that the time colonel pattner resigned suddenly? yes, it was. i wonder if it was he who steered karadian away from the pentagon. and now, someone has tamed that fear gas and put it to work. miss raven. tell me about this yugoslav village that seemed to interest your father. well, there's not much i do know. a place called nazunji. it's not so much a village, it's a mountain area. 'lot of deep caverns where the guerrillas' 'used to hide out during the' war. it's almost impassable country, quite remote. and this friend of your father's, uh milan horth lives there. yes.
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would you help us to find the men who killed your father? i will do anything you ask. good. karadian, can you hear me? yes. yes, you're coming in faintly now. - 'how was the meeting?' - excellent. i have four new groups. we've been promised nearly 3000 men under german command. what about the containers? they are coming off the assembly line very fast now. under control. tighten it up. we've had some trouble. 'raven's daughter has been exposed to the gas.' 'she's been talking. i don't know to whom.' what? better expect a visit from an unfriendly agency. i want a red alert on all systems. is that understood? of course. of course, i understand. good. i'm signing off. if there's an attack, i don't think he can handle it.
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od. i'd like to know, who took that girl from us. it suggests a highly efficient organization. they shall have to be taught a severe and painful lesson. go to it, pattner. go to it.
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[radar whirring] - 'sir?' - what is it? we have an intercept. course, range, altitude? direct heading, security area. range, 12 miles. altitude, 5,000 feet.
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alert intercept. sound the alarm. [beeping] it's coming around from another approach, sir. alright. bring 'em down. [explosion] the bird is on auto-fire. [loud explosion] direct hit, sir. the scanner is clean. - parachutes? - none reported sighted, sir. a lesson in manners... for clever people.
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you think, they picked up the helicopter on their radar? no. we flew in too low. let's hope that all of their electronic scanning equipment let's go. [gun clicking] horth! [whispering] horth! oh. - these men, are your friends? - yes, very good friends.
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nevertheless, hello. ha, ha, ha. so, i see the big bird go pfft. and they see the little bird land on the nest and lay three eggs. so, i get out to see what the eggs hatched. i'm glad it was you. it could've been some of the other fellows. ah, yes. there are-there are many strangers around here, now. scared the wits out of me, springing at us like that. ah, tsk, tsk. my fourth wife. mr. horth we've come a long way to find you. now, you find. - so? - is it safe to talk here? nowhere is safe but talk. you would remember gregory raven? he was my friend. and the men who killed him.
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nazungi. 'a mountain, out there.' strangers, you said. you know, uh...what they're doing. mm, they come from france, from spain, from germany. from many places. 'but what they do' 'that i do not know.' gregory raven told me he had found a man who had returned from the caves at nazungi. he had returned so full of fear, he could not speak. raven asked me to guide him there. 'so, we went at night, silently.' but i could not find the way, pass the guards. [chuckles] there was a white gas lying on the ground 'in the hollow, before the caves.' raven took my arm and said "run." 'else, what happened to the man he had found' 'would happen to us too.'
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i ran. some day.. ...i go back and see what those evil men do on my mountain. now is your chance. will you guide us there? just the two of us. marion can stay here till we come back. - and if you don't come back. - we will. these are the men that killed my father. she is a brave girl. i like. it'll be a tough climb. let my sex mislead you, mr. solo. i am trying very hard not to. [footsteps] can we go? now. (male #4) 'ah!'
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i told you, nowhere is safe. better we go now. [panting] take deep breaths, slowly. and relax. you only have few moments before napoleon and horth return from scouting the area ahead. then we climb again. it seems whenever we're together you always have a gun in your hand. i never feel quite comfortable with you, illya. you have to learn to ignore me. pretend i'm part of the background just another rock or a tree.
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nazungi. 'the caves are through that pass and over the bridge there. see'' i have a feeling that they're still expecting someone. well, let's not disappoint them. at all times, close to me.
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m. we picked up something, mr. karadian, in unit six. unit six, let me see what you've got. all sections, start your cameras. - 'there they are.' - 'i'm not blind.'
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before. now she comes back... with a headache.. ...for us. okay, turn them off. go get 'em. - a woman, couldn't we-- - no! disarm them. put these on, you'll need them. you'll never get across that bridge without them. come along. move! [footsteps]
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alright, you can take them off now. okay, move along. come on, move. put the mask on the desk. alright, let's go. turn to your right. come on! come on. [dramatic music] [groaning]
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[alarm ringing] come on! [gunshot] no. no. horth! [ringing continues] take that dog out and bury him. next time, it'll be you. take them to command room.
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[transmitter buzzing] [dialing] go ahead. they checked us with a decoy airplane but we stopped them in the valley. girl and two men, had to kill one of them. good.
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then get rid of them. (male #5) let's go. (gervaise) 'i finished the recruiting.' 'we can go ahead with the attack anytime you're ready.' 'do you have enough gas?' enough to flood every military depot in the country. i'm allowing five days for the takeover. the only thing we're waiting for now are the new pilots. - where are they? - they're on their way. i'm signing off now. have done this alone. just you and i. they'll be soon to the end of their usefulness. both of them. - illya. - shh. - but i'm so-- - please! i must think. there has to be some way out of this-- but there isn't, so can't we just talk? not now. just pretend i'm not here. part of the walls. that's what you are. alright.
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but just for once, just once. couldn't you pretend you're a human being? for a few moments then. let us pretend i'm a human being.
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(pattner) 'energetic young man, isn't he?' what are we gonna do with him? [explosion] what is going on? [alarm blaring] come on. [explosion continues] [alarm blaring continues] [gadget crackling] [beeping]
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return at once and check the hallways. [beeping] [beeping continues]
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okay. sir. all northwest fires are out, but the power is gone. - tell 'em to guard all points. - alright, there, let's go. come on man. go, move out. look out! look! [machine gun firing] it's the gas. it's the gas. [muffled] kuryakin.
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(napoleon) hurry! i left the time bomb in the ammunition room. [loud explosion] they've lost their headquarters their chemical plant, their scientist and the supply
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[chuckles] that would seem to be the end of it. wouldn't it? nothing left, but an ugly scar. and one day that too will be covered over. (waverly) and you miss raven. we've a lot to thank you for. if there's anything i can ever do for you. ever, at anytime, anywhere. no. all i want now is, the cozy feeling i get when i'm curled up on my divan listening to the kind of music i like. goodbye, mr. waverly. - i'll take you home. - you don't have too. oh, we'll walk. it's a nice afternoon for walking. well, i suppose i ought to say it's been nice. i suppose i ought to say, i hope we'll meet again, someday. we will, no doubt. if i need you, where will you be?
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our report, sir. best possible thing for him. she has a lot to forget. i told earlier to help her put it all behind her. that seems, sir, to indicate a very sympathetic attitude. i'd like you to know, i appreciate it. well, it's all over for miss raven, isn't it? but not for you, mr. solo. gervaise ravel, mr. bufferton? precisely. mm-hmm. i was afraid you'd say that. - well, after this weekend-- - night. when you've decided what to do about them.. ...let me know.
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?? >> here's adventure. here's romance. here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west,


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