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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  November 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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in' wrong. i'll tell you what, boss. i'm gonna tell you something right now. this had to be what they wanted and where they were going all along. [ panting ] now they got me sat down.
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[ chattering ] so you want to take it? set up a feminine rapport? ow it lays out with her, andy? - yeah. excuse me for trying to have a plan. - andy, stop it. excuse me. detectives. we're looking for anna lakos. may i help you? miss lakos? yes? i'm detective russell. this is detective sipowicz. is there some place we could talk? what's it about? have you been in touch with your parents? - no. - could we talk somewhere more private?
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was the victim of a homicide this morning. [ crying ] no. do that someplace else. can i get you some water? [ crying continues ] what happened? [ russell ] miss lakos, you haven't spoken with your parents in the last four or five hours? - no. - we notified them this morning. we thought by now they would have contacted you. if you told them not to, they wouldn't. who hurt her? it's not clear right now. [ crying continues ] did she have any enemies? somebody she didn't get along with? a boyfriend or something like that? my sister was raped six months ago. she hadn't had a boyfriend since. was her attacker caught?
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ave done this to her too? it was someone she worked with. he moved to seattle. i have to be with my parents. i don't-- i don't think my dad can live through this. did she talk to you about seeing a psychiatrist? a-a little. she was hurt so badly by what had happened. [ russell ] emotionally? yeah. it had just torn up her feelings about herself. i don't know if a doctor could've done her any good. you've been a lot of help. we're so sorry for your loss. hey, gina. hey. detective, i don't know what they're saying, but i know you wouldn't do anything wrong. - thanks. where's the boss? - in the lavatory.
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- anything we can do, bobby? - it's gotta sort itself out, greg. as far as that goes, they gotta sort theirselves out. 'cause there's no chance in the world this is anything but a hummer beef. so where are you with those juveniles? the victim made a photo i.d. that's inadmissible. these kids are too smart to stand in a lineup. we'll let 'em go. cool 'em out a little more before we try for the guy's wallet. bobby. f.b.i.'s in there. uh-uh. let 'em make their play. okay. i can't believe they suspended you. yeah. and if you xxxxxx in my ear, you would tell me it was raining. the guy that suspended me,
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you're not-- you're not sure? that shannon could move against you so fast makes us wonder if salvo's got a second hook. oh, man. oh, man. you are getting your job back. i promised you that. you see, this is on the street now. if i get my job back, was he a wrong guy and did he just rat somebody out to save his ass? when you get back on the job, believe me, we'll do some spin control for you. just shut up, man! just--
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as long as it's fallen like this-- you suspended, salvo's i.a.b. hook telling him you're a stand-up guy-- we figure you could snuggle up with joe now pretty good. [ laughs ] yeah, that's what i figured you'd figure. y'all wanna play like this, man, we gotta appear before a magistrate. [ laughing ] [ martininez ] keep running it, jamal. we'll take a look at how many years you've been 15. yo, go ahead. check my birth certificate, man. yeah. where's it going anyway? we ain't do nothin' wrong. maybe you're not too keen on having your certificate looked at too, huh, warren?
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guy we know lost his wallet. we're not looking to jam anyone for that, put anything in evidence. all we want is an idea where you guys would guess-- [ yawns ] if someone like that did lose a wallet, where would we go to look for it? yo, i don't what y'all talkin' about. when the guy lose it? yesterday, around the public theaeater. gave it up to a guy stopping his friend's seizure. guy whwhose wallet it was forgot to ask for it back. we could look there. guy might still have his personal effects. might-- might be down there. yeah, well, you know, nobody put a gun to my head, right? yeah, sure. same place as before. yeah.
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get it back. look, lieu, uh, you don't wanna hear me tell 'em what's going on, you ought to walk away. do what you feel is right. who brought you back? f.b.i. scumbags. so me and diane, we're out at dinner. this guy joey salvo sends over a bottle of wine. the e stickup guy? which me and him know each other growing up. ey asked me to cooperate if salvo tries to reach out. - job says what? - do what the f.b.i. wants. so salvo reaches out for a pedigree on a plate. i run the plate. boom. here comes martens from i.a.b. "why did you run the plate?" but it don't bother me, 'cause i know the job's got my back. - oh, yeah. - come to find out the job is looking with f.b.i., does salvo have a hook at the rat squad? but they can't tell the rat squad to back off of me. that would tip salvo that he's up. so bobby gets suspended instead.
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they think that my best next move would be to turn the sheets down with salvo. oh. they were taking you there all the time, bobby. they knew if you had any choice, you wouldn't go as far as they wanted with salvo. two of you went over the ins and outs of this thing pretty thoroughly, huh? they said i could tell one person, andy. you done letting 'em tell you what you can and can't do now? [ sipowicz ] what the hell do you want, martens? [ clears throat ] i'm suspended. [ sipowicz ] you're suspended? is that right? yeah. they said someone's wrong in our unit. they don't wanna tip him he's hot. i get suspended so the wrong guy drops his guard. - 'cause they know i'm right. - where is justice, huh? you can tell me who they're looking at.
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sure. family photos, you see. uh-huh. still a big money wad in there when we found it, but we took that. there were nine dollars in my wallet, detective, which i am sure were taken by those young thieves. wanna sign this? appreciative as i am, detectives, i do not believe that any of today's events refute our article's concerns about coercion of suspects or selective application of the laws. vocabulary, mr. highsmith, there's gotta be "good-bye" in there. quite right. [ chattering ] uh-oh. i think i feel another one comin' on. - [ grunting ] - [ jamal ] oh, damn, man! he bit my finger! oh, man! excuse me, mister, you got somethin'? can you help a brother out? please! - hank, get 'em outta here. - [ laughing ]
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move it. [ laughing continues ] mmm. is that on? i'm not gonna wear it. i'm gonna be transmitting all over the place. i gonna have them give me a body recorder. what you gotta do, stop lettin' 'em move you around. yeah, okay. if this is their game, bobby, you're screwed. you make it so there is no game. we gotta put stink on the operation. tive stink. like how, andy? how do we initiate that? you collar this xxxxxxx. big picture in the paper-- you and salvo at arraignment. now you showed you're straight. you're no use to salvo, the bureau, the rat squad, or the job making you go undercover. you're useless for nothing but us goin' back to work. andy, if they know that i'm against them, anything that i do, they'll try to turn it around. how they gonna turn that? you're putting bracelets on salvo. how? suppose they put out that i set up the collar,
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i worked this prick salvo on the robbery squad. this is a genuine badass. thanks for the tip, andy. i watched this guy take out a kid with a baseball bat when we were 15. citibank stickup-- three guys from his crew-- they showed up dead. the pie don't need to get cut up so small. this is salvo. [ knocking ] i know it is. - the shrink's back? - they got you wearing a kel? i'm not wearing a kel. i'm gonna wear a nagra. yeah, that's the choices they left him, sit down. what a grim environment to have to work in every day. yeah, thanks for the big concern. what developments with christine? past being murdered? it doesn't elude me you're both taking provocative tones.
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about having been raped? since the person who attacked christine has moved to another part of the country, i'd suggest what's more pertinent to your homicide investigation is the incest issues with her father-- the rape reexposed-- as i've already brought to your attention. you sure wanna put prison stripes on this girl's father, don't you, dr. wentzel? my wants have nothing to do with it. you wouldn't have had any "wants" going on with christine, would ya, doc? good day. e we'll share a cell. what in heaven's name is going on here? this girl's father didn't kill her. you think not? yeah, we think not. and if he didn't, then with the drain cleaner and such getting forced into her after she's already dead-- everything but "a plumber did this" gettin' painted on her forehead-- that leads us to think maybe somebody's framin' him. and then here comes you, checking in six and seven times an hour,
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- and subsequently at your request. - [ russell ] doctor, everything we've heard, this girl and her father adored each other. compounding her sense of betrayal on recovering the incest. you know, i'm-- i'm groveling to make you understand what any competent practitioner would-would recognize instantly. - yeah? why? - i'm gonna leave, detective, and then neither of us will have to account for my behavior. [ mutters ] this is ludicrous. i'm not even gonna ask for an attorney. that's how ludicrous this is. how did you try to help christine, doc? oh, as if you've any real interest. this young lady felt profoundly defiled. i'll disclose to you that this young lady was a virgin,
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very loving family. genuine belief in the country. america's promise. do you see? very touching. i came from an idealistic raising myself. very loving, affectionate, deeply moral person. - this is you? - naturally, i-- [ sighs ] i was responsive to christine's upbringing and-- i'm not a great believer in coincidence, but... miss lakos came to see me nine days exactly after my mother passed. and when she was finally able to discuss it, the sexual assault that, uh, she reported by her fellow worker happened to have occurred two days after my mother's passing.
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the age in which she had to live flaunted or made irrelevant. and in that sense, deeply, deeply defiled her values as well, and sense of herself, just as christine had felt defiled. [ russell ] this is your mom? some of that fueled my efforts to treat christine. so the cleansing technique, so forth-- [ bangs ] what are you, a hundred percent nut job? - andy-- -was this one of your cleansing techniques, killing this girl? - my god, you're a sick man. - i'm a sick man? what is a cleansing technique, hmm? is it pouring drain cleaner down her throat?
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e under a lot of strain, doctor. -what in heaven's name is going on here? -my guess, sick twitch you are, this girl reminded you of mom's great qualities. and you wanted to do whatever "cleansing techniques" got your chubby going with your old lady. and when christine wouldn't let you, you croaked her! you think you're a psychiatrist. no, i'm a polack detective who knows you get away with murder, you leave the crime scene and you go about your life. it's you-- you intelligent types. you always gotta provide this poor girl's father. and you lead us by the nose to their door. [ hits table ] you declined a lawyer in front of a witness, doc. and you ain't leavin' this room until you give it up.
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did he go? [ lock clicks ] you talk about crazy. they still didn't bring the nagra yet? is it on? no. let you act like a man, then they try to turn you into some boy. who said that? some skell. oh, man, i feel like a windup toy. you'll beat 'em, bobby. you'll play 'em and beat 'em,
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s, right? lock the door to the squad room. [ siren wailing in distance ] [ both moaning ] [ moaning continues ] [ chattering ] [ phone ringing ]
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hey, you got some hell of a job. yep. [ scoffs ] people throwin' shots at you left and right. then your bosses do that. anyways-- yeah, anyways, i put you in that jackpot, bobby. why don't you let me look out for you now? yeah, well, it's not like i'm buried in job offers, you know, so-- oh, you got no job offer. you got a job, all right?
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"technically" violate some laws-- [ gunshots ] [ tires squealing ] - you all right? - andy. get outta here! what happened? i made a left on mulberry and this is what i saw. what did you do? oh, my god. oh, my god. - i'll tell 'em what i saw. - get out of here! i know what i did. [ siren wailing ] - they're comin'. will you get outta here? - andy, get outta here! you better lose that tape.
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captain, we've reached the designated position for scanning the coded directive. good. we've both guessed right. negotiations with the klingon empire are on the verge of breaking down. starfleet command anticipates a surprise attack. we are to proceed to organia and take whatever steps are necessary to prevent the klingons from using it as a base. strategically sound. organia is the only class "m" planet in the disputed area,


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