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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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captain of the u.s.s. enterprise. a starship commander. and his first officer? hmm. i had hoped to meet you in battle, but... for some reason, he feels that he must destroy you, commander, just as you feel you must destroy him. that's going to be rather difficult now.
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. call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ? ? what an admirable people. do you always betray your friends? i didn't want you to harm him. i'm sorry, captain. it was for the best. no harm will come of it. i'm used to the idea of dying. but i have no desire to die for the likes of you. i don't blame you, captain. lock up the vulcan. take the captain to my office. we'll have a talk before i do what...
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you'll have a drink with me, captain? no, thank you. i assure you it isn't drugged. with our mind scanner, we have no need for such crude methods. what do you want from me? oh, a very great deal, but first i want to talk. just talk. you think i'm going to sit here and just talk with the enemy? you'll talk. either here, now, voluntarily, the fact is, captain, i have a great admiration for your starfleet. a remarkable instrument. and i must confess to a certain admiration for you. i know, of course, that it was you who destroyed our supplies last night. something was destroyed? nothing inconsequential, i hope. ha ha ha. hardly. they were quite important to us,
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you of the federation, you are much like us. we're nothing like you. we're a democratic body. come n nowcaptain. i'm not referring to minor ideological differences. i mean that we are similar as a spepecies. here we are, on a planet of sheep, two tigers, predators, hunters... killers, and it is precisely that which makes us great. it's a very large univererse, commanr, full of people who don't like the klingons. excellent. then it shall be a matter of testing each other's wills. of power. survival must be earned, captain. tell me about the dispersal of your starfleet. go climb a tree.
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but there would be very little of your mind left, captain. i have no desire to see you become a vegetable. this friend of yours, the vulcan. he seems to have the ability to block our scanner. i think perhaps i will find out why. i will have him dissected. your friend killed. you a mental vegetable. not a pleasant prospect, captain, ies ahead for you unless you tell me everything i want to know. 12 hours, captain. it will take a lot longer than that, commander. longer than that i will not wait. i respect you, captain, but... this is war,
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take him to the cell with his friend. and watch him closely. it's no use, jim. there's no way out. how much of the 12 hours do we have left? 6 hours, 43 minutes, if the klingons are punctual. i think we can count on them being punctual. blowing that munitions dump wasn't enough. we get out of here,
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.. they do not seem to understand. most peculiar. nevertheless, our orders still stand. we've got to make some attempt to neutralize the klingon occupation. we may not get the chance, captain. these walls are very thick. and there are guards every few feet down the hall. [banging] i trust you are in good health? shall we go? go? yes. your captors planned to do violence to you. that we cannot permit. i came to take you away. you turned us over to them. you expect us to trust you now?
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i offer you safety. we can't stay here. this is the first place they'll look. they will not come here, captain. you may believevee. you turn us in, then get us out. what are you doing now, waiting for the klingons to post a reward so you can turn us in again and collect it? how little you understand us, captain. nor do we understand what happened to the guards at the citadel. please do not concern yourself about them. why, nothing happened to them, captain. nothing at all. commander! don't you see i'm busy? the two federation prisoners--they're gone. you mean they've escaped? i swear, no one was at fault. the guards, 10 of them, were constantly on duty watching the cell. then when they opened it to give them food, they simply weren't there.
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i swear! all right, lieutenant. implement special occupation order number four. immediately! sir! is that all you can do, smile? you are free, captain. i want to know how i'm free and why. indeed. there are some questions i would like to ask as well. this idiotic placidity of yours, have already answered that question. to us, violence is unthinkable. attention all organians. attention. this is commandedekor. the two federation prisoners have escaped, obviously with outside aid. they will be returned immediately. so that you will know we mean what we say...
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those are klingon phasers. take the door. get down, gentlemen. in the courtyard of my headquarters... 200 organians have just been killed. 200 of them. [kor] in 2 hours, 200 more will die and 200 more after that until the two federation spies
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well, mr. spock, it seems it's up to you and me. it would appear so, captain. the federation has invested a great deal of money in our training. they're about due for a small return. we have 2 hours with which to do it. but only 2. more organians will die-- no, mr. spock. no more will die on account of us. where are those phasers? i can't tell you. you've told us a great deal about how you hate v vlence. unless you tell me where those phasers are, you're going to have more violence than you know what to do with. you mean you would actually use force? it's entirely up to you. ayelborne, this is of no matter. perhaps you'd better let him have what he wants. t very well. but it will do you no good.
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yoururlanet, your culture. despite that, mr. spock and i are going to go out there and quite probably die in an attempt to show you that there are some things worth dying for. there are only two of you against an army. don't you realize that what you intend to do will be hopeless? come on, mr. spock, let's get out of here. brave men. yes, but so foolish. interesting, however. of course we cannot allow it. to stop them is very bad. it is necessary. they may harm one another. trefefne. they will wait until darkness. and then?
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[dog barking] mr. spock, can we get those 2 guards? what would you say the odds are on our getting out of here? difficult to be precise, captain. i should say approximately 7,824.7 to one. difficult to be precise? 7,824 to one? 7,824.7 to one. i endeavor to be accurate. you do quite well. set your phaser on stun. we're after the top dog, not the members of the pack. very good. but if the situation calls for it, we kill. is that clear? clear, captain. i'll take the one on the left.
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it has begun. very well. it will be hard. prepare yourselves. no results, commandede nothing? i cannot understand these people. they know what death is, don't they? they do not seem to be worried about anything. bad enough to be a military governor, very well, lieutenant. round up 200 more. yes, sir. fools! will i have to kill them all? if you don't tell me what i want to know,
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yes, that's clear. is kor's office down there? yes. what about the hostages? talk. talk. i am to gather 200 more. to be kikied? yes. mr. spock. uh! well, what are the odds now? less than 7,000-to-1, captain. it's remarkable we've gotten this far. less than 7,000-to-1. well....etting better. getting better. just stay where you are, commander. you have done well to get this far through my guards. i believe you'll find that several of them
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you are here. you will be interested in knowing that a federation fleet is on its way here at the moment. our fleet is preparing to meet them. checkmate, commander. shall we wait and see the results before you, uh... kill me? i don't intend to kill you unless i have to. ah, sentimentataty... f peace... your weakness, captain kirk. the klingon empire shall win. think of it, as we sit here, in space above us, the destiny of the galaxy will be decided for the next 10,000 years. can i ofofr you a drink? we can toast the victory of the klingon fleet. you may be prereture.
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though if someday we are defeated, well, war has its fortunes, good and bad. do you know why we are so strong? because we are a unit. each of us is part of the greater whole, always under surveillance. even a commander like myself. always under surveillance, captain. if you will note. cover, spock! back! shoot! shoot! oh! aah! oh! aah! aah! aah! what is it, spock? inexplicable, captain. extreme heat. not only the weapons, but the bodies as well. aah! we are terribly sorry
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but we cannot permit you to harm yourselves. what are you talking about? we have put a stop to your violence. you...are stopping t ts? you? all instruments of violence on this planet now radiate a temperature of 350 degrere. they are inoperative. my fleet! the same conditions exist on both starfleets. there will be no battle. ridiculous! i suggest you contact them. within range of your communications device. kirk to enterprise. come in. [sulu] captain... i--i can't explain it. we were just closing in on the klingon fleet when every control on our ship became too hot to handle. our power is gone. our phaser banks are dead. stand by, sulu.
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it's helpless. what have you done? as i stand here, i also stand upon ththhome planet of the klingon empire and the home planet of your federation, captain. i'm going to put a stop to this insane war. you're what? you're talking nonsense. it is being done. you can't just stopophe fleet. what gives you the right? you can't interfere. unless both sides agree to an immediate cessation of hostilities, all your armed forces, wherever they may be, will be immediately immobilized. we have legitimate grievances against the klingons. they've invadeddour, killed our citizens. they're openly aggressive. they've boasted that they'll take over half the galaxy. and why not? we're the stronger! you've tried to hem us in, cut off vital supplies,,strangl! you've been asking for war! you're the ones who issued the ultimatum
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! they're clearly ours! and now you step in with some kind of trick. it is no trick, commander. we have simply put an end to your war. all your military forces, wherever they are, are now completely paralyzed. we find interference in other people's affairs most disgusting, but you gentlemen have given us no choice. you should be the first to be on our side. 200 hostages killed. no one has been killed, captain. you are liars. you are meddling in things that are none of your business. have some... power that we don't understand... you have nonoight to dictate to our federation-- or our empire! how to handle our interstetear relations! we have the right-- to wage war, captain? to kill millions of innocent people?
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is that what you're defending? well, no one wants war... but there are proper channels. people haveea righte their own affairs. eventually, we will... oh, eventually, you will have peace, but only after millions of people have died. it is true that in the future, you and the klingons will become fast friends. er. never! your emotions are most discordant. we do not wish to seem inhospitable, but, gentlemen, you must leave. yes. please leave us. the mere presence of beings like yourselves is intensely painful to us. what do you mean, "beings like yourselves?" millions of years ago, captain... we were humanoid, like yourselves,
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that of us which you see is mere appearance... for your sake. captain, it's a trick.
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fascinating. pure energy... pure thought... totally incorporeal... not life as we know it at all. but what about this planet? the fields, the buildings, this citadel? conventionalizations, i should say...
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sitors, such as ourselves, could have conventional points of reference. but is all of this possible? we have seen it with our own eyes. i should say the organians are as far above us on the evolutionary scale... as we are above the amoeba. well, commander, i guess that takes cararof the war. obviously, the organians aren't going to let us fight. a shame, captain.
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you've been most restrained since we left organia. i'm embarrassed. i was furious with the organians for ststping a war i didn't want. we think of ourselves as the most powerful beings in the universese it's unsettling to discover that we're wrong. captain... it took millions of years for the organians even the gods did not spring into being overnight. you and i have no reason to be embarrassed. we did, after all, beat the odds. oh, no, no, no, mr. spock, we didn't beat the odds. we didn't have a chance.
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wral news at 6:00 starts now. all appears quiet now as the blue lights and police cars have left a southeast thank you ham neighborhood. now, the community is left to begin to heal. you are looking from the scene in mcdougal terrace where police on patrol shot and killed a man earlier today. in fact, we are moving into our fifth hour of team coverage of the deadly shooting in durham. >> right now, on wral, we will walk you through what we know and give you perspective on this case. thank you for joining us. i'm deborah morgan. >> i'm david crabtree.


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