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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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? ? i'm sorry, ma'am. i've been waitin' for the post
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-look at it. -poor, dumb beast couldn't help himself. poor, dumb beast is the one who's ridin'. well, i'm sure sorry this happened, ma'am. maybe there's something i could-- ? good mornin'. with joe baker? yeah, i know him. he's a friend of mine. he and i have a business deal. i'm supposed to meet him here in town. how long since you've seen joe? oh...10, 12 months. you'll find him a might different. he's got a cabin at the edge of town. thanks.
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come in, there's no latch. ? re i am. hello, joe. much as i'd like to shake hands with you, cheyenne, i don't dare. any pressure on my bones is pretty painful. i'm sorry to hear that. you always were a rotten liar, cheyenne. you know you ain't glad to see me, leastwise not like this you ain't . i see you still got the habit of tryin' to tell me what's in my mind. let me have that cup of water behind you, cheyenne. looks to me like you could use a little help around here. folks been real neighborly. whenever they get a chance they drop in, do whatever they can. well, things will take a turn for the better now. can't. doctors cost money, i i n't got none.
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what was this business deal you wrote me about? there's thousands of mustangs runnin' wild below the mexican border, and they're free for anyone with grit enough to go in and get 'em. the ranchers in the panhandle have got lots of cattle, but awful few horses. they'll pay $30 for every mustang delivered. all right, we'll get mustangs then. had a deal all set up. young fellow name of sam wilson, you and me was gonna guide him across the border. he was gonna stake us to supplies. the dede was half the mustangs to him, the other half to us. cheyennenei can't even sit a horse. well, i can. you just keep your spurs in that chair till me and this sam wilson get back from mexico. heyenne, sometimes you're so slow-witted, i wonder you don't break a leg in a gopher hole. second time today i've been called dumb. what slipped past me this time? there's a renegade indian, name of chato, operates below the border. the reason so many mustangs run loose down there is that nobody's been able to get 'em out.
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but i kinda figured that maybe you and me together might be able to outsmart him. well, i'm not downgrading your worth, joe, but i can handle our end of the deal. now where can i find this sam wilson? we've got rooms at the hotel. young fella, you can't miss him, he's got the only honest face in town. you sit titit, joe. i'll send somebody out from town to look after you. so long. so long, cheyenne. ? you by any chance be sam wilson? yeah, that's s ght. cheyenne bodie. well, we'd about given you up. had a little brush with some comanches. had to hole up for a few days. well, i'm sure glad you got here. i was afraid we'd have to leave without you. head out anytime all i gotta do is get on my horse. you don't have to move that fast. we don't intend to move out until daybreak. at least 100. how many mustangs you figurin' on? a hundred for you, a hundred for us. you figure we could sell that many?
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i wanna breed horses. i wanna produce a special horse for this special country, a real cow pony. well, you do that and the cattlemen will raise a statue to you. you see, i brought soso thoroughbreds with me from kentucky. i'm on a ranch up in the panhandle. now, i figure if i can crossbreed my stock with the right kind of mustang, i'll produce a horse with enough stamina for the range and enough intelligegee to really help a cowman handle his herds. the west can sure use your kind of thinkin'. well, i like this country, makes a man feel he can do anything. sam, what are you doing? there are half a dozen men waiting to be interviewed about jobs. victoria, this is cheyenne bodie. how do you do? howdy. oh, it's yoyo you know each other? we kinda got introduced by a water trough. i don't find that funny. you're late, mr. bodie, five days late. well, he almost had his scalp lifted by comanches. i'm not interested in his excuses. we've had nothing but confusion ever since we arrived here. in the first place, mr. bodie, your partner becomes ill. you figure he got sick just to rile you?
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well, he's here victoria. what's it matter? wellllof course, it matters, sam. we were to divide the mustangs equally between us and them. now, mr. bodie's partner became ill. to replace him, we're going to have to hire somebody at wages. i don't ininnd for it to cost us. my point is, mr. bodie, that any wages paid because of your partner's indisposition will come out of your share. fair enough. all right, let's get t about our business. now, here's a list of supplies, mr. bodie. you take it to the general store. check to see that i haven't overlooked anything. thank you. she always seems standoffish when she's upset, cheyenne. i'm used to her moods, but some people misunderstand. -it's all right. -i wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression, and maybe turn your back on the whole project. leave e e baker chained to an armchair for the rest of his life? not a chance. i'll deliver this list and take a look at this man
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bunch h critters i ever did see. why, any half-brained child would know better anynyarther than a flea could toss a hound dog. look here, fuzzy face. you keep a talkin' i'm liable to get me a handful of whiskers well now, i've had these a long time and i ain't aimin' to let no bandy-legged cowpoke like you take 'em away.y. you're the gentlemen looking to be hired? -you doin' the hiring? -that's right, now i'll need-- i didn't know no petticoat was runnin' this outfit. that ain't no cause to be disrespectful. petticoat, as you put it, is arranging for good wages to be paid for the job to be done. i ain't takin' ordrds from no petticoat. i'm tellin' you to put a bridle on your tongue,
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nobody tells me when to talk. i was telling you when not to talk.. pick him apart. i've got enough! don't forget your partner! i'm goin'! well, you're quite a man. well, thank you. i'd sure like a job, ma'am. i don't see why you cacat have one. don't you, mrs. wilson. well, maybe she knows a top hand when she sees one. any case, mr. bodie, the other applicants didn't wait around to be interviewed. pretty handy with your fists. you as good with a gun? well, them that's tested my draw ain't around to give no references. i'm satisfied. how about you, sam? yeah, i guess he'll be all right. cheyenne? you know, , 'll need more men though, wranglers and a cook.
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but it appears to me the smaller our party, the less chance that sneakin' indian, chato's gonna have of spottin' us. well, we will need a cook, perhaps. no, you can't trust nobody. it's common talk there's a renegade this side of the border that's a spy for chato. sends him word whenever a party crosses the line. the fewer you take from here, the better. whatever wranglers we need we can hire in mexico. agreed. the wages mr... begert, jed begert. the wages, mr. begert are $300, upon arrival back in the united states. for you to pay to replace your partner.r. money's no measure of a partner's worth. i think $300 is a reasonable price for what mr. begert's expected to do. the wages are fine, if you'll toss me a bone along with it. say, give me my choice of any one of the mustangs we round up. well, you can have a aorse, but your choice? i don't know. oh, why not? let him have his pick. we'll have dozens. all right. be ready to leave at dawn. fine, i'll be ready, ma'am.
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right next to the roosters. a real lady. well, looky here. she looks like she's headed for new orleans cotillion. she's travelling with us? yeah, she is. i figured she'd guard it from a distance. i didn't count on her goin' along as a wagon boss. sam, i'd think twice about takin' her out into wild country. u don't take her;; she goes. well, that's fine, now, if you'll just put it up in the wagon, boys. thank you. oh, all except this one. what's in the box? well, our money. that box is full of cash? naturally, you didn't think i'd leave it here? it'd be a right smart thing to leave it in the bank. be an even smarter thing for you to stay here at a hotel. i've investigated all the banks in this town, mr. bodie.
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i want my money where i can keep my eye on it. now, would you just put it under the seat, please? mrs. wilson, you're making a big mistake. mr. bodie, we got off on the wrong foot yesterday. i was hopipi we might make a fresh beginning today. not when you're makin' our job tougher. on the contrary, i'm simplifying g . how? on a trek like this we don't want any excess baggage. everybody pupus their own weight. that's exactly what i intend to do. mr. begert pointed out that the smaller the party, the greater our chance for success. g along makes the party smaller? we need one hand less. i'll cook. ?
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gid up.
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move along now. ? whoa, whoa, whoa. well, we've crossed the rio grande. we can stop here for a spell if you'd like. not on my account. gid up. ? that''a mighty pretty outfit to be wearin' on the trail.
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well, come and uh, take it. thank you, ma'am. thank you, victoria. ? say, this is good, mrs. wilson. good homomcooking. thank you, mr. begert.
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nothin' like a cup of coffee to hit the spot. ? cheyenne? ? several ways to make coffee, mrs. wilson. none of 'em include puttin' the beans in the pot whole. this is a coffee grinder. put the beans in here, you turn the little lever,
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i didn't aim to hurt her feelings. well, you did. she takes any kind of failure real bad. well, it's gonna be dark soon. we better set up a night watch. well, it seems peaceful enough, but this is chato's territory now. i'll take the first watch. don't feel too bad, vic. after all it was your first try. why didn't you do something instead of letting him make a fool of me. but it was just a joke. no harm was meant. you know, anyone can be wrong, victoria. yes, i forgot. you're the expertt on being wrong. why don't you give me a chance, vic.
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fferent between us. there are two kinds of men, sam. those who make things happen, and those who just have things happen to them. why do you treat him that way? my personal life is none of your business, mr. bodie. we'll fail if we don't all pull together. leave him m one; he'll make out. oh, sam never could face a situation. he runs from responsibility.
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why do they feel that all a woman wants to do is destroy a man? why, i don't feel-- it's what you think of me, isn't it? sam's weak, and you accuse me of creating that weakness. you're strong enough to overlook weakness in others, but a woman needs someone she can lean on. sometimes she has to have someone to lean on. we'd better g g back to camp. i'll be along soon. hear that? all right, hold it right there. don't wake the bullet, friend. i don't have a centavo. get off your horse. better take a look around. for a minute i figured i was a goner.
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e. suppose you tell us who you are. the name is brock, caleb brock. i been prospectin' for gold over in chihuahua. so far that's all i've been doin''just prospectin'. ain't found none yet. do your prospectin' at night, do you? i do my running at night. hills south of here are full of renegade mescaleros. first time i ever saw a prospector without a pick for diggin' or a pan for pannin'. friend, when them indians come at me, i didn't stop to pack. i left everything, but my scalp. you must be worn out. why yes, i'd a... i'll grind the coffee. and you might take those guns out of his face. one of them might go off. tie your horse back of the wagon there.
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well, where you headed for now, brock? el paso. well, i'm gonna try and make me another stake to come back to chihuahua. i'm to the point now where i figure all the gold in them hills belongs to me.e. you must know this territory pretty well by now, huh? just like the palm of my haha. say, we can use you brock. we're after mustangs. i don't know. i ain't much of a wrangler, but how long you figure to be? about 15, 20 days. sure use that kind of a stake. i don't figure anyone who comes ridin' out of the night deserves any trust. be careful, friend. there have been others after mustangs, others who never came backk because someone always got the word to chato. i don't have to take that kinda-- put that gun away, begert. i can get rid of him now. why take chances? i said, "put it away." we agreed the fewer, the better.. that was before i knew mrs. wilson was comin' along. you protecting me or the mustangs, mr. bodie?
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. you throw in with us, brock. when we get that herd across the rio grande, you'll have your stake. all right, you can deal me in. i don't like that fella. well, let's have our coffee.
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all right manuel, we're goin' after mustangs. we need riders. we ride muy bien, senor. (speaking spanish) we'll pay $30 a hand.
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i'll pay half right now to those who want to work. the other half will be paid when we get the horses to the border. (speaking spanish) all right, there's 15 for you. now w m, be sure to get their correct names. fifteen for you, who's next here? five, ten, fifteen for you here. there you are, there's 15. next, yes, there's 15 for you. look at that, brock, he can't keep his eyes off that money. ever see a man out here who didn't stare hungry at money? yeah, you.
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senora! pase, enter, enter. it smells wonderful. si. here, you try. mmm, it's delicious. good, too. doesn't your wife cook? no, my wife, she's terrible cook. i tried to teach her, but it's useless. what's your name? estaban, estaban guillermo fernando domingo de la vega y sanchez. i'll just call you, "esteban." estaban. oh yes. are you a barber, too? oh, si, senorara i cut hair. i pull teeth, i fix bones when they break. cut my hair. senora, i never cut a lady's hair. please. i don't know how. well, cut it like yours.
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it looks wonderful, esteban. estaban, senora. oh yes. ? well, would you look at this. ? victoria, what have you done to yourself? mr. bodie didn't think my costume appropriate for the trail. but your hair. i'vevead it cut. oh, i've done something else i think will make everyone happy. i've hired a cook, an assistant cook. come, esteban. estaban
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let's go get 'em. ah, we're not ready for 'em yet. we'd only lose 'em. ? we'll build a trap in that canyon, another one to the south, set up camp in between. ? all right, let's see if it works. ? cover these posts up with brush. you gonna take all summer to build that thing, cheyenne? don't worry, we'll have it finished by the time you locate those watering holes. another thing, sam, don't mistake any of those mescaleros for mustangs. mescaleros have two legs.
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coffee? well go ahead, it's not poisoned. thanks. is something bothering you, mr. bodie? sam has been gone too long. i hope he hasn't run into trouble. oh, he'll be all right. one of us has to worry about him. we have seen the mustangs, many bands. senor wilson and the others wait in the hills. what are you doin'? wewe, i'm going with you. seems to me i remember you sayin' you'd pull your own weight. there's plenty of work for you totoo right here in camp. i want to see what's happening. half those horses belong to me. we haven't caught 'ememet.
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dozen bands, most of 'em small, but a couple of 'em ran over 50 head. we mapped every water hole in the area, cheyenne. there's one here, one here. there's one here. those mustangs will have to come out of the hills to drink. in' right, we'll start hazing 'em, for one of the traps. yeah, if we make a big catch, we'll be outta here tomorrow. don't stray too far for that big catch, friend. remember, we're in hostile territory. the only one i worry about strayin' is you, brock. look, we don't want anybody strayin' too far. ble, run from it to the main camp. begert, you take your men to ththeast. brock, you cover the mesa water hole. sam and i will work our last one. they sure make it plain they hate each other, don't they? yeah.
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let's get 'em! come on! yahoo! yahoo! ? ya yee! ? coco on, there! ? yah! yahah ? yah! come on in there! ? whoa!
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others match this. ? ah, they used this one all right. let's get up into the hills, out of sight.
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? i gotta have that one. sam, n n so fast, or you'll lose him and his harem. ? that stallion is a diablo. what a horse for victoria. many have tried to capture him, but none have succeed. he is a devil, the horses will follow him anywhere. looks like he's got a little competition for that harem. ? the stallions are too busy fightin' to be on the lookout for us. now is our time to get the whole herd. ? hiya! yahoo!
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keep after 'em! ? i don't like to blow my own horn, ma'am, but it looks like i'm the only one who brought home the bacon. you've done very well, mr. begert. well, that cheyenne, he might be a mustang man. that brock, nothin' but a bushwhacker, and a gunslinger, i'm thinkin'. as for sam, he don't even belong out here. he lacks knowhow... about a lot of things. no, no, senora. to make the biscuits you cannot baby the dough. you got to get mad atatt. you must make it respect you. try. buenen you teach it who is the master.
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whoohaw! a-ha! ? yahoo! ? ? that stallion, he's gorgeous. and you can have him, victoria, he's yours. oh, sam. you can't give away something
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you recollect our deal. i get my pick of any horse. i want that stallion. you can take one of the other horses. you don't have to have him. i want that stallion. -look, victoria. -that's the deal you made, sam. i should've known i couldn't have him. look begert, i'll make a deal with you. i'll give you any three mustangs for that s sllion. and $100. he's worth a lot more than that. all right, $300. you can't measure his worth in money, sam. manuel, cut that stallion out of that bunch and put him in the empty corral. si, senor. why don't you u t him have the horse, begert? oh! well, i'm glad somebody had luck.
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n 100, at least. but they smelled something, never came near the water hole. i left a couple of men there to keep 'em away, so they ought to be plenty thirsty by tomorrow. i'll be waitin' for them.m. ah, get him! get him! get him! (speaking spanish) get around behind him. go on in there!
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? ain't we dumb fist fighting over a horse? my own horse at that. he's not yours to beat. we look at that different, cheyenne. i don't aim to argue the point. la comida esta lista! come and take it! after that everything w wt wrong. mismanaged the plantation, victoria's father left her, and nearly lost all our holdldgs. little by little, she took over, put the place back on a paying basis. after that... been punishing you ever since. i always wanted to come out west.
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i talked her into selling the place. i still don't know why she came with me. it seems to me it's because she loves you, down dede. maybe so deep down she doesn't even know it. could be. well, we got a big day ahead of us tomorrow. i think i'll turn in.
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rrrrr breakfast isiseady. breakfast everyone, breakfast. mr. begert, breakfast. thank you, ma'am, i'll b bright there. breakfast, mr. brock. mr. brock,k,reakfast. well he's gone. mr. brock is gone.
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took off. sure, he took off to tell chato where we are. if you want to keep my men with you, do not speak too loud of chato. cheyenne, you were a fool to let him tie up with us -in the fifit place. -could be. maybe he just got the gold fever again. do you believe that, cheyenne? no. everybody on the other side of the rio grande knew chato had an informer. now we know who he is. gimme some coffee. that doesn't help us now. my advice is, we hightail it back across the e rder. we came down here after a full quota of mustangs, and i'm not gonna leave without 'em. what good are mustangs gonna do ya, well, that bunch brock saw yesterday, we can get them. he coulda lied to delay us. my men saw the horses. well, i'm going after 'em. come on, manuel.
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ah, you! it's obvious, mr. begert, that you and he will never get along. he'll learn obedience. if he doesn't? he will. i'll give you $500 for him. $500? well, that's the best offer i've had a lot more than your husband's. but he's not for sale, because i'm gonna give him to you after you and me have a better understanding. after those fool mustangs. i risk my life waiting for chato the bushwhackers, a man deserves some gratitude. you and me, victoria. we're a lot alike, the both of us together. -you and me? -yes, you've been sweet-talkin' me all along. that's gonna make it all the more pleasurable. ? hey, hey, hey, hey!
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? chato! you go to the camp and warn cheyenne. i'll get the rest of the men. ? where's sam? he is coming. we have seen mescaleros. how far back? five, six miles. get ready to break camp. si. get the team hitched up. si. get ready, we're movin' out. vamos, vamos. better run that stallion in with the others. i aim to hobble him. can't do it, it'll slow us down. look, he's tried to kill me two or three timeses i'm not gonna turn him loose and let him try it again. tie him to the wagon. i aim to hobble him. i said tie him to the wagon or turn him loose.
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r wilson is coming! if we get these mustangs across the rio grande, we'll all be rich. if we get to the rio grande. we'll get there. chato see you? i don't think so. looked like they were headin' for the border. senor cheyenne, look! get these mustangs goin', come on. vamanos, pronto! ? we don't have time for the e st of it. i'll help you up in the wagon. all right, get movin'! hoho it! what's the matter with you, are you tryin' to get us all killed? yeah. chato and d are old friends. you and chato? yeah. and don't forget brock. me and him put on n real good hate act, didn't we? brock went to bring chato.
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you dirty, rotten traitor. you'll get a lot of time to call me names. get down! get down! come here! you're goin' with me. cheyenne! you're callin' for a dead man. oh! ? senor, there's not much time. get in the wagon. ? all right, head for the river. si! andale! andale! all right, let's move 'em out. ? keep 'em movin'! i'll open up the other corral.
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get on my horse, victoria. why? never mind, just do as i say. they're after the money, they'll follow the wagon. you head for the river. -i'll lead them away. -sam! see she gets to the river safely, estaban. -si, senor. -sam, you don't have to prove anything to me anymore. ? where's sam goin'? cheyenne, go after him. , stay with her. he'll be killed. si, senor. vamonos!
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you committin' suicide? nope.
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sam! sam! ? we have saved the mustangs. your husband, he is a great man, senora. it's all my fault. ? senora, look! ? but there's only one. it's cheyenne.
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whoa! where's my husband? how could you leave him? ? sam! ? oh, sam, it's all my fault. i'll never forgive myself if anything happens to you. we should never have let this happen. it didn't just happen, victoria. i made it happen. i know. ? thank you. sam, i'd like to get those mustangs on the move, if you think you can travel. i can travel.
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whoa. howdy. not supposed to be out here, mister. where do i find luke perry? that's him over there.


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