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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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hi. my name is laura michaels. i'm an assistant district attorney. am-am i gonna be arrested and-and fingerprinteddand ? north carolina has issued what is called a jaja doe warrant in the liquor store robberies that the detectives talked to you about. they've asked me to condudu an interview to determine whether you should be tried in that case or held as a material witness. , and neither one of us done anything wrong. would you like to have an attorney with you? no, thank you. according to the statement you gave to detective medavoy and officer martinez, you waited in the car outside the liquor store while calvin james was inside? - yes, ma'am. - you have no idea what transpired in the store? n-no, ma'am. only what they told me.
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well-- [ michaels ] go ahead. he wanted to know if i would have sex he said i didn't have to if i didn't want to, but that if i did, he would give me a hundred dollars.s. i was grateful to him, and i kinda liked him. and the money'd sure b ba big help, so i did it. but that prostituting was the only crime i've ever done in my whole life. and i wouldn't have taken the money if it weren't for kyle. bought myself some shoes and a dress with it to go look for work in, 'cause you gotta have a good appearance for a job. would you be willing to testify against mr. james if this matter were to come to trial? oh, i'd-- i'd feel real bad about it, but i don't wanna go to jail and be away from my boy.
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kathy, there's some steps we have to take now on deciding how to proceed on your case. it might take some time. i'd be grateful for anything you can do for us. - hi, mommy. - there's a party for little kids downstairs later on. it might be nice for kyle. oh. do you have an idea for a present he might like? there's a toy he'd just die for. it's, um-- it's called a power ranger. yeah, i've seen that. you know, i'd like to say st people i've ever met. i'm gonna go call my boss. excuse me. [ martinez ] go ahead. hey, babab so, was he any trouble? oh, none at all. we made snowmen. uh, we believe this woman, lieutenant.
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um, on the robbery in north carolina, she saw the guy go into the store for some beer, and he came out with it. uhuhshe didn't know what he did inside. she's willing to testify? yeah. we'll get her prints. if she's clean, we'll see what we can do for her. uh-- she's got hands and fingers, doesn't she? she's scared to death as it is, lieutenant. , yeah. we were just thinkin', uh, we could lift the prints from the glass she drank from. any other special handling you got in mind? do you think she could stay in a motel with her kid instead of in the civil jail? get her prints first, medavoy.
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happy holidays. i'm meeting richie at 6:00. he's taking me to linardi's party. do you have the sectct patrol assignments? you sure it's okay for me to give 'em to linardi? this is cleared at command leve officer inspector, does it bother you that this stuff is kind of low-rent? i meananlinardi's supposed to be the new boss, al capone was the biggest mobster of his time. he went away for being a tax cheat. thomas dewey popped lucky luciano for being a pimp. and dewey got to run for president, didn't he? of course, he did get beat. i just wanna telelyou, officer, that i think you're doin' terrific work. and i appreciate the preure that you're living with.
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hey, don't make a move till you hear from me. the guy we grabbed said they got the little girl in a closet in the back room. they got three xxxxxxxs in theheront room, and the junkie girlfriend watching the kid in the back. you guys go in the front. we'll crash through the back and grab the kid. hold on a second here. you guys ever hear of a warrant, for crying out loud? don't we? come on, sarge. i sure as hell can hear her cryin'. yeah, i guess i can hear it too. all right, you guys, go when you hear the crash. thanks a lot. yeah, merry christmas. come on. let's go. [ all shouting, indistinct ] get down on the floor! [ shouting continues ] he's going out the window!
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shut up! don't say anything! put your hands behind your back! - hi. - can i come out now? come on. fe. you're goin' home now. she's okay. we didn't hurt her! you can see that! we just wanted something for the holidays! we got the little girl. how about you? we got three male suspects slightly damaged due to necessary falls. they'll live. hiya, titi. it's nice to see you. thanks. this is john kelly. yeah, hold on a minute. hold on a second. go ahead, honey. wish your dad a memey christmas. hello, daddy. it's me.
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in. watch your head. let's go. you got my radio? hehe i know a shortcut. i'll lead you guys out of here. okay. jojo, i got a stop to make. i'll see you back at the squad. all right, buddy. bye-bye, honey.
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r r rrrr r
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something on your mind, andy, or are you moonlighting? if you got no objection, captain, let's skip the foreplay and get right to the screwing. what screwing is that? did he send you? no. because promotions and transfers of senior officers in this department, detectives, they don't get a voice in that. i didn't come hehe to vote. then what's your stake here? never mind that. let's talk about famous meals from the past. remember the disico hit? rmine goes face down inis clams? i was tryin' to work him. i didn't see the shooter. i was clean, and you know it. no, i don't. i took your word for it.
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whose salad got dressed with disico's front brains. i don't get it. before you got shot, fancy was ready to dump you. look, all you need to know, captain, i think i owe the lieutenant enough to put some wood up your ass if anything bad happens. z? he let you drink in the john? let's not quarrel, huh? john, where's andy? he had to make a stop. at the dry cleaner's? i already picked up the santa outfit. he didn't say where he was goin'. what's goin' on? oh, boy. oh, boy. the kids are comin'. john, you wanna be santa? i-- i don't-- i don't think i would pass, do you??
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just tell 'em that the party's started. okay. hey, john. merry christmas. merry christmas. did you hurt yourself? yeah, i just got a little banged up. i'm all right. so you gonna go to the party later on? yeah. maybe i'll see you there. okay. miss abandando will take kyle down to the party. will he go with me? oh, sure. he's used to doin' things with different people. we've stayed in so many different places. believe it. i can't believe it. what? i took the rabbit out of the cage to put a ribbon on it. i-i-i-i come outside to find andy. i-i-i-i go back in. the rabbit's missing? the rabbit's dead. lucas' cat ate it. oh!
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your wet-brained errand boy came to see e . what are you talking about? deaf and dumb, huh, lieutenant? - you didn't send sipowicz stumbling my way? - no, i didn't. well, unpack your bags. he did his job. listen to me, captain. i don't know what you're talkin' about. and i never had my bags packed. andy, change into this. and stall on the rabbit. what are you talkin' about, medavoy? lucas' cat had rabbit stew for christmas. so when you give out the presents, just-just stall titi i get back.
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you got a minute? i gotta talk to you. um-- hey, when are you taking kathy to the motel? we're not. that perp's prints came back. he's not calvin james. he's carl shivivs. he busted his wife out of jail in florida a week ago at gunpoint. and the wife's been i.d.'d from those prints off the glass. kathy? she's married to that guy? yeah. she's gogo11 armed robberies and two assaults on her sheet. you stay back now. e boy. - drop the scissors. no, you listen to me. i will cut her throat. you're not goin' anywhere! drop the scissors! you clear me a path to the stairs now! - you're makin' things worse. - please don't hurt me. - shut u u you do it now! clear me a p-- - drop it, or i'll blow your face off! - go ahehe. you miss, she dies. go ahead! grab the scissors! grab the scissors! let go! grab the arm! grab her arm! get her up here. give me the hand. give me the hand. give me some cuffsfs
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just settle down! take it easy! you saved me, gregory. i'm out of here. take her to booking. i gotta go to a pet shop. get yourself a drink of water. i'm gonna get myself... some spiked eggnog. [ sipowicz ] okay, merry christmas, daniel. ho, ho, ho. merry christmas. ho, ho, ho. all right. who's next? there you go. ho. [ child ] ben. hey. yeah. hey. punch? big change from last year, huh? yeah. you seem happy here. i like the work. yeah. look at andy. yeah. it's a tough time of the year for him, you know.
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mas. merry christmas, laura. [ sipowicz ] okay, merry christmas, ben. ho, ho, ho. can i talk to santa for just a minute? how ya doin'? i put it in my letter. i've been a good girl all year. [ chuckling ] do you have plans later? yeah? yeah. i wouldn't make very good company. merry christmas, andy. merry christmas. okay, who's next? elizabeth. there you go.
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, uh-- that's just conversation. [ laughs ] i know. i'm not pryin'. i know. okay. i gotta go. lieutenant wants to see me. oh. yeah. all right. i'll-i'll talk to o u later. nice seein' you. yeah. merry christmas. merry christmas. ho, ho, ho. all right, up. [ groans ] this is for you. for me? i'm a little embarrassed. i didn't get you anything. open it. i'm a detective? don't ask me how i finagled gettin' the badge early. just show up at 1 police plaza wednesday at 10:00 for the ceremony. thanks.
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way to go. thank you. congratulations, detective. all right, sarge. hey, way to go, detective. hey, thank you. lucas, that animal-- [ yowling ] that animal is a killer. medavoy, rabbits are rodents. that's how he makes his living. merry christmas, evelyn. ho, ho, ho. i thought maybe you crashed the sleigh, medavoy. okay, this way. mommy! look what i got!
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ill talkin' about? [ sighs ] who? cut it out, sipowicz. haverill said you came to see him. look, lieutenant, you know, i had a long day. i got a long night ahead of me goin' up and down all those chimneys. i don't know what kind of leverage you had, andy, but i wish you hadn't used it. [ sighs ] that's a funny way to say thank you, huh, lieutenant? i fight my own battles. maybe dumphy or o'bannon or whichever other chowder-society turd haverill had cued up for your job would've been easier to work with. why did you do it? i don't know, lieutenant. all day long, i knew i was gonna make a mistake. i guess this is just the one i got to first, all right? i don't owe you. nobody said you did. i don't owe you. you don't owe me xxxx, all right?
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look. look, when you and i talk, it's always a train wreck. i mean to say one thing, and we wind up in each other's faces. i got your drift. no, you didn't, andy. i'm not easy with people doin' for me, but i shouldn't have sounded so ungrateful. merry christmas, andy. merry christmas. ?? [ piano ] christmas bonus time, miss janice. tommy's handin' out the goodies.
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fellow from out of town. did some special work for tommy. so, are you gonna get rewarded for all your good deeds, richie? we'll see. between me, you and the lamp post, i wish tommy had a little more old-timer in him. you wish he had a big mustache? he doesn't appreciate the tradition like the other guy did. marino? richie. my turn at the trough. how you doin', tommy? hey, richie. - janice, tommy linardi. - how you doin'? yeah. have a seat. you did good for us.
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ions and personnel assignments can do for you. yeah, well, maybe that's why you're walkin' the beat. hey. hey, here's a little, uh-- here's a little boost. i think i did the right thing for you too, richie. enjoy a happy holiday. thanks, tom. i wasn't expectin' this. you must have something very special planned for those schedules. hey, spend the money. don't worry about my plans. tommy, happy new year. yeah. see you later, huh? angelo, come here. do you believe this cheap son of a bitch? huh? i'll admit to being a little disappointed. i don't roll over and spread wide.
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why don't you take your smart mouth someplace else? okay. merry christmas. [ tv: indistinct ] there she is. hi. oh! hi, johnny. oh. i'm so glad to see you. oh, here you are. mrs. hanson says you're eatin' better. mrs. gallaway died thursday. yeah. she died a long time ago, mom. [ chuckles ] she did everything gracefully. even her passing was that way. can you turn that off?
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[ tv shuts off ] there's something i talk-talk-- i want to talk to you about. okay. but you have to help me keep my mind on it. you got a deal. i mean, with one thing and another-- you working night duty-- i don't want you to take this the wrong way. okay. it's about john jr. mm-hmm. when you come home late, and you're so quiet so as not to wake me, i hear you. and i know you go into his room. i've watched you a few times. sitting by the side of the bed, i've seen you stroke his hair
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and john jr. knows it too. that's right. and john jr. knows i love him. he does. he does. but you need to spend more time with him. okay, i will spend more time with him. he's young. he's young, and he's just starting to form himself-- to be the kind of man he'll be. and he has to spend more time with you you understand? yeah. have i hurt you? no. i'm okay. all right. that's what i wanted to say. i got it out, didn't i? yeah. yeah, you did. mmm.
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re time with your son. you promise me? i promise. i'm gonna get you that water. johnny? oh, you didn't have to drive all that distance tonight. do you have to go back, son, or can you stay a while? yeah, i'll stay till you fall asleep. how about that? okay. go to sleep. go ahead. go ahead.
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[beeping] stay on top of it, mr. sulu. we're holding orbit, sir. the helm is sluggish. control circuits threatening to overload, captain. understood, engineer. mr. spock. we can't avoid these areas of turbulence. i believe we'll have them plotted in a few more orbits, captain. sick bay, to bridge. switching to manual, captain. we maintain this orbit? mr. spock?


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