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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  November 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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hey, who's that guy? where'd he come from? that's him. that's him. possible suspect just entered the elevator. there's a girl in there. they're going up. yeah. we see him. it's the fifth floor. let's go. aah! aah! hey, let her go! let her go! let her go! you gonna shoot me? you gonna shoot me? get your hands behind your back. stay down! - shut up, or iwill shoot you. - don't shoot me. are you ok? are you hurt? uhh! all right! ooh!
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sit down. [painfully] ahh! just hang in there. in a minute or two, you'll be able to point out the guy who shot you. go on in, guys. we doing this now? yeah. what's goin' on? uh...we gotta run this other lineup first. why don't you just sit there? you can be one of the fillers. i'm not standin' in no damn lineup. you told me i was supposed to be lookin' at a lineup. just do me a favor. to hell with some favors. what's the matter? you ain't got nothin' to hide, do you, levon? no, i got nothin' to hide, but...
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what's the problem? we're trying to i.d. a guy who was copping a feel on the subway. ohhh. that's real sick, man. i never did nothin' like that before. ever. i mean...and... you know that, and i know that. you ain't got nothin' to worry about. you just fillin' up a seat. oh. here. let me straighten that out for you. all right. somebody in here is sick, and i hope he get caught. set. all right. like i said, this is a one-way glass. they can't see ya. i want you to take a good look at each one of 'em. if you recognize anybody, you tell us which number and where you recognize him from. all right? all right.
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you sure? yeah. he was right in my face yelling he was gonna kill me. he shoot the customer? no. it was one of the others that did it. you see this guy here get shot? i didn't know he got shot. maybe they shot him someplace else. all right, hold number 2. the rest can go. number-- numb-- you lyin' bitch! sit down! i never pinched you on no subway! and look me in my face, tell me that i felt-- that it? that's it, until we get the other two. wells: these stupid cops have got us all mixed up! i shouldn't even be here! shut that guy up. harold: shut up! that bitch is lying! i never put my hands on her! none of this is gonna stick! the judge'll throw this outta court! tryin' to run some stupid-ass frame-up like this. you ain't got nothin'. oh, nothin'. no. you just got picked out
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that saw you pulling that stickup. you think they're gonna forget a face like you got? sit down. i'm weak from losin' my blood, and you harassin' me. i don't know about no stickup. you're looking at first degree murder. we're harassing you. i never murdered nobody! well, who knows? that may be true. if it is, you need to clear this whole thing up for us, 'cause right now you are looking at the death penalty. you give us who pulled the trigger, we'll go to the d.a. and get this murder charge off you. will you give me light time on the robbery? we will do our best. d.a. tends to listen to us. son of a bitch... put me in a hospital. i'm--i'm the victim. how did you happen to get shot there, levon? in the bar.
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he didn't know what he was doin'. we was all high when we went in there. i don't even know what really happened. your partner is stupid enough to shoot you. why in the hell are you gonna want to take the fall for him? 'cause this is all coming down on you. who did the shooting in there, levon? give us a name. they kill you with a needle full of poison-- i know how they do you! as there? i gotta give you him, too? yeah, you gotta give us him, too. what do you think? we don't come up with these guys, you don't get no deal. it's richie day. where we gonna find these guys? i don't know where they gone. dropped me off at the hospital and went off someplace. how about your cut of the money? i'm supposed to pick it up from them later on. they got a beeper number i was gonna call.
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what's the beeper number? i want to see this d.a. first. you'll see the d.a. when we got something to offer him. what's the beeper number? over there. can i say something, please? that's what we're here for. i'm just sorry about this whole thing, ok? it was more just like a misunderstanding. well. then that ought to take care of it. look, i liked her looks, ok? i--i just wanted to talk to her. i just went about it the wrong way. yeah. yeah, i guess attempted rape isn't the best way to introduce yourself. hold it. you think i'm tryin' to rape that girl, you're wrong. there've been 3 rapes committed in that hotel. so what? that wasn't me. i never done it, never will. i'm not interested in that. look, i'm into consensable sex. even pay for it if i have to.
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i saw this girl at the atm machine. she took out about $100 at least, so i followed her. i was gonna take her purse right then and there, boom, but there's too many people around. so she ducked into the hotel. i'm thinkin' i'll rip her off from there. that's all. no, barry. that's not what happened. you were gonna rape her like you did the other two. and you're gonna go away for most of your life if you don't start thinking about copping a plea right now. look, i'm nothin' but a thief. i'm nonviolent. i couldn't even do a rape. i'm not made like that. you're a liar. that's what you are. all right, we got barry's sheet. robbery, shoplifting, purse snatching, petty larceny of a dog. a dog? this dog followed me. huh. with you pulling the leash? i was taking the dog back when i got busted. the point is, you see any rapes on there? no. no. see?
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i'm gonna run over to the hospital. yeah. do that. [ring] levon. you're just leaving the hospital now. ok? [ring] levon: hello. yeah, it's me. well, they patched me up. i'm about to get outta here right now. huh? no, it wasn't no trouble. i just told 'em it was a drive-by. yeah, they asked me some questions, but they was some dumb cops. hey, look, man, where you at? i--i'll come by. no. no, i don't want to do that, man. i'm weak, yo. why don't you wait out front?
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i'll be there, all right? i gotta get my money, man. all right. where they gonna be? this, uh... bar down there on the corner. half hour. what corner? down around allen and--and somethin'. allen and somethin', huh? you know how many bars they got on allen and somethin'? why are you so much trouble, man? it's the pastime bar. why didn't you say so? at? wait! first you said i wasn't gonna even have to be there. now i gotta stand on the corner. you agreed to it. i had to. they gonna know i ratted 'em out now. make contact? yeah. we're picking 'em up. hey. you better not go back on your word to me 'cause now i gotta be there when they get busted. i shoulda never had nothin' to do with this. don't worry about it. we're gonna grab you up to make it look real good. ok, you're gonna need backup. medavoy and kirkendall are in the house. take them. all right. we got half an hour. we gotta get going.
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come on, hurry up. let's go downtown and get shot, right?
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yeah, i appreciate it. ok. hey. hey. how'd it go at the hospital? marlene wasn't sure this barry was the guy. he give anything up? no. he's, uh, sticking to his story. i gotta say, he's kinda convincing.
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would you come over here? i ordered this stuff from jersey a couple of weeks ago. sex offenders? yeah. i was going through it, and i came across this guy. he's got the look. his name's stanley houser. he just got out of the joint 4 months ago. he was in for attempted rape. you know where he is? yeah. he's here on the lower east side. i talked to his parole officer. he's working as a dishwasher in this restaurant. it's not very far from the harding hotel. i need a minute. i gotta go to the john. james. hey. hey. how's it going with your suspect? we know he did this assault today, but we're not sure he did the earlier rapes. i want to tell you how happy i am. i am, too, gina. now that we've decided, i wish we were married right away. you do?
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[tires screeching] [sirens] don't move. [tires screeching] put your hands where i can see 'em! turn around! hands above your head! he's got a gun! ow! that hurts, man! hands behind you! get 'em up! wells: look, man, don't make it look so good, man. don't tell 'em nothin', levon. shut up! gimme your hand. whatever it is, i ain't do it, man! what's your name? i want your badge number. you'll be walkin' a beat. you'll be cleanin' toilets, messin' around with me.
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martinez: you like that dish-washing job? yeah, it's, uh... grunt work, but i don't mind. i want to work. martinez: have a seat. you want a soda or something? no. so, uh... why am i here? what do you want? what were you doing last night, stanley? i had the day off. i just slopped around. i went out. i just messed round. doing what? uh, nothin'. i, uh... went for a walk. watched the action. you mean, like, uh...women? no. just whatever there was. then i went to a movie. what movie did you see? well, i didn't really see it. i, uh... changed my mind. i didn't go in. oh.
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come on, what do you think, i see a good ass and follow it around the rest of the night? did you follow a good ass? no! did you follow anybody? no! i don't like where this is goin'! all right? you're thinkin' somethin' filthy about me, and i just want to do my job and mind my own business, but you got a prejudice against me 'cause i'm a former felon, all right? well, pardon me if i've treated you unfairly! now, were you in the harding hotel last night? well, somebody who looks like you was there. yeah, well, who says? the woman you raped! martinez: same guy that raped 2 other women in there. we're gonna bring in all 3 women, and they're gonna have a good look at you. they're not gonna have no memory problems. you can bet on that. and i gotta tell ya-- there's nobody the jury hates like a rapist. a judge, he's been around plenty of them. they show remorse for what they did, he can understand as human beings that they've lost control and made a mistake. a
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can i talk to you alone? yeah. yeah, let me go do something else. how'd you like 12 on a jury like her? 12 women. it's been known to happen. but you gotta show remorse. a lot of guys don't think it's important, but let me tell ya, it's important... if you show remorse and they think you want to change. but you gotta be genuine. stanley. do you know what remorse means? yeah. you gotta be, uh... you gotta be real sorry. right. if you don't feel it, you gotta make yourself feel it. what you need to do is write it out
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they know how a guy can go around thinking about it all day, streets full of girls, maybe get drunk, get a little crazy. you lost control, and you're sorry about what happened. i really am sorry. there you go. now you're expressing the pain that you caused. i am. i am. and...i was drunk, like you said, and...and, uh... i'm sorry if i hurt anybody. to explain it to a judge. you're off the hook for the rape, barry. thank god. i told you it wasn't me. i was just stealin' her purse. you're being charged with that, also assault and resisting arrest. plus every dog missing in manhattan. we're taking a hard look at you. now, come on. we're going to the tombs.
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yeah. blue ribbon for speed. how's chatter-mouth? now they're not sure if they wanna go for the bullet. but he's all right? bullet in the dead guy wasn't purcell's. no? crime lab just give me the ballistics. it's a .25. purcell's gun's a .38. so the bullet in levon is from purcell. shots must've went off at the same time. that's got to be some big load off purcell's mind. [sighs] purcell. how you feeling there? doing better? [coughs] uhhh... my head's better. i'm not woozy.
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it down. you don't have to make no confession. you're going home. they giving me bail? you don't need none. you're free. what about the innocent man i shot? we got back the ballistics. shows shots fired from 2 different guns. one of the guys stuck the place up went to the emergency room with a gunshot wound. the bullet they took from his shoulder was from your gun. wh-what about the dead man? one of the stickup guys shot him. i didn't see it. i didn't see it. the way we figure it-- [thud] uhh... you didn't hear the other gun go off 'cause, uh, you shot about simultaneous with the stickup guy, plus your senses being dulled. i had a few drinks, and i remember i took my medication, and i hadn't had no breakfast, so i shouldn't have been carrying a gun like that.
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f them. even so, from now on, you should leave that gun home. oh, that's... that's a weight off me, knowing i didn't kill nobody. well, we're glad enough to be able to tell you. [coughs] you think they gonna need me in court later on? we'll keep you posted on that. why don't you go home now and get some rest? you know...i would like to write up a statement, you know, i'm knocking off. why don't i give you a ride? yeah. we're both knocking off.
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ohh... ha ha ha! i think this is the honeymoon suite. no. i seen pictures. this isn't it. well, it's a honeymoon suite. ah... the suite's fine, james. yeah. no reason we should allow room disappointment to overshadow the occasion. i'm glad we did it like this. no saying if you decide later we can't have a second ceremony for the families. it's our marriage. it's our baby. it's our life together.
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husband and wife now. i can undress in front of you. whoa. if i had known that, i would've really insisted. your sweet belly. say "i love you" to your child. i love you.
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that was nice, set them compartments up for his medications. left field how he is, he'll probably use 'em for dinner utensils. yeah. anyways, uh... good to be back working with you. same here, bobby.
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anything, lieutenant? no, sir. i've tried every major transmitting station on deneva. none of them have acknowledged my contact signal. try gsk-783, subspace frequency 3. sir, that's a call sign for a private transmitter. i'm very well aware of that, lieutenant. try it. yes, sir. evaluation, mr. spock. as i speculated, captain, the overall pattern of mass insanity destroying civilizations follows an almost straight line through this section of the galaxy. over here the beta portilin system-- the ancient civilizations. archaeologists have given us information


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