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tv   WRAL News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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[???] narrator: faster than a speeding bullet... more powerful than a locomotive... able to leap tall buildings at a single bound... man: look! up in the sky! man 2: it's a bird! woman: it's a plane! man 3: it's superman! yes, it's superman! strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as clark kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle
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sode in the adventures of superman! two of the best stillson wrenches ever made. toss them away. and there goes a slow valve that ain't even hardly worn. get every piece of equipment in that hole and then bury it. what's the idea, corrigan? this stuff costs money! the idea is because i'm telling you to,
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hey. car coming down the hill. [vehicle approaching] hiya, pop. catch! my oranges! thank you for remembering, mr. craig. well, folks. there it is. havenhurst experimental number one. how does it look? just like any other oil well. above ground, sure. but take my word for it. it's the deepest ever drilled. no, wait a minute. don't take my word for it. how do you do, ma'am, sir? pop shannon, best watchman in the oil field. pop, these folks are gonna do a feature story on the well. oh, newspaper reporters, huh? that's right. well, i'm afraid you're a little bit late. they're just shutting her down. they're what? shutting her down. what's the big idea? i wouldn't know. mr. corrigan gave the order. they just pulled the last drill, and now they're stripping the base. that's a fine thing! and nobody tells me. how can i handle public relations if i don't know what's going on? excuse me.
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if they've shut down, there must be some reason. was the well a duster? this well? no, sir. we struck gas at 13,200. and where you strike gas, you look for oil. it figures. well, it was a nice plane trip, anyway. but wait till the chief hears about this. he'll blow his top. there might be a story on the deepest oil well ever abandoned. what'll i do for pictures? just take out your brownie and get some of the derrick. okay. but why is nothing ever easy? they can't do this to me, bill. i won't stand for it. look at the spot it puts me in. i get these people to make a 2500-mile trip, all the way from metropolis. and now what? all i know is i made my report to the home office last monday. and the following day, the order came through to shut her down. well, if you ask me, it doesn't add up. mr. corrigan. just what was in that report? i mean, the one that you sent to the home office. ah, you're the newspaperman. that's right. i'm clark kent. metropolis daily planet. and this is miss lane. too bad you came all the way out here for nothing. just one of those things, i guess. but about that report? that's company business, mr. kent. confidential. i see.
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n't got the time. okay, eddie. let's dump those shackles. mr. corrigan, would you mind answering just one question? oh, what is it? how far down did you get before you stopped drilling? thirty-two thousand seven hundred and forty feet. thirty-two thousand! why, that's more than six miles down. good heavens! practically to the center of the earth! well, not quite. but it's deeper than man's ever gone before. mind if i get a few shots? nah, go ahead. i'm awfully sorry about this, mr. kent. but you see how it is. the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing. we'll put you folks up at the hotel in silsby for tonight. e. i'm really sorry you came all this way without getting a story.
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you all packed? uh-huh. how about you? i thought i'd wait till morning. well, this certainly is a gay and cheerful little place, isn't it? "silsby, population 1430. home of the world's deepest oil well." big deal. too bad craig doesn't like to drive at night. otherwise we'd have been on our way to dallas by now. where is craig? but he left us the keys to the car in case we want to go anywhere. oh, fine. well, at least i can say i've seen silsby. i couldn't have lived without it. what were you reading? anything interesting? as a matter of fact, lois, i wasn't reading. i was sitting here thinking. what about? about corrigan. his attitude this afternoon. oh, he's just a fool. i don't know. i think i'll drive out to the well. what for? oh, nothing. look around, maybe talk to the watchman.
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expect to find out there this time of night? what do you expect to find, mr. kent? all right. come along. [???]
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well? where do we start?
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is he...dead? heart attack? i don't know. now, clark, don't go building this thing up. he was an old man, he had a heart attack. it's as simple as that. i wonder. those oranges on the floor. how did they get there? well, he was probably sitting in his chair when the attack came on. he tried to get up, the sack of oranges was on the table, he knocked it over with his arm and the oranges spilled out on the floor. well, that's fine except for one thing. how'd that sack get over here? good question. well, we'd better notify somebody. the sheriff or constable or-- call craig. let him handle this. i'm going outside to take a look around. hello, operator. would you get me the hotel in silsby? hello. i'd like to speak to mr. craig.
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[screams] [gasps] lois! are you all right? what happened? answer me. man [over telephone]: hello? hello? hello? hello, who's this? craig! this is clark kent. now, listen. i want you to get hold of the sheriff and corriganan and get over here right away. i'm at the well. no, i can't explain now. just get over as quick asasou can. nothing out there. what's the verdict, doc? well, it looks like a heart attack. it'll take an autopsy to make that official. i don't find any signs s violence. how old was he? close to 70.
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doctor... could shannon have been frightened to death? frightened? yes. i mean, by something he saw. oh, possibly. a sudden shock couou have caused an attack. provided he had a heart condition to begin with. oh, miss lane. remember and take another one of those capsules before you go to bed. good night, all. sheriff & clark:k: good night, doc. well, i don't reckon there's much more we can do up here. well, aren't you goininto do anything about those...creatures? now, miss lane. mr. corrigan and me, we looked all over, and we couldn't-- the inquest likely will be on wednesday. we'll need you folks. we'll be there. oh, come on, clark. let's get back to the hotel. wait a minute. somebody has to stay with ththbody until the undertaker gets here. i'll stay. i guess i will too. that is, if you don't mind giving me a lift back to town. no. well, we'll be on our way. see you later. i, um...guess you know why i hung around, mr. corrigan. no. why?
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about that report you submitted to the home office. just why did you close the well down? i told you once. the report's confidential. that was this afternoon. shannon was still alive then. and why did you bury those tools? kent, you're a newspaperman. you want a story. that you wouldn't dare print it. whatever you can prove, i'll print. okay. come on. well, we started drilling 21 months ago. september 5. nine months later, june 3, we hit 24,810 feet. deeper than any well's ever been drilled before. june 26, at 30,000 feet,
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ack. this one. i switched off the lights and started to leave and then i remembered that i'd left my keys on the table. i turned to get them, and this is what i saw. clark: radium? corrigan: that's what it looks like. friend of mine is coming out with a geiger counter tonight. that's a good idea. it might just t harmless phosphorescence. well, that's what i figured. until this last one. those five samples, they were taken at various levels? mm-hmm. at intervals of 500 feet. and the radium content increases? well, that's what scared me. i was afraid if we went any deeper, that we'd be coming up with almost pure radium. and i wouldn't want to expose anyone to that. hmm. but you did go deeper. yes. at 32,600 feet, the drill broke through. broke through what? well, it was hanging in midair, as though we'd gone through the last solid layer of the earth.
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of the earth is s llow? well, is there any other explanation? well, anyway, when i got the drill head up, it had sort of a funny look to it. what do you mean, funny? idn't look right. so just for luck, why, i scraped it and put the stuff under the microscope. here. take a look. what are they? i don't know. but whatever they are, they're alive. well, i thought that all l le ceased yeah, so did everyone else. but these e ings were alive six miles down. then it's possible there could be other forms of life down there.. more highly developed. maybe another civilization. and here's the point. we've drilled a hole right down to the hollow center of the earth. so whatever is down there could come up. and you think something came out of thatatole tonight. i don't know. but those creatures that miss lane said she saw and pop being scared to death. well, i put a metal cap on the drill case-- but the cap was off when i got there.
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our ring. yes? oh, yes, doc. no, he left right after you did. should be in town by now. what? well, where was this? okay, i'll be right down. doc saunders, the coroner. those-- those creatures! jeff reagan n w them walking on the road. he was on his way out here to get the body, ar and turned over in the ditch. where was this? just outside of town. kent, there's no question about it now. whatever they are, humans, animals or monsters, they're here, and they've come up from the center of the earth. we better be going. [???] corrigan. look! these oranges. those creatures must have handled them. and if that stuff's radioactiviv anything they touch will be--
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hello. who are you? well, it looks like the news got around. those are luke benson's dogs. we've got to stop them. let me handle it. joe, you and larry carpenter cover the woods west of the mill. get one of those searchlights from the firehouse. rick maddox, chuck webber, you cover the paths beyond the fork. eddie and matt, you check the arroyo west of town. me and the rest of the boys will run the dogs from miss pomfrey's place. just a minute, please. before you start anything, i'd like to warn you, these creatures may be dangerous. is that right, mister? now, who are you? my name is kent. i'm a newspapepean. have you seen these critters? well, no, i haven't--
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and jeff reagan. almost killed him like they did old pop shannon. and you're telling us they're dangerous! but you don't understand. we understand plenty, mister. you keep out of this, or you'll get hurt. come on, boys. let's go. wait a minute. you must listen to me! clark, don't interfere. they know what they're doing. they haven't any idea. now, listen to me, all of you. you don't know anything about these creatures, what they are or where they've c ce from. but here's a man that can tell you. go on, corrigan. they came up out of the drill shaft in the oil well, from six miles underground. they look strange to us, it's true. we must look just as strange to them. but as far as we know, they don't mean us any har ah? what about old pop shannon? reagan: and whatatbout me? pomfrey: and me too. there i was putting my hair up for the night-- don't you understand all these things happened bebeuse you were frightened? now, if you'll just be reasonable and keep your head-- and what? just settle down and let these critters take over? not likely. don't you see, if you go around shooting at shadows, someone's liable to get hurt? go home! lock your doors if you're afraid. let me handle this. you?! are you crazy, clark? i promise you, i'll take care of these little creatures one way or another. if you don't want to talk or look at any of my books,
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why, it-- it's getting prettier! er! are you magic? [screaming] [all muttering] where'd that scream come from? sounded like it was up the street. come on! [dogs howling] lois: well, i hope you realize
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he always does that. gets himself in a jam and then runs away. well, let's see what's happening outside.
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the little girl's all right. she was just scared. get out of that doorway. put the gun down, benson. [dogs snarling] [woman gasps] [thump] [whimpers] it's men like you that make it difficult for people to understand one another. you were warned nothing would come of this but trouble. you fellas know what to do. get going! what about the hounds, luke? benson: get them on the scent. superman! am i glad to see you! hello, miss lane. this is mr. craig and mr. corrigan. how do you do? i suppose you know what happened. i know what's going to happen if that mob isn't stopped.
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there's only one person who can handle this job. and that's superman. [dogs howling] the dogs have found the scent. pop shannon maybe don't mean nothing. and jeff reagan's old enough to take care of himself. but when these critters come after a little kid, i aim to do something about it. let's go! move it! they climbed through this window. ly inside the house? yes. the child wasn't afraid. it was the mother's screams that frightened her. i know what you're thinking. you better wrap the child and her mother in heavy blankets and tata them to hospital at once. there's nothing to do now but wait for routine decontamination. decontamination? those creatures may be radioactive. gogo grief!
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tter go.
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r r yeah, they're up there, the two of them. we flushed them out of the arroyo. and the prow boys. we got 'em trapped. they can't get away. tie up the dogs, matt. get that searchlight. let me take the first shot, luke. old betsy here will knock 'em off likekeitting ducks. you sure they're up there? lessin' they went over the spillway. if thehedid, we ain't got nothing to worry about! sweep her across the top of the dam. narrator: hunted by men and dogs,
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e little creatures frfr the dark center of the earth are now at the mercy of luke benson and his mob.
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[???] narrator: fastererhan a speeding bullet. more powerful thth a locomotive. able to leap tall buildings at a single bound. man: look! up in the sky! man 2: it's a bird! woman: it's a plane! man 3: it's superman! narrator: yes, it's superman, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as clark kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle
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in the adventures of superman! narrator: when clark kent and lois lane, star reporters for the metropolis daily planet, were assigned to write a story on the deepest oil well ever drilled, they little realized what was going to happen. in the darkness of the night, two strange, furry creatures, haha human, half animal, crawled out of the abandoned well-shaft. although they seeminglgl meant no harm, everything they touched, some oranges, a flower, a child's rubber ball, glowed with an eerie light. despite superman's warning that these fantastic visitors from the center of the earth might be radioactive and therefore deadly,
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down and trapped them on the high parapet of the dam above the reservoir. there they are! [wind whistling] you are not going to shoot those little creatures. st place, they haven't done you any harm. in the second place, they may be radioactive. if they fall in the r rervoir, they may contaminate the water supply. save your time and ammunition, benson. weber, quick! [screams] matt, bring on the dogs! the other one's getting away!
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come on! go on, get! get! i'm gonna get you to a hospital. [???] the dogs are acting mighty funny, luke. o be able to hold a scent. they'll hold it once they get it. come on.
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weber: what in tarnation is that? don't touch it! come on! they got him. leash the dogs, matt. you heard me! leash the dogs. luke, all we gotta do is pry the door loose.
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get some dry sagebrush. go on! get moving! i get itt this old shed will catch like tinder. the critter alive!
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keep an eye on that window, eddie. i think i seen him at the window.
6:37 am
there on the ground?
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reckon that does it. didn't you hear a scream or nothing? no. could be it ain't got no f flings. the one you shot sure had feelings. i never heard nothing scream like that. all right, let's go. luke! ain't you gonna see what it looks like? that stuff ain't gonna cool off for hours.
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benson: well, we got both of them. both what? them critters! yeah, weber shot one of them off of the dam. the dogs run the other into a tool shed on the old d&o spur behind the arroyo. we set the shed afire and burnt it down with him in it. you ain't got but one, then.n. benson: i just told you-- i know what you told me. i still say you ain't got but one. the other one's up at the hospital. what are you talking about? superman caught him as he fell off the dam. took him to the hospital with a bullet in his chest. weber, you and eddie round up the boys. sheriff: what are you figuring on doing, luke? i'm figuring on getting that critter and stringing him up. you ain't stringing nothing up in this town, luke, unless it's a slab of bacon. who's gonna stop me? won't need anybody to stop you because you ain't even commencing. put the bracelets on him, jim. stay where you are!
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r it. [???] come on, jim! i don't think those two can stop benson and his mob. we'd better get to the hospital and warn kent. good idea! that man in the costume-- superman. well, he had no right to bring that monstrosity in here. and you, dr. reed, had no right to admit it withtht my authorization. i'm sorry, sir, but-- you can't blame dr. reed. it was an emergency. young man, i am running this hosostal. get that thing out of here immediately. it's been shot. it might even be dying. you wouldn't treat a dog that way. this is not a dog hospital. well, i'm leaving now but i'll be back i ithe morning. don't let me find that thing in here or there'll be trouble. the milk of human kindness!
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but how do we know? that's just right. how do we know? doctor, would you remove the bullet from his chest? how can i, mr. kent, if it's radioactive? i don't dare get near it! oh. [snaps fingers] wait a minute. the lead screen we use in radiotherapy. miss bronson-- oh, no. you don't get me in that operating g om. i'll need an assistant. i'll assist. come on. you know, thth got that creature that weber shot up at the hospital! [murmurs] don't worry. we ain't gonna leave e there. we aim to get it and string it up. now, them two reporters from back east and d em oil people will try to stop us, like as not. but we ain't gonna be stopped! this is our town. we don't need no strananrs telling us what to do. [murmurs] weber: there's the sheriff, luke. the sheriff. you're under arrest, benson. if you know what's good for you you'll tell them to loose me. throw him in the jail. keep him there till we're through.
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doctor, do you think he'll live?? unless something develops, complications set in. you know, kent, it's amazing. its chest structururis exactly like that of a human being. same thoracic cavity, same number of ribs, same lung position. the only external difference seems to be in the hairy covering. and the large head. yes, i'd like to examine that t ad. i'm doing some work in brain capacity and i'll wager that-- lois: clark! where have you been? and what are you doing in that outfit? oh, hello, lois. this is dr. reed. miss lane. how do you do, miss lane?e? do you know what happened? nsters. dr. reed just removed the bullet from his chest. he's in there. in there? mm-hm. i brought-- that is, superman brought him to the hospital. well, then, you know about superman. if i don't, who should? i've got to check the ward now, mr. kent. i'll keep an eyeyen it. unless i get fired. you won't, i'm sure. glad to have met you, miss lane. there e es a young man with courage. well, i wish i could say the same for you. you know, lois, one of these fine days-- one of these fine days what? never mind. come on, i've got to find corrigan.
6:43 am
i do? what are you afraid of? what are you hiding? hiding? well, you give the impression you're leading a... a double life. really? yes, and i'm not the only one who thinks so. well, that's very funny bec-- what's the matter? they're running up the street. well, who? craig and corrigan. i don't see anyone. just keep looking. they're coming! who is? benson and the mob. the hospital. take it easy. benson wants to hang him! oh, no! so it's turning into a real lynch mob. they're out for blood. nothing will stop them now. i wonder. g? i'll be right back. he's scared to death. it's pitiful. [men chattering] here they come.
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benson: get her out of the way, corrigan, before she gets hurt. mr. corrigan doesn't have to get me out of the way. i can get out of the way by myself if i feel like it. but i just don't feel like it. take your filthy hands off me! why, you dirty coward! benson: get her out of the way! don't even try to get in there, benson. dr. reed's in charge tonight. he's left orders that no one's to be admimied. [mob mutters] benson: there's your answer, mister. susurman: it may be an answer to you. it means nothing to me. well, we're running this town. we ought to string you up too. mob: yeah! are you all right, miss lane? are you gonna step aside or do we have to make trouble? weber: put some lead in him, luke. mr. benson tried that once already. it didn't work. now, i'm going to give you one last chance
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that little creature in there has as much right to live as you do. don't forget. you invaded his world. you sank a pipe six miles into the ground. and when he climbed up, you set dogs on him, shot him. [gunshot] get inside and stay away from the front of the building. whoever fired that shot came close to killing miss lane. obviously, none of you can be trusted with guns. so i'm going to take them away from you. [gunshot] [clicking] [???]
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get back inside. what do you want? don't be afraid. no one's going to hurt you. no one means you any harm. you wait right there. don't be afraid. wait. they want the wounded one. well, how do you know? they can't talk, can they? one of them made motions. that's right. he pointed to me and held out his arms. i took it to mean they knew i caught their friend when he was shot off the dam. good heavens! what was that shiny thing they pointed at you? a weapon of some kind. probably a very dangerous one. i'd better get your patient before they decide to use it. he shouldn't be moved this soon. i'm afraid he'll have to be.
6:53 am
and don't harm them or frighten them, they'll take him and go back where they came from and that'll be the end of it. all right. hey, luke, there's three of them in front of the hospspal. you keep everybody back here. [humming noise] no! turn it off! arggh! arggh! arggh! stop i i stop! arggh!
6:54 am
go now. no one will harm you. go back where you belong. you saved my life.
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are you all right? i'll live. i got a hold of a geiger counter and checked the woman and the little girl. no reaction. kent was right. it was just harmless phosphorescence. [humming noise]] they're destroying the well and the casing
6:59 am
it's almost as if they were saying, "you live your lives and we'll live ours." of tamaz!
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man: another exciting event in gotham city -- an unveiling at madame soleil's wax museum... [ applause ] ... a tribute to the city's most illustrious crime fighter. [ french accent ] thank you, monsieurrle mayor. and most-honored dignitaries of gotham city, i know you are anxious to see what i, the famous madame soleil, have imported for you all the way from paris, france. mes amis, i unveil this wax figure of batman. [ gong rings ] au secours!
7:01 am
why, that's not batman! that's the riddler! riddler: surprise, surprise! [ laughs ] what is black and white and "red" all over? [ screaming ] aaaahh! sacrebleu! [ laughs ] illustrious friends... if that little riddle is too hard for you, why, here's another. at has branches and leaves and no bark? hs ] [ woman screaming ] what did you say, madame soleil? the figure of batman stolen?! it's the work of the riddler. don't totoh a thing! we'll take care of it. well, you heard, chief. the riddler's at it again. only two weeks out of jail, and he's up to his o o tricks.
7:02 am
one thing to do. we may never know the identity of the man behehd the mask, but he is the only one who can cope with the riddler. and in wayne manor, stately residencee of millionaire bruce wayne and his youthful ward, dick grayson... he's just come in, sir. i'll get him for you. i thought lima was the capital of ecuador. no, as you can see, i was right. it's the capital of peru. oh, i just love this game of capitals! it's so educational! if we don't know all about our friends to the s sth, how can we carry on our "good neighbor" policy? yes, alfred? it's the batphone, sir. oh, aunt harriet, i forgot to tell you -- dick and i are having dinner with an old college chum of mine. he's promised to show dick how to tie flies. he's an expert fisherman. let's hurry, dick, or we're gonna be late. oh, those two --
7:03 am
yes, commissioner? the riddler, he's struck again. we're on our way. to the batpoles. [ up-tempo music plays ] ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na ?
7:04 am
[ tires squeal ]
7:05 am
[ tires screech ] riddler: [ laughs ] " all over? he must be kiddidi. that's too easy. we figured that one out ourselves, boy wonder. it's a newspaper. you know only too well how the riddler likes to taunt us with these disguised clues, clues that always reveal whatever plot he's hatchinin this pause here is where the tricky paint gun went off. ililstrious friends... here comes the second riddle. ...if that little riddle is too hard for you, why, here's another.
7:06 am
that's all there is. there's always some definite connection between the answers to his riddles and his nefarious plans! what has leaves and branches but no bark? hey, a book has leaves! bubua book has no branches. yes, but a library does! then the answer to the first riddle could have been "book" instead of "newspaper"! you've done it again, chum. the answer is library, but what library? if i know the riddler, it'll be the biggest library -- the gotham city library. but what would he want at the public library?! we'll never find out standing here. let's go, robin! meanwhile, in a secret hideaway beneath this innocent-looking candle factory... oh, if only this were the real batman.
7:07 am
that his too, too solid flesh woululmelt, thaw, and resolve itself into a dew. oh, riddlele honey, that's beautiful. i wrote it myself. [ giggles ] little do they suspect the real reason why i stole the wax figure of batman. i knew those dull customs inspectors would never think of looking wax universal solvent in the mannequin of their precious champion! big deal. wax is wax. what's so special about this stuff? oh, you don't know, my pretty little moth, what a universal solvent is. it can eat through anything. this remarkable wax can be found only in the hiveve of the cognac district of france. no wonder the unitit states government has banned its importation. it might fall into the wrong hands.
7:08 am
o vault i cannot enter!! aaahhh! hear me, world!
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7:12 am
ain't he ever gonna move? yeah, we gotta get in the vault. remember it is better to light one little candle
7:13 am
quickly, moth -- batman's had time to solve my clue. go downstairs and keep a sharp lookout. okay. [ laughs ] it won't be long now. that rare old book, "the lost treasures ofofhe incas," will be soon be in my hands. [ giggling ] but, boss, ain't somebody bound to hear us when we break into the vault? don't talk stupid. why do you think i went to so much trouble to smuggle in this universal wax solvent? [ giggling ] genius!
7:14 am
[ laughing ] ahh! ah! [ laughshs
7:15 am
heavens to betsy! it can't be, but it is -- the dynamic duo. can i be of any help to you at all? have you seen any unusual-looking people? unusual? in what way unusual? their garb. for inststce, a man wearing a bright-green suit with big black question marks on it. let me think a moment. no, i can't say that i have, offhand, but then, i see so many people in the course of the day. e reason to believe a crime will be committed here. books? it's upstairs. follow me. boss? this is moth. they're on their way up. i'll be ready for 'em. hey, here it is, boss. oh... oh! [ laughs ]
7:16 am
this will lead me right to the lost treasure of the incas! every greedy bone in my body cries out, "huzzah! huzzahah [ laughs ] [ gasps ] my stars! look at that hole! careful, robin. this looks like a robbery. wait there, miss prentice. as you can see, batman, by the deadly weapons we hold, you'd be fools to move. what are you doing here? checking out a book. checking out a book?! exactly, boy wonder. "lost treasure of the incas" -- what would he want with a book like that? who can explain the devious mind of an archcriminal? you'll never get away with this riddler. would you like to make a little wager?
7:17 am
holy mucilage! [ laughs ] i can't move my feet! i'm stuck to the floor! on. i call it "dr. riddler's instant forever stick invisible wax emulsion." [ alarm rings ] boss, you hit the alarm. an unfortunate error on my part, but lucky for you, batman. let's get t t of here, boss. since you'll be sticking around for a little while, i'll leave you a riddle to work on -- the more you take away, the larger it grows. what is it? [ laughs ]
7:18 am
they've gone! we must get out of this. i'll try the laser gun. what devilish sticky stuff. if only the riddler's inventive mind could be channeled for good, what a better world this would be. it's working, robin. the wax is beginning to melt! are you all right in there?! yes, it's safe to come in now, miss prentice. oh, saints a ave! how did that hole get there? that's it! u see? the more you take away from a hole, the larger it grows! you're right! what can that mean? unless... yes? there's a strange waxy substance here. could this be his clue? but how was this done? i heard no explosion. we must take this back to the batcave at once and analyze it. unless i miss my guess,
7:19 am
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! let's get this sample of wawa to the hyperspectrographic analyzer. this should tell us what makes up this waxy substance. aha! it's just as i thought. nitrogen is s e of the component elements. that orange color, doesn't that mean uranium? right on the nose, robin. you're catching on fast. no kidding! gee! but what about that blue line? that's one's easy. it's sodium. of course! this is a universal wax solvent! so that's'show they got into that vault!
7:22 am
i don't get ititdo you? well, there's something here that escapes me. nitrogen, uranium, sodium -- what could it possibly mean?! if you take the first three letters of those elements, it spells "n"n.s", but that doesn't mean any-- reverse the order, and what do you have? "s"s.n." of course! that's got to be it. but what's it supposed to mean?! robin, you're supposed to be studying french in school! what's the french word for "sun"? "soleil"! correct. the riddler has left us a clear indication back at madame soleil's wax museum! what are we waiting for?! madame soleil? madame soleil! it's batman and robin! are you here?! such vandalism!
7:23 am
boy, wax museums are sure spooky. you think the riddler's here somewhere? for heaven's sake, caped crusaders, watch out! aah! good shot, boss. ah, music hath charm to soothe the savage beast. you sure soothed 'em, boss. g. they look dead to me. juststrugged, my pet. why kill them fast when watching them die slowly is so much more entertaining? [ laughs ] oh... beauty, after all,
7:24 am
well, what do you know? a dividend i hadn't considered. what a haul this day has yielded. first the rare old book, "the lost treasure of the incas," then the invincible batman and robin, and now...[ laughs ] the famous batmobile for my very own. watch it, boss, remember this thing is loaded with burglar alarms! don't you think i know that? a little snip here... a little snip there... [ laughs ] now it's save to drive. you're gonna drive the batmobile? finders keepers, losers weepers, i always say. what do we do now? you take batman and robin out to the candle factory,
7:25 am
[ laughs ] we'd better get our everyday clothes back on. we look totosuspicious this way. just as soon as we get these prize packages inside. look! lookokhe's coming to! oh, he looks so handsome beneath that mask. a diamondback rattlesnake is a handsome creature, too, but dangerous and deadly. remember, moth, batman is our sworn enemy. we can ill afford such emotions as pity. where am i? ah, you could say you were in
7:26 am
take them in. robin, do you hearare? batman, what -- what happened to us? it seems you have been overpowered again! but how? the wax museum. we'd just passed the revolutionary war scene. you're getting warm. so that's how it was done. how what was done? oh, it's so clear now. we were victimized by a repeating blowgun! holy iodine -- so that's why the back of my neck smarts. the wax is hot enough now, boss.
7:27 am
for the wax museum, we'll give it to them. we'll even throw in a dividend -- robin! you fiend! sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. matches! ststt the motor. slowly -- very slowly. oh, i want to savor each sweet, delicious moment of this. [ motor whirs ] riddler, tell me why you removed my wax figure from madame soleil's. how else could i smuggle in that revolutionary new ring-of-wax solvent? why go to that trouble? wouldn't t.n.t.. have been simpler? have you ever been in a quiet library when t.n.t. went off? it makes a frightening noise. why did you steal that rare old book, "the lost treasure of the i ias"?
7:28 am
have for you?! for two people about to become human candles, you have a lot of questions. i'm always interested in the way the criminal mind works. well, then, i'll tell you. within that rare old book, i've found an ancient incan riddle which will lead me right to the fabled lost treasure e the incas! you must be mad! the lost treasures of the incas is only a legend! taken, batman! the treasure is real, very real, but unfortunately, you won't be around to see it!
7:29 am
captions paid for by the u.s. department of education ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na ?
7:30 am
man: in last night's bat-adventure, we saw gotham city dignitaries gather, an unveieing... a ghastly travesty... the riddler at large again, pandemonium... a riddle for a clue... a call for help... to the rescue... riddle solved-- on to the library... a ring of wax...
7:31 am
y... it's a clue! batman grabbed the gauntlet. was it a trap?! watch out, batman! too late! helpless... a fatal dip... and in just one bubbling minute -- but wait! the most terrifying is yet to come! [ up-tempo music plays ] ? batman ?
7:32 am
? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na ?
7:33 am
[ laughing ] holy paraffin, batman, this is going to be a close one. too close! oh, this is my dream come true. with you two out of the way, there is nothing that stands between me and it's worth millions! millions! do you hear me, batman?! remember, riddler, you can't t y friends with money. with money, who needs friends? [ cocohs ] riddler, honey, these fumes are terrible. can't we go below? i want to watch this to its gloriris finale. can't we watch it just as well from your candlescope? well, all right.
7:34 am
smiling, you two! remember, i'd like nice expressions on your faces when we deliver you to the wax museum. bye. let's go! they're going, batman! they're going! good. now to find a way out of this predicament. wait a minute. what's that? where? thatatarrel over there with the chemical formula written on it. i can't see all the formula, but unless i miss my guess, that's the solution for treating candle wicks! it's highly explosive when it's exposed to heat! i can't see how that's gonna do us much good. matches, down scope.
7:35 am
let me see! let me see! all right. just for a second. aww, it does seem a shame. moth... if you expect to get anywhere in this archcriminal game, you can't be soft. you must learn to control your emotions.s. uh-oh, we're getting awfully close to that wax. [ coughs ] those fumes are getting pretty strong. don't give up, robin. remember, where there's a will, there's a way. if only we could ignite that barrel of chemical solution down there. i feel certain it would blow us free. i don'n'know whether it'll work, but i think it's worth a try. i can't see what you're doing.
7:36 am
and reflect it in my highly polished belt buckle, with a little bit of luck, maybe i can direct it at the barrel. what are they doing up there? something nearly blinded me. let me take a look, boss. i don't see nothin' wrong, boss. something is awfully bright up there. i think i've got the right angle now. hold perfectly still. there! i'm right on the mark! urself for the shock! what are they doing up there?!
7:37 am
could the explosion have blown them to bits? [ laughing ] be still, my throbbing heart. my fondest dream's come true -- batman and robin dead. dead! dead! my cup runneth over. up scope. can we forget about them now and go find that lost treasure? oh, let me savor this moment. it's so divine. seeing batman and robin dead is more important than any treasure. more important than all those incnc baubles, bangles, and beads?!
7:38 am
first i must call commissioner gordon and tell him the good news about his beloved caped crusaders, and then confound him with a little ririle. oh, why take time for that?! crime is no fun without riddles. i'll have you know, that's the main reason i took up this crime game. all of you, in the truck. ain't you taking the batmobile, boss? it will be too conspicuous where we're going. i'll be with you in a minute. go on. [ telephone rings ] commissioner gordon here. this is the riddler. i have some news for you about the late dynamic duo. late? i'm sorry to be the one ws to you, commissioner. batman and robin dead? i can't believe it. if you had anything to do o th this, riddler,
7:39 am
se. while you're at it, commissioner, ponder this riddle. what has four legs, runs day and night, but never gets anywhere? now see here, you cheap scoundrel -- out, it'll be too late. [ laughing ] gosh, we were almost goners. those guys mean business. it's a miracle we were blown free by that explosion. let's just be thankful lculations were correct. i don't know how you do it! there's no time for that now. good, they didn't take the batmobile! i think we'd better call commissioner gordon.
7:40 am
who is this? this is batman, your caped crusader. is something wrong? the riddler said you were dead. wishful thinking on his part. we're alive and raring to go! i must say, this is good news, but back to business. what do you make of this clue the riddler left? what has four legs, runs day and night, but never gets anywhere? that's the riddle, word for word. we'll get on it right away, commissioner. what has four legs, runs day and night, but never gets anywhere? this isn't going to be easy, robin. a river runs day and night. re. it runs to the ocean. but a fountain -- it could be a fountain! i think you're on the right track, robin. but that "four legs" business, that stumps me! an animal has four legs. wait a minute! maybe the fountain has an animal in it! the famous lion fountains in front of the gotham city museum? gosh, batman, i think you're wrong. the lion fountains aren't running at all -- the water r ortage, remember? that's what that cheating devil wants us to think, robin.
7:41 am
iddler must be going, and we must go without delay. [ tires screech ] how could a sarcophagus be so hard to find? i don't even know whatatn esophagus looks like. you numbskull, you're no help to me here. you and matches go upstairs keep a look out! sure, boss. oh, riddler, honey, ives me a nice case of the jitters. what are all those nasty-looking things? little fun things from the middle ages, my little moth. that tub there... that sweet little thing was called the maiden's bath.
7:42 am
and that wheel over there... the beautifully ingenious wheel of death. and last but not least, the rack. oh...those were the good old days. i'm sorry i asked. is it possible this has some connection with the lost treasure of the incas?! aunt harriet was reading to me about it only this morning. they can't exhibit it until they build an air-tight display case. if it's exposed to air, it will crumble to dust. it's beginning to make sense. the lost treasure of the incas
7:43 am
i hope we're not too late, batman. even now, the riddler and his gang may be destroying greatest archeological treasures, and for a mere million dollars worth of jewels. it's locked! they must be closed today. how do we get in? batman, look! thth window! it's open. but it's too small. i'd never make it. but i could. i could, batman! i promise i'll come right down and open the door for you. please, batman. be careful, robin. don't try to capture the riddler and the gang by yourself. come immediately downstairs and open the door for me. i'll handle it. do you underststd? and take your bat-communicator, and keep in touch. stand clear.
7:44 am
keep in touch with me on your throat communicator. golly, batman, i hope we're not too late. i shudder to think how it might affect our foreign relations if anything happened to this exhibit. how do you mean, batman? can you imagine the reaction of our good neighbors to the south should we allow their treasure to be destroyed? gosh, i see what you mean. take care, robin. you! i thought you were dead! i'll show you how dead i am! hey, matches, gimme a hand! i can't handle him! oh! ahh! now you're making me mad, kid!
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
n. robin, do you hear me? is something wrong, robin? come in, robin! hey, boss, look what we found! huh? but you're dead. no thanks to you that i'm not! and batman? he lives, too? no, you fiend! you've destroyed the finest man that ever lived, and i'll get you for it! you pernicious pipsqueak,
7:50 am
put him on the rack. if he e esn't fit, stretch him to size! but don't hurt him. [ grunting ] robin, if you can hear me... i'm coming in after you! [ jet engine turns over, tires squeal ] [ tires screech ] commissioner, i'm at theheotham city museum. robin's inside, and i'm going in after him. you'd better send some men over. right! [ tires squeal ]
7:51 am
the upper hand now, but wait! hey, boss, i think i found it! what, the sar...cophagus? the sarcophagus! [ laughs ] just think, think, in a few short moments, the lost t tasure of the incans shall be mine, mine! ours, honey -- ours! [ clears throat ] who said you can't take it with you? lucky y r me, the incan emperors did. at least, their jewels! [ laughs ] [ breathing heavily ] oh...the sarcophagus! [ laughs ] ] oh, it's too bad batman's dead. if only he could see me now. aah! aah! aah!
7:52 am
! you lied to me, boy wonder! a little white lie is excusable when dealing with the likes of you, you black-hearted scoundrel! well, don't just stand there! get him, men!
7:53 am
get him, matches! get him! i don't know about you, riddler, honey, but i'm getting out of here! ooh! all right, riddler, now it's your turn! no, no, no, no. ma'am. robin: batman! batman! holy smoke! the candle is still burning onto the w w! put it out before it eats through! good thinking, robin! just in time! [ wheezing laugh ] watch out!
7:54 am
ohh! aah! didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with knives, riddler?! can't we talk this over, batman? aah! ooh! let me give you one last word of advice. give up your evil ways! when you've paid your debt to society, and pay it you will, start life anew as a respected citizen! i'll give you anything you want! just name it, batman. name it. aaah! ohh! oww! batman, that smarts! ohh! robin, are you all right? i'm just a little sore, batman, that's all. one of aunt harriet's good, nourishing meals will set everything right again. i sure worked up an appetite, i'll tell you that. you're all under arrest! now, no monkey business. we got you covered. there's no need for guns, chief o'hara. go to the museum, there's no more fight left in them. naturally, i thought he meant the wax museum. otherwise, we'd have been here sooner. anyone can make that mistake, chief o'hara. there's no harm done, chief.
7:55 am
d into your capable hands. oh, batman, honey, moth's learned her lesson! really she has! crime dodon't pay! unfortunately, you learned your lesson too late, moth. a moth that plays around candles is bound to be burned. ohh! oh, batman! you may have won the battle...
7:56 am
7:57 am
? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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this i icertainly a very educational way to spend an afternoon. yes, and it's going to come in so handy at school. i think i'll do my end-of-term report on it. very good. most americans don't realize what we owe to the ancient incans. very few appreciate thth they gave us the white potato and many varieties of indian corn. now whenever i eat mashed potatoes, i, for one, will think of the incas. mercrcalive, seen such beautiful jewels? they must have cost a king's r rsom! it says here that they found the jewels in a secret panel in thehearcophagus. they were hidden to guard against grave robbers, who were very prpralent in olden days. well, thank goodness we don't have anything like that to worry about today. well, i think we should be leaving now. oh, bruce, i want just one more peek at this old incan emperor. will you look at that?
7:59 am
for all those thousands of years? it's remarkable! the old boy nearly didn't make it. captions paid for by the u.s. department of education ? batman n ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? b bman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na ?
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