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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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morning, bright eyes. you're in early. fives. you're huggable as a pororpine, sipowicz, but you got an admirable work ethic. thanks, sarge. [ whistles ] there's something wrong withthour bird. douche bag. it's been saying that ever since i got in -- loud. i don't know where it could have got it from. [ telephone rings ] 15th squad, sergeant gibson. douche bag. uh, nothing... douche bagag that was nothing. uh-huh. thanks, inspector. d.o.a. 488 forsyth. i'll call the others.
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-- boyce and debrovsky. they probably sat in here all night chanting it. crime victims on the worst day of their life, giving statements of items stolen from their home or descriptions of loved ones that went missing or worse. if they've got to be called douche bag by a bird, you don't think we'll get complaints? you know, the voice of that sounds an awful lot like you, sipowicz. all right, now you're getting paranoid.
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helen stoles -- apparent suicide. a young girl. hate to see that. who found her? super. her boss stopped by off her missing two days of work. where's the e ss? i got his statement and kicked him. you kicked him? yeye. [ sighs ] where'd she work? st. luke's hospital, nightshift, clerical job. boss say she'd been depressed lately? he hadn't noticed, but she was never talkative. how long she work there? one year. she got family? not in town. boyfriend? he didn't think so. why? she was a loner. want me get the boss back? i got his home, cell, pager, height, weight, date of birth, astrological sign. when it's my case, i just generally like to speak face-to-face with people ininlved.
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see what the neighbors say? later. did you see this suicide note on the counter? it's a long one. what's your take on this hatcher? if he stays out of my way, i got no beef with him. [ clears throat ] the note? it says she was kidnapped and held for two months last year. a guy drugged and raped her, kept her starving and naked. she didn't report it to the police out of shame, "or when he let me go, "and i never got a clear look at his face. "i was fed through a slot in the door, "and i would always fall asleep after i ate. "when i'd wake up,p,it w, and i could tell i'd been raped." that was the d.o.a.'s stepmother in wauaugan. she says she talked to helen two weeks ago. she sounded normal.. stepmom know anything about the girl being kidnapped?
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the stepmom said helen was pretty sporadic calling home, so they wouldn't have noticed. d.o.a. have any history of mental illness?s? none, but she did have a nasty meth problem in high school -- two stints in rehab. neighbors said the d.o.a. kept to herself, no visitors. landlord said she missed last july and august's rent. out of the blue she reappeared and paid up. she didn't say nothing about this to anybody? got a hit off the partial plate in the d.o.a.'s note. it's a dodge van registered to a paul grady -- queens address. this grady got a record? nothing. making progress. 10 minutes he hasn't mentioned the word. it's just a mattererf negative conditioning. so when -- if he says the word again, you got to nail him with a quick "naughty bird." yeah, we're gonna be running around like lunatics all day, yelling "naughty bird." we're grabbing a guy up. who? i'll fill you in, sarge.
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ear to me was stolen, and i'm afraid i know who took it. come on this way. detective medavoy and detective jones. veronica lewis. the colonel: douche bag. just a talking parrot, ma'am. it was mistrained at the pet store. naughty bird! i'm a little embarrassed coming here to air out family laundry. e something from you? it was a gift from my late husband. who is it you think might have taken it? my nephew tim.m. he's staying at my house in the spare room. his mother's in california, and i'm trying to take care of him until he gets work. is your nephew the only one with access to the apartment? no, i have a maid and a handyman came through last week, but it's tim. he's had his struggles. drugs?
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have you talked to him about the ring? he denies it. but my maid has been with me for 30 years, my handyman for 20, so... we'll have a conversation with him. what if it wasn't tim? i don't want to alienate him or my sister. how about we tell your nephew that you're not behind the investigigion, that it's a mandatory requirement of the insurance company. oh, that would be very kind. of course. sit down. this your first time in a police statioio mr. grady? yeah, you bet. we'll make it painless as we can. you drive a blue dodge van, with...this license plate right there? yes. you the main person driving it or other people, too? well, atillio, who works for me, he drives it sometimes -- marcus, also.
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you know a woman named helen stoles? i don't think so. she says she knows you. i don't think i've ever heard d e name. i'm gonna show you a photograph, mr. grady. why don't you tell me if you recognize the woman in it? oh, my god. is that woman dead? yeah, and we think there's a possibility you had contact with her when she was alive. if that's the case, mr. grady, we need to know now. study the picture a little more. t six months ago this disturbed woman came to our door around 2:00 in the morning -- filthy, dirty, clothes all torn, glassy-eyed. that might be her. she came to your door and did what? asked if she could sit down and have some water. her in? i thought she had been attacked. i was gonna call the police, but then she started screaming and calling me all kinds of names, and then she just ran out the door. your wife see this woman? absolutely. there was no sleeping through it.
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i guess i should have -- esescially if that's her in the photo. would you mind sticking around for a little bit? we need to check a few things out. okay. tim lewis, detectives jones and medavoy. mind if we c ce in? about? your aunt's missing ring. she's making an insurance claim. she needs a police report with interviews. l right, come on in. you know anything about how the ring went missing? like i told her, i don't. you have a criminal record, tim? i'll bet you know that i do. possession a a sales. you been getting high lately? not in nine months. you willing to take a urine test to prove it? sure, but before you go wading through my whiz, did my aunt tell you about the little t tp to mars
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my uncle died, like, five years ago, and since then, she's made some pretty dramatic lifestyle changes, and as far as the dangers concerned withthhose changes, like getting ripped off, she's neck deep in denial. that's the personal ad she took out. "autumn spirit, sexually liberatat, seeks partners, any age"... from the traffic in and out of her bedroom, she's had a lot of response. and any guy answering an ad to bang a broad her age doesn't exactly make him high quality. i don't know if she does. how old is your aunt? late 60s. and i'm all for her little rebirth, but she can't accuse me of stealing something 50 other guys had access to. 50 guys? maybe more than 50. honestly, i lost count. you want to find out who took the ring, talk to them.
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pretty bird. pretty bird. all right. rady. she confirms what her husband said. girl showed up at 2:00 in the morning, freaked out -- same story down the line. maybe our d.o.a. was drugged out, delusional, made up the thing about grady's license plate, off seeing the van in his driveway, and when she knocked on his door that night... [ scoffs ] our d.o.a. i'm talking about.
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i got something might be worth looking into. a girl named gina belle reported being abducted off orange street in brooklyn heights two years ago. case is still active. she got abducted? that it? she said she was held for a few weeks, drugged, raped. she lives on clinton. we'll get her in. maybe rita and me could -- we got it.t. but widen out the net to jersey and connecticut. anything pops with a similar m.o., it's all yours. we're leaving again. we'll be back. [ the colonel squawking ] have a seat, miss belle. could i ask why you're looking into my case now... so long after it happened? we found similar c ccumstances in another case. another girl? it's possible. we need to hear what happened to you to be sure.
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walking home, a car pulled up next to me. i really didn't even notice it, and then there was a wet rag over my face that smelled sort of sweet. and i woke up in a dark room. did you see the man who grabbed you? no. do you remember what kind of car he drove? i never really saw it. can you describe the room that you were held in? it was a long time ago -- dark, concrete floor. i just can't think of anything else. you told them you were held for at least two weeks. right, but i was a little panicked, i think. i'm embarrassed to say it, but i may have exaggerated. so it was more like... two days...maybe. were you sexually assaulted? i don't think so, no. your rape kit indicated you were. well, if it did happen, it must've been when i was asleep, drugged. but i don't remember any kind of sexual assault. you remember being picked up by the police?
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police report said you were found wandering naked, disoriented. right. that's right. i'm not trying to downplay what happened because it was a scary experience, but i was pretty young, and i think i made it into something it wasn't. still we'd like to show you a photo array of possible suspects. i never got much look at the man. something might come up. we'll be right back. but really, it's not too terribly far off. have they all been to your apartment? not all. sometimes i go to theirs, or we go to a hotel or a motel. do you have names and addresses? yeah, exactly how much do you get to know about these men b-before, uh... as much as can be gleaned
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so why muddle it with a lot of chatter? women get to a certain age, and the culture just gives up on us. since no one was knocking at my door, i threw up a flag, and it was a good thing i did, too. it's afforded me some amazing sexual experiences with some amazing men. is there a possibility one of them took the ring? if i had thought that, i would've said it when i came in. but your nephew taking the ring and him being so available profile. neither does his willingness to take a drug test. i really don't want to drag anyone in here unjnjtly. [ sighing ] but... this may take a while. sure. gina belle couldn't i.d. grady. we got another abduction case -- martha henstridge, jersey city --
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excellent. rita... i'll sit on him. officer grafton. actually, i'm back to vecchio. what brings you? you got a minute? yeah, sure. scott granted the divorce, so that's moving along. good. a couple months back, i put in for a transfer through. anyway, i got transferred here. good. you all right with it? yeah, why wouldn't i be? you calling early intervention got a lot of the cops talking. and i'm the first one to stand up and say it was the smamaest thing anyone could have done, but my being at the 15th might bring that kind of talk here. i got no problem with it. you know how cops can be. yeah, i do know, and i got no problem with it. good, 'cause i'm looking forward to the transfer.
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i was in the west village about 11:00 at night, walking back from dinner. a man grabbed me from behind, and i guess heheust've injected me with some kind of sedative 'cause i went right out. and where'd you wake up? in this man's basement. it was like a torture chamber. like torture instruments? could you be specific. there was a table with restraints on it, handcuffs chained to the wall. that he'd use to beat the back of my legs. it was medieval.l. you mentioned being held almost a month. how were you fed? through a slot in the door. i'd eat, then wake up very sore, sexually violated, bruised. was there anyone else involved or just the one man? sometimes i did hear a second voice throroh the wall, but he was the only one i saw. you saw the man's face?
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i stopped eating, hoping to escape. he opened the door, and i saw him in the light. then he closed the door right away and came back with a mask on and a taser gun. he subdued me and gave me an injection, and then he raped me. well, if you don't mind me saying, you're very open about thth. lots of therapy and group counseling, and now i i lp other victims. um, could you tell us if you see him here? oh, my god.
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gentlemen. come here, paul.l. si. you know the name martha henstridge? no. maybe you don't bother with names, huh? all you need is a limp, drugged-out body to torture. you've got me confused with somebody else. you were identified, paul. we are gonna go to your house, we're gonna scour your kidnap van, we'll gather mountains of e edence against you, so talk now or be buried by it. i'm a dry cleaner. that's why i have a van, not to kidnap people. you were identified! that means you are under arrest. that means you could take your shot at a trial or give us an explanation of why you kidnapped this woman and raped her and tortured h h so we can find some way to present you as a decent human being.
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...who told the exact same stor- kidnapped in your van, held in your dungeon. only helen told the story in a suicide note. yeah, you drove her to suicide, paul. how do you think a judge is gonna look at that? that woman in the photo you showed me, she committed suicide? are we getting through now? it's not just rape and kidnapping! now you're looking at a murder. i'm not saying i did anything, but how could a suicide ever be considered murder? anytime someone dies as a result of a crime, it's felony murder. great. we'll use that time to search your house. you don't have my permission for that. i think we'll be able to get a warrant. let's go. [ cage locks ] you know veronica lewis, jonathan? yes. have you seen her recently? last week. where? her apartment. what's veronica saying that i did? a piece of her jewelry went missing,


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