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tv   WRAL News Sunday Morning  NBC  November 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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[theme music playing] [gunshot] jeffords saved the life of an apache chief, it put the engine forever in his debt. years later, jeffords faced
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>> last of the horses up there. >> let's get a couple of good ones and switch. >> come in. i didn't hear you not. >> i didn't. maybe i should hav >> i was just checking it out. i was going hunting. i'm tom jeffords.
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>> sitdown. what can i do for you? >> i have a big g vor to ask of you. >> thanks. what is the favor? >> mostly a long ride. that is sure i nice gun. does it shoot straight? >> yes. >> then i suggest you do not make any sudden moves. i am i might nervous with that gun in my hand. professionals, i see. >> that is a nice way to put it, isn't it, dave? >> what is the point? >> we are short on time. we will have to explain on the way.
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>> if we meet some of your indian friends, we want you to look natural. hey! >> hold it right there. >> easy, dave. we need him alive. >> yeah. but we can break bones, anyo ong, mr. jeffords. >> of course not. >> come on. >> taking my horses, too? >> it is a trade. hours are a little windblown. it was a fair swap. we needed fresh horses.
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friends. >> and if you start thinkingg about escape, stop thinking. i have seen dave knock off runnininjackrabbits from a hundred yards, and you are a little bit eager than a jack -- bigger than a jack.
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>> good morning, cochise. where is jeffords? >> he is not here. >> i have a message for them. >> we were supposed to go hunting. the track say he rode off with two others. >> take a knife or -- >> this will do. >> they think it is. jeffords was supposed to meet them. >> your horse will go lame if you ride far.. i will take the message to jeffords. >> thank you, cochise. both be or send me appreciate that. give my regards to jeffords. >> i well. -- i will.
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>> hold it. the rest of the wild -- >> the least you could do is tell me where we are going. >> jeffords, it seems like i recall in the newspapers how you save somebody's life, some apache chief? >> hask-kai-la >> that is it. he was wounded in a trap and surrounded by mexican renegades until you showed up. is that true? >> more e less. there were only four or five of those mexico runs -- mexicans and all. some were wounded. >> i told you it was true. >> what has that got to do with now?
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you for billy. >> are you out of your mind? >> not so much. he turned ma down flat when she offered guns and money. that is when she got the idea about you. >> he said that -- she said that we would condition we got a belly. and you know, he started to listen. >> we have until totorrow sunrise. all right. let's shake it up very it -- let's shake it up. >> wait -- dave.
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suspect something, i will shoot him nono matter who he is. >> cochise! >> you have been riding fast, my brother. something wrong? >> no, cochise. just unexpected business with old friends. i'm sorry i had to run out on our hunting trip. >> important things must be done first. i have a message for you. >> bad news, tom? >> no, just routine. thank you, cochise. i will take care of this. >> i will wait for you at the agency. >> all right, come on.
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>> you are going to wear out the porch. >> my boy a prisoner of them even vultures. >> it is kind of funny to think of billy as a baby. i bet he was born with a gun in his hands. >> o o >> it is about sunrise. they b bter come pretty soon, and with jeffords. hask-kai-la will not wait much longer. >> if them devils touch my boy, we will kill every one of them and burn them to the ground. >> help me out with that.
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>> coffee, you are having be in. you think you will trade? -- you are half indian. you think you will trade? >> apaches are apaches. >> sorry, ma. there is your answer. illy! [sobbing] oh, my baby. [sobbing] >> don't cry, ma. don't.
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[horse whinnies] >> you are too late. >> they must have killed him the minute these sun came up. >> if he had not held us up, ma, we would have made it on time. >> he is wrong. they would have killed him anyway. >> i think my son w wld be alive except for you. >> what are you going to do?
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friend jeffords in the same
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>> take your hat off, you s inner! let's have some blasted respect here for the dead. >> ma, went on i take care of jeffords and get it over with? >> is s lling him a more important than giving my son a
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but -- >> then shut up. >> [indiscernible] >> why was jeffords brought here? speak truth are you will never speak again. >> man that is born of woman is of a few days and full of trouble. he comes forth like a flower and is cut down. he is a shadow also and continueth not. >> ma, taken back to hask-kai-la dead.
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many winters. how many men are down there? >> 8. you don't have a chance. >> come on. >> ashes to ashes. stop your fidgeting. >> stand still, mr. jeffords. you will reach your own grave soon enough. >> dustin to dust. -- dust. let us pray. >> hey, a. look!
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[gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] >> get your horses! run them devils! [gunshot] >> i'll peeyo hides! [gunshot]
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>> is this the way hask-kai-la greets the chief of the chiricahuas? >> you send smoke signals and arrive here alone. you are a traitor to the apaches. >> do you play games with me? you know why i am here. agent jeffords is in dangerer >> what is the life of a white man to the apaches? >> nothing. but this man ifr yours. >> that is in the past. >> you and i have taken different trails, hask-kai-la, but i cannot believe the man i respected has forgotten his honor. >> there is no dishonor. i agreed to hold the boy until sunrise. at sunrise, he was killed. >> you oh jeffords your life -- you owe jeffords your life!
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you. i have known you since i was a child. i know it was not your wish at your old friend jeffords should die. answer me! >> the young warriors in my tribe, they have high blood. to them, jeffords is only a white eyes, to hate and kill. i could not stop them. only these men would help me. they are all as old and tired as i am. >> you are noo tired to do the right thing. >> our days of fighting are over and the white men are twice our number. >> you are apaches! then i will go alone. now for the first time i have seen apaches grow so old, they
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>> [indiscernible] is backtracking. >> dave, get them out. >> we will sweep this whole area. he will not get away. >> you murderer.
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[horse whinnies] >> ma! >> ma, we've got >> andy, get him up fast. >> ma, we got them in the canyon.
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>> there he is! [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] >> you might as well quit, jeffords. >> i've got two shots left, ma. i will take one or two double of you -- of you with me.
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bloodshed. we won't hardier. i give you my word. [gunshot] [gunshot] >> kill them. kill them like they killed my boy! [gunshot] [gunshot] >> take the shot. >> there ain't no need to hogtie me, jeffords. i will try to get away.
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>> for a whole man, it was not so bad. >> hask-kai-la, i lived with the apaches long enough to know i should not thank you for what you've done, but if i can ever repay -- >> it is i who should thank you for giving me be chance to return a service to an old friend. >> cochise, you better take me to my horse. the law, we still have a long ride at of us. >> agent jeffords, if it is not too soon i would ask you figure. >> it is granted if it is in my power. >> we are old. the ways of the young braves are not our ways. agent jeffords, we would come to the chiricahua reservation and live the rest our days with cochise and his people. >> you are welcome. over the campfires and nights to come, we will have many stories
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? ? ? ? ? yancy: man following us? light hat, dark cape? i don't know him. merry christmas. ?
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yancy, you rapscallion rascal, you. [yancy laughs] yancy: henry spinner, i thought you were dead. henry: i'll live on forever. you're the spitting image of your daddy. the spitting image. i knew you were in new orleans, that's why i sent for you. who in hades is that? yancy: pahoo. yancy: in pawnee, that means "wolf." well, why did you send for me? henry: have you got dixie back? i haven't seen hide nor hair of dixie for seven years. henry: that's strange. not 10 minutes ago a man came through that door and was asking questions about dixie. yancy: uncle henry, i'm not following you. henry: alright, let's put it this way. did you find the treasure that your daddy buried? yancy: treasure? never heard about a treasure until just this moment. you mean my daddy buried-- henry: yes, i mean he did. the important thing was how to leave instructions for you and
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he came to me with an idea. [gunshot] ? [gunshot] ? ? colton: yancy, this is very serious. the plates are missing. yancy: plates? what plates? colton: old spinner. he was working on the plates for a new $100 greenback. washington. they're gone. yancy: so is uncle henry. i'm going to find the man who had him murdered. and when i do, he'd better talk fast and tell where your plates are. ? yancy: or he isn't going to have much time.
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? obadiah: alright, now we string these popcorns all around the outer branches of the tree. no, nohopahoo, no. you don't eat it now. you string the tree first and then you eat it later. pahoo doesn't seem to understand about christmas trees. what'd you tell him? yancy: why don't i explain about christmas later? obadiah: it ain't a very noisy language, is it? look, if you don't help me with this tree, we'll never get it done. yancy: i haven't got much stomach for it, obadiah. obadiah: this is the first christmas we've had in waverly in seven years.
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if the colonel could see it, he'd start right in stirring up a big batch of eggnogg. and with a big spike in it. yancy: alright. i'll go up the ladder, you hand me the candy canes and the popcorn. obadiah: right away, right away. yancy: thank you, pahoo. obadiah, bring me some canes. obadiah: yes, sir. [dog barks] yancy: that sounds like-- nah, it can't be. obadiah: can't be what? yancy: for a moment, i thought [dog barks] obadiah: it can't be. it just can't be. yancy: yeah, you're right. you remember the christmas that senior gave me dixie? it was the christmas of '61. ? yancy: it was 9:00 in the morning, not a creature was stirring, except the colonel. yancy sr.: might as well take your present upstairs with you. might have given you the pick of the litter. yancy: you didn't pick the runt, anyhow. [yancy laughs] yancy: oh, come up here. yancy sr.: he's the smallest,
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yancy: thank you, senior. it's a wonderful present. what'll i name him? yancy sr.: i took the liberty of having henry spinner engrave a nametag for him. called him dixie. well, it's a nice name. yancy: dixie, hello, dixie. it's a wonderful name. he'll make a good hound. yancy sr.: something else i want to say to you, yancy. i've got a feeling this war is going to change things. you'll be going away soon, but if the good lord is kind enough to spare you, i want you to come home to waverly. back here where folks loou you. ? merry christmas. yancy: merry christmas, senior. [dog barking] yancy: that is dixie. obadiah, get the door. obadiah: i'm going. i'm coming. [dog barks] yancy: dixie. c'mon, boy, c'mon-- easy. hey. oof.
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slobbering beast, where've you been? where've you been? who brought him? obadiah: jerrison ames brought him. yancy: well, send him in. obadiah: he's comingt but he's not as spry as he used to be. jerrison: why, that's a lot of nonsense. only a young colt moseys at a full gallop. an old horse walks. he covers the whole pasture. yancy: oh dixie, you're beautiful. just beautiful. uncle jerrison, i can hardly believe y i came here today for two reasons. one, to give you back this dog. and two, to tell you that i think you'reud rude, unprincipled scoundrel and that i never want to see you again as long as i live. yancy: those are pretty harsh words, sir. jerrison: they're meant to be. yancy: can i ask why? jerrison: not that i expected to see the instant you got back to new orleans. yancy: uncle jerrison, i didn't even know that -- jerrison: but in view of the fact that take cofe of this, this meat-eating monster all
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family left the scene, i think your conduct was most reprehensible in sending a servant to pick up dixie without a thank you or a fare-thee-well. yancy: uncle jerrison, i did not send a servant. jerrison: i sent your servant packing with a crack on the skull, i tell you. yancy: when was this? jerrison: yesterday, as you well know. yancy: uncle jerrison, just simmer down. i didn't send a servant for dixie. i didn't know that you are alive, i didn't even know that he was alive. jerrison: is that the truth, boy? yancy: yes sir, that is the truth. jerrison: obia obadiah: yes, judge. jerrison: and go light on the mint. obadiah: as usual, judge. jerrison: welcome home, boy. yancy: thank you, sir. jerrison: i'm sorry i went up in smoke. but the fact is someone posing as your servant did ask for the dog. yancy: you know, that is strange. i wonder why. jerrison: because-- well, let's sit down. because, dixie knows where the colonel buried the derringer treasure. yancy: the derringer treasure? jerrison: admiral farragut was downriver, your daddy said to
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orleans. i'm going to take some gold, and i'm going to put it in a safe place. i warned him that gold was scarce. but he went ahead and did it. yancy: so he buried it? jerrison: thank you. yes, everybody was digging holes to put their valuables in. thank you, obadiah. you were there, too, obadiah. obadiah: yes sir, there was me and there was dixie, the colonel and miss nellie. yancy: miss nellie? jerrison: your brother david's wife. obadiah: as sweet and pretty a lady as ever set her foot in this house. and she went with your daddy yancy: where is she now? obadiah: she has probably gone back to her family in memphis. after your brother david was killed in action. yancy: if senior did bury that treasure -- obadiah: he did, all right. becausuryour mother gave him some things to put in that chest. her treasures, she called them. yancy: mother's treasures? where did he bury them? jerrison: ask dixie. yancy: dixie? jerrison: that is what the colonel said. ask dixie, and he will tell you.
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? ? yancy: there's nothing there. ? yancy: ah, if you could only speak. [dog barks] ? ? yancy: come on, dixie. ? yancy: same man you saw in the street? you can't go in here, dixie. dogs are not allowed. you take care of him, please? [sound of dice flipping] francie: yancy. yancy: hello, francie. francie: i thought you were still up river. yancy: i was, i just got back. francie: come on, let me buy you
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? francie: i did not really expect to see until after christmas. yancy: i really came for two reasons. one, who is the man with the spade cufflinks. salsbury: your 100, and i will bump you 100. francie: his name is salsbury, he is a stranger in town. has a guest card. that is all i know. next question? yancy: well, two, it is been seven years since i have had christmas at waverly. i was wondering if you would have christmas dinner with me. francie: oh, yancy. yancy: meaning no. francie: meaning i have other plans. i'm so sorry. yancy: will you still have the drink? francie: sure. [gunshot] [gunshot]
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[guests chatter] [chatter continues] francie: who is it? yancy: tip-tip mcneil. looks like someone is hiring cutthroats. $500 is more money than he ever had at one time in his whole life. salsbury: pardon me, gentlemen, francie: who would want to kill you? yancy: not me. francie: pahoo? yancy: my dog, dixie. francie: yancy, that is ridiculous. no one would hire a gun to assassinate a dog. yancy: well, someone did. probably the same man who hired ben whistler to kill henry spinner. you had better get this over to police. they'll know where to find me. you know, uncle jerrison was probably right. dixie does know where senior buried the loot.
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? obadiah: where's yancy, she's coming. she's coming. yancy: who is coming? obadiah: your brother david's wife. miss nellie. yancy: then get down there and open the door. obadiah: she just pulled up now, come on. come on. ? obadiah: miss nellie, miss nellie, welcome back home. nellie: obadiah, it has been a long time. obadiah: it sure has. yancy: welcome to waverly, miss nellie. nellie: yancy. yancy derringer, you look so much like david. i would have known you anywhere. [dog growls] [dog barks] nellie: dixie.
7:47 am
distressing him? obadiah: dixie, that is no way to act. miss nellie is your old friend. come on now, get. get. he's just getting long, getting old and crotchety. he'll be alright as soon as he remembers you. yancy: despite dixie's behavior, we are delighted to have you. nellie: yancy, this is my cousin, dean salsbury. yancy: how do you do? dean: didn't i yee you last night in new orleans? ine incident at madame francine's? yancy: oh, you were there? dean: yes. were tired. dean: the fact is, miss nellie was travel weary. she thought it might be nice if we stopped at a hotel and freshen up a little bit before we came over to waverly this morning. so i was playing a little poker. nellie: yancy, i didn't want to look like something off the river bottom. why, next thing you'd be thinking, what did brother david ever see in her. yancy: never could. nellie: yancy, should i take my old room? yancy: of course. obadiah? obadiah: yes sir. nelly: and i don't want you to be thinking we will stay forever. cousin dean is taking me to
7:48 am
old times to have christmas at waverly. yancy: it is wonderful to have you. obadiah, when you get miss nellie to her room and mr. salsbury to the guestroom? dean: thank you. ? ? yancy: yes, i know. he was the man on the street when henry spinner was murdered. so that means he got here long before last night. what's a nice girl like miss nellie doing with a man like that? ? ? [knocking at door] yancy: well, francie, how nice to see you. francie: hello, yancy. i can't stay, i have to get right back to the city. yancy: now, you didn't drive all the way up to waverly just to tell me that. frenzy: i found out more about the man with the spade cufflinks. i ghought you should know. yancy: a man by the name of dean salsbury? francie: card shark, thief, riverboat black leg, fast with the pistol, and the pistol is
7:49 am
brother's wife. francie: cousin to the devil, never your brother's wife. yancy: you know, the pinkertons could use a memory like yours. francie: they do. yancy: let me buy you a drink. francie: no, i am sorry, yancy, i have to get back to the club. yancy: you se? francie: mm-hmm. be careful, very careful. yancy: thank you, francie. francie: bye. yancy: obadiah? obadiah: yes, sir. yancy: are you sure that this miss nellie is the same miss nellie? obadiah: of course, i am sure. but i can't understand about dixie. he used to be wild about that girl. yancy: dogs are born honest and they don't change. but something else has changed. it all started yesterday when mr. spinner was murdered. obadiah: oh, what a pity. that poor old man. but yancy, remember he gave your daddy the gold pin with the whole declaration of independence engraved on its
7:50 am
yancy: on the head of a pin? obadiah: yes. yancy: that is it, that is it. dixie? you never did have any manners. come on, no dogs on the tabl come on. [drawer opening] yancy: there it is. three steps north, oak, front lawn. obadiah: sure is. ? ? obadiah: ain't very heavy, is it? ? obadiah: up to the house. up to marsh yancy's room. dean: time is running out. let's get on with it. and don't drink any of this stuff. nellie: dean, promise me you will not hurt anybody. dean: it is a little late fo that. what do you mean? you said you weren't going to --
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[dog growls] yancy: dixie. lie down and be quiet. [dog whimpers] yancy: you heard me. nellie: i can't imagine what's happened to him. we used to be such good friends. yancy: he just isn't used to being home yet. well, what have we here? nellie: well, since it is christmas eve, i thought we might have a little christmas cheer together before dinner. yancy: lovely idea. obadiah: speak a little plainer. oh, around back. yancy: you put quite a -- quite a -- spike. ? [clatters to floor] [dog whimpers] ? nellie: hurray, get the collar. dean: where is the indian? nellie: i don't know, i don't know, get the collar. [dog barks] ? nellie: you let him get away. dean: he is not going to get away. nellie: you're not going to kill him? dean: he's got $50,000 in gold on that collar. ? ? [gunshot]
7:52 am
? yancy: i don't mind missing christmas, but what happened? it's new year's eve. ? yancy: you mean dixie? [dog whimpers] ? ? [dog whimpers] ? [dog whimpers] ? [dog whimpers] yancy: bullet just grazed his skull. collar is missing. he will be all right. con, on, dixie. come on. [dog barks] ? obadiah: pahoo told me to bring it up here.
7:53 am
yancy: it's about time. he is pretty rustic. [lock breaks] [yancy whistles] dean: hold it, derringer. get back against the wall. obadiah, too. tell that indian, one wrong move out of him and he is a dead indian. alithea, get the chest. yancy: alithea? alithea: nellie? obadiah: there are two of them, they are twins. nellie: that will do, mr. salsbury. drop your gun. ? [dog growls] ? [dog growls] [tumbling down stairs] ? colton: what the devil? i came here to tell you everything was all right. yancy: it is now. colton: anmean we found
7:54 am
yancy: mr. salsbury. he hired whistler to kill mr. spinner. and then he hired the man to kill dixie. colton: and then he was after the derringer treasure. yancy: as you can see, he found it. all worthless. no gold at all, just confederate money. no treasure, at all. maybe i am wrong. well. mr. colton, will you have your men take care of this? colton: of course. yancy: i will be back in a ? ? yancy: you said you were on your way to california. if i were you, i would hurry. ?
7:55 am
nellie: yancy? i am sorry we had to meet this way. yancy: it is better than not at all. nelly: i could have told them it was all confederate money. worthless. no treasure at all. yancy: no. nelly: david's baby mug. it was a treasure after all, wasn't it? yancy: welcome home.
7:56 am
7:57 am
? obadiah: come on, come on down, marsh, it's christdas day. ? yancy: what's all the shouting about? why are you all dressed up? there isn't going to be anybody here for christmas except you, miss nellie and myself. obadiah: don't you be too sure. come on.
7:58 am
group: merry christmas. merry christmas, yancy. capt. tom: merry christmas, yancy. yancy: merry christmas, capt. tom. i hope you left some mistletoe aboard the sultana. capt. tom: oh, blast. yancy: merry christmas, pearl girl. lavinia: merry christms, mr. derringer. yancy: lavinia lake. merry christmas, john. colton: merry christmas, yancy. it's been a good year. yancy: i hope we have many more. bridget: merry christmas and a married new year. yancy: married new year? oh, i mean a happy one. yancy: merry christmas, bridget. [speaking mandarin] yancy: which means? miss mandarin: merry christmas in mandarin. yancy: and a merry christmas to you, celestial lady. francie: merry christmas, yancy. yancy: oh, i thought you had a date. francie: i did have, with you. yancy: merry christmas, francie. nellie: merry christmas, yancy. it's good to be home again. yancy: now it's nice to have somebody in the family back again. merry christmas. ?
7:59 am
later, pahoo. merry christmas. merry christmas, obadiah. woman: yancy? yancy: thank you. colton: yancy, a toast. yancy: ladies and gentlemen, a toast. ? yancy: a toast to senior. [clinking of glasses] yancy: the good days that are gone and to the better days that are to come. ? ? ? ? ?
8:00 am
?? (paladin) - your guide would cut your throat for $10. if he didn't, you'd be shot by desperadoes or scalped by indians. this gun is your safe passage. ?? pbd the family estate
8:01 am
- that state is called montana. - oh... thank you. - and now you've come to take possession? - yes, i only have a half-share. the rest is owned by a third cousin, a miss felicia carson. - have you met her? - no. but it doesn't seem quite right, you know? i mean, a woman saddled with all this responsibility while i lounge about in england. so here i am. it'll be great sport, i expect. - well, i should think she'd be glad of a man's help. - i thought so, yes. i shall take the first train out in the morning - it'll be more like three weeks. - is it that far? - well, it's about as far as from england to russia. - well, that's fantastic. - the train will drop you off 200 miles from fleetown and it's a rough trip over the mountains on horseback. - well, i might do a bit of hunting on route. i shall hire a guide. who will cut your throat for the content of your purse. you can't make it alone. you'll be shot by desperadoes, lost in the mountains or scalped by indians. - well, that's a bit awkward, paladin.
8:02 am
i say, paladin, not really? - yes, really. - but the, uh, the gun... is that necessary? - not always necessary, but sometimes indispensable. ?? - 'morning, boys. hope you've got my order made up, n.g. - there it is, sitting fat and sassy waiting for you, miss carson. - i think i'll have a look at your cloth.
8:03 am
don't you sit and have a cup of coffee after that long ride? - well, i-i don't mind if i do. - how's the dry spell hitting the king's arm? - oh, not too bad. water's still holding up pretty good. (all laughing) n.g., you rigged that chair! - (laughing) and you sat right down in it. - that's not too funny, n.g. matter of fact, none of your jokes are too funny. - oh, come off it, miss carson. ain't nobody hurt none and waddy, he'd be laughing as hard as anyone if it was pulled on joe or dan, wouldn't he? - load the supplies, waddy. - yes, ma'am. playing these fool little boy jokes all the time. - you ain't got no sense of humor, ma'am, and that's a fact. - neither do you if the truth was said.
8:04 am
- crazy clothes. - morning, this fleetown? - that's the name. looking for someone special around here? - well, my friend is trying to locate the king's arms ranch. - that's what i was afraid of. i mean, what i figured. well, i reckon you're my kinfolk, jamie. - cousin felicia, this is delightful. - i reckon. pleased to meet you. - oh, um, my friend, mr. paladin. ure. - the same. well, let's not stand around gawking. let's go inside and have a cup of coffee. warm up the coffee, n.g. - i say, those are real savages. - chief harry blackfoot, little horse,
8:05 am
- james was disappointed not to see any indians on the trail. - good thing, too. the only braves you run into up there would be a war party taking scalps. those fellas are a lot more peaceable. they ain't smeared war paint in near ten years. - war paint? scalps? hmm, sounds exciting. - well, it makes good reading, james, but it's nothing you'd want to see. - oh, no, i suppose not. - say, are you the one who shot that poor little bear cub? the one who's hide i seen on the horse? a cub. - why, mister, you ain't acquainted with the montana breed of bear. full growed, they're as big as this store. - really? - now hold on, n.g. - you don't want to interrupt your cousin, miss carson. a man ought to do his own talking. - say, i never heard of any animal that large. - i've only been on the kill of a full-size montana bear only once, on an expedition with an army group
8:06 am
when we peeled the hide off him, you know what we found under that bearskin? - no, what? - bare skin! (laughing) - i must say the joke's on me. - it sure is. - (laughing) oh! n.g., i don't know how you did that, but since i know they're strictly flesh, - that's a horse on you, n.g. (clucks) - i say, that's humorous. - you think that's funny, do you? - yes, don't you? - not much. - come on, james. n.g. finally bit on one and he don't like the sour taste. it's a real pleasure to make your acquaintance, paladin. - uh, good day.
8:07 am
follow me. - so that dude can appreciate a joke, huh? say, harry, can you round up about a dozen braves and get them to smear on some war paint and whoop it up? - what for? - it's just a little joke. friend of mine ain't never seen any wild indians. give him a show. - big crazy clothes? - uh-huh. - you give each indian bottle of whiskey?
8:08 am
all right, it's a deal. yes, sir, that dude is likely to run right out his britches. (chuckling) - and here's the barn. - well, that's the works, jamie. these buildings, 6,000 head of cattle, 12,000 acres of land. - and you've been looking after all this?
8:09 am
- well, now that i'm here, i intend to take that burden off your shoulders. and you shall sit back and be the lady of the manor. - thanks, jamie, but for a while, you just sort of take it easy and don't bother yoursf none. supper's ready in a half hour. - well, james, this is quite a spread you've got here. - yes, i'm afraid she doesn't take me very seriously, paladin. - well, that will change, you're strange to her now. - to everyone. you know, i was thinking about it this morning, about n.g. smith and his little joke. see, there's a theory out here. a man that can be tricked is a fool. and there are two kinds of people they can't tolerate. cowards and fools. in a tight situation, the one would run off and leave you, and the other would make fatal mistakes. - and i showed myself to be a fool. - well, let's just say that for the moment, you've lost face. you don't fit in. - how does one go about fitting in, paladin? - well, james, i suppose i could deliver a long lecture on physical differences, the clothes you're wearing,
8:10 am
look at this one. this is a cowboy's workbench. everything a cowboy needs for a working day is right here. tie and post for roping, high cantle to give a man support and comfort during that long, hard working day. and here's a boot for a rifle. - yes, i have got a lot to learn. - james, the truth of the matter is, that survival is very difficult out here. everything, everybody, has to contribute. and the way to fit in is to find a particular-- (whooping in the distance) shouldn't be hostiles down here. (gunshots) - (cries out)
8:11 am
- of all the fool tricks, screaming like a band of medicine show squaws. let me see, harry. - big joke, n.g. say. everybody have fun. it's a bad one. it's high in the chest. - you do this? - i'm sorry, i didn't know. - let's get him in the house. - i can't tell you how sorry i am. - we'll go into town in the morning. maybe they'll listen to reason then. n.g. and his stupid jokes.
8:12 am
and find out what it was about before you shot? - that wasn't fair of her. - wasn't it, paladin? what was that you said about a fool? a fool who makes fatal mistakes? - all right, all right. hold your horses. i'm coming! (banging at door) for you banging on my door at this time of night for? - he shoot harry. - who shot harry? - the crazy clothes. harry hurt bad. - what do you come to me for? it was no fault of mine. - you say big joke. everybody laugh. - that idiot had no business shooting back at you. he should have known it was a joke. look, boys, you got a legitimate reason to be sore.
8:13 am
boys, i couldn't be sorrier. if i could make it up in any way-- not that it was my fault, mind you. well, i promised you a bottle of whiskey each and you had some trouble, so...'s a whole keg. go ahead, take it. it's on me. sure am sorry about harry, little horse.
8:14 am
- jamie will be right along. - wasn't his fault, you know. he reacted instinctively, he was attacked. picked up a rifle and defended himself. - he should have used his head instead of a rifle. - would you have liked it better if he ran away and hid? - when are you figuring to leave, paladin? - tomorrow. - take him with you for his own good. how long do you think he'd last out here before somebody blows his head off? - he could learn with your help. - i'm running a ranch, not a school. oh, paladin, it isn't as if i didn't like him. this ranch away from him. he needs it. it'll give him some purpose in life. and you need him. - good morning. i'm sorry i'm late. - good morning, james. - now when we get to town, jamie, i just want you to let me do the talking. the indians have probably cooled down by now. - if harry blackfoot's all right. - n.g. started this. it's up to him to stop it. i want you to show up and just stand there
8:15 am
paladin, i'd appreciate it if you'd stay until this matter's cleared up. then i'd like to return to san francisco with you. i can make passage back to england from there. - if that's what you want. yes, i think that will be best for everybody. - miss carson, do you really believe that? - there, then that's all settled.
8:16 am
8:17 am
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
(shouting continues) (inaudible dialogue) - they're drunk. the whole lot of them. harry don't look hurt too bad, just mean. james? you can't stay here alone, come on with us. waddy, you take care of the rig. - i want to get out of here. - there you are, you troublemaker! you get the indians all stewed up the plain fool way you acted. - you mangy dog. - why you...
8:21 am
u're going outside with us and tell harry exactly why this is all your fault. - what do you mean, my fault? - i don't have to explain that to you. - they're in no mood to listen to reason now. - because you've got them all drunk and fired up. - all right. it was a mistake. but if i take the blame now, they'll kill me. - if you don't, i'll kill you. (gunshots) hold it, you kill any one of them and the word will reach every lodge in this region. there won't be an indian within 500 miles not wearing war paint. - send out crazy clothes! (gunshots) - you get out there and tell them to stop it. - i can't stop them. they want him! (gunshots) - send out crazy clothes! crazy clothes! - war or no war, we ain't going to stand for this. besides, we got kids at home. - that won't be necessary. - what do you think you're doing? - i don't have much choice, do i?
8:22 am
or start a war? ?? - call it off, harry. we could have killed your braves before this, but that would mean a war. you kill this man and the soldiers will come anyway - (grunts) - harry, it's even now. you were hurt before. this man has been hurt in return.
8:23 am
harry, call it off! in a far distant land, this is the uniform of a brave man. it is, harry. in that distant land, only a brave and honorable chief,
8:24 am
- enough! he is brave, the crazy clothes. - i feel i owe you an apology, old man. i'm really dreadfully sorry. it was inexcusable. - you feeling better, jamie? - i'm feeling fine. fortunately, n.g. carried my size in stock. - only brave and honorable men may wear this uniform. great and wise leaders. - that's right.
8:25 am
(grunts) - you're a coward and a fool, n.g. i don't think you'll be able to live that down in this neighborhood anymore. - i ain't going anywhere, mister. these folks will stick with me. ain't that so? wait a minute! you can't listen to him! - well, i expect we better return to the ranch and pack. - you can't run off and leave me now, jamie. that ranch needs a man. - thank you for that, felicia, but i'm afraid i have so little to contribute out here. - except courage. without which, there'd be nothing here. you're traveling alone. - you know, i had an idea i might be.
8:26 am
d so hard to get out here? - well, i don't know how to say it, jamie. you tell him, paladin. - well, james, you've been tested. you ring true. there's no place in the world you can't live if you just follow your natural instincts. - that's it, jamie. - i'll stay. - montana and you will both be the better for it. bye. - [narratoou had a medical emergency away from home? - my chest hurts, i can't breathe. - [narrator] what you need is mobilehelp, america's premiere mobile medical alert system. most systems only work at home, but with mobilehelp, you get help outside the home with coverage nationwide on one of the largest
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free with your plan purchase. call now and ask how you can save with our special holiday promotion. don't settle for a medical alert system that only works at home. - mobilehelp has given me my life because i'm not restricted anymore. i have freedom to live now. - [narrator] join the thousands of people nationwide already using mobilehelp, and remember, mobilehelp keeps you safe coast to coast. hey boy. - mr. paladin! hey boy very happy to see you so quick. - thank you. anything new since i've been gone? - oh, no. everything very quiet.
8:29 am
exactly what i... - hey boy, sometimes you baffle me. did you say nothing new? - nothing, mr. paladin. you tired? me bring you something?
8:30 am
- the maricopas are probably watching us right now.
8:31 am
never saw them riding with a white man before. ur indian friends on in, mister. - i'd like to see major wilson. - and i want to see them trouble-making yavapais. - oh? - hyah! - get 'em! that's an order! get a patrol after them! - stay where you are, sergeant. - why, you dirty-- - put that gun down. - you're telling me to put this--
8:32 am
- lieutenant, unless the army has changed considerably, war department order 7-104 is still on the books, and i've asked to see your commanding officer. - i usually take care of his business for him, mister. - well, lieutenant, you just met the exception. give major wilson that card. sergeant, where's the stable area? - right in here, sir. ?? - now, do my people have to shoot their way onto this post to see me? - he was riding with a stinking pair of yavapais. - that's his way. i understand he can get an escort from any tribe-- yavapais, curacaos, any of them.
8:33 am
bean eater. - now, it's just that attitude that's created trouble. it's no wonder our formations are being attacked. - may- hi, i'm wilson.start taking tclass of '54.t again? glad you got my letter. - oh, i had to pass this way anyway. - you're a west pointer, too. good. we'll get along. - yes, of course. i'm sorry about that little mix-up at the gate. paladin. hmm. funny, i can't seem to place that name. - major, shall we get down to business? - yes. that is funny. i usually remember all the officers from around my time.
8:34 am
- sit down. - thank you. - i heard of you through scott in the seventh cavalry. you entertained him in san francisco. - (laughing) yeah. - oh, you should have heard him talk about that. champagne, good food, beautiful women. you can imagine what that sounded like to me out here. scott says you sometimes get as much as $1,000 a job. - major, let me set the record straight. i did not come here for old school gossip, if you have a problem, please detail it and i'll name a price. - you must be joking. in the letter, i said this concerned innocent lives. - you tell me the details, major. i'll decide the rest for myself. $1,000, huh? - you know what i risk my life for?
8:35 am
does that make your life worth more? do you know that i've spent seven years in this hole, eating dust? seven years. look here. this is what seven years represents to me. a stinking $200. that's not enough for you, is it? - it might be. there are some things about the maricopa country that interest me. - (sighing) you, uh, know the maricopa tribe? ated. - this post was set up to keep an eye on them. i've tried to be friendly. they just won't have it. last month, two of my troopers disappeared while hunting meat. since then, my patrols have been hit every time they enter maricopa country. that doesn't leave me much choice. - well, i'll tell you this about them, major-- if you retaliate, you'll provoke open warfare. - and if i don't, they'll think i'm weak. either way, it'll involve innocent settlers,
8:36 am
you could parley with gerada, their chief, find out what's troubling them. - yes, but i can't go in there with troops. now, from what i understand, you could take me there, just the two of us. - major, have you ever heard of the maricopa treasure? the tribal gold mine? - this country is thick with stories like that. - this is a huge vein of white quartz so heavily loaded with free gold, you can dig it out with a knife. - well, i happen to be interested in other things-- human lives. - all right. and my own career. i'll be honest with you, paladin. i'm in trouble. i've had bad luck on my last assignments, and if i fail on this one, it-- this is my last chance. - all right, major.
8:37 am
oh, uh, there's a full dress retreat this afternoon. - major, i've had a look at this post. a half-hour ceremony won't impress me. - whoa. (horse whinnying)
8:38 am
- hold it. there's no mistaking that. (snake rattling)
8:39 am
(speaking indian's language) - i do not have a split tongue and i talk straight. - i will talk straight. - our brother suffers from the sun. - he has spoken to us. i did not have a third hand for a weapon. - you know our ways, but so do many enemies. - it has been given into the hearts of the yumas to believe the words of one called paladin.
8:40 am
the whites do not want your land. gerada said he would speak straight. the chief soldier here has had his men killed. - before, you led your men here yourself. there was no trouble then. with his eyes looking to other things. - lieutenant harvey. harvey's been taking the burden of patrols off my shoulders. perfectly within regulations. - the soldier you call harvey saw our gold in the trading store. it was a mistake for us to bring it there, but it was a mistake for the soldier called harvey to send two others to trail us to our white blanket. - white blanket?
8:41 am
were hunting meat. - do meat hunters kill maricopas? do they load gold in leather sacks and mark trails? is this the way soldiers hunt meat? - i'm for arresting lieutenant harvey and apologizing to gerada, but i can't go to headquarters with some story about a lost mine. they won't believe it. - if the chief of the soldiers here sees it, will they believe? - of course they'd believe me. am only interested in doing my job. my friend can tell you that. - two of my braves will lead you. you will wear a cloth on your eyes so you cannot return to the spot. - is this the wisdom of gerada speaking? - you have said the soldier is to be trusted. did you speak straight?
8:42 am
8:43 am
(horse whinnying) - (moaning)
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
(horse whinnying) - come on. (horse blustering) come on. come on. come on. easy, now. easy. come on. come on. come on. easy. (grunting) (exhaling) easy. come on.
8:49 am
whoa. whoa. now back. back! back! (horse whinnying) back! back! back. all right. whoa, now! whoa! easy. whoa.
8:50 am
- paladin, is that you? i thought you were an apache. come on out. it's all right. this is major wilson. paladin, it was a mistake! i put my gun away. - i'd call that a lie. i'll take the carbine. - sure.
8:51 am
- i didn't want to. it was a trap. i was attacked by those two indians. i was riding to gila bend for help. you don't think i'd desert you, do you? - you've got a couple of pretty heavy buckskin bags on that horse. - look, paladin. we rode for three hours, mostly upgrade. i could tell they were circling, doubling back on their trail. all total, we probably didn't go more than five miles. then they took the bandages off. up high, almost to the timberline. have you ever seen gold? not an ore, but natural, as pure and as yellow as in a coin-- bits of it-- flakes, nuggets, all sizes and shapes. those bags were filled by the two troopers just before they were killed. i got the maricopas to show me just what happened. and, when they turned their backs, i-- - you told me the maricopas attacked you. - paladin, can't you understand what i'm saying? we're rich! you're my partner.
8:52 am
we arguing about? there's a fortune in those bags, and i know the way back for more. gold, paladin. isn't that word enough for you? - if the maricopas find us, i hope they'll believe it was your idea to kill those guides. - but the sight of it, just lying there-- a year's salary in every handful. paladin... you can't afford to kill me. i know the location of the treasure. - you're right in the maricopa's backyard, wilson. - what good is gold to a dead man? - paladin, will you--? look, just let me ride out of here. what are you doing, man? - this is an advance payment to get us out of here. wilson, gold is only worth one thing to me, and that's to buy what i need most-- in this case, it's my life. - paladin, listen. - wilson, i can kill you or i can do this.
8:53 am
i risked my life for that stuff! - you risked my life for it! - no. that's mine! paladin, that's mine! that's mine! that's-- that's-- - wilson. - it's mine! - wilson. - it's mine! - let the gold go, wilson! - no, it's mine! - it's heavy! i can't hold you! no, i won't let it go. it's my gold! it's my gold! - i can't hold you, wilson! - it's my gold! it's my gold!
8:54 am
has no use for the yellow metal? - all white men have great need for gold, gerada, but i have returned this to the mountain. it was not mine to take. - you speak straight when you say this? - i speak straight. - the dead soldier-- he did not tell you where to find the white blanket of the maricopas? - he told me it was in a box canyon above the timberline-- no more. - i have no wish to kill a friend of the yumas, the pimas, and the opatas,
8:55 am
fear that gold will split even the tongue of the man called paladin. - i have spoken true. - (speaking native language)
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
- my report to the inspector general will state that wilson was accidentally killed while negotiating with the maricopas. that, in my opinion, no action is warranted against this tribe. - lieutenant harvey has some story about a gold mine being at the bottom of all the trouble around here. - well, these territories are full of stories about lost gold mines, colonel. do you think any of them are true? - it'll be at least 20 years before harvey has a chance to find out. we have a dozen complaints against him, including theft of post funds. thank heavens major wilson was at least honest, if nothing else. we'll hope to see you in our territory again. - oh, i may get back here again one day.
8:59 am
sergeant. colonel.
9:00 am
the show, from mercy to manteo, smart start kids ? ? so here we are, from far, and everyone's a star, smart kids ? >> willa: this is you've got connections, that part of our storr show where we go to interesting and exciting places, behind the scenes where most people don't get to go. today we're at duke tower at


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