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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> here's adventure! ?? here's romance! here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west,
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?? >> just look at that door. >> we heard lightning whinny and gypsy trying to kick the door open. she was out, over the corral fence, and gone. >> that makes thfifth mare you've lost in three weeks, sally. >> and the most valuable. and also the last one that wild stallion will ever steal from me or anyone else. there's an old law in this state that says that horse stealing's the death penalty. well, i'm going to revive it. lightning's a horse thief, and i'm gonna have him killed. >> oh, but miss emerson, it'd be a ame to kill him. why not try to capture him? >> why, we might as well try to capture a cyclone.
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has got to be destroyed. and we're going to do it. >> i understand how you feel, sally. he's stolen a couple of mares from me. i'm with you, all the way. [horse approaching] >> what happened, steve? >> i spotted ligigning half an hour ago over across the ridge. >> saddle my horse while i get my gun. duke, we're going after him.m. >> i'll go along. >> fine. >> what's the idea o o backing up her play? wild stallion to take his place. ?? >> heyeylook, cisco. ?? >> that must be lightning, the wild stallion we heard about in san raphael. what beauty.
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cisco, that-- thatat the mostest horse i ever seen. heh, bet he's worth lots of pesos, eh? shall weweatch him? >> no, pancho, we're leaving him alone. pancho, freedom is the most precious thing in the world. you ought to know that. who are we to deprive him of the right to live the way he wants to? >> cisco is right, caballo! run along! have a good time! have lots of fun! and mind your own business, like cisco don't never do! >> goodbye, lightning. come on, pancho. ?? >> there he is! ?? >> you and duke circle around. we'll come up from the back.
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[gun firing] ?? [distant gunshot] >> cisco, look, is that--? [gun firing] >> they're trying to kill him, pancho, come on!
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>> he went into a blind canyon. i'll go around this way. ?? >> a a you all right? >> yeah, i'm all right. >> look, cisco, look, more company. >> what do you mean, keeping
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>> i think that lightning has as much right to live as you or i. >> he's forfeited that right. he's a thief. he's stolen several of my most valuable mares. and only last night, he induced my pet gypsy to break down her stall and join him. >> if lightning had stolen your mares, they'd be running around in a pack with him, and he wouldn't be ranging these hills alone. si, se?orita, he couldn't take no chances some other stallion steal the mares from him. >> i'm a horse breeder, and i used to think the way you do. but i changed my mind when i saw that stallion steal one of my mares. he's probably got 'em hidden >> or maybe up a tree. >> you cost me my chance to get him today, but there'll be other days. >> hey, mister, you forgot your rifle. well, pancho, what do you make of it? i think there is something wrong about this. i think there'- >> oh, cisco, cisco,
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>> but pancho, this mr. larsen and also the girl's foreman, both of them know as well as we do that if lightning stole those mares, he wouldn't be running around alone.. why did they make her think different? >> i don't know. why does she want to kill such a beautiful animal? >> i don't know. but she's not gonna do it. >> well, that's what i say, but how you gonna stop her? >> well, you and i are gonna catch lightning and protect him. >> heh, you know, that littltl spitfire, she find out, we're gonna have to have somebody protect us. >> first we'll have to get the stalalon, pancho, then we'll worry about that. besides, she doesn't look >> no, neither does the e by
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>> that cisco and his pal are liable to get in our hair. >> i know, that's why you and the boys are gonna look around fofo'em and see that they don't.
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>> where's doc? >> he's in the barn. >> you and utah go w wh duke. he's got a little job to take care of. >> how do you like it, frank? >> i like it. by the time you u t that paint job finished and give her teeth the once-over, i'll be able to sell gypsy right back to the emerson girl.. >> how much is this horse worth, frank? >> 5000. >> 5000? oh, i better be more careful. >> pancho. the only chance we have to save him is to get a rope around his neck. >> how we going to do that? >> we'll climb up on either side of h h. get your rope. >> cisco, sometimes i think you think i'm a mountain sheep. >> sometimes you think right, come on. you start that way, pancho,
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the top. >> when i get up there, pancho, you wait for my signal. then we'll both rope him at the same time. >> then what are you gonna do? >> we'll hold onto him until he gets tired. now start climbing, go on. >> "start climbibi"-- it's pretty high down from up there. ?? >> pancho! get up there! ??
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hold him, pancho! [speaking spanish] [lighning screaming] ?? take it easy, boy! take it easy! steady, steady. [lightning screaming] >> oh, this is a strong horse. he got muscles sticking out all over him! ?? >> steady, boy, steady. you know, pancho, i think i'll break him. fool neck for you. >> that's entirely possible. he's a fine horse, worth taking a chance. >> whoah, boy! take it easy, eh? ?? >> uncovered fresh tracks, duke. >> where? >> 'bout three miles the other side of stony point. >> let's go. >> right. >> oh, boy. hey, pancho. >> yeah? >> be careful. get away from him the
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[lightning whinnying] >>y-ay-ay, cisco! [lightning whinnying] [cheering, laughing] hey! [lightning whinnying] >> there they are, and they've got lightning with them. [lightning whinnying] >> boy, look at that cisco ride. >> that's the last ride he'll ever t te anywhere, come on. [lightning whinnying] >> good boy, cisco!
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>> good boy, good boy. steady, steady. ohh. ?? [gun firing] take cover! [guns firing] >> we'll never get 'em now. ?? [guns firing] ?? >> get your horse, pancho. we're going aftetethem.
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[gun firing] are you all right, pancho? >> oh, cisco, i'm all right, [shouting in spanish] cisco-- the stirrup broke, and-- let's go and catch him, huh? >> oh, pancho, we'll never catch them now. i recognized one of them. he's the girl's foreman. we're going to pay a
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at those horseshsh marks. [laughing] >> that little mare, i guess she was on her back when she made those feetptpnts, eh? [chuckling] >> say, miss, did you ever see a horse kick down a door? >> no, no, i haven't. >> pancho, make believe you're gypsy and kick down the door. >> gypsy, the mare--? oh, uh, i can't be a she-horse. >> why not? >-- heh. i beg your pardon, se?orita. [whispering] [laughing]g] >> make believe you're loco. >> but i ain't crazy, that you are crazy, pancho. make believeveou're your own horse, loco. >> oh, well, that's a different color of another horse, eh? hey, se?orita, you better r ok out for loco, because he's a high kicker. look, i show you. look. [i[itating whinnying] [laughing] eh? thatat good, no? [laughing] >> did you notice how pancho kicked? his toes were down. >> so? >> so, those imprints couldn't have been made by gypsy. >> i don't follow you.
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your gypsy's hind foot, and she was kicking at the door, which end of it would be up? the toe? or the open end? >> the open ends, of course. >> take a look at those prints. the toes are up. >> i don't understand. >> it's very simple, miss. somebody stole your gypsy and used horseshoes nailed to a board to make you believe that gypsy kicked her way out of the stall. >> but who? how? >> where is your foreman? >> duke? >> well, he's out riding the fences, but-- but surely >> i most certainly do. and also your friend larsen. i can't prove anything, but they've been stealing your mares andlaming an innocent stallion. >> yeah, and your foreman and two other hombres tried to kill us. ?? >> it's true. >> let's go with him, cisco. >> wait a minute, pancho. we're going to trail him all right, but we want larsen too.
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>> larsen around? >> he's in the barn with doc. >> get in the shack and keep your eyes open. trouble's headed this way. ?? >> how do you like it? >> hey, it's perfect, doc, perfect. >> oh, i'm not an artist.
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hey, frank, cisco kid and pancho are headed this way. >> oh-- i'm gettin' ouof here. >> come back here, you'll run right into 'em, you fool. >> they're on your trail? >> yeah, but they don't know i spotted 'em. >> and you led 'em here? why-- >> save it, frank. i knew what i was doing. i brought 'em here for just one rereon: so they could walk into a trap. >> hey, duke. there's a couple of riders comin' up the trail. >> that's thememow. marty, get around to the side of the barn. frank, you get in the house and cover 'em from there. i'll watch the doooo >> what about me? >> ahh, go paint your horses. >> yes, yes, paint the horses, paint the horses... no, i'm gettin' out of here! >> gypsy must be in that barn over there. pancho, you stay here while i have a look. i'm gonna circle around.
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well, gypsy, it t oks like somebody did a very good dyeing job on you. ?? don't be nervous, girl. come on out here. go on.
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[grunting] ?? >> hold it. ?? [gruntinin
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>> hombre! [moaning] >> well, i'll be a gee whiz. i didn't did something. [chuckling] [speaking spanish] >> we got gypsy put near as good as new. >> and some. hey, what's keeping cisco wiwi that surprise you both told me about? >> don't be impatient, he will be right away. here he comes now, look at-- [laughing] >> oh, lightning! thisisa surprise. >> it is a gift for you, from cisco and pancho. >> you really mean that? >> on one condition. >>hat is that? >> that you marry him up with gypsy. [gypsy whinnying] >> pancho, look what you did. you embarrassed gypsy. >> well, people get married, don't they? >> oh, pancho! >> oh, cisco!
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?? >> goodbye, amigos! >> see you soon! [laughing] ??
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pa? do i make a good looking jail bird? you come on out of there. nobody looks good in jail. you're my witness, zack. my pa said i'm ugly. you don'n'need a witness for that, ann. everybody just knows you're the ugliest gal in town. is that why you brought me here pa? so i could hear all these fine compliments? frank wilson rode in a while back. thanks, pa. pam! he's rotten. i love him. he loves me too. here's the latest.
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it on my bureau. give up hopin' that, pa. and give up hopin' that i'll stop lovin' him. excuse me. i'm hoby gilman. texas ranger. hello. what can i do for you? well i lost this fellow's trail a few miles outside of town. and i figured he was headed here for plantin'. recognize him?
5:32 am want a room? no i just can't resist signing my name whenever i see a pencil.
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trouble? maybe. ranger. suppose i should be getting back to the store. me too. i got some business to take care of. phil you find ann for me and d ll her i'm gonna call on her father real...real proper like today. hello ranger.
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ot that horse out from under you. i hate to hurt dumb animals. that bullet was meant for you. yeah, i know. all right you can finish yououdrink if you want to maybe i wantnt or 4. you haven't got time. oh yes, hoby. i've got plenty of time. let's go. nonothey don't want me to go. platton's a nice town. ain't had a shootin' in two years. well you look like you're dressed for it today. this is a closed town, hoby. now we respect the law here. and in return the law respects us. who are you? sam willis. i own this place. and the other respectable busniess men in town feel the way i do. it's the most peaceful town in texas. and like i said, we don't have any crime here. no crime, just criminals.
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we like it the way things are. and man comes into blatton is safe. as long as he acts decent. the state of texas a man canae in one place. and run to sanctuary in another. let's go frank. why does a ranger always mean trouble? why don't just the ranger and me draw on each other hmm? man to man. you reregnize him? that's phil macklin. yeah, i know his reputation. but don't you worry, he won't draw. as long as you're right here i i blatton, well you're safe too. now, please understand we don't want any trouble. i i derstand. the rest of the respectable business men in blatton
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look here, frank. there's ann's mom. came from good stock back east. fine people. they lead a different kind of life from us. music. literature. things like that. they wouldn't accept our ways. that's why pa wouldn't let me o oa horse 'til after i was twelve years old. and that's why he's filled this house with books full of words my tongue can't hold on to. she fights me every inch of the way. when she goes s st i want her to be not ashamed. pa, i'm not going east. jejee, let's look at it this way now, now that album there with all the pictures that's a real good try but it just doesn't work because we're not interested in what they do or think back east.
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but it seems you men can never get to the point. pa? we're gonna get married. a toast to the h hpy couple. no. you're not gettin' married. now how you gonna stop us? ann's of age. i'll stop you. my girl isn't marrying a crook. isn'n'that just what you are? now listen you-- frank, i think you better go now. he'll get used to the idea once he cools off. frank. don't you get used to the idea. where's the sheriff? thought i saw you ride out.
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it seems like there's some rifle men staked out in the hills up there. so it's outside the town limits. well, tell the sheriff anyway. well i'll figureree knows. well you figure wrong. there's one thing he's not and that's a bush wacker. well you tell me one thing he is, huh? he's a decent human bein'. he's not doin' a thing that he doesn't feel . well how 'bout you, how do you feel about it? what do you mean? well you're wearin' a badge. in a showdown where are you going to stand? with jackson or with the law? jesse jackson's been sherifff. there's never been a better peace officer. it don't sit right to hear someone place him on one side and d w on the other.
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i'm sheriff jackson's deputy. i need your help. why should i help you? we got the same disease. frank wilson. i got a deal to offer. i'm locked in this town mr. one hand washes the other. i'll send my deputy to the next town. he can telegraph for a whole company of rangers if you want. yeah?
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y daughter shaken loose from frank wilson. if those rangers ever get in here, you're problem's solved. force won't do it. reason. that's what i want. her head talking to her heart. well where do i come in? you tell her about frank wilson. tell her his record. the killings. the hold ups. the kind of a skunk he is. why should she listen to me any more than you? in the old days a father meant something. these times, it's the fashio for children to go against their folks. that the only reason? no. she figures i'm the same breed of cat as frank. well she's right, isn't she? you know what happens to sheriffs when they outlive their usefulness? nobody forced you to take the job. when i took it i didn't have a family.
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she died. it was 5 years ago. i made up my mind then that my daughter would never want anything for lack of money. another year i'd have had enough. now what did you get a split off of every job these boys pull? no. i get a $10 a month head tax from every one that holes up here. same thing. that's my job. it worked good for every body. well the rest of the town is just as guilty as you are. looked the other way because it was convenient and profitable. is it a deal? my deputy carries the message, you talk some sense into my daughter. well it's understood if those rangers ever get here. i'd take you. as well as frank wilson.
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you've made a deal. i never could see any fun in fishing. a lot of time. not a man to interfere with the pleasures of others. bring me back a mess of trout from a frying pan. fun's in the fishin'. not the eatin'. remember me? i nearly knocked you down coming out of my father's office yesterday. that's right. may i come in?
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to see you. i'm flattered. about what? about your father. he's in bad trouble. there's no kind of trouble that my pa can't handle. hey, take a look, sir! lean in, sheriff. he's dead. now this don't concern us, sheriff, he was shot outside the town limit.
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zack was the kindest, most decent human being i ever knew. why? he was kind to the wrong people, that's all. hasn't been a gun fired in this town in over two years. everybody keeps reminding me of that. well, it's true. maybe the texas rangers never heard of my father, but he's got quite a reputation. he stopped the morton gang single handed. and the butterfield stage line gave him medals for stopping their hold ups. see this? this is a citation
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from the comanshees. it's quite a while ago. there been any medals recently? no occasion. because of my father, blatton is probably the most peaceful community in all of texas. because of your father, blatton is full of outlaws. that's a lie! he told me so himself. says he gets $10 a month head tax on every one of them. why'd he tell you that? because he's worried about you. i wish he'd stop worrying about me. tarted and it hasn't stopped since. be kind of a unnatural if he didn't, wouldn't it? is it part of a ranger's job to poke his nose into things that are none of his business? your father made a wrong turn. he wants to set it right. he's willing to go to jail if it'll straighten you out. who are you to tell me what my father's willing to do? i'm just trying to tell you the truth. it'd be foolish to hook up with frank wilson.
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you don't have a chance. you'll always be on the run. and you'll never have peace. you'll wind up hating each other. it's my life. do you mind letting me lead it? your friend killed zack. frank was at sam willis's place when zack was shot. i saw him leave. i didn't say he pulled the trigger. o death of listening to holy talk from you. i'm sick to death of being around you. used to be a time she couldn't bear to be away from me. i'm afraid i didn't help much. then there's been too much talk and thought of me and mine. we both want wilson. let's get him.
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they're too fat and soft. i made 'em that way. well, let's say it's a self-made town. there's no point in giving away something for nothing you go on back to your office, i'll... i'll look around. we haven't had a shootin' in over two years. you tell that to zack. he's lying down the street on a slab. zack. it's hard to believe. i'm going to arrest everybody in this town as accessories to murder. maybe you should. instead i'm going to deputize you. you got a chance to clean house. go to the sheriff's office and wait. you still haven't answered me about zack. now honey i told you-- my father said that-- now i'm not gonna try to explain to you what he said now it's simple. who are you gonna believe? him or me? i don't know.
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what happened everybody? word gets around. ranger's gettin' himself a lot of deputies. what about the sheriff? he's not lettin' his squeeze fall apart now is he sam? you had no business killing zack. mm? he's right. killin' zack was a mistake. and i'm cuttin' out. now just where are you cuttin' too? that ranger doesn't want me. he wants you. then we just get rid of the ranger. they won't stand for us dry gulchin' no ranger. i tell you, if this ranger is taking care of the sherrif he's gonna fall right in line.
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phil puts him under in a fair fight and you watch the citizens run for their holes. hey, ranger. you lookin' for somebody? i'm only intersted in frank wilson. well i don't like your interests. i guess we'll be the one to run for the holes. i don't want a lot of men killed, hoby. the sheriff wants the town clean and all i want is frank wilson. now the rest of you can ride out of town. the offer expires in 3 minutes. we ain't gotta go, you're all wanted.
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come on out, frank! come on, honey. i got a surprise for you. sheriff, take a look! that won't do you any good, frank. now i got a gun in the back gonna clear a path or she's gonna get a bullet. i'm real generous, 'cause you got three minutes before this offer expires. she went to him. after zack was killed. frank, why are you doing this? i would have married you. sure, but not because you love me. just to punish yourself. you think i don't know how much that broken down old sheriff means to you? i've heard you talk for hours about the good old days.
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and your old man was a king pin in these parts, huh? old honest jesse jackson. the peace officer. the...the model husband, the perfect father. shut up! you listen to me. but old jesse, he kept makin his good, solid $50 a month. but everybody else was gettin' rich. big ranches and solid businesses. i said shut up! listen to me! remember you almost cried when you told me one day you told your daddy he was a nothing because he could do nothing for you? look at me! you blame yourself for all these years because your daddy gave away his good name. you blame yourself because he turned crooked to give you the good things in life, huh? (crying) you're right. i never realized what a fool i've been.
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no. i don't want him bad enough to get your daughter hurt. i'll get him. she won't be hurt. (yelling) (gunshot) (glass breaking) (gunshot) pa. somebody get a doctor, quick.
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you need any character witnesses, jesse you got the whole town. we want you back as sheriff, jesse. now, you keep the jail clean. if i'm gonna occupy it, i want it sanitary. if i'm gonna run it, i want it in good condition.
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