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tv   Today  NBC  November 28, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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( no audible dialogue ) dealer: ace does the betting. $15, one time. 15? man: josh. well, hello, boone. what are you doing here? i gotta talk to you, josh. just let me finish up this hand, you hear? i'll wait outside. i'll be right with you. make it a quick one. ace is still high. all right, $20.
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get a doctor.
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well, that's about all we can do for you, young fella. thanks, doc. it... don't hurt so bad now. gonna be all right? boone: josh. here, josh? yeah, i'm here. josh, promise me something. what is it? take me home. oh, listen, boone, you're gonna be all right, you hear? promise me. i promise. and tell my dad
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air fight. the judge and jury that convicted me, they's all members of the family. you know, you never did have much sense about when and where you picked a fight. as i remember it... neither did you. listen, boone, who did it? i don't know. somebody bushwhacked me last night. there's two of them. i'll find them. don't matter. you're gonna take me home. yeah, i'm gonna take you home. i...
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i'm sorry, son. he lost a lot of blood. maybe if he'd gotten here sooner, i'd have been able to do something about it. you did all you could, doctor. ( sighs ) what do i have to do to, uh, claim his body? well, just leave your name and address. hiya, boys. something i can do for you? we're looking for a friend of ours. he was hurt real bad and headed this way. we figured he might have dropped in on you. maybe he did. i wouldn't rightly know unless i heard his name. um, boone morgan. yes, i remember. he was here this afternoon.
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bad enough. he be coming back? not where he's gone. where's that? i'm not qualified to judge. you see, gentlemen, mr. morgan passed away this afternoon. oh. where's the body? why does that concern you? well, we understand that he's a wanted man and we wanted to see about some things. you two better talk to the sheriff. any answers should come from him. all right, doc. thank you for your time. oh, you boys find the doc? yeah, we saw him. sheriff: something else i can help you with? yes, sir.
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he's dead, ain't he? what's it to you? fred: morley and i shot him. we've been trailing him two days since. i'd say that entitled us to the reward. the body's already been claimed. gonna be any money paid, i'd say it goes to the man that brought him in. who might that be? man named randall. where do we find him? that's the address he left. thanks, sheriff. of course, i could be wrong, but i'd swear that was josh randall. he used to live here a few years back. yep, it sure looks like him.
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josh. josh randall! mr. morgan. boy, you've finally come back home. yes, sir. ellie, ellie! come see who's here. well, don't just stand there. come on in. ellie! ellie! what is it? josh! hello, ellie. it's been a long time.
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it's about boone. well, he isn't here. yes, sir, i know. i... brought him home. - you mean he's here? - ellie, wait. where is he? out there. o lord, support us all the day long until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes. r of life is over, and our work is done. then in thy mercy, grant us safe lodging and a holy rest and peace at the last. earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust in the sure hope of the resurrection unto eternal life.
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whoa. ld on. i'll take the horses on back to the livery stable. you'll come back, josh. thank you. but i thought maybe you and your father would like to be alone. you come on back, son.
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( clicks tongue ) anybody here? i'm coming. i was forking down some hay from the loft. now, what can i do for you? do you know a man named randall? josh randall? yeah, i know him. why? we're looking for him. any particular reason? well, we figure he's got a little debt to pay. he shot a good friend of ours, boone morgan. oh, you're wrong, mister. josh and boone was real good friends.
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reason: money. see, boone had a price on his head. it's no secret in this town that randall's a bounty hunter. now, where can we find him? well, he drove mr. morgan and his daughter back from the funeral, so i reckon he'll be coming along pretty soon to put his team away for the night. here, go buy yourself a drink. oh, i don't drink. then buy a real good cigar. we want to talk to mr. randall alone. mister.
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oh, i got a message for josh randall, mr. morgan. all right, abel. i'll see that he gets it. there's one like it, come for the constable. i think you ought to read it. "ellis county authorizes a payment of $500 reward "to josh randall "for the apprehension of boone morgan, wanted dead or alive." ( horse team approaching ) josh: billy? is your name randall? bill bland? my friend asked you a question.
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$500. i don't know what you're talking about. boone morgan had a price on his head. you claimed the body. he was a friend of mine. brought his body home. and took the money for it. ( sighs ) no. i, uh, didn't claim any reward. that's not what the sheriff back in kenton said. now you just give us the 500, and we'll leave. well, uh, why should i give it to you? 'cause me and morley killed him. for you. we ain't asking much. just the 500 we got coming. the folks in town ain't gonna like the idea you shot a friend for money. fred: and, randall, you try to leave town without telling us, and me and morley will get to you just like we got to boone. we want that reward money.
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you hear me? one hour after dark. pa, what are you doing with that gun? i'm waiting for josh randall. why? he killed boone-- for reward money. so y're a h? that's not gonna bring boone back. you're too young to understand. maybe i am too young, but that's not my fault. pa, you raised me to believe that violence was a sin. now, in all my life, i've never seen you harm a human being. you're not gonna start now.
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listen, mr.-- i suppose this is what you came for. it speaks for itself. - listen, mr. m-- - will you please go now? i left my gun here. i need it. listen, mr. morgan, and they killed your boy.
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store's closed. you didn't lock the door yet. if i say it's closed, it's closed. i want to buy a gun, charlie. and i don't sell guns to killers. bill bland, i've known you for a long time, and all i'm asking you is to let me use your gun. your team's all hitched and ready to go. how much do i owe you?
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i'm warning you for the last time. i represent the law in this town, and he hasn't done anything to break that law. well, law or no law, it just doesn't seem right to let him go free and clear. here's the money you came for, randall. now, go on, get out. if anybody's interested,
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to back up that statement, would you? yeah, i'd like to back it up... if somebody will give me a gun. i won't need it very long. all right, that's it. gonna be any killing, you'll do it away from this town. now, all three of you, on your way. get out right now. ( doors swing closed ) you're making a big mistake, constable. get out! ( cocks rifle )
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if you figure i could have killed him, then you better go ahead and use that. i don't know if you did it or not. i don't want to believe it. my father locked your gun up. this is his. it's loaded now, but i couldn't get any extra shells. if you have any doubts, why are you doing this? i lost boone. i don't want to lose you too. ellie.
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i want you to believe that. oh, josh. ( hoofbeats ) - ellie. - hmm? you go on home now, you hear? - what-- - do what i tell you. - now go on. - all right. fred: randall. come on, randall. all we want's the money. you give us that, and you can walk out of here. randall?
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now, you saw the way your friend died. now, you don't want to end up like that, do you?
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r r josh, ellie and i have talked it over and we--we'd be more than happy to have you stay with us a while. thank you, but i've gotta be moving on. i'm sorry about... before. of what i thought. i don't know how to tell you. it's all right, sir. you did what you thought was right. we--we'd like you to feel the invitation is open. it's always open, josh. goodbye, josh.
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you doing in alamogordo? eatin' a steak. i think you're here after nelson. you do, huh? yeah. i'm warning you. om him. and if i don't? he's gonna die. what if he doesn't turn his back on you?
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but there was someong with the way he was handling them. pped them out of his cuff, and those were two holes drilled here. and when he rolled the dice, he did them like this. and he'd roll them like this and they'd come up, every time--7, 11. josh. llo, pat. sit down, sit down. thank you. you know pat garrett. we've met. yeah. i got good teeth, pat. you're gonna do any you do it outside of town. you understand that? pat, i'm sitting here, minding my own business. all of a sudden, you give me my floating papers. - why? - sorry. just finish up, huh? folks here in alamogordo got a kind of funny against bounty hunters.
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hello. you're josh randall? ( ex every time i answer that, i get in trouble. i want you to come with me. why not? please, mr. randall. where could we go to talk? well, a building doesn't have to fall on me. sit down. do you remember ted nelson? he seems to have a whole lot of friends all of a sudden. well, uh, how d you know who i was? well, i heard you were in town yesterday when i was here. i asked some people. they told me the ace bar. huh. haven't seen ted in five years. he told me. you used to ride together .
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we were pretty close. now,utlaw with $1,000 on his head, and you're a bounty hunter. ah. and you're a friend of his who wants to turn hie and split the reward, right? no. i'm we were married a year ago. i hadn't heard. i want him himself up, mr. randall. didn't kill anybody. a few years in the penitentiary, and we'll be together again. what do you want me to do about it? he wants to see you. if you'll give me your word you'll go as a friend. if after you've se you decide to hunt him down, he wants a 24-hour start. how far is it? ple of hours' ride. josh, i thought i as move on. sure.
7:35 am
uple of minutes. oh, is in your stocking, huh? you'll be back? i wouldn't count on it. pat. now what's the matter, what do you mean? well, we've been friends for a long time. hy this push? here. these people don't understand me being friendly with anter. does it make that much difference what they think? like i said, i live here. and there is another reason. right now, this town's crawling with out-of-work trail hands. ey know you, or they know about you. sooner or later, one of them's gonna get filled up, try to make a big reputation for himself by beilittle bit faster than you. well, i'm not lookingouble, pat. trouble has a way of finding you.
7:36 am
so do me a favor, huh? just ride out. see you in dallas. that's a deal. josh: wait a minute. why are we stopping here? well, i if figure we're being followed, now is a good time to find out about it.
7:37 am
you see right there? annie: it's that man, foley. he's trailed ted all the way from texas, tried to kill him and collect the reward. es he know you? well, i don't know. he mseen me and ted together. what are you gonna do? i'm gonna stop him. now you go on over here and stay out of sight now. you hear me? that's it, foley. all right. on the ground. keepnds where i can see them.
7:38 am
all right. go on over to thaow. go on.
7:39 am
kinda close, wasn't it? how much farther is it? about an hour. ted?
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hello, ted. you mindping the gun? i'm a little nervous with that $1,000 on my head. you shouldn't make him do that, teddy. he gave me his promise. annie, i shot a wild turkey and ready to cook,cked and i think the fire is about right. i know when i'm not wanted.
7:45 am
me too. you miell be comfortable. all right. we used to be good friends, josh. i don't like to trade on that, now i need someone i can trust. well, that's me, up to a point. i, um-- i want you to turn me in. the reward, it's like money in the bank. why don't you just walk in yourself? well, i can't collect the reward myself, and i need the money. my wife comes from a good family in kansas city, and i want hero home. other words, you want me yeah. yeah, that way she can get herself some dhes and a ticket back to kc. after she's with her folks for a while, she'll get me out of her system. she know about this? well, not quite. she wants meurn myself in, but, uh, she doesn't know that i want her to go back to kansas city.
7:46 am
e a day. i'd sooner lose my arm than her. you knshe's the only decent thig that's ever happened to me? all i've ever given her is reason to cry. well, what time you want me here tomorrow? middle of the afternoon, all right? all right. isten, ted, you know a fella nala yeah. why? well, i left him tied to a tree halfway between here and town. did anne know who he was? well, listen, ted, i better be getting on back, you hear? all right, josh. e you leaving, mr. randall? are you going with him, ted? mm-hmm, tomorrow. listen, ted, i'll be by here tomorrow afternoon, okay?
7:47 am
( horse whinnying ) hey! hey, help, somebody! want to take a ride with me, loudmouth? what did youwith the girl? she told me not to tell you. you think i don't know who she is? i hardly ever think about you all.
7:48 am
now, listen, foley, you just keep lookst, because if you turn around, i'm gonna dot both your eyes. let's move out. hold it. now listen, foley, m gonna say this easy,
7:49 am
be right with you. i just want to talk to you, pat. what about? we can talk while i eat, hmm? this better be good. listen, you got a poster on a man named nelson? well, i might have. is first name? ted. well, what do you mean? half a de in town like a piece of that $1,000. yeah. what about her? that's his wife. well, where is he? that's what i want to talk to you about. here. you said thick and rare, josh. that's just what you got. but if it moos at you, bulldog it.
7:50 am
, mr. ga just a little privacy. you still think you can take nelson alone? i could go along and back you up. set up, pat. nobody gets hurt. i'm gonna bring him in, and i'm gonna turn him over to you by 5:00 tomorro. now, this $1,000 thalls fargo i, what about it? i'll split it with you right down the middle. now, listen, pat, you've got to give me your guarantee he'll have safe conduct back to texas. you gotta promise me that. ng time. you got it. wait a m whatever your take is? it's $1,000, isn't it? his wife's going back to kan now, that's part of the deal. well, well, whatever it is, you're just gonna have to go along with me. listt worry. we're both gonna come out on this, you it's a deal.
7:51 am
nelson. what happened? t make it. he find out where nelson was? no, i don't think so. well, i'd be a little careful of him. never let him see your back. yeah, i heard that. hey, ruthie. who else reads your mind? kind of a dangerous hobby, isn't it? well, i'm a gambler. oh, don't need me. listen, i'll drop by your office about noon. right. good night, ruth. all of a sudden? hesually take to bounty hunters. bout the time he killed billy the kid. that'd do it. yoou don't want me to go along? no problem, ll be back by 5:00.
7:52 am
i was just going for a ride when i you saw you get your horse. mind if i ride along with you for a while? i think that would be fine. but just to the edge of town, all right? ( clicking tongue ) well, that's it. , thanks for the sample. my pleasure. i'll see you tonight, hear?
7:53 am
hyah! pat? it's foley. he followed josh randall. they took the south road. yeah, i know where they went. watch things. ted, can you think of anythinyou'll need? - ted? - hmm? i said can you think of anything else you want to tayou? just you. itlong. just a few months, maybe. josh: ted! ted?
7:54 am
i can't find it, ted. it's tlace. what's the matter with you? i changed my mind. i'g with you. well, it'd be better if you did. i asked you to come alone.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
i'm sorry, josh. if iything, i just want you to know i didn't bring 'em. doesn't matter. they only happen faster. i wasn't going back with you alive. i knew that yesterday. i didn't want to do that. but i was afraid one of them would get me before you did.
7:58 am
i've been there. oh, ted. i-- the money. you prom aw. listen, pat, about that reward. yeah, i know. half of nothinothing. that don't matter.
7:59 am
8:00 am
?? (paladin) - i've been offered a dozen good ways to get myself killed since i came to this town. now i'm going to make a few offers myself. ??
8:01 am
- it's hard to realize it, signor paladin-- only last week he was fitting the same coat and now he's dead. - he was my friend for many years, gino. i'll miss him. of course, for uncle polo, the trouble is over. it is for angela that i worry now. - polo's little girl? - not so little, signore. a young lady now. we are losing the shop, signore. - you're losing this shop? - creditors-- it's only a matter of time. the arms, signore, raise it a little please. - gino, your uncle was a wealthy man. - si, signore, until he got into the mining business. when a tailor gets the gold bug, he's a sick one for sure. - i remember when your uncle bought the grail. he paid $40,000 for it.
8:02 am
always, signore, he was putting good money after bad. until the time of his death-- a pauper. (man) - whoa, whoa. - i'm expecting no one today. - gino? gino? - well, angela, what are you doing here? - gino, from out of the blue, an offer for the mine. i got it this morning. - from whom? - papa's foreman. he's interested some men in buying it. he says he thinks he can sell it for as much as $20,000. ere with papa's business papers. (clattering) probably the locked drawer of the desk. i'll... oh, signor paladin, scusa. this is my cousin, signorina angela de marco. - miss de marco, it's an honor. your father was a friend. - oh, he spoke of you so often, mr. paladin. you were his favorite client. the one whose taste was beyond reproach. - i know you'll forgive this intrusion,
8:03 am
- well, don't sell it too quickly, miss de marco. your father had faith in it. - so much so, it killed him. -but if you sell it without at least first investigating, your father's death will have gone for nothing. - what is there to investigate? - well, the circumstances of his death, for one thing. what was he doing down in that mine? - are you suggesting he was murdered? no... i don't know enough to suggest that. but i will say that the $20,000 offer one week to investigate the operation of the grail and the circumstances of your father's death. if in that time, i've uncovered nothing, then go ahead, sell the mine. - just how would you conduct your investigation, mr. paladin? if you are right, fancy clothes
8:04 am
- work. - well, try the blue eagle about a mile back down the road. i hear they're putting on men. - well, what's wrong with the grail, as long as i'm here? - that makes you a newcomer. well, there's a line a mile long waiting to get on at the grail. signed up all the way back to last april. well, thanks. - sure. ?? - what did he want? - what do they all want?
8:05 am
tom, in front of the blacksmith's shop. ed, around by the store, and pete, you better go with him. and remember, whatever you do, don't let him draw. (paladin) - i beg your pardon. did i interrupt something? - that's a good way to get yourself killed, mister. - you know i've been offered a dozen good ways to get myself killed since i came to this town? - what are you doing here? - i'm looking for a man named casey bryan. he's the foreman of the grail. - well, if i were, i'd probably know where to find bryan, wouldn't i? (gun clicking) - try all the saloons. he's got money enough for drinking. ain't nothing but grail men at the bars anymore. - the grail seems to be a hard place to get a job. - you try again tomorrow. there's gonna be a vacancy. - oh, i see. well, thank you very much, gentlemen. - all right, get in position,
8:06 am
i come for hannah, jockey. i got first claim. - i just bought off all claims, morgan. show him, baby. - you grail muckers think you can buy anything. - girl like hannah likes the finer things in life. you can't handle that on four bucks a day, morgan. - it isn't now. why don't you blue eagle gophers get smart? the only thing you're ever gonna rate is our leftovers. i'm taking hannah home. you're gonna stop me? that's just what we had in mind. (paladin) - now, jockey... how are things tonight? - looks like the beginning of a busy evening. - you keep out of this, mister. this a personal fight with the grail. - that a fact?
8:07 am
you got one, starting now. - you can have it any way you want it, gentlemen. i saw you out of the corner of my eye. that was a good draw. - thanks. - i figure i shaded you just a mite, though.
8:08 am
mister. anything you want, anything the jockey can ever do for you, you just name it. - well, i already have. what time do i report to work in the morning? - be there at 6:00. - thank you. come on, hannah.
8:09 am
8:10 am
want a cave-in? - hey, you taking over here, mister? - there's a pole here that's cracked. looks like it's weakening. - jim, get some timber. hold that powder until i say. can't recall seeing you around here before. where you work? - here, there. i know about here, but where's there? - orofino, bingham canyon, big bonanza. you move around. you seem to know your stuff. - it's the only way to stay alive. i understand your boss didn't. - you understand what? - i understand your boss didn't know his stuff. he got careless around the dynamite. - it was just an unfortunate accident. could have happened to anybody. (creaking)
8:11 am
(man) - quitting time. everybody out. quitting time. everybody out.
8:12 am
- come on, get a move on. get moving. you got gold on you? any gold? how about you, any gold? any gold on you? - small filling in a back molar. - get moving. - that's all? - what do you want, a bag? get moving. got any gold on you, reed? any gold on you? - well, that's some inspection. - well, we have to take precautions. you never can tell when some thievin' mucker might try a little high-grade.
8:13 am
working as a miner. - i didn't expect to find you at all. you almost gave me away this morning. why did you come? - because i've had another offer from the syndicate represented by casey. - casey? - mr. bryan-- papa's foreman. he wired just as soon as you left san francisco. - offering to increase the price just as soon as you said you'd like to wait a while. - well, yes... how did you know? - because i've seen muckers getting rich on a mine that drove the owner into bankruptcy. you're being high-graded. - "high-graded"? stealing." - the miners take the rich ore-- almost pure gold-- for themselves. the low-grade ore-- they call it "company ore"-- that they load into the cars. - that's impossible. casey-- mr. bryan-- he personally conducts an inspection of the men every day. - i've seen the inspection. - what are you implying? i'm not implying anything. here. i'm stating flatly, mr. bryan is not to be trusted. - i trust him.
8:14 am
- miss de marco, you don't know that man as well as you think you do. - unless you can give me definite proof, i cannot believe your wild accusations. so, if you'll excuse me, i have an engagement. - all right, miss de marco. but we agreed i'd be here for a week. that means i still have a few days to work. and in the meantime, will you keep this in mind... be the man responsible for his death. ?? (dog barking) (casey) - jockey. - hi, casey. come on, i'll buy you a drink. - not now. you got a job to do. - what's the trouble?
8:15 am
eh, probably just slipped his mind. - i don't figure it that way. i saw him go into the hotel and checked on him. hew went to angela de marco's room. - a company spy. - you know what to do. get some of the boys out of the saloon. i will... but just for an audience. i ain't gonna need any help. ?? - [narrato you had a medical emergency away from home? - my chest hurts, i can't breathe. - [narrator] what you need is mobilehelp, america's premiere mobile medical alert system. most systems only work at home, but with mobilehelp, you get help outside the home with coverage nationwide on one of the largest cellular networks at the press of a button.
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how you can save with our special holiday promotion. don't settle for a medical alert system that only works at home. - mobilehelp has given me my life because i'm not restricted anymore. i have freedom to live now. - [narrator] join the thousands of people nationwide already using mobilehelp,
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8:19 am
(jockey) - hold it, paladin. - well, jockey, what's on your mind? - a little matter of $25. - what for? - employment fee. $25 a day. hand it over. - well, i thought i'd pay that to bryan myself.
8:20 am
that's fine. now you can die with a clean slate. - what's the occasion? - a little party. the kind we give company spies. - you're a brave man, jockey, with that mob behind you. - this ain't no mob-- they're witnesses. - witnesses to what? - to the fact that you drew on me and i killed you in self-defense. - i saw you draw once, paladin. i figure i shaded you. you ready? - any time you say. (guns fire) fast... but not accurate.
8:21 am
see you tomorrow, at the grail. ?? - well, when your father told me what he paid for the mine, i advised him to get out as best he could. - i wish he'd taken your advice-- he'd still be alive today. ery true. but if the mine is a bad investment, why do these men wish to buy it? - well, the grail could be made to show a profit, if a great deal of money were invested in new equipment, and if it had professional management. with all due respect, miss angela, your father was an amateur in this business. - i understand. really, i hardly know what to do. - well, because of you, i feel a deep responsibility, so i got the investors to agree
8:22 am
- but only if you'll agree at once, so they can begin the new improvements. - $30,000, eh, bryan? don't bother to rise. $30,000 should just about cover two months' profit. $15,000 a month-- that's about what you're taking out of the grail, isn't it? - mr. paladin, what are you doing? what are you doing?! - well, i came to tell this man he needs a new collector. - i don't know what you're talking about. - of course you do. you need somebody to collect the $25 a day you charge the miners for the privilege in the grail, miss de marco, you figure it out. it won't take him long to get $30,000. - this man is insane. - not at all. miss de marco, there's no group of investors. bryan is planning to buy the mine for himself with money he's already stolen from you. - miss angela, there's one way we can disprove all this nonsense. - how is that? - i can show you the actual working shift in the grail. you can see for yourself
8:23 am
n? - i don't like it. - why not? it seems to be the perfect chance to disprove, or prove, your accusations. i think mr. bryan shows his innocence by inviting me to see the mine. - you show your innocence by even considering it. - i don't know what you mean. - your father got the same invitation. - mr. bryan, i accept your offer. - thank you for your confidence, miss angela. you'll be short $25 tomorrow. miss de marco, i quit. ??
8:24 am
- oh, this is the principle ore vein. it runs diagonally downward through this rock strata here. - well, it does look as though the vein is quite rich. all that yellow's showing through. - it's worthless. the miner's call it "fool's gold." - oh, i didn't know. - of course not. neither did your father. - did he see this part of the mine? yes-- as a matter of fact, it was very near here oh, excuse me a minute. - wha... what's that for? (screaming)
8:25 am
run! there's dynamite back there! run! run! don't stand there! there's dynamite back there! it's gononnalow! he lit the fuse! there's dynamite back therere! run! get out of here! (rumbling) - what was that? - it looks like your friend, mr. bryan, had an unfortunate accident.
8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
they're too wide. - never-- you must have the parisian slight wing with a taper. (bell jingling) signor paladin. excuse me, signore. signor paladin. i have your suits ready. i will get them. thank you. governor, it's an honor to see you again, sir. - this is governor irwin. miss de marco. - miss de marco. gino, you're breaking his excellency's troroers above the shoes. and the line here? and the parisian lapels are much to extreme for his excellency. straight london for him. but signor paladin... you're right, of course. i will take care of it immediately. - paladin, i wisisi had you around to handle legislature for me. my congratulations, miss de marco. i read in the financial pages of your good luck in the mining business.
8:29 am
- without the help of mr. paladin, i'd have had nothing. and his fee! - exorbitant? - hardly. all he would take is two suits a year... for life. it'll add up. i expect to live a long time.
8:30 am
?? - you've had your big moment. you've been judge, jury and executioner. now it's time for you to take a look at the truth. ??
8:31 am
(whip cracking) - you hurt my horse, and i'll kill you! (laughter) - hey, judd, know what's good for a tired horse? put a burr under her saddle. nothing like a burur here, mickey, show it to him. - now, wait a minute, ed, you know how he gets. - oh, let's have some fun with him. come on, show him the burr. come here, judd. mickey's got something for you. - thank you.
8:32 am
oh! oh, well, i guess i should visit my mother more often. - don't you try it. how is she? - oh, she's tedious. she still can't understand how her eastern daughter can stay married to a western rancher. - she'll never be able to figure that one out, will she? hey. what do you think you're doing, mister? - well, i i s just trying to organize this, uh, personal-- - well, i recognized it. it's belgian lace and very pretty. - i don't like your sense of humor, mister. - oh, bill, please don't lose your temper. - judd, i was only fooling, honest! (men laughing) judd, put me down! (overlapping shouting) - put him down!! put hi! put him down! - i'm sorry, mr. borden, but they was making fun of jenny. - it was ed's idea, not mine.
8:33 am
more trouble than you can hahale. judd, go on back to the ranch. these saddle bums aren't worth your time. - well, your husband handled that very well. - he's the only one around here who can control judd. - i'm sorry, ed, i-i guess i just got scared. - go on, beat it. - but-- - go on! hey, judd! come here. i want to talk to you. - thank you. - welcome. (both laughing) - what the devil are you laughing at? - well, it is sort of ridiculous, isn't it?? - did you hear 'em, judd, laughing at you? - me? who's laughing at me? - gil borden's laughing at you. look at him.
8:34 am
- i'll be glad to help. - we'll manage without your help. - don't take him so seriously, honey. you know, my husband isn't always as hotheaded d this. just during his waking hours. - come on, nora, help me pick this stuff up. now, don't you say nothing against him. - he was once mymyoss, too. - well, he fired you, 'cause you're always starting trouble. - he fired me 'cause i wouldn't let him push me around, wouldn't'tet him laugh at me and make me look bad in front of the whole world. you like being laughed at? - well, i don't want to get fired. - don't it get you sore, being laughed at all the time? everybody makes fun of big judd. - mr. borden wouldn't make fun of me. now, you stop that. - even mickey makes fun of you,. - not when he's gonna hurt my horse, i don't. - look, why not give mickey a little of his own medicine? - what? - a burr. here. slip it under mickey's saddle. let him get laughed at for a change. - that ain't mickey's horse, is it?
8:35 am
mickey, too? big judd calhoun scared of a little tiny fellow like mickey? - i ain't scared of nobody, i told you. - except little mickey. - no, i ain't. i ain't scared of nobody, you hear? - show me. - come on. - you know, gil, that-- that stranger you know, i thought he was rather charming. - maybe that's why i didn't like him. - (laughs) is this a new horse? - yep. - let me ride him back. - i just got him from lou spence. you wait for hank. he's bringing the surrey from the livery stable. - the surrey? look, i have my new riding skirt to break in, and besides, i've been acting like a lady at my mother's for two weeks. are you goininto make me act like a lady, too? - oh, all right, i'll ride the surrey. - oh. - mmm.
8:36 am
- can i help? - oh, thank you. aren't you going to miss the stage? - no, it's an hour layover. - that's mr. borden's horse, ed. why'd you wawa to tell me it was mickey's horse? - do you want him to know that you put that burr under the saddle? - no, but mrs. borden's gonna get hurt. - you'll get all the blame if you don't shut up. - now, there, it's all set. - thank you, and please forgive my husband's temper. - well, it's, uh, good for the waistline and hard on the knuckles. i hope we'll meet again sometime. - goododye. (horse whinnying) - whoa! (horse whinnying) (cryryg)
8:37 am
- don't say nothing, undersrsnd? nothing! (subdued chatter) - well, what should i do, ed? t-tell me what to do. sh-should i run away? - i told you, stay here.
8:38 am
l believe that? look at 'em. they'll track you down, have you swinging on the end of a rope. - ed, the stranger-- he knows something. i-i seen him lookin' at the horse, and then he looked at us. - you stay here. i'll handle it. that horse is dangerous, mister. - seems all right now. did to mrs. borden. - yes, i did. now, what causes a gentle horse to turn wild all of a sudden? do you have any ideas?
8:39 am
i rode him around all week befofore i bought him. i wouldn't put nora on a horse she couldn't handle. how did it happen? did anyone see? wasn't anyone there? - perhaps this'll explain it. i found it under the saddle. - a burr. you mean someononplayed a joke? a lousy, stinking joke? all right, now, i know someone here knows who did it. now, who was it? just give me five minutes with him. i'll stake every cent i got as a reward. now, who was it? - perhaps i can be some help. - do you know who crippled my wife? - i'll find out. - all right, you find out. you're hired.
8:40 am
you talking about? - we knonowho put that burr under the saddle. - all right, who was it? - him. (crowd murmuring) - borden, use your head. what reason would i have to hurt your wife? - look at him. he's a fast gun. he likes hurting people. - you don't believe that, do you? - i don't disbelieve it. - he was right there at the horse, fussing with the saddle, fixing the cinch. ask anybody. - that's right. i saw him from inside the saloon. he was fooling around with that cinch. - this better be the truth, ed. ask judd. he was there. hey, judd. mr. borden, honest. - he-he did it. - yeah, he even went to the trouble of dusting off the saddle. how many times have you seen anybody do that? - yeah. how come he was the only one that knew about that burr? he was covering himself, that's all. (woman gasping) - i don't like to do this to you people, but i don't have any choice. now, go on home. all of you, go on. (overlapping c ctter)
8:41 am
, but you're gonna find out, 'cause i'm going to hunt you down. i'm gonna get you, and i'm gonna return every bit of pain you've given her. - looks like i'll have to find that man who hurt your wife for your sake as well as for my own. now, you two, toss those guns. throw 'em out there! faces. (gun clatters) get down! mister, i'll blow you down.
8:42 am
- geget your horses! - yah! yah! yah! - gil? it's been a week. . - well, paladin is still running loose. - well, , finding him's not gona help me walk again. - honey, there's a-- there's a marshal in the territory. now, why don't you let him do it? (knocking on door) - - grab a horse. we just picked up paladin's trail. - where is he? - look here. nobody else in town smokes fancy cigars like this. found it by the riverbed. - all right. - gil, please stst.
8:43 am
and you knew the man who put me there. what would you do to him? tell me. - oh. well, i'd make sure he was the right man. - who says he ain't the right man? - welllli don't know. it's just that i don't think he's capable. - why not? 'cause he played up to you a little? 'cause he made jokes about your petticoats? ain't you, borden? - okay, boys. yah! yah! yah! yah! - you ought to quit the posse, ed. let him find paladin himself. - nqh. i want to be there when b bden finds him.
8:44 am
come on.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
rrrr (door closes) the horse i borrowed-- i've just returned it. it's tied in the corral. - the cook is here, and-- and judd,
8:49 am
do you know the whole town's after you? they want to kill you on sight. oh, they're a mob. they're a terrible mob. - a mob's incapable of reason ororrust. i'd like to believe you're not part of it. - tell me the truth, mr. paladin. i have to know. - i had nothing to do with your accident. nothing. - i have to believe you. your eyes give you away. why dodoou stay around here? you could be miles away. it's-- it's so dangerous. and if he hadn't hired me, i suspect i'd be doing the same thing anyway. - well, that's ridiculous. he's-- he's out to kill you. i-- i'd like to do anything i could to stop it, but-- - you can. if i could just talklkto , the one with the ancient horse. - judd, judd calhoun. - if i could just talk to judd for about five minuteses i think he knows who did it. - well, he's down at the bunkhouse right now. but mr. paladin, he's a monster. i mean, he can cripple a man with a handshake.
8:50 am
go out through the back room, througuggil's room and out. - keep him here for about five minutes. i'll be down at the bunkhouse, talking to judd. - well, but they'll come right back and find you. (knocking on door) - i want them to find me. (knocking) - mrs. borden? - come in, hank. - i can't figure it out, mrs. borden. that horse is back-- the one that threw you. - oh? - it's in the corral. - uh, are-- are you sure? - yes, ma'am, i'm positive. that p padin fellow took the horse with him, and now that horse is in the corral. - oh, no, hank, , ease. - ma'am, he'll want to know. that fellow must be close by if that horse is here. - um... hank, please stay with me. i've... i've been so lonely. - won't take me long toof course not,, - - well... i'llllend judd back to keep you company.
8:51 am
- it's a good thing we work here, jenny. where we can sit and rest a spell, and nobody cares too much. - mr. borden treats you well, doesn't he, judd? - won't you to step inside the barn with me for a moment? - what for? - well, the daylight has become rather bad for my health. come on. - after you. - you're that gunslinger. they're looking for you. - why? - huh? - why are they looking for me, judd? - 'ca--cause you hurt mrs. borden. you put that burr under the saddle.
8:52 am
- no. it was supposed-- - keep talking, judd. - no. - mrs. borden wasn't supposed to ride that horse, was she? that burr was meant for somebody else, wasn't it, judd? now, you were there. you saw it. tell the truth! - i don't know. - i think you do! - i-i don't know what you're saying. - i want you to tell me the truth, judd. - you're getting me all mixed up. i-- - was it you, judd? was it you? did you put that burr under that saddle? - no, i would never hurt mrs. borden, never. - it wasn't meant for mrs. borden, was it? meant to hurt somebody else, wasn't it? it was meant for gil borden, wasn't it? ed said the horse belonged to mickey, and i... - what else did ed say, judd? (hoofbeats) you hear that posse? you're afraid of them, aren't you judd? you afraid of that posse?
8:53 am
- i ain't scared of nobody. - no? well, thenen come on, judd, come on. come on. - hats off, paladin. - now, hold it. judd's got something to tell you people. tell 'em, judd. tell 'em who put the burr under the saddle. - you heard him, judd, go ahead. - it was him. - my party now, bud. - isn't your wife invited totohis party? - well, i think she'd like to seeeeou as a hero-- judge, jury, and executioner, all wrapped up in one. - tie him up, ed. - she'll be real pleased with you. shooting an innocent man, unarmed man with his hands carefully tied. she'd really be impressed with you. - one more word out of you, and i'll-- - he's trying to rile you up, borden. go on, put him away. - oh, let mr. borden have his big moment. - he's trying to talk you into a fight. - yeah, and he ain't worth it. - you guys, shsh up!
8:54 am
- you're talking awful big, paladin. - i tell you, quit w wting time. - put a hole through him, and be done with it. - maybe you'd better do that. here, you want to tie my hands? make it easier for you. you might get hurt. judd might not like that. - you're makinin a mistake, borden. - we'll see whose mistake it is. - your own? urting you. - you leave me alone, judd! - oh, please! please, , . borden. - there he is. - you hurt him again, i'm gonna kill you! i'm gonna tear you to pieces! - let me alone, judd, let me alone! - what about it, judd? you gonna say who put that burr under the saddle? - no. - come on, who is it? do you want me to hurt him again? - no, no, no. - ah, judd, watch that stupid mouth of yours! - i did it, mr. borden. i put that burr under the saddle. ed told me to! i didn't mean to hurt mrs. borden, but ed told me to! (gunshot)
8:55 am
ing. i mean it. don't nobody even move! (gunfire) - what can i do, paladin? what can i do to make up for all this? - you want an easy answer, don't you? come on.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
gil! gil, what happened? - i got exactly what was coming to me, that's what happened. paladin's got $2,000 coming to him. - oh. , i... i-i don't under-- i don't understand anything. - your husband'll explain. i've got just time to catch the next stage. i want you to listen to me. i have a friend in san francisco. he's a surgeon-- one of the finest in the country-- and i think he can help you. (door closes) - oh. - here you are, paladin. and it's not enough for all the misery i've caused you. - well, , re's the one that suffered the misery. i want you to take this. mrs. borden? for your medical expenses. - i-- - - really--
8:59 am
- that doctor i told you about in san francisco-- he's a first-rate doctor, but he's a second-rate poker player. - (laughs) - (laughs)
9:00 am
? >> vicicria, we have a train to catch >> can't you see i'm hurrying? >> are you not ready yet? we have a train to catch. >> [indiscernible] >> what do you want to come along with us for?
9:01 am
going along for, it's for cattle. >> our cattle. >> you just wait a minute. we agreed long t te ago -- >> that was a fair agreement you made. >> all of a sudden you don't trust me to get the highest price i can for that few paltry hit of yours, is that it? own brother. wait a minute. >> get in. pablo!o! that is due here before saturday. he's going to try to talk you into taking toro with him.
9:02 am
the deal is for the new bull. >> mm-hmm. >> let's go. ? >> did i thank you for this wonderful trip, john? >> several times. >> we never had a real
9:03 am
disappointed. you are going to be by yourself a great deal in kansas city. >> with all the shops in the last fashions from the east, i will be busier than you can imagine. >> john -- >> who's there? ? >> looks like christmas is coming early this yearar ?
9:04 am
9:05 am
>> john! >> maybe we can reach those rocks ? >> quickly, victoria. >> john?
9:06 am
[indiscernible] >> el vivo. >> john? >> he needs a doctor, mano. >> i ieed that, my sister. we cannot drag john all the way to tucson. a place to be. whdid i not take my horse? >> mano, it doesn't matter now. what do we do? what do we do?
9:07 am
>> john? john? ? ? >> so far, so good. now comes the intesting part.
9:08 am
>> i made this vow now. [indiscernible] i will never again use a whip on my noble horse. >> john? >> you are pointing the gun. do not shoot, please. >> mano? >> behold your carriage, se?ora. piece of canvas. we can use it as a shade for john. >> where are the horses? >> they are long gone with the
9:09 am
>> manolito, >> in the desert it is wise for one to wear their hat. >> i lost it. >> oh, mano. >> let us proceed. >> victoria, no more for you. i will pull by myself. >> i'm not tired. >> and the sun i inot hot and the three of us are having fun.
9:10 am
like popeye when we were growing up, we word -- papa had sounded more like papa when we were growing up, we would not be having that argument right now. >> oh, john! >> [indiscernible] >> can you hear me? >> h hcan hear nothing. >> >> better if you walk beside
9:11 am
victoria, that way lies tucson, at least five or six days. >> can we last five or six days? >> i do not know. maybe there is a ranch that is closer. there was a town in that direction once. >> you are just >> do we have a choice?
9:12 am
>> i am surprised they do not have a sign.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
9:18 am
>> how is he? >> victoria? >> john? >> que pasa, amigo? >> what happened? y cut us off. >> you must have bounced when you fell out. >> oh, m m head. >> john. >> when you give thanks, vivioria, please give my --
9:19 am
>> at least we have a roof over our heads. >> mano, i don't mean to be difficult. i know you have to search. >> [inaudible] >> if a ghost comes, shoot first, apologize later. it will not takekee long to explore.
9:20 am
everything will be all right,
9:21 am
[door creaks]
9:22 am
>> mano!
9:23 am
>> i heard you calling for mano. why isn't he here? >> he went to get food and blankets. >> where are we, victoria? what kind ofoflaces it? >> -- place is it? >> it is a ghost town calleded nevermore. john? >> i will be all right. ambushed? >> no, this is the second day. >> oh. we could have been in new mexico by tonight, victoria. will you forgive me for bringing you along, for getting you into
9:24 am
if you left me behind i would have been worried all this time about you. john, i wish manolito would be back. >> victoria, whatats this? >> you left it with me -- he left it with m don't you worry. he'll be back.
9:25 am
>> mano!
9:26 am
mano! ? >> i hear you scream out here. afraid. ? i have tried so hard to forget what it felt like when someone told me i had colon cancer. we had the follow up, cat scan which showed that it had gone to her liver. it was pretty intense and we needed to move pretty quickly. we needed a second opinion.
9:27 am
ncer treatment centers of america. one of o o questions was, how are we going to address my liver. so my doctor said i think we can d dboth surgeries together. i loved that. to find out more about our treatment options, go to our teams of physicians and clinicians are experienced and compassionate, bringing you a level of care you won't find anywhere else. my health is good. cancer treatment centers of america, you have people that really care. they are my family now. s. ha, they're saints. please call or visit today. the evolution of cancer care is here. cancer treatment centers of america.
9:28 am
9:29 am
wait. john! does it help? >> that's fine. victoria, let's take a look down there. wait.
9:30 am
it's all right.
9:31 am
john! >> victoria? is it mano? >> no, you. >> give me the gun. we've got to find mano. >> listen.
9:32 am
[moaning] >> manolito? >> si, it is i, i think. heheo, john. i'll i remember is i was behind the ba remember is i was behind the bar here. >> it could have been -- >> worse. john, did you find anything? >> some footprints. >> it could be a week old.
9:33 am
just a slight headache, no more. i have had worse. it is only my heart, montoya. >> hold it right where you are. what did i say? now turn around, real slow. keep your handndway from that gun. who are you? what are yououoing in my town? >> your town? >> you heard me, i'm the law here. sheriff marcum. who are you? >> john cannon of high chaparral. that's my wife and her brother, se?ora montoya. >> canyon of what? >> the high chaparral.
9:34 am
last 12 years. >> you have been here all that time? >> what is so strange about that, boy? this here's my town. >> we don't want anything of yours. we were attacked three dada ago and we lost everything we own. >> all we want is a little food and some horses, if you have them. >> now, if the owners get back -- >> mr. bennett and mr. l lpert. they are the new owners of the mine. i would tell you about it as
9:35 am
wait a minute. if i'm going to help you, ma'am, you have to promise me something. > anything. >> soda crackers. >> soda crackers? >> you have heard of soda crackers, haven't you? them. my big vice was always soda crackers. that's how i got my name, from eating so many. last time i got a name was when i went to santa fe. i bought me a whole crateful. even with the breaking them in two and giving mysese one and a half per day, just before
9:36 am
>> this way, ma'am. you come t tme. i'll get you a blanket for him. >> you are to lie down at once. i don't want any arguments. >> that's gogo. >> my husband has business in kansas city. i can't thank you enough for your help.
9:37 am
and covered. he will be fine. say, you'd like to take a walk, young fellow? you can take in the sights. >> the sights? >> the mine. finest copper diggers in the world a right outside town. it closed down nine years s o. >> run out of copper? >> 20 of -- plenty of ore, but moore,ne name, after the owners. nevevemoore. it was me who named it, though. the mine was called moore and nevers. i turned it around. >> very interesting. were you sheriff then?
9:38 am
me for the outside, so i just stayed on. most folks don't take kindldlto spending the night in a ghost town. it don't bother me. i figured every creak, every snap of wood is like an old friend. i got me a good spring oututhe back, rabbits and deer. we would've had the old place booming like it was 15 years ago. >> se?or? you said we. >> me and the mine owners, mr. bennett and mr. lippert. >> they are going to reopen the mine, right? >> you betcha.
9:39 am
they have themselves s nice little place on the seventh floor of the bank. you would not think it was much by the looks of it. itits a good, dry room. they take their meals with m me when they're here. once they get all the money, you just won't recognize this place. i'd better make my rounds. ? >> [inaudible]
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
? >> victoria. quickly. no questions.
9:43 am
>> buenos noches, senor. i've seen you before. >> i've seen you too. you are the ones that ambushed our wagon. >> you are the one who fell out on his head. >> what's going on here? away, mr. bennett. you know i'm the only one authorized to draw iron. [inaudible] >> mr. lippert and i came across them. >> they are the ones that attacked us. >> sheriff, you are not going to take the word of these lying, thieving strangers, are you?
9:44 am
>> for once he's right.t. she is somewhere. >> if she is lucky, she is probably near tucson now. >> sure she is. >> who is she, your wife? >> no. she's of no importance, believe me. >> where's the woman, we are going to find her soon enough. it will make it a heap of a lot easier on her if you tell us. >> she's a nice lady.y. >> where is she? >> she's a lady. you can t tl that. >> she wouldn't be in your room, which he,e,heriff -- would she,
9:45 am
>> evening, ma'am. ? >> i don't like this, mr. she couldn't have done nothing baba >> we don't mean her no harm, sheriff. we justt want to ask her a few questions. [inaudible]
9:46 am
>> let's go out the window and take a look around the alley. ? >> what happened? >> she's in there.
9:47 am
is already on her way to the united states marshal. >> just passing the time, amigo. [inaudible] >> she's around here somewhere, i know that. to her, hold on right.
9:48 am
>> come on out, little lady. there you are. come on out, little lady. ?
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
r r r r r r rrr r
9:53 am
you, but i couldn't take it chance of you getting out. [inaudible] >> i will tell you about it later. now you come along with . i know this town like my own hand. follow me.
9:54 am
? >> all this time, you haven't found one woman. >> you touch her, i'll -- >> you'll what? it doesn't matter to me wheer i kill you now or kill you later. >> you got anything to say, you come out and say it. >> excuse my manners, pilgrim. john cannon. i own high chaparral. that is my wife your men are chasinin i'm not a rich man, but my family could raise some e ney. >> sure. [indiscernible] >> no, i will put that in writing. >> how much?
9:55 am
here. no, no, i'm reaching for my wallet. >> you do that nice and gentle. >> i want to show you i am w w i say i am. i don't want you to think i'm trying to buy some time. >> why would yououo anything like that? >>john --forgive me, amigo, for doubting you. for a moment you sounded like a
9:56 am
>> all clear. >> pictorial? -- victoria? >> you got him real good, eh? >> yes, i did. what about the others? >> they went down the same hall you -- hole you fe lot. >> other way around. you coming here showed up them three. >> [indiscernible] >> no fool believed a word a
9:57 am
9:58 am
>> are you sure you are well enough to ride, mr. cannon? >> my thanks to you, sir. >> don't see no need for a sheriff now, with the town being peaceful like it is. [indiscernible] >> i guarantee we will have the marshal here in two days, no later. >> you won't forget your promise? >> oh, we won't. it will be as many as we can find in tucson. [laughr] >> if you come across anybody who might like to reopen the
9:59 am
10:00 am
? here we are getting a late start again, and it's your fault, you little buzzard. how could it be my f flt if the horses strayed? i wasn't the night wrangler. you snore, it's the only way a horse can get any peace and quiet. man: major adams? i'm adams. i've been told that the next town is 100 miles away and this is indian country. i'd be obliged to join your train for that distance. i can assure you i'm not a fugitive from justice. well, if you are, i'd say you left it a long ways behind. what's your name? cato. jasper cato.


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