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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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know, the crib. this is like a mortar attack. hey, bobby. you lookin' for this sam depaul? why? you got anything? he was a passenger in a car stop i did 5:00 this morning. where was this? had to be right in front of his place. his buddy's drivin'. while i'm writin' him up for a busted headlight, this one gets out, walks into the building. you didn't happen to see 2 detectives sittin' on the place? yeah, i saw 'em. and they don't move on the guy when he's walkin' in? well, uh, they weren't payin' too much attention. they're sleepin' through the whole thing. i guess you know where to pick this guy up. driver's name is, uh, joe rizolli. here's his pedigree. they're sleepin' while the suspect is walkin' in. those guys, they could sleep for andy. after i left you and andy last night and dropped that girl off, i went by a filling station about a block from the crime scene.
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obably this rizolli and his pal sam are who he didn't sell it to. good morning. andy, you're not gonna believe this. that sam depaul? he gets to his place at 5:00 this morning, night watch totally misses him. no, they didn't. martelli from downstairs, he pulls over this car with a busted headlight. depaul is the passenger. now, there's no way that martelli knows that we're lookin' for this guy. so he lets depaul out while he's writing the driver up. right into his building. boom. and both night watch guys got their heads up their ass asleep, huh? i don't know how anybody sleeps anywhere but their own bed, anyways. him and me, we're upstairs trying to catch one hour in the crib. not a wink. fancy: what's goin' on? another sleepless night for us, but them morons on night watch... the guy that we like for this homicide, they let him walk past into his house, and they snooze right through it. let's go pick him up.
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yeah. this is a joe rizolli. he was driving this depaul around. martinez: hey. hey. how's it goin'? actually, gina's not doin' good with her pregnancy. she's what they call spotting. oh, sorry, james. fancy: she seeing a doctor? martinez: 9:15. you want to go there, james? she told me to go to work while her mother takes her in, but i did think i'd go over there in about an hour's time. any news on abby sullivan? um, yeah. the car was pretty badly vandalized. jill's following that out. and greg went to talk with abby again. talk with anti-crime for backup on the other guy. i'll have a good thought, martinez. thanks, andy. this is so thoughtful of you, greg. i just got what you usually ask for.
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crime scene get anything off my car yet? uh...yeah. they're, uh, they're following that out to...see if they can lift some prints. jill's on that. i should tell you, abby, uh... your car was pretty badly vandalized. stripped, you mean? no. vandalized... like, uh...someone was acting in anger. you know anyone who'd want to hurt you like that? i've, uh...i've got some other questions if you're up to it. sure. um, one of your neighbors said he heard a lot of fighting between you and kathy. oh, the jerk resident at nyu? he hates us. is it true, though? had you and kathy been fighting? we'd been under a lot of stress 'cause of the baby. i'd have morning sickness,
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disagreements anyone would have. right. greg...kathy and i loved each other. we were a couple. and--and couples have disagreements. i--i understand what you're saying. and now she's dead. on the other hand, abby, uh... there's no witnesses to corroborate your story. certain details lack of a blood trail to the phone, for example, corroborating your actions after you were shot. i pressed my arm against my shirt. i see. ask the question you want to ask, greg. i think you know the question, abby. if possibly you and kathy had a fight, and in your anger-- did i kill her? did i kill kathy? you know these type crimes, the spouse is always the first suspect.
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and the answer to your question is no, i did not kill her. all right, all right. my god, greg. i believe what you've told me, abby... as far as it goes. car. the car bein' on delancey... that's maybe significant. ok. i have an old girlfriend who lives there. denise mccall. it's been 2 years now, but she took us breaking up really bad. like how?
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it was verging on stalking. have you seen her recently? 2 weeks ago, i go into the subway, and there she is. obviously, she saw that i was pregnant. the look on her face... did she speak to you at all, make any sort of threat? not in so many words. but she was really upset... lved in this somehow... possibly hired the guy that did this? i think it could be possible. that would explain why he didn't rob anything. damn it, abby! you should've told me about this before! i only started thinking about it after you told me where the car was found. a former lover who was stalking you! you didn't find that germane? no! i thought it was a push-in robbery, greg! oh, sure. a push-in robbery
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e like this? if denise was involved, i obviously knew nothing about it. yeah. all right. what's this denise's address? if she's not there,
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call unitedhealthcare today about an aarp medicarecomplete plan. you can even enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ? ? james. hey. what's the news with gina? with her pregnancy being at risk, but nothing's foregone. i was worried we were in the process of, uh, the baby dyin'. oh, well, that's not a foregone conclusion. no. she has to completely rest and be off her feet. - well, she could do that. - she has to do that. for the next 3 to 4 weeks, absolutely. yeah. well, i-i-i'd say that's a basis for, uh, cautious optimism. yeah. [chuckles] hey, greg, i really appreciate your concern. i know you got a lot of other stuff on your plate.
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yeah. well, uh... on that front, uh... it turns out that a-abby thinks this, uh, may have been some kind of, uh, vengeance homicide for hire. hey. were you able to get any lifts? we got a hit on a print from the rearview mirror. it matches a tommy lang. 2 push-in robberies on his sheet. uh, well, as--as far as, uh, this denise abby told me about, uh... ar abby said. this lang gave his parole officer a good address 7 weeks ago. let's try that. thinking abby's former lover might've hired the guy? yeah. uh...that'd be the scenario. hmm. 3 hours' sleep, and you guys drag me in. all right, look, sam, you don't want to be complainin' about no sleep. all right?
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that's right. did you call your girlfriend julie's family yesterday saying she didn't show up to see you? yeah. i talked to her on the phone. she was gonna pick me up, and then, uh, she blew me off. hmm. 'cause julie hasn't been seen since. oh, so that's how you're gonna be, huh? you go ahead and you ask julie's cousin that i called to tell her julie never showed. you got your alibi tied up in a nice bow. that's what happened, my man. you see, sam, i say alibi, and you don't even blink. that must've went right by me. hey! hey! you shoot a girl in the head, you burn her past recognition. you're gonna sit here and crack wise with us?! huh?! [knock on door] we got your buddy joe rizolli across the hall there, sam. suppose we ask him-- go ahead and ask him.
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joe rizolli, detectives simone and sipowicz. she's pretty good-lookin' for a detective, isn't she? looks kinda like a... charlie's angel or something. so now you gonna tell me what this is about? you know a julie torelli? yeah. she used to date a friend of mine. i went clubbin' last night. with who? sam depaul. who dated julie torelli. look. sam and me went clubbin' last night. people at adonis' will vouch. but before you and sam went clubbing, you had a little adventure with gasoline. excuse me? you helped sam depaul burn up julie torelli's body in her car, joe. that puts you in a bad spot. see, that don't put me nowhere. i didn't know nothin' about no fire. are--are you a dummy, joe?
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listen to me. look, i didn't know nothin' about no gasoline. look, all i know is, sam called to pick him up. i get there, and he-- he's got this pepsi bottle full of gas. i said, "i'll take you where you want to go, "but i don't want to know nothin' about that pepsi bottle." so that's what happened. i took him where he wanted. he got out. i waited. he--he come back. [snickers] congratulations, joe. that story bought you a lethal injection. the hell if it does. write him up the same as depaul. wait, wait, wait! listen to me! he had me stay around the corner so i couldn't see what was gonna happen. look, a few minutes after he got out of the car... i saw this big fireball. then here comes sam runnin' back.
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so how about that? yeah. that's good.
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you and your pepsi bottle filled with gasoline. hey, joe rizolli didn't see crap. so he couldn't give crap up. sit down! now they won't even know she was shot. those words ring a bell there, sam? 'cause joe rizolli told us what you said.
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a little while longer, so i can have the pleasure of beatin' your balls off every wall in this room until i tire myself out. look, sam, if this wasn't murder, no one is looking to make it that. if you and julie were talking out relationship problems, and you just happened to have a gun-- automatics. they can go off like that. no, it didn't happen, 'cause i would never hurt julie. make it an accident, not a homicide, where you'd never hurt her intentionally. we were attacked, man. getting back together. but, sam...don't forget about the gasoline. i'm tellin' you, man, this guy comes up, this son-of-sam type guy-- you told joe rizolli you shot her. we were back together... and this gun just goes off... totally on accident. it was just bad luck.
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chain of bad luck. this is where you lit julie's car on fire with julie in it, after you had shot her... inadvertently. yeah. where's the gun? i threw pieces of it out the window riding the l.i.e. they're by some marker, you know, so and so's responsible for keeping this part of the highway clean. the name will come to me. when it comes back to you, you let us know. yeah. i--i don't know. me and julie, we'd made up. that's--that's what's so tragic. 100% accident. you just remember to say all that... when you write it down. i don't get the woman detective? nah. she's gonna let us handle this.
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you want a cool drink after a hard night of shooting people and tearing up their car, tommy? oh, man, i-- come on. we know what you did. we got your prints. my prints? yeah. that car you knifed up after you stole it? it had your prints. no. the cutting up is on someone else. and that'd be who? nut-job woman tequila put me with. she planned this whole thing. who's tequila? a friend. he knows the nut job from that bar lula's, where they met. she's a xxxx. who's a xxxx? she wanted someone to take out the other xxxx. so tequila says, "i know who you can get." she puts me with her. but i wasn't gonna do it. i just wanted to get a little robbery out of it for myself. then i get attacked. so what happened was self-defense. you want to look at my sheet? i got one thing on there with a knife. that was also self-defense. so, you were gonna double-cross denise, take her money, but--but not do the murder. she's a xxxx. the 2 running around the apartment... xxxxs, too. martinez: yeah, we know that.
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take the car, make it look like a robbery. she knew their schedule. when they went shopping... and everything else. so, you, uh, you followed them home, busted into the apartment-- and was gonna rob 'em, and then there was complications, 'cause denise, who acts like she knows everything, didn't say nothin' about there being a gun in the house. the one i'm supposed to shoot-- kathy. the one who ain't pregnant. she goes into a desk drawer, gets a gun. now what am i supposed to do with that? so you and self-defense are, like, best friends. i was never raising a gun to them until she got one herself. i told the other one to go in the bedroom. was gonna grab the loot i could get and be done with it. but then the tough one's gotta run, get a gun, turn the whole thing into a shootout. but she didn't get a shot off at you. no. turns out i'm the quicker draw.
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is side of crazy. so where do we find her? i'd try lula's. or where she lives. yeah, that's great. [knock on door] what's up? yeah, um, abby just called. denise mccall is sitting across the street from her apartment. is she armed? i don't know. but you'd better get over there., my situation? martinez: i don't know, tommy. you just admit you shot a woman dead. i don't know if we can just let you walk right away.
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to the courage of seeking happiness. greg: how would that apply to this? the instance of abby's... i'm sure you'd like to know that, wouldn't you? greg: yeah, we would. abby and i were the ones talking about having a baby. we were the ones made plans for our family. then comes the interloper-- meaning kathy. people prescribe their own tragedies, you know. if everyone had just behaved, she'd be alive, and i'd be looking at motherhood. now kathy's dead. for abby and me now. you're way off, denise. she doesn't want nothin' to do with you. well, without the wannabe novelist in the picture who writes like crap-- and i should know, 'cause i was at one of her pathetic readings-- you followed 'em around, didn't you? i did my homework. you followed 'em until you knew their patterns, and then you stuck this tommy on 'em. i had him put people in their rightful places. was it you tore up abby's car?
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but she's gonna come around now. feeling as strongly as you do, denise, you want to make sure your side of it gets on record. maybe starting with hiring this tommy lang to kill kathy. oh, gee, i thought you'd never ask. then we can stack my writing up against hers. martinez: so, uh, denise, nise: abby and i... [voices continue] doesn't show an ounce of remorse. i'd never say it in court, but... denise has crossed the line of not understanding right and wrong.
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possessive of my time. even of what i was thinking. first, i was just so glad to be loved. when i knew it was over, we went to counseling for 6 months to help her get ready. i knew nothing was gonna get her over it. finally, i just left... cut out every part of my life so she wouldn't have to see me, trying to keep from hurting her. even before kathy and i met and denise really started stalking us, i'd feel her following me like some... haunted spirit. [sighs] because i've been that way myself. no, abby. not jealous...
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and wanting to be a part of life. [sobbing] but i still... have my baby. i am a part of life. of course you are. no intention other than friendship, abby. i hope you'll let me be a resource for you. thanks, greg. we'll be part of life together. abby... abby! how could you do this to me? abby! i love you, baby. i love you so much! i'll take care of you now!
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i love you! we were meant to be together! i know it. i feel it in my heart. i love you! don't leave me! don't leave me!
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here's the report on polex 5, captain. this entire system has been almost the same-- a strange lack of intelligent life on the planet. it bugs the percentages. bugs the-- well, carry out the standard procedures on polex 4. aye, s lieutenant, you look a bit tired this morning. well, i was up all night working on this report, sir. well, in that case, there's nothing like a wee bit of coffee to get you back in shape. join me, carolyn? all right, scotty. just let me give this to mr. spock. bones... could you get that excited over a cup of coffee? well, even from here i can tell his pulse rate's up. gentlemen.


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