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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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he taps that energy, mr. scott. sir, some creatures can generate and control energy with no harm to themselves-- the electric eel on earth, the giant dry worm of antos 4, the fluffy-- not the whole encyclopedia, chekov. the captain requires complete information. spock's contaminating this boy, jim. are you suggesting that he--apollo-- taps a flow of energy and channels it through his body? mr. chekov, i think you've earned your pay for the week. but where is the source of that power? number one on our list of things to do. is that all you have to offer? yes, except my estimation for his physical condition. in spite of apollo's bag of tricks, he comes up essentially normal with just a few variations. however, there's an extra organ in his chest that i can't even make a guess about.
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where is lieutenant palamis? she is no longer of any concern to you. you bloodthirsty saracen, what have you done with her? scotty! scotty! not good. severe shock. all right, mister... you wanted worshipers? you've got enemies. you want us to bow down--
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you will learn discipline. you will learn...
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take care of scotty. are you all right, captain? where's apollo? he disappeared again like the cat in that russian story. don't you mean the english story, the cheshire cat? cheshire? no, sir. minsk perhaps, but-- all right, all right. sir, there is something i noticed. apollo looked very strange when he disappeared, tired or in pain. i don't know if it means anything. where he goes, mr. chekov-- that might very well mean something. [moaning] how do you feel? i can't get my arm to move. some neural damage. we've got to get out of here. how? well, let's assume... 5,000 years ago, creatures like our friend apollo did indeed visit earth
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makes sense. most mythology has its basis in fact. now, if i remember my ancient legends, the gods, after expending energy, required rest, even as we humans. and apollo's gone-- after attacking you and mr. scott. you think maybe he's off somewhere recharging his energy cells? something like that. remember, he's keeping a force field on the ship, and he's expending energy down here. you said he looked pained and tired when he disappeared. if we can wear him out, overwork him, it. the trouble with overworking him is that it can get us killed. if we can provoke him so that he strikes one of us again, there's a chance that he'll be drained enough so the rest of us can jump him. i still say it can get us killed. not all of us, bones. when he comes back,
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progress report. i'm connecting the bypass circuit now, sir. it should take another half-hour. speed is essential, lieutenant. mr. spock, i haven't done anything like this in years. if it isn't done just right, i could blow the entire communications system. it's very delicate work, sir. i can think no one better equipped to handle it, miss uhura. please proceed. yes, sir... right away. progress, mr. sulu? sectors 1 through 25 charted and examined. no chance at all of power originating in those areas. continue the search. aye, sir. 14-b by 26 indexed. mr. kyle. yes, sir. we're unable to break completely loose from this force field, but we might be able to punch some holes through it. what for? to shoot through. it might also relieve lieutenant uhura's communications problem. take these equations to the nuclear electronics lab.
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of negating the force field in selected areas. now, it might be done by generating a strong pinpoint charge of m-rays on some of these selected wavelengths and tying them in with the combined output of all our engines. right away, sir. come here! i know you're trying to escape me. it's useless. ing you do. i tried to be compassionate toward your kind. you know nothing about our kind. you know only our remote ancestors who trembled before your tricks. your tricks don't frighten us. neither do you. we've come a long way in 5,000 years. and you're still of the same nature. i could sweep you out of existence with a wave of my hand and bring you back again. i can give life or death. what else does mankind demand of its gods? mankind has no need for gods.
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rtal. i offer you eternal rest and happiness according to the ancient ways. i ask little in return, but what i ask for, i insist upon. approach me. i said approach me! we're busy. look out for the girl. you will gather laurel leaves, light the ancient fires, make your sacrifices to me! apollo has spoken! go. gather laurel leaves? you must be joking! ha ha ha ha. "kill a deer." that's the funniest thing that i ever heard of! go ahead! lieutenant, get back. you shall reap the rewards of your insolence! we're tired of your phony fireworks! mortal, you have earned this!
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y his children. you said you were gentle and understanding. lieutenant! how can they worship you if you hurt them? lieutenant. apollo, please. you know so much of love. please don't hurt them. please. i shall be lenient with you... for her sake. you will make plans to bring the rest of your people down. be sure your artisans bring tools. you will need homes. and you'll supply the herds of sheep, and the pipes we'll play,
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for the supplies you need, and i'll crush its empty hull. i have been too patient. i shall be patient no longer. captain, we've got to do something! we were doing something until our brave lady stepped in and saved us. got any more good ideas? yes, i have, one more. if she fails us, we better get used to herding goats. fools. i offer them more than they could know, not just a world, but all that makes it up. man thinks he's progressed. they're wrong. he's merely forgotten those things which gave life meaning. you'll all be provided for,
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there is an order of things in this universe. your species has denied it. i come to restore it... and for you... because you have the sensitivity to understand. i offer you more than your wildest dreams have ever imagined. you'll become the mother of a new race of gods. you'll inspire the universe. all men will revere you... and i shall love you for time without end, worlds without end.
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enterprise, come in. kirk to enterprise, come in. kirk to-- carolyn. what's happened to her? scotty, i'll find out. perhaps if i assisted... how old are you? 22, sir. you all right? oh, yes, i'm all right. i have a message for you. come over there. well?
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he wants to provide for us. he'll give us everything we ever wanted, and he can do it, too. all right, lieutenant, you can come down from mount olympus now. you've got work to do. i don't understand. he thrives on love, worship, attention. yes? we can't give him that worship. none of us can, especially you. what? spurn him. reject him. you must. yes... i love him. lieutenant... all our lives, here and on the ship, depend on you. no, not on me. on you, lieutenant! reject him, and we have a chance to save ourselves. accept him, and you condemn all of us to slavery, nothing less than slavery.
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bending knee and tending sheep appeals to you. oh, but you don't understand. he's kind, and he wants the best for us... and he's so lonely. what you ask would break his heart. how can i? d. your hand. now feel that. human flesh against human flesh. we're the same. we share the same history, the same heritage, the same lives. we're tied together beyond any untie. man or woman, it makes no difference.
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that's how you do it, lieutenant, by remembering who and what you are-- a bit of flesh and blood afloat in a universe without end. and the only thing that's truly yours is the rest of humanity. that's where our duty lies. do you understand me? yes. yes, i understand. he's calling me. lieutenant. you have your orders... and your duty. yes, sir.
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i think we can try it now, sir. enterprise to captain kirk. enterprise to captain kirk. come in, captain. kirk here. spock here, captain. we've pinpointed a power source on the planet's surface which seems to have something to do with the force field. here a structure of some sort near you? there is indeed, mr. spock. the power emanates from there. very good. how are you doing on the force field? we can negate sections of it, creating openings through which we can fire our phaser banks. well, that ought to do it. have mr. sulu lock all phaser banks onto the structure. fire on my order only. and cut it fine. we'll be standing nearby. captain, i would recommend a discreet distance. i'd love to oblige you, mr. spock but we're not all together.
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the source of his power, i want to know where he is when we attack it. bones, do you think that mysterious organ in apollo's chest could have something to do with the transmission of energy? it doesn't serve any other purpose i know of. captain, we've got to wait until carolyn comes back before we fire on the temple. we don't know what would happen to her if he were suddenly attacked. she might get killed. yes, i know. i know. scotty, we'll wait. i must say, apollo... the way you ape human behavior is remarkable, but there are some other things i must know-- your evolutionary patterns and your social development. my what? i'm sure they're unique. i've never encountered a specimen like you before. i am apollo. i've chosen you.
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your work? i'm a scientist. my particular specialty is ancient civilizations, relics, and myths. surely, you know i've only been studying you. i don't believe it. you love me. love you? oh, be logical. i'm not some simple shepherdess you can awe. why, i could no more love you than i could love a new species of bacteria. carolyn! i forbid you to go. i order you to stay! is that the secret of your power over women--
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[thunder] what the devil is that? [beeping] kirk here. spock, captain. sensors are picking up an atmospheric disturbance in your area. stand by your phasers, mr. spock. prepare to fire on my signal, kirk out. captain, we've got to go and find her! and we've got to be here when comes back! but what if he doesn't? what if-- scotty, just hold on!
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aah! aah! no! captain! all right. the temple is his power source. let's bring him back. get to cover. mr. spock, fire those phasers. captain, you're too close. fire those phasers! that's an order, mr. spock! all phaser banks, fire! no! stop! stop, i say! all phaser banks, maintain firing rate! more power to the shields. stop!
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scotty! stop, i say! i command it! all banks maintain firing rate. maintaining, sir. stop!
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i would have cherished you, i would have loved you as a father loves his children. did i ask so much? we've outgrown you. you asked for something we can no longer give.
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i would have made a goddess of you. i've shown you my open heart. see what you've done to me. zeus... hermes... hera... aphrodite... you were right. athena... you were right. the time has passed. there is no room for gods. forgive me, my old friends.
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take me. [echoes] i wish we hadn't had to do this. so do i. they gave us so much. the greek civilization, much of our culture and philosophy came from a worship of those beings. the way they began the golden age. would it have hurt us, i wonder...
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ended up falling in. after hours, help arrived. the news at 6:00 starts right now. we continue to track new information tonight on the attack at ohio state. hello, everyone. i'm deborah morgan. >> i'm gerald owens. david react has night off. we have been following this story since the t went out just after 9:00 this morning. chass will be back in session at ohio state tomorrow after the attack that injured 11 people. the attacker was killed. the suspect has been identified as a student at the school. he was born in somalia but was a legal resident of the u.s. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee says the attacker may have been self- radicalized. investigators should not rule out the possibility of terrorism just yet. we'll continue to track the


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