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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 28, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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double pass going to samuels, touchdown, wolfpack. it's a sprint to the pylon, touchdown. >> take what you want, are you ready? >> yeah. >> everything you got.
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fernandez at the 30 yard line. dave doran show. try the play where you go big on refreshment, coca coca-cola, powering and empowering the people and community we serve, your california ford dealer, find make a connection today on your california ford dealer. the nc state university bell tower was lit bright red on friday night. that's because wolfpack beat north carolina 28-21 and state is now bowl eligible for the third consecutive year. thaurng for joining us -- thank you for joining us.
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on a short week like that. and you had said this would be one of the most difficult seasons because of the heartbreaking losses, but now you celebrate a win. this has been one of the satisfying wins. >> yeah, how the guys stuck together in the locker room. everybody just kind of kept each other focused on whatat the game plan early, which we thought we had to do in the first quarter, gratifying win. >> coming up, coach doran is going to break down the victory with tar heels. and visit with tight end cole cook. and a group of people that are
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. >> tackle no. >> [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] [cloud careering] . meeting between nc state and north carolina.
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victory. 28-21. dave doran coming into that ballgame, north carolina outscored its opponents 62-7 in the first quarter. offensive coordinator pulled out all the stops. mclendon was in the game early. was there a feeling this game could be won or loss in the first quarter just because of the trend. >> they were obviously strong, have those kind of senior day and have a big crowd. all those things with it. start fast and put ourselves in a position. they were not a rushing defense, so we thought if we got a lead, we could be physical. we felt like we had a great game plan, the guys were excited bto about playing it. >> mike tyson said everybody
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punched not mouth. you said you had to dominate. 269 yards rushing against the tar heels. does that start with having a mind-set. >> it does. you have to believe in that part of your game. with jaylen was effecti. there were a lot of different kwas we were attacking the defense. and plays behind them >> early on the season we had jaylen on your radio show, he can catch, run. i asked him the question, is there anything you can't do? he said throw the football. so much for that. what a beautiful play. >> it was. eli, they were aggressive and put a perfect throw so we didn't have to break stride.
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just 65 offensive plays. they like a high volume of plays normally and a lot of that starts with converting on third down. what's your thoughts about ryan findley made some throws to keep the football for nc state? >> buying some time or finding the guy or putting a real accurate th throw. that's what he does. he knows where to go and pulls the trigger. >> you called the miami game nc state's worst tackling game of the year. >> it was. >> might this be the worst? >> if you look at how many big plays we have given out, they are reduced.
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but they did a nice job of technique. >> one guy is fernandez. one and a half tackles for loss, was this one of his best games? >> it was. the front played well. they did a lot of things at him. they run at you or away from you. he made plays. >> up 28-7, north carolina no lead is big because they are a quick strike offense. you look at the sequence mid-way through the third quarter, pj is stopped in the back field. and they try to have a trick play and your defense blew na up. >> no points in the red zone for either offense. that was a big play in the game. they are obviously crawling back into it to get it back and that was huge for our guys. >> huge win for nc state, 28-21
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after the game. . >> everybody is happy right now. we did a great job. we did it for our coaches. we did it for our fans. we did it for our families. >> coming to stadium and win, that's a huge thing and plus going to a mission every year. i hate to see it that way. but that's how the chips were handed. >> yeah, we were practicing all week. he told me this week was going to be the fifth play of the game. i couldn't mess that up. >> you had lower release points. you need to work on that. >> i know. i just tried to get the ball to
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run. >> yeah, obviously rivalries and [indiscernible] nc state, the two teams, north carolina, i would definitely fight for it and bottom line, we came ready to play. fast start. i think we controlled the entire game with our energy. and to be honest, our line dominated. we owe [indiscernible] those guys in front, they dominated. >> celebrating 50th anniversary of carter stadium. now that 50 years are in the books, here are the official titles. findley 197 and 112. attendance has grown to 27 million fans. more of the dave doran show
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the pack. now we will have to let the process play out for the next week or is, dave, but you look at nc's reputation for fan support. that usually makes a difference in the selection process. >> i think it does. i think they will look at who all brings people with them because obviously that's revenue for their game. anybody would want matchup, and av >> this year we celebrated the 50th anniversary for carter vinned lee stadium. you provide the heartbeat for the home games. the players appreciate it and the opponents, well, they notice it.
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[music] >> [indiscernible] [cheering] everything, on third down, when they are on the field, hear the crowd screaming. it just is amazing. i remember my first time came in here. it was the loudest i ever heard it and it's one of the best things in the country and i appreciate that.
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in my stance and i can hear the crowd screaming, it kind of makes my ears ring. it's the most exciting thing. i looked at justin next to me. and it's time for us. probably one of the best feelings. >> dwevens, any time you run out of the tunnel and looking up and seeing the packed stands. our fans are really supportive, not only at the game, but around, you will see someone at the grocery store will come up and say something. it really makes playing here something really special. >> i feel like without them, i mean, a lot of this wouldn't be possible. from the bottom of my heart toipt thank those fans. it is truly aplaidsing.
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port is truly amazing. running out of the tunnel, it's undescribe bl. you hear all the fans cheering. that's one of the best moments you can have as a wolfpack football player. >> any time win or loss, we know we can walk over to the hall a tell us they love us. you have the support of the people regardless of the outcome, it's great seeing all the wolfpack fans screaming at us, just a bunch of college kids playing football. >> thank you for your support. >> thank you for always being with us. >> i can'ting thank you enough for manager --can't thank you
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. profile, it is my pleasure to talk with the cap pain here. tight end cole cook, it's so good to talk to you. i was sitting there groining through your buy -- going through your bio, where you are from. so you are from georgia. >> yes, sir. >> do you know a lot about the place. >> yes, sir. >> do you know you have a motto. >> they dreams. >> that's pretty good. where did you go to high school? >> carrollton high school. >> is that pretty big. >> pretty big. >> i guess that means you are an atlanta falcon. >> no, sir. i was a cowboys fan. i didn't let the pressure get to me.
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o line because i was too heavy for the weight limit, once i got older, fifth gradecoh i played tight end. so i have be pretty much a tight end all my career. >> one thing fans don't understand as far as knowledge, you know more than the quarterback. >> we have a lot. we about than just about everybody and more positions to play, more spots to fill than anybody. >> you literally stand behind the center. pretty easy to nail that. but come here at nc state and made a captain this year. typically leaders on the team, they are loud a little bit. they are different guys, but for the guys here to name you as a captain, what does that mean to
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especially coming from them because they voted on it. there is no approval in my career of playing football than would be better than my teammates look at me in that light and name me as captain. the accolades and all that is great. but the guys in the locker room, that's what i appreciate about that. >> i would agree there is no better accolade. but the biggest one, you caught a touchdown pass. how was that for you. >> i always dreamed of my first touchdown, but i never thought it would be on a shovel pass. i was in the game and they called the play. i looked, okay, let's do it. i saw the end zone.
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l, so i went as fast as i can to get in there. >> what is the most impress i have had thing about jaylen samuels. >> how smooth he is in everything he does. a lot of people don't talk about his blocking, but he is a good blocker and does a good job of blocking and obviously when he gets the ball, he me and jay came in together freshman year, so we have been together the whole time. i know how he plays and he knows how i play. whenever we are in the game together, we know how each other are going to react to certain things. we have a great kennel trig. >> great job this -- chemistry. >> well, great job this season.
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>> appreciate it. now look at the record book. rushing more than 1,000 yards. he is the eighth different running in school history to
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the final scatter report is going to be a lot of fun because, well, we are going bowling. congratulations to the pack for beating north carolina. now we are going to go bowling. so the question is where are we going to go. what does the scatter report look like? we are going to find out which school we will be playing, scout, we get it right. first of all the seniors. it's difficult for these seniors because you are going out and you get this reward of a final bowl game, so it's tough to be locked in, focus on practice, but just do it. commit. be your last fan at nc state winning a bowl game. some of these guys already graduated, so you got to stay
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really helps the second group. these underclass men you are going to have different groups. juniors will be seniors next year. hey, start showing your leadership and identifying the guys we are going to point to and say those are the guys on the team. and other group, some that didn't play this year, guys who got red shirted. well, we are going to get some extra practices in here. those red shirted reps. i think about backup quarterbacks and wide receivers and linebackers who we really need to have on this team next year. you got a red shirt, get in there, get a practice and finish the season strong when it comes to your classes, this is always difficult during the year. and finally coaches. we have got recruiting visits. we are going to go out and
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want to have improve next season as you are game plans for this last bowl game. look, 7 and 6 looks really good as opposed to 6 and 7. bowl game, scatter report, let's do this. there was a big celebration in the locker room. your players, oh, by the way, you can take the weekend off. i think that was the biggest cheer. going into this game, this was a banged up ball club. >> it was. we really had to back off and not just contact, but what we did, you know, i thought we were very smart, how we got their legs back and the guys did a good job taking advantage of the
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i knew their emotions would carry them. just tried to get them as good as can be by game day. >> now you are going to bowl practice. is there any value you can put on for bowl practice for players. >> spring ball and allows you to spring. like here are things we need to work on, n future of our program and helping those young guys get established moving into spring practice. >> this is the dave doran show. i want to thank you for your staff and players. there is a lot to be excited about. good luck in the bowl game. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you for watching.
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