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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 29, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EST

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the hansen diaries-- not exactly light reading. i've been poring over their last log entries for any details we might have missed. i want to make sure history doesn't repeat itself. they should have quit while they were ahead. ten million teraquads of data three years in the wild. they could have studied the borg for another three decades and still have barely scratched the surface. i agree their methods were unorthodox but that's been true of most great explorers. most explorers don't take de. we'll get her back, doctor... with her parents' help. (alarm beeping) captain, i've got a fix on the sphere's location. it's in a region about 200 light-years from here. red alert. bring the multi- adaptive shielding on-line. set a course for those coordinates and prepare to disengage
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port. tuvok: i'm detecting thousands of integrated substructures trillions of life-forms... all borg. paris: there's a cube coming up fast off our port bow. janeway: did they detect us? i don't believe so. any sign of our sphere? yes, ma'am. its ion signature leads directly to that... whatever it is. janeway: take us in, mr. paris. minimum thrusters. begin scanning for seven, tuvok. aye, captain. i have a task for you. we're planning to deploy a new mode of assimilation designed for highly resistant species. i want you to program the nanoprobes. your technology has changed since i left the collective. my knowledge is insufficient.
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species 5-6-1-8. human. below-average cranial capacity. minimal redundant systems. limited regenerative abilities. our previous attempts to assimilate them were all direct assaults. they failed so we've created a more surreptitious strategy. you intend to detonate a biogenic charge in earth's atmosphere. it would infect all life-forms with nanoprobe viruses. dual. by the time they realized what was happening half their population would be drones. inefficient. the virus would take years to proliferate. we've waited this long. interface with the central alcove. begin programming the nanoprobes. be sure to enhance the viral sequencers.
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this is no different. to you, perhaps. part of me is still human. i will not assist in their destruction. we all originated from lesser species. i myself came from species 1-2-5 but that's irrelevant now. we are borg. i am an individual. you're only repeating their words. you sound like a mindless automaton. comply or we will turn you into a drone. proceed if you wish. you're torn between your desire to be one with us and your loyalty to them. it's time for you to complete your task.
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remorse, compassion will be irrelevant once humanity is assimilated. forgetvoyager. they were never your collective. i am annika hansen, human. i remember annika. does she remember us? she wasn't afraid. you? you attacked us. you murdered my family! we did no such thing. we gave them perfection. papa? your family's here.
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be one with us again. janeway: seven of nine, we're searching for you. try to hang on. what did you say? nothing.
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our transmission's being deflected. by whom? i'm not certain. i've isolated seven's position. she is inside a large infrastructure approximately 600 kilometers away.
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she's close. her com signal originated within this spatial grid but we can't detect her vessel. he knows why. your father designed the technology captain janeway's using-- multi-adaptive shielding-- your perfect defense against the borg but we assimilated that knowledge, didn't we? we will adapt easily. the cube has altered course. it's heading straight for us. janeway: they've detected us. remodulate the shield, evasive maneuvers. it flew right past us. we won't fool their sensors much longer.
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can you get a lock on her? not at this distance. take us to within transporter range. we have their ship-- a federation shuttlecraft-- three life-forms, one hologram. if you've captured their vessel, you've assimilated them by now. i would sense their presence in the collective. captain janeway is eluding you. the chamber is too heavily shielded. i can't get a lock on her. can we beam into one of these adjoining corridors? i believe so. time for the bio-dampeners. tom, hold our position. target that chamber with full weapons. stand by to fire on my command. ma'am, won't you be down there?
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this way. try to locate the shield matrix. tuvok? i can disable the force field but it will take several minutes. do it. tuvok, give me the subdermal probe. th it's not too late . as you wish. (alarm beeping) they've isolated our shields again. three vessels are converging.
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you underestimate them. it's time for a more aggressive approach. i thought they couldn't see usu. they can't. they're firing blind. wake him. it's transmitting. i've got it. field modulation is 324.95. proceed. it's off-line. you'll be detected. then i'd better hurry. you've got to disable the shield matrix around that chamber. it's no use. they've locked on to our shield modulators. they're adapapng the second we change frequencies. we are the borg. you will be assimilated.
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you have failed them. no. we believed you would be an asset to us. we were wrong. you are weak. janeway: don't listen to her, seven. she's irrelevant. call them off or i'll destroy you. your weapons are useless. don't be so sure. my tactical officer is disabling the e ields around this room. tom, status. we've targeted the chamber, captain. let her go, or i'll give the order to fire. better than being one of you.
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spread. fire on my command. captain, they've disengaged the tractor. hold your fire. beam us out of here. a dispersal l eld just activated around the chamber you're in. i can't get a lock. seven, shuttdow. don't listen to her. she's poisoned your thoughts long enough. i'm giving you an order. one order, one voice. insignificant. tom, energize. she's adapting.
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you will assist the collective as drones. assimilate them. captain, target the power node directly above this alcove. it will disrupt her command interface. our thoughts are one. welcome back. three vessels closing fast. weapons are down. bring the coil on-line. prepare for transwarp. transwarp in four
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two... a vessel entered the conduit with us just before it closed. they're targeting our engines. maintain course. direct hit on the port nacelle. we're venting plasma. rerouting emergency power. it's not enough. i'll need 30 teradynes at least or we'll lose transwarp. how long to the rendezvous coordinates? life suppor 2.4 minutes, but we'll drop out of transwarp in less than one. t. captain? i'd rather suffocate than vaporize. do it. (alarm beeping) i'm picking up transwarp signatures.
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r port bow. battle stations. we're 20 seconds from normal space. the borg vessel? still in pursuit, closing rapidly. 15 seconds. they're trying to lock on with a tractotobeam. remodulate shields. threshold in eight seven, six... they're locking on. hields. it's being deflected. three, two... they're through. voyagertodelta flyer. report. janeway: we've got seven, but there's a borg vessel right behind us. b'elanna, target the threshold. photon torpedoes, full spread. commander? it should destabilize the matter stream and implode the conduit for at least a light-year. torpedoes locked.
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voyager,report. we collapsed the conduit. no sign of borg activity. clear us for docking. we're coming home. commander, i'm picking up borg signatures-- lots of them. source? the conduit. i thought you collapsed it. so did i. stand by weapons. captain shields. got compan y. here they come.
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we got another 20,000 light-years out of the transwarp coil before it gave out. i figure we're a good 15 years closer to home. i see you picked up some bad habits. captain? the doctor told you to regenerate for at least two days. you're violating a direct medical command. ted. borg tactical data? during my time at unimatrix one i acquired a vast amount of knowledge. it may prove useful in our future encounters with the borg. i am downloading it intovoyager'sdatabase. the borg believed i was unique
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they were obviously mistaken. how so? i betrayed the crew ofvoyager threatened you with assimilation. i did not expect you to return for me. looks like you still have a few things to learn. time to regenerate. when i am finished. no. now. that's an order.
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echo two is away, sir. a clean launch. it's made contact with echo one. how long before we get subspace on-line? i'd like to send a few test transmissions ibrate amplifiers. an hour. my guess is we have a lot of people on board waiting to call home. ( console beeps ) a vessel is dropping out of warp, captain. 12 kilometers dead ahead. put it up. look familiar? i don't t cognize the configuration.
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the starship enterprise. what can we do for you? my name is jonathan archer. we're on a mission of exploraraon for the planet earth. hoshi? the channel's open, sir. do you need assistance? if you don't want to talk, that's fine but... you dropped in on us. was it something i said? did you get anything on sensors? no. no... what?
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no readings at all. ? it's been a long road ? getting from there to here ? it's been a long time ? but my time is finally near ? and i will see my dream come alive at last ? ? and they're not gonna hold me down no more ? ? no, they're not gonna change my mind ? ? 'cause i've got faith of the heart ? ? i'm going where my heart will take me ? ? i've got faith to believe
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?o one's gonna bend or break me ? ? i can reach any star ? i've got faith ? i've got, i've got ? ? i've gogofaith
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e heart. are there inhabited systems nearby? none. why fly right up to us just to give us the silent treatment? maybe they got our signal but it didn't make any sense to them. translator is far from perfect. t'pol: i wouldn't take offense. not every species has motives that can be understood in human terms. maybe they checked us out and decided we weren't very interesting. us? not interesting? at least, the people back home want to talk to us. hoshi: sir? ( whispering ): i tracked them down. it took me all week. where are they? kota baharu. it's in malaysia. what time is it there? a little after 9:00 at nightht that shouldn't be too late. let's break in that new amplifier.
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is he all right? he's fine. is he in some kind of trouble? no, sir. malcolm's doing a great job. i'm sure you know it's his birthday in a couple of days. yes... yes, it is.. september 2nd. we haven't seen our son on his birthday for quite a few years. he called from san francisco to let us know he'd been assigned to enterprise but we haven't heard from him since. man: what are malcolm's duties on your ship, captain? he's my armory officer. well, his grandfather would be pleased. he was an ordinance officer himself in the royal navy. it must be in malcolm's blood. the reeds have been navy men for generations. until malcolm decided to join starfleet. i suppose the ocean wasn't big enough for him. he's a long way from home in any case, mr. reed. i'd like to do something for his birthday.
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captain, malcolm's never been comfortable making requests. i'm not sure i understand. he always ate whatever was put in front of him. are you saying he doesn't have a favorite food? not that he's ever told me. well... if you happen to think of anything you can always contact me through starfleet. give malcolm our best. i will. safe journey, captain. how'd it go? could have gone better.
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i want you to find out what he likes to eat. don't let malcolm know. me, sir? maybe this is more chef's area. we're talking about a delicate assignment, hoshi. it needs your finesse. sir, i'm running a diagnostic on our subspace transceiver arary. get some help if you need it but make this a top priority. that's an order. yes, sir. where were you at dinner? i ate in my quarters now that w wgot the amplifier working i wanted to answer a few letters. you missed t'pol's latest bout with chopsticks. damn. dinner and a show. ( chuckles ) i thought you were going to upgrade this. that is the upgrade. well, if you want, i can change the color.
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oh, and duval got promoted. they're giving him the shenandoah. duval got his own command? thank god we're 100 light-years away. and i got a letter from natalie. the natalie? from pensacola? yep. natalie from pensacola. looks like we've got a charge imbalance in this manifold. i'll get right on it. trip? they say long-distance relationships never work. well, this is about as long-distance as you can get. you okay? e oh, yeah, i just...
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let me ask you something. do you spend much time with malcolm? i was in the armory yesterday for a few hours swapping out some power relays. you talk about anything interesting? power relays. i talked to his parents this morning. really? yeah. stay here. if i asked your parents whatatou like to eat would they be able to tell me? are you kidding? my mom would givv you her recipe for pan-fried catfish, and wouldn't let you go till you promised not to screw it up. ( chuckles ) malcolm's parents didn't know what his favorite food was. thth didn't even know he was an armory officer. that's strange. it madadme think. we don't know that much about malcolm, do we? ( communications beeps ) t'pol: bridge to the captain. go ahead.
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i guess we weren't so uninteresting after all. they dropped out of warp 5050kilometers, dead ahead. i had to reverse engines to keep from banging into them. let's try this again. welcome back. i was hoping we'd have an opppptunity to meet again. the primary mission of my ship is to make peaceful contact with other species. if there's anything we can do to assure you of our intentions... well...
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me. i'm picking up somethinin can you translate it? i don't think it's a language. ( loud screeching tonene ) we're being scanned. hull plating? reed: it's off-line! hard about! everybody okok? damage reports are coming in, sir. no one's beeeehurt. what the hell was that about? captain? when they fired their weapon they dropped their shielding for about two seconds. i was able to take some scans. what did you get? bio-signs. at least 15, maybe more.
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it's a good thing they're gone. i doubt very much ououtorpedoes could've penetrated their shielding. stay on long-range scanners. if they come anywhere near us, i want to know. t'pol. that supportrtrame's bent. we'll need to reinforcrcit. how bad is it? if that last shot had been about a half-meter higher we'd be looking at stars. hold it a minute. there were 13 people working in this section captain, includingngours truly. if that bulkhead had blown... did your people run into as many hostile aliens whwh they first went into deep space? it was a different time. how so?
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to handle some of the threats we're coming up against. it's time we do something about that. what are you suggesting? enterprise was fitted with phase cannon ports. but since we left spacedock a few weeks ahead of schedule the cannons were never installed. i think it's time they were. we should head back to earth. just give us two weeks, captain. i know we can do it. most of the stuff we need is already on the ship. the armory team at jupiter station is trained for this kind of work. if we're going to do this as good as they are. let's do it right. i know that, trip. but we have other systems that could use overhauls. look at the bright side. you've got a chance to say good-bye to natalie. sir? with your permission we could at least begin the work. get a few things started for jupiter station. it'll cut down the time
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what you can. yes, captain?
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massmutual at the number below. this, ladies and gentlemen is a phase-modulated energy weapon. it's rated for a maximum power output of 500 gigajoules. enterprise was designed to carry three of them. we have one, and it's only a prototype. our job is to get it up and running and build two more from scratch. the captain is taking us back because he thinks this ought to be done by the boys in spacedock.
1:18 am
but commander tucker and i believe we can do this ourselves. tucker: that means double shifts. by the time we reach jupiter station, i don't want their engineers to have a thing to do but give us a wash and a wax. any questions? are we expecting another attack, sir? we all signed up for this trip because we wanted to do something be easy no one had ever done before or safe but we're not here to take foolish risks. the captain and the rest of the crew to keep enterprise ready for anything. reed: and once we get these phase cannons on-line... we'll have a lot more firepower to do just that. so what are yoyo standing around for? he once told me that he loved to eat octopus especially the little suction cups but i think he was pulling my leg.
1:19 am
can i talk to him? we really would like to keep this a surprise. oh, right. the dinner. i remember one time-- this was at least ten years ago-- he went for a whole week without eating. got by on nothing really? but water and a little apple juice. why? some sort of survival training. or was it a contest? when he started eating again do you remember the first thing he wanted? he was so weak he could barely get out of bed. for two days all he had was protein concentrate. when you two were growing up he never said, "hey, let's go out for pizza" or, "boy, i'd love some indian food."? not that i remember. malcolm isn't the easiest person to get to know. i'm figuring that out. when we were training in san francisco there was a little restaurant on the embarcadero he liked to go to. they had a specialty, some kind of fish, i think.
1:20 am
halibut? uh, swordfish? no. mahimahi? scallops? i had sea bass. great! and malcolm? i don't remember. try. please. maureen. waitress. is that a fish? ( chuckling ) that's why malcolm wanted to go there. hehead a thing for her. i think he hates fish. thanks. so how's your secret mission coming? i've talked to his sister his best friend his uncle archie, his two spinster aunts. the most anyone seems to know about his eating habits is that he... occasionally eats. ensign-- if you want to know something about mr. reed
1:21 am
( clearing throat ) anyone sitting here? uh, no. please. ( sighs ) this is the first chance i've had to eat all day. ( groans ) tell me about it. i haven't set foot outside the armory since 0700. how's your ravioli? uh, it's fine. nothing like a nice plate of pasta. mm-hmm. you know, i used to love to cook but i never get a chance to anymore the way that chef protects the galley. one of these nights i should fix something myself.
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you'd love my eneniladas. enchiladas? if you d d't like them, i can fix something else. what's your favorite food? uh... i appreciate the offer, but it... it really isn't necessary. aren't you getting a little tired of having to eat whatever chef happens to serve? no, he's a fine cook. don't get me wrong he's terrific. it's just that dinner in the mess hall can... lack a certain personal touch. i've got a hot plate in my quarters. that's... very flattering and... i'm just not sure it would be... appropriate. what do you mean? well, um... we work together, , d, uh
1:23 am
serving on the same ship. what does that have to do with...? oh. ( laughing ) no, i didn't, i didn't'tean to um... imply anything other than just making dinner, lieutenant. then... it's my mistake, ensign. no, it's my fault. i shouldn't have... yeah, i'll-i'll just... no, please, finish your dinner. no, no, no, no.
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dead astern, 8,000 meters. let me guess. our shadow? closing to 7,000. 6,000. polarize the hull plating. reed to bridge. armomo, report. get to your stations. move. warp drive is off-line. main power is down.
1:29 am
tactical systems are down. why don't you save time and tell me what isn't down? the outer doors in launch bay two are opening. seal them. i can't.
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archer to sick b b. phlox here, captain. report to e deck, section seven. this is an emergency. on my way. security to captain archer. go ahead. the aliens are gone, sir. they've launched their shuttle. bridge, report! t'pol: the alien vessel has gone to warp. that last shot damaged our port nacelle.
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doctor? i've stabilized them, but they were subjected to some rather invasive scans. phlox: there cocod be some residual neurological damage. i'm doing everything i can. have you ever heard of anything like this? no. are there any vulcan records of a species that uses similar tactics? and i don't care how classified they might be. none that i know of, captain. find out what you can. tucker to archer.
1:37 am
but our port nacelle took a l l of damage. how long before we can go to warp? a couple of days. what about impmpse power? that's the good news. it should be back on-line in a few minutes. i'll take all the good news i can get. keep me posted, doctor. there are no vulcan ships within scanning range. mayweather: sir, we could try to contact the vulcan high command. they're only two days away at warp six. i'm sure they'd give us a hand. i'm sure they would. ( sighs ) i can't raise vulcan. it's funny, i ran a diagnostic after the attack.
1:38 am
that's because it isn't there. what? therers nothing but debris at the coordinates where we deployed the amplifier. what about echo one? destroyed as well. the stabilizer on cannon port two checks out o oy, sir. port two or port one? port one, sir. sorry. get it right! and d art on those beam emitters. sir. targeting scans will be on-line in an hour. we should be aligning them by now not installing them. you were a little hard on eddie. everyone's busting their tailsl. ( crackling ) ah! you okay? yeah! ( groaning ) i'm fine. i told them to depolarize these relays!


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