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tv   Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EST

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loc: harry, i'm telling you there's no question about it. the one in the blue? the one in the blue. that is not a man. ten bucks say he is. no way. make it 20. loc: her legs are bigger than brian bosworth's. oh, no. can you pass me another napkin? hererei'll do it. here you go. thanks. you must have snowed the old guy. did you tell him you were a student? he even invited harry to dinner. tell him you're going to be assistant manager for ibm when you graduate. he loves that crap. he's traditional.
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guys like you. no, guys like you. thanks, man. kim: no, let's get some ice cream. i'm dying for some mocha chip. after all that pizza?? you kidding me? how about some music? i know a great club. i think it's time to wind down. oh, no, your dad! we've figured a way to dodge the old guy. but if i don't take her home... don't worry. but thanks for such a great evening. don't be a stranger.
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it's good to see you back, noodle boy. i decided something last night. i want you in with us. you mean become pai-gow? you're smart, ambitious, quick on your feet. that's great. i want to be a part of that. it's a lot bigigr than you think. you see... there are these ololr dudes. they hold the reins in little saigon and i'm pushing them out. i'll be running the show. and d want you there with me. i'm your man. good.
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whatever it takes. it takes trust a commitment a bond between the brothers. but we can't let you in until you've committed a crime. penhall: you know, chinese food always gives me gas so consider yourself warned. you ought to try chewing. it. i know what this tastes like. i had it yesterday. last one-- it's yours. you want it? no. okay. hey. do you see that? penhall: mm-hmm. you understand its function?
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are. one...two. hey, bingo. ahem! anything else for you guys? hey, where's the regular guy? hey, he quit. you're full of it. come on, come on. now! move, damn it.
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ioki: come on. let's go. let's get out of here. freeze, police! hanson: i'll cut him off. go! penhall: look out! doug. he's getting away. i'm hit. i think i'm hit.
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tonight, you become pai-gow. now, you get the dragon and the angel. no tattoo. we're keeping this boy clean. now you're pai-gow.
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look i know how you fefeing, doug but this is as close as anyone's gotten to loc. harry doesn't agree. these guys don't give each h her up. so harry's gonna stand with it, huh? he's gonna do whatever i decide. hanson: somebody want to hand me that juice over there? hey, tom, man i think you're a real class act. is this an exceptional cop, or what?
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juice. man, i'm sorry. i mean, a guy who takes a bullet in his right butt cheek... we're going to get him. it's that simple. a guy who shoots a cop is the lowest scum on earth. i want to take this guy down now. blowfish: excuse me captain, we got this from ballistics there was no one down at the chapel, so i came down. they said you needed it right away. you're gonna love this, dead eye. well, yes i read it. i was concerned about hanson's health. how are you, hanson? oh, fine. thanks. look what they did to him. doug. yeah? the bullet they dug out of hanson...
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very scary. tinh: technique is good. winning is better. ah, so it is. call the hand, gentlemen. looks like the touch. it's all in the fingertips. i hate to break up the fun, but... where are you going? y. i got a dinner date. impress the hell out of them, bruce lee. give the old crow my love, toooo okay. thanks, guys. later. the meals... that's what i miss the e st. here they throw something in the microwave and it's dinner. back home, with the family and the food...
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grandfather treated us with sugar cane juice. when my grandmdm wanted to spoil me she would buy me those chicklets. so, tell us about your family. well, my parents are gone. i have a grandmother, grandma lei but she wouldn't leave vietnam. lize how important it is not to forget where you came from. how is your grandmother doing back there? i wrote to her ththfirst couple of years once a week, sometimes more but i never heard from her. i don't think she's alive.
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on't assume it. i've been able to find lots of families left behind. some i've helped with money. really? you think there's any chance...? if she's still alive, i could probably find her. hey, renegade. want a beer, soda? it's on the house. i don't see any scars. i guess you survived the inquisition. i had a good time. kim's family's nice. except for the old wheezebag. i don't get this thing between the two of you. i think he's pretty cool. i got a grandma in vietnam. he told me he can find her. he told you that? do you know what van luy does?
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wake up. that guy's a communist. what are you talking about? van luy publishes a newspaper that spreads communist trash all over our community. look at this. "american democracy is a system of slave labor that feeds off the blood of its refugees." he's making a fortune printing this crap. the communists put him hehe so americans could feel sympathetic towards their cause. but i don't get this. ey did to our country. he doesn't care. he's making money now. i don't bebeeve this. believe it. you u n't need that bastard. you got pai-gow now. we're doing something. we're living the american dream. what's wrong? nothing. when you said that, it reminded me of an old friend--
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he was my best friend in vietnam. bring him in. we'll make him pai-gow. he was killed. yeah. van luy's pals have a way of doing that don't they? watch, watch. watch! looks great. thank you. daisies. nice. want anything to eat-- falafel ororiggety dog? i'm still full from the chili you made last night. coffee? nothing, thank you. did the chili keep you up? doug, it was good. i'm fine.
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nice and slow. okay? okay. all right. i'm reallylyorry. i mean, i can't believe i blew a hole in your ass. forget it. how can i forget it? what i did to you... it was a mistake. you don't have to be so cool. if there was anythinin that you needed... i had them move the desks closer together so you wouldn't strain your voice calling for me. that's good. hey, tom you know, if i could kiss it and make it feel better... i mean... i would. believe me. i'll let you know.
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i'm with you all the way. all right. this is my friend right there, tom hanson. harry, this is a surprise. when you said you could find my grandmother you forgot to mention you were a communist. i don't believe we discussed my political beliefs. i've read what you write in this s wspaper. you're telling me that's not communism? that's a label without meaning. not to me it isn't. people i loved were slaughtered because of communism.
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but surviving vietnam doesn't mean you must become a convert blinded by your own faith. you're the one who can't see. america's the greatest country in the world. is it? its government creates wars that keep a stream of f fugees coming here to provide domestic help for its rich. people come here for the chance of a better life. the slavery is what they leave behind. ians or the chinese. today, slaves are central americans and vietnamese. you're wrong. i'm the perfect example that anybody can make a good life here. maybe you are. and you, too. i saw your house. you think you can live like that in vietnam? no.
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as our new home fell so short of the promise. no one promised you anything except freedom. you're just like all the others who criticize this country. you're a parasite. by the way, i did find your grandmother. she was quite easy to locate. howeveve knowing how you feel i'm sure sending her some money you have a lot to learn, young man.
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thatats a cherry. now, that is the good life right there. i don't know. i think the harley's pretty good. first mistake. always set yor sights for the top. have one. it's a good source of fiber. go see what that old guy wants. what is this?
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kim said you passed with flying colors. the e d man was impressed. not anymore, he isn't. we sort of had this blow up. did he say he won't let you see kim anymore? no. he said he found my grandmother. not this again. why are you listening to that jerk? he knows where she is. this is my family, man. you probably are. van luy's yanking your chain. you don't even see it. ( speaking vietnamese ) another favor, huh?
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but van luy couldn't find your grandmother if she lived next door. don't let that pig twist you around by digging up the past. the future's here, man, in this country. the future's us. kim: does loc know you're here? ioki: no. kim: nice looking couple, huh? about your girlfriend, harry? well, i don't really have one. i see. you're the traditional vietnamese boy who worships from afar. who has a crush but is too shy to say anything. no, i'm just waiting for the right girl. someone special. special?
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y. i see it every time you look at me. kim... i feel the same about you. since the first time you came to o house. see, we can't. loc loves you and it wouldn't be right. you have too much honor, harry. you deserve someone special. don't wait for her forever. i better go. i have something for you. i know about the fight you had with my father.
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this was my aunt's address in vietnam. it's your grandmother's address now. my father found out been living there since the takeover. then he wasn't lying. my father may y a lot of things one thing he's not, is a liar. if he says he'll get money to your grandmdmher
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doug, come on. no, i wanted to. here, i hope you don't have one already. ta-da! very nice. what is it? it's a pillow. where's the rest of it? that's it. it's for guys who have... what? hemorrhoids. you hope i don't already have one? i'll put it here in case you change your mind. it's right here. okay. what? i feel bad, you know, with this mess and all. don't worry about it, okay? see, i feel stupid. you don't know how sorry i am. i know you're sorry.
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my car. you brought a whoopee cushion. you sharpened all my pencils. any need resharpening? no, no! it's just that shooting your own partner is a stupid thing to do. you got to be a little mad at me. i'm not. you got to be. no, i don't got to be. it's unhealthy to keep this stuff pent up. get it off your chest. understand? no one sharpens my pencils but me. no one. then you are a little mad. of course i'm mad. you shot me in the ass. and i'll never forgive you. wonderful. terrific. one little mistake and you'll always hold a grudge againsnsme. fabulous! excuse me.
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have you two seen the department p pchiatrist? i called but he was on vacation. then make an appointment at cououy. it's mandatory for officers involved in a shooting to undergo psychiatric evaluation. you two get down therereow or i will have both your butts. understand? i hope you're bringing good news. good and bad. we were right about the extortion ring. thing runs like clockwork. problem is, loc's careful. pes. the store owners won't hand it to him directly. stay on him. someone's bound to object. he'll take action. thenene nail him. yeah.
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captain... would you ever go over to the other side? if it was for a real good reason? give me some specifics. i'll give you some answers. van luy, the guy who runun the communist newspaper... i see. i don't know what to do. let me ask you this. that man represents everything you despise, harry. even if the money got to your grandmother
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you see, you know how i feel. you hate communism as much as i do. but i didn't lose my home the way you did. i'm not sure that i do know how you feeee i can never forgive what they did to my fafaly. there's so much hate left ovov from vietnam, so many scars. but there came a point, for me anyway but, captain, every titi i look at that man it makes me want to kill. you've got to decide if that hate in your heart is greater than the love you feel for your grandmother.
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i apologize for the disrespect i i owed you yesterday. i was s ong to speak to you as i did. i accept y yr apology. you brought money for your grandmother. that's good. is it? or is it a one in a million chance? your grandmother will get her money. you're doing the right thing.
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what are you doing? nothing. nonoing? i'm not here to see kim if that's what you're thinking. i gave him money to send to my grandmother. yeah, i couldn't resist either. all the pai-gow brothers have been suckered. you gave him money, too? yeah, more than once. i wanted to help my dad, you know. try to make life better for him in vietnam. what happened? i never got a letter back. the money never got there.
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hooting? none. because sometimes our subconscious has a greater power than we realize. these accidents may be a release of built-up resentments. you're saying what? that i shot him deliberately? i know he didn't shoot me on purpose. i'm simply ascertaining your relationship prior to the incident. let me save you some time
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i would never shoot... ascertain-- what does that mean? doctor: are there times when you feel unduly annoyed at your partner's behavior, habits? never. well... sometimes... i wish he wasn't so sloppy. oh, he's mr. tidy. that gets on my nerves. iends. ears throat ) i wish he would try to be on time. this is the punctual kid here. that gets annoying but it's cool. and sometimes, it seems like he doesn't work as hard as he should. there are things about you i don't like either.
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oh, my god. you're right. what? i did mean to shoot you. you did? i did ititn purpose. i have built-up resentments. classic aggressive transference. exactly. i should have never turned my back on you. vicki! how many times... go back to your room. i'm sorry, d dtor. doctor: i'm sorry, gentlemen. i was running late and vicki, she lapses now and then. a shootiti, i see.
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feel? fine. me too. thanks, doc. the people we left behind paid dearly. some with money. some with their lives. but no matter it was made so that we could have a new beginning. unfortunately, there are some in our community who o sh to poison our new home. to drag from vietnam the death the terror and mama it part of america.
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tonight we take that traitor for all he's worth. fuller: police! hold it!
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down. where's loc? hey. hey! where is he? he's nowhere, traitor. judy: no way oututut the front. any idea where loc might be? yeah, i got an idea. go. fuller: get some cuffs here. i thought you were asleep. what are you doing? you know that slogan about keeping america beautiful?
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is this? you want the honors? drop the gun. i'm a cop. i see. but you're also pai-gow. you know this slime deserves to die. i said, drop the gun. after what they did to us? to you? get out of here. no, you won't do nothing. you'll listen to your heart.
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? the food's not so hot, if that's what you mean. i keep thinking... you know what it's like to lose everything. i had to. you know that. you don't get it, do you? this is about working hard, moving up knowing the system. no, i get the system. obviously better than you did. no, you're just luckier. if we don't play by the rules, we got nothing..
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hey, next time you want to come and see me... don't. hello. you have one message. ( beep ) harry, this is mr. van luy. if you'd like to stop by the publishing office
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man: hey, here's some fresh tracks. they'r'rheading that way. come on! hey, hold up, boys. man: find him m t? where? i found something. some kind of scalp. that ain't him. he ain't apache.


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