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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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(linkwood) 'you've been photographed and recorded' 'selling out your country.' i see. i'll need all your data immediately. 'directives, locations, production costs, formula.' i'll need time. you've until tomorrow night at 10:00 pm. let's get down to it, shall we? if we can't complete the transaction by the next contact. forget it. patience, darling. i'm sure the doctor will give you your final examination at your next appointment. [chuckles] [suspires] - i don't like it. - oh, come, come. you're at home always in tune with the gentle
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the sly schemes of ambitious friends. you know him better than i. the importance of securing all possible information about strigas. how can you be sure that donfield won't take the government's money, and in return give you the formula for floor wax or some other ridiculous capitalistic product? in the field of diplomacy, excellency, you've no equal. but when it comes to direct espionage you would be wiser to leave events to professionals such as myself. but this is to be my own personal coup. [door knob clicks] - so? - linkwood just phoned. mr. donfield has arrived at the apartment. i've a car waiting at the entrance. good. at least let me come with you. i can examine the documents. i've a great deal of experience in these matters. that might be very wise.
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as my aid, you'd do best by staying out of sight. now, you remain here until we return. [dramatic music] code room. this is vladek here. have you not yet broken down the premier's response to
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[melancholic music] here's to a good year, mr. donfield. [glasses clink] - no, thank you. - ha, ha, ha. you needn't be afraid. it isn't drugged. [glasses clink] you sure you slipped out tonight without mr. solo's knowledge? i slipped mr. solo a sedative in his coffee at dinner. good. [door bell rings] (linkwood) all is in readiness, excellency. i'll handle it from here.
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- may i see. - you may have an order. a photostat of the original letter sent to the president urging immediate development of strigas. and now. just what is strigas? it stands for strike gas. and it's function? with the answer to the strategy of overkill. the white house now has the answer? in the form of a harmless chemical capable of putting entire rural and urban populations to sleep. 'the advantages are obvious.' 'when the effects wear off, the invaded nation is conquered' 'but physically intact.' well, i've heard of american nerve gas.
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let me see what you have. what trick is this? telephone books. old newspapers. a lot of junk. what have you got in your briefcase? cigar store coupons? you are a very cautious man, mr. donfield. here you are. [briefcase lock clicks] [whistles] the balance of your million dollars. so? [sighs] so.
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this map. the red circles indicate the underground locations of the plants in alaska already manufacturing strigas in mass quantities. the blue circles indicate the icbms and the strategic air force bombers allocated for delivery. those are the primary targets. methods of assembly, analysis, production. and what is this? the formula for strigas. well? - hm. it appears to be correct. - appears? this paper represents my promotion to the position of
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mr. donfield, take your money. 'you deserve it.' mr. linkwood, how about having a drink, huh? 'course, your excellency. [briefcase lock clicks] mr. donfield, would you like to join us? no, thank you. i don't drink. [door shuts] move back, please. and what do you think you're doing, you fool? 'requesting verification of the courier he supposedly sent.' here is his reply. (kurasov) 'he says he has sent no one.' the premier doesn't dare to confirm the secret. he dares. my cablegram stressed the danger to us all. then who are these two men. indeed who? who are you two working for? (kurasov) 'the cia. the french dezume bureau.'
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'colonel donjev, or whoever you are.' 'you will return with us to the embassy.' and i assure you before the sun rises both of you will tell me everything. i'll tell you nothing. we all know the price of failure, gentlemen. [choking] the scent of bitter almonds. cyanide. [intense music] (kurasov) 'are you planning to use the same route of escape?' in that case...i'll give you exactly one hour to dispose off your companion. 'if mr. linkwood returns to this apartment and still finds' this body here, we'll see to it the police have definite proof that you killed him. goodbye.
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get the money, you fool. [door shuts] illya. illya. - illya, you didn't really-- - no, i didn't really. when mr. waverly finds out what happened, i'll wish i had. well? [sighs] there goes the ball game.
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gosh, sorry. [huffs] i thought we had him. he almost swallowed the hook. almost. a word that sticks edgewise in the throat to strangle one. was a lovely scheme. yes. it's too lovely to blow at this stage. there must be some way to re-coup. - do you have any ideas, illya? - how can i have ideas? i'm dead. you almost had me believing it there. that's right. (solo) you are dead. mm-hm. but...who sent you? - what are you talking about? - shh. he has an idea. i think its terribly important that the ambassador kurasov know who you work for, my dear colonel mikolavich donjev. [static] open channel 8. [beeping] alert section 4. photography and documents for an emergency operation. i'll be there in 15 minutes.
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you and i are going to have some very special pictures taken. illya, i want you to stay here. wait for mr. linkwood to return. and then bring him home alive and unmarked. must you qualify your requests? [dramatic music] [door lock clicks] [sighs] oh, no, no. 'i thought you'd be gone.' but where would i go? [gasping] you're dead. no. in which case, this should not hurt you at all. [grunts] [intense music note] i'm sorry about the rough stuff.
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in comparison with what he plans to do to you. however i might persuade him to allow you to go on living. provide you tell us a few odds and ends about mr. kurasov. 'about your intelligence apparatus.' [huffs and coughs] 'no?' that's a pity. would've been happier if you'd volunteer the information. 'as it is, when we get the information from you' 'without your co-operation.' i might not be able to help you. you know it's criminal, the way truth drugs and cigarettes destroy smoking pleasure. in 15 seconds you're gonna tell us everything we want to know. 'that's how long before the drug takes affect.' 'afterwards, we'll toss you back to illya.' [cracking knuckles] no. no, no, that won't be necessary.
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ith the espionage apparatus. - yes. - he's primarily a diplomatic. - i see. - mr. smith, uh. is the chief of my unit. she sends reports directly back to general ko-kolodin 'through the diplomatic parches.' and that's where kurasov comes in. it must be more than 15 seconds. feel any change. why should you? you know, some people find turkey cigarettes very strong but actually you can get to like them quite quickly. [sighs] alright. you can do what you want to me. i'm not gonna tell you anymore. i doubt that.
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these tapes and this film could find their way to general kolodin. i understand he disposes off his mistakes by garrote. - you're our animal now. - what do you want? there's just one small errand we'd like you to perform. what's that? you'll go the embassy and awaken ambassador kurasov. and you'll say to him. when i returned.. [panting] and when i returned the body was still on the floor. donfield had apparently bolted, leaving things as they were. but before i could set in motion the steps to implicate him for murder, i received an urgent message from our z section. colonel mikolavich donjev seems, is one of our people.
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e premier didn't send the colonel. general kolodin sent him secretly. general kolodin wanted strigas for himself. i do not believe it. what proof do you have? oh, i-i-i felt a-as you, excellency. and th-that's why i went to donjev's place. i tore it apart. i-i found this suitcase there. it has a false bottom. come here. inside you can see here. - what is it, laslo? - shh. colonel donjev had been trailing donfield and mr. solo for weeks. he took these photographs with a telephoto lens. here. you can see. he caught them entering the white house for conferences. now, these tape recordings, they are conversations from the white house to donfield. the colonel discovered a direct line and tapped it. - what is all this-- - sh-sh. excellency, why should colonel donjev kill himself? it is all your fault. don't you know that even now? he failed kolodin. we've exposed him.
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have destroyed kolodin after my promotion. i'd it all in my hands and i threw it away. - really, what have you-- - will you stop talking? i'm afraid, excellency. you've thrown away all our lives. when general kolodin discovers that we destroyed his agent. 'that we let strigas slip through our hands.' 'he'll turn us over to the central committee.' - 'you know his mind.' - oh, yes. and he'll claim that we violated his area of authority. that we bungled his operation. that we destroyed his apparatus. and then, he'll have us killed. unless. unless, excellency.
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- couldn't you leave him alone? - so you've told her? i only meant to enrich your husband, my dear. - this is not necessary. - what am i gonna do? hang around here? you boys are cute. you kill each other and pin it on me. y-you get up evidence against me f-f-for immorality and treason and murder. and what else? oh, you do a great job. ha-ha. this is all a great misunderstanding. that can very easily be cleaned up. no, thank you. you've done enough for me already. i'm getting out while i still have the chance. now we will get rid of the colonel's body. that will eliminate the murder charge. when you and i have completed our little arrangement. you will be wealthy again. and you can still retain your position of trust. don't listen to him, mike. you can't believe anything-- madame, i assure you i want no trouble, no more than you do. now, where are those documents? so now, you believe me. now.
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why? - why need not concern you. - mike. 'there's an airplane leaving within one hour for my nation.' those papers of yours must be aboard. close our deal now or i'll kill you both. the papers are where they were. are these the papers? they're all here. for the secretariat. general kolodin will be dead. you, my dear friend, i'll reward later. i asked nothing, excellency. let all the credit be yours. mr. donfield, i'm going to keep your coat. 'why don't you buy yourself another one.' you can afford it. [melodic music]
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o-oh! i'll watch from up-close now. you two were wonderful. it's a very professional act. - the fish has bitten? - and been reeled in. now, to put him in the frying pan. our pilot is waiting. what are you gonna do with all that money? uh, deposit it. before we started this, we arranged for a safety deposit box in a swiss bank. although the box is not in kurasov's name, we've managed to let information leaked to general kolodin, makes it appear as though it is kurasov's own box. the general's agents have been watching it ever since. now, into that box goes this million dollars. general kolodin has the serial numbers of all the money issued to embassies including the numbers of these notes. why that's absolutely diabolical. we try. you seem very pleased with yourself these days. - are ya anticipating something? - yes, as a matter of fact, i'm. - perhaps a little surprise. - surprise?
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as first secretary perhaps. laslo, have you heard something? and since when do you enter without knocking? a thousand pardons, excellency. but i had some news that could not wait. a dispatch from home. - me to return, yes? - yes. you are to return...on the very next plane. you see, my darling? tell me. was there something else? something about an advancement? oh, yes. i have been advanced. to take your position. i'm now the ambassador. yes, we'll see about that when i get home. when you return'd be very busy explaining to the secretariat why you sent in the formula for american floor wax? what is he talking about? well, that can't be.
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they believe it doesn't exist. - you sent them floor wax. - now, wait a minute. there's some mistake. an honest mistake. i-i was only doing my duty. your duty? well, general kolodin has a few questions. something about a million dollars of our government's money discovered in your safety deposit box in switzerland. what are you talking about? the general will explain it all to you upon your arrival. i believe you know these two gentlemen. from our z section. they'll take you to the airport. and accompany you on your trip. 'and now.' get out of here, you fool. [dramatic music]
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goodbye. have a good flight. wear a warm coat. i'd give you a pill but it failed to work with me you see. [speaking in foreign language] well, what's the next case? uh, i'm the next case. [music]
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?? >> here's adventure! >> here's romance! >> here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west... the cisco kid! >> you've set yourselves up as the law-the judge and jury, but you're nothing but skulking rats, fattening on framed evidence, hiding behind masks because you're afraid to reveal your faces.


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