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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  November 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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?? >> here's adventure! >> here's romance! >> here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west... the cisco kid! >> you've set yourselves up as the law-the judge and jury, but you're nothing but skulking rats, fattening on framed evidence, hiding behind masks because you're afraid to reveal your faces.
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pay for your crimes. >> are you finished? >> i'll have my say. >> john holden, the vigilantes found you guilty and ran you out of town. you were warned what would happen if you returned. you chose to ignore the warning. we'll draw as usual to see who gets to shoot him. short straw wins. looks like i've been elected. >> them blasted coyotes call their selves vigilantes-nothing but a pack of killers. >> better be careful, tom. you know the old saying-even the walls have ears?
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they haven't picked on us ranchers yet, but you mark my words-if and when they do, we're just gonna clean them out. >> that won't be easy. nobody knows who they are. >> a mask never stopped a bullet, jed. the trouble with you town folks is that you just ain't got no gumption. john holden is the ninth man that's been killed or run outta here, and what are you doin' about it? you ain't doin' nothin'. >> well, there's nothing we can do about it, tom. john holden came back with the idea of organizing the town folks, and look what happened to him. y fear that even our best friend may be one of them. >> i would-- >> (squeal) >> hey, what in tarnation is he doing here? hey, he's a cute little fella, ain't he? >> yeah, he sure is. >> uh, he's no monkey. >> oh, excuse me. hey, there you are, eh? what are you doin' in the barbershop, huh? what're you doin' in the barbershop, huh?
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he say that he want to learn how to be a regular barber. se?or sabatore is now gonna play for you a beautiful-- >> no, but i'm in no mood for music. >> well, that's all right. then i-i gonna get a shave. come on here, huh? come on, you sit down there. that's a good boy, that's a good boy. and you keep your ears open and your eyes wide closed so you can see and then you gonna learn how to be a regular barber, eh? yeah, i got the once over once, lighter side because of my whisk, they grow pretty close up to my face. >> as you say. >> that's what i say. >> (squeals) >> ah! whooey! that's pretty hot, don't you? that's better.
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?? you know, mr. barber, you got a touch just like an artist. ah! hey! what? what's the matter, jacko? what's the matter? one lesson, and you think you can cut up on my face like a regular barb, eh? and, besides, who--who told you that you can use my face in a practice and make it a playground for your monkey business, eh? eh? look, here, now, wipe up your face and blow up your nose.
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when the -- isn't looking, eh? here, se?or. >> thank you. >> good-bye, boss. >> well, my dear, this is buffalo flats. how do you like it? >> like it? are you kiddin', tex? i wouldn't be caught dead in a dump like this.
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come on, let's go. >> but, my darling, you are forgetting we have an investment here. >> you know, for a smart promoter, tex, sometimes you're pretty dumb. no wonder john holden's daughter sold you his place here. this town's like a morgue. >> oh, it's not as bad as that. come on, let's look the place over. >> all right, but i'm telling you i won't like it. tex, look, holden was closed by the vigilantes. >> so what. >> so what? tex, you're a swell guy, and we've had a lot of fun together, but when the vigilantes step in, this baby steps out.
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>> just a minute, bud. i wouldn't go in there if i were you. >> why not? i own the place. >> that's what i heard, but i don't think the vigilantes would like the idea of the store being opened up again. >> really? and i suppose you're one of them, eh? >> i'm just a fella giving you some good advice. >> thanks, but i'm just the fellow who is not taking it. >> looking for trouble, eh? >> not if i can possibly avoid it. >> watch out for-- mister. turn around. >> hey, pike needs help. >> uh, excuse me, please. the like my organ, she swing around like this. excuse me, se?or, it was an accident. you see the leg of my organ, she go like that, huh? you see, jacko, accidents will happen in the worst of the
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?? >> and tell your friend i don't like vigilantes. >> hey, jacko, that was a good fight, huh? i guess you and me could've whipped them all. >> i thought you were leaving. >> a girl has a right to change her mind, hasn't she? >> (organ music playing) >> (garbled singing) that's what i call a good, simple place, eh? -- he's a nice little monkey, eh? sometimes he play -- >> well, my dear, the place has definite possibilities.
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>> i'm jed haskell, the barber. what was all the trouble about? >> there was no trouble. as i was saying, the-- >> i still don't like it, tex. there's no excitement running a store. now, if you were to change it into a gambling house... >> a gambling house? but, darling, i know nothing about gambling. >> you don't have to. just leave everything to me, and in six months you'll have the swellest little place in the west. ah, come on, tex, what do ya say? >> well, all right, if you think so, we'll try it. >> you won't regret it, tex. >> i hope not. accommodations we can get at the hotel, huh? >> no, i don't want no shave today. >> this'll do. thank you very much. that was some fancy shooting you
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>> it was an accident. i meant to shoot over his head. oh, but now they'll be after you, cisco. you won't be able to snoop around like you planned. >> oh, it'll be all right. i didn't think we'd tangle up with them so soon that-- stay here. be careful. oh, pancho, just a minute. >> hey, jacko, say hello to the se?orita. >> hello, jacko. have you found out anything yet, pancho? >> oh, plenty, se?orita. the people are afraid to talk, but i think that man you fight with, cisco, his name is pike, and he's one of the vigilantes. >> what do you suppose they're up to, cisco? >> i don't know, lois, but it looks like they're trying to take over the town. >> but why, cisco? >> we'll know that, pancho, when we find out who the vigilantes are. where are our horses, our
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i show you tonight. >> you can go now, pancho. meanwhile, get me the name of everybody that's friendly with pike. >> bueno. huh? oh, you wanna stay with the se?orita, huh? all right, now you be a good little monkey boy. >> well, i think i'll pay a visit to the local barber. you know, barbers are the very finest source of information. >> oh, be fu here until i return. it wouldn't be good for them to find out that you're john holden's daughter. >> all right. >> (organ music) >> what'll it be-- shave,
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>> conversation. >> i'm not one for giving advice, mister, but if i were you, i'd forget about opening that gambling house in town. >> why, because of the vigilantes? >> if you don't mind, mister, i'd rather not talk about them. the walls have ears, you know. there's been some mighty strange things happening around here. >> turn around, both of you. put your hands up. come out here with me. >> what do you want with me? i haven't done anything. >> shut up! so you don't like vigilantes, eh? >> no, i don't. neither masked or unmasked. >> get on over there. you haven't ard anything or seen anying. rememberhat,nd you'lst ale. >> i won't talk. i n'say word to anyone, i promise. >> take him on out.
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>> give me the lead line. fred, you stay behind and see we're not followed.
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get down. walk straight ahead. ?? here he is. to strangers who are curious. tie him up. >> wait a minute, that's my job. have you anything to say before you die? >> plenty. but i suppose it wouldn't do any good. >> you suppose right. it wouldn't. we'll draw as usual. you win.
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what's the matter? >> well, i never did shoot a man with other people looking on. leave him alone with me. >> come on, get on with it, or i'll do it myself. what's the matter now? >> my gun is stuck. >> hurry up, we haven't got all day. >> that'll teach you not to fool around with the vigilantes. when i shoot, make like you're dead. >> come on, get busy. (gun shot) >> i'll take him out and bury him. >> couple of you give him a hand. >> pancho will do it-- >> get your hands up quick! hurry up, or you'll get a bullet through your head! what's the big idea? >> there's a ringer among us. >> unmask him and get his gun. >> it's the italian organ grinder.
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watch the tunnel door. >> light the other lamp. they slipped out through the tunnel. >> come on, we'll ge'em. >> hold it. they're liable to pick you off at the other end. >> what'll we do? >> joe, the dynamite in the tunnel, set it off. the rest of you keep an eye on the hotel. >> hey, cisco, they blow up this end of the tunnel. >> which means there's another way out of that cellar, pancho. >> yeah, but with this end all closed up, how we gonna find it? >> look around. that place is in the very outskirts of the town. >> you are right, cisco. i didn't notice that when i was following you and them, but why they ride away with you, then circle around back here? >> for the same reason they blindfolded me, pancho-to make me think that that cellar was a cave far out of town. but i know exactly where the place is. >> you do? >> yes, the tunnel leads from here, right straight through to
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right under it. >> you mean that, cisco? >> of course, pancho. >> what are we waiting for? let's went. >> we will, but after we change our clothes. come on. >> morning, gents. shave, haircut, or conversation? >> a little conversation in your back room. >> but, gentlemen, we can talk right here. >> i said in your back room and quickly. >> well, if you insist on it. >> know me? >> why-why, you're the stranger those vigilantes grabbed. >> no, se?or, he's the cisco kid, and i am pancho. >> cisco kid, pancho? well, bless my soul. how did you get away from those vigilantes? >> you should know. you were in the cellar, mr. haskell. >> i, cellar? i don't understand what you mean. >> no, then pancho will told you. you are that no-good killer, the leader of that gang of crooks who call themselves the
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>> why-- why, that's ridiculous. >> ridiculous? pancho, look for the hidden stairway. >> just a minute, mister. >> shut up! >> yes, cisco. >> look, cisco. >> what's that, pancho? >> i don't know, cisco, you look it. >> well, well, an engineer's it's very interesting. thank you, pancho. now, see if you can find that hidden stairway. >> here it is, cisco. >> go on, mister.
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>> (squealing) >> jocko, come back! >> hey, look! >> oh, you bad, bad, bad boy. shame on you. shame on you! >> what are you doin' here? >> i'm taking a walk, if it's any of your-- >> just a minute. something's wrong in here.
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>> hey, pancho, get me his gun over there. you're due for a hanging, my friend.
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the gun is mine. >> that will not be very difficult, after we round up your men. >> why you do all that, cisco? >> our friend over here knew that the railroad was coming through buffalo flats. naturally, the prices of the land will boost sky-high. he wanted to take over the whole town. >> how you know that? >> it's all there in that engineer's map you found. >> freeze and make it quick. >> he went out the back way. >> here is the map. >> okay.
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give me your hand! give me your hand! >> (screams) >> hello, loco. you and diablo been good friends, huh? that's a good boy. here, that's one for you, loco, huh? and one for you, jacko. come on, come on. now, eat, jacko. come on, eat, eat. no, yodo here, jacko, here's a little taste. here, taste, here. oh, look, we got visitor people, eh? >> well, pancho, let's be on our way. >> bueno. now, jacko, -- back to your owner, and just because i know you'll be a good boy, here's a present for you. >> what's the matter, pancho? >> i think jacko give me a present. >> oh, pancho!
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?? >> good-bye, amigos! >> see you soon! ??
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somethin' i can do for you, ma'am? ranger, i want to see him. mr. gilman? he's off at the saloon. i'll get him for you. i'll do it. mr. gilman? took it a whole lot worse than i thought he would. garth is no different than any killer. they all go to the gallows yelling they're innocent. some of 'em are right. mr. gilman? mhm? i've been riding all night to see you. it's about joe corbitt. you a friend of his? a newspaper says his appeal's been denied. that's right. what happens to him now? well tomorrow morning he leaves for state prison.
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you better sit down, miss. he's innocent mr. gilman. joe corbitt didn't commit that murder. well a jury said he did. they're wrong. they're all wrong. i saw the murder.
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narrator: joe corbitt had been given a fair trial. an impartial jury had convicted him of murder. now a strange girl had traveled to the point of exhaustion to save the condemned man from the gallows. the entire town of porter wanted to know why. mr. smith. oh hello mrs. palmer. what's all the fuss about? that girl said she saw what happened to your husband. she saw the murder?
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well who was it? don't know yet. but the trial. all those weeks. i thought it was over. finished. we're all ready to leave mrs. palmer. well i think you better take the groceries back to the ranch leo. how will you get home? don't worry i'll, i'll manage. run along. please. what's your name miss? james. marcy james. well you've done a lot of hard riding ms. james. all the way from talpa. not used to it i guess. you live there? bout two months. i work at franco's variety store.
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ow him at all. but you know he's innocent. i came to porter to watch the first day of the trial. that was the firs time i've ever seen him. he's not the man who did the killing i'm sure of that. you would know the killer if you saw him again? anywhere. you don't forget a murder that easily. tell me about it. i came to porter that day to buy some fabric for a dress i was making. on my day off they didn't have what i wanted in talpa. i finished my shopping early. i had lots of time. so i thought i'd take a walk. the old talpa road. what time was this? a little after four. i heard two men arguing. they sounded terribly angry.
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a little wooded area off the road. when i looked the older man was on the ground and the younger man was hitting him on the head with a rock. the girl needs rest hoby. i'm sorry ms. james i've gotta know these things. yes that's alright. did the killer see you? i don't know i didn't wait to find out. but you waited till now to tell me about it. well i was frightened. the real killer was still at large. i didn't know if he'd seen me or not. i was afraid. when did you stop being afraid? if i let joe corbitt go to the gallows i'd be guilty of murder myself. that's enough for now hoby.
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don't let anybody talk to her doc. she won't be listening. that stuff i gave her will put her to sleep in no time. let me know when she's awake. while the exhausted girl slept ranger gilman used the time to dispatch two telegraph messages. one to the law office in talpa, the other to franco's variety store. he had to know more about marcy james and her story. joe corbitt's life depended on it. ?? what now? social call. i thought you might have some messages i can send for you. send one to that jury. tell them how much i appreciate being sent to the gallows for
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you know. the horse was wandering loose. the saddle was real fancy and i stole it. i admitted that. i didn't kill palmer or anyone else. well we've been thorugh all that you know. i go through it a thousand times a day. you want a message ranger? i got one for you. dear mr. gilman, when they fit that noose around my neck, remember you helped put it there. regards, joe. any others? no. ah well i thought you had some friends or relatives in talpa. you lived there didn't ya? just passed through. you know a girl named marcy james? who? marcy. james.
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no. i never heard of her. you're lyin corbitt. alright i'm lying. what are you gonna do about it? hang me? ?? i'm sorry to bother you mr. gilman i know you're busy. it's alright mrs. palmer sit down. ou. that girl at dr. calhoun's office. has she identified a new killer? not yet. no. well do you think she knows corbitt? i mean maybe she's just trying to protect him. well i'm sure that's occurred to you. it has. and? i don't know.
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the verdict is guilty. it'll stand unless this girl can come up with some new evidence. new evidence? well that would mean a new trial. well i'm afraid so. i don't think i could go through that again. it was like a nightmare. i'm sorry ms. palmer. gilman! i thought i told you to stay with that girl! well the telegraph office has been looking all over town they got a message for you. bad news? i'm afraid you'll have to excuse me ms. palmer. i've got a business too and that girl's news. let her rest a while henrietta i wanna see her doc. she's sleeping. well it's important. so is her sleep. i've gotta ask her some questions now come on doc. come back hoby.
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use it leo it's the only way. there's a better way jan. right across the border to mexico. no. you're staying here with me. listen jan if that girl identifies me. she won't. well she might have done it already. no she hasn't i've already talked to hoby and ralph too. she hasn't told them anything. not yet anyway. you've gotta do it leo. she still at doc calhoun's? hurry back.
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it was another hour before marcy james was awake and alert to answer questions. hoby knew she had lied to him but he didn't know how far it was another hour before marcy james was awake and alert to her falsehoods went. was any part of her story true? it was another hour before marcy james was awake and alert to or was it all a lie? the one best qualified to answer that was leo crane. you're gonna have to uh swear to this testimony of yours ms. james. do you know the penalty for perjury? what? lying. telling a false story under oath.
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it's a telegraphic message from your boss. what's it mean? it means you worked the day palmer was killed. and that variety store is a long way from the murder site. you believe mr. franco. why don't you believe me? mr. franco has no reason to protect joe corbitt. well neither have i. i don't even know joe corbitt i told you that. you rode all the way from talpa all night long to get here before joe was sent away. you put yourself in line for a perjury charge. just to save a cheap saddle bum like- he's not a saddle bum. well you don't even know him ms. james, remember? mr. gilman i've lived through every moment of this trial with him. i feel i know him well enough to
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mr. gilman you've gotta believe me. i can identify the real killer, i can give you a complete description of him, anything you want but joe.. how well do you know her joe? get here outta here she's got nothing to do with this. she's tryna help you. she can't help me. she doesn't know anything about me. well you see that mr. gilman we don't know each other alright? she's trying to save your neck joe she's walked right into a perjury charge. now is that the way you want it? that's the hard way to do it hunny. it's not gonna work.
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ms. james. here take a sip of some of this it'll help. joe didn't kill anybody. the jury has heard all of the evidence and they say that he did. i'm afraid it has to stand at that. we were gonna be married. i'm sorry i really am. we were gonna be married in dallas. we had a silly quarrel.
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all over texas. when i found him he was on trial for murder. uh look uh i don't think you should uh ride that horse of yours all the way back to talpa i'll see if i can get you a ticket on the stage. oh. i'm alright now mr. gilman. i'm sorry about all the trouble. i'm not a very good liar i guess. want me to look after her?
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ralph get the doc. henrietta will you take care of her? how is she? don't know yet. you learn anything out there? no. hoby. you told me the girl was lying. you said her story about the murder was- she was! she admitted it! then why would anyone wanna kill her? i don't know. well doc calhoun took two slugs out of that girl and somebody had a good reason to put them there.
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?? is it done? it's done. did anyone see you? no. i was so worried about you leo you took so long. i took the long way back just to be sure. didn't wanna be seen riding out of town. i'm glad it's over. all of it. now things can begin again. the right way this time. it's just the two of us now honey. it's gotta be right. let's settle your horse leo. we can celebrate later.
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?? (horse neighing) (horse galloping)
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there was nothing else i could do hoby. he was going to kill me. why? he's a mad man and a murderer too. he killed that girl. that girl in town. she's not dead ms. palmer. she might not die at all. well then she'll tell you the truth. leo murdered my husband. ask the girl. she'll tell you that leo did it. she didn't see the murder ms. palmer.
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lying? no no she was a witness you told me so. you said. she was just trying to save joe corbitt from the gallows. it looks like you did the job for her. you don't seem to understand. he was trying to kill me. i had to shoot him. in the back? (door slams) (gun cocks) (gunshots) (glass breaks) drop it! drop it! on the ground. that girl and her lies. she'd a kept quiet you never would have known. she did it because she was in love, what's your excuse?
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(drink stirring) drink this. you'll need the strength. (knocking) come in. i uh brought your reward along ms. james. my reward for what? all the lies i told? i've got my reward. well there was a lot more truth in your lies than you thought. i'm sorry mr. gilman i don't understand.
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some tonics are better than others. in every lie there's bound to be some element of truth. the big truth in marcy's lie was her love for joe corbitt. she knew he wasn't a murderer. her trust was strong enough to activate the festering conscious
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