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tv   Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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good. slow down, randall, slow. real slow. you, uh, got a proble you just solved it. gunfighter. got ambitions, huh? i got this. it says come down. you're gonna come doere anyway,. i'm gonna put a holeyou. easy now. ong as you put it polite like that.
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( crowd murmuring ) all right, folks. it's all over now. break it up. come on, come e . thank you. big man, cyou satisfied now? get off my back. get off your back. i ought to break your back. we tracked him this far, you got to mess it up, try taki by yourself? i didn't see you helping none.
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he still wears $1,000 on the hoof. sam mcgafering $1,000 just to get randall. - now, why? - what's the difference why? well, mcgarrett's willing to give $1,000 just to get randall. it seems to 's gonna be more in it. mayblot more. maybe something we can cut ourselves a nice piece out of. like w wt? well, the only place to get that answer is in dos mesas. mcgarrett: now, the way i figure it, mr. randall... josh: i'm trying to get an answer. no doesn't mean anything to you, but this poster almost got me killed. now is that what you're trying to do? last thing i wanted. drink it while it's hot, dad. hat cold coffee does to you. josh randall. mr. randall. hello.
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ses ) i'm still waiting for an answer about this. well, i admitg out thoses was a little drastic, but it's simple enough. you made it here alive, you're the man i want. if not, i'd just be out $1,000. ( laughs ) you're kind of with my life, aren't you? because i've got calls for a lot of man. coou, from what i hear. mm-mm. you know the mesa's desert? yeah, well, enough to stay away from it. and the legend of the armonito, you heard that? yeah, all six of them. listen to this: "trim and seaworthy, she was, "the proud spanish ship el armonito. "but what was to follow, nobody could possibly foresee. "she set sail for spain. ost immediately, she was forced to stop overnight "in the california gulf. "a huge roar was heard he night, "but not until morning could the tragedy be seen:
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"and keeping the ship from sailing out to open seaea "there was no choice now. "deserting their vessel, the men tried to make their way "across the desert carrying the gold. neither the gold nor the men were ever seen again." 00 years ago, randall. what the point? it's a legend. is it? randt week an old man died here. a mean who had worked for my family for as long as i can and his father before him. i went through his thick-- certainly took you look enough. oh, my son, clay. joll. the legend, randall, when the old man had this. it's all there. the trip across the desert where they died. that paper's old enough. and this. the e d man had this too. exican gold. it's the right age, the right minting. the old man's fathersol.
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can stay there, for all and all the water out there is bad. you'll ge. no, thanks. you must be the man pa wants. ain't nobody ever said n nto him before. you keep out of this. why not? why? because, well, if there i ia ship out there that desert, you'd never be able to find it now. it won't be a ship we're looking for. according to these symbols, the gold is buried in a cav. it's all here, ald. dallll i don't understand you. well--well, that makes us even, 'cause i don't understand you either, a man with a
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i'm not paying you to philosophize, randall. just to lead us. us? my son and my daughter are going. you're gonna take a woman ou after i just got through telling you what it's and i told you i decide what my family does. one momo time. $5,000. $5,000? done. i want all those posters taken care of so when i come back i don't get killed. i'll take car. well... i'm on the payroll. you can start laying in those provisions right now. the sooner we get started the better. ( door opens ) ( door slams closed ) see what i mean?
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sam: why? there's still an hour of daylight left. we'll stop here. the last four days have been slow, real slow. ths to get there alive, sir.
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you all right? i'm thank you. you all right? here, i'll do that. inch that i'm sorry, pop. can't you do anything right? look, i said! ke it easy, mcgarrett. he's doing all right.
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you, uh, don't miss a chance, do you? randall, i told you you're paid to lead. i'll t te care of my family. well, now would be a pretty good time to start. the gigi's not gonna make it. ( sighing ) what do you suggest? well, there's a ranch about a da south from here. we could leave her there, pick her up ay back. right. i'll lose another full day. we'll be back in about 10 days. i still think you're making a mistake. you just take care of my daughter.
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good morning. something i canou with? well, by golly, i sure hope so. i've been trying to catch up with my brother, josh. he's supposed d be headed out this way. - he's a slim fella about-- - josh randall? that's right, ma'am. do you know him? i should. he's with my fatherr and brother ri well, that's wonderful. got impt news for him, if you could telwhich way he he? well, why don't you and your partner stop in? have something to eat with us and, uh, maybe we can tell you what you want to know. couldn't ask for more consideration than that, i guess we surely couldn't. well, come right in. you're welcome.
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randall! now. now tell me it's a legend. josh: can't argue that. the cave is back in those mountains. that's what it says and that's where we'll find it. that's a lot of mountains. you made a bargain. now, look, don't worry about me. now, i think it's a mistake. we're low on water on't have much food. i mean, unless you can some way to drink gold. vince: it's real thoughtful of them. clegat?
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. real simple to bottle them up. well, i sure wish they'd hurry up and get that gold-- the difference whether they hurry or not? they're still workin when they find it, we'll be there. come on. it's cold out here tonight. uh-huh. glad to have that blanket in the morning. it'll be nice to have him glad about something. listen, you know, it's my business, but, well, i don't believe he means to rag at you all the time like that. no, he means it. well, like i said, i k so.
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id one anything right. "no,t way, clay. that's weak. "bclay. it's a man's strength that counts." for 22 years. god knows i'i' tried. you know, stoesn't come just wrapped up one way. but that's all. well, like you say, it's none of your bu how bad off are we? get some sleep. all right. we're low on food. we're loloon water.
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sam: d dyoliev? now do you believe me? clay: pa!
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yeah. oh! ( hinges creak )
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like you said, been over. thieies were now, listen, anybody could have taken it. a long time. come on, let's go. let's get out ? come on. come on now, pa. come on. there. all right, come on. careful.
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let him rest here for a minute. yeah. ( panting ) ah. t ) what is it? e: that was just a friendnd one, randall. who is it? vince: a couple of businessmen. want to talk business. well, if you want l. ell it from here. it's a simple deal. we gold, you get to live. simple enough? re isn't any gold. for what? ll you get thirsty. we got enough water to swim in it, yours and laughs )et thirsty. you yell when you change your mind, huh? who is he? i don't know.
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no good. en he sees there isn't any gold, ( clegg laughs ) a man that wdo this? gold or no gold, i believe he'd gun us. ( laughingng there. there you go. is that better, pa? l my fault, clay. this... a lot things. - sure, it's okay. - do you understand? it's okay. look, you just rest now. how is he? he'sn, getting older. how you boys doing down there? getting thirsty? ( laughs )
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we just can't sit here and do nothing. now, listen, they got to get out of the clearing in order to get anothet us, right? i've been trying to figure out some sort of a decoy. there's two of us. i guess that makes me the decoy. but there isn't anything else. all right, suppose it works. there's still him to get back. it's a job you'rt than i am. there's gotta be a way out of here. company. who is it? can you tell? t know. but if he's with t tm, boy, that's it.
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! is that you? ain't nobody else. ere are you? glad to see you, george. josh, what's wrong here? it's all over now. you'd been out so long, half expected to find your bodies. got plenty of food and water. ne, if you need it. yourself. when you're e ady, we'll head on back. not so important, huh? couldn't matter less. you know, that boy of yours, he's quite a man. well, i...
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( train whistltlblows ) here comes our transportation. we can board her when she stopspsor water. what about the brakeman? the last train i was on, one of them threw me off. you haven't beenn the road very long, have you, kid? no, sir. you got any money? - - . - here's 2 bucks. give them to the brakie before you get aboard. tell him one of them's for me. he'll let us ridid how come you're giving me a break? look, kid, you want to get along onhe road, you gotta learn: don't ask questions.
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( whistle blowing ) what are you poking me for? you know you're not supposed to ride these trains. now hit the cinders. yeah, he give it to me. well, one of them was from me. didn't he tell you that?
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( whistle blows )
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hello, pig. you just get off the train, randall? yeah. you're under arrest. you haven't changed very much, have you, pig? you're still ugly, and your manners aren't very good. all right, boys. take him in. easy with thoseshotguns. now, you tell me what i've done wrong, and you can tell me right from where you're standing. for resisiing a duly appointed officer of the law.
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just for being on that train. they fou a d dd pinkerton detective down the track a ways. they wired ahead. we figure to find out who done it. nothing to do with me. now listen, pig, i was a paying customer on that train. i rode in the caboose all the way, i can prove it if i have to. all right, boys. lelee him be. - deputy: all ririt. - boy: let me go. - get your hands off me! - come on. i guess this must be the one you want, sheriff. what you're talking about. last time i saw him, he was standing by the track near the two creek water tank. there was another fella with him. now, i didn't see him board the train, but the e her fella isn't with him now. so i guess he's the one they found back alongside the track. he's lying. i tell you, he's lying. i guess you're the one we're looking for. get your hands off me! this is no concern of yours, mister.
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- hello, pop. - hi. you still got my horse and saddle here? you left it here, didn't you? oh, that's quite a greeting. i've been gone for a month and you act like i just walked around the corner. all the time i know you, i don't figure i don't have to say i'm glad to see you. i see pig got t mself another prisoner. looks kinda yoyog. well, he was old enough to take a swing at pig down at the station. he hit him? not enouou to hurt him. that's too bad. what'd the kid do? well, pig says he killed a pinkerton agent. now, what'd the boy want to go and do that for? don't he know the pinkertons posted $200 reward for the arrest or conviction of anybody k kling an agency man? ( laughs ) you don't plan on collecting that money yourself, do you?
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right at that. is that right? this is ur in seven months. whatappened to the others? unknown. you think they were guilty? depig says they were. your saddle's stacked inside. i put your horse ououto pasture. how long will it take to bring him in? oh, maybe an hour if i send somebody now. all right, i'll be back in an hour and pick up the horse. where are you going? i think i'd like to talk to that boy. what you want? i'd like to see your prisoner. you a relative? legal counsel. you bring your law degree with you? well, don't need one. boy's got a right to choose whoever he wants to defend him. maybe. ( clears throat ) if he gets a chance. i want to see that boy, , g. no.
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they won't like it a little. this ain't no concern of yours. why don't you let him see the boy? won't cost you anything. i said no. well, , der the law, you got no right to stop him. what do you got to say about that? much obliged. you know, pig, i think that's why all the voters like you so much. ( cell lock clanking ) ( keys jangling ) sit down.. nobody's gonna hurt you. who are you? my namamis randall. what's yours? sim cole. how old are you? 18. don't lie to me, boy. i'm not the law. what are you doing here?
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you never know. you ran away from home? ( laughs ) yeah, i did the same thing myself once. you' not gonna send me back. i can't send you anywhere. you're in jail. and you're charged with murder. no! i didi't kill anyone. all right. well, it might be that, uh, the sheriff's just fond of money, and you've got a price tag on your head. what do you mean? have been coming west on freigig train now, they've been paying off the train crews instead of the railroad. now, the company's got detectives riding on these trains with orders to pick up any trainman who accepts a bribe. that's what happened to me. you see, this man, he gave me $2.00, and he told me to give it to the brakie. - then when-- - easy. i want you to start at the beginning, and tell me everything that happened to you from the time you left that water stop, hear? well, like i was telling you, you see, we were waiting for this train to come along...
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he hangs. he's got a trial coming, pig. pig: well, he'll get it fast. but if you're gonna be gone more than three days,, don't bother to come back, e 'cause there ain't gonna be anything here. well, if he isist, you will be, huh? you know, sometimes i don't understand you. you're a bounty hunter. he turns men in for money. i want to make sure they hang the righman. professional pride, you know? the way he works, you better w wk fast. he meant that about the three days. yeah. who's the station agent here? dodoou know? oh, it's mark crow. thanks. listen, i'm gonna need my horse now. hey, listen, you ever take advice, son? well, not often. i'll give you some anyway. there've been more railroad detectives killed on this division than there were union soldieie at the battle of bull run.
7:40 am
they ain't what i call gentle people. you could be smart, back away from this. now, listen, at the sk of offending you, i'm still gonna need my horse. well, i already sent for him. he'll be here about a half hour. i'll see you later on, you hear? oh, something u wanted? oh, a little information. no more trains through here till tomorrow. one going east at 8:00 in the morning. mm-hmm. you happen to see thahatrouble on the platform this morning? for killing the pinkerton? mm-hmm. yeah, oh, i saw it. who was the brakeman? lled the boy off the train? there are a lot of trainmen come through here. can't expect a man to know them all. well, i kind of expected you to. now, suppose you tell me who he is and where i can find him. you must get into an awful lot of trtrble, don't you, asking questions like that? i do, but you'd be surprised how many answers i get. now, i'm not leaving here until you tell me who he is. his name is bruner. where can i find him?
7:41 am
rticular place? well, i hear he's got a girlfriend named francie. works at the saloon in the davis hotel. much obliged. ( door opens and closes ) ( clicking ) ( saloon piano playing "camptown races" ) woman, quietly: josh. yeah. josh randall. woman: in here, please.
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about time you was waking up. what are you doing here? you left solberg so fast i didn't get the money you owed me for my horse. i came after you and found you laying in ththdirt, making sore noises. where are we? about two miles out of juniper wells. is this where you found me? ways up the track.
7:47 am
didn't want your body messing up the streets of juniper. luluy for me you got a thick skull. ( laughs ) lucky for you, huh? i don't fancy digging a grave with nothing but a pocket knife. you know what? i got a feelelg somebody tried to kill me. well, they sure weren't wishing you a happy birthday. take a pull on that. you look like you're about ready for embalming. ( coughs ) ain't exactly what i'd call whiskey, but it tastes bad enough it'll make you forget your headache. somebody k kw i was coming into town. thatat the trouble with you youngsters. you get an idea and you want to turn the dog loose. you never think what they're apt to tree. i'm beginnnng to feel pretty stupid. well, that sounds better than the way i'd put it. yoyoget real wild and bushy-tailed. it never occurs to you that a telegegph can outrun a horse. it occurs to me now. well, then maybe it'll occur to youou that whoever killed that detective wouldn't be dead set against killing somebody else. i tried to tell you that the railroaders run juniper wells, and the railroaders hang together.
7:48 am
( moans ) surprisesethat hat fits on that bump you're wearing under it. you always ride double? maybe. no need, though. i got yours staked out here in the brush. pop, that's horse stealing. how do you think i got in the livery stable business? besidede that horse belongs to me until i get that $40 back. ( indistinct chatter ) ( piano playing )
7:49 am
hitting? 10 or betttt. down for double. california blackjack. pay 21. hmm, gentleman wins. marty. deal a couple of hands for me, will you? let's start fresh, gents, huh? i'll have the usual.
7:50 am
ve been gone a while, ed. i just wanted to be sure he was out of town. is he dead? well, you were there whwh i told him not to-- you went back. oh, he'll have a headache for a few days, but he'll be all right. look, don't you think it's about time you told me why you were aftft him? why don't you just drink ur drink and forget it, huh? oh, look, honey, you know how i feel about you. there isn't much you could do that i wouldn't go along with. mm-hmm. and let's keep it that way, huh? ed, are you u nted by the law? why? well, i just wanted to know. why is it so important? you've never had much love for them. well, i still don't. it's just that i don't want to go to jail for something you've done. oh, now, honey, would i get you into thahakind of trouble? listen, you meet me upstairs as soon asasou get through, huh?
7:51 am
thanks, marty. it's all right. anytime. all right, boys. let's place our bets. hey,y,ope you ain't entertaining any notion of going in there and not being recognized. haven't much choice, have i? what about this? yeah. you give me yours and about a two-minute start. hey, something just occurred to me. yeah? if i wear this thing in there, some nearsighted joker might take me for you. ( laughs )
7:52 am
don't shuffle the spots off them, francie. cut. alalright, gentlemen, place your bets. - the cards are coming. - $30. oh, i'm sorry, but there's a $20 limit, mister. my name is josh randall. i, uh, think we ought to have a little talk. well, i'm busy. it won't take very long. marty.y. it's all y yrs. what'll it be?
7:53 am
the house is buying. francie: make mine a a uble. drop that cannon. you might live a long time. all right. what do you want? a man named bruner. oh, i don't know anyone by that name. look, honey. i've got a good ear for voices, and i've also got a headache, thanks to you. now, let's start all over again. the man's name is bruner. what do you want him for? murder. well, ed wouldn't kill anybody. he did. who? pinkerton detective. they found his body yesterday. you're lying. he wouldn't do it. ask him. kinda keep an eye on the help, won't you, pop? don't you worry none, son. him and me has gotten to be real good friends,
7:54 am
hold it. weunetter understand each other before you go in that room. i thought we already did. well, uh, not altogether. see, there's a lot more involved in it than just my headache. st want you to go in there and ask a question. and, uh, i'm gonna be out here listening, hear? you finished early. the game folded. come on, sit down. i'll buy you a drink. this place isn't good enough for you.
7:55 am
en a little house. sure. but what do i use for money? you don't have to worry about money. where'd you get it, ed? i've been saving it, honey. i wanted to surprise you. i think you took that off the body of a pi. who you been talking to? it's true, isn't it? - i said who? - aah! take your dirty hands off of me! bruner: you stay away from that door. and keep your mouth shut, or you'll be next. don't think so. got a long ride ahead of you, bruner. put your handsds in your coat pocket.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
did you get the money? i want my half. what's the matter? didn't you get the reward money? no. what happened? seems like pig's got a sense of h hor. yeah? yeah. he gave the kid the money. that's easy. all we got to do is just find the boy. where is he? pig ran him out of town after he gave him the money. 're both out of luck. not me. $40.
7:59 am
whoa. ( no audible dialogue )
8:00 am
(paladin) i can stop this brutality, i can stop it right now. but if i do, he won't be worth anything to you or himsmsf for the rest of his life. ?? ??
8:01 am
- beanbag. you're it, andy. - stop that! stop that at once! - now you're it, henry! (raucoco laughter) (gun fires) - party's over, gentlemen. time for everybody to leave. - what business is it of yours? - henry's an old friend of mine. (man) - friend of yours? - that's right, we once had the same tailor. now are you leaving, or would y y like to try another apple?
8:02 am
- thank you. what did you mean about my tailor? well, it is brooks brothers, isn't it? - yes. - in my youth, henry, i was the best dressed bouncer in scollay square. - scollay? remarkable. well, i'm surprised you recognize it. i would have placed you in the area of back bay station. - you'd be right. the ancestral home is there. rudiella's, kelly's, monahan's. - i'm delighted to have recocoized a friend. - well, i'm surprised that you could recognize anything under this disguise. i must look like a snow sculpture of john quincy adams. - this sort of thing happen often? only as often as i come to town. - and you keep coming? - i have to. not that i'm especially brave. my wife and i have to eat.t. - why don't you go back to boston?
8:03 am
they've never forgiven me. well, henry, i'm very happy to have met you. give my regards to mrs... you know, i don't even know your l lt name. - here's my card. do come and visit us if you're going to be in the area for awhile. we'd be delighted to have you anytime. - henry prince, long valley ranch. - that's right, just follow the road west out of town. ?? you are... - a businessman, henry. - i see. does it mean when you helped me, you were passing out a free samplelef your work? - no. i helped you because you were badly outnumbered. and because we once had the e me tailor.
8:04 am
what was the grave crime you committed? - i married an actress from the brattle theatre. a lovely girl, i think you'd like her. k so. - here, try one of mine. - thank you.u. - that's a good cigar. anything go with it? - - st a little advice. i watched you break up that celebration around henry. that was a big-hearted thing to do. - oh? trouble is, some folks around here are not gonna understand your reason
8:05 am
uld have done the same thing if i'd just ridden up. but you can't know the whole story, from the way things look on top. going on. - all right, i'll suppose that. - suppososyou had worked hard all your life ranchin'. and you had your eye on a little place, that you thought w w the only thing you wanted. and suppose this place came up for sale. - and i'll suppose that. - suppose some little fella came out from the east. not savvy anything about ranchin', nothing but a lot of moneyey and he bought this place out from under you, e what it was worth. wouldn't you get mad? - i suppose i would. - now you take bill whitney. the fella you shot the apple out of his hand. he's a tough customer. he don't forget things like that. - oh? if i know bill whitney, he's in the e loon behind us, right now, looking down your neck. - bill whitney... is he the rancher that lost the place he wanted? - no, i am. whitney's my foreman.
8:06 am
- i see. - now could we do a little more supposing? - go ahead. - suppose you started to raise your hand. - that's possible. - and suppose this derringer went off. you might be injured, quite severely. - looks like i wasted a good cigar, and some good advice. - would you like to call it a stalemate? th you. - i'm gonna run henry prince off that ranch. i suppose that means i'll see more of you. - i suppose so. - just because we live among savages, doesn't mean we have to adopt their morals. - i'm so tired of being beaten up and bullied by bryant's men. - that you'd hire someoneeto.
8:07 am
- i know this hasn't been easy for you. you're the one who has to take the punishment, not me. - it's all right. bruises heal. (knocking) - how do you do, mrs. prince? - how do you do? u? - i don't believe so, but i know you. i once had the privilege of witnessing your performance as ophelia in the brattle theatre. - ophelia. well, that's longer ago than i care to remember. won't you come in, mister... - paladin. - paladin.
8:08 am
how could you possibly know anything about the brattle theatre? ?? - i come from a very large family. my relatives and their friends seem to control the social life in every city in the east. - they regarded me as something slightly leses than a case of typhoid. anyway, we decided to come out west,
8:09 am
- would you like some coffee? - please. - we can't find any friends, we can't even hire help. i have 500 head of young cattle arriving soon, and i don't know how i'm going to look after them. - do you have any crew at all? - i have one mexican hand. guillermo, he's out mending the fence for me. would you like to take the job as my foreman? you can name your own price. - well, i'm sosoy, henry, that's not exactly in my line. i'm not a rancher, i'm a businessman. we may have our troubles, but we don't sanction killing. - well, i don't care much for it either. i try to avoid it whenever possible, but there's s ways that risk. - we'd have to be pushed awfully hard to take that risk. (loud groaning) - get over by theheireplace.
8:10 am
- it's guillermo. what's happened to him? (paladin) - he's been tarred and feathered. henry... (groaning) - i think we suddenly need someone in your business. you're hired, mr. paladin. hang your coat up. anytime you're ready. - this is a new gun. maybe the sights are set wrong.
8:11 am
- guess my sights are set wrong. well, i've got to learn. i must. all right, we'll try another lesson. now i want you to draw on me. draw and fire. come on, henry! no time to think! draw, fire! now... how many chances did i have to kill you? even loaded. pull the trigger. (gun clicks) you must always count your shots. - i have a great deal to learn. - henry, i don't think you're gonna have time to learn it all. (gloria) - henry! henry... mr. paladin... guillermo's awake-- he said that last night he overheard burn our lower pasture. - when? - he thinks that maybe tonight.
8:12 am
?? - they're here. henry... you and guillermo go that way. cover them. blow it out! henry... guillermo, move in! - run for it! get out, quick! - wait for me!
8:13 am
- are they... - both dead.d. - my fault. all my fault. it's all my fault. - no it isn't, henry. whatever fault there is must be shared by a number of people. you, bryant, bryant's men, me. - you don't understand, it's my fault guillermo's deaea i could have killed bryant's man
8:14 am
before you came west, the most violent thing you'd ever b bn involved in was a pillow fight in a harvard dormitory. this is a different world. - are you saying we don't belong here, mr. paladin? no, mrs. prince. i'm saying you both have a very painful adjustmenen to make. - well, it's true. we don't belong here. i don't want to kill. i don't want to be killed. i've had enough. - now henry, don't get upset. - - ery time i go to town, i get run out. i'm expecting 500 head of cattle, i'm facing arsonists and gunfighters. no, i've had enonoh. i'll sell out to bryant for anything he offers. - henry, i'm not going to run anymore. - what do you expect me to do? - we've been running ever since we were married. no more. - but you don't understand. in the east, it was just unpleasant. out here it's impossible! i can't be what i'm not!
8:15 am
nry. if you give in to bryant... i'll leave you forever. perhaps i'd rather be a live bachelor,, than a dead husband. (distant mooing and shouting) what's that? - looks like 500 head of cattle arriving. - gloria...
8:16 am
8:17 am
8:18 am
8:19 am
(paladin) - my advice is to put them in the lower pasture l ld. - all right. - we'll have to ride the fence, to be sure bryant's men haven't t t it.
8:20 am
(guns firing) those are bryant's men. - we'll have to stop them. - nqh, it's too late for that. all we can d d is get ahead of the herd, and turn them when they tire. hyah-- hyah! hyah. hyah. (shouting) hyah, hyah! hyah.
8:21 am
- what are you going to do about this, mr. paladin? - well, what do you suggest i do, mrs. prince. we got the cattle back. - i suggest that you retaliate. how else are we going to stop them? - you're a beautiful woman, mrs. prince. a beautiful woman, and a very talented actress. but you're also a very dedending wife. you don't like violence. you want to fight, but you don't want anyone to be hurt. - is that all? - you married henry because he was cultured and charming. and now you're impatient with him, because he can't be hard and ruthless. you don't want him to be like me. you want to use me, and yet you have no respect for my profession. - the issue is, mr. paladin, that a band of ruffians
8:22 am
instead you evade your responsibility by criticizing us. by making us think that we are wrong. - right and wrong are not that easy to decide. you bought this land out, from people who bled and sweat and died f f it. you did not take those people into consideration. you laid down your inherited money, moved in and expected them to like it. for right and wrong here. - henry, do you have anything to say about this? - why don't you consider the possibility
8:23 am
- do you really think she's leaving? - that sounded like it. - i love her very much, you know. i'd do anything to keeppfro. - well let her go into town tonight, she can stay in the hotel. - shouldn't i try to stop her? - she can't get a stage out 'til tomorrow afternoon. by then, she'll have been able to realize that if she leaves, she'll miss you. - well, now what am i supposed to do? of your herd. tomorrow i want you to put a notice up in town, offering to hire men at a higher wage than bryant's paying. - bryant won't like that. - no, he won't. but you're goingng to p, and you're going to keep it up, just the same. - what you said to gloria about my opponents... i never realized they had so much right on their side. - that's not an unusual circumstance, henry.
8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
(laughing) - excuse me. where does the stagecoach leave for the east? - why sure, honey. you come right along with me. we'll find it sooner or later. - take your filthy hands off me! - there's gonna be trouble down at the post office. bryant and that little fella from the east. - men wanted for long valley ranch.
8:27 am
gure to steal my crew. whit, tear it down. - he ain't gonna get nobody anyhow. - i said, tear it down! (shouting) (man) - come on, come on! (commotion) - all right, whit. make him remember! finish him. - he's had enough, let him alone! - you're fired! (murmuring)
8:28 am
i think it's time you u o gentlemen met on a more reasonable basis. this is mr. whitney, this is mr. prince, who i hear is looking for a fofoman. ?? - we're indedeed to you for all you've done. - i hope this check is adequate. - i'm sure it's more than adequate.
8:29 am
there is one more thing i can do. i'll see that you're not barred from the stock exchange club. don't bother, henry. i'm the president of the san francisco chapter.
8:30 am
(paladin)) - hospitas is a western virtue. if you gentlemen don't see fit to practice it,, you will force me to use this gun. ??
8:31 am
- hey, you. - my name hey boy, not "hey, you." - does a man named paladin live in this hotel? - yeah, mr. paladin is up in suiui 205. you wanna send message? - i'll deliver it personalal. - oh, mr. paladin very busy. he can't be bothered with visitor. - i'm no visitor. this is impopoant. - but mr.. paladin give strong order not to disturb him. you wait here. (paladin) - yes? what is it? (speaking foreign language) go ahead (speaking foreign language) - wait, wait. (speaking foreign language) - your name paladin? - mr. paladin, i told him not totoother you, but him no understand english. (laughing) what do you want?
8:32 am
- oh, well if you want to talk business, come back in the morning. i'm busy this evening. - i've got $1000 for the man who can help me. - but you promised. - as i told you, i'm busy this evening. please close the door on your way out. - now look! i rode 50 miles to talk to you and you're gonna listen or i'll bust your jaw! - hey boy, please take careref the young man. - toss him in the alley? - no, he might die of pneumonia. put him in a room and have the manager bill me. thank you, hey boy. now my dear, you wanted to see the barbary coast.
8:33 am
- sorry about last night. i lost my head. - that's all right-- what's your proposition? - it's a woman, mr. paladin. i got woman trouble. - $1000 worth? - we were gonna be married. i was ramrod and chief cattle buyer for pete hollister.. he sent me off to texas to buy some cattle. when i got b bk to the ranch, she was mrs. hollister. when you were the intended bridegroom. - singer in the orofino in fresno. sings like a bird. you ought to hear her. she was too good for that. she's too good for hollister,r,oo. he forced her into marrying him. - mr. blakely, i've found that forcing a woman to do anything - is very difficult. - yeah? well he did it just the same. paid me a year's wages. had me thrown off the ranch. - did the lady ever explain her change of affection?
8:34 am
a couple of his hands jumped me, beat me up. i really need your help, paladin. - i'm not for hire as a home breaker. - all i want to do is talk to faye. to find out whether she's hollister's prisoner or... or his wife. - how much time do you figure you need? - ten minutes. then i'll know whether she still loves me or not. - ten minutes. $1000. - will you take the job? to break up another man's marriage, i'll get y y the ten minutes. - when do we start? - juststs soon as we finish this coffee. - uh-oh. here comes trouble. - who are they?
8:35 am
- so rod boy. it's been a long time. we kind of figured you'd learned your lesson last time. now get movin'. - what's the matter, gentlemen? is there a law against paying a social call on mr. hollilier? - there's a law against him being on this ranch. the hollister law, and that's enough. - not this time. i'm going in. - you're going out in a box. (gun fires) - hospitality toward strangers is a western virtue. i hope you gentlemen will see fit to practice it from now on. now get on the horse.
8:36 am
- what happened to you? who's hehe - my name is paladin. - fast gun, boss. he come here with rod blakely. - you two better go get cleaned up. ly's gonna have me murdered, eh? - nobody's gonna be murdered, mr. hollister. you and i are just gonna sit down and have a nice, quiet little talk. - 'cause that's how long blakely wants to talk to your wife. - where is he? - probably with mrs. hollister. now wouldn't you like to sit down and make yourself comfortable? - she's s ne. what did you do with her? - she heard you were coming, so she asked me to hide her out. - that's a lie. you knew if i came back, she'd go with me. - go away withthou? why do you think i had you kicked off this ranch? she didn't want you hanging around.
8:37 am
if you didn't have that gun, i'd beat the brains out of both of you. - i'm not interested in disproving that. i'm looking for mrs. hollister. - go ahead and find her. but remember, she's my wife. - i'll remember. - i'm gonna see peg no matter r at you do, pete. i'm gonna see her. - now remember this. if either of you set foot on this ranch again, i'll personally see that you're killed. now git.
8:38 am
- hear i i - yeah. yeah, that's faye all right. he's got her locked up.
8:39 am
- ooh! - rod! - faye! are you all right?
8:40 am
er, very nice to see you. - i tried to run away to san francisco, but... pete caught me. since then he's kept me locked up. put me out here like... like an animal. - faye, i love you and i'm going to get you out of here. - wiwi you take me to san francisco? that's what i want more than anything. - i'll take you anywhere you want to go... if you'll marry me. - sorry to interrupt. there's activity at the house.. (pete) blakely! i know you're in there! come on out! - all right, rod. i'll leave him if you can get me off this ranch. (pete) - you coming out, blakely, or do we come in and get youou - mrs. hollister, you stay here and keep down. come on, rod.
8:41 am
- sorry, can't do it. - that's your choice, not mine. - i guess we have to shoot our way out, eh? - we haven't got a chance. - you know a better way? ?? - maybe. - blakely! all right. all right. i'm gonna give you just two minutes to come out of there and surrender!r! two minutes! do you hear? ?? you got ten more seconds, blakely!
8:42 am
two! - yah! yay! - don't shsht! you'll hit my wife! get to your horses! ?? whoa! (pete) - get that gate open!
8:43 am
they went this way!
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
- paladin! - hey boy. - you know that unconscious s n from the other day? he came back to see you. - good-- i was expecting him. where is he? - i let him wait in your room. is it all right? - that's fine. thank you, hey boy. - you weren't satisfied to get out of there in one piece, you had to bring her here with you. - paladin, i wish you'd stop hammering at me. i told you, we're two people in love and we're gonna get married and that's all there is to it. - how do you expect to support her while she's waiting for a divorce? her tastes aren't exactly inexpensive, you know. hey boy tells me she's in the most opulent suite - in this hotel. - we'll work it out. we talked it over last night. the most important thing... - the most important thing to her is to join
8:49 am
concern of yours. you'veveone the job you were hired for, now here's your $1000. - and what are you gonna do with hollister when he gets here, which should be soon.. () come in. - good morning. - good morning, darling. - careful, dear.r. i'v. and how are you this morning, mr. paladin? - that's a very attractive dress. - do you like it? i fofod it downstairs in that quaint little shop. oh, i charged it to my bill here. is that all right, dear? - oh, sure... sure. you have to have clothes. - would you like to sit down, mrs. hollister? - thank you. - you had breakfast? may i call downstairs for... - no, i never eat a thing before noon. just some lemon juice. my voice, you know. well, my voice teacher arranged an audition
8:50 am
have a very good friend, signor vittorio bartellini. formerly of la scala and now the foremost opera impresario in the united states. i'm certaiaii could arrange a private audition. - oh, mr. paladin. - would three o'clock be convenient? - oh, but i don't have my music. i'll need an accompanist. - i'd be honored to accompany you. - yoyo well, all right. do you know "la sonnambula?" - "la sonnambula?" you're not going to sing that, are you? a piece of sticky, sentimental drivel. the sleepwalker. - but i've studied it so hard! - mrs. hollister, you're not a sleepwalker. you're a warm, vibrant, full-bodied woman. and besides that, the piece is best sung by a coloratura, and you're not a coloratura, are you? - no, i'm a lyric.
8:51 am
pera that was written for you. when i heard "la noce de figaro," n language) the meaning of love cried out for a woman like you. - oh, mr.. paladin. - i know a little theater just down the street. itit dark in the afternoons, and i know i can get the use of it for two hours. the use of a piano... and in the meantime,e, suggest that you get some rest. mr. blakely... - - n't it wonderful, rod? - just what you wanted, faye. - to think mr. paladin knows bartellini.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
(singing in foreign language) - i warned y y, blakely. - wait, pete. not now. this is hehebig chance. let her finish... and we'll settle everything once and for all.
8:55 am
(singing stops) (piano stops) - well, signor bartellini? (murmuring) home and start acting like a wife. - oh, no i'm not, pete. i'm going on with my career and there's nothing you can do to stop me. signore bartellini says that's there's a remote possibility that perhaps in five or six years, with intensive training... - i've been studying for quite some time now, mr. paladin. - mrs. hollister, to be a fine singer, requires sacrifice, a good deal of old-fashioned sweat.
8:56 am
where are you going to get money? - i'll get along. rod'll help me. won't you, rod? - sure, i will. maybe in a couple of years after we've bought a ranch and gotten it rolling. - a ranch? a couple of years? - well that's the important thing, isn't it? getting married, having a home of our own. sure, i want you to sing, but... later, when i can afford it. - i see. i should've known you were nothing but a cheap tin horn. - now just a moment! bleating about true love. - bravo! that's a fine performance. - and what does that mean? - it means you've just shown yourself to be a spoiled, selfish woman. - mr. paladin, you're talking to my wife. remember that. - i'll remember... i wouldn't have it any other way. that is a marriage made in heaven.
8:57 am
now you're going to take it from me now that you don't have your gun! ?? ?? (faye) - pete! pete, are you hurt? - no more than i was when you left me. is this the way you're going to be, faye? going through life always taking and taking and taking and never givin' anything unless you get back twice over?
8:58 am
- i guess the older you get, the more foolish you become. i'll give you the chance. you know that. but don't be grateful. i know what i'm bargaining for. - mr. paladin, this is the best money i ever spent. ?? - that's fine, vittorio. thank you very much. here's for the haircut,
8:59 am
it was a pleasure to oblige you. - you know, if you weren't such an excellent barber, i'd recommend that you go on the stage. you're a very convincing actor, signore bartellini. i'll tell you a secret. i was not acting. (laughing)
9:00 am
>> you tell me. >> that is an idea. rider's coming. >> indians? >> no, sire. -- no, sir. they're white.
9:01 am
shipwrecked, broken axle. >> seven men escorting a loan wagon. i can't tell if you are running out of men or brains or both. >> we can make for marcy in a breeze. >> you have to be an army to believe it. >> all set, lieutenant. >> good luck to you. >> we will make it.
9:02 am
fellas like that. one every battle, lost the war. -- won every battle, lost the war. [gunshots]
9:03 am
9:04 am
9:05 am
>> they didn't ask for this. >> we should have stayed there anyway. >> there are lots of things in life we think we should have done. just don't go looking out of your way for blame. one of us that her ride back and get the boys. which way they go with then guns. >> i'll stay. i'll to stay out of sight.
9:06 am
9:07 am
>> i miss getting -- i'm escorting some soldiers. am aware? >> where is blue? >> he's back there, he's all right. we saw it happen. some boys stood back to watch the a patch. he made up his mind all by himself. >> have your men get ready to ride out. >> yes, sir. let's go. >> you can't set a boy -- you can't send a boy on a man's work. >> he has more man juice than
9:08 am
>> are you sure? >> we saw. >> may have been co-cheese, may have been any one of then. -- may have been cochise, may have been any
9:09 am
he was here. >> he was. >> it's all my fault, john. i should have never left him here alone. >> have the men spread out and see if they can pick up some tracks. >> you boys, with -- you boys
9:10 am
>> john? of a right down. >> do you think she is there? >> no. i'm this going to take a look
9:11 am
>> it's like you say, no fool like an old food. >> up here. come on. join up.
9:12 am
come on, we've got something. >> i will catch up with you. >> horsehead canyon. it just doesn't make sense.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> where is my son? where is he? i want my son.
9:17 am
piece. what has happened to? >> we had counsel. >> the council be hanged. >> i want my boy. i want him now. >> you must be out of your mind taking my son and attacking those soldiers. wait until the army gets through with you. you and your tribe are going to drink it or water. >> we that's why you took blue. >> no. we have counsel. >> all right. you release my boy and then we
9:18 am
you all right? >> it was my fault. >> you are re-about that later. you wanted counsel, let's get on with it. >> how many men out there? >> 10. >> they say there. >> they will, i told some too. >> forget the pipe.
9:19 am
9:20 am
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
smooths to the touch. what a wicked kid. how many did we get? >> 120. maybe 20,000 rounds of ammunition. >> we are going to live fast and fancy. >> i do not know what he is, but i'm sure he belongs to you. >> how many years? not to be.
9:26 am
used to be. >> every time i kill a man or rob a stage or ca pretty woman i get stronger. once we own the mall. did we have time. where have you been? come on. sit down. tell me everything. >> first, i have asked -- i must have a drink. jama a barrel of whiskey. how do jew know?
9:27 am
trigger a shotgun at 50 paces. i sigh burning wagon and i read the signs. my nose began to twitch. i remember the little plan you told me about years ago about making it look like the apache. >> that is right. i took a deep breath. here i am. >> homesick for your own grizzly. >> very homesick. >> we will drink some more. >> we attacked no soldiers. who among is going to believe us?
9:28 am
they wish to see. the soldiers will come. who will ask questions of a dead man? they will fight. i am the chief. but my task is to protect my people, not to destroy him. o chochise. and he will say, give me a sign. i will give him a sign.
9:29 am
>> you cannot join him and you know it. you will not get within a dozen miles before my men and soldiers are on you. >> we have no choice. >> there is a choice. i guarantee you most soldiers will come near this village if you just give me ones responsible for the attack. you can't turn him down. >> how much time do you want? >> two days. >> two days.
9:30 am
>> how will you find family? >> i do not know. >> where will you look? >> i do not know either. >> if you want to blame anybody it was me, my fault. >> your trouble. you understand?
9:31 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
9:34 am
r r >> if john doesn't come out in five minutes i'm going to go up there and get him. >> just need more time.
9:35 am
>> did you see? >> i saw, he's all right. >> how come he didn't come back with you react to >> i will explain. >> i would like to tell you more. >> with now what?
9:36 am
>> your ride -- tell me why. >> why not. for three years i have tread this and now what do i show for it? i'm going to be richer and i am wondering, if honesty is the best policy then how come -- ruined more good men than whiskey. i love a liar. that is why i love you. >> i would never lie to you. >> sure. >> why should i? >> you are my friend. that is he you tell the biggest
9:37 am
>> you have hurt my feelings. >> how can i insult the man who tell such wonderful lies? like the one about how you have been happy for the past three years being honest. this is a full ox of an old -- of a lie. there was even a better one. how you wanted to ride again with old grizzly. >> i really do. >> who did you tell your coming here? >> nobody. >> you think you are smart enough to trick old grizzly. >> i would never do that.
9:38 am
go out on the desert and find a good spot. >> should i squeeze a little harder. no. >> glad to meet you. >> hello.
9:39 am
it was fortunately not needed. most unfortunate that wagon, but i will get those thieving savages if i have to string up every apache in the territory. >> maybe we better have a talk about this. >> what is it? >> the apaches have my son. the moment they lead german and to horsehead canyon it will kill
9:40 am
agonizingly -- agonizing for you but i am going after the savages that attacked my men. >> they know. >> you told morales? they believe him. don't come you can trust and apache. i'm sick of hearing it. i've never known him to lie. >> our mission in this territory is to pacify the apaches. it is g >> who said anything about weakness? morale us stands accused of this raid innocent or not. he is running up to the hills to join cochise. >> what is my choice? >> he gave me two days. will you do the same?
9:41 am
>> stay out of horsehead canyon for 48 hours. >> what about your son? >> he has the same 48 hours. >> all right. i will camp at the foot of the canyon but i will not go in. >> thank you. >> it's no use. sam, try to circle 200 feet off the wagon. see if we can't pick up some tracks.
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> he's following somebody. see these tracks? >> come on, boys.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> they've given you a tamale instead of a brain. >> you should have told us where you are going. what did you expect to do? cooks i don't know. just being brave. i saw griswold was heading for the border. i was not being smart, just
9:47 am
>> head back to bring -- two rams. >> i have unfinished business with mr. grylls silly -- with mr. grizzly. >> you cannot ride. >> i know the exact route he will take for the border. kn off before he reaches. that is the only way we can stop him. he has to come down from the hills. those pack horses will slow him up. i will ride with buck. >> that will make three. >> three what?
9:48 am
>> you will make camp right in here. i want you to go out into those hills for patrol. i want to know what he is up to.
9:49 am
kulaks that isn't the reason. >> what to do, then? >> your spirit to my people. it is a sign the wide eyes are not god. they can be defeated if we have >> by killing me that will be another sign. >> a sign of strength. >> how do you figure that? >> takes strength to kill a
9:50 am
9:51 am
caught him off from the center. you take some man, you circle around from behind. where you are shooting -- i am a look for a good way gets tough. you go on ahead.
9:52 am
griswold. you give it up now.
9:53 am
[gunshots] >> all right boys, hold your
9:54 am
>> only if soldiers did not come. >> you still said 48-hour this. you can kill me if you have to. at least keep your promise to me and wait your full-time. >> he's right.
9:55 am
>> he wanted to tell you personally he knows the people of the army -- >> i hope your people will not be moving out now. no one is going to bother you. >> let's get you home.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> come back. -- welcomek. >> there is something i have to tell you. i should not have left you behind like that. >> listen, you didn't leave me behind. it was my idea. you're not responsible. >> i should not have done then. >> aren't you the one who tells me i need to make my own decisions, stand on my own two
9:58 am
>> i always told you he has man juice in it. >> thank you, one more and i will bust at the seams. >> it tastes like blanket. a >> i didn't think it was too hard to take. >> especially since you thought it was your last meal. >> that's all over with. >> what did i say? i like your food too, most of the time. this meal could have used more spice. >> i think i'm going to take a walk.
9:59 am
[laughter] >> everything's normal.
10:00 am
hey, that's all right, boys. that's all right. ha, ha, ha. any of you folks seen dickie? dickie's out there standing guard for us. i got chores for him. oh, jonathan, they'll wait. he's down there waiting to give us the high sign when miss carter comes along. s fixin' to come this way! all right, shake a leg, fellas. come on, tex. tighten that up. all right, dickie. just as good as done now. afternoon, miss carter! why, dickie, you're shouting. i sure am, miss carter!


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