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tv   Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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hey, that's all right, boys. that's all right. ha, ha, ha. any of you folks seen dickie? dickie's out there standing guard for us. i got chores for him. oh, jonathan, they'll wait. he's down there waiting to give us the high sign when miss carter comes along. s fixin' to come this way! all right, shake a leg, fellas. come on, tex. tighten that up. all right, dickie. just as good as done now. afternoon, miss carter! why, dickie, you're shouting. i sure am, miss carter!
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well, what a nice surprise.
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well, it's perfectly beautiful. i had no idea i was traveling with a group of artists. we're gonna be short a lot of barn paint, ma'am, but i reckon we won't be building any barns for quite a spell. well, as for that "just married," that's a little previous, but i forgive you for that. thank you. are you just right pleased, miss carter? i'm just right pleased, dickie. and very touched. i sure never let on, did i? i been near bustin' to tell you-- "bursting." yes'm. but i never let on, did i? mm, you're the best secret keeper i know. i... i do appreciate the thought. thank you. we just wanted to give you a little send-off, ma'am. that's enough of that palaver. now, charlie and bill, get that box over here. put the top on to set things on. come on, get the things over here now.
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i don't know what to say. you really shouldn't give me all these things. well, that's a fool thing to say. didn't your proper boston upbringing allow you gracious receiving? this was all your idea, wasn't it? oh, no, it wasn't. now, i've buried two husbands and living with a third, and i'm not liable to well over just because somebody's going to have their first, at your age. jonathan and me want you to have it. no, please, hazel. now, we talked it over. why, the way you've been with dickie, helping him and lending him all your books, we'll just never forget that-- never. we just want you to be so happy, that's all. i'd like to be as happy as you are with jonathan and dickie and the new one. oh, i hope you feel a sight better than i do. i declare i do. you take care of yourself, now.
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oh, it's cold as sin here on the plains in the winter. why, mrs. anderson, it's perfectly beautiful. but the hours you must have spent! i've got lots more hours than i have money, and that's a fact. how can i thank you? well, just by saying it out plain. thank you. you're welcome. welcome as can be. you know that. just see that this is a good marriage. i am making a good marriage. i know that. hing-- not about living, you don't. but you're good and kind and you've waited a long time for a man. now, i just hope he's right for you. you're forgetting i've had lots of proposals, and, well, i just never found anybody i wanted to marry until bert-- i told you that. yes, you told me that. i'll treasure this, you know. just remember,
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well, i hope he has a very elegant house in branton city. oh, i'm sure he has. if you're ready to leave, major gave me leave to drive you down. oh, how nice. we can go on with our argument. discussion. yes, ma'am. i'll just put these things in the wagon, and i want to find mr. webb and say goodbye to him. he's over there by that clump of trees. why don't you say goodbye to him and i'll put these things in the wagon. all right. i won't be long. vivian. oh, mrs. carson. rodney and i want you to know we plan to send your wedding gift from san francisco. that's awfully nice of you, but there's-- not that you need anything, mind you, but rodney and i want you to have something special, not just something that we happen to have around. i like anything my friends give me. well, we just wanted you to know what we planned. that's awfully nice of you. came to say goodbye.
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know how i could've managed all these months without you. goodbye, mr. webb. i thought we were friends. aren't you going to say goodbye? anything? "goodbye" is too little to say. anything else would be too much. i hope you find wonderful ranch land and lots of happiness. i don't want you to go. for the love of heaven, vivian. we're past playing games at our age. you've been around long enough to know when a man's in love with you. no, i... i didn't know. truly, i had no idea in this world. oh, christopher... i guess you didn't know. thank you. i am honored. i didn't realize. you should know. at your age, you should know.
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wait a bit. you've waited this long. maybe you should wait a bit longer. are you telling me i don't know my own mind? at my age? i know about loneliness, vian. sometimes it destroys good judgment. you get to thinking that maybe being with anyone is all right, just so long as you're not alone anymore. i'm not marrying bert out of loneliness. you mustn't say that. now, you wanted me to talk. vivian, when my wife died, i needed someone so, man that smiled at me. but i had three kids to raise. well, they're raised now, and they're on their own. i'm gonna find that ranch and a good woman to live on it with me, someone to talk to, share with, to grow old with me and blot out the loneliness. i hope you do, christopher, and thank you for thinking it might be me. why shouldn't it be you?
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you've had your one love. now you want a companion. but i want love, romance and excitement. there's only one love in everyone's life, and i've found it with bert. you don't believe that. you can't go on looking for the same things you did when you were a girl. you must know that love can happen more than once. oh, christopher, how awful if you believe that. i should've just said goodbye. pa says i should return your books, miss carter and say thank you. you tell your father i want you to keep them. i sure am obliged, ma'am. i'm gonna miss you very much, dickie. yes'm. me too, miss carter. if you want to get to branton city before sunset, we'd better get started.
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( all shouting goodbyes ) remember what i told you, now. bye. goodbye. hey! you're gonna strain your eyes. i don't really have to see the words. i think i know all of mr. browning. do you like him? never met him. you don't really care much about books, do you? i used to read a lot when i was a boy. i don't have much time anymore. besides, i like people better, that's all.
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you can learn more about people from people. which brings us back to our old argument. discussion. all right. discussion. your mr. browning, did he write about people mrs. anderson or dickie or most of the folks you'd meet on the wagon train? no, not exactly, but as wonderful as they are, they're not the only people in the world, you know. they're the only people you've ever really known, aren't they? why, of course not. what a ridiculous thing to say. they're the only people you've ever really come to know. isn't that a fact? no, that is not a fact. what'd you think i was doing all those years in boston? taking care of your father and reading books and not living a life of your own. staying to care for my father after my mother died when he needed me so desperately was certainly leading my own life. and it was what i wanted to do. you mean, that's what he wanted you to do. most women want a man and a family of their own.
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se. your father was a big-time gambler. there must've been lots of people that would take care of him. and if you'll excuse my saying it, if he was as handsome and as dashing as you say, he must've known lots of women too. he could've gotten married again. he never would've married that kind of woman. he made his money gambling, but he never he never let either my mother or myself come in contact with that kind of life. he needed culture and refinement. in a way, i guess he was ashamed of his lack of education. even the fact that my mother was fragile and her family despised him i guess was kind of a challenge to him. it's hard to explain that kind of man. in many ways, he was very tortured. hmm. but he was the most handsome and truly romantic and dashing man i'd ever seen. till you met bert johnson. it's very strange in many ways.
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well, here we are. would you unhitch the team and take them over to the stables? sure. thank you. now, everything is gonna be all right. you've got a bert johnson here, haven't you? that's right. would you tell him miss vivian carter's in the lobby? yes, sir. if he's as dashing as you say he is,
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are you as beautiful as i remember you, vivian carter? exactly as i remember you. oh, darling, darling! six months is too long to wait for someone you love. oh, bert, if you only knew.
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vivian: oh, flint? may i introduce you? this is flint mccullough. this is bert johnson. hi. mr. johnson. flint is the scout on the wagon train and a wonderful friend. you're a very lucky man, mr. johnson. i know that. i know that. if you'll excuse me, i'm sure you have a great deal to talk about. i'd be honored to have you join us for dinner, mccullough. thanks very much, but, uh, three's a crowd. my wagon's out in front with everything i treasure on it, including my white wedding dress. your, uh... your wedding dress? i know it's silly, but i've always dreamed of a white gown. well, it is ridiculous for a woman my age. well, i guess i'd better go out and see that it-- well, of course you'll wear white. that's what all new brides wear, isn't it? and don't speak about age, darling.
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we'll unload your wagon later. right now you're going to have dinner and tell me about boston and all you've done since i last saw you. miss carter wants your finest room, and have somebody watch the wagon till we get back. this way, darling. - [narratod a medical emergy away from home? - my chest hurts, i can't breathe. - [narrator] what you need is mobilehelp, america's premiere mobile medical alert system. most systems only work at home, but with mobilehelp, you get help outside the home with coverage nationwide on one of the largest cellular networks at the press of a button. - i couldn't dial 911 because i was out of it. i just pushed the button and when i woke up i was in the hospital.
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system that only works at home. - mobilehelp has given me my life because i'm not restricted anymore. i have freedom to live now. - [narrator] join the thousands of people nationwide already using mobilehelp, and remember, mobilehelp keeps you safe coast to coast. "sky-- what a scowl of cloud to near and far, ray on ray, split the shroud. splendid, a star." browning, isn't it? oh, darling, you know it. you gave me the book. i got the idea i'd better read it. but you didn't mind, did you? it isn't wrong to love the good things of reading, to want to share them. of course it isn't wrong, darling. and i didn't mind reading browning a bit. i love you, vian.
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i believe you now, my darling. when you first told me, i... i thought it some kind of a cruel joke. you remember my father just died, and suddenly you were there, telling me you loved me. i hardly knew you. you seemed so hurt, so alone. i needed to believe you, but at first i couldn't. but there wasn't time, vivian, to do the proper thing. i looked at you, and... i fell in love. sked me to marry you. and you kept me waiting over a week. but i'd waited all those years for you. all those long, empty years. ( laughing ) oh, you ain't spent all your life on a wagon train. i can sure tell that.
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oh, well. "here comes the bride." there's something to laugh at. imagine that old maid calling herself a bride. you can hardly call her an old maid. oh, poor bert johnson. poor bert. "poor bert johnson"? i think he's a very lucky man. what do you mean by that? just that. she's attractive, intelligent, and very, very womanly. don't waste any sympathy on bert johnson. save some for me. what do you mean, "womanly"? motherly, you mean. you know, freda, you're just like i am. you don't know anything about a woman. and i'm not smart and i'm not rolling in money, but i know men. i believe you. and brains ain't the thing a man looks for in a woman.
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an to rile you. i don't know what i said, but i'm sorry. you said "womanly." i'll never say it again, all right? let's get some air, huh? tomorrow morning. we'll be married tomorrow morning, darling. oh, yes. we've waited too long already. and you won't have to be lonely anymore. oh, congratulations! come on. no! very, very womanly. "love on wheels"-- that's you, huh? i'm sorry, miss carter. come on, freda. oh, that's all right. thank you for your good wishes. you just startled me, that's all. oh, listen, you came as quite a shock to me, too, honey. come on, vivian. it's time we went in. maybe the lady doesn't want to go. maybe she'd rather stay here and be womanly. go right ahead, honey. hey, why don't we all have a little drink, huh?
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t her out of here. she has had a few too many drinks. that's my fault. but she is a friend of mine. in which case, she's a friend of mine too. we'd love to have a drink with you. let's go get the lady a drink, huh? very, very womanly. don't be upset. she didn't mean any harm by it. ? well, i don't know how they do it in boston, but in branton city, ladies don't drink on the street. we could never hear ourselves talk over all that noise. why don't we go over to the cafe?
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you get it, will you, mccullough? mccullough's getting the wine. why don't you eat something, freda? no, i don't want anything to eat. harry, bring us some wine glasses, will you? is branton city your home? right now it is. what little i've seen of it, it seems like a very pleasant place. hah! it's a hole. flint was our scout on the wagon train. he's really a very wonderful person.
10:23 am
very good friends. freda: i know, i know, i know. heard all about it. "womanly" was his word. you are attractive, intelligent and womanly. i'm older than flint. i'm not sure i understand what you mean. well, come on. let me in on the joke. she thinks i'm jealous of you. come on, vivian. we'd better leave. oh, no. groom. oh, bert, bert. why don't you forget about that toast, freda? no one has a better right. please, go ahead. oh, humoring me, are you? no. of course not. all right. all right! here's to rich old maids and the men who marry them.
10:24 am
no, it was my fault. i insisted on hearing it. i think you've had enough. bert, don't leave me! you can't have him! he's married! you can't believe her, vivian. ng to! he's married to you? i'm used to doing his way. ten years, everything his way. i thought i could do this. freda! he's got a way of making you believe. but i couldn't. i couldn't! you've been married 10 years? don't listen to her, vivian. she's nothing but a cheap casino girl. he's right. i've done it all-- everything.
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vivian... oh, bert, bert! mr. johnson, i'd leave her alone.
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? bert johnson? thanks. it won't do any good to go after her now. and if you find her, she won't have you. don't try to think like vivian, freda. you don't know how. now, get out of here, while you're still in one piece. oh, bert, i didn't mean to say it. i wouldn't spoil things for you. you're stupid. too stupid to live. i've done a lot of things for you for a lot of years. all i knew how to do. you thought it was good enough then. now, you get out of here! you make me sick! you're quite a man, mr. johnson. you can hit a woman in the face, but you hit a man in the back. i thought you'd be gone by now.
10:31 am
you kill him? i should think you'd want to. i thought about it. only, it wouldn't be womanly, now, would it? if you really want to bring him out of it in a hurry, use this. uh-uh. he can't leave me while he's laying there in a heap. go through with it? you mean, letting him marry her? mm-hmm. you had it planned from the beginning, didn't you? sure. all i had to do was let him marry her. and i was willing, too, for her money. the way we talked, he'd leave her after a while, and then bert and the money would come back to little freda. too bad you didn't keep your mouth shut. she really thought she was in love with him.
10:32 am
he was in love with her too. you mean you'd have let him marry her for money but not for love? you two really deserve each other. you trying to make the comanche camp before sunset? you're heading there straight as an arrow. ho, there, team! ho! you know, there's a rumor going around that indians and whites aren't getting along too well. if we head due south, we'll catch the wagon train before sunset. i don't want to catch the wagon train.
10:33 am
i will not go back to the train. would you rather live in a tepee? there must be a settlement where i can get transportation to get me back to boston. there is. it's along the route of the wagon train. but if you try to get there alone, you'll never make it alive. i can't. i can't face those people on the train.
10:34 am
here comes a wagon! that's mccullough. ho! well, i'll be. ho, there. ho. you're six hours late, mccullough. i'm sorry. now that i know i can get through he country without a scout, maybe i don't need one. i presume you did bring the supplies. nope. i delayed him, major. oh, miss carter, i... i thought you were leaving us. to get married? why, i thought so too, but i guess we were both wrong, major. the lady changed her mind. it happens all the time. get back, get back, all of you. go on, get back.
10:35 am
e only got one more hour of daylight. charlie wooster, come over here. get up there and drive for her, will ya? yes, sir. he can drive for you till suppertime, ma'am. i am tired. thank you. i'm real sorry, ma'am. you would have to open your big mouth, wouldn't you? what'd i say wrong? oh, what'd you say wrong? you block head. come on! me and my big mouth. come on! get out of here! here's your coffee, mrs. anderson. i'm much obliged. you tell vivian to pack herself out here. i'm fixing supper for her. no, ma'am. i ain't likely to say any more to vivian than i've already said. how did she seem? very quiet. not a peep out of her the whole afternoon long. she was so happy.
10:36 am
well, who hasn't? you've got to live each day of this life as it comes and fill it with meaning instead of high-flown dreams. yesterday, just yesterday, she was talking about how she wanted a baby right off. well, she'll get married. the last good man in the world didn't die yesterday. i'm a living testimonial to that-- that it can still happen. no need to stand on ceremony. i'm returning your wedding gifts, because there's to be no wedding. i'm fixing you some supper, and you sure can't eat it with both hands full. i'm trying to free them, mrs. anderson. please, if you... if you take them from me, i'd hate to just set them down here.
10:37 am
and behave yourself. hazel, your candlesticks are on top. would you mind? oh, vivian, honey. jonathan and me give it to you. we didn't even know him. nor did i, apparently. hazel, please, will you take it? please! please... i'll never forget that you wanted me to have them. please... can't you make it easy for me? vivian. now you are humbling yourself, and you're humbling us, and there's no need for it. i don't want your pity. then don't act pitiful. how dare you talk to me like that? i can talk lots worse than that. you've got to get hold of yourself. just look at you. aren't you ashamed, making this display and enjoying such a suffering good time?
10:38 am
haven't you got sense enough to know that? is she sick, mr. webb? she don't seem herself. she sure don't look like herself. it's a little like being sick, dickie. a little. try to comfort her, mr. webb. that was a terrible ordeal for her-- those common women. no one means her harm, mrs. carson. they're just not her kind, that's all. women like that don't know what humility is. i can't help wondering just whose idea it was to call off the marriage.
10:39 am
( sobbing ) please. please just leave me alone. i'm ashamed i was rude, but i can't come back right now and face people. please don't ask me to. i won't. i just came to tell you i was around if you needed someone. that's very kind, but i've had quite enough of patient, gentle looks from patient, gentle people for a while. you want me to go? go? no. by all means, stay. stay and remind me that i'm not a girl anymore and that a woman my age shouldn't go on talking about true love. now, don't do that, vivian. that's what you came for, isn't it? to tell me how right you are and how wrong i am? i came to ask you to marry me. oh. yes, that's a very noble thing--
10:40 am
no. i just came to ask the woman i love to marry me. i guess i could've picked a better time. a ranch someplace? a marriage to blot out your loneliness? that was your offer yesterday, wasn't it?
10:41 am
10:42 am
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10:44 am
how's that, ma'am? it's fine. just fine. thank you both very much. what would you like us to do with this? burn it. or save it for the next old maid who comes to ride with you.
10:45 am
just roll it up, charlie. i will, but it seems awful wasteful. don't you ever get tired of talking? not a particle. talking is one thing i can do without thinking. well, maybe i can put it a little better than that. no, sir. that's the smartest thing you've ever said. you think so? yeah. miss carter, we're gonna be moving out soon. you want one of the boys to drive you for a while? i can ge on my own, thank you. all right. hurry up, you two. i'll give you a hand up, ma'am. come on, let's go.
10:46 am
well, have you missed me? been heartsick. you been gone? ( women laughing ) only for a week. i haven't seen vivian carter around anywhere. you're no different from the rest of us. none of us see her. did she leave the train? only in a manner of speaking. she stays in her wagon mostly since she came back. oh, i'm sorry to hear that. mm. ladies. you have a gentleman caller. are you presentable? perfectly. well, how are you... well, now, what's happened to you? nothing. i've never seen you look like this before. have you been ill? i'm very well, thank you. you know, just because one man turns out to be... a disappointment to you,
10:47 am
flint, i don't wish to discuss it. i've been fed a steady diet of pity and advice, and i don't need yours. all right. i guess all you need is mr. browning. good morning, christopher. morning, vivian. thank you very much. christopher, i came here this morning on purpose. i came to tell you that if you still want me, i'll marry you. i'll make a good wife, someone to share with and talk to and blot out the loneliness.
10:48 am
came to say. you didn't say you loved me. i'm fond of you. i'll make a good companion. no, you won't. you said i was too old to believe in girlish things like "one true love," and of course you're right. you just hear the things you want to hear, don't you, vivian? well, you don't qualify. you don't know the first thing about making a happy marriage. very well, christopher. if you don't want me. you think that looking your age is the answer? making yourself all go plain and dried-up? you don't want me. that's all i need to know. no. no, i don't want you. not this way. i wanted someone to grow old along with me.
10:49 am
you don't know yourself. and that's a rotten shame, because somewhere once i saw something in you to love, something that...
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
( whistles ) ( shouting ) hup, now! hup, now! you're holding us up, tate. pull out of line if you can't keep pace. get up in there! hazel: jonathan, i can't stand much more of this bouncing around. i'm doing the best i can, hazel. get up in there! trash out of the way! i'm not getting out of line, carson! my wife's ailin'! hyah! ( screams ) pa, ma's got awful pains!
10:53 am
all right, now, you white trash. stop it. come on out! come on! all right, you two! settle down! you dirty white trash. if you done anything to hurt hazel, i'll kill ya! all right, you two, just settle. tate, you'd better go to see hazel. yeah, yeah. they got enough problems. i don't know what got into me. just got so sick of hauling their junk. tired of looking at it. it was your fault.
10:54 am
ou suppose she's hurt? i'll go to find out. you'd better be thinking of how you can make things up to them. ( hazel groaning ) can i help? i don't know. she should be moved, but i can't do it. i'll take care of her. you'd better get that boy out of the way. and get a hold of yourself. there's a bottle by my bed in the wagon.
10:55 am
"grow old along with me. the best is yet to be. the last of life for which the first was made." christopher, i'm all right. don't be making such a fuss. now, you just hush. save yourself. there we are. jonathan, he was all to pieces. oh, you know, men folks always go weak when their own women have pain. i'm obliged to you, christopher. ( groans ) here. come on. take hold of my hands. hold real tight. it'll help. is she all right? hazel's a fighter. show her, hazel.
10:56 am
i'm not nice, hazel. but i want to be. i want to be. now, hazel, all you've got to do is take a couple of good swallows, and the pain'll go. oh, christopher, let me learn to know you. all it takes is time. you have some kind of trouble down here, webb? she'll be all right.
10:57 am
christopher's coming to ride with me. you all right, mrs. tate? i'm fine. vivian's voice: "grow old along with me. the best is yet to be. the last of life
10:58 am
? roll along ? ? wagon train ? ? rollin' on the prairie where there ain't no grass ? ? rollin' over mountains where there ain't no pass ? ? sittin' on a board eye in the weather ? ? prayin' to the lord we stay together ? ?ide by side ?
10:59 am
? ? roll along ? ? pickin' up a passenger in every town ? ? wonderin' if he's ever gonna oot you down ? ? lookin' for a gal needn't be pretty ? ? if she'll ride ? ? othe wan train ? ? wagon, ho ? ? gotta keep them on the run ? ? time to go ? ? and follow the sun ? ? roll along ? ? wagon train ? ? never had a cabin near a general store ? ? only had a wagon and a .44 ? ? sittin' on a board eye in the weather ? ? prayin' to the lord we stay together ? ? side by side ?
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>> i reckon that's what weave are been waitingor almost too easy. and on schedule. >> foot at this territory here i reckon. >> something we didn't count on.


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