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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  November 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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woman: no! man: get her out of here. no! no! come on. i'm staying with bobby! [ knock on door ] yeah. who is it? it's me -- norman. [ sighs ] [ clears throat ] hey. what if i was asleep, huh? i know my man better than that. all right, so, what's going on, sid? i think yours truly is finally making some progress. progress? how? i got confirmation. certain gendarmes have been moving some stuff over the last few months. freddie jerome is this far away from giving me the name. they move coke? no, prunes. look, norm, whosever framing you for stealing the suitcase makes sense. maybe they sold some of it.
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unh-unh, norm. norman! you're doing niente until we find out who's giving you the shaft. come on! okay, it's just -- i'm just afraid they're gonna take my job from me, sid. do you wanna help? let me hold whatever cash you got. freddie's gonna take some encouraging before he gives me the names. here. come here. [ sighs ] i only got 38 bucks. 38 b-- that's good. i'll get more. norm, no mistakes. remain at chez buntz. hey. i appreciate what you're doing, sid. [ gunfire ] look at that. they're ruining those movies with that colorizing thing! [ door opens, closes ] we interrupt with this bulletin from the channel 7 newsroom. a fire has broken out in the hill street station house of the metropolitan police.
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let's head back. uh...where do we stand? extensive smoke and water damage, captain. we are doing a shear and stress test and see if the structure's held up. can we work here? i'll have preliminary status for you in a few minutes. ready for more, captain? two hookers killed on van buren. strangled with piano wire. yeah, that's the m.o. on those heights strangulations. tell the heights we want their complete profile on the piano-wire killer. yes, sir. do you believe this, captain? do you believe he'd go this far? what are you talking about? i knew lieutenant buntz was a loose cannon, but i never thought he'd go endangering people's lives. you think lieutenant buntz had something to do with this fire? we're very close to filing charges on the evidentiary theft. the coke came from the suitcase. how do you figure a guy like that, huh? maybe he wants to bring the whole house down with him. lieutenant shipman...
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raised the possibility of arson! i've been told they can show me the spot on the fuse box where the current overloaded! that heights file is on its way. thanks. if you have enough to arrest buntz for stealing evidence, go ahead. what's with the angry tone of voice? otherwise, leave us alone! captain! what's our status? your, uh, power is hit bad. you got the wet, and you got the stink. i've also got a serial killer and an i.a.d. investigation in progress. if it's possible not to relocate, that's how i'd like to proceed. now. your base structure is holding up. the only area that i'd make a question mark is back there in the corner. [ sighs ] otherwise, you should be all right. dispatch. we have a 911 -- armed robbery in progress, surplus store, corner of peebles drive and 124th street. [ slow piano music plays ]
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[ sighs ] are we following some organized regimen here, sergeant, as to cleanup? well, uh, everyone handles the area they work in. i guess we're lucky the joint's still standing. only temporarily. no doubt they will level and rebuild. no kidding. lieutenant. sergeant. melancholy event, hmm? when does the new building go up, chief? not my department, sergeant. [ telephone ringing ] gentlemen. two seconds on another matter. charges filed yet on our friend buntz for stealing that cocaine? not yet. i want them filed. talk to i.a.d. i want our losses cut with that throwback! so, what page are you on with these hooker murders?
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what page he and his task force are on. oh, penzickis' stuck. they've been on page one since the unit was formed 10 months ago. we're just doing what mortals can. which obviously does not include catching the killer! frank... i know today's a logistical nightmare, but i want you full-bore on that maniac. detective penzickis' got us up to speed on what the task force has developed. i'm sure that was a highly informative conversation. did you show them the piece in the law enforcement monthly where we're second from the to in multiple, unsolved homicides? i got it here somewhere, chief. detective penzickis is here to cooperate with you, captain, under your supervision and lieutenant goldblume's, if you catch my drift. i understand they've decided to level the precinct house, put up another building. yeah. i suppose a fire is the sort of nudge the bureaucracy needs to modernize, huh? [ scoffs ] what a guy. you know, it's baffling,
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don't talk to me about letters of appeal, mister! you i.r.s. people garnished my paycheck right out of left field. now, my wife has to buy groceries! i want to know who to talk to! yes, i will wait. the coffee area's off limits, sid -- what's left of it. the guy's name is freddie jerome. i got him positioned to come forward. all i gotta do is grease the wheel a little. what are you saying? you're gonna bribe the guy to lie so buntz gets off? no! i got him positioned to come forward to tell the truth. what's the matter? you think lieutenant buntz did this?! it's hard to know what to think. well, i'm telling you lieutenant buntz did not pinch a suitcase full of soda. i know. i tried to talk him into doing it. whatever, sid. a sawbuck is all i got. that's excellent. and, uh...25. is this to help lieutenant buntz? yeah. i thought you and buntz didn't get along. i got, uh... 16 bucks. 16? 16 bucks.
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hey, norm. norman, you promised. out of my way. norman! lieutenant buntz, it's my understanding that you are suspended and denied these premises. leave me alone. fay. fay, listen, no. no, don't redeposit! i'll go by the bank tonight after i pick up frank jr. i'll give you a new check. all right? i'm sorry. well, of course it'll never happen again. it never does. [ clears throat ] yeah. thank you. captain. norman, i'm wondering what you're doing here. what good do you think you can do? i'm going over and over it in my head, captain. i'm not getting an honest call from this i.a.d. guy. can't we get something going up here, some sort of shadow investigation? that is so far out of policy. to investigate the evidence loss, the theft. we don't have venue.
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captain, look... i explained to shipman the money in my apartment. he didn't question that. he -- he seemed to accept that. then they suspend me. obviously they feel they have more than they're saying. if they have more, it's crap, because i didn't do anything! what do you think? i'm playing it right down the middle. well, that's because it's what a captain does. and, uh... i, uh... i had a few scrapes, a few "officer involveds." but, captain... one thing you ought to know about norm buntz, which is why i didn't do this, captain. it's why it don't even make sense. i don't need the money, captain. guys who do this [sighs] they're either jammed up or it's what they like. they like having lots of money. what i like... is people don't screw around with me. that's "a." and "b" -- i like being a cop. i'll have a look into this on my own.
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but it's the best i can do. you go home. you go home and stay there. [ sighs ] look, how about i just stick around -- norman. home. home and stay there. now. [ indistinct conversation ] [ dog barking ] we were on sector patrol, lieutenant. that bag lady held us. i guess she found the bodies while she was going through the garbage. these i.d.s on the bodies? yes, sir. bobby. andy. lieutenant, we're not gonna get very much from that lady. do you fellas want to do door to door in the surrounding buildings? i do not know why people trash the area surrounding their own domicile. lab and forensics, please. you got it, lieutenant. they probably worked dekker and 103rd. you should probably start there. you want more time?
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any thoughts? yeah, just ones i don't wanna have. hold that for me, would you, please? i think it's like the other killings, but, uh... you know, different. i don't think it's the same guy. copycat? mm-hmm. listen... i'm the fella behind the eight ball on this one, lieutenant. i am the last guy to ask about this stuff, you know what i mean? mmm. thanks. yeah. why wouldn't i feel okay? aside from the fact that i got a cash-flow problem which would make old mother hubbard blush, and the fact that i'm in the middle of a divorce, my existence on this planet is just fine. oh, man. got a flat. [ sighs ] [ telephone rings ]
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yes? the initials on this motion hearing -- are those judge levine's? i mean, levine is harold, right? that doesn't look like an "h." that's because it's an "n." that's judge lauring's initials. judge nathan lauring -- b-4. this cocaine hearing was supposed to be in b-7. that's judge levine's court. yeah, but levine gets backed up, and if it's light in another part of the courthouse, they shoot the excess over there. and the court officers on this list -- are they levine's or lauring's? maykowski, burton... levine's. b-7. so this record doesn't actually tell us which court officers handled the evidence in this case. we make the records up when the hearing-ready case exits the hub courtroom. that's 90 a day! i have to know who lauring's court officers are. [ sighing ] well, that would be -- no, no, i don't mean that. i mean in this case. oh, man, captain. you're talking an hour and a half to go through -- a man's career is at stake here. [ sighs ]
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about an aarp medicarecomplete plan. you can even enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ? ? hookers! hookers! how can't they see it's in their best interest to talk to us? you got no idea what kind of control these guys got over their minds. that nazi propaganda guy -- i think he studied with the pimps in munich. it's okay with me. i got something i gotta take care of. you know, you could do me a favor. i have no idea why you'd want to, but, uh... shoot. i gotta go see my wife's divorce lawyer. you'd find him interesting. he's one of the few human beings on the planet with rabies. what's the favor? practically nothing. all you gotta do is sit there. i'll do all the talking.
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you go into your pocket like you're gonna get something, and you say to him... "shall i show him the pictures now, mr. penzickis?" that's it? "shall i show him the pictures now, mr. penzickis?" yeah, but when i touch my eye like this. what pictures am i referring to? [ sighs ] my wife's trying to put the squeeze on me for alimony. i'm guessing she's running around. so maybe if we make the guy think like we got proof, then he'll stop these blood-from-stone experiments. shall i show him the pictures now, mr. penzickis? you're a great american. [ chuckles ] we're going around asking a few questions. two women were killed last night. their bodies were found in the vacant lot next door. i don't know nothing about it. do you mind if we ask you a few questions? did you see anything last night out here -- anything unusual, strange? no. junkies... their babies crying...
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ain't that right? yeah, right. do you know me? not really. ma'am, this is my card here -- hill street station. if you hear anything unusual -- even people talking -- just let me know. thank you for your time. let's go. you know me, don't you? from where? it doesn't matter. bobby, will you come on? we still got 3 more floors of valuable interviews to conduct. thanks for your time. okay. [ siren wailing ] shipman overlooked 5 court officers because their names never appeared in the hearing records. i'm assuming a clerical error, but technically, any one of them could have handled the suitcase. cohoe, vernon. what about him? damn. norman. i'll tell you, captain. there's a guy named benedict at the heights who was trying to steal my snitch.
4:19 pm
hoping to build a case. and cohoe? they were damn partners. when cohoe was a slug cop, the two guys were partnered up together. damn it. i knew this was a frame job. i knew it! howard. frank. we have to get 4 detectives over to the federal courthouse right away.'re gonna stay put, you understand? you stay right here. [ indistinct conversations ] joyce. hi, irwin. if this was the catskills, cle hyam's colony resort, they would call this "jewish lightning." something wrong? my constituents. nine killed in the last seven months, and they go on with business as usual. i understand it's come home now. the ones last night were found in the hill? [ sighs ] i've got news. july 1, i'm out of here. irwin... what -- private practice? california -- l.a.
4:20 pm
half criminal, get into some civil. congratulations. i'm really happy for you. thanks. so, uh... you don't want to try and talk me out of it...
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we're gonna keep the repairs at a minimum until we find out about the structure's future. but your electrical is functioning. more or less. this authorizes a reconnect on your plumbing. who's the contractor? uh...sal benaci. b-minus. sal happens to be a pretty good plumber. hey, use him, use him. hey, aren't you robert dinapoli?
4:25 pm
onna open that vault, right? i just came from the demolition site. what do you think is in it? we're gonna find out, aren't we? listen, uh... we just did a run-through, and i have got zero visual composition without the cops. now, if i can't get night-shift cops assigned to me, maybe i can hire some daytime cops who are off duty. uh...well... i can let the day shift know. okay. you get me up to 8 bodies -- 50 bucks apiece for 3 hours. i think your arithmetic's a little off. no, no. it's a lot more than anybody else around here has done. maybe you didn't notice, but we had a fire here, huh? [ indistinct conversations ] captain, lieutenant shipman on line 3 for you. [ sighs ] furillo. no, you heard right. we're bringing in officer cohoe. because you weren't doing your job, that's why. you blew the cohoe connection, you blew the courthouse connection, and i won't have my man buntz
4:26 pm
we're questioning him here. well, you get up here if you want to hear it. [ receiver hangs up ] we booking, captain? not yet. interrogation "a." irwin...i need you. interrogation "a." leon durst, representing detective cohoe. i know time's a factor -- meaning your client knows we can get the same information from his running mate, detective benedict. in which case, hypothetically speaking, you could be giving away the head guy to bag a lonely accomplice. obviously, your lowly accomplice here is the guy who broke into a suitcase for which another cop has been wrongly accused. well, if that's what you want to settle for, but you'll be missing 3/4 of the players! no games. what does he got? i gotta walk. off the force -- okay. but no charges. no way a free walk. a free walk is too cheap. you wouldn't say that if i told you there's also a high-ranking police official involved here, and we can give him to you. what official? doing what? in the thick of it. who? [ scoffs ] no.
4:27 pm
lieutenant. we can add... "with internal-division responsibilities." come on, cohoe. if you have something to tell us -- but i wanna make sure i walk. if this is as big as you say, and if it sticks, then you walk. that's all we can offer. well, as a matter of fact, that's all we wanted. go ahead. shipman. lieutenant shipman? lieutenant jim shipman... i.a.d. benedict had him for stealing a captain's test. im like they own me. uh, we had a deal. [ knock on door ] are you ready for some good news? you got a message from your great pal detective benedict? you got something for me -- maybe a lifetime ticket to lamster's cove? what are you talking about?! i'm talking about vernon cohoe, you moron! wait a minute.
4:28 pm
you're late, sid. furillo had that for me hours ago. now i tell you something, huh? cohoe used to partner with benny benedict, huh? your big-spender benedict! oh, norm. yeah, they framed me, sid! benedict framed me, and he used you to get anything he needed! oh, norm, i never thought -- the only thing i ever said a word about was the money. the rest was just plain snitching! that was enough. [ sighs deeply ] look, norm, i-if furillo's on to it, then they got him, right? did they get the other guy, too? what guy -- your pal benedict? no, the other guy, the guy inside. freddie jerome said nobody's sweating this because it was somebody inside the investigation! name. i wish i had one. i can't tell you how bad i feel about this. [ sighing ] i don't know. just somebody high up. shipman. listen, norm, i got a knot right here where i breathe. i know i'm in no position to give advice, but what i'm seeing, you're gonna do something nuts!
4:29 pm
pman may not be the name, and "b," they got it already! who's "they"? shipman is "they." how about maybe furillo is sitting on his hands and shipman is 3/4 of the way to acapulco! yeah, uh... lieutenant shipman, please. 309 -- all right, thank you. he's gone. shipman's left already. no, wait a minute, norm! [ door opens, closes ] [ dialing telephone ] yeah, captain furillo, please. sidney thurston calling. [ sighs ]
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visit a local office or call to learn more. liberty stands with you?. liberty mutual insurance. hey, i don't need no intake. just plead me. why don't you catch him? why don't you make him stop? she knew those two girls, candy and jermaine. the murdered prostitutes? why don't you working girls help the police a little more? what do you mean, help you? what's to say if i help you you people catch him before he kills somebody else. was she charged? no. she came in to find out the names of the two women killed. what's her name? cassie. but don't put me in the middle of nothing. did she do something to you? you want me to go get her? no. lorraine, fingerprint. a couple hours' personal time, sarge. you got it.
4:34 pm
thurston, captain. line four. hello. i know who you are. just tell me what you -- all right. yeah. i'll take it from here. irwin, have those warrants follow me to shipman's place. call division. an ethics question, irwin. shoot. a hypothetical conversation on three occasions, which the other party addresses me as if i'm a member of the police department. it's clear she thinks i'm a cop. query? bstance? proving you dozed through legal canons and principles -- yes or no? can i tell someone what she said? yes, you can tell them. you're not bound. thanks. you're gonna miss these chats. shipman warrant for you, mr. bernstein. thank you. lieutenant goldblume? he's in interrogation with detective penzickis. have a police officer forward these warrants to the captain, please. see if you can get officer russo to do this.
4:35 pm
taboy, sal. just took a look at the pipes behind the south wall where the fire spread. that's all? the whole place could've went. i keep thinking what could've happened if a certain person were in it when it burned. i sure don't like thinking about that. have dinner with me. her name is cassie. you should question her. i think she knows something about those murders. who are you? she's a lawyer. and you're representing this cassie? if i were, i wouldn't be talking to you. thank you. good afternoon. afternoon, ma'am. um, there was an incident in the vacant lot outside your building last night. i saw. you saw something, ma'am? it's been on the television all day. no, ma'am. what i was asking you is that if you actually saw anything out your window last night. i'm not hard of hearing, sir.
4:36 pm
ever since mr. sussman passed away. it's been nine years -- oh, thank you, ma'am. oh, let me fix you some tea. ma'am... thank you very much, ma'am. the tea will be no trouble. that's okay, ma'am. thanks for your time. thank you, officer. yeah. thank you, sir. buddy, we are in luck. last apartment of the day is empty. we are finished. o. what? depression. every time we go on a door-to-door canvass, by the end of the day i could slit my wrist. but i have a solution -- dr. renko's after-shift beers at slattery's bar. i'm not gonna let it get to you! [ horns honking ] third place gonna be lucky, cassie? used to be his cousin tyrone's place. he'd sleep there during the day. it's the only other place i know where he'd be. you're doing the right thing.
4:37 pm
oh, then he's all right, huh? the others he brought to that white man downtown. he died last month -- the white man downtown? that's why all the murders stopped. dwayne got afraid somebody was gonna tell. there it is. second floor, all the way in the back. okay. stay with her. she'll i.d. i don't want to stay here! i don't want to see him!'s all right. okay. i have to go up. open up! police! [ gun cocks ] halt! police! go away! stop, or i'll shoot! penzickis! all right! you're busted, dwayne. i don't understand what you don't understand, mr. belker.
4:38 pm
...and you failed to respond to five mailed requests to set up an appointment. i never got those. so you say. so the next step is garnishing my paycheck? got your attention, didn't we? and i can see why it was kicked out. it's, uh, this claim of maternal dependency. i took care of my mother the last three years she was alive. i paid her bills. can you prove that? yes. yes. i got all the receipts. so these, uh, contributions on your part, uh... constituted more than half her income? it was me, social security, and bingo. well, as long as you can prove that, we got no problem. now, you can access her papers and receipts? hers? there a problem with that, mr. belker? can you access them?
4:39 pm
unbelievable. packing a suitcase. put that gun away. and you're under arrest. no, no. you under suspension means that gun is illegal! hey, mr. internal... i don't think you got time to arrest me. not with that plane you're gonna -- aah! all right! all right! now, you tell me, huh?! you tell me all about it -- what you guys did! how you figured! what'd you think when you decided to give me the fall, "who cares? he's a freak anyways. frame the bastard"? what an infant! get off him, norman! let up! no, no. i'm not so sure, captain. tell you the truth, i'm not sure what my move is here. because this is what's important to me, captain. i look down the road, i don't see me coming out of this a cop. i don't see how i come out of this okay. you put down the gun, you give him up, or you're never going to come out of this okay! [ breathing heavily ] come on, shipman. [ groans ] arrest lieutenant buntz.
4:40 pm
i thought he was gonna get away. i was only holding him, is all.
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
chief... captain, i just spoke to a.d.a. morrissey. there'll be no direct grand jury presentation. chief, on buntz... "stormin'" norman? is this necessary? the gun's a technical felony at worst, committed under the most extreme pressure, and for understandable reasons. rather pin a medal on him, frank? docket n695611 -- detective michael benedict charged with grand larceny, possession of controlled substance,
4:43 pm
this is after consultation? correct. my client expects a bond to be posted. long date. next. docket n695599 -- lieutenant norman buntz, felonious possession of a weapon. people are asking $100,000. why? why? because daniels spoke to morrissey. on bail for buntz? no. but his nose is so far out of joint, frank, over this whole business. i'll run interference with the chief. irwin, please. what the case is worth, buntz can make. good thing private practice awaits. $10,000? your honor, i misread my papers. people ask $10,000, 10% cash alternative. can defendant make that? yeah. you wish to say something more, lieutenant? no. no.
4:44 pm
so, you gonna pick up a quick 50 tonight? what are you talking about? the tv guy -- he's hiring cops for window dressing for the tv show. bates has the chits if you're interested. guess not. you're not interested? okay. yo, fellas, in or out on the tv gig? in. um, i'm not sure. all right. okay. we set, detective? rendezvous at 6:15. you set your timepiece, pauli, and contact your swiss banker. hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. what's happenin', pauli? uh, how you doin', there, detective? mm-hmm. can't be any accident, j.d. what are you talking about? 3 times within 24 hours i've seen you with pauli. it's a free country. that's what our forefathers fought for. uh-huh. [ chuckles ] a cup of coffee, please, estelle. if i didn't think you were gonna be a prude, maybe i'd tell you what we got going. don't tell me, lover. maybe i'd let you in on some guaranteed dinero,
4:45 pm
he roped into watching his tv program. take the "no," j.d. neal... pauli's got the sewer plans -- a back way into that wine cellar. i mean, it's even legal -- the law of salvage. we got as much right to it as he does. what do you say? i say no -- crawling on my belly through human waste. that's why they made horse racing. detective... i got a bunch of telephone messages for you. everything okay at home? no, it isn't. it's my mother. detective, nothing gives me greater pleasure than revising upwards my opinion of one of my men. lieutenant, i'm very proud. thank you. book him. be gentle. he's somebody's son and brother, huh? i'm from the fire marshall's office, chief. if i could have a couple minutes -- these reporters are on deadline. boys, i'll keep my statement simple.
4:46 pm
the soul-satisfying vocation it is. green's responsible for last year's string of piano-wire murders? from my understanding, that's a rather complicated situation. i wouldn't want to prejudice any juries. but i will say that i'm breathing easier. what about reports that they're tearing down hill street? new building's gonna have a sauna and ping-pong rooms and -- well, i haven't actually seen any plans. they're tearing the old building down? yeah. jeez. this building came through the fire like a champ. ly said the building is coming down? i thought lieutenant hunter said they were gonna level the whole thing. i guess he's just saying his own opinion. gentlemen, ladies, let's understand each other. given the budget crunch, if old is sound, then old is better. but i repeat -- it's not my department. didn't you come here to get the story on a historic and heroic arrest? norman. lieutenant.
4:47 pm
thanks. yes, i've been there -- "non carborundum" and all that. how'd you get by, howard? what, the humiliation of unjust demotion? i stood there in front of everybody -- in front of the judge, cops... as if i was a thief or a pimp. well, you're neither. you're a man. naked, shivering, everything in the world taken from you, you'd still be that. you believe that? oh, yes. i've had to. norman... people like daniels don't give a rat's dropping about people like you and i.
4:48 pm
are we supposed to pin a medal on him? he, in fact, was a decorated cop. am i right? and his jacket's as thick as the yellow pages. people, without prejudging anybody, i'll say this once -- the department is not afraid to sort out its bad apples. you wouldn't be going after buntz to broaden the focus away from your busted internal affairs man, would you? absolutely not. each will be dealt with. in buntz's case, he carried a weapon and assaulted a man while under suspension -- allegedly, of course. please, people. on this day, when we should all be relieved and proud that a vicious killer has been brought to ground, let's not dwell on the department's thieving, bullying, greedy, lawless few. you're saying i'm finished, aren't you? sir, if i have anything to say about it, you are. [ crowd murmuring ]
4:49 pm
pear. sorry. philip asleep? what is it? it's okay. i found the tax receipts right where they were supposed to be. [ voice breaking ] she saved everything. wrapping paper... rubber bands, she saved. keys to nothing. there's two boxes here full of actual rags. that used to drive me crazy -- that we had exploding closets. pop didn't care. i could've done this. i could've gone through this stuff for you. don't you think this is something for me to do? after all this time, i could never bring myself to get near this stuff. [ breathes deeply ]
4:50 pm
i put in one box. that's what we'll show to philip when he's old enough to know who his grandma was. the rest of this stuff... it's junk. it goes. what is it? it's a passbook. she opened up an account nine years ago for her grandchildren. that's where all the money i gave her wound up. that's philip's now. she never said. and you know what? [ laughs ] she never declared the interest. i don't know what the hell i'm gonna tell them
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
um, i'm officer hill. i was here before. i-i brought something for your...little one. i got it at the fast-food. lionel...look what the nice man gave you -- a clown cup. hey. he's shy. yeah. you are. i remember from a long time ago. that's why i came back. i-i've been trying to remember you, but i can't. you were officer friendly. came to my school. i was at the academy. that was part of our training program. i was in the seventh grade. that was my last year. i...i didn't do no more school after that. why didn't you just say to me today
4:53 pm
i guess... 'cause everything i take out and show just... just gets took from me. a lot's happened since then. yeah. you were nice then, too. look, have you and the kids had dinner yet? 'cause i haven't. i was thinking that maybe i could just take you all out to the fast-food. i'll go put some clothes on the baby. okay. you know, the day we had, dinner like that was just the thing. that was some beautiful meal you ordered, sal. it's no big deal. a couple of basic rules to remember -- what color wine goes with what. no kidding, sal. it was a real feast, and you were such a gentleman. life is full of surprises, huh?
4:54 pm
on't know about people until you see them in the real world. i'll have you home by 11:00, as promised. ladies first. [ mumbling ] come on, come on. hey. hey. all right. okay. come on, robert. let's see how much cash you stashed in here. man: ladies and gentlemen... this is actual history -- the opening of abe calabresi's secret wine cellar. after four decades, the spoils of america's most notorious gangster.
4:55 pm
like an archaeologist, i'm exploring the dawn of organized crime. what will i find? w-- what the hell? it's a corpse! ladies and gentlemen, could this have happened? did we discover some final ghoulish entry in the ledger of abe calabresi's victims? [ grunts ] hey! where am i? it's -- it's a miracle! ladies and gentlemen, i'm beginning to smell a calculated effort by an envious power structure to embarrass an investigative reporter. who sent you, buddy? [ coughs ] nobody! hey, you can go with "envious power structure" if you want to, mr. dinapoli. i'm sticking with "it's a miracle." hi, sis. i'll apologize, you know? believe me, sid, a sincere apology, there's no way daniels doesn't reconsider. hmm.
4:56 pm
kidding myself, aren't i? well... chief of police -- you busted him in the chops. [ exhales deeply ] i'm finished. i don't know. they're not filing any criminal complaints. am i right? there's no charges for assault. no. they're making do with what they got against me -- carrying that piece. all right. so it's a misdemeanor beef. there's no way on the planet you're looking at any time. you don't get it, do you? what? i, uh... can't be a cop. the rest don't make any difference. hey, norm...
4:57 pm
you understand? what are you doing? oh, take a walk. [ sighs ] think about what i'm gonna do with the rest of my life. company? no, sid. okay. but i'm gonna stay here till you get back, though. thanks. e... one of them orange-flavored big pops? yeah, if i remember. only if it's on the way. [ rings ] hello.
4:58 pm
okay. i get the idea. thanks for trying. good night. buntz is out. couldn't keep the punch out of the papers, hmm? nope. give it a month or two to settle down. it's not the kind of thing daniels forgets. you're feeling guilty as hell. it's all your fault because you can't save him. i'm sure he didn't expect you to pull this out. look on the plus side -- the station's still standing, the prostitute killer's off the street... and somebody decked the chief. i'd say it was a break-even day. [ typewriter clicking ] [ indistinct conversations ] hey, norm.
4:59 pm
with all the fire and everything else, this old place is still sound. yeah. you believe that? [ telephone ringing ] hill street.
5:00 pm
local street junkie. in the chest.le had a couple of run-ins johnny something. jeez. looks like they beat him with a bag of doorknobs first. simone: anyone on the street? nah. sipowicz: receipt from a clinic for a john bradford.


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