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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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local street junkie. in the chest.le had a couple of run-ins johnny something. jeez. looks like they beat him with a bag of doorknobs first. simone: anyone on the street? nah. sipowicz: receipt from a clinic for a john bradford.
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sipowicz: yeah, mornin'. i'm mrs. trumbull. cynthia. i have to talk to you about the dead man, but i don't want those policemen recording me. yeah, well, they wouldn't be recording you. yes, they would. they wear all that equipment on their belts. i mean, they put a bug in my apartment, they tapped my phone... are you inspectors? i think...are you? dead man. that's your specialty? yeah, that's right. i want to make it clear i had nothing to do with it. well, nobody's said that y y're a suspect here, cynthia. it's a relief to hear you say that, because i was not on the roof when it happened. i'm not involved in this. you--you mean the street, don't you, not the roof? i mean the roof. it happened on the roof. why, he--he fell down onto the sidewalk. i saw the man dragging him up the back stairs. i heard the noise, and i looked out the door, then i heard the shots up on the roof.
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that's the only way out besides my back door. could you say whatathe one man dragging the other one looked like? well, he was burly, you know? barrel-chested, with a beard and a little squashed nose. he was real mean-looking. but he knows i saw him, so now he'll want to kill me. well, don't assume that. i won't be able to go out. maybe you'd feel better staying with family members, if you got any, cynthia. i've got a nephew, but all of his sockets are bugged. i never should have looked out the door. i mean, it--itit always, always it's--it's constantly interfering even my thoughts. it just never lets up. yeah, but you see, cynthia, with all this interference that you're talking about, you were really brave to come and talk to us. well, i'm gonna go lock myself up real good now. all right. we'll walk you to your apartment. come on. all right. sipowicz: there you go.
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morning. sorry, we don't have a p.a.a. today. p.a.? i don't know what that is. ah, it don't matter. come on in. what's your name? trevor b bsford. i'm detective martinez. what can i do for you?
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he tell me to come in to a detective.d talk boss says i got to do it. what time this happen? about 4:00 this morning. i'm a cab driver. i've done with my shift. i was gonna drop the cab off for the next man totorive it. i--i--i noticed this brown car following me. i get to where i'm going, back.t stops half a block i get out, and there he is. he got a gun. he t te my money-- everything i make driving all night-- and then he run back to his car. what did he look like? he was wearing one of them blue wool caps with the eyeholes cut out. probably one of them gypsy drivers. why do you think it was a gypsy? thth kind of beat-up car it looked like. can you tell me anything about him-- the color of his skin? maybe brown, uh, it was night. how did he sound? he sound different. whatato you mean, like an accent? uh...yeah, man. what kind of accent? i don't know, man. different. when did you first notice him following you?
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down at houstonn and b. i think a couple of other cab drivers got robbed after gassing up at that station. i hear about that. can i go now? medavoy: all right, you can go, but write your, uh, phone number on... so what do you have out there? some street character got whacked and fell or was pushed off a roof. cop had seen him around. thought he was probably dealing. anything to work with? we g g a witness lives in the building. er somebody to look at. something wrong? she's a little bit of a head case. what, is she psychotic? ah, strange. how strange? nervous. yeah, she's nervous. too nervous to testify? she'll be fine. there's a bar downstairs. witness says it was open at the time, but it was closed when we got there. we called the owner at home. he's coming in.
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do you know what that means: pop goes the weasel? well, what? you know, pop goes the weasel. asking if you know what that means. the monkey chases the weasel. pop goes the weasel. yeah. does he kill it? "pop," like in the street? nah, it's--it's an old nursery rhyme. it can't be thatatind of pop. i was singing it to theo in the tub. what the hell am i talking about? what did sylvia sasa she don't know. but her background's greek. uh, i'm naomomreynolds, a temporary civilian aide. arthur fancycy lieutenant in command of the squad. how do you do? how do you do, arthur? so i gather you were held up.
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our way to work? a woman was crying on the subway, and i went to help her. i was patting g r arm and so forth because she told me she'd been robbed, but come to find out when she got up,p,she'd. and that's why you were late. well, , lost my watch and my graduation ring, so i was filing a 61 report with the transportation police. well, that's a lousy thing to have happen, naomi, but i gather you do want to work your shift. yes, i do. i've been looking forward to it. ok. so this is your desk. tracking messages for the detectives, and receiving civilians. hmm. this is the catching area. yeah, that's right. exactly. being as you're temporary, i won't load you down about filing. oh, i've done volunteer for several days at the 2-7 while waiting for an assignment, so i have some familiarity. well, that shows a lot of initiative. i know about the 61s, even before my own personal experience, and the detective follow-up files. fancnc very good.
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i was told to see detective simone. yeah. he's in the coffee room. let me take you there, howard. howard: thanks. uh, excuse me. which of you is detective simone? i am. how do you do? i'm naomi reynolds, and this is mr. howard edgar. how's it goin'? um, naomi reynolds, the temporary civilian aide. andy sipowicz. i'm a detective. how do you do, andy? good. excuse me. pleased to meet you. who makes the coffee? whwhver's closest to the machine. don't you like it? oh, no, it's ok. come on, sit down. you, uh, go to your bar this morning, howie? uh, no. i haven't opened up yet. he don't know what happened. he d d't know why he's here. no, i don't. there was a dead man named john bradford in front of your bar. he was shot, fell off the roof. no, i don't know. would it startle you
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the back stairs to get to the roof. do you need me to draw you a map how the only way to them ststrs is from inside the bar? you got to understand, guys, i'm just trying to make a living in a tough business. i don't want any trouble. i don't want to get hurt. i got to deal with all kinds of people. are you afraid of this guy? we'll lock him u u just give us a name. i--i don't know him. give me a break here, guys. you know the grief i could get? how about being closed down? how about some of that grief, huh? you ever read your licensesepplication? you're refusing to assist in a police investigation. who else did he talk to besides bradford when he was in the bar today? he talked to this bookie who comes in all the time to collect--steve. they had a long talk. they were friends? steve's full of crap. he talks to everybody. steve got a last name? richards. steve richards? that half-wit hustler that never shuts up? yeah, that's him. he came into some money. he went into business for himself making book. except 80% of the time he doesn't pay. you're going to keep my name out of this, right?
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say, howie... do you know what pop goes the weasel means? w-what do you mean? the nursery rhyme. around and around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel. the monkey thought 'twas all in fun. pop goes the weasel. yeah, i told you everything i know what happened in that bar. yeah, all right. i-isn't it the cobbler's bench where the monkey chases him? no, no, it-it's the mulberry bush. does he kill him, the--the weasel? i--i don't know what pop means. what's the moral of the story i'm telling my kid? we don't know. we grew up ok.
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we, uh, checked ouou that gas station, lieu. the attendant says, uh, there was a brown car hanging around early this morning.
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uh, car belongs to... "raveen bhanji." we, uh, we lefefword with the landlady to have him see us. so when the car was seen at the station, was that around the time of the robbery? yeah, it seems like it. hehe um, bobby, have you seen naomi, the, uh, new p.a.a.? yeah, downstairs. - she's, uh, polite. - yeah. yeah, that station's where the cabbies gas up after their shifts are over, so the perp could figure they're driving out of there with a whole lot of money-- a whole night's earnings. gentlemen. steve. steven ronald d chards, in a little more, you know, comfortable circumstances than our, uh, you know, former association. yeah, that 40-grand reward did you some good. well, you know, springboard to several successful business endeavors. anyway, you guys were looking for me in some places i no l lger frequent.
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arrived. whatever. no more donna abandando? steve, come on. let's go get a cup of coffee. good luck to you. used to be... martinez... talk. i don't know. that donna was quite a woman, although this fella's perfectly nice. help yourself there, steve. all right. so... what is the purpose of my visit? well, we're hoping you got some information for us. your previous case, right? the kidnapee, him getting found alive off my i iormation, i gotta say, you know. i delivered, i am definitely the man, right? 40-grand springboard. that is correct. i mean, the family-- actually, they were very thoughtful, very generous. but after all, you know, what is a life worth? i ask you, right? that, of course, depends upon if it is your life-- hey, steve, we want to know if you were talking to a guy over at howie's bar this morning. howie's bar. howie's bar.
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collecting bets? oh, is this what this meeting's about here, gentlemen? no, we're not intetested in your bookmaking, steve, unless you don't want to be cooperative... then we're very interested. mm-hmm. i understand. well, please... run it by me. we want to hear about a barrel-chested guy with a beard that you were talking to. oh. uh... oh, you know, that guy... why, what's the matter, you afraid of him? i don't mind saying i'm a little intimidated, yes. also, i don't know nothing, ok? i left prior to anything occurring, if anything actually, you know, did. you know, i wasn't there. his name and usual places. end of your involvement. no testimony? no. his name's bear. that his last name? it's his street name. you got some kind of heavy-duty, uh, you know, felony you're looking on this bad guy?
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ation, but let's just hang that on a hook for the time beingng ok. bear's name is francis donahue. he wholesales coke. that's the word on the street. that's what i heard, that's all. you know where we can find him? he frequenen, uh-- ahem--howie's bar most of the while, and he's also found over at o'halloran's occasionally. that over on avenue b? do you know the place? i used to. so, uh... maybe we could t te that other subject off the hook at this time, maybe have a little discussion about that. you get a doubub sawbuck now and, uh... a deuce if we grab the guy. that's cool. you know... it's jususa token, right? amongst friends? in my present, you know, circumstances, i'm, you know...
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he weasel mean? ha ha ha. that's very funny. do you know what it means, yes or no? i do know an expert who gets, like, 50 for an explanation. yeah, all right. go on, beat it. ? round the mulberry bush ? ? the monkey chased the weasel ? ? everybody-- ? ? pop goes-- ? is that the one you're referring to? - steve... - i know that. be careful of this bear guy, 'cause he is like bad business. - not like you. - no, no, he's... i was asked to come here. id you wanted to see me. yeah. you mr. bhanji? yes, raveen bhanji. i'm detective martinez. my partner's the one that called you. come with me. uh, you wish to speak to me about my cab? right. please, listen to my side. i work night and day to support my family. i driviva cab so they can eat. now, i don't have a hack license. if they'd givevee a hack license, i'd have it. but what can i do, sir? i've got to work.
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this is raveen bhanji. let me ask you, mr. bhanji, what were you doing this morning 3:30, 4:00? this morning? i was asleep. i worked until nearly 3:00. you got anybody can vouch for that? anybody home with you? mymyife. you're better off telling us the truth. we can bring your wife in here and check your story. i'm tellllg you the truth, sir. somebody else driving your cab? see, we got a report that it was involved in a minor accident. he's my brother. he took it without my permission after i went to bed. your brother got a job? nono how's he support himself? i don't know. it's difficult. he borrows money. you know, i paid money to bring him to this country, and he can't hold a job. it's not beeee easy for me. your brother ever been in trouble with the law? i'm ashamed. he was arrested for stealing in this country
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yes. he bought a gun a few weeks ago. where he lives he doesn't feel safe. well, we think he, uh, might have been doing some things he shouldn't have been doing with that gun. he's robbed someone? we don't know. but you're running a risk letting him use your carar you mean to-- i could lose my car? martinez: you're running a risk. we need to ask your brother a few questions. let me have his address. yeah, of--of course.
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man: what do you think about the jets?
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i had bookok it with geepo. [man chuckles] francis donahue? maybe. detective simone. detective sipowicz. we need you to come down to the station house with us, just for a little while. to do what? stand in a lineup on a rape case. you guys. don't you ever get tired of dogging people? i never raped nobody. it's just routine. it's bull. some broro picked out a bunch of look-alikes. i got to bring some people in, i got to answer to my boss. it don't mean nothing. then we got to go to your probation officer. refusing to come in violates your parole. so either you go back to the joint or you come down to the lineup with us. chicks happen to like me. i don't have to rape nobody. can you believe this, me a rapist? he's too busy playing with himself to rape anybody. shut up, xxxxxxx. [simone clears throat] yeah, all right.
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sit down. what is it? someone bumped into your brother's'sab. where were you this morning about 3:00 and 4:00? i, uh... i went to visit my brother. you have talked to him? he let me to borrow the cab. i, uh, drove to make some money. what area were you driving? broadway, times square-- a lot of people still out ononhe street. you drive down by a gas station at houston and bowery? no. there was plenty of gas in the car. i didn't ask you was there gas. i asked did you drive by a gas station at houston and bowery? no. i was not in that area. someone there wrote down the license number of the car you were driving. no. a mistake. a cab driver got robbed last night. you see anything? i saw nothing.
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eriously here. i'm not fibbing. knowing something you don't report can jeopardize your whole situation. may i go? yeah, you can go. if i hear anythingng a, i'll be sure to call you. hey, you're not being a wise guy, are you, kumar? no...i'm not. just be available. keep to your usual spots. all right. i won't go anywhere. yeah. half a wise-ass. he hadadhe car at the time of the stickup. he give up anything? nothing. we got nothing to hold him on. somebody saw the car at the gas station, that's all. scene of the stickup, we got nothing. maybe you'll get him later. we sure ain'n'got him now. sipowicz: for example, uh, if a policeman is out on the street, those are strictly for him to call the station house. that's their sole purpose. they're not going to hurt you, you know. uh, lieutenant, this is our witness cynthia trumbull.
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yeah, we certainly do. uh, you're very important to us. are you ready to go? yeah, we're all set up. ok, let's have a look. mrs. trumbull? no. no? not unless you meet my conditions. i didn't hear about any conditions. i think cynthia's gonna lay that all out for you now. i want your surveillance cameras shut down, i want all recording devices turned off, and d don't want anybody zeroing in on me all right. um, i'll meet your conditions. that's a commitment. shall we go? oh... there you go. . ? thank you. you're gonna be looking through one-way glass, cynthia. you'll see them, they won't see you. if you recognize anybody,


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