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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  November 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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yeah, we certainly do. uh, you're very important to us. are you ready to go? yeah, we're all set up. ok, let's have a look. mrs. trumbull? no. no? not unless you meet my conditions. i didn't hear about any conditions. i think cynthia's gonna lay that all out for you now. i want your surveillance cameras shut down, i want all recording devices turned off, and d don't want anybody zeroing in on me all right. um, i'll meet your conditions. that's a commitment. shall we go? oh... there you go. . ? thank you. you're gonna be looking through one-way glass, cynthia. you'll see them, they won't see you. if you recognize anybody,
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i'm gonna knock here. you recognize anybody? that's him. number 3. where do you recognize him from? i'm gonna have to move to another town, but they'll find me wherever i go. cynthia, where do you recognize number 3 from? these people have agents looking for them. i'm not t fe and you know it. i mean, all they have to do is--is increase the electric current in my apartment. you won't have to move. we'l'lput a fail-safe in with the electrical company. hmm? come on. it's all right. we're gonna get this guy locked up and off the street. i recognize number 3 from the stairway in my building.
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st took a snapshot of the lineup. when that's developed, they'll bring it into the squad room for you to sign. is that going to be a long delay? not if you can believe polaroid. i don't believe any large company, and i'm quite certain he saw me through the glass. that really is impossible. detectives simone and sipowicz will pick you up around 8:00. we'll need you at the grand jury tomorrow morning. i'll be ready if they haven't got to me yet. arthur, thisiss mr. owen devlin, counsel for francis donahue. iif you call me lieutenant. i wanted to call you lieutenant. i somehow got it in my mind that you preferred arthur. uh... is my client being held? he's been arrested for murder. on whahabasis is he charged? who called you? one of mr. donahue's associates. donanae volunteered to stand in a lineup. a witness picked him out. mr. donahue's not the volunteering type. i'd like to talk to him. sit down and wait.
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i messed up. they seem to be staring at me. anyways, maybe we can take you home now. no. i'm afraid to move. whwh's the matter? that man we walked past is very sinister. he knew about events before they'd occurred. we can take you another way out. no. once telepathy's involved, it doesn't matter. cynthia-- i feel him... enveloping my cranium. uh, what does pop goes the weasel mean, cynthia? ? the monkey chased the weasel ? it's the cobbler's bench. no. i said it was the cobbler's bench, too. ? all around the cobbler's bench ? ? the monkey chased the weasel ? ? the monkey thought 'twas all in fun ? ? pop goes the weasel ? you know what that means? ? a penny for a spool of thread ? ? a penny for a needle ? ? that's the way the money goes ? ? pop goes the weasel ? see, and i was never aware of that verse.
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then his financial problems, till finally he can't take it anymore. so what does he do? he pops.
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they grabbed her up. that son of a bitch. where is she? who? don't you make a mistake, bear. i don't know who you're talking about. king? get up. we got company. where is cynthia trumbull? ininabout. you lyin' piece of crap! hey, you see this, man?! hey, sing pop goes the weasel. - sing it! - ? pop goes the weasel ? grab her up, you think i'm not gonna beat you? that lady's hurt, i'm gonna throw you off a roof like the guy you killed. he's threatening my life now! you better hope your lawyer lives up to the scumbag standards of his job. he probably would give me up. i don't think you got enough money. on the gate! keep singing? keep singing. sing it to him. ? pop goes the weasel ?
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morning. where's cynthia trumbull? what the hell's the matter with you? you got our witness. somebody kidnapped her. you think i had something to do with that? lutely, yeah. what you got in here, counselor, huh? some sugar for your dessert? i have no idea what that is. coke or heroin, huh? being herky-jerky like you arere i'd say coke. you had no cause at all. that's a completely illegal search. it was out in plain sight. you gonna tell us where this woman is? you gutless piece of crap. you're a collar. you're coming in. no, no, no... no, don't cuff me, please. don't take me out in cuffs. you remember that. remember, we let you come in like a gentleman. yeah, wewee leaving. we're going now.
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ned? he got shot. is he dead? not yet. maybe he'll be filled with remorse and confess. devlin: leo. you're in a lot of trouble, owen. i'm repeating for the record i've waived no rights at all. i'm just hoping somebody sees reason before this travesty goes too far. if i notify my office an attorney's been arrested in possession of cocaine, . regardless of the viability of the search, you will be brought before the bar. i haven't notified my office, and these detectives have told me they're willing to assume what fell outt of yoe is powdered sugar. what they're looking for isisome help. now! um... in addition to the powdered sugar, i'm concerned about any imputation of complicity in an alleged kidnap.
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would have every reason to be optimistic. i'm not going to provide any information that might incriminate me without a guarantee. i can'tt invoke thy of my office because i haven't notified my office. i'm giving you my word: i won't use anything you say here against you. um... i've represented donahue on two drug charges and one assault. he wanted me to come down here in case i was needed. simone: who was the friend? uh, d-doug somebody. i've never worked for him. he called from d dahue's place. after i found out that-- that--that donahue was arrested, i called this doug back, and i told him that donahue was being held because this woman from the building claimed she'd seen himim . that's all i said. you're a liar. i'm not going to arrange a kidnap for what you found in m mbriefcase. what's the going rate: 5 or 6 ounces?
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you didn't describe a middle-aged woman with red hair and what building she lived in? donahue rents a place he doesn't live in in brooklyn. i helped him out with a landlord problem he had there. that's his safe house where he stashes. i'm not sure what he uses it for. you're a liar! you got t e address of this place? i can get it from my office. [slams telephone] easy. shut up! get it.. i don't know. looks bad. what's his condition? i think he's gonna be ok. i know he doesn't look it. the bullet just went under the skin anancame out again. did you see it? yeah. it was his brother raveen. he come over all xxxxxx off. he was afraid he was gonna lose his car. all right. tell us how it happened. kumar called raveen when he got back from the police station.
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with it. medavovo this is raveen was gonna leave with it. mm-hmm. then kumar, he wouldn't let him go. he starts grabbing and pushing, and he gets the money back, and he's trying to get the gun back, and with all the grabbing and pulling, he gets shot. well, the medic says he's gonna be all right. tch! maybe. what's he know? report of an indian man with a gun in tompkins square park, vicinity of the playground. that's gonna be raveen. report says the e y's brandishing a weapon, threatening to kill himself. let's get out there. hey. what's your name? cheryl. i'm not gonna give you my last name. yeah, well, listen, cheryl, your boyfriend used raveen's car to rob and assault people. so he did a couple of robbbbies. it was an adjustment hassle me moving here from harrisburg. he's trying to adjust to a whole new country.
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watch yourselves. take cover. this guy's having some kind of despondent fit. started d inting the gun when we tried to approach him. he shot his brother. so there you go. we're gonna need a couple of vests. hey, raveen! listen to me! this is detective martinez, e! i wanna come out and talk, ok? i'm gonna come out. me, too. my partner's coming, too. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. go away. if you have to, do what you gotta do. let's go. we're coming out!
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he's dead. no, he's not. hehe alive. now put the gun down. start thinking about your family. your wife needs you. start thinking about her. my family is shamed! my brother brought shame, now i bring shame. i sent him money to come to america, and he repays me with disgrace and shame?! let me have the gun. go away! stop pointing the gun at me.e. a lot of cops around here, i don't want you to get hurt. take it easy. no, no! don't do that. i wanna come and sit on the bench. ok? i'm gonna take one more step and sit. think about your children. your children need you. i'm telling you, your brother's alive. he's gonna be ok.
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he's gonna be fine. put the gun down. don't do it, mr. bhanji. you want your wife to see you with half your head blown away? don't do that to her. is my brother really alive? yeah. yeye, he's alive. put the gun down. let's go, mr. bhanji.
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simone: freeze! get down on the floor! get your hands up!
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[muffled shouts] cynthia, you all right? we don't live here. this isn't our place. shut up! we didn't bring her here. you all right? get an ambulance, i had a heart attack. we're clear! get an ambulance over here right now! doug: i don't know how she got in here. shut your mouth or i'll blow your head off! central, have an ambululce respond to 1621... sipowicz: get down! get on the ground! get down there! cuff 'em. doug: all right. my heart's beating all crazy. an ambulance is on the way. i told you they were gonna kill me. i--i--i--i knew all right. what they were planning. that you are having a heart attack right now, but we just need to get you out on the street. ok? ohh! carry me. yeah. here. i'm not gonna make it. the doctors will pull you through this. you just try to s sy calm. no, no. it's too late. i've been in there too long.
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15 to 25, tim. kidnapping that woman. i told you we just stopped at that place. oh? she put you grabbing her up. that woman's lost her marbles. mmm. so after you found her at this place that you just happened to stop by, you figured you'd strike up a conversation. work out how to help her, that's right. tim, the door's open for you to walk on a major felony, hildish, foolish story. did bear donahue say grab this woman up? he tell you about the murder he did on the roof above howie's bar? eh. i'd get a walk? on the stand, right?
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i don't get your buddy beararocked up, i gotta engage with him in a rooftop struggle to the death, and he can squash me like a bug. now you see how that puts you in somewhat of a bind? he called me, and he asked me to make some calls. that's my complete, entire involvement. who'd he ask you to caca? etkin, his lawyer. devlin? yeah, devlin. who's etkin? um, my lawyer on something else. did you u st xxxx yourself? you're scaring my wits out. who told you to grab that woman? etkin said bear hoped she wouldn't show at the hearing. t meant. so how'd your shift go, naomi? i've enjoyed it. i admire the work that goes on here. my guy says that shyster s smbag delivered the message to grab her up. yeah, huh? yeah. devlin told this idiot, "bear would be very happy that woman don't show up at the hearing." that s snd like a kidnap request to you? diane: hey. how's cynthia?
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no, i guess she just panicked. i thought t e time she'd have the attack was when they put stickum pads on her and hooked her up to the ekg. probably thought they were part of some interplanetary conspiracy. is that woman all right? yeah. i want you to know your hump fellow lawyer relayed the order to grab her up. i thought we sort of inferred that going in. oh, oh, we did? we inferred that? good work. you actually gonna keep your word on not chargingngevlin? detective sipowicz, we go to bat on the coke that "fell out of" his briefcasas for fabrication and illegal seizure of evidence. now, are you sure that's's ? hi. hi, jill. how's it going? where'd the last rounds come from? oh, a.d.a. cohen here's working out the skate for a cokehead lawyer pal of his who was just involved in a kidnap. i'm working out the skate because i said i would in exchange for the informatioio that brought her back. yeah, yeah, you wouldn't want to catch yourself fibbing to an upstanding guy like that. so, ifif keep my word, that makes me an xxxxxxx.
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that's right. twist everything into a knot. i trtrd to help get that woman back safe. when'd he get so sensitiveve hi. hi. wait 40 seconds, you can be the first detective on the 4:00-to-1:00 you're not a jerk. totoall me a jerk. they ought to rewrite all those orientation talks, how my job and yours are allied. you're good-looking, you got a big future. on the days he's feeling real good about himself, andy sipowicz might figure he's smart. the truth is, the only detective whose opinion i care about... is sitting next to me. she thinks you're ok. yeah?
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pbpcpfphpiplpmpoprptpupw so your guys are writing? i don't think cynthia's gonna have to testify. both these guys, they're rolling on bear r etty good. probably a good thing. a lot of times a jury will take a witness in a straitjacket the wrong way. yeah. good night, naomi. good night, lieutenant. i really apologize for being overfamiliar. oh, i meant to come back and explain. attention away from the witness. things in new york are so rarely just as they appear. yeah, well, good night. good night, lieueunant. jersey's like that, too. wanna go see how dopey and dopey are doing? yeah. uh, the library faxed me about that nursery rhyme you were interested in, detective. seems there's no real answer
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yeah, i appreciate that. wellllthat's the end of my assignment. i will hope to see you all in the near future. ok, naomi. good night. take care of yourself. good night. how come she's not leaving? i guess she likes the job. what t t weasel's popping about. you know, some mysteries just don't solve. maybe they should have a rating, like for the tv-- the contents of this story aren't 100% clear.
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any response from melurians, lieutenant? nothing since their original distress call, sir. what about the federation science team working there? dr. manway had a special transmitter. there's nothing, sir. i'm scanning all frequencies. they have to answer. captain. answer. the long-range sensor sweeeeof this system reveals no sign of life. well, that can't be. the last census reported a total inhabitation of more than four billion people. i register no life e adings at all, sir. that's impossible. what could have happened? we would have known in advance of any system-wide catastrophe.


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