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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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information to me w w correct. i'd like to check it out, if you don't mind. a man is not just a biological unit that you can patch together. what did it do to me? dr. mccoy will explain it to you. well, doctor? nurse, i want him prepared for a full physical examination. yes, sir. nomad, come here. repair that unit. not possible. you restored scott. he had much more extensive damage. the unit scott required simple structural repair. the knowledge banks of this unit have been wiped clean.
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if there has been no brain damage but only knowledge erased, she could bebe reed. bones? yes. i'll get on it right away. oh, and in spite of the way you repaired scotty, you metal ticking-- does the creator wish nomad to wait elsewhere? yes. nomad, you will go with these units. they will take you to a waiting area. doctor... i interrupted you because nomad would not have understood your anger. it has great technical skill, but its reaction to emotion is unpredictable. it almost qualifies as a life form. [chuckles] that's a laugh. the study of it would be of great use, captain. it's a killer, spock.
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h your equipment, run a full analysis on the mechanism. i wawa to know what makes that thing tick.
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what's the problem? an almost human stubbornness, captain. i have been unable to convince nomad
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i can do nothing. nomad... you will allow mr. spock to probe your memory banks and structure. mr. spock is also one of your biological units, creator? yes. this unit is different. it is well-ordered. follow your instructions, nomad. thank you. you may proceed. "see the dog." that's right. "see the dog..." now sound it out. r... "run!" that's it, uhura. that's very good. now try the next one.
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"the dog..." [speaking swahili] not swahili, uhura. in english. "the dog has a ball." see? b...ah...ll. ball. now you go ahead. [speaking swahili] "the dog has a ball." that's right! oh, that's right, uhura. . you try another one. i'll be right back. all right, christine. first how's she doing? grade reader. she's learning. she seems to have an aptitude for mathematics. do you think we can reeducate her, doctor? well, she checks out with no brain damage.
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now it's up p us. "the" "" "blooey." blooey? i get certain references to the accident, the other, but nothing clear. we've got to know about it, spock-- what makes it operate, its compulsion for perfection. captain, i suggest the vulcan mind probe. get into direct mental contact with that thing? it seems the only way. you saw what it did to uhura. there is a risk, but i have formed a partial hypothesis.
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nomad, the unit spock will touch you. it is not an attack. it is a form of communication. you will permit it. i will permit it, creator. [monotone voice]
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tiness... it approaches. n. damage. blackness. other. i am tonru... error. flaw. imperfection. must sterilize.
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we are complete. much power. eca...tonru. the creator instructs. search out. identify. sterilize imperfections. we...are...nomad. we...are...nomad. we are complete. we are instructed. our purpose is clear. sterilize imperfections.
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sterilize. sterilize. nomad... sterilize. spock. spock! nomad! you're in contact with the unit spock. stop! stop! acknowledged. spock. spock! fascinating, captain. the knowledge. the depth. what does it mean-- "we are nomad"? it was, um... it was--it was damaged in deep space. undoubtedly, the meteor collision. its memory banks were destroyed,
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the other was an alien probe of great power. somehow they...merged, repaired each other, became one. then it isn't nomad? not the nomad we lost from earth. er a new directive to replace its own. the other was originally programmed to secure and sterilize soil samples from other planets... probably as a prelude to colonization. a changeling. i beg your pardon? an ancient earth legend, mr. spock. a changeling was a fairy chilil that was left in place of a human baby. the changeling assumed the identity of the human child. so... it is to sterilize,
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the power and the sosoistication to do it. yes, it's powerful, it's sophisticated, but it's not infallible. it' it thinks i'm its... mother. and that is the only thing that has saved us until now. yes.
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notify the captain. what are you doing here? watch your panels, everyone. watch that polymass. roger... help with the interfactor. leave that alone. this primitive matter/antimatter propulsion system is the main drive? aye. inefficiency exists in the antimatter input vavae. i will effect repair. [electric humming] how are you doing that? the energy release controls are also most inefficient. i shall effect repair. warp eight, mr. scott, and increasing.
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cut your circuits-- all of them. it can warp 10, mr. scott. 't go that fast. it just won't stop, mr. scott. warp 11! nomad, stop what you're doing. scotty. is there a problem, creator? i have increased engine efficiency 57%. you will destroy my ship. cture cannot stand the stress of that much power. turn off your repair operation. acknowledged. it is reversed as ordered, creator. mr. scott, give sulu warp two and keep her there. aye, sir. captain. i've examined the brig. the force-field door on the security cell is damaged. and the guards have vanished. i must assume they are dead. you killed two of my--
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nomad, it's about time i told you who and what you are! i'm a biological unit, and i created you. non sequitur. biological units are inherently inferior. this is an inconsistency. nomad, there are two men waiting outside. you will not harm them. they will escort you back to the waiting area. you will stay there. you will do nothing. i am programmed to investigate. i have given you new programming, and you wiwi implement it. there is much to be considered before i return to launch point.
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reevaluate? i suspect it is about to reevaluate its creator. captain, it may have been unwise to admit to nomad that you are a biological unit. in nomad's eyes, you mumu now undoubtedly appear imperfect. it was a foolish mistake. even worse. nomad just now made a reference to its launch point-- earth. spock, do you think k 's possible that it got a fix on earth when it tapped the computers? i do not belelve there is much beyond nomad's capabilities. and we've shown it the way home. and when it gets there... it will find the earth infested with imperfect biological units... and it will carry out its prime directive--
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captain's log, stardate 3541.9-- the presence of nomama aboard my ship has become nightmarish. now it apparently means to return to earth. lly destroy all life. hey. nomad, stop. nomad, this way.
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[mccoy] captain kirk to sick bay. emergency. manual contrtrs. no response. nomad. nomad. stop. nomad, stop! nomad... is she all right? i think so. looks like some kind of shock. what happened? nomad examined the personnel files and the medical history. she tried to stop him. whose history? yours. since it specifically examined your history, i suggest it has completed its reevaluation. and found that its creator
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[scott] bridge to captain. kirk here. ha life support systems are out all over the ship. s been blocked. source-- engineering. nomad. undoubtedly. jim, with all the e stems out, we'll only have enough air and heat for-- scotty, get some anti-gravs and meet me in engineering. nomad... stop what you're doing stop. you're programmed to obey the orders of your creator. i am programmed to destroy those life forms which are imperfect. these alterations will do so without destroying the vessel which surrounds them.
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d... i admit that biological units are imperfect, but a biological unit created you. i am perfect. i am nomad. no, you're not nomad, you're an alien machine. your programming tapes have been altered. you are in error. ar e impet. you are a biological unit. but i am your creator. you are the creator. i created you? you are the creator. but i admit i'm imperfect. how could i have created such a perfect thing as you? i shall analyze.
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fficient data to resolve problem, but my programming is whole. my purpose remains. i am nomad. i am perfect. that which is imperfect must be sterilized. then you will continue to destroy that which thinks and lives and is imperfect? i shall continue. i shall return to launch point earth. i shall sterilize. you must sterilize in case of error? error is inconsistent with my prime functions. sterilization is correction. everything that is in error must be sterilized. there are no exceptions. nomad... i made an error in creating you.
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your data is faulty. i am nomad. i am perfect. i am the kirk, the creator? you are the creator. you're wrong! jackson roykirk, your creator, is dead. you have mistaken me for him. you are in error. you did not discover your mistake. you have made two errors. you are flawed and imperfect. you have made three errors. error. error. error. examine. you are flawed and imperfect! execute your prime function! i shall analyze error. analyze... error... now! get those anti-gravs on. examine... error. error.
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we are in grave danger. scotty, the transporter room. analyze error... error... scotty, set the controls for deep space-- 210, mark 1. aye, sir. faulty! ready, sir. faulty! nomad... you are imperfect! error. error. exercise your prime function. faulty! must...analyze. analyze... now.
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my congratulations, captain. a dazzling display of logic. you didn't think i had it in me, did you, spock?
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ought you might like to know that lieutenant uhura is back to college levelel we should have her back on the job within a week. good, bones, good. remarkable. what? the destruction of nomad was a great waste, captain. it was a remarkable instrument. which might well have destroyed more billions of lives. it's well gone. besides, what are you feeling so badly about? it's not easy to lose a bright and promising son. sir? , didn't it? do you think i'm completely without feelings, mr. spock? you saw what it did for scotty. what a doctor it would've made. my son the doctor.
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