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tv   Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EST

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let them break us now and they'll own us. if the strike goes on and on we'll lose our jobs. we're police officers, highly trained specialists. try telling that to the air traffic controllers. crowd: scab! go away! scab! you've been here hah an hour, right? put me on for a double shift next time. sure, whatever you say. booker, right? booker, dennis. oh, yeah. booker. all right, thanks. see you later. dennis. should you do this with the flu? stop taunting me. i'm not going. how can you turn down the batting cages?
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i'll have you back in plenty of time to do your laundry. boog, leave me alone, man. i said i'm not going. doug, the machine throws curveballs. curveballs? yeah, curveballs. i like curveballs. come on, what are you worried about? ahh! 12 sick days in my pocket. how many sick days you got? 79. nobody has 79 sick days. i do. i'm golden 'till spring. thank you. these negotiators are going in circles.
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in this business. shrewd? she was on the ropes all afternoon. had old barb on the ropes, huh? while she's "on the ropes," she's positioning. had old barb on tpositioning.h? yes, getting you to compromise without you knowing it. when i make you think you want one thing when you want something else entirely. are yo mwith me? yeah. okay. for example, last night. no, you wanted italian. i said italian. if i said mexican we'd end up with burgers. so what did we have? mexican. mexican. you take care of this. i did that last night. yeah, but i got something you want. ride back to the office. that's cute.
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for being a little late. a little late? i was a little late two hours ago. thank you. i'm sorry i yelled at you. hey, johnny. hey. one of your personal errands? can i buy you a beer? you already did. a little. like paul newman played a little. come on. how about a buck a ball, huh? $2 a ball. oh, yeah? that's what i love to hear. i remember when we struck in '76. i used to clean up at this table. you weren't carrying a sign? are you kidding? we had five guys all from the 77th. one guy would show up each day and sign in the other four.
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best part was the contract-- it expired during the baseball playoffs. got to watch every game on the tube. yeah, i'll never forget the yankees' fifth game against k.c. chambliss' homer in the ninth. yeah, right. who tied it up in the eighth? george brett. very good, kid. i remember the next year even better. both: bucky dent. because i grew up.
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where have you been? we went to the batting cage. then the guys wanted to get beer. you forgot a few things on the list. it's a long list. i got all strike to finish it. that's not funny. i got... look, i got food. chicken wings. and meatballs. egg rolls. bar food? well, you like bar food. yeah, when i'm at a bar. striking policemen and women were out in force today... i'll finthh the list tomorrow, okay? doug, don't you understand? i'm worried. you're on strike. don't worry. it's not like the two sides aren't talking.
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they assured us adjustments were made. all we got was rhetoric and grandstanding. this city had better wake up to the potential crisis here. we have no more to give.
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"management has rolled all sick pay into next year "to force officers back to work. "the city, concerned with public safety "has rushed all recruits through the academy "pairing them with supervisory personnel
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captain, you look beautiful. hey... didn't even have it altered. this isn't my business but speaking as a union man should you be doing this? i'm following orders. i don't have to like them, but i have to follow them. i love a man in a uniform. kind of lonely in here, huh, sal? yeah, i did all that. i went to the groc-- hey i saved us a fortune, man. news. there's an opening in sales. sales? like a salesperson? it's just entry-level but the boss is kind of a friend. you never told me about her. it's a him. we're just friendly by the water cooler. how friendly? doug. okay, okay. we're invited to his house for dinner.
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i don't know-- sales. don't you have to work on commission? so? i can make more money. you could also make less. i couldn't possibly make less. my job now is stupid. i hate answering phones. quiet-- you want everybody to hear you screaming?! you hate the idea of me making more money than you. no, don't be ridiculous. don't be all panicky about money. we're not in the poorhouse. shh! nothing, nothing. i got the tv on. listen, dodo, i would never let anything happen to you. we'll be fine. harry told me about this company hiring security personnel. we're not talking about you. we're talking about me. why won't you ever support me? what, i don'@psupport you? when you wanted to go into intelligence
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an... when you wanted to go back to jump street i wanted whatever would make you happy. why can't you for once be behind something important to me? geez, you're right. i'm sorry. i guess i have been really wrapped up in myself. so we can go tonight? to your boss's dinner? yeah, sure. we'll have a great time. on't talk about your work or the strike? i promise tonight is your night. thanks. good luck with your security interview. who needs luck? i'm a highly trained security machine. they're just being polite to these guys. we're shoo-ins. hope so.
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thanks, art. i'll see you at nine in the morning. oh, um... hey, guys. are they here? come on, sarge. if we're going to win everybody's got to walk the line. i support you but i'm just not into this stuff. we don't do this stuff because it's in some kind of striker's handbook. this is a battle of public relations. if we're going to win, i need everybody out here so management can take us serious.
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none. let me give you a hint. this one's going to get nasty. you're talking about cops. i'm talking about guys' families. let me tell you what will happen. first, management will get on the news and say we're handing over the city to criminals over a few lousy dollars. then they're going to try to split us by going after our leaders. to rehire us at the same old salary. fire everybody? they're out to break us at the sthis time.lary. if guys like yourself don't stand with the rest of us
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counting this morning my partner's been a cop exactly five days. we just got to get through the next few days without an incident. wow, this thing is sensitive. hey, captain. ready to roll? gary: it was an accident. i promise it won't happen again. i have to file a report, gary. and i hate paperwork.
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play with that again i'll whack you with a newspaper. i promise i'll keep it in my holster. you ready for this? for what? here comes another one. don't let them through!
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so i say, "call my boss. "spend a few bucks on renter's insurance. you'll sleep better." yeah, well i appreciate the lead, mick. okay, it's not a big policy. but the guy's 25. his income's on the rise. soon he'll be in a house. cars. uhlisa, that was a fantastic meal. thank you. yes, i can't remember when i've tasted a reduction sauce with quite that balance. ( no audio ) reduction sauce? i didn't know that's what it was. my aunt makes a wonderful reduction sauce. she called it "pan drippings."
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none for me, reedo. if you have a beer... wine gives me a headache. my friend, that is a '73 sauvignon. if that gives you a headache... something gives me a headache. i'm a beer guy myself although we appreciate the thought. doug i got a few frosty steins in the den. let's crack open a few brews. will you excuse us? what a blowhard. he was a little much. a little? i send that schlub to a customer and i can just hear our stock plummet. dorothy tells me you have an opening in your department. think she'd be interested? that girl was born to sell. she has a certain non-aggressive style.
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anyway, i thought you needed a break from mr. motormouth, too, so... ( snorting ) what's wrong, doug? geez, and i was really starting to like you. have i told you what i do for a living?
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officer sharff? shift's over, gary. go home. thanks, captain. long night, huh? i think it was a good one though. i learned a lot. you're a really good cop.
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what, mick? great dinner party last night, wasn't it? a little wine, sparkling conversation. i bail my new boss out of jail. it's not that funny, mick. it is if you're me. when i slide over into sales
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for you? yeah, maybe they'll open the back door. ( buzzing ) yes? can you come into my office, please? yes, i'll be right in. it's been great working with you. uh... mr. bowman, i'm, uh... really, really sorry. ready to do this? i want you on my staff. welcome to the sales force.
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gary, you do have a driver's license, don't you? yes, sir. uh-huh. n't it? yes, sir. listen, anybody talk to you before you did this? what, become a cop? i wanted to be a cop all my life. i flunked the academy three times you know. yeah, i believe i read that. this strike's like a dream come true. you're not worried that when it's over
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they promised us job security if we crossed the line. job security is what this strike is all about. we can't talk about the strike, captain. if you try to influence me i'm supposed to tell someone. i mean, you crossed the line. look, officer sharff, i'm doing my job. i'll just say that people especially union people don't forget quite as easily as you think. someone slashed my tires st night, gary. and people like me. so, how goes the big war of attrition? i can't talk about it. i tn't talk about it.
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come over tonight and i'll squeeze something out of you. i'm busy tonight. with who? oh, okay. the secret talks. what talks? old news, hanson. everybody knows about the talks. you're not supposed to know. so pretend i don't. how late will you be? midnight, 1:00, 2:00? you just did it again. what? mexican food. you got me to tell you about did you know about that? how would i know? you're the inside guy. so, are the two sides any closer? come on. tell me something. will you talk to me, dorothy? this is supposed to be good news. rumor is the strike will be over in a day. i don't care about your stupid strike.
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e to arrest him. he only had a little. he wasn't dealing. he did a controlled substance in front of me. i'm a cop. a cop that's on strike. you're still a cop even off the clock. you could've looked away. but, no, you had to arrest my boss and make me look stupid just because you're jealous. i'm taking this job, doug. so get used to it. here you go. hey, dennis. hey, judy. what's goi on? just doing my duty. where's stubbs? you didn't hear? what? he got nailed for slashing fuller's tires. he didn't slash any tires. no, but he's in charge of the picketers. i don't believe it.
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ted and lose his pension. ( knocking ) hey. i'm screwed, booker. they're burning half my pension. i'll be out writing parking tickets. you want some tea? yeah, that would be great. that tire slashing is bull. no way they can make it stick. it doesn't matter. the department's labeled me a troublemaker. i'll be demoted.
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make an example of me and the rest fold. you're a good cop. you got more collars than they'll see in a lifetime. they don't care. they don't know what being a cop is. they think you just do your eight hours like everybody else. i never stopped after eight hours in my life. you're not a cop if you do. tell me about it, kid. we'll help you however we can. anchor: i'm here with management spokesperson barb simcoe. is there anything you can tell us? we met for 17 hours and planned more but union negoti are stuck on a number that this city simply cannot afford. what's the next step? tomorrow, notices will be mailed informing all officers who fail to report
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just like you said. they're out to kill the union. booker. didn't hear you come in. just catching a snooze between shifts. y out. maybe you should leave them to the guys who do them for a living. you mean the guys who slashed my tires? yeah, those guys. booker, you don't know me very well so let me make this clear to you.
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i'm so tired, i don't give a damn what you believe. no matter how i feel about this strike we were ordered to protect the city. you're helping them break the union. don't push too hard. management arrested a guy for slashing your tires. his whole life is police work. he didn't do it. now he'll lose his pension. if you think i'ldddefend that, you're wrong. do you believe what they did? this bar is for striking cops, harry. i'm on strike just like you. no, i support the strike.
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you'd make 1/10th your salary without this union. when did you become mr. union man? since i realized this isn't just about money. they're trying to make us crawl. $32,500 a year isn't crawling to me. they won't give us that anymore. how low will you go? $100 a day? 75... 50? buying our own bullets? you do what you want to do. when they put the list out tomorrow for guys to go back to work i'm g gning it. guys never forget a scab, harry.
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it's my first credit card. i tried banks, but they're always turning me down. i got this through the credit union. that guy's driving a little too good for my tastes.
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what was i doing, officer? did you forget where you were going, mr. shaffer? that was a quick turn you made. sorry, i must have been daydreaming. can't really argue the ticket. no problem, officer. stay with mr. shaffer a minute. what did i do? 17-x-54 requesting wants and warrants on...
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yeah. samuel shaffer, 3426 98th street... mind if i grab a smoke? pack's on the dashboard. sure, go ahead. blue chevy nova. papa zebra john one... gary! don't run. what the hell were you doing back there? he's wanted for murder. how am i supposed to know that? you're supposed to know what's going on at all times. you're supposed to be a cop.
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dorothy: doug... i, uh... turned down the job. i realized you were right. i told reed to forget it. maybe i can do the job, and maybe i can't but the way i got it was wrong. well... forget about it. there will be other chances, right? and i'll be right there for you
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( crowd yelling angrily ) if you cross this line you and i will never be the same. i got to do what i think is right, booker. all i want is to go back to being a co hey, scab! don't you know what you're doing? listen to me. ey'll kill us. it's over. they beat us. they haven't beat us until we take what they give us. i'd like to fight, but i'm broke. that's whefiyou fight harder. easy for you to say. it's not easy for me to say. i'm hurting, too. hurting's a wife, three kids and no paycheck. don't you see what they're doing to us? this isn't a onetime thing.
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comes a time when you look out for yourself. then look out for yourself. you think that means going it alone. but we're all together. we'll only win by staying together. how are we closer to winning? the city is scared. for the first time they realize what cops mean to their lives. they're ready to give us what we want. all we have to do is see it and believe in ourselves. a lot of effort went into this along with a lot of personal and professional sacrifice from your negotiating team. though there may not be any winners in this contract there most certainly are no losers.
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with some pretty nasty scare tactics and you people didn't fold. because you didn't go back to work when people said you would management came to us with a new proposal your negotiating team can finally recommend. we may not agree with all of it and we may not leave here tonight with a contract. but one thing they can never take away from us-- i'll never forget that. we ask that you support this contract and that you vote in favor of it.
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hanson, what's the story with roosevelt? day after tomorrow. fuller's scrounging up some covers. we got probable cause. why not drag him in? we are this close from a hand-to-hand buy. no way! hey, come on, the floors!
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( humming ) hey. hey. i hear you rattled off some pretty inspiring words the other day. anything to keep from going back to work. whatever the reason, you made a difference. be proud of that. you might feel differently when you hear me. they strung up the wrong guy for the tire slashing. i did it.
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i thought i could get away with it. you're not just saying this so stubbs can get his pension back? if i say i did it that's how you got to put it down, right? right. great. thanks, captain. sorry about the tires. i'll see you. uh, booker yeah? about those tires you slashed... thanks. [captioning sponsored by fx networks
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no. an old man. he sleeps.


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