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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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guage] there. [speaking in foreign language] [dramatic music] [slow-papad music] it was sure fun out at the airport playing spies. yeah, it's been a lot of laughs. i hope you changed your mindnd about sending me home. well, as a matter of fact while you finish your fifth dessert, i'm going to make a phone call
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waiter, may i have the check, please. do you have any gum, chris? - sure, you want some? - um-hmm. thanks. [chuckles] should we scare the waiter? no. not now, no. he might drop his tray.
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thank you. chris. how good are you at running? lickety-split! you wanna see? no. not t w, just, uh... wait until i tell you. okay, let's go. ah! gee, i think i forgot to leave the tip. - lickety-split! - after them. [fast-paced music] here. [thud]
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[grunting] [panting] stayayere. okay, up you go. keep going till you get to the airport. - yeah. - give my regards to your mom. (chris) 'solo!' [dramatic music] (female #1) 'we have the boy, mr. solo. must we harm him?' 'or will you surrender?' [music continues]
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[slow-paced music]
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[door opens] in there. sit down, mr. solo. i am, generarayokura. oh, yes, yes. as a matter of fact, uh...there were very interesting dossiers in our files. ah, i am flatterer. 'but i am also disturbed that u.n.c.l.e. has sent you' 'to probe matters which dodoot concern you.' as a matter of fact, at the moment i'm rather disturbed about that myself. what do you know of chemical formula j-47? of its effects?' i never heard of it. - mmm, no. - oh, come, mr. solo. that island...the village yoyodestroyed.
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i dislike glibness. yes, i can see that. 'we search for the s se mystery, you and i.' the source of the chemical which infected the village. well, since we are on the same easter egg hunt let's make a little trade, shall we? i'll tell yoyowhat i know and you tell me...what you know. for a man very close to death, you are remarkably cavalier. well, let's see, actually i won't be able to say anything after i'm dead, will i? very well, i will accept your bargain. chemical j-47 was perfected by one of my own countryman in a secret laboratory here in norway, during the last war. it is a formula which accelerates the growth rate by the destruction of geriatric antibodies. we also know, he made only one small, but very potent quantity
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my countryman, apparently, suffered some romantic fantasies of guilt. so, he injected himself with an overdose of j-47. he was 31 years old. but he died of old age within 24 hours. well, i was hoping you'd tell me something new. i mean, we know all this. well, then perhaps you also know where my countryman hid the lala quantity of j-47 before he disposed of himself. i never like to talk secrets unless i have my friends gathered around me. where is christopher? (yokura) 'you try my patience in a most' dangerous manner, mr. solo. another interesting thing about me is that under torture i tend to yell a great deal and reveal absolutely nothing. [snaps] it is just as well. children are nuisances.
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you may have him. [door opens] - hi. - hi. - you're alright? - sure. well, you can see the boy is unharmed. now, if you please, where is chemical j-47 hidden? general, i really can't tell you. one of your agents, olaf nelson made a similarly foolish statement before he died. there was mention of a ring in a conversation you had at the airport in london. what is this ring? its purpose? 'where is it?' the in that litttt black box over there. this? yes, there is a secret compartment there. - you have to push that lever. - but it-- [whirring]
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freeze. chris, get that stuff off the desk and put it in t t bag. now, general, you will escort us out of here. we're gonna march in four, four time. you lead, person will follow. and i'll keep my eye on the attractive stag line in the rear. get the door, chris. alright, gentleman, stay back. [dramatic music] [gunshots]
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[dog barking] [music continues] why did we come all the way down here?
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- i don't know. - then how can you find it? i'm not sure. boy. sometimes being a spy doesn't makekeense at all. i know, you're looking for clues.s. uh-huh. - how about footprints? - no. - tire marks? - uh-uh. a trail of blood. really? where? i-i don't know. just sounds like something good to look for. marry the maiden. what's that mean? it's a clue. friendndf mine gave it to me. marry the maiden, hmm? yeah. hey, wanna see a picture of my mom? 'later.'
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hey! here boy! [chris whistles] here. here. come on, come on.' marry, third finger, left hand. the maiden of norway. marry the mamaen of norway. [dramatic music] [music continues] yeah. got it. (chris) 'can i see?' alright, come on. i'll boost you up. hey, waiaia second. what's this on your pants? where? looks like a gift from general yokura. probably put it on there when you were tied up. 'see exactly what it does.'
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uh, a...a subminiature shororrange oscillator. huh? it's a baby radio station, chris. sends out a special high frequency. has to be picked up by a special receiver. as long as you're wearing it the general can track you anywhere. - he might be here somewhere? - he is around here somewhere. some place out of sight, where we can't see him. we gotta throw him a curve and fast. here boy. come here. come here. okay. get the ring. come on. [buzzing] they've moved away from nelson's. hey, what are you gonna do with him? it's not what i'm gonna do with him. it's what he's gonna do with yokuku's receiver. come on, boy. come on. go get it, boy. go! [splash]
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well, where are they now? now they're moving off again. in a different direction. shall we move, your excellency? no, keep them under radio surveillance. perhaps before we destroy them they will lead us to chemical j-47. here's the rock. that's where the maiden pointed. gee, there's a cave. stay back, don't come any closer. what is it? see that yellow streak heading from inside the cave?
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empties over the edge into the e ean. well, that's how you infect bluegilled sardines. infect them wiwi what? (solo) 'old age, judging from that skeleton.' that streak's all dried up. is it still dangerous? not now. but if there's any left inside in liqiqd form.. you stay there. mr. solo, be careful. please. i shall be a study in caution. [dramatic music] [music continues]
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] [clanging] - mr. solo, are you alright? - fine, chris. - is it safe to come in? - yeah, come ahead. it's either all been washed out to sea or dried up. (chris) 'look who's here.' how do you like this? pretty smart the way he found us, huh?
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there while i have a look. e.' ah, so you are, general. well, i'm afraid it's all been for nothing. i hope not. that would make me very angry. i had intended that you die quickly. but if i've been put to all this trouble for nothing.. 'shall we see what has brought you and chris to this cave?' [gunshots] come, come, mr. solo. what do you hope to accocolish? we can sit out here until you starve. i don't know. i might be a ae to jump you after it gets dark. if i were you, i'd go on home. there's nothing here. oh, not even one small container of say, j-47? it's too late, general. it's rusted out. stuff drained into the ocean and killed some sardines. sardines killed some seals and the seals killed
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you can look for yourself. (yokura) 'another trick, solo?' you ththk you will shoot me when i enter to examine the container? no trick, yokura. word of honor. in a situation like this, a man's word of honor is hardly sufficient. [gunshots] [barks] [barks] [dramatic music] [gunshots] uh. [barking]
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[thwacks] [thud] [gunshot] [panting] alright, tell him i'm dead. [panting continues] he's dead, your excellency. very good. ah! w let us see what prize we have. the prize, generer, is a norwegian prison. [gunshots] well, what about you? i thought it was the old japanese custom
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gee, that's wrapping it up. yeah, i'm gonna wrap you up and deliver you to your mother. - oh, boy. you're gonna love-- - i know.
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- ah, welcome back, mr. solo. - thank you, sir. well, your message indicated you achieved the most successful conclusion to our little business matter. who's this? oh, this is my friend and co-international spy christopher larson. this is mr. waverly. - how do you do? - how do you do? he's one of us.
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i know i've been anxixis for you to meet my beautiful widowed mother and all, but...well, if you met and liked each other you might even wanna getetarried. - oh. - 'yeah.' (chris) 'and, uh...well, i like you an awful lot, mr. solo' but i still gotta take care of mother first. she needs somebody to be around a lot 'you know, to kiss and stuff.' well, being a spy and all you probably wouldn't be able to s snd much time at home. well, that would make mother awful unhappy. i see. i'd like to shop around a little more for a father. well, i am disappointed. but i understand. - oh, look. there's mother. - where? (chris) 'right over there by the gate.' goodbye, chris. i think your mother looks like a very fine woman.
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goodbye. and don't forget, i'll always be your friend. and i'll always be yours, okay? that's mother? ah, mr. waverly, perhaps i should, after all come along, mr. solo. mother is a boy's best friend. [jazz music]
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?? >> here's adventure! ?? here's romance! here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west... >> wa-wa-water. (whimpering) water... water... ohh. please, cisco. ohh! oh, water. >> (panting) uhh!


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