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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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?? >> here's adventure! ?? here's romance! here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west... >> wa-wa-water. (whimpering) water... water... ohh. please, cisco. ohh! oh, water. >> (panting) uhh!
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(gunshot) >> cisco... cisco... >> what is it, pancho? dead. this look like heaven. >> it must be heaven, pancho. there is a beautiful angel watching over us. >> thank goodness you've come to. here. >> cisco, an angel in petticoats. how can thth be? pinch me, cisco.
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you totowist the skin off of my boneses-- that hurt. >> how can it hurt, pancho? you're dead. >> then somebody should tell it to my leg, because he didn't die with the rest of me. i wonder where-- wha-- hey! loco! loco, loco! loco, loco... loco, loco! you know, i think i never see you again, loco. (laughing) ah, loco... oh, loc-- where you find them, senorita? >> that's not important. but the two of you must leave here at once. re out of hidden valley. >> leave now, miss? but-- >> oh, please don't argue with me. i haven't time to explain. but you must leave! i... >> greetings, gentlemen. i trust that my niece has made you welcome in mabsence. i'm george challis, at your service. >> my friends call me cisco. >> and i'm pancho fernrndo gonzalez de conejo, jr. >> we owe our lives to your niece, sir. we got lost in the badlands. >> i found them unconscious a
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north gate. they were just goioi to leave. >> but, my dear nedra, that wouldn't be hospitable. you must remain as my, uh, guests for a few days. >> well, it is very kind of you, sir, but-- >> i refuse to take no for an answer. oh, cisco, pinch me! no, no, no, i pinch myself. ai! i didn't know my skin was so tender. whew. heh. (giggling) >ood evening, gentlemen. >> good evening, sir. >> i suppose you've been wondering why i asked you to come to dinner with your hats on. >> ah, we are. >> it's an old tradition in the house of challis. >> that's a good idea, because my head is always s ld. >> have you any idea exactly where you are? >> (chuckles) no, we really don't. it isn't every day that one wakes up in a desert oasis, off the beaten track and miles froro nowhere. >> yeah, not even on the map!
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valley. barty and i found it years ago when my ship, the golden hind, was wrecked in the gulf. >> the golden hind? that's funny, my uncle tito told me when i was a little youngerer that the golden hind was a pirate ship. >> that she was, my bucko. the sweetest little ship that ever run up the black flag. >> marty is inclined to exaggerate. i was a privateer with authority to seize or destroy enemy craft. oh, those were wonderful days. this was my favorite blade. pistols are excellent, but give me cold steel for dependability. a blade in the hand of an expert swordsman never fails. excuse me. you look lovely, my dear. please, be seated.
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>> pancho. >> gracias. >> well, this is delightful. we donon very often have the pleasure of entertaining guests. oh, nedra, where was it exactly that you found cisco and pancho? >> oh, i don't remember exactly. >> strange that, uh, one of my guards didn't report it. however, it's of no importance. to the golden hind. ?? >> i've come for you, challis, like i promised. >> killing me won't dodoou any good, rand. my indians will tear you to pieces. >> but you won't be alive to see it. and neither will barty. (gun cocks) ?? >> all right, barty. take him outside.
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>> my deest thanks to you, sir. >> think nothing of it, sir. who is this man? >> one of my workers. perhaps nedra can tell you more about him. and perhaps nedra can tell us where he got the pistol. ??
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(gunshots) >> cisco! cisco! cisco! ooh, cisco! cisco, oh, cisco. >> pancho! >> i'm so glad to see you, cisco. >> what happened to you? >> oh, i don't know, cisco. i was asleep, and a man come in here with a-- with a great, big knife. >> man? what kind of a man? >> well, i don't know. he-- he had on a mask and little holes for the eyes, and a black overcoat. >> mask and a black overcoat? >> yeah. >> how could he have disappeared so completely?
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>> well, that's impossible. i think you must have had a nightmare, brought on by too much dinner. come on, barty. >> now, pancho, take it easy start from the beginning. >> guess you'll believe me now, skipper. >> yes, yes, i believe you. >> i told you he had a mask on. >> what are you looking for, cisco? >> i'm looking for bullet holes, pancho, but they're aren't any. >> you mean to tell me i missed the whole wall? >> say, pancho, hand me my gun belt. mm-hmm, there's your answer. >> (speaking spanish) they're all blank bullets, eh? >> yes, pancho, , ey're all blank bullets. somebody changed the cartridges in our belt while we were at the dinner table. >> cisco, i bet it was that man in black with the great, big knife, huh? he want to cut our hds off. (speaks spanish)
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walking around with a hat and no head? >> not bad. (chuckles) ?? >> scurvy dog. get some water.
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this is my grainery. in addition to hay, barley, and oats, i raise the finest of wheat. barty, bring rand over here. >> uncle, please don't go through with this. please! >> you're in love with him, aren't y y? i've known about it for some time, nedra. i'm sorry, but rand must be punished. >> you know what to expect, rand. all right, barty, proceed. >> i'll crush your bones into a pulp, you scurvy rat. >> you can't do this. this boy is so weak, he can't stand on his feet. >> how unfortunate... for him. >> barty will kill him. >> we think alike. >> this is not punishment.
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>>our concern is very touching. perhaps you'd like to take his place. ?? >> stand still and fig, blasted flea! >> (groaning)
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>> yes! >> (laughs) your little boy barty is weak in the knees and fall down so easy, eh? >> you fight very wellllith your fists, my friend. >> i can do better with a gun. let me have back the bullets that you s sstituted with blanks and i'll be glad to demonstrate. >> oh, you are the one who do this-- why? >> merely a precaution, pancho, since i am allowing you and cisco the freedom of my entire valley. but i must warn you against trying to leave. my indian guards wouldn't appreciate it. they're yaquis, and they might shoot to kill. >> you mean to tell us we are prisoners? >> oh, i prefer to call you my guests. until such time as i weary of your charming company. >> and then?
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>> well, thanks, cisco, for taking my place. barty would have killed me. >> forget it. say, why don't you people all band together and try to get out of this valley? >> we're virtually slaves, all of us. forced to work in his hay y d grain fields, whipped, beaten, and starved. >> yeah, well, how you all get ininere? >> did you ever hear of the walker expedition? >> you mean the wagon train from st. jude that disappeared without a tracac >> yes, well, here's where it disappeared-- in hidden valley. we didn't know our guide was one of his yaquis. we made camp here one night, ananthe next morning we were all prisoners. robbed of our cash and other belongings. we didn't have a chance. our leader, jim walker, disappears-- he was killed. >> there is a way out of this valley. >> yes, there's a way east of the buttes, but you'll never make it. three e the men tried it, and they were killed. the whole place is ringed in with his yaqui guards. >> yeah, we don't got no bullets. >> no, pancho, but we have our
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horses. >> yeah, and a whole bunch of yaqui indians waiting to kill us. ah, you know, that ain't so good for the health, cisco. >> so far, pancho, we've enjoyed our health. wait, what are you doing there, carving your name on that? >> i'm carving my me on this post because when i come back here, i want to know this is the place i didn't want to be at. >> come on, let's go. we'll be back, friend. >> we'll go, and we don't come back, it won't be so healthy. ?? >> don't! you'll have every guard in the place after us.
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(gunshot) hey, pancho, that shot'll bring out every indian in the valley. i'm going to try to draw themm
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>> uhh! >> just as soon as pancho is captured, which should be very soon now, both of you will be shot. >> you u uerestimate pancho, my pirate friend. he'll be back, but not alone. >> you never give up, do you, cicio? >> stay here with him.
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?? >> hey, do you like silver? you see these eagles on my belt? they're of real silver. you can have them. my gun is made of silver, too. >> thank god you're safe, cisco. this is jim walker, leader of our wagon train. >> but you said he was dead. >> i wanted challis to think so. >> jim came out of hiding shortly after you and pancho had gone. >> then you were looking for challis in our room last night? >> i was looking for shells for this gun. >> uh, i w wh i had some for mine, too. >> what became of pancho? >> i sent him out in the fields
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but we're not going to wait for him. we're going to stage an uprising. and we'll start it at t e grainery! ?? (gunshot) >> missed him! he'll spread the alarm now! >> barricade the gates! >> uprising in grainery. they have guns. place barricaded. >> call in the guards. saddle my horse. >> let them have it!
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(all whooping) >> allllight, back to the gate! (whooping continues) >> all right, go in there and help them.
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>> get 'em, men, get 'em! what the hell? get 'em, get 'em, come on! come on, get 'em! (whooping) >> by golly, we got here just in
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?? >> en gard challis. >> oo you're a swordsman, too. this should be very interesting.
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>> i'm glad you didn't kill him, cisco. that right belongs to the public hangsman. >> walker! >> yes, you murdering pirate. it's your turn to walk the plank. get up. >> well, one can't live forever. congratulations, cisco.
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>> good-bye, amigos! >> see you soon! (laughs)
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?? ?? (clock bell chiming)
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?? (knocks loudly) how can i help you? been a long time, hadn't it? you haven't changed much. before i leaea town, i'm gonna see that you die for it. and i'm walkin' out of porter, scot-free. (scocos) (clock chimes) he the one?
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?? trackdown starring robert culp
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why don't you keep moving, tully? and let bygones be bygones. you got 'til sundown. hey, you. why you miserable little punk. go on. boy's got a right to defend himself, tenner.
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(laughs) you gentlemen having a little trouble with tenner smith, are yah? no ranger, we ain't having no trouble. oh. just passing through, huh? yeah. yeah you might say that's it. saxon. tully saxon. deal jackford. mm. well now gentlemen, we don't want anynyrouble here. uh, nobody's lookin' for trouble, mr. uh... hoby: gilman. well, i don't even wear any guns, mr. gilman. saxon: you don't need to worry about deal here. he's a quiet lad. even though he does appear to enjoy little weight on his hip. (laughs) yeah. we're just waiting around... to get our horses shod.
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ll, it won't take you more than about an hour to get those horses shod. don't...don't wait 'til sundown to get out of town. fair enough. ?? saxon: donon you fret, ranger. we'll be outta town by sundown unless i miss my get. ?? how're you, mr. gilman? hello, joe. say uh... i'd like to talk to you, if you don't mind. alone. we're running out of whiskey, bring down another case. i brought a case down last night, tenner.
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they friends of yours? who? saxon, and uh....jackford. you might say. thth why you let the kid pitch a cigarette at yah? i didn't meet him until today. but you know saxon? well you know, you're not very consistent. that's the first time i remember you to walk away from an insult. well, lili they say, hoby, "consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds". all right, tenner. whatever's on your m md, don't let anybody else in town get mixed up in it. (clock bell chimes) pretty, ain't it? got her for a dollar. (clock bell chimes)
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morning, hoby. henrietta. you uh, ever know or hear anything about a man named uh... tully saxon? eight years ago. uh, how come you remember? henrietta: i'm a newspaper women. hah. what do you know about him? well, let's see. he was um... he was sent to yuma prison for seven, no eight years, for...killing a man in a poker game. why all the questions?
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come on. i wanna know. tenner was the one who sent him up. well, it all happened at tenner's place down in uh, rio hondo. tenner proved that saxon had marked the cards and, it was tenner's testimony that turned it into a manslaughter charge against saxon. why didn't you tell me this before? didn't seem to be a need. there is now. he's here, huh? yeah he just rode into town with some tough kid named jackford. ?? (sighs) where's tenner? in his office.
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(knocking) come in. talked to henrietta. i know about your r ouble with saxon. well that takes care of everything then. yeah, well, not quite. well i don't want any gun play in this town. you know that. there's not gonna be any. 'bout you staying right here? just so nobody gets in anybody's way. i can take care of myself. not they way they're playing it, you can't. well what do you want t to do? close up shop, and run? look if f ere's gonna be a showdown, it's gonna happen right here. and there's nothing i can do about it. i can throw you into a cell! for how many years? until tully dies of old age?
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3 ladies. what do o h say, gambler? who toldldou, you could leave the bar? that man over there told me to get him a watermelon. one thing i missed all them eight years, was nice, ripe, honeysweet watermelon. how bout you have mr. smith cut that watermelon into nice big slices. go on. cut it. now listen here... back off joe,
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yah know, there's nothing like a nice texas watermelon, in a friendly place to eat it. would you care to join me? no, thanks. now that's not being very cordial, mr. smith.
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you haven't even asked me how it was, up at yuma prison. saxon: well you wouldn't like it. not at all, you wouldn't. when you get sick,k,hey chain you to an adobe wall. so the guards won't catch what you're carrying. then the sun comes out. a hundrereand thirty degrees of it. no one's ever broken out of yuma. saxon: ah sure, they've tried, but they always get caught. and whip yah. i know every splinter in that post. saxon: every. single. splinter. today the sun is going down for you, tenner.
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by knew, it was only a matter of time before the constant pressure of insults from tully and jackford, would tip the balance of tenner's patience. even the town of porter had caught the sickness, and the freight of seeing something about to happen. and yet, unable to escape its destructive force. tully and jackford's horses re the focal point. get them shod, and delivered before tenner had been pushed too far. sepapate the men, before the fuse hit the power. how much longer, lou? i'm working just as fast as i can, hoby. i deliver 'em just as soon as i get this last shoe on.
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why don't you go down and sweep up in front of the buckhorn, looks pretty dirty down there to me. yes, sir. hoby. you know it's all over town, about tenner, and saxon, and his friend in there. well. boys ready for the horses? look, uh, how far can you push someone like tenner?
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can help it. if the work's all right, i'll take my money now, mr. your work's not all right. left hind shoe's crimped. wouldn't last for ten miles. i wanna new shoe. how come you're so particular, mr.? make him happy, lou. yeah, sure hoby. known saxon? long enough. for what? se a gun? hoby: he'll also teach you how to wind up in jail. thanks a lot. i'll try to remember that, mr. listen to me, kid. you hang around with him... i don't know what you're getting all excited about. we'll be outta here just as soon as that h?
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they ain't ready yet. one of 'em's got a crimped shoe. well, what d'ya know. say uh, when's this thing coming off? you stay close to me, boy. before you leave this town, you'll get your chance at tenner. yeah, well i want my money. you'll get your money. first you got to earn it. deal me in, boys. (plate crashes to ground) (laughter) that sure was an accident, tenner. (laughghr)
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you, tenner. (more laughing) all right, the game's closed. all of you get out of here, go on! get out! you two. go on, move. we're still waiting for our horses to be shod. hoby: wait outside. go on, move. let me handle thth, gilman. this is still my store. tenner: i say when a man gets out. do yah, tenner? (laughs) for mr. gilman. come on. (laughing) this ought to make quite a story, boy. you usededo have quite a reputation down in rio hondo, tenner. saxon: guess a man gets soft, living around too much protection.
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out. no. tenner: we have something to settle, right here. you sit down. bring us a fresh deck, joe. how much money you got? table states? sure. tenner smith's place of business had been taken over by tully saxon, and the gambler himselelhad been made to look foolish in the eyes of the townspeople. but now, saxon had attacked tenner where he lived. his personal pride as a gambler had been kicked, and tenner had come to the end of the road, with saxon and deal jackford. if there was to be a shootout, then tenner would have it now. hoby gilman didn't want to see tenner hurt, but he knew that short of killing the man,
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deal jackford waited. he wasn't sure just hohothe plan would be resolved. but tully had promised away. and tully himself, a smile on his face, and a plan in his brain, began to pull the pieces together. open for a hundred. i'll raise you two. an hour passed. more cards were dedet, and money changed hands. but still, tully saxon hadn't made his move. tension wawashuffled, and passed among the players, and the four men in the game, waited to be called.
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guess i'm just lucky. call your fifty. raise yah a hundred. well lets get rid of the ribbon clerks, huh? here's your hundred. i'll raise yah five. go. take two.
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you know, tullll up to now this game was played fair. tenner: because i've taken youou insults, don't think i'm a fool. i know what you've been trying to do, and i want no part of it. but don't try and pull a cheap trick like that. tenner: why did you do it? do you think i'm stupid? i know when a man cheats. you stayayutta this. you keep me out. i ain't got a gun, tenner. good. (gunshots) ralph clear them outta here, get the doc! alright come on. move out, move. (commotion) that how you figured you'd get rid of me? well you lost, tully. i'm takin' in the both of yah.
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deal: tully! you lied to me. you said he was slow! (crieses i would have known, i wouldn't have taken the job!
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in believing both men would kill one another, tully left out the one possible chance that tenner smith was fast enough to avoid getting killed. and so in the end, it was tully saxon that really paid. well at least one of them kept his word. he's outta town by sununt. well lets go get you patched up.
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? now loading: southbound to gibson through marbletown and wadsworth. ? they'll sell tickets to anyone nowadays i see. well, i'll be doggone, hello, sheriff.


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