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tv   Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 7:00am-9:59am EST

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? josh: anybody here? >> just a minute. josh: howdy. i'm looking for miss stella winter. >> she said you was coming in. over there. josh: much obliged. stella: mr. randall? in here. you know who i am? josh: stella winter, toast of europe and one of the great opera stars of our time. stella: seems you have been reading the newspapers. josh: i had a seat in the upper balcony friday night.
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background? that is very gratifying. josh: my mother played a little piano, bok and chopin. senior performance was a great experience for me. -- seeing your performance was a great experience for me. it was an honor to meet you. stella: you are very kind. i am afraid i do not deserve your admiration. i am a shamelessly foolish woman, mr. randall. all this acclaim, i -- i expected it to protect me from the dangers of the american frontier. josh: this is not exactly considered a frontier. not these days. stella: perhaps not to you, but it is considerably different than in england. i hope you will forgive me. i am under a dreadful strain. this note was delivered to my hotel this afternoon. it is the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. i need your help, mr. randall. and unless i get it --
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joshwe stella: they told me you were honest, and i had to find out for myself. josh: you took quite a chance. i might have left with those diamonds. stella: you would not have gotten past the door. josh: that is not a stage prop? stella: this is not a play, mr. randall. read this, and you will see what i mean. josh: you don't need me. there is a sheriff here in town.
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josh: well, if your sister is worth $5,000, i would pay him. josh: -- stella: she is worth every dollar i could put my hand on. are you going to follow up my instructions or not? josh: i wonder -- you are anguished. your accent is gone. stella: don't be impudent. you'll get your face slapped. i am sorry. all right. i'm not british. my sister and i come from nashville. from front street, if you must know the truth. josh: it has come to my attention that your sister amy winter has been missing for several days. i know where she is and i regret to say her position is extremely precarious. however, for the consideration of $5,000, i will take the necessary risk of life and limb to effect her release. that's a nice way to say he kidnapped her. stella: very subtle. josh: you know this may send? -- mason? stella: no. josh: how long has your sister been gone? stella: since last saturday
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josh: mr. mason? mason: that's right. josh: i want to see amy winter. mason: have you got the money? where is it? josh: i can get my hands on it easy. mason: i will give you 10 minutes. josh: i want to see amy winter first. mason: that isn't thwa to the hotel, and you stay there. if the money is right, you will get word where to find the girl. josh: you want your $5,000, you are going to have to do things my way. mason: i understand your position. i am just following instructions. i am just a go-between. i didn't kidnapped the girl. josh: who did? mason: suppose you tell me who you are?
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mason: i'm impressed. josh: who has got the girl? mason: the gentleman in question was very clear on that point. he wants to remain anonymous. josh: mm-mm. when i make the transaction, i want miss winter and him together, in one hour. mason: that is not possible. josh: all right. two hours. mason: i told you, it's not up to me. i'm just the go-between. josh: who gave you the job? mason: mr., i am trying to be of help as a public spirited citizen. i do not have to stand abuse from you! so take my advice. follow the instructions. or you might never see amy winter again. josh: i'd better see her, and on my terms. you go tell that to the man in question. two hours, right here. and miss winter better be fit to serve tea, you hear me? ?
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>> and he says, build a nuisance box, and use the old one for a bathtub! [laughter]
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[piano music resumes] [drunken singing] josh: there you go. you can have one on me. belle: don't mind if we do. come on. very nice. tres charmant. tres jolie. henri is learning me to speak french. henri: might as well. you never did much good with english. josh: this is to -- henri: henri gaspard. josh: you played a very fine
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my employer grows impatient. belle: you got another round? josh: i don't think so. i don't suppose you know any chopin. henri: some. josh: etude in c? henri: i know it. josh: there is always that e fl at nocturne. henri: what did you say your name was? josh: randall. henri: i like to play it very slow.
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bartender: what do you think you are doing? josh: i asked him to play it. bartender: you will empty the house with this stuff. these pushers will not sit still for that. josh: better get used to it. you have an offer coming to town, don't you? henri: an opera in sugarcreek? bartender: mr., you are wrong. josh: then what is the opera star's sister doing in town? bartender: what are you talking about? josh: she was here a few minutes ago, amy winter, stella winter's sister, that big opera star. the waiter pointed them both out to me in denver in a restaurant just last es bartender: just remember, hank, you are getting paid to play what they like. now get to it. henri: i am sorry. [honky-tonk piano]
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bartender: what are you drinking? mason: nothing, thanks. nr very shortly. belle: all right. don't forget my french lesson. ?
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[scuffling] mason: i'm not going to let you cut me out! josh:[heavy breathing] ?
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? ? josh: amy winter? amy: yes. henri: what is it you want, mr. randall? josh: your sister sent me. amy: why? josh: to take you home. she thinks you have been kidnapped by -- by him. i saw you with mason.
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josh: yes, in the saloon. henri: mason, i do not deny it. he asked me if i wanted to make some easy money. i told him no. josh: he sure tried hard. did not happen the easy way. no rough stuff. you just get the girl to run away with you. then, you send a ransom note. the whole time, you got her wrapped up right here. henri: i refuse to stand for this. amy: you said my sister sent you? you go right back and tell her this won't work. and on your way out, look at the sign on the door of this house and tell her about that, too. as soon as henri gets enough money, we are going to be married. you march right back to denver and tell that to stella. josh: to me, this is just a job. believe me, i know this kind of a man. he has no intentions of marrying you. ? ? [punch] [crash]
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henri: [groans] amy: henri, what has he done? let go of me! josh: i am sorry. i am afraid not. by the time he wakes up, we are going to be out of here. amy: i am not going anywhere. josh: all he did this for was the money. amy: i don't believe it. josh: i know this is a hard thing for you to face, but the man made a fool out of you, and i am sure you were not the only one. are you going to be quiet? amy: he loves me. i know that. josh: well, we will take the stage first thing in the morning to denver and tell your sister all about it. amy: i don't want to tell my sister all about it. i don't want to spend the rest of my life being stella winter's little sister. josh: she went to a lot of trouble to get you out of this jam. amy: you don't know what you are talking about. you don't know what it has been like. josh: it is better than starving to death on front street. amy: how did you know about front street west and mark -- about front street? would you tell me what good it
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when -- i'm just supposed to stay in the background and keep my mouth shut, like a stick of furniture. and anyone can write a ransom note. josh: now listen, i met mason at 10:00, just like that note said. right afterwards, he made a beeline to the saloon to meet your boyfriend. amy: henri? josh: yeah, henri. amy: he loves me. he meant every word he said to me. josh: well, why don't we just settle this once and for all? josh: all right, hold out your hand. $2500? henri: i do not comprehend, sir. josh: i told mason i would pay off just as soon as i got miss winters back again. here is the other $2500. that makes $5,000. you did not really have to try to kill me.
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henri: cherie, i do not know what to say. but with this money -- josh: the stage leaves for suppose i come by and pick you up at 8:30? ? ? amy: did you find mason? josh: i think he has cleared out
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amy: then he was henri's partner. josh: i think he was just a public minded citizen who heard your sister was looking for you. amy: you think that mason sent the ransom note? josh: possible. amy: then henri did not really kidnap me! josh: that is possible too. amy: but he took the money. mr. randall, i was upset last night, and, well, i said a lot of things. stella has been very good to me. really, she has been wonul amy: she warned me about henri, told me to stay away from him. i don't know what i'm going to say to her now, how i'm going to face her. josh: well, come on. time to get aboard.
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>> stage right. stage right. >> thank you. very fast. [knock on door] stella: would you see who that is? stella: amy! thank heavens! my poor darling! i had hoped. we are both deeply grateful to you. josh: cost you $5,000. stella: bringing amy back is the only thing that matters. who was this -- this kidnapper? well, you saw him, didn't you? josh: yes, ma'am.
7:27 am
josh: well, his name was gaspard, and he a couple -- and a couple members of the hennessy outfit had your sister tied and gagged in a tool shed outside of sugarcreek. stella: it must have been horrible for you. amy: well, it is over now. i would rather not talk about it. stella: of course. how can we ever thank you? josh: a check would do very nicely. [knock on door] >> on stage, miss winter. can you wait until i am through? josh: yes, ma'am. stella: you will be here when i get back, won't you? amy: i will. amy: that was very kind of you. why did you do it? josh: a lot of reasons.
7:28 am
josh: gaspard was the world's biggest idiot. amy: i almost was.
7:29 am
>> i would be glad to brush him for you. >> the cleanest hotel west of
7:30 am
would you me to clean them on the scraper? i would be glad to do it. >> what do you want? >> let him clean your boots. you don't want to mess up the carpets in here. >> you are you? -- who are you?
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> yes or question were >> a room question mark >> how long will you be staying? likes day today. >> -- day to day. >> head of the stairs. ke >>. you find it uncomfortable? >> yes ma'am. i like the view. do you stay here? >> yes.
7:33 am
randall? >> i sure am. >> jessie told me a lot about you. >> he didn't tell me about you or i would have been here a long time ago. >> can you help him to his room? >> would you mind leaving us alone? >> >> do you want all this, jesse? >> i like to think i do. >> a girl like that wouldn't walk around unclaimed. >> you said i had a job. you needed my help.
7:34 am
year -- here. >> i didn't come just because of the money. >> i know that. >> megan had to borrow money. she met a man. he is a greedy man. he wants her permanently. along with the hotel. i want to get rid of him. i'm not an assassin. >> i don't want them killed. i want them destroyed. there is a difference. >> he has been sending in mechanics.
7:35 am
him shot. >> megan doesn't like violence. >> have you ever heard of knocking? >> hello jack see -- jesse. >> this is josh. >> we have met. wax business associate. >> what business? i am trying to be fair. take it or take nothing. if you do not, you wouldn't be
7:36 am
>> i don't talk any bigger than i am. the offer is still open. i am waiting for your answer. >> why wait? get out of here. >> suit yourself. don't come back. >> you didn't tell me it was a marriage union. >> it is not. legally. never had any formal law. he proclaimed himself mayor. no one has bothered to dispute it. >> why don't you get out? >> it is not me. it is megan.
7:37 am
up the city. business left. she for the hotel down board by board and put it back together again. if she wants to put it open, i intend for it to stay that way. >> you love her. >> do you blame me? >> i cannot say that i do. [sounds of [gunshot] [glass breaking]
7:38 am
[gunshot] [gunshot] >> how much do i owe you? >> no charge per you are megan's guest preacher asked -- she asked if you would stop by the office. >> common. -- come in. good evening josh. jesse wanted me to give this to you. >> what is this for? what's your salary. >> i haven't done anything yet. >> you should be paid for your time. >> i came in because jesse said
7:39 am
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? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ?
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(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >> i thought you had gone. >> somebody paid me for a job i
7:44 am
>> see what they did to me? >> just because you didn't have any sense doesn't mean i'm going to meet him by myself. let's you'll get any help -- >> you will not get any help. they are handy with a gun. >> i see three names. old friends of yours. >> if they knew you were in trouble, they would come running. there was a time when you would not back out of a situation like this. you have changed. that is your business. i'm going to have a little help. i have hired some fellas.
7:45 am
>> kovac. i will see you. >> josh? will you come in here? i will come to the point. i heard you and jesse talking. i heard what you propose doing great i will not permit it. >> i am not asking your permission. >> it is my hotel. i would rather close it then see bloodshed. >> there has already been some. >> i will see that there is no more of it. i will go after kovac if i have
7:46 am
i plan to skin kovac. >> why? >> jesse is a friend of mine. >> there is no sense in talking further. >> i understand how you feel about violence. >> josh. i was married once. and very happily to a man who feels like you do. he was killed in a gunfight. >> maybe you can understand why i feel the way a do. >> if you want a man to do a job, do not take away his tools. you would not be in a situation if jesse had his way. there he is beaten to death.
7:47 am
>> keep your hands on the desk. >> you're either a brave man or a full. i believe you're the latter. what do you want? >> take a look. >> some are going to be looking for you and jesse. >> why tell me this? >> i do not want to see this town turned into a shooting range. >> what am i supposed to do? >> sign these for one thing. >> an agreement to give up my gambling interests.
7:48 am
you do not back out of the other agreement. you step out and it will be the u.s. marshals. >> to do not ask me to sign these. >> yes i do. >> this is my town pray i run at the way i like. i do not like you around. i will give you 30 minutes to get out of town. >> i will give you 30 seconds to sign these. >> 10 seconds are up. >> hold out for a long time. enjoy every minute.
7:49 am
>> you seem to have fallen asleep. i brought you some sleep -- s oup. >> the waitresses get prettier around here every day. what if i married one? >> the offer has >> i don't like making snap judgments. wax -- >> i will ask you again tomorrow. >> i would be disappointed if you didn't. maybe we can reject compromise. i will get you a drink.
7:50 am
>> i do not know. he stopped by the office one hour ago. >> did he say where he was going? >> no. he doesn't need your help right now. not with the gunmen he's bringing into town. >> it will take them weeks to get here. get me my boots. >> slide down. -- lie down. >> get me my drink. >> i will get it.
7:51 am
>> what do you expect to get out of this? >> satisfaction. >> that is all you're going to get. i have several men waiting for you. you will never get out of here alive. >> they are not going to get in here. maybe we will just sit here.
7:52 am
for you? >> no. mr. kovac. this is megan francis. >> tell her to come in. do not say anything else. >> mr. kovac. >> come in. >> how many are out there? >> three. they are waiting for you. >> take these. >> the confession. >> why giving in to me? >> find someone you can trust to
7:53 am
>> what about you? >> what about me? do what i tell you. >> thank you mr. kovac. >> i don't think you ought to leave now. not until mr. kovac says it is all right. >> get out of my way. >> you are not going anywhere. >> get out of my way. >> you shouldn't be here. >> where is josh?
7:54 am
ways. i will let you decide.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
>> i have for pidgin staked out and a poker game. i want to get back. time to time myself. >> what seems to come of it? lex thank you, josh. for more than you are --> thank you. for more than you know. what would you have done if jesse had shown up? >> feel hungry right about now. cu.
7:58 am
see you. so long, josh.
7:59 am
?? (paladin) go on, pull the trigger. but if you do, there'll be an oil fire. never seen an oil fire, have you? it'll wipe out everything you've worked for. ?? (loud chatter)
8:00 am
sig. paladin, i cannot tell you what this honor means to me. i cannot thank you enough. - yes, you can, by sharing a bottle of your excellent vintage with me. - si. well, i would've expected renato donatello to be making a barbera or chianti. - twenty years ago i came here from asti in the old country. - i drink to your continued success. - oh, no. it is all over. next year, the poorest peasant will spit my wine upon the ground. it is for goats to drink. - well, it's a crime to let anything happen to a wine like this. perhaps there's some way i can help? - oh, no, sig. paladin. you are a gentleman, an epicure. the help i need would be a regiment of carbinieri.
8:01 am
i'm gonna have to go and judge the horsemanship trials. if you should change your mind, if you should find there's some way i can help you, will you leave word at the judge's stand, please? thank you. excuse me. ?? two things at this stage of my life that ruined what i have been. a madman, and a well. from a well, there should come life, refreshment, water. from this well, comes evil, - stink, blackness and ruin. - oil... - this black slime drains onto my land. ruins my vines. the smoke from the boilers coats my grapes, and the wine's bitterness will crack the very bottles. - well, that should just about cover the well.
8:02 am
and will not change his ways. - what did you say the fellow's name was? - gorman. tim gorman. irish. - oh, are the irish so bad? - what kind of savages would drink whiskey made from potatoes? (laughing) ?? come in, come in. - renato! i miss you! - basta, basta, we have a guest. this is sig. paladin of san francisco. a great judge of wines. look what he gave me, the first prize. (woman) - ah, magnifico. - this is my niece, teresa. - benvenuto, sig. paladin. you are welcome in this house. - thank you, your uncle neglected to tell me that you're a very attractive woman.
8:03 am
i make scaloppini. very nice, it is waiting for you. (booming) - i'll investigate. - oh, no, no, no-- please! you must eat. please sit down, sig. paladin. - i will join you in a moment. - renato. where are you going? - to get some wine for the scaloppini. - signorina, you're worried about your uncle? renato is so upset. it is this terrible fight with sig. gorman. - well what's your opinion of gorman? - he is a bad enemy. but he would be a good friend. please, do not tell my uncle, but today i sent sig. gorman some scaloppini. it is my finest dish. - that's a very fine peace offering. - the noise we heard was nothing.
8:04 am
this is last year's riesling that won the prize. this is this year. taste it. - tastes like the inside of a chimney. (booming) ?? - ah, sig. gorman does this. he shoots my scaloppini. - what insult. i will go up there and curse that savage. - no you won't. ah. that's my job.
8:05 am
back on your own end. go on, move! all right, give me a hand. well, don't stand there staring, go get those barrels loaded. (paladin) - gorman? - yeah, that's me. who are you? - my name's paladin. sorry i can't shake hands right now. - well, put the casing down.
8:06 am
- how did you get in here? - i walked in. - it's a wonder you weren't shot. i got rifle guards all around the place. - i noticed. what's the reason? - i'll tell you the reason. that crazy italian's trying to ruin me. you look like a good man in a fight. how'd you like to work for me? - i'd like that very much, except for one thing. - what that? - well, i already work for that crazy italian. before we discuss this, there are two things i'd like to make clear. he's not crazy, and he's an american, all right? why don't you show me around? looks like a good rig. - what would you know about it? i was in texas when the tavole came in. 100 barrels a day. ??
8:07 am
- oh? nqme 'em. - the main drainage ditch and the smoke from that boiler. waste drains onto donatello's land, smoke drifts over and coats his vines. - the wind takes care of my smoke, and gravity hauls away my waste. none of my business what they do with it. - so now it's my business? - and you're business is killing? - not if there's a better way. - do you know any? - i think so. dig a sump, right over there. pump the waste over that rise on the boiler would carry the smoke above a down-draft. be carried off harmlessly. - i could do those things you said. but it would cost money, a lot of money. i haven't got it. every cent i could beg or borrow went into this well. i have to run full-blast just the way things are. otherwise, i'll go broke. lose everything. understand? - perfectly. - if donatello gets hurt in the process, so much the better.
8:08 am
- personalities aside, it's a crime to ruin a vineyard that produces the finest wine in the state. - i never tasted wine. when i want a drink, i take white mule, straight. that's a man's drink. - it has its virtues. oh, one more question, what do you think of teresa donatello? - well, she's not a bad looking woman. i kind of liked her, until she tried to poison me. that italian food hits me the wrong way. - well, the scaloppini was well-meant. so i figured i better shoot it before it got loose and ran wild. (laughing) - would you shoot an unarmed scaloppini? - i'll shoot anything that gives me trouble. i like you, paladin. but be careful. you could end up looking like that kettle.
8:09 am
- you saw the oil well? - i did-- the well, the boilers, the refinery, everything. - good, now you can lead an attack. i will pass out the guns. we will wipe out this menace. - renato. i'm afraid it's not quite that simple. the vineyards, the winery, they mean a great deal to you, don't they? - this is my whole life. i have no wife, no little ones. i make them grow with water i carry on my own back. these are not vats of wine. these are years of my life. - i understand, believe me. and i want you to understand. tim gorman feels exactly the same way about his oil well. oh, no! you cannot compare my beautiful wine with that black slime. - i agree. but the principle's the same.
8:10 am
who needs this oil? - some very useful things come from it. oil for the lamps, benzene for cleaning, very useful things. - well, what must i do? let myself be ruined? - no, you must loan tim gorman $3,000. - never! i will cut my throat first. sig. paladin, you're a fine judge of wines, but nothing else. battle. - no, when i take a job, i see it through. now, i have to go into stockton and see a lawyer about technical details. will you loan me a horse? oh, si, and if you do me the favor of not returning, you may keep the horse.
8:11 am
- si, si, tutti pronto. (speaking italian) - open the lock. the time of choice is past. we must fight or lose everything. if i've been good to you, stand by me at this moment. now... who will have guns?
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
- all right, this is it! take cover along the banks and start firing! - attack!
8:17 am
what's happened? - renato will be killed. you must help! - they're dropping back! after them! (speaking italian) - we must attack. we must attack.
8:18 am
boys, come on! we got 'em on the run! (paladin) - hold it. ?? call 'em back. call 'em! - hold it, wait. it's a trap, come back. - that's fine, more of the same. come on. - everybody back. it's a trap, everybody get back to the line. go on, move! keep going now! so that's how a big-time gunman acts? crawling up to shoot people in the back? - you didn't get shot. i thought you'd listen to reason. otherwise, i'd have had to shoot a half dozen innocent men. you talk big, paladin, but the next time we meet, you better be ready to back it up. - i'll look forward to the occasion.
8:19 am
renato, i think you know by now that your move tonight was a foolish one. - sig. paladin, i'm a ruined man, - i don't need you to insult me. please go away and leave us. gorman can ruin my vineyard as he pleases, but i won't stay here to see it. tomorrow, teresa and i will pack. we move as soon as the wounded can be taken elsewhere. - tomorrow, if you still feel like moving, i'll help you pack. in the meantime, tonight i'd like to use a barrel - well a keg, small barrel. not the prize riesling, but something fairly good. - why not? nothing matters now. here. thank you. - where is sig. paladin going? - to get drunk, i guess. you better get back to the men.
8:20 am
(knocking) - come in. - good evening. oh, i'm sorry to have missed dinner. - it is not too late, sig. paladin. sit down, please. eat something. we cannot, you see. with me, i think i can show you something that will help your appetite. - what will you show me? - i will show you what the poet omar khayy?m meant when he said, "the grape with logic absolute shall all the warring tribes confute." come on. ?? - this is crazy. we'll be killed. - not if you do what i tell you. we can't get through the lines.
8:21 am
- i know, i counted on it. watch the rise. - what's that dark spot over there? that's your keg of wine. ?? - they steal my wine. - they're supposed to. - what do we do now? - now we wait for the wine to lull the red-eyed anger into sleep. that's omar khayy?m again.
8:22 am
renato! renato! - come down off there! i'll blow a hole through ya! - be a big fire if you do, gorman.
8:23 am
- time's up. my life's not worth that to you. now put the gun down. - good... go ahead, start the fire. - not unless i have to. - now, first i want you both to read that. and sign it! that's an agreement drawn up by the lawyer in stockton. it says that you, renato, will give gorman $3,000 to build a new drainage set-up. put a stack on that boiler. well's run. - why should i pay $3,000? go ahead, start the fire. - you've never seen an oil fire, have you? i put this torch in there, that oil will bubble up and explode. in a few minutes, your vineyard will be covered with burning oil. you'll both be wiped out. go ahead, gentlemen, take your choice. with that agreement, you can both operate your businesses profitably.
8:24 am
- partners.
8:25 am
8:26 am
here's to the new partnership. - this wine ain't half bad. 'course, it don't have the kick of white mule, but it feels all right. - how do you mean? - i don't know.
8:27 am
but now... - i consider my job well done. i hope you won't forget my fee, renato. - case of riesling, delivered to your hotel, each year, i will never forget. - and the dinner is almost ready. wait 'til you taste it. - i'll get the dinner wine. i have just the thing, a fine porto. - oh, good. - why, what's the trouble? - teresa's a fine, handsome woman, but that italian food she cooks scorches my insides. - oh. teresa.
8:28 am
(laughing) (all laughing)
8:29 am
?? (man) - you have to trust me. if i'd been your enemy rather than your friend, ??
8:30 am
(door closes) - my nephew means well, mr. paladin, but he listens to my doctor, who's a fool. if a drink will kill me, i'm better off to go quickly and be done with it. - i'll drink to your health. - you have a very unusual business card, mr. paladin. - i'm in a very unusual business. - yes, i confess i sent for you mainly out of curiosity. tell me, please, how can you be of use to me? - you're looking for the girl who married your son just before he died. i believe i can find her for you. - with a gun? - sometimes a gun helps. your son was a cavalry officer, wasn't he? - yes. he was stationed at an outpost near the mexican border. he was killed in action, but i have no details of his death. - you wrote to his commanding officer. - nqturally, as soon as the war department notified me.
8:31 am
that puzzled me. in the last letter that i ever received from my son, he told me he'd found the girl he'd looked for all his life, and that he'd married her. - did he give you her name? - no, he said he was due to come home on leave. he wanted to introduce her to me in person. - mr. westrope... did he say anything that would help you to identify her? then i received a telegram. i thought it would say what day he was coming. instead, it said... that he would never come. - you were very close to your son, weren't you? - he was all that a father could want. a braver, kinder, better man than i am, mr. paladin. i wouldn't want the girl he married to be in need of anything. i want her to come here and be my daughter. - i'd like to try and find her for you, sir. - well, mr. paladin, i mean no offense.
8:32 am
- (chuckling quietly) well, i have more than a fast gun, mr. westrope. allow me to demonstrate. your import firm has a triple-a credit rating. your bank balance averages $40,000. and you have security holdings in six prominent san francisco companies, unbeknownst, in most cases, even to the board of directors. - yes. you're a man of regular habits. you retire every night at 10:00. your doctor is josiah mckinley, whom you respect more than you pretend to. you suffer from a cardiac weakness, which concerns you more than you let anyone know. - mr. paladin, you've told me quite enough to demonstrate your ability. - oh yes, and one more thing. you like your private little joke.
8:33 am
it was on a bumpy stagecoach ride from the distillery in sacramento. (both laugh) - mr. paladin, if you hadn't known that, you'd never have gotten the job. but you've convinced me. ?? - why don't you keep out of the way? snap to it there! - take another look, major. i'm not wearing a uniform that takes orders from you. - i'll get off the post when i have answers to some questions. not before. - sagebrush lawyer, huh? well, we'll see how smart you are after you spend 10 days in the guard house for trespassing on government property. - i think the adjutant general may be very interested in that when i get out.
8:34 am
(major) that was pretty fancy talk. what charge were you thinking of making? - charges, major. charges. i made some inquiries. lieutenant westrope and two of his men were killed needlessly. - they were killed in the line of duty. we often have these border clashes. this is a cavalry outpost, not a tea party! - they were killed because someone is running contraband weapons across the border to escobar. that old border pirate happens to be a friend of mine. - no, but i imagine he will if i decide to meet his price. - what do you want? - where's westrope's wife? - he wasn't married. junior officers aren't allowed to marry. did his father send you? - yes. - i have some of his personal effects. - that's all?
8:35 am
(paladin) i'd like to see the marriage license registry for the past two months. (clerk) - you can't. records are closed to the public. - all right, i'd like a marriage license then. et this filled out, i'll have to sign the marriage license registry, won't i? get it out. - two dollars first. - (sighing) there's a page missing here. you can see where it's torn out.
8:36 am
was there one for a michael westrope? - now you don't expect me to remember the name of everybody who applies for a marriage license, do you? - yes, i do. - but i don't know westrope. never heard of him! i swear it! (paladin, reading) - "please be at the side entrance of the unitarian church tonight at eleven. isabel"
8:37 am
- i am isabel westrope. i wasn't sure you'd act on my note.
8:38 am
he's kept track of you while you looked for me. he was in my husband's platoon. i took a chance, hoping you were a friend. - what do you mean? - you're not the only one who's been looking for me, mr. paladin. an attempt was made on my life last week. i've kept hidden every moment since then. - what's the book? - oh, dryden's. "all for love". - it's a beautiful edition. how can i be certain you're mrs. michael westrope? - why should i pretend? - good deal of money involved. family has a sizeable fortune. didn't your husband tell you? - no. we had such a short time together. we talked about everything. mostly what we wanted from life. - do you have your marriage license? - no, it was burned in the fire. someone set fire to the cottage michael rented.
8:39 am
- can you tell me the first name of your husband's father? - i really don't know. - where do you come from? - london. - what part? - we lived on a little street called shepherd's lane, not far from piccadilly. look here, mr. paladin. you came searching for me. now that you've found me, you seem to be doing your best to prove i'm not me. i don't understand. - i'm not sure that i do either. will you come? - of course i will. - i thought you might. (whistle blowing) why did you come west? - oh, i had an aunt who was supposed to live in wichita. after i got there, i was told she'd moved to tucson.
8:40 am
hadn't met michael. he was such a wonderful person. - martin westrope, michael's father. a very fine man. (footsteps approaching) sure you'll like him if you ever meet him. (knocking) (man) - isabel westrope? - yes? don't move. - you ever see that man before? - no, i've never seen him. - i wonder how he knew your name. ??
8:41 am
you look well. - i feel wonderful. i want to reimburse you for your time and trouble. sorry you made that tedious journey for nothing. - nothing? - she arrived only a few days after you left. - who arrived? - my daughter-in-law. how much do i owe you? - well, there's no hurry about that. i'll bring you the accounting. i'd like very much to meet your daughter-in-law. gordon has her out, showing her the city. shops and so forth, you know. - i'm more sorry than i can say. - you'll like her, paladin. she's everything i'd hoped for. a wonderful girl.
8:42 am
- what is it, mr. paladin? what is it? - i've always been suspicious of the sweet ones. they're the ones you have to watch. - what's the matter, mr. paladin? i don't understand what you're saying. - you know, you're good. you're really one of the very best i've ever seen. - mr. paladin, please! if you have something to tell me, say it! - all right. michael westrope showed up. that makes you an impostor and me a fool. - how dare you, sir! i will not be called an impostor! i am michael westrope's wife, and there is no other. why would i do such an unspeakable thing? - for half a million dollars. well, you have conviction. i don't know whether you're lying or not,
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
, i hope i'm not intruding. - you're welcome anytime. did you bring me an accounting of your expenses? - no, i decided that in good faith i couldn't really charge you anything. all i ask is the privilege of meeting you sit down? - thank you. - gordon, will you ask catherine if she can come down for a moment? - very well. - you look very happy. how wonderful that you found her. and how especially wonderful for the girl. - and what a sweet, attractive girl she is. - you know, i admire you. under the circumstances, there aren't many men who would have followed their heart instead of their head.
8:48 am
under six months intensive cross-examination. they would have demanded conclusive proof. after all, she's your possible heiress. - but she gave me proof. i didn't have to ask for it. she was sensitive enough to volunteer it. - and the proof was conclusive? - come now, mr. paladin! would she be here otherwise? she not only has every detail of michael's life, she has their marriage license. oh, you look lovely, my dear. catherine, this is mr. paladin. mr. paladin, my son's wife. - how do you do? - delighted to meet you. dad told me you were off in the wilds, tracking me down. - i was indeed. - if i'd only written. but the news of mike's death shocked me so. i wasn't myself for a long time. and of course, i wasn't sure of my reception.
8:49 am
- i think the carlton has the finest chef in the city. - that is most kind of you, mr. paladin. - it's settled then. tomorrow night at eight? - yes. - oh, one more thing. did your husband have a favorite wine? - chablis in white wines. ch?teau lafite in bordeaux. and of course, he always loved champagne-- dry. - wonderful dinner, mr. paladin. your chef is a most talented man.
8:50 am
i don't believe i should. i'm half-giddy now. - well, you won't have to drink. i'd like to propose a toast. gentlemen... here's to a young lady who left her native land a very short time ago. - two years ago. - and in leaving her native land, she left her mother and father. - my parents died when i was a child, mr. paladin. - this young lady, who lived in an east end orphanage-- - mr. paladin, i lived with my aunt on mount street. that's in the west end, near piccadilly. - on the contrary, i know it quite well. - somehow i never thought of you as a tourist. - oh, i'm not a tourist, but i do travel. now if i may be permitted to go ahead with my toast-- this young lady followed the man of her choice. and in a dusty border town, in an old adobe church, they were married. none of the niceties of the newly married state were hers. instead, she-- - we were going to europe-- - i beg your pardon, excuse me. - on a delayed honeymoon.
8:51 am
mike hated trains. - and so he did. a cavalryman never trusts anything, but a horse. i drink to the cavalry. - to the cavalry. and speaking of the cavalry, did your husband tell you much about his commanding officer? - yes, maj blaisdell, i believe his name was. for permission to be married? - major blaisdell was a rather difficult person. mike felt he might refuse the request, so, we kept it secret. - oh, i see. and because major blaisdell didn't know, you couldn't very well go to him after mike's death for mike's personal belongings, including the watch you gave him. - that's right. - that's very interesting you say you come from mount street. that's very near hyde park and the great exposition. - yes. - you certainly must have enjoyed that, although you were quite young at the time.
8:52 am
was sixteen, i think. - my dear, you are charming. but you're a liar. - you abuse your privilege, mr. paladin! - the great exposition was held in 1851. that's right-- this young lady wasn't even born then. the church in the border town is wood, not adobe. and you never gave michael westrope a watch. is personal belongings was the one his father gave him. mr. westrope, your daughter-in-law is a fraud. she never knew your son. - that's ridiculous. i have their marriage license. - i know printers in san francisco who could produce a license showing that i was wed to queen victoria. - but catherine has other proof. she knows things that no one could have told her, except michael. - except michael. except michael...
8:53 am
- he's insane. - of course. why should gordon tell catherine anything? he's losing a fortune if she's my heiress. - he's trying to palm her off as your daughter-in-law. - are you going to listen to more of these ravings? - now, gordon, perhaps you can tell us who wrote this letter. it offers $1,000 for the death of mrs. michael westrope. ?? attempted murder is a very serious crime. carries a long jail sentence. man's handwriting. would you care to show us your handwriting? - gordon made me write this letter. he planned the whole thing just like you said.
8:54 am
please, get them out of my sight.
8:55 am
8:56 am
mr. westrope, i'd like you to meet michael's wife. her name is isabel. - isabel. - now you're a lonely man, and you're too anxious to believe. this time we don't want you to believe anything, until it's been proven. - mr. westrope, we don't have to talk about it tonight.
8:57 am
- well, this is an unexpected pleasure. - oh, mr. paladin, i only have a minute. but i couldn't leave without saying goodbye and thank you. - goodbye? is anything wrong? - oh no, everything is fine. mr. westrope's a wonderful man. so much like michael. we're going on a trip together. - where? i'm going to show him london and all the places where i grew up. - i know you'll have a wonderful trip. - i'm sure we will. and i want to give you this book. somehow, i want you not to forget me.
8:58 am
you shouldn't give me this book, it's very valuable. - yes, i know, but i want you to have it. it's been in my family for years. - "errors like straws, upon the surface flow" "he who would search for pearls must dive below." - the prologue. - dryden was a very wise man. - so are you, mr. paladin.
8:59 am
[lively music playing] >> i did not know you was out here. >> hello, dan. do you suppose a drink on the house will soothe your injured pride? >> maybe one for me and one for fargo smith? [laughter] >> [indiscernible] >> where did you come from? where? >> phoenix. i am with charlie. we just came on and.
9:00 am
>> charly ain't out here. >> that don't make no never mind. we are going to have ourselves a winner dinger. i want the best redeye whiskey you got. we got a lot of catching up to do. >> that little old charly -- strict rules about caught a fellow with a bottle what's and smacked -- >> oh, no. >> that charly sounds like a tough monkey. >> ain't none no tougher, but ain't nobody works harder. no job to talk, including night
9:01 am
>> the heck you doing, lady. what are you doing that for? are you one of those teetotalers? >> charly don't have no never mind with the temperance movement. >> charly who? >> my boss. when i was telling you about. ain't she something? >> she something.
9:02 am
9:03 am
>> this is the important business you had, huh? i should have known the only thing you had a hankering to look into was the bottle of whiskey. >> we were just having one little drink. >> one little drink? that will be the day. >> just a do not be so uppity. we just finished a long haul -- >> exactly. and we will not get paid one red cent until we finish unloading. >> [indiscernible] >> whose side are you on? >> he is with party.
9:04 am
pollutes he wants, but he can't scare me. you go back to party and tell him -- >> i am not with pardee. are you going to convince her i am not withpardee? >> later. ain't she something? >> she is something, all right. i just haven't figured out what. >> all >> hey, i will give you a hand.
9:05 am
[gunfire] >> uhh! >> hey, you all right? hmm? >> i don't think anything''s broken but the crockery. [laughter] how about you? >> i feel like i have just been throwed by a bronc. >> that was the hardest trail we have ever beenhrough. >> i'm sorry about that. >> what were you doing, drinking? >> you know how it is, charly? >> who was running the rake, you or her?
9:06 am
iou an apology. >> you owe me more than that. you owe me one bottle. >> i guess you are right. i remember that. fargo, you go over. >> all right. >> i am pretty hard on him. but you have to watch after an old man. all the things that he wants to maybe never will be able to, i don't know. >> [laughter] well, i see you finally made it. >> no thanks to you, pardee. >> would strictly be bottom of the barrel drivers, you have to expect delays. >> and a few rough ride rednecks in our room brawls. >> yeah, i heard that your men
9:07 am
i also heard that you had to put your wagons ininock to get them out of bail. you would be better off selling to me than losing them too the bank? >> don't worry about it. >> your in my y rritory. i do not mean to lose any business without putting up a fight. you are mighty rough with words. >> i can be rough without words. [gunshot] good shooting, ma'am. >> you think you are pretty smart, don't you? >> junior, we figured you had that coming, huh? ain''t that right?
9:08 am
[chuckles] well, now. would you care to join me in the saloon for a drink? you meet a better class of people there, charly. charly. >> i would like that very much, mr. cannon.
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> i heard you had already drunk up your credit. 2 red eyes. charly, that is the best trick shooting i have seen in some time. >> miss converse, i just want to
9:11 am
else. you have been lucky so far. even though you where putin bridges, you are a woman and you are soft somewhere inside. that will finish you sometime. -- even though you wear boots and britches, you are a woman and you are soft somewhere inside. >> now what? >> he lost all the payrol >> that don't make no difference. >> they jumped us from behind. >> how do you figure he did that? >> probably very hard to prove. >> we going to get paid? >> you are to get your wages. you got my word on that. get out there and finish unloading those wagons. you get paid in the morning.
9:12 am
>> [indiscernible] >> fargo, this is money. my money, to pay men. >> if you want to go to the ban , i will take the teams. i will take care of . i will buy you a bottle of whiskey, ok? >> ain't she something? >> she is something. >> and charly had this little smile on her face. like mano figured, you see, she bluffed them out of that pot. and the next time she tried to
9:13 am
like it. she was raking in one pot after another. >> that was the first timemen your life you enjoyed losing ,eh, buck? >> yeah, maybe. >> and then she played for just as much as was stolen and then she cashed in her chips and quick. >> a womom of great restraint. >> and you should have seen them when she knocks their hats off their heads. slick as a whistle. >> s] >> are you courting? >> what gave you that idea? >> you have talked about nothing but this woman. >> i am anxious to meet her. >> oh, victoria, you and charly have nothing in common. >> we are both women. >> she has a lot to do and besisis she will be headed out
9:14 am
extraordinary young lady because she's just one of your prevarications, amigo. >> listen, mano, there is nothing between charly and me. >> he just means you're stretching the truth. having fun with us. >> prevarications? do any of you believe such a woman really exists? i will make a bet of one gold piece that she is one of buck's >> chistes? >> joke. >> if you want to bet someone, mano, you bet me. chistes. [laughter] >> [indiscernible]
9:15 am
>> [yelling] >> hey, buck, how come you let her win, hombre? >> this is charly converse. charly, this is my brother john, his wife victoria, my brother-in-law ,mano. >> miss converse, a lot about you. >> thank you very much. >> that is some gold. >> it is a good horse. you know i could use a drink. it is dusty. >ou just come with me. i will get you one. >> oh, thank you very much. >> i mean, you can speak any
9:16 am
9:17 am
9:18 am
9:19 am
9:20 am
>> a mighty fine meal, victoria. mighty fine. beats me burning the beans. >> charly, you ain't that bad. >> [laughter] >> oh, dos mas, por favor. mmm. [chuckles]
9:21 am
with one team in one wagon, you have come along way in a few short years, miss converse. >> i reckon i could have had a lot less worried, but you do not know if you do not take a chance. >> i know just how you feel. >> those are mighty tasty. could i have a couple more? >> certainly. lack for customers. >> i got a man in novalis, you says that he does not believe i can beat pardee. >> how are you going to beat him? >> i told them every day i am late, he gets a penalty payment. >> charly, you might have been suckered in.
9:22 am
is good and i reckon to keep it. >> you are going to need a lot more than luck. >> blue and i have to be up before sunup torrow. it has been a real pleasure meeting you. vaya con dios. >>vaya con dios. >> good night, ma'am. sure hope your luck holds. >> mr. cannon, you have two fine boys. >> thank you. mr. cannon -- >> mr. cannon, you got yourself a nice wife. >> thank you. >> ? walking down the street ? >> rider coming! >> thahalooks like old fargo.
9:23 am
this is my brother john and his wife victoria. >> nice to know you folks. the boys are gone, charly. i do not know if they have been bought up or scared off.f. >> a would not have been any good in trouble anyway. >> i've got some old fight and buddies in nogales. >> then what are you waiting for? wait. thatfo you're going to have to slick talk to them. you take your part out of the profits,s,nderstand? get! >> john, what is she going to do alone in tucson without any money? >> i am s se you will think of something. >> i have an idea. why don't you stay with us until you get everything settled? >> i could not do that. i could not. >> of course you could. >> the boys could bring your
9:24 am
>> then it is settled? i would like to have another woman around. >> thanks, john. [cheering] >> ok! [cheering] >> blue. >> [cheering in spanish] >> [sighs] >> all right, muchachos.
9:25 am
>> what about you? >> you're not afraid of that little mustang, are you? >> what about it, boys? >> come on, charly! >> stick it to him, charly! [cheering] >> oh, yes. could take lessons from her? >> you shut up. >>way to go, c crly! -- >> way to go, charly!
9:26 am
chuckling] >> what is so all fired funny? >> you are. >> i have never seen a woman do the things you can do. >> i never learned to c ck andsew. to teach me to ride and drink and cuss. you want to hear me. >> what is a burr under your saddle? >> i like to be laughed with, not at. >> charly, i didn't mean to laugh -- [laughter]
9:27 am
learn -- i can ride and shoot good. i just never learned those things. you could help me a lot. oh! >> you arepo deep breath and hold it. >> [indiscernible] >> you will have trouble breathing. several all right.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> [indiscernible] >> do you think? i feel like i'm on top of are you going to say nothing? >> you look fine.
9:32 am
>> miss converse >> she looks beautiful. >> beautiful, charly. >> victoria? >> you sure have a nice spread, mr. cannon. >> that is a very becoming dress. >> are you sure it is not too, uh -- >> of course it is. that is what makes it so becoming.
9:33 am
>> would you pass the bread please? >> it is pretty, but it don't have much kick. >> that is because it does not have much alcohol in it. it i imostly for digestion. >> oh, that is for drinking. one day on t t fourth of july, all of these men said they was going to have a race. they started right in front of our house. she did win because she came down stark naked. [laughter] >> you know, the last time there was a temper is woman in tucson, they run her out of town. you remember that, uncle buck, huh? >> sure do.
9:34 am
corset! [coyote howling in distance] >> you know, that is just about the loan some -- so >> if you were a loansome coyote, you might not think so. >> i never have been 1 -- you know, they think mighty highly of you, charly. they do, they really do. >> well, dressing like a lady is one thing. being one is another.
9:35 am
says. you ca't make no so purse out of a potato sack. >> you should not talk like that. this dress, well, i like it,, but, you know -- i like you the way you was before. >> but you was the one who was lafon. >> -- laughing. >> you did of me? >> no, i didn't. at i have a lot of othth reasons. >> i hope you didn't do nothing foolish like throw away your other clothes. >> no. >> that's good. i want to take you for a ride tomorrow. >> i got to be getting back. >> no, not tomorrow.
9:36 am
place. it is real pretty. i want to show you. so i will have the horses saddle that sun up. all right? >> all right. bread-and-butter. you say bread-and-butter every time you go around a pole. >> bread-and-butter question my >> bread-and-butter. >> bread-and-butter. >> lonesome. >> kind of lonesome, like being in town and not knowing a soul. >> displays you see when you close your eyes -- what is a look like? >> there is a garden.
9:37 am
>> hey, nothing. come on. >> this is some place. >> yeah. there was always some place inside my head.
9:38 am
like a little girlro dream. -- like a little girl's dream. i just did not think it was real. >> it is not exactly a dream. but me and mano was thinking of fixing it up sometime. >> it is better than sleeping on a blanket under a wagon. you have a roof over your head. >> don't fall in. >> all right. i am kind of scared. >> well, charly.
9:39 am
water. >> it is kind of nice ,setting outside. like a picnic. as pretty as it looks. >> it sure do. it is pretty late. >> yeah. >> i would like to show it to you. >> sure would have water. >> yeah, we got good grains, too. lasts all summer long.
9:40 am
>> yeah. >> if i had a place like this, i would never want to leave it. >> i don't know. it would not be so easy for a woman. you would be alone a lot. no visitors, except for the apache. charly, i ain't much good at talking. i don't know how, rightly. but i would like to say something. i would like to ask you something. having you here, and we get along so well, familand all -- charly, i -- >> charlene. >> huh? >> my name is charlene.
9:41 am
>> i never did think much about it being pretty until l u said it. >> charly -- it is a real pretty name.
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> no throw me higher. [laughter] oh. [indiscernible] what happened, fargo?
9:44 am
outside. >> don't worry about that, old-timer. charly is going out of business anyway. i can't much afford it, but she and i i e going to get married. >> sure toto a load off my mind. you will be taken care of real good, charly. >> yeah. i surely worry about t tse people out there. pardee's i wish we could keep on fighting. >> well, if it makes you happy, the only way to do it is to beat him at his own game. >> you need five d dvers. >> john, we got the men. >> all right. take whatever men you need, buck. you are in charge. >> this is my fight your aid you don't have to get involved. >> it is in my best interest.
9:45 am
. >> fargo? >> yeah, charly. >> checked the guns on that third wagon. >> they look all right to me. >> check them. >> yes, ma'am. >> cannon -- good for the high chaparral will pull out before it is too late. >> there are a lot breaks and in here, ok? >> all right, charly. >> how come you stand for all that? >> she don't mean a thing about it. once you get to know ms. charly,
9:46 am
big heart. >> i never met anyone like her before my army sergeant. buck is not going to be the boss of his own s sead with the likes of her around, spouting orders. >> oh, it will be all right, joe. >> hey, charly. something wrong? huh? >> of course not. >> we are ready to roll whenever you give the word. you should tell them. >> huh? me? drivers up! >> that is dangerous country you are going into. people could get hurt out there. >> goes both ways. >> all right, you have had your chance. whatever happens to your friends, it is on your heads.
9:47 am
[hollers] >> how long is that going to take? >> we are moving just as fast as we can, ma'am? >> want to give us a hand, charly? >> charly, nice place to camp up ahead. >> it is hours before dark. don't worry about me. i'm fine.
9:48 am
fresh tomorrow, we can make that pass, and after that it is an easy run. >> hi. >> hi. >> charly, i don't think there's nothing out there. >> i got a creepy crawly feeling thth are watching. >> the way i figure it, they can only make a move at the pass. >> yeah? >> who was giving the orders? >> you are. >> that's right. let me take the watch now.
9:49 am
9:50 am
>> charly! whoaoa yeah! all clear ahead!
9:51 am
[explosion] >> charly, don't say i told you so.
9:52 am
>> don't move, canada. all your men are covered. all right, come on! both of you! get down! all right, miss converse. you're going to sell out to me right now, out right! and you promise never to operate in my territory again. >> in if i don't? there is another charge said to go off. your friends will be the victims of a tragic landslide. >> i do not think so, se?or pardee. las pistolas, por favor. >> mano is good at shooting, so
9:53 am
drop them things. >> there is ill dynamite up there. >> i would not count on that. [laughter] >> nice going, blue. >> thank you. >> charly! we came up witthe whole thing to pull the men! -- pull them in! >> mr. pardee, pull in this whole mess, but first, you are going to apologize to charly here. go on. apologize. >> por vor. >> i'm sorry. >> that aint good enough. you take your hat off when you talk to a ladydy >> el sombrero, amigo. >> i will, when i see a lady.
9:54 am
[laughter] >> beat you to the punch, cann. i reckon she can out draw you, too. >> all right, pardee. straighten up. >> i'm sorry. i have just been defending myself all my life. >> charly, you don't need to do that now. >> i know. but it is not good for a man to be left out because of a woman. i don't know. people are just like they are. >> you are very unique, charly. >> thank you.
9:55 am
timemeo come. >> get the ones in the back. >> way over there! >> many have these lines of blood and sweat for most of your life -- >> you are right about thaha listen, charly. you do not cotton much to fancy folks to read why don't we go down to know gallus and just get married real quiet like, -- two nogales, and get married r rl quiet like, huh? >> we can get married. >> we can get married? whwh you're saying? what do you mean?
9:56 am
>> it won't work? getting married? thataton't make no sense at all. i mean nine. --i mean, none. >> i c c't cook. i can't do no house. i would be mesesng around up there. i would get in your way. [indiscernible] >> i'd rather that than old fargo, looking back on what was
9:57 am
something good. [indiscernible] >> i don't know what to say. i mean -- thisis is goodbye, you and me? >> yeah. >> goodbye, charly.
9:58 am
9:59 am
( whistling ) ( whistling )


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